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Author Topic: Approved R'dan [24.10.2570] Green Weyrling  (Read 2499 times)

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R'dan [24.10.2570] Green Weyrling
« on: August 24, 2014, 08:11:03 PM »

Play By:
Ezra Miller

First Name:
If you can think of something, he'll probably respond to it.
Date of Birth:
24.10.2574 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: R'dan is a rather small 15, with long dark hair. He prefers to wear brighter colours, and of as fine a make as he can get. He can be vain, but the move from Fort Hold has made him start to change his ways. He's adapted well to weyr life, though, and in many ways prefers it.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: He lost his mother when he was one turn old. However, because of his age, this didn't affect him much. He was much more affected by the death of his sister's husband due to fever when he was 11. Despite having lost his parent so young, he's managed to cope rather well, and has fully adjusted to life after the Pass.

Response to dragon color mutations: R'dan is not entirely certain that the Black rider is old enough to have such a powerful position, but he doesn't have a problem with the new colours themselves. His personal theory is that the stress of constant Threadfall caused the mutations.

Who are you...

Healing: R'dan was apprenticed as a Healer, and he very much enjoys the craft. He was apprenticed a year after his sister's husband, and his foster father, died of a fever caused by awound infected with packtail slime. He threw himself into the art of healing so that he would be able to save others from a similar fate.

Singing: R'dan loves to sing, although no one likes to hear him sing. Despite his efforts, he cannot carry a tune to save his life. He hopes that once he's older his voice will improve, but it's starting to look unlikely. He doesn't let that get to him, and sings exuberantly whenever he's alone.

Flirting: R'dan adapted quickly to the weyr lifestyle, leaving the prudishness of Holder life behind him almost immediately after being Searched. He also realized that his attraction to males, which had always been slightly looked down upon in the Hold, was perfectly acceptable in the Weyr. He quickly took advantage of the change, and hasn't looked back since.


Holder Prudishness: He resents how he was treated by Holders for his attraction to men, and therefore has an immense dislike for their general opinion on all things sexual.

Fussy People: Being raised by his older sister endowed him with a dislike of being fussed over. He was the only child in their family for a long time, and his sister fussed over him like a Queen guarding her eggs. He soon tired of it.

Being Alone: R'dan is extremely sociable, and gets bored easily when he can't spend time with others. He tries to be put on chores with those whom he knows well enough to chat with, because he's prone to drifting off if not provided a distraction.

Strengths: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* CLEVER : R'dan is quick witted, and good at thinking on his feet.

* PATIENT : R'dan quickly learned that you can't rush healing, and he applies this knowledge to other aspects of his life as well.

* ASSERTIVE : R'dan is never one to let his opinion go unheard, and is strong willed enough to carry his points through.

* COMPASSIONATE : R'dan loves to take care of others, and prefers to be the carer than the one cared for.

* HONEST : R'dan hates deceit, and loathes those who lie to save their hide. He makes a point to be as up front as he possibly can be.

Weaknesses: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* VAIN : R'dan is altogether too focused on his appearance, and, while he won't outright abandon his duties, he will occasionally do a slap-dash job in order to work on a new tunic or belt.

* DISORGANISED : Never give R'dan anything that needs to be stored securely. He WILL lose it.

* INFLEXIBLE : Once an idea gets into R'dan's head, it is very hard to change his mind on the subject, even when he is proved wrong.

* RASH : R'dan usually acts before he thinks, and only realizes that his actions were not the best available after the situation has gone past saving.

* EASILY BORED : Without constant distractions and entertainment, R'dan will become moody and inattentive.

Describe Yourself:

* Flighty: ----- Doesn't have any interest in settling down, either to a specific task, or (eventually) to a single person.

* Intelligent: ----- Able to come to conclusions others don't see.

* Reckless: ----- Not good at thinking his actions through.

* Calming: ----- Can calm wounded people enough to treat their wounds.

* Determined: ----- Will try to accomplish any task he sets himself, even if a foolish one.

The Magic Touch: R'dan's closest friend is Khasarai, of green Faelith. Until the two of them Impressed, they were inseparable, but the two Greens they Impressed hated each other on sight. R'dan and Khasarai, despite being so close, compete over everything; anything one has, the other will try to get first.


Mother: Morda, 02.05.2545 Drudge [Deceased 2575]
Father: Unknown. Possible blue rider, presumed deceased

Kilorda(sister), 09.13.2557, Cook. Raised R'dan after their mother died
Serel(brother in law), 04.30.2558, Fisher(deceased 2585)
Gaordam(brother), 05.01.2561(deceased 2571)
Relorda(foster sister), 02.26.2581(stillborn)
Serelor(foster brother), 03.21.2582
Serda(foster sister), 06.17.2584

Close Friends: Khasarai, of green Faelith

Children: N/A

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* 2574, 0 Is born, youngest child of Morda, a drudge in Tillek Hold. He has two older half-siblings. His mother claims his father is a dragonrider at High Reaches Weyr, but never gave a name, so this is doubted.

