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Author Topic: Approved Tyldas [ 12.8.2538 / Master Harper ]  (Read 5167 times)

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Tyldas [ 12.8.2538 / Master Harper ]
« on: February 11, 2014, 09:06:13 PM »

Play By:
Simon Baker

First Name:
Whatever you like.
Date of Birth:
12.8.2538 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Telgar Hold
I'lon - Deceased. I'lon was a Green Rider, and was for all intents and purposes Tyldas' weyrmate. Since I'lon's death, Tyldas has not taken a new lover, whether male or female.

Your Reflection...

Tyldas still has the spry agility of a much younger man, though the effects of his age and the 9th Pass are beginning to take their toll on him. He dresses plainly but as elegantly as he can with Southern Winds' resources, commonly in the white and blues of the Harper Hall, with the occasional splash of red from his lost, beloved Telgar Hold. He's still lean and fit, though is beginning to feel his age in knees that creak and pop on mornings that herald bad weather. His hair is short, curly, and a wheat blonde that is slowly starting to give way to gray and white around his temples. Still thick despite his age, his hair is almost a mane. Tyldas is not a big man, but carries himself with confidence and a ready smile. Behind his public face of good nature and apparent lethargy, Tyldas is shrewd and driven. Though clean-shaven when he was younger, the Master Harper has begun to wear his facial hair in a short, well-trimmed beard.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
The 9th Pass was hard on everyone, and Tyldas knows that. He is no stranger to tragedy himself, having lost the rest of his family and many of his friends. Nevertheless, his purpose remains dedicated to the Harper Hall and preservation of knowledge as well as art. Tyldas will defend these things ferociously, just as much as he would any of his children if they had survived the 9th Pass. 

Response to dragon color mutations:
Tyldas sees the presence of Neisoth and S'bok as simply another challenge to be faced by the people of Pern. So long as S'bok proves himself a good leader, Tyldas cares little for the color of the man's dragon. Nevertheless, he sees the dissension created by the new Weyrleader and fears that it may tear apart Southern Winds' already increasingly shaken unity at a time when they can really not afford to be divided.

Who are you...

Likes: Teaching : One of Tyldas' greatest pleasures in life is teaching the young Harpers that pass through his care. He is patient and focused as an instructor, always encouraging but also capable of making his displeasure gently but firmly known to those who disappoint him. Music : Theory, performance, listening... if it deals with some sort of tune, Tyldas will be involved if at all possible. Rain : No matter that the bad weather has begun to make his knees hurt of late, Tyldas loves the rain. It was I'lon's favorite weather. Performing : Like teaching, Tyldas is a born performer. It's easy for him to build a rapport with an audience, whether his storytelling, singing, or playing. Children : Tyldas adores children, is commonly a volunteer in the Creche in his spare time, and often has small items hidden away in his many pockets. During more plentiful times it was often small, sweet treats, but nowadays they're more commonly little figurines he's whittled out of wood.

Dislikes: Narrow-mindedness : Art and learning are instrumental to the survival of culture on Pern. They feed the soul if not the belly, and should be preserved to insure the future of the planet. Small spaces : Tyldas feels fairly claustrophobic in tiny, cramped places, and preserves to be under the open sky as much as possible. He's beginning to get antsy after two years inside the weyr. Getting old : Tyldas is somewhat resentful of getting old, and denies the effects of it at every turn.


* Instrumentalist : While Tyldas has been trained in all of the arts of a Harper, he is most skilled at playing the lute. It's his instrument of choice, and his particular specialty within the Crafthall.

* Patient : Tyldas does not get frustrated easily, and will dedicate as much time as is necessary to completing a task or teaching someone a skill.

* Shrewd : Despite the idea many people have of him that he is lazy or flighty, Tyldas is actually quite keenly intelligent and capable of driving a hard deal when he needs to.

* Charismatic : One of Tyldas' best qualities is his charisma. He can charm pretty much anyone in a room, and smooth over a variety of opinions or actions with his honeyed words.

* Empathetic : While Tyldas is not overly moody or melodramatic (beyond what is required of a Harper), he does feel a deep sensitivity toward other people.


* Lethargic : While he will put in the time to fulfill the duties to his Crafthall (and any others he feels it would harm the weyr to try to escape), Tyldas will often shirk or "forget" duties that he doesn't particularly want to do. He's not lazy, per se, but some people likely have the impression that he is. He enjoys relaxing, and will do so at any opportunity.

