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Author Topic: Karou [02.04.2577 9th Pass - Candidate]  (Read 1551 times)

Offline Kit

Karou [02.04.2577 9th Pass - Candidate]
« on: December 08, 2014, 03:31:50 PM »

Play By:
Maisie Williams

First Name:
Date of Birth:
02.04.2577: 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Job Before Search:
Healer Apprentice
Color Preference:
Given she won’t Impress for a while I’d like to play her for a bit before deciding what might suit her best. I’d honestly be pleased with any color, all choices would give an opportunity for character growth and development. 
Future Rider Name:
No change.

Your Reflection...

When Karou looks into the mirror she can’t help but be reminded of her mother, the same dark eyes, deep set with shadow smudges beneath them often as a result of too little sleep. She has her mother’s dark hair too, thin and straight she keeps it pulled back out of her face in loose ties or messy braids. Like most children, her olive skin is often dirt smudged from running around and rough housing. Clothing isn’t as plentiful as it once was so no one can afford to be overly picky. Coming from a family of boys and being the youngest, Karou is used to oversized hand me downs that she’d hoped to eventually grow into. Her petite frame means everything has remained baggy on her.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Karou is young enough to have scattered memories of the 9th Pass Catastrophe. Karou was raised in Fort Hold and apprenticed to the Healer craft. Thrown into a society of refugees and broken families she had a hard time making connections with people and the move just 2 turns ago from Fort to Southern hasn’t helped her put roots down. It was working as an apprentice healer in Southern Wind Weyr that a rider whose injuries she was tending Searched her, the change  from Healer to Candidate is just another shake up in her world, a world with no certainties anymore and a Pern that’s trying to keep itself together.

Response to dragon color mutations:Had she still be a healer she wouldn’t have given a second thought to the mutation in the dragon colors, after all a dragon is a dragon and a person is a person, they’re all healed the same. Lately though, and with the uncertainty of Candidacy looming over her, her flexibility to accept change is being tested. She doesn’t like change, she wants stability and these new colors are not exactly bringing ease and certainty into the new Weyr. She’s wary and apprehensive of the new mutations but has withheld judgment so far. After all, in her young mind, ignoring something that makes you uncomfortable and uneasy is a perfectly acceptable response thank you very much.

Who are you...

Karou loves drawing, finding available drawing utensils and paper though is quite the challenge. Sometimes all it takes is a stick and some dirt and she can make beautiful, or horrible, or sad, or happy drawings. Having no siblings around and finding it difficult to fully connect with others her own age for fear of losing them to Hunters, or disease, or any other horrific malady her Healer’s mind can come up with, it’s sometimes easier for her to express her thoughts and emotions in art work.

Despite the tragedies of the past turns and the hardships the people of Pern have endured Karou has a surprisingly dry sense of humor. She loves sarcasm and word play and puns. Many times she’ll use these things as armor to keep anyone from really getting to know her. In a place as busy as Southern Winds, with new mutations and a young leader, and Hunters, and all sorts of other priorities it’s easy for a waif of a girl to throw around some smart remarks, a few witty quips or jests and for no one to realize they never really get any sort of serious answers from her.

Karou loves healing, even though she has left the healer craft to try being a Candidate it will always be a passion. The idea of helping people, doing good things, fighting against the horror of the Catastrophe and all the pain it’s brought. She’s got a work ethic that’s unusual for her age; she’d often work herself into delirium and exhaustion if the other Healers weren’t keeping a good eye on her.


Crowds are big on Karou’s dislike list; being stuck in a crowd makes her feel suffocated and claustrophobic. It likely stems from the overcrowding in Fort Hold as refugees from around Pern flocked to what safe havens they could. Being around a lot of people doesn’t necessarily bother her but when groups get tight and she feels, or imagines, bodies pressing in all around her she’s prone to panic.

Lazy people are a big pet peeve for Karou, and there were plenty of privileged folk who ended up refugees and really didn’t take kindly to having to pitch in with the labor. Karou could do nothing but roll her eyes at those folk. If you have no skill and can’t work, well then, what use were you?

As for another dislike, Whers, definitely Whers. There’s no good reason for her not to like the creatures but they give her the creeps. Give her a nice festering wound over a Wher any day of the week.

