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Author Topic: Approved S'ric [ 02.01.2570 ] Black Weyrling  (Read 3766 times)

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S'ric [ 02.01.2570 ] Black Weyrling
« on: September 05, 2014, 07:36:53 PM »

Play By:
Luke Evans

First Name:
Date of Birth:
02.01.2570 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fisher Crafthall
Job Before Search:
Color Preference:
Black. Because Searic is a violent, aggressive person and a Black is the only dragon that would be able to deal with that. They’d be two peas in a pod. An asshole pod.
Future Rider Name:
He lays claim to several different people he can either scare or trust to keep their mouth shut. Thus far, Ghael.

Your Reflection...

Searic’s eyes are a stark gray with the hint of pale brown on bright days. The earth tone is so muted it’s negligible when there isn’t light to catch it. They’re generally intent on whatever he’s looking at, and cold in their lack of true color. Searic often ends up cutting his own hair, which means it’s a mismatched mess atop his head. Cut raggedly with a blade, it’s only long enough for someone to grab but not long enough to hang. He prefers his hair to be that short and up, relying on the naturally wild hair to stick up on its own unless wet. His hair is a deep black that occasionally ‘bleaches’ when he spends a lot of time outside during the summer, making the black fade some to a dark gray.
Searic is rather tall for a man on Pern (6’7”) and enjoys looking down on people much shorter than he is. His entire body is cut of rough angles and wiry, honed muscle. This negates any idea that Searic is soft. Though slender, it’s not from a lack of nutrition or muscle. He’s just lean built, with a narrow jaw and sharp eyes that compliment an angular face. Beyond that, he’s relatively simple in appearance. What you see – the tall, impassive Candidate – is what you get. There’s nothing by way of decoration or vanity about him. At least not immediately recognizable.
Searic is a sadomasochist. While this leads to terrible surprises to those he hunts down as ‘victims’ of his affection, this has left his body a tapestry testament to his desires. Because scarification and his sadistic tendencies would end up with him on the wrong side of the Pern populace, Searic is left to take much of his want for pain on himself. This means his body is littered with various sized scars, from tiny nicks along his hands that could be attributed to thorns, to the decidedly ominous expanse across his abs and chest. Pressed for a lie, he’d say they’re threadscore. The only thing spared from his violence and fantasies are his face. The skin is smooth and, by comparison, seem more prominently statuesque for the lack of ‘decoration’. Further lending Searic to be seen as an emotionless terror. Another thing that he does not enjoy flaunting is the myriad of lashing scars that criss-cross his back from his rougher days as a drudge.
Searic is a bit obsessive about what he wears. Not because he wants to be pretty, but because he prefers nice leather clothes that are functional. He has stringent requirements for such clothing. His leather is always cleaned and well worn, but not tattered. He takes care of it as diligently as his knives. Beyond naked, Searic isn’t seen in anything else. He detests ‘soft’ dress up clothes and will only wear them under force. His hair is always messy – there’s no taming it just as there’s not a chance to tame the candidate. He bathes often and swims as frequently as he can, keeping himself trim and in shape but clean as well. His diligence in this regard mostly comes from the fact he’s often peppered with self-inflicted wounds. Cleanliness is a necessity against infection. This also means that he’s often in a bandage, though that is usually hidden by his leather.
In the hot seasons or before bed, Searic will strip down to just his pants in privacy. This often means he’s stuffy in his normal leathers during the hot days and, made irritable because of it, tries not to be seen around others so he can walk around without the top. If forced, he’ll wear a light, long sleeve tunic. He doesn’t ever wear short sleeves – there’s no point. If he has to wear a shirt, he wears one that will cover his scars. Otherwise, he feels most comfortable in leather pants and boots – sans shirt when available – or decked in the full leather outfit he salvaged
Any given opportunity, Searic will be equipped with a dagger or knife. Not only because he enjoys the sting of a blade, but because his tendency to find himself in scuffles and duels. Better a weapon to defend himself than nothing at all. He tends to the edge of his knives with the same degree of diligence as he does most things, and will wear smaller knives on his person, hidden in a sheath, while out and about. He has 5 favored blades – 2 hunting/skinning knives that would be of a larger size, one side serrated. 2 knives are a smaller, utilitarian size that could be excused as well tended dining ware, and one small blade like a scalpel the healer hall would use. These are his most prized possessions, claimed throughout his life. Searic will do anything to keep them and anything to get them back. He’s not above hunting someone down if they were to steal them from him. Because he grew up with little by way of possessions, his leather clothes, boots, and knives are all he cares about.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: For Searic, it was a messy life full of hard work, little food, and a lot of fights. He grew up among drudges in Fort Hold. As a drudge, his life was never ‘of importance’ and he often scrambled for anything and everything he needed. He barely kept track of time and knew only work and the fear of thread. Growing up around other desperate, dirty drudges he learned to fight for what he wanted. Some would say he hasn’t gotten the memo that the Pass is over. He still has a desperate, almost violent attitude toward the food he claims. Like it could be his last meal. 
Response to dragon color mutations: He wants a dragon, but only one that would be worthy of him. Be it black, red, or Bronze. But until a dragon is worth his time, he cares little for them or their Riders. Or candidates, for that matter. Life is about survival. 

