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Author Topic: Approved L'ale [ 27.4.2559 / Bronze Rider ]  (Read 4817 times)

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L'ale [ 27.4.2559 / Bronze Rider ]
« on: February 16, 2014, 04:25:14 AM »

Play By:
Sean Faris

First Name:
Oldest Twin.
Date of Birth:
27.4.2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingsecond.
Himself. Or his brother. He couldn’t possibly love anyone more.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: L’ale cuts an intimidating figure at 6’2” with a muscled body to boot. This comes from all of the time he spends doing various activities – training, swimming, running, fucking. Whatever can be said of L’ale’s personality, he’s quite the looker. And fully aware of it. In the heat of summer, if he’s even wearing a shirt, it’ll be an open button up. He’s also a fan of shorts and casual wear that leaves a lot of his skin visible. He’d walk around naked if some prudes wouldn’t throw a fit. His hair is a mess that is often kept short for ease and cleanliness – he doesn’t want to have to spend hours washing his hair. Like most riders that have gone through the 9th Pass, he has some thread scars that he wears with pride. They’re along his legs and some on his back, but none of them that really disfigure or discolor the skin. They’re just shy of being invisible – he was lucky they didn’t leave bigger marks.

L’ale carries himself like he thinks any Bronzer should. Head up, shoulders straight, facing whatever challenges come along his way with a wary, almost sly smile.

The only way to really tell him and L’nal apart are the scars they’ve sustained from thread fall and their hair – L’ale’s is shorter.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: It sucked. Lots of people died. Weyr, holds, and halls fell. But L’ale would say he lucked out. His brother is still alive, they survived the fall of High Reaches while still weyrlings thanks to their awesome father who was a Rider, and they’re alive and kicking. L’nal’s survival pretty much sealed the deal of it being ‘not so bad’.

Response to dragon color mutations: How dare another breed of dragon try and claim the glory owed to the Bronzers! He pretty much hates S’bok and Neisoth, but almost hates B’ron more for actually losing to the young kid. Of course, L’ale couldn’t be bothered to try and be weyrleader himself since it’s not a title he can share with his brother. But he can still hate on those that are weyrleader.

Who are you...

Likes: Illoth : Because the dragon is a specimen of pure perfection. He’s everything a Bronze dragon should be. Regal, big, and powerful. Almost as arrogant as his rider. L’nal : There isn’t a person on Pern L’ale cares for more. Reputation : He likes the prestige of being a Bronzer, more so that he holds a position of rank with his brother. Competitions : Because how else can everyone see how fantastic he is if he’s not winning. His only condition? He doesn’t compete with L’nal.

Dislikes: Upstarts : L’ale has earned his rank, others should understand their place. He dislikes riders that seek to step out of their expected roles. Outcasts : Everyone has a distinct place in the Weyr, and those that don’t do as they should, or don’t fit it, don’t belong. Overly clingy bed mates : L’ale likes sex, he likes winning flights, but that’s pretty much the extent of his affections. His life is too busy to cater to the needs of someone else besides himself, his brother, or his dragon. Weyrfolk and Green Riders are there for him to use as needed.


* Responsibility : Terrible personality aside, L’ale loves nothing more than doing what is expected of a Bronzer. He likes the feeling of being important to other people and so is one of the very few you’ll ever catch slacking off, if ever. He’s always pushing himself further, toward a higher ideal of ‘awesome’.

* Confidence : L’ale’s personality is built upon a solid foundation of confidence. In everything he does, in who he is, and his place on Pern. Nothing, not even chance failure, makes him feel any less the awesome Bronze Rider he is. Because he IMPRESSED a bronze, so there is a continual reminder that he was chosen because he’s so awesome. Any time he fails, it was because NO ONE could have succeeded.

* Family : L’ale and L’nal, though twins, are two of the most loyal friends you’ll find on Pern. And since they’re brothers, L’ale uses that to excuse his lack of concern for anyone else. This does, however, make the two beautifully efficient in their management position because there is no fighting, disagreements, or desire to outshine one another.

