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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: Plotter Kit's Plotter and Tracker  (Read 10651 times)

Offline Kit

Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« on: December 13, 2014, 10:19:49 AM »

Karou's Playlist

Spoiler for Karou's Relationships and Threads:

Mama told me when I was young/Come sit beside me, my only son/And listen closely to what I say./And if you do this/It will help you some sunny day./Take your time... don't live too fast,/Troubles will come and they will pass.
  • Kailan-   Karou's mother and a healer in the Healer Hall. Karou and her mother get along fairly well. Among Kailan's children, Karou was the only one who showed any interest or aptitude for the healing craft. Karou leaned on her mother as more of a mentor than a motherly figure during the move from Fort Hold to Southern Winds Weyr. Her mother was not entirely pleased at her daughter's decision to leave the healer craft to become a Candidate but they are still on good terms.
  • Roulard-   Karou's father and a harper in the Harper Hall. He died when she was just a toddler from an illness that swept Fort Hold. She only has vague memories of him.
  • L'raz-   Karou's oldest brother and Rider of Rimiroth at High Reaches Weyr. He died during Threadfall when he and his dragon went Between and never returned. He died before Karou was even born so all she knows of him and his time as a dragonrider is from what her mother has told her, which isn't much. Her interest in her oldest brother has increased since becoming a Candidate herself.
  • Kaldin-   Karou's second oldest brother. He joined the Harper Hall and worked at Nabol Hold. He also died before Karou was born so her knowledge of him is limited.
  • Rounard-   Karou's third oldest brother. He died of the same illness that took her father in Fort Hold. While she remembers him, like her father, those memories are vague and sometimes she's not sure whether what she remembers is actually true or if it's something she made up in her own mind and convinced herself was real.
  • Ralain-   Karou's youngest brother and the one sibling she has the most memory of. He disappeared from Fort Hold and is presumed dead. Karou knows it's foolish but she secretly believes that he is alive. Not that anyone could survive alone outside the protection of the Weyr.
Partner In Crime

We're going till the world stops turning/While we burn it to the ground tonight
  • Best Friend/Partner in Crime-

Come as you are, as you were,/As I want you to be/As a friend, as a friend
  • Syrena-   Karou hasn't known Syrena long, but the girl is one of the first people she's met since becoming a Candidate and they have a lot in common. Despite a gap in their ages, they're both fairly new to Candidacy and Karou likes having someone in the same boat as her, someone going through the same challenges as her, it makes her feel less alone.
  • A'tor- Karou first met A'tor when he spent an extended period of time in the Healer Hall after sustaining injuries during a hatching. They've crossed paths several times since then and Karou likes his easy going nature. A'tor is easy to talk to and fun to hang around.
  • S'ren- As Candidates together they spend a lot of time around one another, whether in classes or doing chores, or planning ridiculous drinking parties for all the other Candidates.
  • Zelryon- Karou has a history with Ryon from her days in the Healer Hall. Their fun loving natures compliment each other well. Despite Ryon's flirtatious nature, she knows he's got a heart of gold and is one of the genuinely best people she knows.
  • Kayden-
  • Friend-
Most Girls Are Idiots, But Not You

Anything you can do,/I can do better./I can do anything/Better than you./No, you can't./Yes, I can. No, you can't./Yes, I can. No, you can't./Yes, I can,/Yes, I can!/Anything you can be/I can be greater./Sooner or later,
/I'm greater than you./No, you're not. Yes, I am./No, you're not. Yes, I am./No, you're NOT! Yes, I am./Yes, I am!
  • Lycoris- Their friendship started slowly but Karou and Lyco have built a tenuous relationship together based on grudging respect, camaraderie, and an incessant need to one-up the other. They do best when competing good-naturedly against one another and are as close as it comes to friendly rivals.
Not On My Christmas Card List

