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Author Topic: Info Fire Lizards  (Read 7801 times)

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Fire Lizards
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:20:10 PM »

Below is all the basic firelizard information for Southern Winds. They're prominent on the island, since they survived the destruction wrought by the 9th Pass much better at that location than anywhere else on Pern..

The Basics
Firelizards are much smaller than their Southern Winds cousins - roughly the size of a large bird and top out at 2 meters long. They come in the standard colors -- (Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue, and Green) -- with no mutations present. Much of the time, their temperament reflects their larger cousins in that the Golds are the territorial Queens (with a clutch size of 12-20 eggs) and are usually mated by Bronze and Brown. Green firelizards may clutch, but they often lose their eggs and are not concerned with their safety. Their clutches are considerably smaller -- (usually numbering between 2-8 eggs, with some that never hatch) -- and are usually fathered by Browns or Blues. They rise once a turn regardless of color, though they may not rise at all if food is scarce. Their bonded's response to the mating flight is usually rather tame. There may be a lowering of inhibitions, but it's not an overwhelming feeling or even compulsion. 

Firelizards lack the ability to communicate with words and rely more on an empathetic connection, preferring pictures. Most have a perfect memory, though whether or not they're capable of expressing as much to their bonded depends on the individual lizard. There seems to be a group consciousness, on a basic level, that allows all firelizards to experience large events. It is also speculated they are immortal, or at least very long lived. If their bonded dies, a firelizard will usually then bond to someone that was close to them or become wild. Only in the case of being extremely close to their human handler will a firelizard go Between as a dragon does.

Art by Christina Weinman, commissioned for use on SWW only.
Gold : 1.8-2 Meters
Bronze : 1.5-1.8 Meters
Brown : 1.2-1.5 Meters
Blue : .9 - 1.2 Meters
Green .5 - .9 Meters

Upon hatching, whomever manages to shove enough food down their eager mouths end up Impressing to the firelizard. Multiple firelizards may impress to one person as well, though there is a standard of one Gold to a single individual and no more than four flits in a per-person faire. Newborn flits are very self-sufficient, can fly and go Between, but they do require a lot of sleep. They're very small, about the size of a human hand from nose to tail, but grow very fast in the first 2-3 weeks. A flit will be a fully-grown adult at 10-14 weeks old, though they will not be sexually mature until 2 turns.

Firelizards can also teleport just as dragons do. They do this by briefly entering the hyperspace dimension known as Between. They do so instinctively and are much harder to direct than a dragon, preferring their own course than one imposed by human thought.

Hosting a Clutch
Because firelizards are so prominent on the island, seeing as it is one of the last places on Pern where anything is left alive, the Weyr is quite riddled with flits. As such, anyone may host their own clutch. This means you character can find a clutch, an NPC may give them eggs, or your female flits may Rise and clutch at your own discretion. There are no clutch records for flits, at least none that the staff manage, because they are everywhere. We only ask that you keep the canon of the setting in mind when creating your clutches and your flits. Once a female flit has had her Flight, it will take about 3-4 months for her to lay her eggs. Once they are laid, they will incubate for about 2 months before hatching.

Firelizard Flight dates are listed here. Regardless of color, female flits only mate once a turn. Both Greens and Golds can produce eggs, but Greens will have smaller clutches and will only produce Browns, Blues, and Greens. Only Golds can produce offspring from the full spectrum.

Suggestions / things to keep in mind when hosting a clutch:
-|| Post in the Plot and Scheme board if you would like to hand out flit eggs or plot out interaction for them.

-|| Decide if you will be determining the contents of the eggs, if it will be random, or if the person receiving them will be doing the profiles. The completed application will then be posted as a reply to the character the flit is bonding to. The staff may ask that changes be made if they violate site canon.

-|| Green flits are more apt to have wild nests left unattended, whereas Gold flits will guard theirs or even try to destroy the eggs rather than have them taken. Even a tame Gold will not be happy about a human mucking about in her nest. Green flits are also more careless about their nest placement, whereas Gold flits will try to nest somewhere they believe is safe - somewhere sandy, sunny, and warm.

-|| Golds lay between 12 and 20 eggs, and rarely have duds. Greens, on the other hand, typically only lay 2 to 8 eggs, and frequently have some that never hatch.

-|| Please note that on SWW, our eggs have a rather natural appearance. Some faint mottling, stripes, spots, or gradients are fine, but we don't allow patterns that look as though they've been painted on.

All firelizard art in this thread was made using this template by VagabondSentinel of DeviantArt. They were colored for use on SWW.
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