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Author Topic: Approved L'nal [ 27.4.2559 / Bronze Rider ]  (Read 4625 times)

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L'nal [ 27.4.2559 / Bronze Rider ]
« on: February 11, 2014, 08:59:55 PM »

Play By:
Sean Faris

First Name:
Youngest Twin
Date of Birth:
27.04.2559 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wingsecond [ Jungle Wing ]
For all intents and purposes, L'ale. Loves his brother too much to let ze ladies come between them.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: L'nal and his twin are tall, measuring in at 6'2" with the bulk and musculature to match. He is a formidable specimen of a man, well-toned and incredibly strong. There is little that L'nal cannot accomplish through brute force, and that skill has shaped him from a young age. While not, per se, a bully, L'nal bears a gigantic sense of superiority and carries himself with a certain self-assured swagger because of it. His moves might not all be carefully calculated, but he communicates his power easily with both his presence and physical gestures. Even when he's not being expressly rough or violent, L'nal is a very physical individual; he interacts with the world through his body first. As a result, he possesses a number of scars from various encounters he didn't escape unscathed. The most prominent of these curves around from his right shoulderblade to his hip:  a remnant of major Thread scoring that nearly left him with a permanent limp. L'nal dresses with a mind to show off his physique -- while not gaudy, he likes to look his best, favoring tighter shirts and open vests that make it clear just how muscular and powerful he truly is. His pants are trim, and typically tucked into utilitarian boots.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: As far as L'nal is concerned, things could have been much worse. After all, he and his brother survived. And that's all that really mattered to him. No matter that the rest of Pern has been destroyed; at the end of the day, the most important thing on the planet is still around.

Response to dragon color mutations: L'nal and his brother are traditionalists. He sees the Black dragon as an abomination, and a mark against the previous Weyrleader whose dragon spawned it. Nevertheless, he sees S'bok as an even worse alternative, and is deeply concerned by the fact that the Black flew Kalestath when clearly it is a Bronzer's place to do so. Who knows what sort of mutated monsters the current clutch will produce.

Who are you...

Likes: L'ale : The only thing that L'nal loves more in this world than Skeleeth is his brother. If he could be mind-bonded to his twin, he would be... though with as in-sync as they are, some might swear that they already have been. Skeleeth : Up until he Impressed, L'nal didn't think that anyone could rival his brother for his affections. But he is oh so fond of his sarcastic, rough-around-the-edges Bronze. Being Wingsecond : It's just enough responsibility for him, and a rank he can readily share with his brother. In other words, perfect. Place in the Weyr : If you ask L'nal, he and his twin were born to be Bronzers. He expects everyone else in the weyr to know their place, and will only (begrudgingly) bow to the orders of the Weyrwomen because it is right and traditional that he do so.

Dislikes: Insubordination : If anyone of a lower color is feeling uppity, they'd best do so far away from L'nal. He will not tolerate anyone who rides a lesser order of dragon to disrespect him. This can get quite interesting, as he considers S'bok and Neisoth below the rank of Green. Clingy women : If you want to sleep with him, you'd best understand that no woman is going to come between himself and L'ale. Though he wouldn't be opposed to sharing with the other Bronzer. S'bok : There is little he hates more than the presumptuous runt of a Weyrleader and his Black beast. Losing : He never competes with his twin, but he absolutely loathes losing to just about anyone else. After all, he is better than they are.


* Dominant : There is no doubt that L'nal is the sole possessor of his own space and any room that he walks into -- unless he's accompanied by L'ale, in which case he's willing to share the crown. He is always self-assured and never questions himself or his decisions. After all, he wouldn't make those decisions if he didn't think they were the best course of action. He will act first and question later as he sees fit.

* Honorable : L'nal won't fight dirty... because he doesn't need to. His intelligence, cunning, strength, and confidence are more than enough to carry him through the day. He won't sully his reputation or that of his brother's by resorting to the sort of sneaky tactics utilized by the less skilled.

* Steady : The traditions of Pern are what made the Weyrs strong. As such, he doesn't think 17-year-old Black Riders should be Weyrleader. L'nal is utterly secure in his world-view, and isn't one to flip-flop on decisions or flicker with the fickle times. He will always pursue the course of action that the thinks will yield the best result.

* Strong : Mentally, physically, emotionally. He's a Bronze Rider for a reason, and he has made it his mission to never call that into question. L'nal is tough as nails, and isn't above jumping into dangerous situations to get the job done. Someone has to be man enough to do it.

