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Author Topic: Info Pern Terms & Terran Translations  (Read 1846 times)

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Pern Terms & Terran Translations
« on: July 22, 2014, 04:01:34 PM »
List of Pern Terms, and their Terran Translation

    * Alehold: pub, tavern
    * Apprentice: student, lowest crafter rank
    * Beasthold: a cattle farm, also: stable(s)
    * Birthing woman: midwife
    * Birthing day: birthday
    * Black heavy water: oil
    * Black rock (Cromcoal): coal
    * Bloodline: genealogy, family tree
    * Breast band: bra, brassiere
    * Bubbly (bubbling) wine: champagne
    * Canine: dog
    * Carbon stick: pencil
    * Cartbeast: oxen
    * Cleansing sand: sand used as soap
    * Cold, the: winter
    * Cold season, the: winter
    * Cot: a (wooden) bed
    * Cothold: small house or primitive housing
    * Cromcoal: see: black rock
    * Distance viewer: telescope, minocular
    * Distance writer: telegraph
    * Draybeast: oxen
    * Drudge: laborer, servant
    * Drying cloth: towel
    * Espousal: engagement/bethrotal or marriage
    * Feline: cat
    * Flamefly: firefly
    * Furs: bedding or blankets
    * Gitar: guitar
    * Glass smith: glassblower, -crafter
    * Healer: medic, physician
    * Healer Hall: like an academic hospital
    * Herdbeast: cow
    * Hop-it: hopscotch
    * Klah: coffee-like hot drink
    * Looking metal: mirror
    * Marks: money, wooden coins
    * Nameday: birthday
    * Milchbeast: cow
    * Necessary: lavatory, toilet
    * Records: archives
    * Runner: courier
    * Runner beast: horse
    * Sanding: lathering
    * Sevenday: Week
    * Sleeping furs: bedding, blankets
    * Snowstaves: skis
    * Spouse: a person's partner in marriage; husband, wife
    * Stone-clean: bare, free of greenery
    * String-doll: a marionette
    * Sulfure sticks: Matches
    * Sweet oil: perfume
    * Sweet soap: sand used as soap
    * Sweetsand: sand used as soap
    * Tubers: potatoes
    * Turn: Year
    * Turnover: New Year's

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