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Author Topic: Info Naming Conventions  (Read 3099 times)

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Naming Conventions
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:40:13 PM »
     Dragon names end in -th. No dragon shares a name with any other dragon while living, if at all. Riders may call their dragons by nicknames, but dragons call their riders by name. "Ridermine" and "Mine" are not canon.

     When a male candidate Impresses a dragon, the dragon abbreviates his name with an apostrophe. Thus, Fallarnon becomes F'lar, Naton becomes N'ton, etc. This follows the tradition set by the first dragons of Pern slurring their riders' names during the high-paced action of Threadfall. Women riders' names are not shortened in this way; though they can be should the dragon decide. Apostrophes are there to abbreviate the name, they are not there for decoration.

     Watch-wher names end in -sk and are based on the name of their Impressor or the hold they guard. The closer the match to their Impressor's name, the closer the bond. Thus, if Neshomeh had a close bond with a watch-wher, it might be called Neshomesk. If her bond is not so close, the wher's name might be Nesk.

Children Names / New Characters
     With the habit of abbreviating dragonriders' names in mind, many Pernese parents give their children names that can be easily shortened. This is not necessarily the case, though (no one had dragons in mind when they named Lord Groghe). Either way, Pernese names are often variations on sounds present in the names of either or both of the bearer's parents—for instance, F'lar and Lessa named their son Felessan; Lessa is the daughter of Kale and Adessa. However, this too is not necessarily the case. Robinton is named after his grandfather Roblyn, for instance, and Menolly and Alemi's parents are Mavi and Yanus.

"Don'ts" of Names on Pern
The only names you shouldn't see on Ninth-Pass Pern are common names on Earth. They just don't exist except by accident, and the less likely such an accident becomes, the less acceptable the name becomes. For instance, one could probably get away with Dan, Rob, Sam, Kim, etc., and adding another syllable to the aforementioned to create something that sounds like an Earth name (e.g. Roben, Sammi) would probably pass with the parental variation convention in place; however, Daniel, Robert, Samantha, and Kimberly are right out. Furthermore, the Pernese aren't big on naming themselves after nouns, so Jewel, Flower, Virtue, and all their cousins are to be eschewed. We ask that the names on Southern Winds not resemble any manner of Earth name.
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