Who are you...

Likes: Pain: Either inflicting or receiving, Searic’s blood runs hot with the desire to do so. Nothing sings to him than the whimpers of a lover under the blade of his knife, and nothing soothes his aches quite like the parting of his own skin. Blood is a very erotic thing for him and part of most sex he partakes in. If he cannot trust, or scare, his bedmate into keeping their mouths shut he won’t use his blades. But it won’t be nearly as satisfying. Detail: Searic is all about making sure things are in their right order. His leathers must be well tended and clean when possible, his bandages are changed as frequently as he can, his knives are sharp, and his firelizard is in shape. He pours his energy into these things when he has nothing else to do. Action: Searic and his firelizard are creatures of movement. They’re either tending their various devices [ wounds, cleanliness ] to sustain himself or he’s swimming, climbing – anything to keep from becoming restless and frustrated. Submission: Searic enjoys the times he can claim some demure person, of either gender, and thoroughly dominating them. Using them however he may like. Ideally, he wants someone who is either afraid enough not to rat him out, or someone who would share his very wicked, violent tendencies.
Dislikes: Absolute Authority: The command of the Weyrwomen and their Golds can never be ignored. And the absolute authority they rule the weyr with bothers him. It is a closely kept dislike that simply simmers – but one he would never act on. He is more than aware that absolute means no chance of fighting it, so he doesn’t. But any representation of such authority earns his marked distaste. Small/tight spaces: Searic stays outside as much as possible. Tight walls, the lack of open air, and the inability to escape make him severely uncomfortable. Cram in a bunch of people, and you’ll have yourself one surly Candidate. He prefers to catch the news posted rather than attend announcements. Again, he will if forced or told to, but crowds of people make him anxious.    Social Expectations: Mostly because he doesn’t understand them. Searic could often be seen as detached or uncaring, but mostly because he doesn’t understand a lot of social norms. If they’re not particularly reasonable or logical, they don’t stick. This could make him seem rude or cold, as he is actually indifferent to things he doesn’t comprehend. This includes a wide range of emotions as well. Outbursts of others are momentarily fascinating, but otherwise bear no weight to him. He has the emotional depth of a puddle and the sympathy of a brick wall. 
* INDEPENDENCE : Thread could take everyone and Searic would be just fine. [ Well, except the complete destruction of Pern and its flora/fauna. ] But rather, he simply functions very well on his own. He knows how to hunt, gather, fish, and tend his own wounds. ( Granted there isn’t much of anything to hunt now, but he knows how to skin an animal and use all its parts. He’s pretty well versed in edible plants too, or those common on Pern. ) Anything overly complicated, and he’d certainly have a hard time of it. But Searic is quick and strong enough nothing usually phases him. If he were the last man on Pern, he’d survive just fine. [ Thriving, is another matter entirely. ]
* STAMINA : He’s always doing something. Which means he’s always ready to go. Searic loves to climb, as it puts strain on his muscles and coordination,  he swims with his flit to stay in shape and for the challenge, and fishes whatever he can. He’s quite full of energy and he needs something to do about it. Since he’s not pillaging his way through bloody weyr bedrooms, his often exerts himself in exercise.
* ANIMALISTIC : It’s hard to say where Searic’s thoughts end and his flit’s begins. They’re of one mind, nearly all the time, and share the same desires. They serve as pillars of solidarity for one another and are, at present, the only one they really socialize with. Searic prefers this close connection, being able to transmit desires and thoughts without any effort at all. The main difference is that Searic would like to inflict pain with knives and his flit prefers his talons. They do everything together. The little beast is often perched on him, or close by, and acts as a sentry to much of what Searic does.
* SKILLED SOCIOPATH : Searic is what is often referred to as a skilled Sociopath. He does not perceive emotions the same – rather, he feels varying degrees of anger and possession or boredom, but seems unable to experience affection or the close ties that friendship would create.  This has left him distanced from everyone for the majority of his life though he always behaved ‘perfectly’ to the letter of the law and found other ways to satisfy his rather active imagination and need to –do something-. No one really suspects anything is off about him because he can be so well behaved. It’s the outbursts of violence that give him away, but he’s learning to be careful who he preys upon. [ He would prefer a steady lover that could handle his abuse privately. ] But given how unlikely that is, Searic has almost made it his goal to be disinterested in people at large. He closely guards his secret that he’s a sadomasochist given the negative connotations that would bring about, and the most he’s known for is being a very, very rough lover.