* Prowess : L’ale is arrogant for a very good reason – he’s very good at most of what he does. Both because he’s a strong man, but because his dragon is in peak physical condition. Both of them work very hard to be as awesome as they are and take training and learning very seriously. It’s not that he’s just gifted, he’s pushed himself and his brother to be the specimen of Bronze examples they are now.

* Traditionalist : He doesn’t buck against authority, he doesn’t push the boundaries of expectations, or ask more from people than their supposed rank. So while he may not be particularly motivating, he behaves himself and doesn’t press for more than anyone can give. Especially since he doesn’t expect as much from the others as he does Bronzers.


* Narrow minded : L’ale doesn’t think anyone of any other color of dragon can do anything but the bare minimum and expects the craft hallers entire life to revolve around their work. He can’t easily comprehend that someone can handle more or aspire to anything beyond what they’re Impressed to. This leaves a lot of missed opportunities for growth in the wings beneath him and a lot of brow beating into expected molds that some might resent.

* Selfish : L’ale cares little for anyone’s reputation save his own and his brother’s. He can be down right greedy with things he feels he is owed and doesn’t understand the concept of sharing – why should a skilled Wing second have to share anything? This selfishness is extended in the bedroom, where he takes what he wants from his bedmates and isn’t overly concerned with returning the favor. The sheer fact he bed them at all should be pleasure enough.

* Cruel : Step out of line or challenge his authority, and you’ll find a mean streak as wicked as Thread in L’ale. He isn’t above letting people know just how expendable or replaceable they are if they’re not up to snuff – and anyone not as talented, strong, or driven as he is can be subject to this judgment. So long as you behave as he expects you to, you’ll never see this side of him.

* Persistent : Cross him, and L’ale will never forget. Fail, and he’ll never let you forget. This man does not know the meaning of ‘let it go’ and can be either dismissive of those that he deems beneath him, or particularly hard in his judgments. And boy does he know how to hold a grudge. Though he will never use underhanded methods to do so, he’s quick to jump in on a person’s lowest moment to help rub their face in their mistakes.

* Dismissive : In the event someone manages to outshine him, prove him wrong, or otherwise show that L’ale has made a mistake he becomes intensely disinterested. Crowning achievements that have surpassed his own are hand waved and quickly forgotten. This can make him maddening to work under, as he doesn’t often praise or recognize effort expended in ways to better oneself. Just do as you are told.

Describe Yourself:

* Exemplary : You’d be hard pressed to find a better example of what a Bronze Rider should be. Granted, he could be nicer. But that’s not really in the job description.

* Proud: Whether it’s flying, fighting, fucking, working, or training – L’ale will see it done right. He leaves nothing left to others, works hard, and demands satisfaction. There’s not a man alive ( save L’nal ) who could sway his thoughts or goals.

* Dependable: Everyone can always count on L’ale to do exactly what he says he will, come thread or hunter attack. He doesn’t lie because he doesn’t see the point. And you can always count on him to take care of himself and his brother above anything else.

* Bros: There’s a huge rumor that L’nal and L’ale have some weird love affair. Since they share everything, don’t fight amongst themselves, and often think alike, it’d be hard pressed to deny. Especially when they do share lovers. In truth, L’ale loves only one thing as much as he loves himself and his dragon – and that’s L’nal ( and his dragon, of course. )

* Indomitable : He doesn’t back down from anything, and commits fully to his position as Wing Second. And no one tells him what to do unless you outrank him, are a bronze rider, or happen to be impressed to a Gold.

The Magic Touch: If it wasn’t already stated plainly enough in the previous points, L’ale cares very much for his brother and his dragon.  He’s taken their bond very seriously and will do whatever he must not only for himself, but for L’nal as well. There’s not a soul on Pern he’d do more for, is more loyal to, or works hard for. If there is a woman out there for L’ale, it’s someone who would understand she comes second to his brother ( preferably would cater to his brother as well ) and would have lots of little babies to carry on his awesomeness. Also his brothers. If they could have the same woman, that’d really be best. Or same women. He’s ok with a tiny harem.


