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« on: January 20, 2014, 10:24:31 PM »

Below is all the dragon information for Southern Winds. As a 9th Interval roleplay, this means our dragons are rather large. All dragons created by players should follow these parameters.

Additional Informational Links

+ Flight Calendar and Guide////+ Jungle Wing
+ Dragon Rider Population////+ Prairie Wing
+ Dragon Voice Colors and Lengths////+ Beach Wing
+ Weyrling / Young dragon Guide////+ Mountain Wing

The Basics
Dragons are described as carnivorous, oviparous, warm-blooded creatures. Like all of Pern's native large fauna, they have six limbs - four feet and two wings. Their blood, referred to as ichor, is copper-based and green in color, they have multifaceted eyes that change color depending on the dragon's mood. Their head and general body type is described by McCaffrey as being similar in shape to those of horses. On their heads they have small headknobs, similar to those of giraffes, and no visible ears. Unlike the dragons of Terran legend, they have a smooth hide rather than scales; the texture of their skin is described as being reminiscent of suede with a spicy, sweet scent when clean. They are described as having forked tail ends with a defecation opening between the forks; however, most artistic renderings depict their tails as having spade-shaped tips. The dragons usually get from one place to another by going through a teleportation process known as 'going between'.
--- Sizing
To determine your dragon's wingspan, take their full length and multiply by 1.66. This makes the dragon's wingspan 1 2/3 the size of the dragon.
To determine your dragon's height, take their length and divide by 5. This is the height of their head extended.
These numbers do not have to be exact, but rather, give you a rough idea as to the size of your dragon. You may adjust for larger wings or a taller dragon, but the lengths should be within the realm provided below.
--- Impression
Upon hatching, each dragonet chooses one of the humans present (usually) and Impresses to that person; from that moment on, the pair are in a constant state of telepathic contact for as long as they both live. Dragons also use telepathy to communicate with each other and with fire lizards. They are capable of speaking telepathically to humans besides their own riders, but not all of them will do so except under unusual circumstances.
--- Between
Dragons and fire-lizards can also teleport. They do this by briefly entering a hyperspace dimension known as between. Both humans and dragons experience between as an extremely cold, sensory-deprived, black void. After spending no more than eight seconds in between, the dragon or fire lizard can re-emerge anywhere on Pern, along with any passengers or cargo they carried. This ability is explained as having evolved in fire lizards as a defense against Thread; not only does it allow them to quickly escape from Threadfall, but the intense cold of between kills any Thread that has already burrowed into them. If a dragon attempts to teleport without a clear mental image of the place where they intend to reappear, they may simply fail to emerge from between and thus, be gone forever.

----- -----

The Queens
38-42 meters long
6.5-10 meters tall
60-72 meter wingspan
Gold dragons are the rarest of the breed, save for the new mutations, and there are only one in every 4-5 clutches, almost always born to a Gold and Bronze pair. They are dominate over all the other colors; any non-gold dragon will invariably obey a Queen's orders, even against the wishes of their rider. However, the Queens vary just as much in temperament and personality as their Rider. The oldest Gold is considered the 'Leading Lady' of the weyr and her Rider, the Weyr Woman, holds such a rank to denote their importance. Their main function, as a team, is to produce more dragons and see to the state of the weyr and it's riders - creating a home for dragon and human alike. They stand more on social issues and less in the Flight lessons or how to fight Thread ( or the Hunters ). An egg that is going to hatch a gold is notable - it's much larger than the other eggs and holds a faint, gold metallic hue. A gold dragon will always Impress to a woman of a heterosexual persuasion. Golds rise for Mating Flights only once a turn and lay between 10 and 35 eggs.
----- -----