* MINIMALIST : He doesn’t seem to want much – in truth, he just wants to be left alone to his own devices – and neither drink nor gratuitous sex overly appeal. He sates base desires when they become annoying, but he’d rather cut himself than seek out a simple lay. What he considers ‘mundane’ sex is almost torture, further denying him what he really wants to do. [ Hold down his captive, bite and cut until they’re in exquisite pain, before sating himself on their injured body. ] The only thing immediately off about him – besides the scars – is his desire to live away from people and sleep outside when he can.
* SOCIOPATH : Searic does not play well with others, unless acting in accord with the rules established. Because rules are often easy to understand – people are not. This puts him on the fringe of society and an outcast. His rough treatment of people during sex is borderline excused for Flight Lust but his track record is disquieting. Searic doesn’t usually know how to respond to people appropriately, so his blunt answers further separate him from the Weyr populace.
* OBSESSIVE/POSSESIVE : There are very few emotions Searic processes, and both the obsession to be clean, to be active, and to be independent come second only to his possessive tendencies.  He’s never had a lover, but the desire to own one is strong. And Searic does not play well with others. What is his, is his. And he does not take kindly to being questioned or having his things taken away, such as his knives. It’s only a saving grace that he presently does not own much. His own space, his clothes…. That being said, several Green Riders in his history have found themselves to be favorites from time to time. He loses all pretense of calm, collected self when ‘his’ things are messed with and becomes angry and, in rare cases, violent. He still has to fit in, after all. But a few things break his calm exterior like touching what he considers ‘his’.
* SELFISH : Searic cares for nothing beyond himself and his fire lizard. He doesn’t really have the capacity to do so – save beyond the idea of ownership. He does most things to fit in – so he and his rather perverse desires don’t get found out. And his firelizard is rather useful and considered ‘his’ pet. Beyond that, if it has no real baring on him, Searic just doesn’t think it’s important.
* TUNNEL VISION : Searic lives in the here and now, with minimal thought to anything beyond that. It also means that, while he can situationally try not to be obvious he’s a terrible person, he doesn’t see mounting causes for concern nor does he recall much of the past sex he participated in after they’ve been done. He gets so focused on his own life he’s largely unaware about major events that might transpire and affect him. It’s only after some major change has been implemented does he find out and is forced to try and adjust on the fly. This also means he lacks real ambition. He doesn’t want to lead, frankly, he wouldn’t know how. Trying to think about other people, or how they should work together, or what goals they should aspire to are simply beyond him.
* CRUEL : Cruelty is often a red flag and quickly found out. Searic has been forced to hide a large part of who he is and adapt as best he can. But he’s a cruel person at heart with a desire to inflict pain – both on himself and others. This makes him susceptible to being caught, punished [though lashing him might be a bit of fun for him] but he has a high risk of exposure. As such, he lives in a tense state of self-discipline that cracks under extreme pressure or anger.
Describe Yourself:
* INTENSE: The best joke, to Searic, is the untold one. He doesn’t understand humor, or joking, or any manner of ‘funny business’ unless he’s laughing at how helpless someone is. Which isn’t really funny to anyone but him.
* MATURE: Searic has grown up fighting for what he has and was never, really, a child. He never played, doesn’t ‘do’ games, and detests children because they’re noisy messes he doesn’t want to deal with. He prefers rational, thinking adults. Especially if they’re going to submit to him.
* UNDER PRESSURE: With the threat of Thread gone, his survivalist violence and aggression don’t really have a place. He’s learning that the things he thinks and enjoys are not… acceptable. He fears being exposed and is working on imposing self-discipline. That being said, he is prone to outbursts if provoked that can be very, very scary. He’s been lashed plenty in the past because of this.
* SURVIVOR: Searic’s entire life functions around ‘him’. His wants, his desires, what he needs. Food is coveted like it’s his last meal, he often feels he has to fight for things he craves…. And all that surmounts to him believing he’s the best damn man on Pern. Everyone else is so wrapped up in their shit they wouldn’t be able to survive on their own. But he did, and he’s still kicking.
* DOMINANT: Searic would be affectionately referred to as an ‘alpha male’. He takes shit from no one he perceives as a peer and will only bow out to authority if it’ll ruin his carefully concealed attempts at being a sadist. For that, he is… not worried, but concerned he may be found out and killed for it. Or exiled, which would be much of the same thing on a barren Pern.
The Magic Touch: Searic is prone to staring. The uncomfortable sort where whomever he is staring at is often prompted into reaction. And that’s why he does it. Searic is careful about what he says, in public, or how he appears. So his staring fits are often him trying to figure out the best course of action. Because he’s so deliberate, this could put the object of his attention ill at ease and make conversation awkward.


