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Author Topic: Approved [ DECEASED ] Khasarai [13.6.2573 / Green Weyrling]  (Read 4411 times)

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[ DECEASED ] Khasarai [13.6.2573 / Green Weyrling]
« on: August 27, 2014, 04:12:01 PM »


First Name: Khasarai
Nicknames: none that she allows. (try using one, just try)
Date of Birth:13.6.2573 ; 9th Pass
Place of Birth: Fort Weyr
Dragon Color: Green
Impression Age: 2589/16
Wing Rank: Weyrling
Not at the moment, maybe not ever

Your Reflection...


Her dark brown hair is generally pulled back into a pony tail to keep it out of her face but she keeps it long. Her eyes may look blue or green depending on what she is wearing and the lighting. She tends to wear tight tank tops with pants the cling to her legs, leaving very little up to the imagination of what her build is like. She can't wait to have riding leathers which will probably become her favorite outfit, despite the heat. She has a balanced walk and very limber muscles. She stretches a lot and does work out to the point where she can do splits and reach her feet from behind her to her head. She is not very tall at 5'3" but she doesn't mind that at. She can still pack a pretty hard punch.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Well her world crumbled when her father died. She didn't seem to understand the depth of what was going on until that day. Now she does understand and she mourns for the old way of life, despite having not lived it long. She doesn't like the island as much and wishes there was a way to save the Northern Continent. She spent her time with grief already and has moved on. Her future it what is important now. Khasarai wants to contribute to the future of Pern because of the past.

Response to dragon color mutations: She finds it all very interesting. Why are there black and red dragons? Also why shouldn't Neisoth lead if he and S'bok are capable. It isn't age that matters so much as the ability to handle the responsibility. S'bok can't be to blame for being the best. So far she hasn't seen anything wrong with him being leader and will support him.

Who are you...

Flirting - She likes to toy with people's emotions, especially when it comes to attraction. She wants to be wanted even by people she has no intention of bedding.
Tearing people down - Watching people get upset over things she says actually makes her quite giddy.
Rough sex - She doesn't want to be treated gently. She wants to have a rough partner in bed because she finds pleasure in some pain. That isn't to say she wants to be beat up but some bruises and bite marks are perfectly okay.
Flights- She will absolutely love when Faelith is proddy. Trying to slake a thirst for sex that can never be fulfilled is almost too good. On the flip side, she hates not being fully satisfied, so when the flight comes and she is, she'll be ecstatic.

Failure- especially when it comes to getting something she wants.
Pity - She doesn't like being pitied. She doesn't want anyone to think she is less off then they are.
Help - Khasarai is not one to ask for help and particularly hates when people try to help her without her expressly asking for it.
Crying - Oh please don't cry around her. She'll slap you.  What is there to cry about? Also she never cries.


* TENACIOUS : She is determined and willful and won't let something go once she has set her mind to do it. She has a stubborn nature, unwilling to yield to others when she is in the right. (Of course this does not mean she openly disobeys authority and is mostly directed at peers) She is someone you want in a fight because she will be the last to give up. Death might not even be able to stop her.

* PROUD : She has a high opinion of herself. She also has pride in what she does. Khasarai is someone who has a lot of self respect and knows who she is. She likes who she is and thinks that whatever she does is right.

* ADVENTUROUS : If it is new and different and she can attempt it, she will. She isn't afraid of new experiences of any kind. She'll try anything once.

* AGILE/LIMBER/STRONG : She takes great care of her body. She is an agile and limber woman, meaning she can contort herself into some pretty interesting positions. Khasarai is also strong and despite her small stature, can really defend herself. She has no trouble lifting heavy sacks of firestone or packing a mean punch.

* IN THE KNOW: She has people who she gets the dirty from. She knows what is going on with who and when and why things are happening. If you want the latest gossip, she somehow always seems to know. Of course she might just be one of those people who started the gossip in the first place. Anyway she probably knows that your best friend sneezed on some food in the kitchens ten minutes ago.


* QUICK TEMPERED : She lashes out at people easily. Often kind of like an injured animal, she feels a need to protect herself from people and from feeling emotionally attached to people. She would prefer to fight with people than let them see her for who she is. It doesn't take much at all to set her off at all. She will most likely end up in her fair share of trouble with leadership.