The Kings
35-38 meters long
6-9 meters tall
55-66 meter wingspan
Bronze dragons are the second rarest type of dragon, tied with the Blacks in rarity. There are only 1-4 bronze eggs per clutch, and will only be produced by Queen-Black or Queen-Bronze pairs. Bronze and Black dragons occupy the same level in the weyr’s hierarchy, and riders of both may become Weyrleader after a successful mating flight with the Weyrwoman’s Queen. Unlike the wilder Black dragons and their riders, Bronzes are noted for their restraint and ability to lead groups of other riders without bucking against the Queen’s authority or resenting the responsibility. As such, Bronze riders often become Wingleaders, administrating to the duties of the weyr as dictated by the Weyrwoman and other Queen riders. A bronze dragon will always Impress to a man of a heterosexual persuasion.
----- -----

The Escorts
35-38 meters long
6-9 meters tall
55-66 meter wingspan
These dark colored beasts are new to Pern, and seem to reoccur at the same rate the Bronze Dragons do ( 1-3 per clutch). In fact, they seem to fill much the same role save these Dragons aren't quite as passive. They're moodier and eager to go into the Jungle despite the dangers. Fearless is a dominate quality of these dragons and they use their size and strength against the Hunters. Black Dragons ushered in the era of dragon and beast fighting - a marked note of brutality to the dragon psyche and a willingness to suffer pain to down a foe. These dragons, and conversely their riders, still fall within the purview of the Gold's Command but they're more restless and seek the adrenaline of a fight and feel a strong need to expand and protect their territory - the weyr. Their Riders are thus the adventurous, daring males of Pern of any sexual orientation. Black Dragons can, and in fact, have participated in Queen mating flights and result in the whole spectrum of eggs - most notably, more Black dragons and Reds.

//Weyrlings Black dragonets and weyrlings will often feel like outcasts. Their dragons will go through the same growth spirts as a Bronze, and get just as big, but they tend to be more socially awkward, easily annoyed, moody, and less inclined to spend time around other dragons with the exception of Greens when they near Chasing age. While personalities still vary, Black dragonets are either more apt to be loners or eager to upstage their Bronze counter parts.//Adults As Black dragons are still new to Pern, their personalities are still wildly unknown. That being said, Black dragons are lacking the general passive drive of all the other colors. They aren’t afraid of a fight – in fact, they are almost eager for it. They are capable of hurting other dragons willfully, if inclined ( though are still at the mercy of any Gold ) and will not back down from a Bronze or their ego. While the thought of Hunters in the jungle may make any other color uneasy or fearful, Black dragon adults are eager to not only prove themselves, but protect their weyr with their aggression. They are a ‘strike first’ sort.
----- -----

Support Staff
30-35 meters long
5-8 meters tall
46-61 meter wingspan
Brown are the largest of the more common coloration, with roughly 2-6 per clutch. And while it is nigh unheard of, Brown dragons can participate in Queen mating Flights. The results are generally more brown, blues, and greens and so it is often frowned upon for a Brown pair to participate. Brown dragons are those that fill in the support roles to their Bronze, lawful counterparts. Though they also bear the brunt of filling in the lower rankings over the Blues and Greens.  Brown Riders are generally very masculine, calm, and usually male ( there are very rare occurrences of a female brown rider ) - they're content with their lot in life but dutiful to the weyr. It's what makes them suited to the support role they will play in all the weyr dealings. A Brown dragon and his Rider may never be weyr leader, as the Golds are much larger than they, but they are in nearly every inner working of running the weyr - serving as weryling master, wing leaders, wing seconds, or mentors to werylings. They're a vital part to the Weyr.

----- -----

Search Riders
25-30 meters long
4-7 meters tall
38-53 meter wingspan
Blue dragons are the fourth in terms of rarity and hierarchy, more common than Browns but less so than Greens or Reds. Typically, they make up a third of a given clutch, with 5-7 eggs hatching as Blue. These dragons only fly Greens or Reds, as they lack the size and stamina necessary to keep up with a Queen’s mating flight. Blue dragons and their riders typically make excellent teachers, occupying the role of mentor to the new weyrlings. They are also the only color capable of becoming Search Riders, as their particularly powerful empathy makes them finely attuned to those who would make excellent dragonriders. Most are fairly easy-going, less high strung than Greens but more social than Reds. Loyal and dutiful, they nevertheless know the value of relaxing at appropriate moments to lighten the sometimes stressful life that comes with living in a weyr. Blue dragons usually Impress to men, either heterosexual, bisexual, or masculine homosexuals; however, some may Impress to strongly masculine females, who are typically bisexual or homosexual.

