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Author Topic: Approved Q'nys [ 15.2.2562 / Green Rider ]  (Read 4992 times)

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Q'nys [ 15.2.2562 / Green Rider ]
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:12:46 AM »

Play By:
Orlando Bloom

First Name:
[ quill-ENNIS ]
[ QUIN-iss ] or [QUEUE-niss]
Quil, Enys, Q
[ He goes quite frequently by Q, especially to his siblings. There are probably people who never refer to him as anything else. ]
Date of Birth:
15.02.2562 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Nabol Hold.
Dragon Color: 
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider -- Prairie Wing
Q'nys has no interest in a weyrmate, because he doesn't want to be committed to only sleeping with one person.  His siblings, N'aen and Seaphonellqua, are the closest things he'd consider to his weyrmates, and the only people he's even remotely attached to romantically.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Q is a looker and knows it. His dark hair and dark eyes contrast with naturally pale skin that refuses to tan, but doesn't burn either. Capable of looking either completely devious or perfectly innocent, his wide range of expressions makes for a difficult time at disguising his emotions. Q'nys tends to wear them openly, not only on his face but in the movements of his body as well. This only increases the sense that he's melodramatic, because his pits of relaxation are so utterly languid and his annoyances tend to get overblown into dramatic expressions of spite. Q isn't fond of facial hair, so keeps himself clean shave. He does, however, wear his hair fairly long for a dragon-riding man. It hangs down to his shoulder blades when loose, but almost never is:  he prefers to keep it tied back in a runner tail with a cord of leather, though some of the shorter strands near his face always slip out of the hold.

He's not the biggest of men, but he's very proud of his physique and seeks to show it off. This results in a fondness for tight pants that show off his well-toned legs and sit low on his hips. The man is also frequently without a shirt, basking in the sun or enjoying the warm rain on Fort Island. When he does wear shirts, they tend to be loose in contrast to his tight pants, as he enjoys the way it accentuates his lithe slenderness. Beyond that, he wears an inch-wide leather bracelet on his left wrist that has been stitched together from discarded pieces of his siblings' riding straps. Q would love to have more jewelry to wear -- like necklaces with pretty stones or pieces of glass on them, and anyone who gives him such a thing as a gift would earn his good favor.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Bad things happened. Pern was almost destroyed. But though Q is sad he never saw the planet the way it used to be, he doesn't spend a lot of time grieving about the past. He absolutely believes that he couldn't have done anything to change it, and what's the point in worrying about something if you can't influence it? He was much more focused on his own personal tragedies, like his family losing its home when he was little or the Holder outlook on his sexuality, or his siblings leaving and not caring about him. But he very much wants to put all of that behind him. There's no point in reliving past pain.

Response to dragon color mutations: Initially, Q'nys was suspicious of the mutations and unsure what to think of them. After all, he believes that the weyr hierarchy as it was functioned the best it could. Adding new, more rebellious colors would only mess with the system; after all, he and his siblings aren't exactly perfect drones, and he's very much aware that they don't belong in any of the stricter or more traditional Wings. But then he realized that he was buying into what all the closed-minded Holdfolk did, by distrusting something just because it was different or new. So, in an attempt to make up for his initial misjudgment, he goes out of his way to be hopeful about where the mutations will fit in. And he'll argue with anyone who starts being dismissive of them first.

Who are you...

Likes: Dancing : There's just something about moving his body to music that relaxes Q and makes everything else melt away. He'll be the first to prod a Harper into playing or singing a tune if they have the time, and will end up trying to drag other people, often N'aen and Se'qua, into dancing with him. But any partner will do so long as they're graceful enough not to mess up his steps.
Rough sex : While Q'nys will respect the boundaries other people put up, he'll be pushy, rough, and dominant with those that can take it. He's something of a biter, and likes pulling hair or manhandling his partners into the positions he wants. The man would never be abusive, but he'll leave bruises and marks if the other person is into it.
Cuddling : Q drapes himself over anyone he can, even in public -- or will alternatively pull them into his lap if it's someone who will let him do so. Physical affection is his favorite thing, with sleeping next to someone being at the top of his list. He especially enjoys resting in a warm, sleepy pile in bed with his brother and sister.
Boys : The rider adores cute, slender men that he can pin beneath him or force to their knees. The prettier and more submissive, the better. He'll croon at them and flirt and tease -- and if they seem interested in him too, cart them off somewhere at least slightly more private where he can get some more personal attention from them. While Q doesn't dislike women, he has absolutely no interest in them. Except for his sister.
Attention : It's fair to say that he craves attention. Certain things in his past have made him sensitive to being alone or neglected, and Q compensates by outright demanding attention from the people that snag his interest. If they won't give it, he'll move on to someone else. He gets absolutely testy when he feels like his siblings aren't paying enough mind to him, though the frequency with which he feels that way has diminished over the turns.

