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Author Topic: Approved Sionann [10.01.2569 | Candidate]  (Read 2240 times)

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Sionann [10.01.2569 | Candidate]
« on: September 06, 2014, 12:22:17 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
10.01.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Job Before Search:
Healer Apprentice
Color Preference:
As a young girl she always imagined impressing Gold, its an ambition but not set in stone. Sionann would actually be just as happy with impressing a Green as she finds their more laid back manner appealing and it relates pretty well to her own nature in general too. Basically she wants to have a connection with the dragon which is not too dissimilar to her relationship withe the young fire-lizard she managed to impress. Though stuffing it with food is completely different from an actual dragon. The idea of impressing a Red or even some of the rarer colours for a woman, aren't anything she has ever thought about as a possibility, she would doubtless be a mixture of excited and worried at the same time.
Future Rider Name:
No change.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: She is of an average height being about five foot four, not that it really matters as most people are far more interested in the dichotomy of her eyes, skin and hair. Her natural skin tone  is warm and has only enhanced by the time she spends outside which is matched with the bright shine of her shoulder length hair. She has soft blue eyes which add a contrast to the rest of her colouring.

Sionann also has a few little freckles which tickle her over her cheeks and nose before moving down her back and along her spine. She also as a few faint scars on her arms and legs from the her childhood and the usual marks of a playful and fun-loving child.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Sionann lost people she loved, cared about and even cherished. Naturally it affected her desperately, largely because she felt so completely helpless in being able to do anything and its certainly one of the reasons that drove her into doing all she could not only to learn a useful skill but also in shaping into an ideal Candidate as well. She never wants to feel helpless again.

Response to dragon color mutations:While part of her is definitely concerned, Sionann certainly recognises how important it is going to be for change to be a part of all their lives moving forwards. The fact the mutations arrived post those events only indicates to her that they are somehow going to help things get better. Its probably an optimistic sort of an approach to things but that is Sionann all over. 

Who are you...

* Dawn - she loves being up at first light, well actually just before it as it affords her an excellent opportunity to spend time alone to reflect on the day ahead of her and what needs to be done.
* Cooking - Sionann isn't all that good at it, but she is determined to get better and spends any off time actively learning the craft as well as she is able.
* Dragons - it has to be in there. Sionann loves them; ever since her earliest memories they have featured as being part of what she views as being the best of the world and everything in it.
* Making friends - she is a fairly social woman, though at the same time she has some worries about first impressions and how well she performs during them relates to her emotional state at the time. 
* Dancing - its one of her favourite activities, though she has had few occasions in which to really indulge herself properly.

* Failing others - while she understands that mistakes happen, the idea of letting someone down truly un-nerves Sionann as it is literally the last thing that she would ever want to do.
* Overly spiced food - she isn't someone who enjoys having her tastebuds stretched too far, though she is always willing to at least try something new.
* Judgmental people - naturally Sionann has her own opinions and while she is willing to accept others views she doesn't like those who insist on trying to force their point onto others or are just unwilling to see anyone else's perspective.
* Being forced into anything -Sionann is determined to have a choice and the freedom in which to make it, right or wrong.

* High Self-Confidence - Sionann is a woman who is certain of both herself and her abilities, while she can have doubts she had the intelligence to know that most challenges can be overcome.
* Very observant - she has always liked to watch people and that has in time ended up paying off in ensuring Sionann is able to note the little details of the world around her, its not always perfect and she can draw the wrong conclusions as readily as the next person.
* Hard-working and determined - even before she was really old enough to understand Sionann ha been very much the sort of person who will work hard and and longer than anyone else to achieve whatever her goals might be. She knows how important that really is, everyone needs to pull their weight after all.
* Open-minded - this is something she learned from her parents first of all but in time she took it for her own. Sionann embraces new ideas and thoughts with far more ease than others can at times.
* Excellent people skills - as part of all the rest of her person, Sionann is a definite people person, being social and friendly is just who she is, so expect lots of smiles and even the occasional hug when the situation allows.

* Overly analytical - she tends to be someone who overthinks things, while Sionann recognises there can be a simple solution that doesn't mean that she will realise it right off or even take that route.
* Difficult to get to Know - Sionann is friendly but that doesn't mean she is someone who tends to share, instead she is bubbly but definitely holds other at a distance from her own self and the possibility of them learning more than the bare bones of her character.
* Finds it difficult to focus - its not so much that she gets distracted as that she is spending too much time thinking through everything rather than concentrating on the job at hand. Although Sionann definitely tries.
* Poor planner - she can sometimes work out what seems to be a perfect way of doing things but in fact is either useless or just really needs some input from an outside source to get her back on track again.
* Loathes conflict - she has seen the results of fights and bitterness and wants nothing to do with them in her own life...at all. It can sometimes mean she ends up being someone who will always bend instead of standing up for herself, not always but often, otherwise she just holds her tongue.

Describe Yourself:

* PASSIONATE: ----- she gives her all to everything that she does, whether its her healing studies, her love of dragons or even just her friendship with others. Sionann doesn't hold back all that much, its only in intimate ways that she ever avoids giving too much of herself being a little afraid of losing who she is.

* STUBBORN: ----- once she has decided on something, Sionann will not end up letting go of the idea, or choice than Sionann will see it through to the end.

* LOYAL: ----- Sionann doesn't given her loyalty often but its well worth it, she is a steadfast individual, not only too an individual but also to her beliefs as well.

* IDEALISTIC: ----- it might be the case that people believe she seems the world through rose coloured glasses and its true that Sionann has a tendency towards hope even when all seems stacked against it.

