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Author Topic: Approved Seaphonellqua [ 29.10.2559 / Green Rider ]  (Read 4341 times)

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Seaphonellqua [ 29.10.2559 / Green Rider ]
« on: July 14, 2014, 01:05:05 PM »

Play By:
Chrishell Stause

First Name:
Date of Birth:
29.10.2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Nabol Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
N'aen & Q'nys

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Se’qua is a small, volatile woman who wears much of her expressions on her face. She’s a curvy, toned 5’ even with a fall of blonde/brown hair she leaves down and wild. Se’qua cares little for what manner of clothes she wears, and barely remembers to appropriately care for her riding gear and leather. It’s just not something that is at the forefront of her mind. So she’s generally in one of her brother’s shirts, if she has to be clothed, and any pair of pants if she’s expected to be decent. But Se’qua prefers being in her underclothes  and lounging.

Most notably on the woman are the scars criss-crossing her back. Se’qua has been lashed, frequently, and it isn’t a far cry to say she might have some healing. It’s this penchant for being whipped that leaves her to discard shirts, because fabric on scabbed over wounds is very uncomfortable.

Se’qua has the figure a holder would approve of, with wide hips and a handful of a bust. She’s softer than most dragon riders because she’s not obsessed with training, though she’s able to keep up. Usually. She has little arm strength and absolutely abhors throwing firestone because of the residue left on her hands. If she has to touch the stuff, she wants gloves. She’d rather do laps then practice firestone drills.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Se’qua’s life is one miserable moment followed by another, intermitted with quiet moments of happiness. She was a selfish spit of a girl growing up and jealously sought out her happiness by encroaching in on her brother’s lives. Suffice it to say, the 9th Pass was as fucked as it would be for her. But she doesn’t think about it in terms of “Pern is destroyed and the dragon riders did it” so much as “her life sucks and she’s just trying to survive it”. She rarely thinks of anything outside her own life. If someone wants to talk to her about it, or ask how she feels in a ‘bigger’ sense than herself, she tells them to kindly shove off and take their politics to someone who cares.

Response to dragon color mutations:
More politics that she just doesn’t care about. The weyr, how it runs, who’s doing it, what color they are… they’re all things that involve ‘other people’. She just wants to be left alone to enjoy life with her brothers.

Who are you...

Likes: Quiet; If it’s quiet, there must not be a lot of people around her. Or, if it’s quiet, she’s able to just relax. To enjoy the moment. It’s usually when things are happening, when they’re a lot of noise, that time seems to speed up and she loses time. It’s bothersome to her that time is relative, and she finds the quiet moments can stretch into a small eternity. If only someone will leave her alone long enough for it to happen. Getting lost; That the entirety of Pern is a barren landscape appeals to her on a very base desire to be away from people. She wants to explore places people haven’t been, to see things she’d never have been able to see otherwise. Her dragon freed her from the constraints of the ground and she is ever eager to take advantage of that fact – often ending up reprimanded for it. Free time; Any time she can slink away, to be alone or with her brothers, is considered free time. If she feels like too much time has passed, or things are too crazy, she’ll find way to make free time by shirking duties or responsibilities. Intense sex; The mundane and the norm bore her in a fierce way. If someone can’t handle her ( and she generally believes no one can ) she’ll simply walk away. She’s not usually intimate with someone outside of a flight because no one is exciting to her. If someone alludes to the fact they are, and end up being boring, she’ll simply walk away. Running away; For all her brazen and frosty personality, any conflict she can’t overcome with her ‘stunning’ personality she will flee from. Conflict she can’t do anything about makes her want to run away – and only those that really care about her will chase after her. Teasing; In the moments she’s actually happy, she can be quite the tease. And often times, if she’s teasing someone that doesn’t know her she sounds quite insulting. She thoroughly enjoys both.