* 2575, 1 His mother dies, a victim to the constant Thread which forced Tillek Hold and High Reaches Weyr to fall. He is raised by his sister and her husband. His older brother is also killed at this time. R'dan, however, has no memories of either his mother or his brother, and therefore is not really affected by this tragedy.

* 2581, 7 R'dan's sister loses her first baby, and becomes even more protective of her younger brother, whom she thinks of as her child. R'dan begins to consider becoming a healer, so that he can try to learn how to keep this from happening again.

* 2582, 8 R'dan's foster brother/nephew is born. Serelor quickly becomes his new favourite toy, and R'dan is often seen toting him about.

* 2584, 10 Serda, R'dan's foster sister/niece is born. R'dan doesn't become as attached to her as he is to Serelor, but he is still quite fond of her.

*2585, 11 Serel cuts his arm cutting fish, and unbeknownst to him, gets packtail slime in the wound. He contracts a serious fever, and dies within a week. R'dan becomes determined to learn the Healer craft, so that he can help keep others from the same end.

*2586, 12 R'dan is apprenticed as a Healer. He shows great promise, and works himself as hard as he can.

*2588, 14 R'dan is Searched, and Stands for Imyth's clutch, during which he meets Khasarai. After he didn't Impress, he nearly left his position as Candidate to return to the Healer Hall, but Kilorda and Khasarai convince him to stay. He compromises with them, saying that he will Stand until his 16th birthday.

*2589, 15 Impresses Iseth, to his surprise and glee. He and Khasarai soon realize that Iseth and Faelith have a mortal hatred for each other, which causes a bit of a strain on the Riders' relationship...

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.

Ralordan stood with his arms clasped behind his back, watching the eggs. As he watched, one egg began to rock, and a Brown hatchling appeared. However, instead of Impressing, he bowed to his mother, and began to clean himself. Ralordan smiled at the antics of the little Brown, but at the same time, he was worried. When hatchlings didn't Impress, they usually went between, and that always put a damper on people's spirits.

Ralordan was distracted from watching the fasdidious Brown by the motion on a mottled egg. It rocked back and forth slowly, before revealing a smokey, jungley Green. She creeled piteously, and Ralordan suddenly felt faint with hunger. She wove towards him, belly low to the Sands, and without realizing he had moved, Ralordan stepped towards her. They met in between the clutch and the other Candidates, and Ralordan felt a strange presence in his head. R'dan, can we go eat now? I'm hungry, he heard the Green say in his head, and he nodded. What is your name, little one? he responded I am Iseth, and I am very hungry!

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: R'dan [24.10.2570] Green Weyrling
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 08:13:45 PM »

Image Credit:
Coloured by Sir Alahn
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
32.09.2589 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 24 metres
Mature Height: 5 metres
Mature Wingspan: 40 metres

General Appearance...

Iseth is a soft, smokey green, with almost grey wings, and mutey patches blended into the brighter base green of her hide. She has a quite delicate build, but will grow to a good size, with a large wingspan. However, she currently is on the smaller side, with wings much too big for her.


Mind Voice: She is very soft spoken, with a gentle, lilting manner of speech.


Being oiled, fed, and looked after: Iseth loves being pampered, and the time set aside each day for the Weyrlings to tend to their dragons is her favourite part of the day.

Spending time with R'dan: Any time she can spend with her Rider is treasured by Iseth. She can be quite needy, but luckily, R'dan adores her enough to not mind, as any Rider should.


Strangers: Unlike her rider, she is quite shy and timid, and prefers to have him handle social situations.

Her sister, Faelith: For some reason no one can fathom, the two Greens hate each other. This is quite perplexing to their riders, as R'dan and Khasara are very close friends. Their dislike will be exacerbated once they mature, as their Flights are extremely close.


* Democracy: Iseth always tries to find the most diplomatic solution to problems.

* Intuitive: Iseth is good at figuring out the source of issues, even when there is very little evidence to go on.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Timid: Has to be coaxed to  share her thoughts and opinions with those who are not her rider.

* Reclusive: Prefers the company of just her rider, and actively avoids other dragons when she can.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(1A451C); Text: #(6A8565)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Gosh, she's just so cute :3

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: R'dan [24.10.2570] Green Weyrling
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2014, 11:54:31 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: R'dan [24.10.2570] Green Weyrling
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2014, 07:14:14 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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