* FRIENDLY: ----- Sionann is the person you can rely on to always want to assist and help out, to be the shoulder to lean on as well as the ear to listen when you have troubles as well. In fact she is just a generally pleasant person.

The Magic Touch: Sionann truly believes that in time they will have what has been lost, even though she only has stories to tell her about those times. Sionann knows they can have them again as long as they all work together to make it happen.


Mother: Calikirenn, Healer Journeyman, 22.10.2547 (D. 04.08.2577)
Father: Gervaisal, Former Dolphineer currently Fisher, 12.04.2538

Siblings: Eigyr, Harper Journeyman (brother, 21.03.2558)

Children: N/A

Tell us a story...

* 2570, newborn Sionann doesn't remember her parents fleeing to Tilek Hold, but she was born not long afterwards and her mother never fully recovered from her illness afterwards and remained frail throughout the remainder of her life, something which Sionann only vaguely recalls as being the ultimate reason her parents never had more children.

* 2571, 1 years old While she doesn't remember it, this is year her brother was married to woman called Faixal, a young apprentice at the Harper hall.

* 2577, 7 years old Her mother finally dies after a prolonged illness, Sionann misses her greatly but struggles to help her father with finding his own way with things. Generally helping out and otherwise trying very much to not be a burden to her sole parent.

* 2578, 8 years old Eigyr and his wife have their first child together, a young boy whom they call Gegyroi. Sionann finds it all a little confusing but it definitely sparks her interest in healing a little further along.

* 2579, 9 years old She starts spending time with the healers, not as an actual apprentice at the moment, but rather running errands and fetching things as needed from storage, she spends less time at home which annoys her father no end.

* 2582, 12 years old She starts to learn from the surviving healer halls, determined to make a difference in things as well as help people.

* 2584, 14 years old At this time she largely by accident, due to one of the local fire lizard flights clutching and Sionann largely being in the right place at the right time, she might well have impressed more but she gave away the majority of the food and only ended up with a blue fire lizard which she later calls Tavi, it reminds Sionann of the fact she has always loved dragons and instills in her a wish to perhaps one day impress them.

* 2585, 15 years old Receives an offer of marriage from a local her father approves but Sionann is nervous and instead doesn't commit to an actual date or anything for a long while citing the uncertainty of things as the reason.

* 2586, 16 years old Loses her virginity with a long time friend, nothing comes of it though and it eventually ends up fizzling out after only a few months of shared intimacy between the two of them. It does end her promised marriage when word gets out and has her father lecture as well as punish her for a time.

* 2587, 17 years old During the move to Fort Island a search occurs and she is discovered, Sionann is certainly excited, if a little nervous at the idea, when the new mutation of a black dragon appears she is as shocked as everyone else but determined to see it as being a good thing.

* 2589, 19 years old She is excited as ever to be a candidate and only hope she will manage to impress eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later but she is as ever remaining positive about everything.

The Weyr was nothing like she could have expected, given that her expectations had been determined largely by her dreams about what it would be like instead of an actual basis in reality. No other member of her family had been a dragon rider so there hadn't been someone she could ask about it.

That being said, Sionann couldn't help be both impressed with it all...and yes, sometimes she really meant that pun as much as she was also a little nervous as well. She wanted to do well as a candidate, although she at least had the comfort of knowing that she had Tavi if she needed to have one friend to rely on.

So, she shouldn't be lonely.

Now, all Sionann needed was to get past those first few hurdles and turn on her charm, it had always worked in the past and she really hoped that it would carry on being the case. Reaching up she stroked Tavi's nose and smiled as the little fire lizard chuffed in response, Sionann had the distinct impression that hunger was important but as she wasn't sure where anything was at the moment he would need to be patient.

It wasn't always the easiest thing to achieve but they had been together long enough to understand each other fairly well. Sionann was certainly hoping for a relationship with a dragon that was at least like this, though she had heard in passing that it was better but that too might only be hearsay and nothing else.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
None at present
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Anything Else:

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Re: Sionann [10.01.2569 | Candidate]
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2014, 12:43:25 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
15.08.2584  9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Sionann remembers Tavi when he could comfortably fit cuddled in her arms and while he hasn't gotten so much bigger that its not an option there is a more solid weight to him now. She misses him being small, but she has always loved the way the light catches his hide and makes it light up like a blue flame. He has softer shades underneath and on his belly but aside from that Sionann is usually the only one who could pick him out of a crowd easily.


Mind Voice: Playful, opinionated and possessing a very strongly rebellious streak as well. He considers himself the brains of the two of them.

* Fish - its a treat and he loves it, in fact nagging Sionann when he hasn't had it for a while is something he is rather prone to do.
* Sunbathing - one of his favourite past times and usually what he can be found to be doing when not with Sionann.
* Being social - when he is awake and active, then Tavi likes people, in general. He is friendly and affectionate and even playful at times as well.

* Loud noises - they upset him, largely because his hearing is so good but also because he just doesn't want anything getting in the way of a nap.
* Not getting a full ten hours of sleep - he is a lazy chap and enjoys sunning and relaxing, get in the way of that and he is going to be cranky in the morning.
* Sionann's brother - generally because he is well loud as far as Tavi is concerned as much as the fact her brother definitely judges her for having sex outside of a union.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: Sionann [10.01.2569 | Candidate]
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2014, 09:56:04 PM »
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Re: Sionann [10.01.2569 | Candidate]
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2014, 01:16:29 AM »
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