* LIAR : A good story is so fun to fabricate. Most of them have a hint of the truth in them but really lies are so much easier to believe. She can't be trusted to be honest. Although that isn't to say she can't be honest. She lies often enough it is hard to say what is the truth and what is a lie.

* JEALOUS : She steers clear of relationships for this reason. If she beds someone it is for the fun or even conquest, to say she had done it. She can't be trusted to be a good person in a relationship. She becomes extremely envious of the person's friends, family and any person they interact with. Khasarai is also jealous of her friends, when they hang out without her. You are her friend first which perhaps goes in hand with her vanity.

* THE UNATTAINABLE : She cannot stand not being able to have something she wants. If she wants something it should become hers. This can be anything from a trinket to a person. She especially gets aggravated if someone she is interested in is interested in someone else.

* CHILDREN : They make her uncomfortable. She doesn't know how to act around them and they tend to whine, cry and smell. She has no plans to have children and up till this point has found a rider willing to take her between.

Describe Yourself:

* VAIN: ----- The world kind of revolves around her, if you didn't know. She can take her pride to extremes and is particularly concerned with her appearance.

* JUDGMENTAL: -----  Quick to make up her mind about people. She either likes you or she doesn't and it is a decision made almost immediately upon meeting a person. Your decisions and mannerisms, personality, looks, she will judge all of it. Khasarai is not particularly interested in being nice or giving people the benefit of the doubt. If she doesn't like something about you, she'll find ways to make you feel bad about being who you are.

* GOSSIP: ----- She loves a good story. Especially a story that ruins reputations. Gossip is something she hears and passes along, as well as makes up on her own. The rumor mill is fed by people like her.

* CALLOUS: ----- Since the death of her father she kind of turned off the part of herself that gives a flying fuck. She has little to no use for people who need to have their emotions affirmed. She isn't someone who will encourage or even hug others.

* SENSUAL: -----  Physically speaking, she is always ready for her next bedmate. She loves to tease and be touched by men. She doesn't bed every man she teases. Actually she can be a bit picky about whom she actually beds. Khasarai has certain desires that she wants to be met. Because everything is about her own pleasure. She loves being put into arousing situations. Flight lust is going to be a whole new level of awesome for her.

* COMPETITIVE : ----- She has a crazy competitive streak. She wants to come out as the best at everything. She shouldn't be allowed to play games because she is a sore loser. Her competitiveness even comes into play when she is interested in a particular man. Generally she and R'dan are fighting over the same men, trying to see which one wins.

The Magic Touch:R'dan is her best friend and biggest competition and also her enemy. Anything he does or any man he is after she has to try to have first. Also she loves men who are willing to be rough with her sexually. She doesn't want a relationship and has no plans to have children.


Mother: Vesarai (b.2555) Cook , Weyrmate of  Kh'lem
Father: Kh'lem, was Khalorem (b. 2550) rider of Xioth deceased 2585

Veskharo, m (b.2577) Candidate
Sarailem, m (b. 2580) Weyrbrat
Esarkha, f (b. 2583) Weyrbrat

BFF: R'dan of Green Iseth

Children: She always has a rider take her Between after sex. She refuses to be a mother. 

Tell us a story...

* 2573, 0 Her parents had become Weyrmates shortly after she was born. Remaining together until her father's death. Being the first child, her parents spend a lot of time over the next four Turns with her  and making their lives about her. It is possible they spoiled her to the point where she can't accept not being given what she wants.

* 2577, 4 Veskharo is born. Second child and a son. Her brother steals some of the attention from her. She decides pretty quickly he is a brat and she doesn't like him. She refuses to have anything to do with him no matter how her parents urge her and will often pretend he doesn't exist, or worse, tease him.

* 2580, 7 Her parents have another child. Sarailem is another boy and again she is simply not interested in being part of his family. She continues to pretend her other brother doesn't exist. When he talks she acts like she can't hear him. Kharasai doesn't understand why her parents would do this to her a second time but it is stupid. She doesn't want brothers, they should consult her next time.

* 2583, 10 Esarkha is born. A sister. Ugh, so much worse than a brother. She finds herself jealous and openly speaks against her sister. Her parents won't leave her alone with her siblings as they fear she will bully them. And so she might. Khasarai spends more time out with her friends and doing what chores she is given and less and less time at home. When she is home it is to spend time solely with her parents and mostly her father. She and her mother often fight and don't seem to be able to get along at all.