Mother: Lelinnora, Green Rider, 2545. ( Deceased )
Father: L’del, Bronzer of Indulth, former Wingleader, 2541.

Siblings: A handful of faces and names they don’t really know. Their daddy was a Bronzer to the bone. I.E. He slept with a lot of Green Riders and weyrfolk. They’d be hard pressed to say who they’re related to.

Losolda. Rider of Rynesth. Born 2555. Impressed 2567. Died 2575.
K'ton. Rider of Stroth. Born 2556. Impressed 2569. Died 2579.
L'nal. Rider of Skeleeth. Born 2559. Impressed 2571.
S'yech. Rider of Turath. Born 2562. Impressed 2574. Died 2581.
Leighta. Rider of Untaith. Born 2565. Impressed 2577. Died 2578.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
Risvora. Rider of Wayeth. Born 2566. Impressed 2578. Died 2586.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
K'ito. Rider of Soonoth. Born 2567.  Impressed 2580. Died 2585.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
L'ruz. Rider of Issuth.  Born 2568. Impressed 2580. Died 2586.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
K'eeda. Rider of Aeleroth. Born 2569. Impressed 2581.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
V'ris. Rider of Ibaneth. Born 2570.  Impressed 2584.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
L'tan. Rider of Kyrth. Born 2571. Impressed 2584.
     - Mother was High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman Lakanya of Meirleth.
Phaedralena. Rider of Deliorath. Born 2573. Impressed 2586.
I'ryn. Rider of Syrilth. Born 2574. Impressed 2587.
L'syn. Rider of Kesulaith. Born 2574. Impressed 2589.
Kelsiss. Born 2577. In the Creche.
Tandena. Born 2584. In the Creche.
Itrisi. Born 2588. In the Creche.
Skedas. Born 2589. In the Creche.

Tell us a story...

* 2559, 0 Their birth caused some stir in the weyr as they are identical twins – a rarity on Pern. Their mother was rather proud and their Father… well, at least he took the time to acknowledge them. Unlike most in the crèche dropped off by dragon rider parents, Lerale grew up with a strong bond to his brother.

* 2561, 3 They’re hit with an influx of survivors from Telgar Weyr and thus more children to bully and boss around. They’re frequently in trouble and Lerale struggles with the concept that all the crèche is supposed to be his family when none of them look like him or act quite right. This sets the tone for much of his earlier years. He’s more concerned with himself and his brother often at the expense and discomfort of others.

* 2563, 5  Lelinnora is killed by thread fall. While this news is delivered with some sadness and an offer of comfort, Lerale doesn’t seem to understand the significance. Especially since he rarely saw the woman. Though he can understand that death is a sad thing and it is sad that riders were lost fighting thread, he has a hard time grasping this should affect him. He does, however, become aware that he could lose his brother to thread and so resolves to always watch out for Launal to prevent that from happening.

* 2563, 5  News trickle down that Nabol Hold blames the weyr for the Pern’s current destruction. In one of the few occurrences that Lerale is around his father, he gets to hear the heated denial of such from what he considers to be the epitome of a bronzer. This serves to shape his opinion of holders – especially when the entire weyr is in an uproar. However, despite the conflict, the riders still go out to protect the hold and the significance is not lost on him.

* 2567, 9  Southern Weyr is abandoned. Lerale feels like he’s ready to impress at this point. He wants his own dragon, he wants to save Pern, and he is actually a driving force for a lot of the younger kids for a while. He starts spending more time around injured riders, trying to learn from them while inadvertently picking up basic field first aid.