Dislikes: Strict Structure; She’s actually quite terrified of rigid rules that rub her the wrong way or clash with what she wants to do. She put her time in fighting thread – the holders can go fuck themselves if they want a Hold and fight Hunters if they want it so bad. Se’qua wants to enjoy the fact they’ve survived, and in the most recent turn and a half she baulks dangerous tasks more vehemently. It’s a purely fear response where the lingering fear of fighting Thread will make her down right stubborn in her refusal. Gold Riders; Supreme authority, of any kind, make her leery. But it’s the women she hates more so than the dragons, because they remind her too much of privileged, ranked, married women who seemed to think they’re better than she is. Conversely, a Gold and her Rider are the only people Se’qua default listens to because she’s afraid they’ll take her dragon away from her – which, while not possible, still scares her into complacency. Holders; This stems a lot from her Hold-bred roots where there were a lot more expectations of behavior – but she seriously hates their sense of entitlement. The riders protected them from threadfall, and now the assholes want them to fight giant, flesh-eating, dragon-sized lizards? She’ll be the first to tell them they can kindly fuck off and do it their damned selves because she’s tired of risking her life for them – they don’t deserve life over her dead body.  Crowds; Too many people in an area make her nervous. She wants space to breathe, space to move, space to run if she needs too. There’s an entire planet, damn it. Scoot over. Busy work; Anything that is mundane or ‘something someone else without a dragon can easily do’ the odds she’ll actually do it are slim. When confronted, she’ll be the first to tell whomever that she’s a Rider, she fought thread, and they can let her enjoy the fact she’s survived. If expressly monitored, or if her brothers goad her into the task, fine. But she’ll be pissy about it.  Se’qua really hates when Q cries. It makes her illogically, irrationally angry and she becomes a combative, insulting asshole.


* STRONG WILLED : Her entire life has been a struggle against something – her parents, social expectations, her brother’s wife, thread – that Se’qua’s default mental state is combative and set. She’ll not waiver from a point she’s decided on or a course of action no matter the repercussions – lashings don’t frighten her and she bears scars of her past transgressions like badges of honor. Where her will won out and the only way they could deal with her was a physical reprimand.

* DETERMINED : Tying into how strong willed Se’qua is, she has her mind made up about things and she will see them through to the end – no matter what gets in her way. She went after her brother when he was married, fighting against the societal expectations, and even ruined her own reputation to try and stop someone for wanting to marry her. She was quite set on never being with someone she didn’t want, so she pretended to whore around or argued every point she could think of.

* PASSIONATE : This is what drives Se’qua. She cares deeply, often violently, and has a hard time controlling her own feelings. She’s supremely passionate about the few things she feels like make life worth living and this is, quite honestly, one of her redeeming qualities. Those that she cares about she will do anything for and she’s very set on enjoying her life, and thinks those that have survived the 9th Pass should do the same.

* FOCUSED : Her attention and motivations are around a handful of very specific things – her brothers, her dragon. Her life, really, and the very few people who manage to be a part of it.

* LOYAL : Those that are able to insert themselves in her life will find her not only loyal, but jealously covetous of their time. She will defend them if they’re wrong, go along with what they say ( usually ), and find ways to simply be with them.


* SPITEFUL : If it’s not something she wants to do, she doesn’t want to do it, and she will do anything in her power not to. Lashings, while painful, are preferable to doing something she thinks is too dangerous or not worth her time. She will loudly and physically rebel against something that scares her – she doesn’t think being brave is worth getting killed over, and she is very vocal in her dissention. In regards to minor tasks she doesn’t want to do, she just doesn’t do them unless she has supervision. Even the thread of grounding her or her dragon won’t convince her of otherwise, though it’s often a very good threat to get her to do simple things. She’s a struggle to deal with and her brothers are frequently the only one she’ll listen to. K’rez is starting to get through to her, but only because she feels like he listens to what she has to say – a rare consideration for someone other than N’aen and Q’nys.

* INSULTING : Se’qua largely hates people – a direct retaliation to the fact she thinks people are in her business too much – and will be quick to attack flaws or use tidbits she knows against people. She can be blunt and brutal. If you cry, she wins, and will only walk away triumphant. Pleased that you’ve been reduced to tears because you realize how shitty you really are.

* TEMPERMENTAL : Se’qua’s general reaction to people is less than favorable. She assumes the worst of everyone, thinks they’re all too nosey, and reacts in a way she hopes will keep them away from her. She doesn’t want to be friends, she doesn’t want to be nice, and she just wants most people to go away. Those that stay, and struggle through her violence, are the ones that generally earn her regard and loyalty.

* VIOLENT : She throws things when she’s mad, will be quick to hit Q’nys when she feels he needs it, and often times needs to be manhandled in response. Her target is usually Q’nys when he’s being bitchy. Her violence doesn’t usually extend to strangers because they’re not often worth her time and she will submit to punishments from those with actual, ranking authority quite well.