Dislikes: Being alone : It's the only thing Q really fears:  not out of a sense of hating himself or being alone in his own thoughts, but because certain parts of his childhood were fraught with loneliness and disconnect from Se'qua and N'aen. Being by himself makes him panic a little. During his last year as a Candidate, he got more of a grip on the fear; when he and his siblings reconciled, and he Impressed Niazyth not long after, Q'nys knew he would never be alone again. Which really just makes him even needier of his siblings and his dragon. But he still will seek out some kind of companionship rather than being, or sleeping, alone.
Abandoned places : They honestly freak him out. Going back to any of the abandoned settlements on the rest of Pern is enough to make his skin crawl, and he'll definitely not go there by himself. It'd not be so bad with his siblings, but other than that he'll avoid them at all cost. Q certainly won't be volunteering to do any collections for Mountain Wing, nor attempting to get transferred there.
Prudes : This extends to people who dislike his dominance, think he's warped for being gay, or believe he and his siblings are unnatural. Would could be more natural than things that make someone happy? The love that his family feels for one another has allowed all of  them to grow with the comforting support of someone who cares about them. Q especially hates homophobes, as he spent many years conflicted over his tastes growing up among Holders.
Other Doms : He gets along with them socially, but sexually they simply aren't compatible. Q has a driving need to be in control, and resents those who would fight him over who is going to be giving the orders. So though he might be good friends with others that have similar tastes, even sharing someone with them would be a challenge for him.
 Rigid structure : Q is something of a free spirit, a trait which definitely limited him from Impressing a higher color. The hierarchy of the weyr is about all he can take; while he thinks it's the best system they could have, he absolutely loathes the very closed off, strict ways of the Holders. He resented it when he was little, and would rather die than return to it now. As such, the push of the Holders to construct a Hold does not sit well with him, because it comes across like throwing their weight around. Like they're not grateful for everything the dragon riders did for them during the Pass.
Having things thrown at him : This is what Se'qua usually does when she's mad, and Q just happens to be her target of choice. It drives him up a wall, and will only make him that much more enraged when they're already arguing. This is usually the point at which Q ceases to be a reasonable human being. Either that or when she pulls his hair or slaps him.


* OUTSPOKEN : Q'nys is no shrinking violet. He isn't argumentative or combative,  but neither is he afraid to state his opinion when asked or when he feels it's necessary. Though he respects the hierarchy and ranks of the weyr, he doesn't let anyone walk all over him. If he has a legitimate issue with a given order, he will bring his concerns to his Wingseconds through the proper channels a Wingrider should. Socially, he's quite dominant in his opinions. 

* SMOOTH : Charming, confident, and cunning, this Green Rider is quite the sweet-talker. His honeyed tongue often earns him bed partners, as he's quite capable of being endearing and persuasive when he wants something. He might not be the most elegant of men, but he'll flirt, compliment, and flatter with the best of them.

* INDEPENDENT : Q is fine with the other colors calling the shots in the weyr, but socially he is not a submissive man. He will cut loose anyone who gets too clingy -- other than his siblings -- and doesn't like it when lovers try to tell him what to do or manhandle him. He'll be the one directing things, thank you very much. He'll lose interest in anyone who consistently wants him to be submissive.

* IN TUNE : Q'nys is perfectly in tune with his dragon and his own desires. He and Niazyth are on the same page about everything; and if there's ever a case where they don't agree, he'll take the time to think and talk to Niazyth about it before making a decision. Though honestly, he couldn't imagine the two of them ever having differing wants. They see each other as extensions of the same soul. She's even supportive of his incestuous relationship with his siblings.

* GO WITH THE FLOW : Things happen because they happen, and they'll either get better or they won't. He doesn't waste a lot of time worrying about the future, nor does he sweat the small stuff. It's only big, life-changing concerns that can make him fret or react defensively.


