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Author Topic: Info Wher Roster  (Read 2602 times)

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Wher Roster
« on: January 20, 2014, 07:01:32 PM »

A list of all our lovely Whers in play.
The requirements for a wher are rather simple. 1 wher OR dragon to a character and they must fulfull some other occupation. We don't have anyone that is strictly a wher handler since the position sort of became nixed when everyone had to flee to the island. We'll be trying to maintain a 'fair' ratio of coloration. Suffice it to say, there currently aren't any restrictions but this may change at any time. ( We'll be sure to let you know! )

If you don't have your beautiful wher listed below, let us know!
Code: [Select]
[b]Your Wher Handler's Name:[/b]
[b]The Name of their Wher:[/b]

Spoiler for color code for wher names:
Code: [Select]

* Indicates an inactive character
** Indicates an adoptable character

  • Gold
Alleshask x Galleweyne
Arrobesk x Arrobella*
Darsk x Daresik
Iluesk x Ilue*
Kyarsk x Kyareena
Londisk x Londilia**
Rainsk x Raindon**
Sebisk x Sebek**
Tavisk x Tavianna
Yrask x Catyra

  • Bronze
Aldresk x Aldrekayn
Catsk x Catari* [ Deceased ]
Eppask x Ryneppa
Evesk x Everalsie
Gamusk x Tinus**
Kensk x Kenna
Kerrisk x Notkerric**
Meyesk x Meyelthra
Nerihesk x Neriherem
Notsk x Notkerric**
Nycolussk x Nycolus
Ophysk x Ophyonis
Quensk x Quenneca
Rekaysk x Aldrekayn
Rinahsk x Murrinah
Rossk x Rossed
Saesk x Saer*
Sarinesk x Sarinea
Tavlesk x Tayvelle
Tiynnalsk x Tiynnalacia

  • Brown
Ceiask x Tianaice
Disucsk x Keassa
Irask x Remira
Kerosk x Keron
Kindolsk x Kindolin
Nadsk x Arinada**
Paylask x Paylae
Rossk x Nealros
Sensk x Elrost
Thirask x Remmalthira
Thrask x Elrethra
Yannusesk x Omenya
Ynesk x Ryneppa
Yoheisk x Kyohei

  • Blue
Aesk x Saer*
Alisk x Sheali*
Dolinsk x Kindolin
Erosk x Keron
Gavisk x Gavita
Isk x Fisk
Kyohisk x Kyohei
Mursk x Murrinah
Onisk x Ophyonis
Palisk x Palissa*
Tyldask x Tyldas
Virosk x Vironethian
Yinsk x Fisk

  • Green
Arisk x Arinada**
Cinnask x Cinnacai
Ellevask x Thoridan
Ellsk x Elrost
Endersk x Penderton
Ivisk x Ivonai
Kyrrinsk x Kyrrin
Lhamoisk x Lhamoire
Lhamoiresk x Lhamoire
Lissk x Palissa*
Lusk x Nycolus
Onsk x Penderton
Persk x Junipher*
Remisk x Remira
Remmalisk x Remmalthira
Rielsk x Ellariel**
Sohsk x Sohrelle
Tressisk x Tresrissa
Valisk x Valenarin*
Vellesk x Tayvelle
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