* DISMISSIVE : If you’re not important, if you have no bearing on her life, or in no way have any manner of authority – unless you make yourself known to her – she largely gives no shits about other people. She extends the same courtesy of ‘it’s your business’ that she’d hope other people would extend to her and leave her the fuck alone.

Describe Yourself:

* PRIVATE: She just wants to be left alone. She’s served her time fighting thread. Now she wants to sun herself, relax, occasionally fly with her brothers, and just –be-. Her relationship with her brothers isn’t anyone elses’ business and she’ll be quick to tell them as much. Leave her and hers alone, and she’ll do the same for you.

* ANARCHIST: Se’qua rebels, quite frequently, against authority and it has earned her a place in prairie and frequent lashings. Her dragon has been grounded before and it’s likely to happen again. She impressed based on her passion and drive – and she will accept punishment when it is mete out. But she’s not afraid of it and prefers lashings to things she would otherwise not do.

* SERIOUS: She’s never really been one to smile, and smiles don’t come to her easily. Jokes are lost on her, are generally too stupid to be considered amusing, and her idea of a something funny is a well placed insult.

* MASOCHIST: Se’qua likes being manhandled in a very serious way. Bites, bruises, and pain inflicted by those she cares about radiate love to her. If someone cares about her, they’ll push past her anger, her walls, and trap her. Because she’s a very physical person, she responds very well to sharp sensation. Lashings are not necessarily her favorite of things, but she may have a very wicked fantasy of them being given to her by one of her brothers.

* CHALLENGING: Nothig about Se’qua is ever easy. She makes friends as well as a Hunter and pushes people away, expecting them to chase after her to prove their affection. She can be tiresome, exhausting, and frustrating – and she’s not likely to change any time soon.

The Magic Touch:
To Se’qua, her dragon is as important to her as her brothers. But without them, she’d never have become stable enough to impress. She was a vindictive, awful child that felt the world at large was out to get her. It wasn’t until they were taken from her that she wanted more and had high hopes – which were then reinforced by being reunited with her brothers when she was searched. Se’qua has the capacity of great affection and consideration, she’s just often too afraid or angry to let it show. She’s of the firm opinion she’s the reason her brothers impressed too, since they’d failed until the first clutch she stood with them and they often mellow her out and make her more amicable. Without her brothers, she is just an angry mess.

Even so, because of the turn she was left alone while they went off to the Weyr, Se’qua continually tests them. It ties into her masochism and desire to run away – afraid that this time they won’t chase her. Or if she’s too mean, they’ll leave her.


Mother: Sidyrica. Holder, 2542. Deceased 2577. Killed by threadfall.
Father:Nilas. Holder, 2539. Deceased 2577. Killed by threadfall.

N'aen / Neraeness – Born 10.08.2556. Green Rider. Impressed 2575.
Q'nys / Quilenys – Born 15.02.2562. Green Rider. Impressed 2575.

Children: She had several sexual encounters with her brothers before she was taken as a candidate, but it wasn’t until she was at the weyr anything became of it. Determined to Stand, the current Candidate Master took her between. Since she impressed on that clutch, she didn’t have –time- to be pregnant after that. She’s largely considering it now that thread is gone since there’s a possibility of a future but she’s not sure how she feels about reproducing with her siblings – since everything that’s known about that says such a thing is bad for the baby. 

Tell us a story...

* 2562, 3 Her younger brother Quilenys is born, though she doesn’t necessarily understand why her parents had another child. She doesn’t usually seek out attention from her parents, but is often quick to tail Neraeness around. Since he seems overly fond of the new baby, she is tentatively curious but nothing more.

* 2563, 4 Nabol falls and moves to Ruatha. The move to Ruatha is largely unremembered, but it was a rough time that she cried often and didn’t understand much. Her parents relied heavily on their oldest, Neraeness, to look after the kids while they helped with the moving process.

* 2564, 5 Ruatha falls and moves to Fort. Their time in Ruatha is rather short lived, and honestly, Se’qua doesn’t recall being anywhere other than Fort. She’s starting to be granted more and more chores, but she generally shirks them to stick around one of her brothers. The thread is the sky and the riders overhead scare her, so her parents aren’t quick to discipline the young girl.