Only when I stop to think about you,/I know/Only when you stop to think about me,/do you know?/I hate everything about you
  • Amalandrea- Amalandrea and Karou had a little arm wrestling match during the Turn End Celebration of 2589 and Ama made the mistake of insulting Karou and calling her out in front of a good portion of the Weyr. Karou isn't going to forgive...or forget that anytime soon.
  • S'ric- Karou had a terrible experience with him during chores. He seemed to completely overreact and freak out just because she wanted to have a conversation. After he insulted her and her healing abilities she's made it a mission to annoy the unpleasant man whenever possible.
  • Enemies-
  • Enemies-
Romantic Interests

I ain't got many friends left to talk to/No one's around when I'm in trouble/You know I'd do anything for you/Stay the night but keep it undercover/I just wanna use your love tonight
  • Jacen-  Holder boy from Fort Hold. Jacen is an apprentice in the Beastcraft Hall. Their relationship was a short one thanks to the stresses of both their apprenticeships as well as the move from Fort Hold to Southern Winds Weyr. It lasted only a few months and mostly included making out and fooling around and generally culminated with a sloppy, inexperienced sexual encounter in the stables after their move to the Weyr.
  • L'ren- Karou ran into L'ren not long after being Searched and the attraction was almost immediate, once they got past Karou accidentally insulting L'ren and his bronze Morriganth. After a handful of meetings and flirtations Karou ended up spending the night with him after the 2589 Turn End Celebration. While there is definitely physical attraction between them the possibility of any more serious relationship is unknown given their age difference and the uncertainty of if or when Karou might Impress.
  • Lycoris- Karou's not really sure what she feels for the girl. But they shared a kiss after the Turn End celebration and they obviously care about each other so it remains to be seen where their relationship will go, whether it will remain platonic or turn into something more.
  • Romantic Interest-

Acquaintances Quote
  • Vestannaand Belzyth-   Vess and Belzyth were the ones to Search Karou when Vess ended up in the Healer Hall following a Hunter attack. Karou quietly looks up to the woman and her dragon and she has a biased affection for blue dragons because of it.
  • Vorianna-  One of the more experienced Journeywomen in the Healer Hall, Karou worked a lot with Vorianna during her short lived time as a Healer Apprentice. She and the woman didn't always see eye to eye. Vorianna had little patience for Karou's mood swings and preteen attitudes. Even with the bits of friction in their relationship Karou, deep down, did admire the woman's skills and abilities. Having entered the Healing craft when Threadfall was no longer a danger she learned things about Threadscore, the scars it left, and effective salves and balms from Vorianna's specialty. Vorianna is more of a former mentor/teacher/psuedoparent than a friend.
  • B'nyn- The guy's stoic and taciturn nature has made it difficult for Karou to really develop a friendship with him. She finds it hard to really know what to make of him and his seriousness seems to unnerve her. Still, she finds she likes the boy and he's clearly sharp witted and intelligent, both traits Karou appreciates. And he's close to Syrena whom she very much likes so there's that.
  • Ysmersa-
  • K'mar-
  • C'ace-

Thread Possibilities

  • Karou and Xitomar
  • L'ren starts to get too protective
  • Meeting R'kan and interrogating him.


He’d rather live for a brief moment, a sparking wild moment that might fizzle out at any moment, than spend the rest of his living standing still.

Colvin's Playlist

Spoiler for Cole's Relationships and Threads:

Now dance, fucker, dance/Man, he never had a chance/And no one even knew/With a thousand lies/And a good disguise/Hit ‘em right between the eyes
  • Vandrae- Ex-Lord Holder of Nabol and Colvin's father. The man is power hungry, vicious, and mean. He's manipulative and his hatred of the dragon riders blinds him. Needless to say he and Colvin do not have a good relationship. Cole tends to provoke the man on purpose in order to keep his father's rage focused on him and off of Virilise.
  • Lenlin- Colvin's mother. She's a meek and obedient woman who bends completely to the iron will of her husband. Colvin loves her because she is his mother but he certainly doesn't respect her because she allows Vandrae and Verran to treat him and Virilise the way they do.
  • Verran- Colvin's half brother who is actually older than Colvin's mother by two turns. Knowing it annoys him to be older than his step mother, Cole likes to call Verran "uncle", just to piss him off.
  • Hedven-  Colvin's half brother. Died in the revolts at Nabol Hold before Colvin was born.
  • Verlise- Colvin's half sister. Died during Threadfall at Nabol Hold before Colvin was born.
  • Virilise- Colvin's younger sister. He adores her and dotes on her. Much of his over protectiveness comes from the guilt he feels for accidentally dropping her from a wall while playing in Fort Hold and causing her blindness.
  • Cavine- Colvin's first child. He did not stay in the mother or boy's life. Cavine passed away at 2 turns old.
  • Yathe- Colvin's second child. Died of illness before he was a full turn. Colvin again was not involved in the child's short life.
  • Nonin- Colvin's third child.
  • Lieca- Colvin's fourth child and first daughter. She is alive and living the Weyr creche. Colvin does not visit her but Virilise does.
  • Aiellon-  Colvin's fifth child, also alive and living in the Weyr creche. Colvin does not visit him but Virilise does
Partner In Crime