* 2571, 12  Lerale and his brother Launal are finally searched, just as things are starting to become really desperate at High Reaches. The clutch they’re searched for is one of Gold Meirleth and their father’s bronze Indulth – it was friggin’ destiny! No one was surprised that the boys Impressed to bronzes from that clutch, though the celebration and excitement are short lived when extended threadfall decimates the region and they’re forced to abandon the weyr as weyrlings. L’ale feels like his chance to save the Weyr was take from him and looks forward to arriving at Fort with his Father and brother.

* 2573, 14  L’ale’s and L’nal’s graduation celebration is complete when, shortly after, a young Green takes wing for her first Flight. L’nal, refusing to compete against his brother, stays out of the Flight while the ‘older’ sibling participates in his first. And wins. He is then, of course, ‘cheerleader’ for the next Green flight that L’nal wins. This marks the beginning of their cooperation – never competing against one another and their dragons are only too happy to comply.

* 2574, 15 L’ale is saved by his brother who blinks between to take the thread damage and save both his brother and his brother’s dragon. L’ale finished out the fight, as is his duty, but then doesn’t leave his brother’s side until he’s better – he actually sleeps on the floor or in the chair of the Healer Hall while his brother was being tended. This, besides their really close relationship, starts the rumor that there’s a bit more between the brothers that just ‘brotherly love’.  Only the fact they both ride Bronze Dragons seems to keep such a rumor from running rampant.

* 2581, 22 When their current Wingseconds opt to no longer serve ( one dies during threadfall, the other retires ) the twins are put up in their place. They’ve proven to be exemplary fliers and, since they never argue with one another, work very well together. They take to the roles like they were born into them – and in fact, L’ale believes this is exactly what he was meant to do. This is the perfect rank for the twins, enabling them to work together but not outshine one another. 

* 2587, 28 While it has been a rough ride, both from exhausting threadfalls to a Pass that continues well beyond what anyone hoped it could be, the end of Thread is cause enough for anyone to celebrate. Neither are volunteered to go search for a new home and in fact, L’ale doesn’t concern himself with that much of it. Pern is still alive, he’s still alive, and so is his brother. It isn’t until they reach the island and Kalestath’s clutch drops a black dragon does he start to feel like the vacation is over. The appearance of the mutation is some cause of concern for L’ale, who feels like this is going to be a whole new struggle.

* 2589, 30 It’ll be rare for L’ale to admit this aloud to anyone besides L’nal, but he loves their new home. The weather is perfect, the Hunters are an awesome competition and an actual enemy he wants to show his superiority against, and things seem to be looking up. Until the Black flies Kalestath and ruins everything. He is sort of hoping a Hunter kills the Black, or that the mutation proves unstable and the black dragon dies to some disease. Whatever the cause, he’s looking at the new clutch like it might be cursed. And he’s willing to tell anyone that.

The Healer hall was clustered with beds, cots, and supplies piled up. There wasn’t much room for anyone, let alone an additional bed for someone who refused to leave. Despite the combined efforts of persistent apprentices and demanding journeyman, L’ale had simply shrugged a shoulder and refused to move. While that stubbornness was off putting, the growly Bronze just outside the Hall was the real reason no one touched L’ale. The last thing the entire Hall needed during this time of trouble was to have to repair the roof after a distressed Bronze tore into it.

But that didn’t mean the Hall would supply him with anything to make his stay comfortable. Not that L’ale cared about comfort right now. He had claimed a small space between his brother’s bed and the wall – they’d put L’nal in the corner once his wounds were tended and his vitals stable. This meant L’ale was bent in a weird position so he could still face the bed, his long legs stretched out beneath it. He fought to keep his eyes open, half afraid if he closed them L’nal wouldn’t be there when he woke. Or, his fuzzy, exhausted thoughts mused, if he went to sleep L’nal might die. What if it were only L’ale’s vigil that kept his brother alive?