* Lecturing : When he gets onto a topic he's particularly knowledgeable or excitable about, Tyldas can... ramble. In a way that comes across as a slightly patronizing lecture. It's meant in the best of ways, and he honestly doesn't realize that he's doing it.

* Easily distracted : Tyldas' attention easily flickers from one task to the next, and so do his trains of thought and conversation. It's fairly easy to distract him with topics, and makes his multitasking sometimes less than productive.

* Over-bearing : Tyldas' personality can easily fill a room, and sometimes he might unknowingly step on the toes of shyer people without meaning to.

* Idealistic : On occasion, the Harper's natural optimism doesn't stay within the realm of reality. Despite the things he's faced, he can sometimes delude himself into believing that everything will be okay, and stubbornly refuse to admit when it obviously won't be.

Describe Yourself:

* Mellow: Tyldas doesn't overreact a lot, nor is he easily angered. He tries to go with the flow as best he can, taking each day at comes and adapting as necessary.

* Optimistic: It's hard to get this Harper down, even in the darkest of times. He'll simply be dedicated to reminding everyone that the sun will rise tomorrow on a new day.

* Composer: One of Tyldas' favorite activities as a Harper is composing new songs. His current magnum opus is a ballad about the 9th Pass.

* Father: One of Tyldas' favorite, and most bittersweet, titles. All of the children that he and I'lon had adopted from the Creche are dead at the end of the 9th Pass, but Tyldas still does his best to remain a father figure to those young weyrbrats who need a role model.

* Lover: Not a fighter. Tyldas gets tired of listening to the Dragon Riders argue about the same topics, and is growing weary of similar arguments among the weyr- and holdfolk. Can't everyone just get along?

The Magic Touch: Tyldas will deny, at every opportunity, that he's getting old. This may include lying about his age, plucking the gray hairs that are coming in, and stubbornly soldiering through the pain he feels in his knees when the weather turns sour. All of this stems from his fear that he will soon be too old to play the lute with the same skill he has enjoyed for turns -- and bittersweet regret that he does not get to grow old with I'lon and their adopted children.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Heyissa. Wife, 2.1.2523. Deceased.
Father: Thadiald. Journeyman Harper, 5.10.2520. Deceased.

Thaniss. Brother. Junior Apprentice Herder. 2537. Deceased.
Hathray. Sister. Green Rider. 2540. Deceased.
Hsuhtan. Brother. Blue Rider. 2543. Deceased.
Thenetti. Sister. Wife. 2547. Deceased.
Helmiran. Brother. Junior Apprentice Harper. 2550. Deceased.

 Ruarryn. Son. None, 2559. Deceased.
Daskeline. Daughter. None, 2562. Deceased.
Iatornys. Son. None, 2568. Deceased.

Craft: Harper

Rank: Master Harper

Date Apprenticed: 2550/12.

Date Tapped: 2560/22.

Mastership: 2581/43.

Specialty: Instrumental performance, especially with the lute.

Education Details: Despite his apparent laziness, Tyldas has always been a good student when it came to his duties at Harper Hall. He excelled at the bulk of skills taught to the Harpers, with the exception of dramatic writing. He's an accomplished poet and composer, but writing plays is simply beyond him. Tyldas has a pleasant, husky tenor, but his true talent lies in stringed instruments -- the lute in particular.

Tell us a story...

* 2568, 0 Tyldas is born at Telgar Hold, the second of his parent's children.

* 2540, 2 His younger sister, Hathray, is born. Tyldas doesn't really remember the event, but was always fond of her.

* 2543, 5 Hsuhtan is born. Tyldas is mostly happy to be getting another playmate. While he understands the fall of Nerat Hold is bad, the true gravity of it isn't apparent to the young boy.

* 2545, 7 The loss of Upper Igen seems a distant and mysterious event... at least until the refugees come in. Tyldas begins to understand the disaster Pern is facing.

* 2546, 8 The fall of Igen Hold and the Tanner Crafthall leaves an impression Tyldas when the Harpers learn of the tragedy. This scares him in regards to the future of his own family.

* 2547, 9 "Too old" to play with his younger siblings anymore, Tyldas is champing at the bit to become an Apprentice Harper. Thenetti is just another rival for his father's attention. The fall of Lower Telgar leaves more of a mark on him than the birth, as his family begins to fear they will have to move.