* HYPOCRITICAL : Q'nys loves cock. To the point that he'll sleep with any (suitably pretty) boy in the weyr that will let him top them. He certainly gets around quite a bit, and doesn't want to be tied down by anyone because that would prevent him from enjoying all the variety the weyr has to offer. On the other hand, he's possessively jealous of his siblings' time, and isn't above storming into a room and bothering them while they're having sex with someone else. Or going to find some boy (or two) he can entertain himself with while his siblings are otherwise occupied.

* IRREVERENT : This Green Rider is respectful of the weyr hierarchy -- which is about the only thing he is respectful of. Q believes that most social restraints or taboos are stupid rules imposed by prudes with no imagination. This extends to his complete acceptance and defense of his incestuous, polyamorous relationship with Se'qua and N'aen. So long as they don't have any children together, what's the problem?

* ERRATIC : If given the opportunity to be irresponsible and impulsive, Q'nys will be. He follows orders handed down by his superiors, but he doesn't go looking for extra duties or responsibilities. When the Wing schedules allow for him to sleep in, or keep weird hours, he will -- but he'll always show up for drilling or duties. He'll just go back to whatever he was doing afterward.

* SUPERFICIAL : Q is a shallow asshole. He doesn't sleep with anyone he thinks isn't attractive enough for him. While he doesn't think people are worth less if they're ugly… he won't be having sex with them.

* SPITEFUL : If he comes across his siblings enjoying someone else's company (other than each other's), Q'nys will spitefully go sleep with all the boys he can find because it would bother him if his siblings did something like that. Even though in reality it doesn't faze them when he does so. It makes Q'nys feels better and lets him vent the spiteful streak that shows up when he's angry about something. This extends to him being contrary when told to do something that isn't a direct order from a superior.

Describe Yourself:

* FLIRTY: Flirting and teasing comes naturally to this Green Rider, to the point that it's actually harder for him to try not to flirt with anyone. Odds are he makes passes at his superiors and anyone else around him too, at least if they're attractive enough and happen to be male. A lot of it isn't serious, but it's easy to tell when he's being so because he becomes even more forward.

* SENSUAL: Q'nys is something of a hedonist. He puts a lot of stock in his senses and the various pleasurable experiences he can have with them, like sex, good food, and the rare chance he gets to consume alcohol. If casually recreational drugs existed on Pern, Q would be one of the first in line to try them out.

* MELODRAMATIC: Most of the time, Q'nys is relaxed and laidback. There's not a lot of things that upset him or make him truly angry, and his fits of annoyance pass quickly unless they're over his possessiveness of his siblings. But when his dander is truly up, he turns into an over-exaggerating, and often foul-mouthed, drama queen.

* DEMANDING: Q likes being in control, and isn't above being a little (or a lot) rough with partners who are willing to be dominated that way. His style changes depending upon the limitations and interests of a given partner, but he always wants to be the one calling the shots in terms of relationships and sex. When he wants something, he says so, and Q'nys doesn't like being denied. It doesn't anger him, but it will turn him into a dismissive, disinterested ass.

* NEEDY: He needs attention or he feels neglected. This feeds into his seeking out multiple partners, and bothering his siblings even when it annoys them that he does so. He craves physical affection and praise. He's not insecure… he simply likes knowing that other people thinks he's as awesome as he thinks he is.

The Magic Touch: Calls his siblings "loves" as a term of endearment, especially when he's being teasing or needy. When he was younger, Q couldn't say Seaphonellqua's name properly, and dubbed her "Sequa" instead. The nickname stuck just like "Q" did for him, and eventually became her honorific when she Impressed.

When N'aen makes him mad, Q will spitefully move his shit, knock things over, and occupy his brother's "places" and then fight him when N'aen tries to move him. All as a giant "fuck you" that ends up in rough sex more often than not. When Se'qua throws things at him, hits him, or pulls his hair, he'll do the same thing to her in retaliation, and usually then pin her down for make-up sex. In fact, it's best to assume that most of his arguments with his siblings will end in sex. For anyone else, he'll just storm off and go flop on N'aen or Se'qua.

Q fully believes that he and his siblings would never have Impressed without each other -- after all, why else would he and N'aen have been Standing unsuccessfully until the first clutch that Se'qua was with them? If one of them died, he unspokenly thinks that the other two would Between.