This is how I show my love/I made it in my mind because/I blame it on my A.D.D. baby/This is how an angel dies/I blame it on my own supply/Maybe I should cry for help/Maybe I should kill myself (myself)/Maybe I'm a different breed/Maybe I'm not listening/Sail with me into the dark
  • Sevastjan- Their friendship began in the Harper Hall. Colvin respects the man's talent and easy going nature.
  • K'mar- K'mar tolerated Colvin's crazy nature better than most people which is a positive. They've had up and downs in their meetings and it doesn't help that Colvin likes to tease the man about Niema. But overall Colvin's found a sort of respect for him and he's more likely to listen to orders from him than from some of the other riders.
  • Friend-
  • Friend-
  • Friend-

  • V'len- Colvin immediately clashed with the rule abiding, traditionalist bronze rider. It's unlikely they will ever find away to get along.
  • Erieen- Though they haven't had much interaction there was an immediate sense of dislike between these two. Colvin knows Erieen can't stand him and though he doesn't feel as strongly against the other boy he does find amusement in pushing Erieen's buttons when he can.
  • M'kale-
  • Sethunya-

They think I'm crazy but they don't know the feeling/They're all around me,/Circling like vultures/They wanna break me and wash away my colors/I cannot stop this sickness taking over/It takes control and drags me into nowhere/I need your help, I can't fight this forever/I know you're watching,/I can feel you out there/Take me over the walls below/Fly forever/Don't let me go/I need a savior to heal my pain/When I become my worst enemy

Take me high and I'll sing/Oh you make everything okay, okay, okay/We are one in the same/Oh you take all of the pain away, away, away/Save me if I become/My demons

  • Niema- Colvin's somewhat smitten with the gorgeous green rider. While he is certainly physically attracted to her there's more to it. He respects her and enjoys her company. She understands him more than most people. He's also gained a grudging respect for her weyrmate so while he will shameless flirt and push boundaries he wouldn't likely ever actually try to sleep with her.
Love'em and Leave'em

He looked right through me/"Come on home, girl" he said with a smile/"You don't have to love me yet/Let's get high awhile/But try to understand/Try to understand/Try try try to understand/I'm a magic man."/"Come on home, girl" he said with a smile/"I cast my spell of love on you a woman from a child!

Acquaintances Quote

Thread Possibilities

  • Callista and Nabol/High Reaches tensions and drama
  • Colvin toes the line with L'ale, because he has a death wish


Marika's Playlist

Spoiler for Marika's Relationships and Threads:


  • C'rel- Marika's father and rider of Caseth. Marika never had a close relationship with her father. He died fighting Thread during the catastrophe.   
  • Harmona- Marika's mother and a drudge at Fort Weyr. Her mother died from an illness that swept through the Weyr.   
  • Family-
Partner In Crime

  • Ianathe- Ianathe and Marika are more like sisters than best friends. They've known each other since they were four turn old weyrbrats terrorizing the creche. They Impressed together and often share a weyr, falling asleep in a pile of arms and legs and baby dragons rather than being apart. It's expected that after Weyrling graduation they'll join the same wing together.