* 2549, 11 The tragedies at Ista Island further determine Tyldas that he wants to be a Harper, to help preserve Pern's knowledge and history. Thaniss' new apprenticeship to Beastcraft Hall is a bright spot for the family.

* 2550, 12 The same turn that Tyldas finally takes on the title of Apprentice, his mother gives birth to Helmiran. Tyldas is discovering he likes children, and is a little sad he may not have much time for his younger brother. 

* 2551, 13 Tyldas and his family are forced to flee Telgar. In the ensuing casualties, Tyldas' older brother, Thaniss, and his mother -- who was pregnant at the time -- are lost. Shaken, the family relocates to High Reaches Hold and tries to pick up the pieces.

* 2552, 14 Hathray is Searched at High Reaches and Impresses Green Eneslith. Tyldas is excited for his sister, but also worried for her.

* 2554, 16 Tyldas becomes a Senior Apprentice. It is a happy turn for the family, relatively low on tragedy.

* 2555, 17 Hsuhtan is Searched by High Reaches and Impresses Blue Reedonath. Another happy occasion for the family, although it is short lived.

* 2556, 18 Hathray and Eneslith die fighting Thread. Tyldas endures best he can, but his father descds into a depression he never quite recovers from.

* 2557, 19 Tyldas meets I'lon, and is immediately taken by the older, faintly wicked Green Rider and his Lerosyth. The two begin a long courtship.

* 2558, 20 Hsuhtan and Reedonath die fighting Thread. Tyldas finds solace and the strength to go on in I'lon's arms.

* 2560, 22 Tyldas is tapped to become a Journeyman, and immediately joins the Harpers at High Reaches Weyr to be closer to I'lon. As a present, I'lon gifts him with wher egg to keep him company when I'lon must be away. The egg hatches into Blue Tyldask, the Harper's beloved companion.

* 2562, 24 Thenetti marries -- a time of celebration for the family. The same turn, I'lon takes Tyldas officially as his weyrmate, and they adopt an orphan boy, Ruarryn, from the Creche. Tyldas sees this as the beginning of the completion of all of his dreams -- craft, love, and family.

* 2563, 25 Helmiran becomes an Apprentice Harper, much to Tyldas' excitement.

* 2564, 26 The same year that Ruatha falls, Thenetti dies from complications in childbirth. Tyldas is devastated, and throws himself into his family and studies.

* 2567, 29 I'lon and Tyldas adopt their second child, a daughter named Daskeline. She is the darling of the family, and even pulls her grandfather somewhat out of his depression.

* 2568, 30 Fall of High Reaches Hold. Helmiran is killed, casting both Tyldas and his father into depression.

* 2569, 31 Tyldas finds a new lease on life after being promoted to Senior Journeyman. He and I'lon adopt their third child, a son named Iatornys.

* 2571, 33 Fall of High Reaches Weyr. Tyldas loses I'lon, Ruarryn, and Daskeline in one fell swoop when Lerosyth, carrying the three as passengers, is struck by Thread and goes Between. Staggered by grief, Tyldas takes up a place at Fort Hold with his wher and surviving child, trying to help hold the Harpers together.

* 2573, 35 Tyldas' father dies of a heart attack. The Harper keeps going only for his Crafthall and young son.

* 2577, 39 Iatornys contracts winter fever and dies of complications. Tyldas throws himself completely into the Harper Hall, at the cost of his health, to give himself a purpose.

* 2581, 43 Tyldas is promoted to Master Harper. He has since dealt with his grief, and devotes himself more healthily to his Hall. As a mark of new beginnings, he secures a fire lizard egg for himself late in the year.

* 2582, 44 The egg hatches into a handsome little bronze. Tyldas names him Susurrus when he proves physically mute.

* 2587, 49 End of the 9th Pass. Tyldas is glad to see the end of Thread, and eager to help rebuild.

* 2589, 51 Beginning to feel his age, Tyldas nevertheless perseveres in the interest of bettering Pern and returning his Hall to its former glory.


After so long of being cooped up inside Fort Hold, Tyldas was glad to have the opportunity to stretch his legs. Even if it was only for a short moment before he, his wher, and fire lizard would be transported to the new Weyr on an island far to the west. Currently, Susurrus was sitting attentively on one of his shoulders, tiny claws digging into the fabric of the Master Harper's coat as his tail wrapped possessively around his human's throat. Not tight enough to be constricting, but enough to let Tyldas know that he was keeping ahold of him.