* 2571, 12 N’aen gets married. Fails to attend her duties in the Healer Hall and is lashed for the first time in her life. It’s not so bad for her. Second lashing when she refuses to attend N’aen’s ceremony since he’s marrying ‘that bitch’. Third lashing after she smacks his wife a week later. N’aen is gifted two firelizard eggs as a wedding present. Se’qua has been watching them and, when they were ready to hatch, got her brother. When he went to get his wife, Se’qua fed the little bronze. Taking him for herself. Names him Victor. Earning her forth lashing that turn, though she wears the scars with pride.

* 2572, 13 N’aen is searched at the end of the turn, after his wife dies during the beginning. She sleeps with N’aen for the second time before he leaves. ( Their first time is while his wife is sick. He didn’t know it was her until after. ) Though she doesn’t want him to go, she doesn’t have the courage to ask him to stay for fear he’ll say no. She’s inconsolable for a month or so.  Parents try to marry her off but she fights with her intended and tells him she’s been sleeping around which end up breaking the engagement off. Q and Se’qua bond over mutual hate for the things around them.

* 2574, 15 Se’qua sleeps with Q’nys as a result of an argument. She admits to bedding N’aen before he left, which sparks some weird jealousy on Q’nys’ behalf that she doesn’t fully understand. Especially since he’d never expressed a desire for a girl, let alone N’aen. This argument ends up with Se’qua sleeping with her younger brother, and latching on to him now that N’aen is gone. Not as a replacement, but as someone new she can actually be safe with and who cares about her enough to break social taboos to be with. Q’nys is searched. This sends her into what can best be described as pure fury. She curses him as he leaves and swears up and down to whomever will listen that thread will kill him, and she hopes it takes him and N’aen. Once they’re gone, however, she becomes reclusive and waspish.  Set up in an arranged marriage to someone who doesn’t care she’s a ‘whore’. She fights with the man constantly, refuses to be in his bed, and he takes it all as great sport. Their engagement is prolonged while the man attempts to tame her.

* 2575, 16  Se’qua is searched and impresses to the clutch she was searched for, alongside her brothers. Upon arriving at the Weyr, Se’qua is quick to confront her brothers about the wealth of anger that she’s been harboring for them and is quick to reiterate how much she hates them. In an explosive fight, a lot of what had been misconstrued and buried is brought up and they’re all actually together for the first time. She became pregnant from their attentions but opted to rid herself of the baby so she could stand for her first clutch, telling her brothers about the pregnancy only after it was too late for them to do anything about it or talk her out of it. She impresses to Tinth is what is probably one of the happiest times of her life.

* 2577, 18 Her parents die this turn, but the knowledge means very little to her. Se’qua’s first Flight is the same time that Q’s is, and creates an odd sense of rivalry between Tinth and his Niazyth. Though neither Green fight one another, this sets a strange precedent when Tinth rises the same time as Eldereth later on. Se’qua doesn’t really dwell on it much, though she’s quietly pleased that she didn’t have to watch one of her brothers in their flight.

* 2578, 19 She gets iffy about being with them until Q confronts her about it. Se’qua’s restlessness stems from her base desires as a masochist, where the often sweet way her brothers treat her becomes routine and, well, boring. There’s a small bout of time that she’ pursues other people, trying to find a person to sate her particular desire. They ‘spend time’ at High Reaches discussing their relationship and how distant she’s been. Rather than allowing her continued distant behavior, both brothers impress upon her their very real desire to remain with her in a more aggressive way.

* 2583, 24 N’aen has a baby with some Rider. Se’qua hates on him for quite some time at this point and will swear up and down that the thing doesn’t exist. If asked, Se’qua can’t even recall its gender. She doesn’t like talking about it and avoids him for a handful of months.

* 2584, 25 Se’qua and Q are together, but ignore N’aen and keep their distance from him because of his child.  He comes after them in Se’qua’s weyr.

* 2585, 26 N’aen gifts his siblings flits. The gold goes to Q because Se’qua thinks he needs the dramatic little thing. She impresses a Bronze and calls him Raen. She ignores Q and his stupid fit about the fact it’s named after their older brother.

* 2587, 28 The end of the pass was something Se’qua never thought she’d see, but is quick to appreciate not only the lack of threadfall, but the tropical location of their new home. She is eager to get settled in and is actually quite helpful during the initial transfer of people. Once everyone was settled and the weyr actually constructed, she figured her duty to Pern was complete. It’s time for her to enjoy life in the Interval. This desire to relax and “retire” from a life of danger strengthens the longer she’s at the weyr and she no longer wakes to the call of Threadfall.