  • Friend-
  • Friend-
  • Friend-
  • Friend-
  • Friend-

Lovers and Bedmates

  • S'ric-
  • Romantic Interest-
  • Romantic Interest-
  • Romantic Interest-

  • Z'tai- Marika caught the eye of the Prairie Wingleader during one of her early morning training sessions. She hopes this will work in her favor when it comes time to choose a wing. She also hopes it will lead to more time with him teaching her more flying and Betweening skills.
  • Acquaintances-
  • Acquaintances-

Thread Possibilities


Rsin's Playlist

Spoiler for R'sin's Relationships and Threads:


  • A'larre-   
  • Channa-
  • B'lan-
  • Alarrenan-
  • Aileen-
  • Tordan-
  • R'dan-
  • Raela-
  • Karassassi-
  • Cassidethen-
  • Rikiness-
  • Chaera-
  • Danal-

  • L'ale and L'nal- To be perfectly honest, R'sin hardly even thinks of these two as separate people. In fact, if you mentions his two Wingseconds he might even give you a momentarily confused look. That beings said, the twins are more valuable to him than almost any other riders in his wing. He trusts them implicitly and despite their young age they've earned his respect.
  • L'ren-
  • M'kale-
  • Y'vis-
  • N'syn-
  • A'ron-
  • Callista-
  • Esclamonde-
  • Cassipiora-
  • Maerysa-
The Leaders

Beach Wing

  • K'mar-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
  • [{Beach Wing}]-
Prairie Wing

  • K'rez-
  • [{Prairie Wing}]-
  • [{Prairie Wing}]-
  • [{Prairie Wing}]-
  • [{Prairie Wing}]-
Mountain Wing


Friends and Acquaintances

  • Keassa-
  • [{F&Al}]-
  • [{F&A}]-
  • [{F&A}]-
Annoying Little Fucks

  • [{Maeron}]-
  • J'hal-
  • [{Idiot}]-
  • [{Idiot}]-

Thread Possibilities

Thread Timeline

03.04.2583 / 02AM – Robbing The CradleR'sin // CassipioraMATURE
-||R’sin wakes up in Cassi’s weyr after Dekkath catches Tesayonth on her first flight.

04.07.2584 / 12PM - Haaaaaave You Met Ted? - Marika // Ianathe
-||Marika plays wingman for Ianathe and falls for a smithcrafter - Incompletel

13.06.2585 / 11AM - Nothing To Do But Wait - Karou // Narinae
-||Karou finds herself on lockdown in the Healer Hall during a Threadfall at Fort Hold.

15.03.2587 / 09AM - Bearing An Untold StoryMarika // SOLO
18.05.2587 / 02PM - The Ties That Bind - Colvin // I'myr
-||Colvin looks for guidance after being Searched - Incomplete
19.05.2587 / 07AM - The Only Reason I'm Here Is To Wreak Havoc - Colvin // Iayla
20.05.2587 / 10AM - A Decision to be Made - R'sin // Y'tol L'ale
02.06.2587 / 08AM - Story Time - Colvin // Ianathe
15.06.2587 / 08AM – But I Don’t Want To LeaveKarou // SOLO
-||Karou has mixed emotions about leaving Fort Hold to move to Fort Island and Southern Winds Weyr.
15.06.2587 / 10PM – New Home, Same Old StoryMarika // S'ricMATURE
-||Marika “finds” Searic bleeding in the bathing pools. She offers to stitch him up and the two end up having sex once she’s done.
16.06.2587 / 12AM - And You Didn’t Share?!Marika // Ianathe
-||Marika tells Ian about her encounter with Searic. Ianathe reveals she’s pregnant with Colvin’s baby. - Incomplete
01.07.2587 / 09AM - Something So Much BetterMarika // S'ricMATURE
15.07.2587 / 06PM - And That's Why I'm Out Here - R'sin // Z'jec

05.01.2588 / 08PM - A New Victim...Oh Wait, It's You - Colvin // Zondesh
05.07.2588 / 04PM - I Hate To Ask... - Marika // S'ricMATURE
28.08.2588 / 02PM – Learning Our PlacesKarou // SOLO
-||Karou gets into a fight with a couple of boys she knew from Fort Hold.