Mother: Sidyrca. Holder. Born 2542. Died 2577.
Father: Nilas. Holder. Born 2539. Died 2577.

Siblings: Brother. Neraeness/N'aen. Rider of Green Eldereth. Born 10.8.2556. Impressed 2575.
Sister. Seaphonellqua/Se'qua. Rider of Green Tinth. Born 29.10.2559. Impressed 2575.

Children: The only woman Q'nys has ever slept, and will ever sleep with, is his sister, Se'qua. Even during Flight Lust, Niazyth only ever chooses Bronzes, or Browns and Blues bonded to male riders. As such, he's unique in that he has no children running around:  and never will, unless Se'qua has a child with himself or N'aen. She was pregnant once, when they were both Candidates, but had Fort's Candidate Master take her Between so that she could Stand for the clutch she'd been Searched for. Q still isn't sure how he feels about that -- he's glad she did it so she could Stand with them, but at the same time he's a little sad it happened. And isn't quite sure why. He doesn't really think he wants children, but it would have been a mark of his and his sibling's love for one another. On the other hand, they don't really need that sort of representation, and  children seem more trouble than they're worth.

Tell us a story...

* 2562, 0 Quilenys is born to Sidyrca and Nilas, a pair of Holders native to Nabol Hold. He is their third, and final, child -- three turns younger than their daughter Seaphonellqua, and six turns younger than their oldest son, Neraeness. Due in part to the cramped quarters of the Hold, which had taken on more refugees than it could comfortably handle, Quilenys was a sickly child. The fact that he survived the turn was a surprise to both of his parents. Neraeness begins to dote on his brother just as much as he already does on Seaphonellqua.

* 2563, 1 Quilenys is only a turn old when Nabol Hold falls, so he doesn't actually remember his birthplace. The in-fighting among the disparate groups of refugees  has brought the Hold to its knees, forcing Q's family to flee to Ruatha Hold.

* 2564, 2 A turn later, Ruatha's Lord Holder decides it would be best if everyone withdrew to Fort Hold and Fort Weyr to minimize the amount of land that Fort Weyr must protect and try to cut down on the strain being experienced by the dragon riders. As such, the family moves once more, this time relocating to Fort Hold. This is their final move, as they end up remaining there until the siblings are Searched, and their parents never leave.

* 2565-2570, 3-8 Q grew up very close to his siblings, being doted upon by Neraeness and admiring and aspiring to Seaphonellqua's fiery combativeness. He starts to turn into a little terror of his own, strong-willed and afraid of little. Even so, he's a needy child that pouts when he doesn't get his way and craves attention, recognition, and adoration. He loves his parents, but in a vague and nebulous way compared to the utter devotion he feels toward his older siblings.

* 2571, 9 Q is incredibly upset when his brother, Neraeness, is pushed into an arranged marriage with a Holder girl named Ilaimi. The girl is a horrid bitch to Nessie's siblings, though she puts on a charming front to everyone else. Their parents give Neraeness and Ilaimi a pair of flit eggs to celebrate their marriage, and Q feels left out when Nessie and Sequa Impress them instead. Once Neraeness is married, their parents attempt to put Sequa in the Healer Hall with little success. She doesn't go to classes and earns her first lashing for insubordination. High Reaches Weyr falls that turn, but it seems a distant event compared to the way Q's life is abruptly changing. 

* 2572, 10 Ilaimi grows sick and, after lingering on her death bed for several months, dies. Not long after, Q catches Sequa and Nessie cuddling, and the two of them seem to be becoming very close. He resents this apparent connection since it excludes him, and starts to avoid Neraeness out of spite and hurt feelings. He still feels sad when his brother is Searched at the end of the turn and leaves for Fort Weyr, but doesn't go to see him off. Q's parents try to marry off Sequa to a fellow Holder, but she lies and tells the man she has already had sex, which breaks the deal and allows her to avoid the marriage. He starts to grow a little closer to Sequa, but is still largely resentful of her bond with their brother and her apparent depression at his absence.

* 2573, 11 Q spends much of his eleventh turn hating everything and everyone around him. He's been struggling with trying to come to terms with his sexuality since he caught his siblings being physically affectionate the turn before -- up until then, the only people he'd ever been interested in were boys, though he'd never told anyone. Yet he found himself wanting Sequa just as much as his brother. He starts spending time with other people to try to forget Neraeness, and in retaliation for Sequa's bond with their older brother. This ultimately sets the precedent for him seekign attention elsewhere when he's being needy and feels neglected.