* 2585, 12 Her father dies. She was closer to her father than anyone else in her life. His death was almost beyond her to deal with. The amount of time she spent mourning was strange considering her usual concern for her family. She doesn't reach out or want help though and learns to cope without other people. Once she finished mourning her father, she never cried again.

* 2585, 13 Has her first sexual encounter. She might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time but coming across a rider after he lost a flight resulted in a rather rough first time for her.  The next day she was sore but she decided it wasn't all that bad. Her next few sexual experiences were not rough at all and she found she preferred the rougher and more forceful men.

* 2587, 14 The move to Southern Winds Weyr helps her move forward. She enjoys the island but misses the Northern Continent. At this age she becomes picky about her sexual partners. She also stops living with her mother and is Searched as a Candidate.

* 2588, 15 Meets new Candidate Ralordan, from the hold. They instantly become friends. Neither Impress this turn though. Even as Ralordan contemplates leaving she tries to convince him to stick out. There will surely be more for him at the Weyr than with the prudish Holders. After all, it is quite clear he likes men.

* 2589, 16 Another Turn of surprises. She is kind of sad when the huge clutch Kalestath lays reveals no dragon for her. That however doesn't last as she gets excited for future clutches and future attempts to Impress the perfect dragon. The moment she had been waiting for since being Searched comes during Oriath's clutch hatching. The beautiful green who became her lifemate and complete her so much more than she ever thought possible. From now on she knows she will have Faelith with her and vice versa. Her best friend Ralordan Impresses to a green as well, now R'dan. However their greens do not like eachother, in fact they seem to have been born mortal enemies, the feeling of hate between them is so strong.

The Hatching could not have come soon enough. Patience had never been one of her virtues, which she would readily admit at this point in time to a select few people. Khasarai had been standing for two Turns now and it seemed she would be Standing forever at this rate. She'd been finishing up with kitchen chores when the familiar hum of dragons reached her. She had to go all the way to the Candidate Barracks to get her robes and then had to run to the Hatching Cavern because the last thing she wanted was to be late.

Her skin was hot when she arrived, she was sure her face was pink and she had a light layer of sweat on her. At least she had managed to get her robes on and pull her hair back into a pony tail. She got there with more time to spare than she anticipated which rather annoyed her, so she sighed in irritation as it took a moment before Oriath allowed O'sir to permit Candidates on the Sands. As the Candidates spilled forth onto the Sands, she found a place next to Ralordan.

Khasarai watched as the first two to Hatch, a blue and a brown Impressed to two boys. Then two greens and a very lazy blue Impressed. Ugh this was like taking a tally. When would it be her turn? She thought with impatience. Surely her dragon would know better than to make her wait. Another green hatched and quickly found her life mate. She was followed by a brown who instead of concerning himself with the rest of them was more inclined to clean himself. Wasn't he hungry? She shook her head, thinking it was strange and as she did so, failed to notice Ralordan move. She turned to look and he was walking toward another green, she was a smoky colored dragon. Perfect. He had Impressed and she was left behind. It was almost a grievous offense to her to have her friend Impress without her. What made him so much better??!

Not that anyone would answer. Like the others, she watched to see what the brown would do but he did nothing for a long while but clean the egg shell off of him. She watched as two blues Hatched and one Impressed to a girl. Shifting weight on her feet, she felt the event was not going fast enough for her. At least the little brown was finally with his life-mate, who happened to be weyrmate of the Candidate Master. She could almost laugh at the situation they were in, or she would if she weren't on the Sands in front of everyone. Still she allowed herself a chuckle under her breath. That was sure to make their relationship quite interesting.

From a marbled green and brown egg came the next dragonet. The green was pale, so pale she seemed white at first. Anyone with eyes would see the green sheen to her hide though and as she walked almost like peekaboo, the emerald markings of her underbelly and wings showed. She watched as her sister hatched, who was acting completely ridiculous before moving toward some of the female Candidates. She was being a little choosy. There you are Khasarai. Her eyes widened and what seemed like a million different emotions came over her, overwhelming her. She could have cried, if she was someone who cried. She scratched above the little, beautiful green's eyeridge. Food. Now. The green commanded. Khasarai had barely even thought things through enough to remember which way to walk. She did though and they were following the other green toward the feeding sands, Faelith tried to reach Khasarai's hand, almost rearing up to do so. Reaching down to the little dragon, the green was able to lick her hand. You taste yummy. Faelith could always eat you if you don't hurry. Khasarai laughed. "We're getting food. I promise."