One thing Karou hates above all else is being treated like a child. She may not even be a teen yet but does that really matter? She’s old enough to have sex, she’s old enough to learn to heal, she’s old enough…almost, to bear children. Most adults remember what it was like to be that age, on the very edge of the transition from childhood to adulthood and usually once she’s proven herself she’ll earn the respect of her older peers but every once in a while there’s some condescending jerk who likes to brush her off as a silly little girl. Her size and baby face often don’t help that so for Faranth’s sake…don’t ever tell her she’s “cute” or try to pinch her cheeks. It won’t end well, promise.


* Work Ethic : When Karou is given a task she can become single-minded, she works best by herself and if she’s forced to work in a group it better be one she can mostly control if it’s her peers. She doesn’t deal with any nonsense when completing her tasks and is of the mindset that it’s easier to do something once the right way then after to re-do it if you mess up. She likes to keep herself busy; idleness only leads to more time to think about her deceased family, the destruction of Pern, and the tension shifting through this new Weyr each day. 

* Quick Learner : Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but Karou has youth on her side. She loves to learn new tasks and skills. She has an attention to detail and a fantastic memory that lends itself to quick learning. She rarely needs to be shown things more than once or twice before she has a basic understanding of the concept. However, like most kids her age, if she does find something particularly challenging she can occasionally be frustrated if it doesn’t immediately come easily to her.

* Determined : Best way to get Karou to do something? Tell her she can’t do it. The chaotic world Pern has become has hardened everyone one way or another. Some people became hard and cynic. Some people became hard and mean. Karou, she’s hard headed but not always in a bad way. She fiercely believes things will get better, Pern will prosper again. She wants to see a Pern with Weyr’s across the continents again, not just the little island that Southern Winds is on. This has a tendency to make her sympathetic to other agendas rather than just the Weyr. She cares about the Crafters, and the Holders, and any other groups trying to carve out a niche for themselves in this new brave world. She also stubborn when it comes to her friends, she refuses to think poorly of those she’s decided to trust and someone abusing that trust has the potential to shatter her heart. She’ll defend the things and people she cares about to no end.

* Creativity : Her artistic side, gotten from her Harper father, instills in her a different way of looking at the world. She can think outside the box. She can see beauty and usefulness in people and things that others might dismiss. While her youth makes change hard for her, it’s her imagination and day dreaming that makes it impossible for her not to wonder what else, what next? Even ideas that she’s hesitant about, the dragon mutations for example, cannot be completely shut off to bigotry, prejudice, or fear because the artists’ curiosity in her wants to dig deeper and find the answers.

* Stealth : Being small does have its advantages. She can get into places other people can’t and in the vast cave systems of the new Weyr this means plenty of secret hiding places all to herself! It’s also useful for sneaking about unnoticed and the occasional eavesdropping when something’s piqued her attention


* Stubbornness : As much as a strength as this can be, her stubbornness can also be a weakness. Sometimes she’s SO sure of herself; of her decisions and beliefs that it’s difficult for her to admit that she’s wrong. It also can put her at odds with authority if she feels the person who’s trying to order her about has lost their right to that authority. No one likes to be wrong, much less admit to their mistakes or errors, this is especially true for twelve turn old girls trying to prove themselves worthy…worthy for whatever it is they think they need to be worthy for and the hard part is that they very often don’t even know for what, for whom, or why they are trying to prove themselves.

* Youth and Innocence: For all she likes to parade around as an adult Karou is very much still a child coming into adulthood. There’s a lot of ugliness in the world she hasn’t yet been exposed to. The pressures of leading people, the politics of the Weyr and the battle to assuage the Holders and Crafters, the true horror of the Hunters, and let’s face it, a fumbling, inexperienced romp in the hay doesn’t exactly translate into sexual maturity. This is especially true in the fluid and less rigid sexual restrictions of a Weyr. People hop in and out of beds all the time, for Flights, for fun, for politics. It’s an emotional and mental toll for those who aren’t ready for it.

* Tactlessness : Karou often has a habit of blurting things out without thinking of the repercussions. Yes that dress makes you look fat. Yes, Lord Holder, you’re being a gigantic ass and no one likes you. See where this could kind of be a problem. Learning when to speak her mind and when to hold her tongue is still a work in progress. As is learning how to speak her mind in an effective and manipulative way. She’s NOT manipulative, which over all can probably hurt her.