* 2574, 12 Sequa admits to him that she slept with their brother prior to his Search. This upsets Q, not because he thinks it's unnatural his siblings were together, but because he is insulted they didn't seem to want him the same way. He and Sequa proceed to argue about it, especially since Q had never expressed an interest in another girl beyond Sequa. The two of them end up sleeping together, growing rather attached to one another. Nevertheless, Q can't help but feel that his sister is only with him as a replacement for Nessie. When he's Searched, Quilenys accepts and moves to Fort Weyr, though he completely ignores his brother any of the occasions Neraeness tries to talk to him. Guiltily, he learns later in the turn that Sequa has been forced into an arranged marriage back at Fort Hold.

* 2575, 13 Neither Neraeness nor Quilenys have Impressed. Quilenys has spent a turn ignoring his brother and refusing to speak with him, instead spending all his time with other Candidates and exploring his sexuality, coming to the conclusion that he is really gay except for his attraction to his sister. That turn, Sequa herself is Searched and arrives at Fort Weyr. She ignores her estranged brothers until, assigned a chore in the evening by themselves, she explodes at them in a fit of rage over being abandoned by them both and being left alone. Though the three of them argue, they end up reconciling and starting a polyamorous relationship together. Later, Sequa tells them that she had gotten pregnant as a result of their relationship, but went Between with the Candidate Master so that she could still Stand for the clutch she was Searched for. She Impresses on her first clutch:  and all three siblings Impress Greens on that clutch. Now bonded to Niazyth and reconciled with his siblings, Q'nys finally feels like maybe he won't be alone anymore.

* 2577, 15 The three of them graduate weyrling training and begin sleeping together again, ending two turns of frustration and want. Their parents also die this turn, having been working as manual labor in the fields around Fort Hold and getting caught out during Threadfall. It makes Q sad in the same nebulous way he'd sort of loved his parents; he knew they would never accept him as he is, and they were never very close. So though he grieves, for the most part life goes on as it was. Niazyth has her first Flight this turn, and Tinth rises the same time she does, establishing the precedent that Se'qua's dragon Flies whenever her brother's do. Q is a bit annoyed that she stole some of the attention and thunder from himself and Niazyth.

* 2578, 16 Se'qua stops sleeping with them all of a sudden and starts sleeping with other people. She seems bored with their attentions, which angers Q and makes him feel devalued. He and N'aen confront her not long after, and the arguing when the three of them Betweened to abandoned High Reaches Weyr for some privacy. They end up pinning her in one of the abandoned rooms and, in the process of their confrontation, discover what the problem was. Se'qua has a taste for rough and forceful sex, and her brothers prove happy enough to oblige her, "forcing" her into all manner of situations that sate her masochism. 

* 2583, 21 N'aen has some brat as the result of a Flight, which earns the hatred of Q and Se'qua. The two of them ignore and avoid their older brother for a month and a half or so. They aren't subtle about it in the slightest, taking comfort in one another. Being the needy thing that he is, Q spends almost no time in his own weyr and instead sleeps in Se'qua's.

* 2584, 22 N'aen goes to Se'qua's weyr and finds both of them there, confronting them about the fact that they've been avoiding them. He manages to convince them that his son isn't important to him, thus why the creature is being raised in the Creche and N'aen is having nothing to do with him. Though it takes some trouble on N'aen's part, Q eventually forgives him and returns to his bed along with Se'qua.

* 2585, 23 N'aen gets Q and Se'qua fire lizard eggs as a gift. Q ends up with the Gold, since both his siblings believe he deserves something as dramatic as he is. Se'qua's proves to be another Bronze, which she names "Raen" after their older brother. This prompts an angry fit from Q, who is reminded of all the turns he felt as though he wasn't good enough for his siblings. In retaliation, he names his Gold "Hag" as a thinly veiled insult to his sister. In reality, he and Niazyth adore the little Queen and dote on her.