18.03.2589 / 07PM - Is Anyone Sitting Here?Marika // N'aen
12.04.2589 / 05AM - An Early Morning Training Session - Marika // M'dak
10.05.2589 / 10AM – The Apprentice Of The Master?Karou // SOLO
-||Karou shows off in front of her Healer Apprentice classmates during a lesson.
30.08.2589 / 11PM - It’s Never EnoughKarou // K'mar
-||Karou meets K’mar for the first time after Niema and Vorloruth get injured. She makes him tea to help him sleep. -
09.09.2589 / 11PM – Not The Best Way To Be PromotedR'sin // Halirina
-||R’sin is summoned to Halirina’s weyr after L’andis is killed by Hunters. R’sin is promoted to Jungle Wingleader but Halirina grounds him from hunting with his wing.
10.09.2589 / 09PM - Sidelined - R'sin // Maerysa
22.09.2589 / 04PM - Could You Be Less You?Colvin // Sethunya
-||In which Sethunya punches Colvin for being an ass.
35.09.2589 / 04PM – Feeling Bad, But For The Right ReasonsKarou // Vorianna
-||Vorianna helps Karou deal with a difficult patient and they discuss her lessons and fire lizards – Incomplete
09.10.2589 / 02PM – Shit Hits The Fan. Sort Of.Karou // Vestanna
-||Karou treats Vestanna for a minor injury after a Hunter attack. Vestanna and Belzyth Search Karou and offer a chance at Candidacy.
09.10.2589 / 05PM – Every Decision Has A ConsequenceKarou // SOLO
-||Karou tells her mother about her decision to leave the Healer Hall and become a Candidate.
09.10.2589 / 06PM – First MealKarou // S'ren Lycoris OPEN
-||Karou introduces herself to some of the other Candidates and they discuss Hunters and Fire Lizards and Whers – Incomplete
10.10.2589 / 01PM – On The LedgeColvin // V'len K'mar Niema
-||Colvin is assigned to V’len for chores and the two do not get along. They argue and V’len’s dragon knocks Colvin down.
10.10.2589 / 02PM - Returning Your ThingsColvin // O'sir K'mar
-||After the incident on the ledge with V’len, K’mar brings Colvin back to O’sir.
11.10.2589 / 04PM – What Did I Do NowColvin // Niema O'sir
-||Colvin is summoned to O’sir’s office where he is told he needs to get his act together or he’ll be kicked out of Candidacy. He’s also told Niema has volunteered to mentor him.
11.10.2589 / 05PM - Getting To Know One AnotherColvin // Niema
-||After Niema is assigned as Colvin’s mentor she takes him back to the beach on Pern’s mainland to spend some time together and get to know one another.
11.10.2589 / 07PM - A Girl On A MissionKarou // Ysmersa
-||Karou tracks down Ysmersa to ask about paints.
13.10.2589 / 07PM - You Still Have To EatColvin // Virilise
-||Virilise enlists Vic’s help to get Colvin down to the dining hall and the sibilings catch up while Virilise makes sure Colvin is eating properly. -Incomplete.
15.10.2589 / 08PM - DistractionsKarou // L'ren Valenarin
-||Karou meets L’ren in the private dining nook and accidentally insults him. They are interrupted by Valenarin and his crazy flits. -Incomplete.
17.10.2589 / 08AM - Put Us To WorkKarou // Osaiyes
-||Karou and Osaiyes have Healer Hall chores together. -Incomplete
19.10.2589 / 08PM – Pern Might Be Broken, But Gravity Isn’tKarou // A'tor Nyseri B'nynOPEN
-||Karou messes around in the Weyrbowl after dinner and meets new people –Incomplete
20.10.2589 / 08AM – How Did…What? Fine.Karou //CANDIDATE CHORES
-||Karou and the Candidates oil K'rez’s dragon –Incomplete
21.10.2589 / 12PM – Manly Strolls Along The CoveColvin // Calladren
-||Cole and Cal go searching for fire lizard eggs on the beach. They find and split a clutch of eight eggs.
21.10.2589 / 06PM – Dust Bunnies Under The BunkKarou //Thalaris
-||Karou tries to help a weyrbrat who might have a cold - Incomplete
22.10.2589 / 05PM - Cavern Painting and ExploringKarou // A'tor
-||Karou takes A’tor to see her secret cavern mural. - Incomplete
23.10.2589 / 02PM – Until One Is OursKarou //EVENT
-||Touching for Imyth’s clutch.
24.10.2589 / 09PM – The Dirtiest CandidateKarou // L'ren Zelryon
-||Karou gets teased by Ryon in the bathing pools and both of them team up to tease L’ren.
27.10.2589 / 08AM - Why Does It Have To Be Runners?Karou // Kayden
-||Karou and Kayden share stable chores and Kayden teaches Karou about runners. -Incomplete
29.10.2589 / 05AM - Taking AimMarika // Z'tai
-||Marika catches the attention of the Prairie Wingleader during one of her early morning archery sessions. -
33.10.2589 / 08PM - I Guess We’re Friends Or SomethingKarou // Lycoris
-||Karou teaches Lycoris to paint and Lyco teaches Karou how to swim. Competitive friendship is born.
35.10.2589 / 08AM – Candidate DutiesKarou // S'ric
-||Karou and Searic share kitchen chores. Searic gets so fed up with Karou’s talking that he cuts himself to get away from her.
37.10.2589 / 05PM – Here’s To A New TurnKarou Colvin //EVENT
-||Turn End Celebration
37.10.2589 / 09PM – Candidates Making Bad DecisionsKarou //OPEN
-||Karou borrows a storage room key from a boy she knew at Fort Hold and steals alcohol to throw a party for the Candidates down at the lake. Lycoris kisses her and they argue.
37.10.2589 / 11PM – Crash and BurnKarou // L'renMATURE
-||A drunk Karou finds L’ren and she goes back to his weyr with him. They have sex and L’ren tells her about the family he lost in the catastrophe.