He could feel Illoth’s comforting thrum through their connection. The bronze had no words for his Rider’s pain, panic, or concern – no words were needed. Illoth knew more than anyone alive what it would mean if L’nal didn’t survive. Pern would be out 2 riders, not one. The cold of Between would be welcomed to facing this life without his brother.

This wasn’t a depressing thought so much as a simple one. Both L’ale and Illoth were of the same mind.

His eyes started to droop shut as his vigil wore on his energy. He had nothing else to give after the full flight of fighting Thread. But staying awake was the least he could do since L’nal had taken the threadscore for him. L’ale didn’t blame himself – that’d cheapen the sacrifice his brother had made – he just wanted L’nal to be better.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been watching his brother’s bed before sleep crept up from the darkness and snatched him away.

Member Info...

Created By:
Sanctified Savage
Other Characters:
Halirina, Sevastjan, Sethunya, Keassa
Inactivity Preference:
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: L'ale [ Bronze Rider, 27.4.2559 ]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2014, 04:28:04 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
 Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 38 meters
Mature Height: 8 meters
Mature Wingspan: 65 meters

General Appearance...

When he hatched, Illoth was a uniform bronze-green that has given way to a pretty golden-bronze along his underside and the tops of his wings. He’s a flashy beast who glints in the sunlight and so enjoys fanning out his wings for the burnt bronze of his wings to be visible. He’s also a big bronze, full of coiled muscle and peppered with thread scars. His wings are slightly larger than average and he stands taller than most Bronze, and this sets the tone for exactly how he feels about dragons he can look down on ( which is most ). 


Mind Voice: Illoth’s voice is the cool, calculating sound of a beast who knows beyond the shadow of a doubt his place on Pern and how fantastic he is. He rarely, if ever, sounds angry and serves to be the grounding sound of calm for L’ale, L’nal, and Skeleeth.

Likes: L’nal & Skeleeth : he’s as close to L’nal as he is to L’ale and it could be said he’s bonded to the man too. He comes to his defense, talks to him just as much, and is content to share any amount of space with Skeleeth. He will also come to Skeleeth’s aid in anything – be it fight or Flight. He’s been known to join Skeleeth’s flights just to torment the other dragons participating. Greens : What bronze doesn’t like catching tiny greens and claiming them? He also has a guilty pleasure for Reds ( when they finally hatch ) because they’re so small he just wants to, well, you know. Sun Bathing : because he glitters in the sun light and he enjoys being a pretty bastard.

Dislikes: Neisoth : The black doesn’t deserve the same prestige that Illoth or Skeleeth enjoy and he becomes a growly, rumbly dragon around the black. Golds : They represent a disconnect in ranking and an uneven status between himself and Skeleeth. He’d rather be out of the weyr, anywhere, during a gold flight than feel the urge to participate.


* Level headed : He’s a reasonable beast that happens to be attached to rather unreasonable people. He is one of the last dragons to start a confrontation, mostly because no one is worth his time, but don’t take that to mean he won’t be next to Skeleeth in any of his fights within a heartbeat.

* Less talk, more action : Illoth is a large dragon, and he has quite a bit of energy. Just because he likes laying out and being shiny doesn’t mean he can’t get moving rather quickly. He enjoys flying, wins flight frequently, and has a sense of superiority as big as he is.


* Passive : Left to his own devices, Illoth is content to follow a simple routine of eat, train, bathe, eat, exercise, sleep. This comes from being the more mellow of  the four – he allows L’nal, L’ale, and Skeleeth to set the tone of many of their encounters. This does not mean he rolls over when confronted, only that he isn’t often the instigator.

* Dismissive : Illoth has a real problem listening to other dragons. He just… doesn’t care. Unless they outrank him, and he thinks they should outrank him, he ignores them. Blatantly. He often does the same to lower ranked dragons that try to talk to him when he does not initiate the conversation.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(7A7036); Text: #(dda211)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He’s so pretty!

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: L'ale [ Bronze Rider, 27.4.2559 ]
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2014, 04:29:29 AM »
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