* 2587, 25 The Pass ends, marking an event that Q didn't believe he nor his siblings would ever live to see. It still seems hard to believe that Thread is no longer falling, and the search for a new home seems distant to him since Q isn't involved in the process. All he's really aware of is when the weyrleadership decides to move them to Fort Island. He is, however, excited about having an excuse to now share a weyr with his siblings -- after all, they don't really have the space for each of them to have their own. Since they're not really open about their relationship, it's the perfect cover for spending so much time together. Q is wary of Neisoth when he first hatches, but realizes he's buying into a very Holder-esque mindset and ends up defending the Black to those who think he's an abomination to make up for his close-minded reaction beforehand. He and his siblings are put in Prairie, since they're too undisciplined and rebellious to fit in any of the other Wings that are consolidated from Fort's previous groupings.

* 2589, 27 Neisoth flies Kalestath, upsetting much of the weyr. Q doesn't much care about that or the new colors of hatchlings. He's enjoying his "retirement" far too much, spending time with his siblings and relaxing. He does resent the Holders for pushing for construction before the weyr really seems ready for it, and especially hates the chores that Prairie is now doing to support that.


Q loved N'aen. He really did. But he loved Se'qua too, no matter their combativeness and frequent differences of opinion. Those things didn't make him value her any less, even if they did contribute to a tumultuous living situation for all three siblings. No matter that it infuriated him most days and made him want to hit Se'qua right in the face. But it was that very love for her that angered him now.

She'd announced, not a few moments ago, that her new Bronze flit's name was "Raen". A blatant play on their brother's full name since the syllable was taken from Neraeness itself. And even though there were many turns of reconciliation between them, Q couldn't help but sometimes feel… devalued. Especially when Se'qua made fun of him or did things like this.

He'd stared at her incredulously at first, and nearly missed the hatching of the shiny Golden egg that N'aen had gotten for him. But now, as the drab and speckled little thing chirped her demanding hunger at him and nipped at his fingers, Q had to fight his anger at his sister. He didn’t' want his little Queen's first memory of him to be confusion because she thought she was angry at him. So he fed her instead, and told his siblings, "Her name is Hag." Let his sister chew on that. She always said she liked insults.

Member Info...

Created By:
Sir Alahn
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
NPC please, and don't kill.
Anything Else:
I'm sure a lot of people are going to think he's weird. But I would like friends for him (like C'ace or K'eeda, if they'd like him). And cute boys for him to fuck.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Q'nys [ 15.2.2562 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2014, 12:12:59 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ knee-AZZ-ith ]
Date of Birth:
2575 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 22.3 meters
Mature Height: 4.6 meters
Mature Wingspan: 39 meters

General Appearance...

Niazyth is a very blue-hued green, a dark pine color with faint mottling that looks almost teal in some kinds of light. She's a dark beauty, lacking in the bright neon markings of some other dragons, but making up for it with a richness of color that becomes even deeper when she's proddy and nearing her flying dates. Though she doesn't have extreme variation in markings, all of her body is covered in the same subtle mottling that would make her a dragon easily-camouflaged in the jungle if she or her rider were inclined to spend a lot of time there.  The outside of her wingsails are even darker than the rest of her hide, a little less blue than most of her body but so dark they might appear black from a distance. The undersides, on the other hand, are a sea green, shaded darker under where the boned fingers connect to the membrane.

She's closer to the small side of mid-range for a Green, with a very serpentine and supple look to her. She might not be as narrow or dainty as some of the other Greens, but she's quick and flexible with some extra height to her body that, rather than making her look disproportionate, makes her appear longer and more slender. Her wingspan is also a little bigger than it should be, allowing her to glide for longer and fly faster.


Mind Voice: Niazyth's voice is a usually sweet and amused alto croon that turns downright catty when she's annoyed or upset. She has a whipcrack wit and isn't afraid to use it, mocking or dismissing dragons that annoy her with ease. She enjoys verbal sparring matches, but someone going too far in insulting her will earn her disdain instead. She can dish it out well, but not necessarily take it in return. It just makes her angry.

Likes: Browns : Though at first glance, the usually stoic and calm personality of a Brown would seem to contrast Niazyth's own fickle playfulness, that's the exact reason she's so fond of them. The Green enjoys being able to turn the head of dragons that are usually so serious and get them to dote on her. Not to mention her rider feels a sense of satisfaction getting to top them.
Conflict over her : Though winning a "fight" over her attention doesn't guarantee she'll feel any differently about a given suitor, Niazyth does enjoy riling up males into a tizzy over her. Especially Browns, if she can get them that worked up. It makes her feel powerful -- like she rightfully is a Gold rather than a Green.
Hag : Niazyth hates most Golds, no matter their species. Hag, however, is the one Queen that she doesn't outright despise -- and that's because the protective, loyal little thing won her heart as easily as she did Q's. Niazyth would play this off or deny it if ever asked directly, but in truth she loves the little flit.