* Cunning : L'nal is no fool, and he thinks and acts quickly on his feet. He's not often caught off guard, and on the rare occasion that he is, he recovers quickly.


* Arrogant : L'nal is nothing if not full of himself. This makes his personality rather unpalatable to most people, because he can be condescending, superior, and a downright ass. He doesn't care how he comes across, however, so long as people do their jobs. And L'ale will always like him, so who cares?

* Static : L'nal is not one to change his ways. Why would he? The traits he and his brother share have served them well to make them into the shining archetype of what a Bronzer should be. He won't listen to what anyone else says, unless that person happens to be his twin.

* Competitive : The only person L'nal won't outright compete with is his brother. Beyond that, he enjoys fights, flights, and other tests of strength and prowess. Specifically, he enjoys crushing the opposition.

* Violent : L'nal is not above punching another Bronzer in the face if he thinks they deserve it. Or anyone, for that matter. He's gotten into his fair share of fights as a result, and still bears the scars to prove it.

* Never wrong : He was wrong? Impossible. Even if it's true, L'nal will still remain convinced that he was not. It is not the place of lower-ranked Riders to question his and L'ale's decisions, only obey.

Describe Yourself:

* Paragon: L'nal considers himself to the be epitome of what a Bronzer should: strong, cunning, daring, and confident. He and his brother were made to Impress to that color, and he believes their reputations prove that. You can't make friends when you're the one destined to lead the low-minded followers of the world.

* Attractive: He has no doubt that he is, in a rough and dominant way. L'nal enjoys taking all manner of Green riders and weyrfolk into his bed to be used, but he has no intention of settling down with any of them. After all, if he did that, it wouldn't be fair to those who haven't yet slept with him.

* Traditional: The Weyrs survived for so long the way they did for a reason. The hierarchy within the Weyrs exists for a purpose. It is right and good that the Holds and Halls pay tithes to the Weyrs. These are all truths L'nal holds to be self-evident.

* Rough: In sex, competition, and business. If you can't handle the pressure, get out of the way and let someone more capable fill the position.

* Commanding: Did you Impress to something other than a Bronze? Good for you. Now do as you're told.

The Magic Touch: L'nal considers his brother L'ale to be an extension of himself -- thus why he will not compete with him, and shares everything equally, from responsibility to praise to women. L'ale is the only person whose opinion he actually respects, and doesn't simply adhere to because he has to, as in the case of Gold Riders. He's strong, rough, and utterly at ease with cruelty and violence if he feels it will be a good motivational tool. L'nal expects others to keep their places and bend to his wishes. He's always kind of assumed that he and L'ale would end up with the same woman who would bear both their children.


Mother: Lelinnora. Green Rider, 2545. Deceased.
Father: L'del. Big Bad Bronzer of Indulth [ Former Wingleader ], 2541.

Siblings: They are certain that they have other brothers and sisters who were raised in the Creche... but they couldn't pick them out of a crowd. Their father's habits as a Bronzer meant that he had many children, and raised none of them.

Losolda. Rider of Rynesth. Born 2555. Impressed 2567. Died 2575.
K'ton. Rider of Stroth. Born 2556. Impressed 2569. Died 2579.
L'ale. Rider of Illoth. Born 2559. Impressed 2571.
S'yech. Rider of Turath. Born 2562. Impressed 2574. Died 2581.
Leighta. Rider of Untaith. Born 2565. Impressed 2577. Died 2578.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
Risvora. Rider of Wayeth. Born 2566. Impressed 2578. Died 2586.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
K'ito. Rider of Soonoth. Born 2567.  Impressed 2580. Died 2585.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
L'ruz. Rider of Issuth.  Born 2568. Impressed 2580. Died 2586.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
K'eeda. Rider of Aeleroth. Born 2569. Impressed 2581.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
V'ris. Rider of Ibaneth. Born 2570.  Impressed 2584.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
L'tan. Rider of Kyrth. Born 2571. Impressed 2584.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
Phaedralena. Rider of Deliorath. Born 2573. Impressed 2586.
I'ryn. Rider of Syrilth. Born 2574. Impressed 2587.
L'syn. Rider of Kesulaith. Born 2574. Impressed 2589.
Kelsiss. Born 2577. In the Creche.
Tandena. Born 2584. In the Creche.
Itrisi. Born 2588. In the Creche.
Skedas. Born 2589. In the Creche.

Tell us a story...