She didn’t want them to find her this time. For once, Se’qua really wished they’d just leave her be. As though it wasn’t bad enough that N’aen had a child with someone else, she had to forgive him. Had to. Because he was family, because she loved him. But in that moment, in the dark, forgotten halls of High Reaches she wished she didn’t.

It’d have been easier to say her heart wasn’t breaking, that she wasn’t thinking about her own baby she gave to Between. N’aen was always leaving her behind. Doing things he wanted with other people with little regard to how she felt. And worse was that Se’qua couldn’t even confide all this hurt with Q’nys, because he’d blow it out of proportion. He wouldn’t understand that this was about her, about the baby they could’ve had, and would misinterpret it as her wanting N’aen more. Like he usually did.

Which left her with no one who understood. No one she felt safe with, and no one she could run to.

So she’d run away. But her brothers were quick and Citrine had followed Victor. Though her sweet Bronze boy tried to defend her, the Gold was bigger. She was mentally stronger. But his struggle was what mattered to her. Because Tinth understood, and growled at her Green sisters. And Victor understood, and had tried to defend her against the two boys who wouldn’t, for various reasons, understand.

She’d tried to get away. At least there was that. But when they both entered the room, and the door shut behind them, there wasn’t anywhere else for Se’qua to go. She’d have to deal with it, with them, again. Because they hadn’t yet let her get away.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
No :C
Inactivity Preference:
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2575 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 20.5
Mature Height: 5
Mature Wingspan: 36

General Appearance...

Tinth is a pale gray-green and has been her entire life, though her wings have darkened and changed some from hen she was a hatching and she’s taken on a darker gray along her belly. She’s a small, long dragon with narrow wings. An adept flier and naturally graceful, even on the ground, Tinth would be quite a catch if she wasn’t so antisocial. 


Mind Voice: Tinth doesn’t usually talk, but when she does, it’s in a soft whispered hiss.

Likes: Space; Tinth is just as fond of space and exploring old places as her Rider. Any time that she and Se’qua are alone is a good time. If she’s without her rider, she wants to generally be alone sunning herself or relaxing elsewhere on Pern.

Quiet; Tinth is not a very dramatic, or even overly reactive dragon. She likes very simple things – a good meal, a nice oiling, and for things to be calm and quiet. She’s of the same mind as her rider. They survived the 9th pass, they should be enjoying themselves.

Dislikes: Other Greens; There is a combative streak in Tinth and she is not afraid to try and out shine, or steal the attention from, another Green. This generally involves the Flights of Niazyth and Eldereth, as she often Rises the same time they do. While flights can annoy her Rider, their mutual desire and dislike for other people being with Q’nys and N’aen has created this trend.

Danger; as stubborn as Se’qua, Tinth is not one to put herself in harm’s way for anyone except her Rider and she’s likely to protest scenarios in which there is a chance one of them could be harmed.


* SUPPORTIVE : Tinth will try, very hard, to do whatever Se’qua needs of her, whether or not her Rider might agree with that particular ‘need’. This means that if she has to be nice to other dragons, or if she must behave herself in scenarios she otherwise would not, she will. Tinth’s entire world, per the norm for dragons, is her Rider. But this supportive, encouraging nature only extends to Se’qua, where she can be downright dismissive of other dragons. Especially Greens.

* OBSERVATION : Tinth is quiet but very attentive. She is always watching people and their dragons, as though judging them, and will often impress upon her Rider her opinion of them. This makes her particularly good as spotting beachsnakes though she will not be one engaging them.


* DETACHED : Tinth has no interest in the weyr politics and cares little for other dragons, even ones that have won her flights. She’s nearly business-like in her dealings with them. The biggest, fastest dragon catches her, they mate, and then she’s on her way. There is no flirting because she has no interest in what a male dragon might have to say to her. Compliments and flattery earn them nothing but a cursory glance – the same as an insult or reprimand.

* TERRITORIAL : She’s particularly moody around Niazyth and Eldereth, trapped in her Rider’s love for their Riders and the clash with her desire to be alone. Even Se’qua echoes that particular sentiment. So she can be snappy about space around the other Greens and, when they Rise for mating, so does she.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(4e754c); Text: #(8dd397)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She’s a bitch too.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Exactly how you’d think
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold.

General Appearance...