Mother: Calta. Was 14 ( b. 2556 ) when he was born. She was a drudge, and died two turns later ( death. 2572 ) due to an unknown illness. She was wife to Sallor.
Father: Sallor, Was 25 ( b. 2545 ) when he was born. He was a journeyman Healer at the Fisher Crafthall. He died 2571 during the evacuation.
Siblings: Mother died before she could have any more.
Children: Konrich. Born 2584 to a Green Rider whose name he doesn’t remember ( Al’wen ). Searic knows of the boy but he doesn’t claim him. He thinks the Green Rider lied.
Melael. Born 2586 to Ghael, though he thinks she’s full of shit too.
A smattering of other children he knows nothing about. The significance of Konrich and Melael is that they are names he was actually told, and babies he was forced to meet.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.
* 2570 - 2575 , 0-5 While Searic does not remember much of this portion of his life, it was quite detrimental to how he grew up. He lost his Father when he was 1 during the rough evacuation of the Fisher Crafthall. No one knows what happened to the man in the rush to get out, he simply didn’t show up. Presumably lost with some of the exhausted dragonpair that didn’t come out of Between. This left him with his very young mother who now had no one to support her or her baby boy. She scrounged by staying with friends every now and then, but the life style was hard on her. She fell ill when he was two before it took her. This left Searic abandoned, with no extended family, and only friends of his mother to care for him. They passed him around as best they could, but he was another mouth to feel they didn’t need. No one ever really ‘took him in’ as their own. He was simply a baby no one wanted to see starve, but no one had much time to do anything else with him. It took Searic some time to talk, though he had no problems learning words. He simply kept largely to himself.
* 2575 - 2582, 5-12 Searic grew rather independent from his time being passed around. With no sense of attachment to any of those families, he was quickly pushed into drudge work where he was easily ‘forgotten’. Of course, any child alone in such a place quickly learned to do as they were told or receive some manner of punishment. As he grew older, with no one to care for him, Searic struggled to fend for himself. He took to stealing things he needed ( with mixed success ) and fighting other young children for their meals. If those other children had families, he’d often be beat for it. This should’ve been a deterrent, but the young Searic was a stubborn, angry little thing and so sought to terrify those around him to prevent them from ‘snitching’ on him. He found he rather enjoyed the terrorizing, even if it sometimes meant he was lashed. When he was nearing his 12th name day, though he couldn’t say that’s what it was, he came upon an abandoned flit nest. It had been picked clean by the other, desperate kids. It wasn’t until he was searching through the pile of scraps that he found an egg. It was chilled, so he didn’t even think it’d hatch into anything. Searic kept it, resolving to eat it at a later time. But having something that was [i[finally[/i] his own made him hesitate and, in an odd way, hope it wasn’t a dud. Searic looked after it for a month or so before it actually hatched into a small, wiry Green he named Scraps, after the pile of debris he’d found her in.
* 2582 - 2587, 12-17 If Searic was a terror as a child, it’s nothing compared to the angry, violent drudge he ‘grew’ into. Much of his ‘young adult’ life was Searic learning that he would either play by the rules, or be made to play by them. While he occasionally lashed out at other drudges, he was always beat for it. Having Scraps, however, gave the young man someone who did relate to him and could help him be the look out if Searic needed to steal something. While the rest of Pern struggled for survival, Searic was caught in his own personal ‘hell’ as he struggled to find a place amongst the other drudges. He