Have picture. In his low whisper of a voice, Susurrus signaled to his master that he was ready, transmitting the image of the skies above the island that the Brown dragon nearby had visualized for him. Affectionately, Tyldas stroked the bronze's head. "I'll see you there soon, then."

Quietly thoughtful, he again helped the rider to check the straps that were currently keeping Tyldask securely fastened to the back of the Brown dragon. The wher made a concerned noise, halfway between a growl and a purr, and expressed his emotions in a single wordless question: was his Tyldas okay?

"Yes. I'm okay." Tyldas smiled at the wher, giving him an affectionate rub on his muscled shoulder. "I'll see you there."

The rider next to him dutifully helped the aging Master Harper up onto the back of his dragon. After verifying tht everything was in place, the brown rose at the signal from his Wingleader. Tyldas marveled at the magnificent sight of dragons rising brilliantly in the light of the sun -- and, mercifully, not fighting Thread -- before the split second, frigid coldness of Between sank into his bones.

Member Info...

Created By:
Sir Alahn
Other Characters:
O'sir, M'rek, A'lori, L'nal, and Finnmaghaine
Inactivity Preference:
Make him an NPC. Dun kill, please.
Anything Else:
Would not be opposed to finding him a companion of some kind. 

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Re: Tyldas [ 12.8.2538 / Master Harper ]
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2014, 09:07:46 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ TILL-dask ]
Date of Birth:
2560 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Tyldask's egg was of a standard size for a wher, but was particularly wrinkly -- with not one, but two ring-like folds around the smallest end.
 Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 3 meters
Mature Height: 1 meter

General Appearance...

Tyldask is a tropical-blue bronze, darker along most of his body than on his wings, which bears a faint striping as well as radial bursts of smaller stripes. He has grown somewhat paler in some places over the course of his life, almost like a piece of cloth that has been "worn" of color. He was somewhat gangly as a hatchling, as wrinkly as his egg, but gradually smoothed some and became the muscled beast he is today.


Empathetic: Tyldask is one of his owner's most treasured companions, sharing an equal place with the flit Susurrus for Tyldas' affection. He has been with the Harper through some of he hardest parts of his life, and shares a deep bond with his handler. Nowadays he often sleeps next to Tyldas' bed -- and would be in it if the structure would support his size and weight.

Likes: Being close to Tyldas : From the time he was a hatchling, he developed the habit of leaning against Tyldas. Sometimes he forgets his size and still does so, always looking to comfort his Harper with his closeness. Children : These are some of the only people that the wher will tolerate around his Harper without turning into a growly mess. Generally, though, he's pretty well-mannered.

Dislikes: Not having anything to do : Tyldask is an active wher, and enjoys having something to do. He gets restless if he's not being applied to some task. Being transported by dragon : He endured it for the flight from High Reaches and Fort Weyrs, but would prefer never to do it again.


* Affectionate : Tyldask is a very affectionate wher, and rather mellow for one that has bonded to a specific person. All he really wants in life is to make his Harper happy.

* Undaunted : He's afraid of little, and would give his life to protect Tyldas.


* Possessive : He has difficulty tolerating anyone who isn't a child around his Harper. The only person he was completely comfortable with was I'lon.

* Easy to provoke : It takes only a hint of danger against his Harper for Tyldask to react explosively.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
8D Such pretty blues

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Re: Tyldas [ 12.8.2538 / Master Harper ]
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2014, 09:10:36 PM »

Image Credit:
Lineart link.
Flit Details

[ SOO-sir-ess ]
Date of Birth:
2582 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Susurrus is a dark, aged bronze color with highlights of darker brown along much of his shining skin. He has a faint but persistent webbing pattern of lighter colored bronze that covers him from head to toe, as well as a dusting of an even lighter shade along the bones of his wings.


Mind Voice: Susurrus speaks in a sweet whisper, as though he was just murmuring into your ear.

Likes: Sunning himself : Susurrus enjoys finding a particularly warm and sunny ledge and stretching out on it. Music : He especially likes watching Tyldas play and listening to him compose.

Dislikes: Being disturbed : If he's focused on something, woe to any that interrupt him. They're likely to get dive-bombed or nipped on the ear. Loud noises : If it's too loud or cacophonous, this flit is likely to make himself scarce.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Verbally a mute. Can speak telepathically, but not make any actual noise.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Tyldas [ 12.8.2538 / Master Harper ]
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2014, 12:31:16 AM »
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