----- -----

20-25 meters long
3-6 meters tall
30-44 meter wingspan
One of the most common types of dragon, Greens are just below Blues in terms of the weyr hierarchy, only above the Reds. They usually make up a half of a clutch, with 6-9 eggs hatching as Greens. Exclusively female, Green dragons are nevertheless infertile as genetic tampering ensured they would never produce eggs. While they still have mating flights, these unions never produce any eggs. Any color of male dragon may fly a Green, but the bigger ones like Bronzes or Blacks may hurt their partner because of their disparate sizes and strengths. Green dragons have a reputation as being flighty and mercurial, much more temperamental and harder to predict than the more docile colors. As Green riders make up the bulk of the weyr’s population, they can fulfill almost any role necessary within their home, from teacher to hunter to anything in between. While most lack the stamina to sustain during an entire Threadfall, they make up the majority of Wings, switching out in shifts to ensure no pair becomes too exhausted to fight effectively. Green dragons may Impress to either males or females; females who fail to Impress a Gold often end up as Green riders, and may be heterosexual, bisexual, or more femininely homosexual. Male Green riders are often bisexual or femininely homosexual, but heterosexual male Green riders are not unheard of. Green dragons typically rise for Mating Flights 2-3 times a turn.
----- -----

The Scouts
12-20 meters long
1.5-5 meters tall
16-36 meter wingspan
Reds are the smallest dragon to grace Southern Winds, and with much alarm and speculation. They’re the strangest of the dragons in temperament and have the greatest size variation. They’re as hodge-podge as the Riders they Impress to – suffice it to say anyone is eligible to these quizzical, boisterous, and often off-kilter dragons. They have the widest variances in personality and end up being as common occurring as the Greens. Both male and female red dragons hatch, but they’re too small to bear a clutch properly (i.e., Eggs never seem to develop in them.). Males can impress to females, females can impress to males. Sexuality doesn’t seem to matter to them, nor does much else save the personality of their Rider. Red dragons are often loners simply because they are so hard to understand, even for other dragons. Their thoughts can be jumbled, random, perpetually off topic, and getting these quick beasts to focus is a difficult undertaking. However, the Red dragons are the fastest on the ground. They can outrun a Hunter through the jungle and prove their worth in their stamina and agility—just not in the air. Their eggs are smallest, at first appearing under-developed, but shake something fierce during hatching as the little dragonets are so eager to get out. As such, Reds always hatch first out of the clutches that include them, usually all in a jumble at once, and almost immediately after the dragons of the weyr began their hummed song. Female Red dragons typically rise for Mating Flights 2-3 times a turn.

//Weyrlings Red dragonets are curious, high energy, and usually somewhat distant from other young dragons despite their friendliness and penchant for chit-chat. Because they seem so strange to other dragons, they may grow up without many close friends. As weyrlings, they’ll have more of an interest in ground drills, wrestling with other dragons, and running around like the hellions they are instead of flight drills. As a result of their strangeness, their bondmates will likely also feel distanced from their classmates, though they’re not feared for aggression as Black riders and their dragons are.//Adults Age and experience may temper a Red dragon somewhat, but not much. Even when fully grown, they’ll prove to be easily distracted, constantly asking questions, and highly social despite not being widely liked. This fact never seems to bother them, though. And when they do successfully focus on a task—especially if it interests or excites them—they’ll prove quick learners and skilled members of a Wing. Like the Blacks, they won’t necessarily fear the Hunters, instead seeing evading them in the thick jungle as an exciting challenge. Unlike all other dragons, Reds are actually less coordinated in flight than on their feet.

All dragon art in this thread was made using this template by Senaru of DeviantArt. They were colored for use on SWW.
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