* 2559, 0 Lerale and Launal were born to a Green and Bronze rider who had little time to raise or care for children. As such, they grew up in the Creche. Their mother was proud of them on account of their rarity as identical twins, and their father... at least acknowledge their existence. Because of the obvious fact that they were brothers, the two grew up with the sense that they were not, and would never be, alone.

* 2561, 3 Telgar Weyr is abandoned. Launal does not remember this event well, though it did lead to further crowding in the Creche as the children of other dragon riders joined their ranks. This only served to strengthen his bond with Lerale in later years, as he considered the rest to be strangers at best and victims at worst.

* 2563, 5 Their mother, Lelinnora, dies while fighting Thread. The brothers were never particularly close with her, but they did see more of her than they did of their father. Launal might not have cried when he learned the news, but he certainly grieved for her in his own way. Mostly by taking his anger at her death out on the weaker children in the Creche.

* 2563, 5 Fall of Nabol Hold. Launal sees the fall of this Hold as the rightful consequence of Holdfolk forgetting their place. After all, it is only by the grace and efforts of the dragon riders that anyone on Pern has survived at all. Those who would presume too much power or alienate their protective weyr deserve to perish for their stupidity.

* 2567, 9 Southern Weyr is abandoned. As the vice begins to tighten on Pern, Launal longs for the day that he will be old enough to join the fight against Thread. There is no doubt in his mind that both he and his brother will be Searched, and will both Impress Bronzes like their father. He sees the man as the epitome of what it means to be a dragon rider, and looks up to him rather than resenting him for his distance. Clearly, such an important person has much more pressing matters to attend to.

* 2571, 12 Launal's anticipation finally breaks when he and his brother are Searched for Meirleth's clutch -- whose father, ironically, is L'del's Bronze Indulth. He throws himself into the Candidate lessons without reserve, intending to become the best dragon rider on Pern. Or, well, one of the two best dragon riders on Pern, along with his brother. His presumptions toward a Bronze are realized when he Impresses Skeleeth, and L'ale Impresses Illoth. L'nal has never been happier, nor felt more powerful. However, not long after they Impress, High Reaches Weyr is abandoned after the fall of Tillek Hold. L'nal is infuriated and frustrated by the fact that, while he now has a dragon, he cannot fly to protect his weyr from Thread. In a rare show of fatherly protection, L'del personally transports his sons and their dragonets to Fort Weyr.

* 2573, 14 After his brother's first flight, L'nal is free and eager to fly the next Green that rises. This one happens to be a much older rider with a particularly small Green that Skeleeth, now fully grown, catches easily. Feeling now that he has truly become both a man and a dragon rider, L'nal is further motivated to realize his ambitions within the weyr. After all, he's a Bronzer. No matter what he sets his mind to, he cannot fail. This leads to him developing quite a taste for sex, and he embarks upon the first of many sprees about the weyr.

* 2574, 15 While fighting Thread, L'nal suffers his first major injury. When he spots a clump of Thread too close to warn L'ale away from, he breaks Wing formation to save him. Blinking back into existence above his brother, he takes the Thread to his back and side. The concentrated force of it burns through his riding leathers before he can again go Between, and scores him deeply from his right shoulderblade down to his hip. Nevertheless, he manages through the pain to dictate a destination for Skeleeth and prevent him from going permanently Between. This injury puts him out of the fight for quite a while, much to his anger and annoyance while he heals. Though the scar leaves him limping for quite some time, it eventually heals well enough that his movement is not impaired.

* 2581, 22 When S'tas' previous Wingseconds die and retire, respectively, L'nal and L'ale are chosen as his replacements. They have proven that they are capable and demanding leaders, and continue to set themselves apart in their new rank. This leads to a time of celebration for the two brothers, and only serves to feed their egos as they are again the talk of the weyr because of their exceptional service as dragon riders. For L'nal, this marks the zenith of his ambition. He has no desire to be Weyrleader or even Wingleader. After all, this is a rank he can share with his brother, and is not subject to change at the whims of a Gold and her rider during mating flights.

* 2587, 28 End of the 9th Pass. As far as L'nal is concerned, he and L'ale are the reason that Pern survived the 9th Pass. While he's glad that they have triumphed over the challenges that faced them, a part of him is reluctant to see Threadfall end, as it marks a reduction in his and L'ale's duties as dragon riders. Instead, he now dedicates himself toward the rebuilding of the weyr and the search for a new home. Once Southern Winds Weyr has been established, however, L'nal is horrified to see the result of Kalestath's first clutch there. He sees Neisoth as an abomination, and loathes S'bok for his presumptions that his dragon somehow places him anywhere near the rank of a Bronzer.

