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Author Topic: Closed Event [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC  (Read 3587 times)

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[ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« on: August 16, 2014, 02:58:23 PM »

32.9.2589 // 11:30 AM

Oriath's Clutch:

Hatching OOC

Here we go lovelies! Oriath has begun her song announcing the oncoming Hatching! Soon the entirety of the Weyr will fill with the sounds of dragon's responding thrum as they join one of their junior Queens in welcoming the newest members. The sound is audible throughout the Weyr in a both physical and mental capacity so even those still in drills and chores will know what is happening and anyone outside the Weyr at this point will likely receive a message alerting them to the hatching.

Everyone is welcome to post here, as the Hatchings are usually well-attended by those in the weyr—the Candidates and their families of course, as well as the Dragon Riders and those living at Southern Winds who either don't mind or have the opportunity to step away from their duties at mid day.

Candidates will be prompted to leave whatever chores they are attending to before lunch in order to make their way down to the Hatching Sands. As it is accessible from the ground and the tunnels in the weyr, they don’t need to hitch a ride dragonback in order to get there.

Every Candidate is expected to find O’sir as they arrive, and show up dressed in their white Candidate robes. They should be absent other items, and flits are asked to stay off the Sands until the Hatching has ceased. They may rejoin their Candidates after they have Impressed, or once the Hatching is over and they are left Standing.

Once your Candidate has Impressed (if they do), please move them and their new dragonet to the Hatchling Feeding thread, which will be up once the first dragon has hatched. There, they will be helped by the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants, as they feed their new dragon and oil their itchy hide for the first time.

Once a dragonet has Impressed, their information will be listed in the Clutch Thread. Their profile will also be posted in the thread where your Candidate application was originally posted.

You may also check in with your characters here if you will not have time to do an IC post for the event. Candidates are encouraged to post here IC, but not required. So long as your Candidate checked into the Egg Touching prior to the opening of this thread, they still have a chance to Impress on this clutch.

Jungle will be doing an extra-long shift at the Hold since the other Wings will be able to attend. Those from Beach, Prairie, and any in-weyr riders from Mountain are welcome to stop by.

D'zel will allow his weyrlings to attend, especially since he'll be busy helping the newly-Impressed Candidates feed their dragonets. :3

The IC Thread details the specifics of the event.

Characters Who Have Participated

IC Thread

We ask that all Candidates attend this event. Please either respond here or in the IC thread to let us know that your Candidate will be attending. If they do not, they will not be able to Impress, even if you did check in to the Touching thread!

Otherwise, standard event participation practice applies. Post in the event thread or here giving us a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing at this time. If you miss 5 events in a row, your account will be deemed inactive. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember : we do not require IC participation. Simply post here under your Player account and let us know what's going on with your character.

1 - Tyrriath to Sethunya11 -Blue 005 to NPC
2 -  Blue 003 to NPC12 - Green 001 to NPC
3 - Green 002 to NPC13 - Green 008 to NPC
4 -  Bronze 001 to NPC14 - Brown 001 to NPC
5 - Blue 001 to NPC15 - Blue 004 to NPC
6 - Green 004 to NPC16 - Green 003 to NPC
7 - Green 007 to NPC
8 - Yedeth to A'tor
9 - Green 006 to NPC
10 - Green 005 to NPC
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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2014, 03:49:03 PM »
Esmyond and Osaiyes will be responding in thread of course.  :love:

Gariysien is hoping for a mauling, he loves those.

Riysidae is excited for the candidates and is wishing them all the best.

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: August 16, 2014, 03:49:41 PM by SirAlahn »

Offline piedara

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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2014, 04:05:07 PM »
Saraph is definitely going to be there, and maybe a little queasy with nerves. Her very angry mother Junipher will probably (momentously) show up and be the dark cloud until she finds out whether or not she impresses.