01.01.2590 / 05AM – The Morning AfterKarou//EVENT
-||Beach Snakes attack early in the morning. Several riders and dragons as well as Candidates are killed in the attack.
01.01.2590 / 05AM - Trouble Comes In ThreesKarou // Kerenya Droissa Carayia S'ren
-||In the chaos of the Healer Hall after the Beach Snake attack, Karou is a bad patient and tries to comfort Soren. - Incomplete
01.01.2590 / 05AM - A Pile of WeyrlingsMarika // Ianathe
-||Awoken in their weyr by the chaos of the Beach Snake attack, Marika and Ianathe comfort one another and their dragons and they discuss their future. - Incomplete
01.01.2590 / 09PM – Actions and ReactionsColvin // Kayden
-||What begins with Kayden yelling at Colvin for his antics in the Turn End Celebration, turns into them gets frisky, but ends with Kayden leaving Colvin in an uncomfortable situation.
02.01.2590 / 04AM - A Losing BattleColvin // K'mar
-||Colvin and K’mar have a bonding moment that goes surprisingly well.
02.01.2590 / 02PM – Hopefully None Of Them BetweenKarou Colvin//EVENT
-||Imyth’s Clutch Hatches
02.01.2590 / 08PM - This Isn’t The End, You KnowColvin // Niema
-||Niema takes Colvin aside to make sure he’s okay after a difficult hatching. They swim and eat dinner together and Colvin plays music for her.
02.01.2590 / 09PM – More Bad DecisionsKarou // SOLO
-||Karou gets into another fight with boys from her Hold when she tries to return the key she used for the Turn End celebration. She takes refuge in her mural cavern and frustrated with the events of the new turn, ends up punching the wall in anger.
02.01.2590 / 10PM - In Need Of A FavorKarou // Zelryon
-||Karou asks Ryon to stitch her hand up after stupidly punches a wall. Ryon gives her advice on exploring her sexuality.
03.01.2590 / 09AM - Excuse Me, I Need To Borrow Your DragonKarou // S'bok Lycoris Kalestath
-||Karou goes to the Weyrleader to ask permission for her and Lyco to oil Neisoth. Karou hopes Lyco getting to spend time with the black dragon will help her forgive their fight. -Incomplete
03.01.2590 / 01PM - Well That Was A DisasterKarou Colvin // CANDIDATE CLASS
-||O’sir holds class after the disastrous hatching of Imyth’s clutch.
03.01.2590 / 07PM - Claiming A DebtKarou // L'ren
-||Karou helps L’ren bathe and oil Morriganth. Incomplete
04.01.2590 / 12PM - A Tense LunchR'sin // JUNGLE EVENT
-||Jungle Wing eats lunch together and has a vent session about the state of the Weyr and chore assignments.
04.01.2590 / 08PM - Remembering Why We Do ThisR'sin // Cassipiora MATURE
-||R’sin and Cassi spend some time with their children in the Weyrbowl and then some time with each other after the kids are dropped back at the crèche.
04.01.2590 / 10PM - Class Off, Sass OnColvin // Osaiyes
05.01.2590 / 05AM – Kalestath’s FlightR'sin // FLIGHT
-||Kalestath rises and Dekkath chases along with most of the other bronzes and browns. Neisoth wins the flight again despite interference from the twins’ bronzes.