didn’t function like them, and didn’t enjoy getting close to anyone. Scraps was always his extra pair of eyes. Anything he didn’t protect was stolen and food was hard to come by. It was only through teaching his flit that Searic was able to steal the start of his knife collection and better clothes for himself. Over the turns, he learned to temper his anger and hide his more sadistic tendencies. In 2584, he quite literally stumbled into a Green Rider that was injured in the Hold. Her dragon was grounded by the Healers and she amused herself with the stoic, but sometimes violent, Searic. She didn’t seem to mind, and if anything, used him to ‘escape’ when he’d hold her down.  The resulting baby from this time was brought to his attention, but Searic denied parentage. He learned to be more withdrawn from the populous at large. People tended to be more ‘understanding’ of a child lashing out and less so of a violent adult. It wasn’t until he was faced with the possible consequence of ‘banishment’, a death sentence, that he began to exercise any manner of self-discipline.  Toward the end of 2586, he ended up messing around with another girl that wasn’t phased by Searic’s odd ‘behavior’ and was, once again, told he fathered a child. He thinks Ghael, being a slut, made it up and he denies the child is his.
* 2587 - 2589, 17-19 Searic cleaned up his ‘act’ just in enough time not to be ‘forgotten’ when the Weyr evacuated. He began keeping to himself and doing what was asked of him. Moving to the weyr, he actually found a handful of Riders that didn’t mind his rough desires. But they were few, far between, and never stuck around long enough to really matter. He hasn’t taken so well to the cramped spaces of the Weyr and has struck out when the pressure of his anger builds, and he’s been lashed several times since then. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2589 that he was Searched, much to his ( and a certain candidate master’s ) surprise. He comes with a bit of a reputation to the classes, but he tries to ignore everyone at large and simply do through the motions expected of a Candidate.
He liked it quiet. When no one was around, he could actually relax. Breathe. Sometimes the tunnels and class rooms felt suffocating. Like the terrible places he’d had to wedge himself when he was younger. The only problem, he was finding, was that no matter where he went someone always found him. Always. Without fail. Like O’sir was intentionally throwing people his way to test the man and judge if he was really, really fit to be a Candidate.
Apparently the dragons thought so, and that was enough for Searic. What did he care what O’sir thought? The only reason Searic paid him any mind was the man’s ability to keep him from the Sands. Such ‘power’ over Searic’s future made him hate the man on principle. Being Searched should’ve been enough. The rest of this? The classes, the chores? The lessons in etiquette for the weyr? That was for those too ignorant to have been taught base common sense. Of course everyone had to work for their place. He’d been doing it for as long as he could remember. And who really got hung up on the concept of sex? Searic found he was scowling down at the rock beneath him.
He hated the weyr. But there wasn’t anywhere else to go. He was pulled out of his thoughts when a weight dropped into his lap. Scraps, all leathery hide and wings, settled herself on Searic as though the man were the most comfortable spot imaginable. It made Searic’s scowl turn into a small frown. //You’re bothersome,// he thought to the little beast. But Scraps didn’t care, and only purred her contentment. She won the small ‘battle’, if it even was one, as Searic simply let her rest. It wasn’t until he glanced next to him that he found the small, fresh baked roll that Scraps had brought him.
As Searic picked it up, he supposed the little monster wasn’t so bad. Fresh food, the freedom of the ledges, and the evening sky for company? He preferred it this way. 