* Moody : One word. Preteen. Work ethic, intelligence, upbringing be damned. She’s got all the normal preteen hormones raging through her which means, MOOD SWINGS. She’ll be bouncy and cheery one second, carefree and aloof the next, and bam without warning she’ll throw a tantrum and bite your head off. There could be huffing, and eye rolling, and even the occasional foot stomp. Of course when all this goes down it will be all your fault, you being whomever she is dealing with at the moment, because let’s face it, like every preteen and teen knows the world is out to get them and adults have it in for them and their life is just so sharding hard and could you just back off?

* Uncertainty : She doesn’t know if she really believes she should be a Candidate. Life as a dragon rider never crossed her mind before a blue rider was dumped into her care in the infirmary. It had shaken her when he had suggested the potential his dragon saw in her. Her mother was a Healer, her father was a Harper. She had one brother who had gone off and become a rider but he was much, much older and she didn’t know him. Craft work was all she knew and she knew she was good at it. She was comfortable in it. She did not know dragons; she did not know the Weyr. And of course, catch-22, she believes that her uncertainty in herself will radiate to any potential hatchling that might take interest in her. If she doesn’t think she can cut being a dragon rider why should a dragon think differently?

Describe Yourself:

* Liar: ----- It’s not a cruel thing, it’s not a manipulative thing, it’s a “she lets her imagination get away with her thing”. In her attempts to keep people at arm’s length she’ll find herself spinning these wild and outlandish tales about her past. “Why yes, I did single-handedly save a baby from a pack of vicious hunters.” Sometimes the lies come out without her even meaning too and unless the tales get to out of hand she is actually a pretty good liar, which could be useful or a bad thing if it ever got into her mind to use it for other purposes than deflecting personal questions or trying to impress her peers.

* Adventurous: ----- Karou doesn’t like to be idle, she doesn’t sit down for very often and even when she is sitting something is always moving, drumming fingers, fidgeting knees, restless energy. She loves adrenaline, feeling unstoppable, after all what kid doesn’t feel like they’re indestructible. Why do you think so many of them pull idiotic daredevil stunts? So yes, if all the kids go jump off a bridge she’ll be right there with them, not cause all the kids said so but because, Wheee!!! Cannonball!

* Talented: ----- Her predilection may have gone the way of her mother with the Healing arts but Karou has plenty of her father’s Harper talent and not just in her drawing abilities. She has a fair voice, but a better ear for music. Stick an instrument in her hands, especially a stringed one like a lyre, harp, or lute and she’ll play those strings until there’s not a dry eye in the room or until every single body in the room is dancing along feverishly.

* Brave: ----- Bravery is the face of the new Pern, so many people lost their homes, their families. Not many twelve turns olds have the mental fortitude or stomach to work as a Healer, especially when illnesses were running rampant with overcrowding, or the vicious wounds caused by the Hunters and other dangerous creatures. Besides the blood, and gore, and guts, there’s the heartbreaking task of dealing with people who are dying, clingingly desperately to a life they don’t want to lose and panicking in the sheer fact that it’s not fair, life’s not fair. She’s held the hands of the dying, listened to their last words, some sad, some angry, some scared, some resigned, and she’s done what she could to help them, to heal them, or to just ease their passing from this world by supporting them.

* Feisty: ----- Karou was an only girl among four older brothers, and though some were too old for her to even know gone and moved on before she was born or old enough to remember, she did know her youngest siblings, Rounard and Ralain, if only for a first few turns of her life. Those memories are hazy but she bonded with other boys in her Hold and she ran wild as they did. She can hold her own among them and enjoys a good row and scuffle. She’s endured scraped knees, and bruised shins, sprained ankles and black eyes and she’s no worse for the wear of it.

The Magic Touch: No addictions. When she’s working alone she has a habit of humming an old lullaby to herself that her brother used to sing to her. She also has a tell, where she rubs the pad of her left thumb along the center of her right palm when she’s nervous or unsure. She’s left handed and can’t whistle.