05.01.2590 / 05AM – Weyrling ShenanigansMarika // Ianathe Sethunya OPEN
-||When the Weyrlings gather during Kalestath’s flight, tensions are high.
05.01.2590 / 06AM - The Last StrawColvin // M'kale K'mar Niema O'sir
-||Colvin runs into M’kale and the bronzer beats the shit out of Colvin. K’mar stops the fight M’kale tells Colvin he can thank his father for that. K’mar brings a badly injured Colvin to the Healer Hall and summons Niema and O’sir.
05.01.2590 / 08AM - Lines In The Sand - R'sin // K'mar O'sir
05.01.2590 / 09AM - An Actual Day Off, For A RiderKarou // C'ace
05.01.2590 / 11PM – I’m Not Supposed To Be HereColvin // Daysepona MATURE
-||Daysa sneaks into the Healer Hall to see Colvin and ends up giving him head to help him relax.
06.01.2590 / 06AM – Worse Off For The WearColvin // SOLO
-||Colvin isn’t handling the aftermath of M’kale’s beating as well as everyone thinks he is.
06.01.2590 / 07AM - Please Let There Be One LeftKarou // Calladren
-||Karou goes to Cal to trade for a fire lizard egg. He asks her to sing with him as a trade.
07.01.2590 / 06AM - What Do You Want?!—Wait, What?Colvin // V'len
V'len visits Colvin in the Healer Hall to apologize for his behavior on the ledge
08.01.2590 / 01PM – Terrible Timing For A FlightR'sin // Niema FLIGHT
-||Dekkath chases Vorloruth when she rises but he and R’sin lose out to V’len and Redrenth.
08.01.2590 / 01PM – Not Really A LossR'sin // Cassipiora Mature
-||Cassi finds R’sin after Dekkath fails to catch Vorloruth and they have sex in the tunnels. Afterward R’sin excuses her from hunting duties so she can spend the afternoon with him.
10.01.2590 / 08PM - Must Be At Least This Old To Ride This RideR'sin // Y'vis Halirina L'del W'sar Tyldas Isotarïne
-||Y’vis hosts a dinner party for some of the old, more mature residents of the Weyr. - Incomplete
10.01.2590 / 09PM - Good EveningKarou //  B'nyn
11.01.2590 / 10PM - SolaceR'sin // A'ron
-||R’sin finds one of his Wingriders being all mopey and sullen in the Weyrbowl. -Incomplete
11.01.2590 / 11PM - Follow The Trail of SugarColvin // Daysepona MATURE
-||Colvin surprises Daysa with a fire lizard egg and they spend the night and the entire next day holed up together in a private nook.
12.01.2590 / 07PM – Better To Ask Forgiveness…R'sin //EVENT
-||S’bok gathers all the Wings for a massive hunting party without telling Halirina. R’sin insists on Jungle leading the excursion and he uses the excuse of “protecting the Weyrleader” as a loop hole to get around Halirina’s grounding orders.
12.01.2590 / 08PM - Show Us What You’ve GotR'sin // S'bok Cassipiora Esclamonde N'syn
-||R’sin takes S’bok in his group on the hunting trip to see what the kid can do. Incomplete
12.01.2590 / 08PM - Nothing In This Wicked World Is Free - Colvin // Oarlen Erieen MATURE
13.01.2590 / 04PM - Afterschool Activities - Karou // Vestanna
13.01.2590 / 08PM - You Again?Colvin // Thiis