Member Info...

Created By:
Sanctified Savage
Other Characters:
Sr Weyr Woman Halirina,  Harper Sevastjan,  Brown Weyrling Sethunya,  JM Herder Keassa,  Blue Rider C'ace,  Bronzer L'ale,  Green Rider Niema, JW. Healer Loressa, Mountain Wingleader W'sar, Weyrling Haithen, Blue Rider K'eeda, Fisher Ysmersa, Green Rider Seaphonellqua
Inactivity Preference:
Kill them.
Anything Else:
Understand that Candidates will not Impress on their first IC clutch, and may not on their second. If you make a candidate, it is to play a candidate. You will, of course, eventually impress. 

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

How it sounds.
Date of Birth:
2582 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold.

General Appearance...

Scraps is a runt of a little Green that can be as bothersome as her bonded. She’s a dark green with a bit of a paler coloration along her wing joints and head. She’s mostly made of wings and bone, always looking like she needs to eat more. She’s sorta off proportion because her egg had been chilled, so it’s surprising she hatched at all. She has terribly sharp little talons and claws, which she is not shy about using.


Mind Voice: Scraps doesn’t talk, at all.
Likes: Stealing; she’s a thief and she loves it. Scraps is always trying to find things for Searic, whether it’s fresh food, knives, thread… whatever he could possibly need. She also likes bringing him tunnel snakes and fish she’s caught. Naps; particularly on Searic’s lap. It’s her absolutely favorite place to be, and she will crawl all over him unmindful of his protests. She’s probably the only thing really safe from any manner of retaliation. She’s earned her place with him, so she’ll sleep on him.
Dislikes: Other Flits; Scraps is rather territorial for a little Green. She’s had to fight alongside Searic for food and living space before, so she doesn’t take kindly to flits encroaching in on her. She doesn’t want suitors, she doesn’t want Flown, she just wants left alone. She can be swayed with gifts of food, but that only makes her tolerate other flits, not friendly to them. People; Scraps is quite the loner and she is just as anxious as Searic to be away from crowds. While she will not leave her bonded, she is more than pleased when he dismisses her from crowds. If she’s forced to be around someone, such as if someone were to pick her up, she trilled a high pitched cry and lashes out. She’s not afraid to hurt people to keep them away.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She’s stupid cute.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: S'ric [ 02.01.2570 ] Black Weyrling
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Re: S'ric [ 02.01.2570 ] Black Weyrling
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SanctifiedSavage
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 38
Mature Height: 8.9
Mature Wingspan: 65.7.

General Appearance...

From the moment Dakrith burst from his egg, he’s been a little monster. Knowing his place, shoving others out of the way. With a black hide that gradually gave way to lighter gray, almost silver in spots. His outter Wingsail is the part of him that has lightened up the most as he’s grown – from pitch black to a cloudy gray. He grows to a big black – as big as any bronze could hope to be.


Mind Voice: Dakrith’s voice is commanding and encompassing, taking up the space of someone’s mind without needing to sound like a ‘yell’ or a shout. He’s as dominating as his Rider, even as a tiny creature. There is no room for anyone, anything else when he talks.

Likes: Fighting : He is, by nature, a rough creature. He wants to prove he’s the best, wants to show he’s stronger than the others. Other Blacks might be socially outcast, but Dakrith wants the entire weyr to be aware that he’s going to be the strongest, the biggest, the best. There’s no hiding, no slinking in the shadows. As such, he is more than willing to throw his weight around. It’s S’ric’s will that keeps him tempered.

Any Physical Activity : Bring it on. Drills? Exercise? Training? He is not a creature of stillness or passive moments. He wants to be out, he wants to be active. He’s going to push S’ric to take a more active role in the Weyr because Dakrith cannot stand hiding or not doing something – anything.

Dislikes: Bronzes : In particular, colorist bronzes. He enjoys friendly competition and any bronze dragon that wants to rough house with him. But if any wants to sneer at him, Dakrith is all about sneering right back.

Control : He thinks he knows better than S’ric. All the time. Without exception. The times that S’ric insists that Dakrith do as he says makes him pissy, and grumpy, but the Rider’s iron will usually wins over even the Black’s rough temper.


* Confident : If he’s convinced that the sun isn’t going to rise the next day, there’s not a thing in the world you could say to convince this dragon he’s wrong. Even once he’s proven wrong, he shrugs it off. His confidence in both himself and his Rider is unshakable to a fault. Probably recklessly so. We’re talking bronze-level ego here. Which means once he’s set to do something, there’s not a thing in the world that’s going to convince him it cannot be done.

* Strong : Even from a hatchling, Dakrith is a monster of physical strength. From bullying other dragonets out of the way to pushing himself in training, this dragon doesn’t want to quit. He wants to be the best and will push both himself and his rider to be the best. He wants to be able to fight a hunter and the only way to do that is training – He’s not looking for a quick fix, he’s willing to put in the time and dedication to be a powerhouse.


* Narrow-minded : Even for a dragon. Dakrith’s worldview is so narrow. His rider, him, and training. He cares so little for other people, for other dragons, and barely pays mind to authority. His ability to cause harm to others because he’s so careless is great – simply because he doesn’t care about them. Too rough in training? Get good. Step on a flit? Shouldn’t have been there. Run into a rider? Get out of his way.

* Violent : Just like his rider, he has the potential for violence. Which can lead him and S’ric into a great deal of trouble. While this is a little explored facet of the Black Dragons, his ability to harm others in anger is far greater than that of any other color – and will ultimately land him and S’ric in quite a bit of trouble if his Rider is not able to learn to control him.

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