Mother: Healer Kailan born 06.10.2526
Father: Harper Roulard born 15.08.2525 died 08.02.2579

Siblings: Brother: L’raz (33) born 2535, Rider to Blue Rimiroth at High Reaches clutch date 2550. Deceased 2568, went Between and never reappeared.
Brother: Harper Kaldin (19) born 2544. Deceased at Nabol Hold 2563
Brother: Harper Apprentice Rounard (15) born 2564. Deceased at Fort Hold 2579
Brother: Harper Apprentice Ralain (16) born 2565. Presumed deceased ~2580 disappeared from Fort Hold.

Children:No children yet.

Tell us a story...

* 2577, 0 5th child born to Healer Kailan and Harper Roulard. Born in Fort Hold after parents migrated as refugees from Tillek Hold.

* 2579, 2 Father and brother Rounard die from illness that sweeps through the overcrowded Fort Hold. Karou is young but unfortunately in this time of catastrophe it’s not unusual to know and understand the meaning of death at such an early age. Her oldest brother died before she was born so this is her first experience with a death that’s personal to her.

* 2580, 3 Ralain goes missing from Fort Hold, body is never recovered. Karou vaguely remembers begging Ralain to take her everywhere with him. She clung to him possessively after her father and brother died. Her mother was swamped in the Healer Hall dealing with injuries and disease so it was either get her brother to let her tag along or deal with being dropped off at some various Holder’s home who would watch her. As she got older she wondered if she asked Ralain to take her with him the day he disappeared. What would have happened to her then? Would she be wherever he was? Was he even anywhere or was he dead?

* 2580, 3 Karou comes down with the same sickness that took her father and brother nearly a turn before. She is sick and isolated in the Healer Hall for nearly two weeks before recovering.

* 2582, 5 Starts helping out in the Healer Hall, fetching supplies for the healers, relaying messages between people, whatever little tasks they can give to the small girl to keep her busy. As Kailan’s only surviving child her mother has taken to wanting her with her as often as possible to keep an eye on her. Plus Karou has shown an aptitude for the healing arts. She quickly picks up on the names of ointments and herbs. She can recreate the drawings of anatomy and plants and berries from the healing scrolls. It is expected she will enter the Hall officially as an apprentice when she becomes of age.

* 2586, 9 Karou falls in with a group of Holder kids who become her clique though none of them are really considered a best friend. This is where she first meets Jacen, the boy she would eventually sleep with. He pays her little attention though they have mutual friends. In the summer months of this turn, a boy she plays with dislocates his shoulder after falling from a wall the children are playing on. Karou uses what knowledge she’s picked up from lurking around the Healer Hall to pop the shoulder back into place before they bring the boy to the healers. Her cool head and nonchalance about pushing bones back into sockets earns her some respect among the older kids. Ask her or any of the kids about the story after and somehow it’s ballooned into the tale that the boy’s arm was broken, the bone grotesquely sticking out of the skin and of course there was blood and guts everywhere (don’t try and reason that there are no guts in a human arm…just go with it) and Karou ripped off pieces of her own shirt to use as a tourniquet. From here on out it wasn’t unusual for younger kids who had heard this story to come find Karou, all tear and snot, and ask her to fix their skinned knees.

* 2587, 10 Moves with mother to the newly established Southern Winds Weyr. There is a lot of unrest and grumbling about Holders having to move into a Weyr. The tension and unease sweeps into Karou, she is often taciturn, cranky, and moody during the move. But WHY do they have to move? Aren’t Weyrs stinky with all their dragons and whers? What if Ralain comes back! He’ll think we left him. 

* 2588, 11 Loses virginity to stable boy Jacen. They meet up every once in a while to make out and fool around but their relationship never really develops much after their sexual encounter. The stress of trying to find places for themselves in the new hybrid Weyr/Hold makes it difficult for them to focus on each other. Fighting between riders and holders keeps tensions high. Plus Jacen, being a few turns older, is already in his apprenticeship with the Beastmasters and the task of trying to stabilize farmlands and herd animals takes up most of his time. Karou spends her time preparing to enter the Healer Hall as an apprentice in the coming turn.

* 04.2589, 12 Karou begins her apprenticeship in the Healer Hall. Given her family’s history with the Hall and her aptitude she gains the respect of her peers quickly and is often asked to assist in the more serious traumas that some of the other less experienced apprentices aren’t ready for yet. She can handle easier injuries and minor illness with little to no supervision.