* 2589, 30 The unthinkable happens:  Neisoth wins Kalestath's mating flight. L'nal sees this as a fluke, but resents the fact that S'bok is accepted unchallenged as Weyrleader. L'nal believes that B'ron is the better man and dragon rider, and continues to support him. While he does not directly seek to undermine S'bok's authority -- it would go against what he feels are his responsibilities as a rider -- he makes his distaste for him well-known in the weyr.


Wake up, L'nal. Please.

The bizarrely pleading quality to Skeleeth's voice proved enough to rouse his rider, who did not open his eyes -- it seemed far too bright beyond his eyelids -- but did find himself rising out of some kind of heavy mental fog. //Since when do you say please?// Even internally, the last syllable was bitten off in a gasp of pain. Trembling, L'nal felt his ribcage jump with the force of the breath he sucked in. This served only to worsen the stab of searing agony that had lanced up his side as he shifted minutely.

Only then did he realize that he was balanced on his left side, stiff and sore from having maintained the position for what had apparently been quite some time. When he had experimentally tried to stretch his muscles, he had been punished with a reminder that he had done something...

...Something stupid?

At his unspoken question, Skeleeth spoke up again with relief and concern heavily coloring his growl of a voice. You saved L'ale and Illoth, he said, and paused for a beat. By having us jump under the Thread.

//I'd say we saved them then... Is he okay? Where is he?// Despite his body's screaming protests, L'nal tried to sit up as his eyes popped open in panic. A hissed curse whistled out between his teeth when he keened in pain, giving up the attempt to sit up and falling back onto his side.

Don't move! Skeleeth's voice had become even more of a growl, tinged by anger at his rider's impulsiveness as well as fear he would do himself more damage. He's asleep on the floor next to your bed. Let me see if Illoth can wake him.

Member Info...

Created By:
Sir Alahn
Other Characters:
O'sir, M'rek, Finnmaghaine, A'lori, Tyldas
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC. Dun kill please.
Anything Else:
8D He's a giant ass face and people think he's banging his brother.

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Re: L'nal [ 27.4.2559 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2014, 09:05:36 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ skell-EETH ]
Date of Birth:
2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
 Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 38 meters
Mature Height:  7.6 meters
Mature Wingspan:  63.08 meters

General Appearance...

Skeleeth is a giant hulking specimen of a Bronze. His wingspan is expansive, and what he loses in maneuverability, he makes up for in sheer power. The bulk of his hide is a dark, greenish bronze -- the underside of his wingsails, however, are bright mottled brass. The back sides are much darker, branded with a charred color like an old and unpolished tarnish. The entirety of him is "freckled" with small, lighter colored spots that give him the illusion of scales. His underbelly is a similar color to his wingsails, and his throat, just under his jaw, looks like a dark bronze bruise.


Mind Voice: Skeleeth's mind voice is a low and rumbling growl. He doesn't deign to talk to much of anyone save L'nal, L'ale, and Illoth... unless he's telling off another dragonpair on behalf of his rider. He's not a nice dragon, and the things he says reflects that.

Likes: Being in charge : Skeleeth enjoys giving orders. As far as he is concerned, everyone should listen to him anyway because he's a Bronze. And because his rider is awesome. Illoth : Skeleeth is as close to the other Bronze as L'nal is to L'ale. If he could share the Greens he wins in flights, he would.

Dislikes: Neisoth : Skeleeth's onion of the Black is about the same as his rider's is of S'bok. He thinks that the mutated creature has stolen a Bronze's rightful place, and resents having to obey him. Uppity Greens : They had best know their place -- beneath himself or Illoth. Just like their riders belong beneath L'nal or L'ale.


* Physicality : Simply put, Skeleeth is a monster. He's big, strong, and powerful, capable of physically enforcing his will if necessary. He knows he's an attractive Bronze, and takes pride in being such a perfect specimen.

* Disciplined : Skeleeth is not as impulsive as his rider. Every action, even those done in anger, is completely deliberate.


* Aggressive : Skeleeth can be oppressive to those ranked lower than him, and is not above fighting another dragon if he thinks it necessary. He takes what he wants, how he wants. It's his right as a Bronze.

* Judgmental : He has very limited preconceived notions as to hte abilities of lower colored dragons. They do not allow much room for growth.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #C4973F; Text: #6b5b12

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Just as much an ass as L'nal. 8D

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Re: L'nal [ 27.4.2559 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2014, 04:31:17 AM »
« Last Edit: April 12, 2014, 02:49:14 PM by SirAlahn »


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