Dislikes: Males that think they have a right to her affections : No one has a right to her attention other than Q, his siblings, and their dragons. Any male who is entitled enough to think he can throw his weight around in anything other than an official capacity as her Wingleader or Wingsecond will alienate her. This especially leads to her choosing Browns and Blues in Flights more frequently than Bronzes, since her affections being taken for granted enrages her.
Busy work : Niazyth wants to be doing something important. She resents having to do menial labor, though she won't mouth off to a superior and will only make her annoyance known if asked. Work that any dragon could do should be left to those less intelligent than her, and this includes fishing. Not only is it boring and tedious, but it stinks, and makes her smell too. She always demands Q'nys wash her off, and usually oil her too if they have the resources or time for it, afterward.
Tinth being an ass : It pisses Niazyth off to no end when the other Green is hissy, territorial, or rises for Niazyth's Flights. While normally she doesn't feel a sense of rivalry for the other Greens that share her weyr, some things about Se'qua's dragon just set her off. They argue frequently, though Niazyth won't start a fight with her when they're proddy, since she doesn't want either of them to go Between.


* INTELLIGENT : Niazyth is very intelligent for a dragon, with a good memory and the articulation of a smart human. In fact, she's almost too intelligent -- because she knows enough to be somewhat discontent with the lot life gave her. She wants to be more than a dragon at the bottom of the hierarchy, though she believes the hierarchy is best the way it is. She just wishes she was higher up in it. The lady truly wants to be a Gold, and will lord over other dragons less intelligent than her if she's given half a chance.

* PASSIONATE : Never doing anything by halves, she devotes herself to things she deems important without hesitation. Unfortunately, this rarely includes the more menial of chores since she thinks she's destined for better, more worthwhile tasks. But she's fiercely devoted to Tinth, Eldereth, and their riders, because she and Q are in tune about everything. Once you've earned her trust, she'll defend you to the death.


* FICKLE : While devoted to Tinth and Eldereth, and loyal in friendships, she's just as flighty as her rider when it comes to sexual encounters. So far she doesn't have a favorite male dragon, even among the Browns, and tends to choose a different male every Flight just to see what they all have to offer. And because her whims change so frequently.

* WILLFUL : Niazyth rankles at orders at the best of times, though she'll not disobey something a direct superior has told her. Even so, she resents being given busy work and isn't afraid to speak her mind if said superior would invite that kind of commentary. She'll always push for her and Q to be doing something interesting, though she's not going to ask for more responsibility than necessary.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #014f3a; Text: #50C878

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flight dates will be 08.05, 13.06, 24.08, and 17.09. The only time she dislike Tinth is during her Flights, because the Green Rises at the same time that both Niazyth and Eldereth do out of spite.

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Re: Q'nys [ 15.2.2562 / Green Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Like the word
Date of Birth:
2585 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Hag is a dark, drab, tarnished gold in color to the point that she could almost be mistaken for a Bronze in low lighting. However, the brighter speckling of vibrant gold along her wingsails and back are what distinguish her from males of her species and bring out the yellow hues of the rest of her skin. She's not a very big Gold, closer to a Bronze in size but very sinewy. She's built like a fighter, and frequently leaves injuries on the males that catch her. Even the ones that succeed.


Mind Voice: Hag doesn't speak in words unless she's very angry, and thus giving an order to another flit, or genuinely upset or frightened by something. When she does speak telepathically, her voice is a cultured, almost gruff sound more like a growl. Her vocalizations are usually growls, hisses, or noncommittal grunts.

Likes: Se'qua : Ironically, Hag is incredibly fond of Q's sister. The Gold feels that the two of them understand each other on a molecular level, since she largely wants privacy and to be left alone as well. Toward that end, she's not really affectionate toward Se'qua since she doesn’t want to wear out her welcome… but she can empathize with being frustrated over Q's dramatic fits.
Raen : This Bronze is Hag's mate, and she will chase him away from any other Gold or Green that he tries to pay attention to. To include Citrine. His are the only nests she'll keep, and she'll gladly help him destroy the eggs of any other Bronze that for some reason succeeds in flying her. Even though it makes her incredibly sad to do so.
Warm, dark places : If it's somewhere close and claustrophobic, she will drag Raen there and sleep on top of him. She likes laying her eggs in similar locations, and will downright order her mate to brood over her nests with her. If she can't fly anywhere while their eggs are incubating, neither can he. Unless she's ordering him somewhere to get food, guard them, or accomplish some other task.