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Re: [ DECEASED ] Khasarai [13.6.2573 / Green Weyrling]
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2014, 04:12:45 PM »

Image Credit: Colored by Sir Alahn
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Name: Faelith
Color: Green
Date of Birth: 32.09.2589,  9th Interval.
Place of Birth: Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother: Oriath
Clutch Father: Leremith
Mature Length: 22 meters
Mature Height: 4.4
Mature Wingspan: 39 meters (a bit large for her size)

General Appearance...

The first thing one notices about Faelith is the nearly white color of the majority her hide. She has a green sheen to her despite the fact she almost looked like a mutant when she first Hatched. Upon further investigation one would notice the underbelly and the underside of her wingsails is a much more vibrant emerald green. She isn't the smallest or the largest green but just a little shy of average in length. She is well proportioned and agile, like a green should be. Her wings are a bit large for her size but they help in her balance and ability to fly a little longer than another green her size.  She takes great care not to look clumsy while walking but as a dragonet some things cannot be helped.   


Mind Voice: Sultry, a little deeper than one might expect. She uses her tone and inflections carefully in order to convey her feelings. Her voice is usually only heard by other dragons and her rider as she tends not to bespeak humans.

Flights (she will when she matures)- Being the center of attention is what she wants. She also loves being pursued and flirting with male dragons. She couldn't care less if she was caught by a different male every time. She might fight a force catch but it generally only ends in a rough time which she actually enjoys.
Center of attention - Let the focus be on her. This is her world, you just live in it.
Male dragons - They are lovely, charming, good for sunning with and good for conversing with. She enjoys their company in general. Even when she isn't flirting, she would count many male dragons as her friends.
Gossip - She LOVES knowing what is going on. No matter how true. She has to be in the know!
Fun - Her idea of fun is swimming, racing, sunning with someone to cuddle with, flights, anything that might be just a little dangerous.

Greens, especially [{Iseth}] - Despite her rider being friends, even very close friend's with R'dan, Faelith and Iseth were born hating one another. This is something that doesn't seem to get any better as they age but worse as their flights are close together and they are both very competitive with other greens. Faelith would prefer to socialize with male dragons who will give her compliments and flirt with her. Other greens even if they are nothing like Iseth are competition and therefore the enemy.
Hearing complaints - Whine, whine, whine... go find someone who cares. Faelith doesn't care about anyone else's problems but her own.
Whining - Oh gosh, she just wants to bite people who whine. Children included. Bother someone else with your pettiness.
Clumsiness - She is a pretty agile and balanced dragon, even as a dragonet. Clumsiness bothers her as it creates problems for people around the one who is clumsy.


* SELF-ASSURED : Faelith trusts in her self. She knows who she is and thinks that her decisions are the right ones. In this she is never indecisive or concerned that something she doesn't is not right. She is confident and can almost come across as commanding at times.

* AGILE/BALANCED : Being built the way she is has made her balanced with larger wings. This also helps with endurance but she will never have the endurance of a brown or Bronze. Being a green has made her naturally agile. She can take tumbles and make it look intentional. For the most part though she is quite steady on her feet and has very little trouble balancing herself even as a young dragonet.

* ADVENTUROUS :  She'll try anything once. Er, maybe twice. She knows no fear and likes to try new things. Even if the new things aren't safe.


* MOODY : Faelith isn't likely to be a calm dragon even on the best of days. Her moods are often mercurial. Their unpredictability makes it very hard to know which Faelith one might be dealing with on any given day. She can also change moods without warning, the littlest thing can set her off or make her happy. This moodiness affects her relationships with other dragons quite a bit.

* APATHETIC : She really could care less about the woes or concerns of others. Most greens are known to be caring but she is rather the opposite. She doesn't particularly like other dragon's or people complaining and whining. Actually she is likely to walk away if either of those things are occurring. 

* SELF-SERVING: Faelith puts herself before others. From her interests and ideas to her needs and well being. She would let someone else die if it meant she would live. She has no concern for other people when her own life is in danger. Working in a wing will prove to be a challenge because working together with others is going to be difficult for her. She doesn't care what everyone else is doing, she only cares about herself.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background:#D1FFD1; Text: #339933

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Re: [ DECEASED ] Khasarai [13.6.2573 / Green Weyrling]
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2014, 08:02:51 PM »
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