Added : SirAlahn
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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2014, 05:27:41 PM »
T'rin - Is bringing his daughter to watch the Hatching and hopes that the clutch produces a healthy and happy group of Weyrlings.
Ithiskarien - Is planning on being there and Impressing, of course. Haha.
Eirsymine - Will be there and is so excited she can hardly contain herself.
Inviditar- Will be looking to see if Oriath has any black or red dragonets in her clutch. That would make things interesting for him.
Awryna - Is just going because, well, why not and she likes seeing baby dragons as much as she likes baby runnerbeasts and things. Besides this would be a good opportunity to spend time not working on the Construction with Tinus.

Added : SirAlahn
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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2014, 05:55:20 PM »
Evesa will be having a borderline panic attack. She's really only going to be focused on Ithis. Her other "favorites" among the candidates will be distractedly watched. Seriath is so excited for themes babies! Even if she's worried about Isken.

Catari wants to kill them all! She is NOT attending. Nope!

F'lan will be watching, and Rakanth will be watching through his eyes. They both hope for a healthy clutch, and Rakanth hopes for no mutations.

Iradin and Leoth will be watching. They expect a fine clutch from Oriath. Strong future wingmates.

Zephyrine will be watching with her family and maybe husband.

T'hal and Azaeth have returned to the Weyr to watch. T'hal's cheering for Saraph to Impress.

Added : SirAlahn
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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2014, 06:08:27 PM »
S'lar will be attending as he always does, and hoping that Ira will show up to join him.  :excited:

Added : SirAlahn
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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2014, 06:31:39 PM »
All of mine will be be in attendance (though not all posted).

K'mar will definitely be there to watch and support the candidates.

Nalata will be there to watch.

Callista and M'kale will be less actively watching.

Hope to get some posts up tomorrow!

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: August 16, 2014, 07:15:50 PM by SirAlahn »

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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2014, 09:19:08 PM »
Cheyloni will be there in all her nervously clumsy glory!

Thurgi has a certain special someone to cheer on...

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: August 17, 2014, 08:55:15 AM by SirAlahn »

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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2014, 10:02:16 PM »
S'ren is definitely in attendence, and hoping(rather futilely) that he'll Impress!

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: August 17, 2014, 08:55:25 AM by SirAlahn »

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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #9 on: August 17, 2014, 09:35:01 AM »
D'mir, K'rez,Vestanna,Y'vis, and N'aen will all be there to watch at some point or another.

Tircin wishes everyone the best but has work to do and will not be in attendance

Added : Weyrhandler
« Last Edit: August 17, 2014, 09:37:15 AM by Weyrhandler »

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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #10 on: August 18, 2014, 08:30:26 AM »
Daesilena Will be attending to watch.

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: August 19, 2014, 01:37:42 PM by SirAlahn »

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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #11 on: August 19, 2014, 02:58:45 PM »
Kayden will be watching from the sidelines, wishing the best for her classmates, though part of her is crying on the inside that she is u able to be standing out there with them.

D'von and Jabyth will be working on their training, wishing the Candidates luck and looking forward to meeting the new Weyrlings when things settle down.

Zelryon doesn't count this as too high a priority since he is just trying to worry about all the dealings around Healer Hall. He is still hoping that his Candidate Friend Essie is able to Impress since that is his dream though.

Pryndel is very intrigued by what kinds of colors they will end up having hatch, though I will prolly not actually post her.

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: August 19, 2014, 03:47:30 PM by SirAlahn »

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Re: [ 32.9.2589 ] Oriath's Clutch: Hatching OOC
« Reply #12 on: August 20, 2014, 08:44:17 AM »
A'tor was ready the day the Touching occurred. No way he was forgetting stuff this time.

Carayia didn't want to go and be surrounded by a crowd, so her and Vesith are hanging around the barracks and are out in the sun.

Kerenya is still helping in the Hall. Just cause there is a hatching doesn't mean people don't need help.

Added : SirAlahn
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