* 10.2589, 12 Karou spends just 6 months in her apprenticeship with the Healer Hall before tending to a Blue rider with minor injuries in the aftermath of a Hunter attack at the construction site of the new Hold. During her treatment of the rider she is Searched and offered a chance to become a Candidate. Given that she’d grown up her whole life expecting to follow into her mother’s footsteps and become a Healer it’s a surprising and unexpected opportunity. Most of her friends are former holdfolk who’ve harbored resentment towards the riders in some degree or another. Tensions still hold between the groups. Ultimately Karou makes a chancy decision to forego the continuation of her training in favor of becoming a Candidate. What’s the worst that can happen? The dragonets spurn her and she eventually returns to the Healers, a little older and a little behind but none worse for the wear. Right?   

Karou rubbed her thumb along the triangular center of her palm as she walked hurriedly towards the stables. She had been wavering back and forth all day, her mind completely off task during her shift in the Healer Hall. More than once she had been cuffed on the back of the head by her mentor for not paying attention. How could she pay attention! Today was the day; the day Jacen had told her to meet him in the lofts of the stables. Karou had harbored a crush on the stable boy for a while; he was a turn or two older than her and never really paid her much mind. Then, out of the blue, about a month ago he started finding ways to bump into her, to strike up conversations. At first she rebuked him, wary and unsure but the boy was persistent. Pretty soon they were eating lunch together every day, sneaking behind buildings to kiss on their breaks. Now she couldn’t remember who had brought up the idea of them sneaking into the lofts to take this little tryst a step further. Surely it must have been his? She didn’t know for sure but from gossip she wasn’t the first girl he had shown interest in and more than enough girls were happy enough to spread rumors that they had slept with him. She frowned stubbornly as this thought entered her mind; surely not all those rumors were true.

As she entered the stables, it was quiet except for the soft rustlings and snorts of the runners in their stalls. Was he here yet? She wiped her palms on the front of her breeches and moved over to the ladder that led to the loft. Slowly and deliberately she climbed up. Did this make her a slut? Sleeping with a boy she had only really knew a few weeks? But she liked him, she really did and there was no denying the sparks that lit her up from head to toe when he touched her, when he smiled at her. She didn’t know if that was love. Love. It seemed like such a foreign word. When she reached the top of the ladder she saw he was already there, sitting casually, cross legged on the hay. His face broke into a grin when he saw her, she swore in the second before it did that she saw a flicker of relief. Had he thought she wouldn’t come? Was he as nervous as she was. “Come here, Karou.” He ordered lightly, all smiles and laughing eyes, the ‘r’ of her name rolling languorously in his mouth when he said her name. He reached out to take her hand as she came over, pulling her gently to sit before him. The hand that held hers never let go as he reached forward with his other hand to cup the back of her neck and pull her mouth towards his. His hand in hers, his thumb slowly caressing the center of her palm.   

Member Info...

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Other Characters:
None. Yet.
Inactivity Preference:
NPC or adoptable or death, really if I fade away I have no preference. Whatever the needs of the Weyr/Site are
Anything Else:
Understand that Candidates will not Impress on their first IC clutch, and may not on their second. If you make a candidate, it is to play a candidate. You will, of course, eventually impress. 

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Re: Karou [02.04.2577 9th Pass - Candidate]
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Re: Karou [02.04.2577 9th Pass - Candidate]
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If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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Re: Karou [02.04.2577 9th Pass - Candidate]
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Image Credit: SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
20.01.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Belior looks like the night sky, which was what inspired Karou to give him his celestial name. His wings and neck and tail are a dark, deep blue that almost turns black towards the tip of his tail. His back and head are a lighter blue with speckles of lighter color that gives the illusion of stars lighting him up from the inside out. Luckily for Karou, Belior is a small blue, topping out at barely .9 meters full grown. 