Dislikes: Q being away : The only thing that Hag is ever really dramatic about is when Q is away from her for too long. She's very close to him and hates when he leaves her -- to the point that she'll chase him down wherever he is. She especially hates it when he's somewhere she thinks is dangerous, and will ruthlessly sweep it clear of tunnelsnakes and spinners.
Other Golds : They need to stay the hell away from Raen, and from Victory as well. She tolerates Citrine so long as she doesn't infringe upon her space or her mate, and would chase off any other Golds that tried to seduce Victory while Citrine was otherwise occupied, if such a thing were to happen. Hag is very territorial.
Feeling ugly : Hag knows that her name is an insult, and though from Q it's a term of endearment, it's given her a bit of a complex about the color of her hide. She grooms herself almost constantly, trying to look her best for her bonded and her mate, and will bother Q to oil her if he has any left over from Niazyth. She also likes it when Raen brings her shiny things to decorate their nests, because it makes her feel desirable.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
For a Gold flit that was given to Q to be dramatic with him, Hag really despises drama.

She flies on 08.2.

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Re: Q'nys [ 15.2.2562 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2014, 04:09:24 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Q'nys [ 15.2.2562 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #4 on: May 02, 2017, 06:55:49 PM »

Major Events:
- xx.01.2590 || Seaphonellqua reveals to her brothers that she is pregnant by L'ren of Morriganth, a Jungle Bronzer that she’s grown very fond of; she wants to have a baby for all of them, since she won’t have one with either Q or N'aen for fear of birth defects in any potential children. After the initial shock and sense of jealousy and betrayal, Q comes to terms with and supports her decision. N’aen, however, rejects them both, and they become estranged from each other, which shatters all of them.

- 18.01.2590 || Q tentatively meets with Seaphonellqua to reaffirm he’s on her side, and ask if she still wants anything to do with him. They quietly reconcile and decide to move forward without N’aen. Q agrees to meet L’ren.

- 19.01.2590 || Q meets Seaphonellqua and L'ren for a very tense and awkward dinner.

New Relationships:
- L'ren || Sequa’s Bronzer and the father of her child. Q is simultaneously glad he’s stable and seems to treat his sister well, but also goes through flashes of despising him and being jealous of how much of Se’qua’s time he takes up – especially since with N’aen gone and their relationship unsure, Q is without either of his siblings more often than not. He will be unbelievably vicious to L’ren if he ever does anything to hurt Sequa.

- Z'ryr || Previously a casual favorite bed partner of Q’s, especially given how much Niazyth likes his dragon, Rhymoth. He’s now been spending a bit more time with him so that he doesn’t have to be alone.

- K'ran || A Blue rider he’s rather fond of, in the wake of Harloth winning one of Niazyth’s Flights.

Important Personality Trait & Why:
- DYSFUNCTIONAL || Q’nys has never been the most well-adjusted person, and this has only gotten worse in the wake of everything that’s happened with N’aen, Sequa, and L’ren. He goes through fits of angry, spiteful jealousy; melancholic despair; righteous outrage that borders on hatred; and a sense of self-sacrificing martyrdom. He was forced, in a way, to mature more when N’aen abandoned them (as he sees it), but he did so in distinctly unhealthy ways. It wouldn’t take much to cast him back into a place of feeling unwanted and like Sequa would be better off without him. If L’ren were to ever discover the incestuous nature of their relationship and force Sequa into a position where she would have to choose between them, it’s possible that Q would sacrifice his own happiness for his sister’s so that she would have a stable relationship – which would have been very uncharacteristic for him prior, but now would probably be followed by a final trip Between from grief. Fortunately, despite his melodrama, it’s unlikely Sequa will ever put Q’nys in that position.

- Blue is Best [ 24.08.2589 / 10PM ] || K'ran of Harloth wins Niazyth’s Flight.

- I Want the Spotlight [ 08.05.2590 / 08:30PM ] || One of Niazyth’s Flights, won by I'ryn of Syrilth.

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