When Victor first hatched, he  was a dark black/bronze all over. But as he grew, his namesake began to spread across his head and wings. Though he retains some of the burnt look to his rump and his tail fades more into the green side of bronze. Now, he’s quite a looker and is fully aware of it. He often stands up on his hind legs and will insist on being oiled ( usually by N’aen ) so he looks his best. 


Mind Voice: Victor, like most flits, does not talk. But he will chirp at N’aen and the only word he knows how to parrot is fix, which he reserves exclusively for N’aen when he believes the man has made a mistake and he must ‘fix’ it. The singular word is a sharp sound, like a mental slap, and very demanding.

Likes: N’aen and Citrine: They are his. And he will vehemently defend his mate, and N’aen, from people who should not be around them. Some might be convinced that he’s actually bonded to N’aen with as often as he is around the pair but he’s simply defending he and Se’qua’s territory from interlopers. Though he will favor Citrine with his attention, he sees it as his personal mission to ensure N’aen is on his best behavior.

Hunting: Only when he’s certain that N’aen is with Se’qua and his mate is appropriately sleeping will he and Raen bond together and go hunting. They enjoy bringing back all manner of things for their mates, be it fish, meat, tunnel snakes, rodents, shiny things they’ve stolen, shells, etc. If it catches their attention, they’ll go after it. They also harass other male flits that have earned their combined hatred for going after their mates. These two together are a terrible duo and can become quite mean and aggressive. Severely injuring other flits is not uncommon.

Dislikes: Discipline; Victor is a bronze flit, and as such, he rules over most other colors ( save for his mate ) and even then he believes he knows best. He will chase off other flits, usually in a very aggressive and physical way, he will tell N’aen what to do, and will protest violently if someone or something tells him what he’s doing is wrong. The only thing that can lord over him are Gold flits and Se’qua, who isn’t above holding Victor down and yelling at him.

Being out of his comfort zone/territory: N’aen is his, Se’qua is his bonded, Raen is his buddy, and Citrine is his mate. If he’s not around one of those four, he will do –anything- to get back there. He doesn’t leave their side, ever. And if he’s removed from it, for whatever reason, he will do whatever is necessary to get back there. Trying to chase him off from where he wants to be is like trying to corral water in the ocean with a net.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He can become quite murderous to other bronze flits that have tried to fly Citrine.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2585 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Raen hatched as a pale bronze/green with short wings. But very active. He has fully grown into his size, equal to Victor, and holds nearly all the spectrum of color for a bronze. His wings are the dark metallic bronze, highlighted with a darker, burn look along his joints. His bulky body is a bronze/green with darker hints of bronze along his tail and limbs.


Mind Voice: Raen doesn’t talk save for one sharp, hissing word of no for Q’nys. Q’nys is the only one he’ll talk to, and this is only to express his disdain for what Q’nys might be doing. If the man is off where he shouldn’t be, or trying to have relations with someone else, Raen isn’t above harassing him and filling his mind with No, no, no, no, no, no, no until he quits who/what he’s doing and goes back to Se’qua.

Likes: Q’nys and Hag; Much as Victor has laid claim to N’aen and Citrine, Hag and Q’nys are Raen’s responsibility. He spends most of his time either mock-mounting the Gold, laying on her, or trying to get Q’nys to behave. He will be just as violent and territorial about the pair as Victor, and the two bronzers will help one another defend their territory.

Fighting; Raen is a badass, and he knows it. He is all too eager to jump into the fray with Victor and is the more violent of the pair in that he goes for the kill. He is of the mind that if a flit is dead, they’re no longer competition. And if he injures a person, they’ll leave Q’nys alone. It’s really for the best that he enjoys being on top of Hag, otherwise he’d be a tiny terror.

Being away from Hag : The Gold is his, and he is all about being on her. Quite literally. It’s his favorite place. And if he has to get off of her to go teach Q’nys, or another flit, a lesson he’s going to be mean and to the point about it. Because there’s a gold he could be on top of and someone is ruining his day.

Se’qua being mad: Because that means he has to go fix things with Victor. But if she’s mad at Q’nys, not even Hag can dissuade him from attacking the man. Or, if Se’qua had run away, he will gladly follow her and defend her as violently as he defends his claim on Hag. She is his person, and he will keep her safe.

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Anything Else:
>_> The odds that Se’qua has been punished because of Raen are good.

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