Mind Voice: Belior’s mind voice is slow and creeping like a cold mist that rolls in from the water. It’s echoing and vast, like when you yell into a chasm and your voice gets thrown back at you over and over.
--Exploring: Belior is a curious flit, and like his bonded loves meeting new people and finding new places. He’s not as attached to Karou as Timor is and will often go exploring on his own. This sense of adventure also comes in handy as Karou teaches and trains her flits to search for berries and plants and other materials that she can use to turn into paints.
--Being Social: Belior loves everyone from the get-go. He’s not the type to be wary of strangers whether it be a person, another firelizard, dragon, or wher. There was also that unfortunate incident when he tried to say hello to a Beach Snake and nearly lost the tip of his tail. Thankfully, even with his memory issues, he knows not to do that again!
--Belly rubs: Most flits and dragons seem to have an affinity to scratches around their eye ridges. Not Belior. If he trusts you enough he’ll roll right over like a feline and implore you to rub his belly. Karou likes to see how loud his thrilling and hums of happiness can get when she finds “the spot”.
--Memory: Karou isn’t sure if he does this on purpose or if it’s an actual problem but Belior seems to have short term memory issues. He’ll greet people multiple times as if it’s the first time he’s seen them. He’ll be snacking on a strip of dried meat, glance away for a second, and then look back and squeal in delight at the surprise in his claws. Like most firelizards, his long term memory of things is impeccable, including historic events from the past. Regardless, it’s often an endearing and cute trait but sometimes it can grind on Karou’s nerves when she has to explain or introduce Belior to something for the umpteenth time. It also means she relies on Timor to help keep Belior focused when they are doing tasks away from her.
--Mirrors: Maybe he believes he is the biggest, most beautiful blue firelizard around and reflective surfaces only show him the truth of the matter, but Belior does not like mirrors. He’s been known to smash one or two in his day bringing up bad luck to whatever poor sap owned the mirror. Thankfully, in this time of limited resources there aren’t many mirrors to go around.
--Being belittled: Much like Karou, he doesn’t like to be talked down too. Woe to anyone who thinks talking to him in a cutesy baby voice “Awww, what a cute widdle flit? Who’s the cutest flit? You are! Yes you are!” will be met with a piercing glare and a ferocious snarl!


Member Info...

Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: Karou [02.04.2577 9th Pass - Candidate]
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Image Credit: SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
21.01.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Like Belior, Timor has a gorgeous color that mimics Pern’s night sky. Unlike his bond brother, Timor’s colors are lighter. His speckled hide is mottled, a mix of light and dark blues that seems to swirl like a galaxy. He is on the smaller side for a blue, topping out at 1.1 meters full grown. 


Mind Voice:
Timor’s mind voice is thick and bathing like the bubbly surf from the ocean. It’s enveloping and comforting, drowning out everything else like jumping headlong off a cliff and being swallowed alive by the water below. 
--Karou: Timor is far more attached and protective of Karou than Belior is. He is the quote, unquote, mother hen, of the group. He watches out not only for Karou but Belior as well. He may be a day younger but he acts turns older.
--Learning: Timor is a flit-handlers dream. He’s easy to train, eager to please, and quick to learn. Karou only has to show him something one, maybe two times, before the flit understands. He also enjoys teaching others and in that case it extends to Belior, teaching the other flit to complete the tasks that Karou wants.
--Mimes: Timor is most comfortable expressing his thoughts in mimicry. Oh, you’re crying? You’re going to get an image of rain. /Really/ crying? A waterfall. Sometimes Timor doesn’t have the most tact with these mimes. Karou often gets images of things she’d rather not see in Timor’s attempt to express what is going on.
--Pain: When anyone around him, especially his bonded is in pain or angry or sad, Timor can’t help but want to comfort them. The flit feels distress until the people around him are okay and content again. Timor is also not strong when it comes to his own physical pain. It kills him that he can be hurt and scared when all he wants is to be, big, bad, and brave like a bronze. The kind of bronze his bonded deserves.
--Figurative: Given his tendency towards miming ideas and words, Timor can sometimes be less than literal when it comes to commands. This can become a problem when Karou sends him out on very specific tasks, for very specific things. Karou might actually scream if she asks for coal to draw with and Timor brings her a particularly annoying Candidate instead one more time.

--Cold: Thankfully, Fort Island doesn’t get very cold very often but Timor is especially sensitive to the cold. This is apparent in the fact that he avoids having to Between unless necessary. In the colder nights at the Weyr he can be found curled up close to his siblings and Karou, snuggled beneath the furs on her bed. 

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