15.01.2590 / 08PM - Time For CorruptingColvin // Syrena B'nyn
-||Syrena runs into Colvin in the tunnels and comes on to him so he pulls her into a nearby storage room for some fun but they are interrupted by B’nyn. -Incomplete
16.01.2590 / 08PM - I Like Beautiful Melodies Telling Me Terrible Things - Colvin // Trundiffsle
17.01.2590 / 08PM - Don’t Count Your Flits Before They HatchColvin // Oarlen
17.01.2590 / 08PM - A Late SupperR'sin // Hanilynne Cassipiora OPEN
17.01.2590 / 09PM - It’s Been Two Weeks Since You’ve Looked At MeKarou // L'ren Seaphonellqua
19.01.2590 / 07PM - Just A Few More MonthsColvin // Ianathe
20.01.2590 / 08AM - Not Sure If Punishment or Big Brother AbuseKarou // Uorsyn Syrena Oarlen OPEN
-||Karou gets a blue fire lizard from Uorsyn’s clutch. She and Syrena and Oarlen show off their new bonded. -Incomplete
20.01.2590 / 12PM - Mine Hall GalaColvin R'sin // EVENT
-||The Mine Hall opens
20.01.2590 / 08PM - How To Train Your Fire Lizard - Karou // J'hal
21.01.2590 / 08PM - Chasing Candidate Colvin - Colvin // Oarlen
30.01.2590 / 07AM - Here's To Hoping - Karou // Calladren
36.01.2590 / 10PM – Ready or NotR'sin // Maerysa FLIGHT
-||Dekkath chases Yumiath when she rises
01.02.2590 / 07AM - You Wanna Go Where Now? - R'sin // E'tan
-||E'tan and his dragon request a meeting with R'sin to ask permission to leave Jungle Wing in order to join Mountain
02.02.2590 / 09AM - Working Hard at Hardly Working - Colvin // Ehrran
02.02.2590 / 08PM - Hard Earned is Well Appreciated - Karou // Trundiffsle M'lan
03.02.2590 / 04PM - A Well Oiled Dragon - Colvin // Kiila Trundiffsle
04.02.2590 / 04PM - So, You Think You’re Ready to Fly? - R'sin // J'hal
-||When J'hal starts doing is own training outside of Weyrling classes, D'zel asks R'sin to give the blakc rider one on one lessons.
05.02.2590 / 12PM - Cliffside Run-In - Colvin // Ghael Calladren S'ric
05.02.2590 / 01PM - Fix It! - Colvin // Calladren Larilla
-||Cole drags Cal to the Healers in a panic after he falls a short way down the cliffs in the Weyr Bowl. He has PTSD anxiety and flashbacks to his sister's fall.
05.02.2590 / 05PM - All Apologies - Colvin // O'sir
07.02.2590 / 08PM – Their's Not to Reason WhyR'sin //EVENT
07.02.2590 / 08PM - Watch Them Fly - Colvin // Virilise
-||Colvin brings his sister out into the Weyrbowl and with the help of Terra and Vic they allow her to "see" all the dragons flying together for the Weyr hunt -Incomplete
08.02.2590 / 08PM - Tunes for An Empty Cavern - Colvin // Droissa Calladren Neriherem
09.02.2590 / 05PM - Far Enough Yet? - R'sin // J'hal
-||The training between the Jungle Wingleader and the black Weyrling is still contentious. R'sin looks to add other advanced Weyrlings to the lessons.
10.02.2590 / 09PM - I Never Liked You Anyways - Colvin // Calladren
-||Cole pushes Cal away after the incident at the cliffs believe that the younger Candidate is safer not being around him.
12.02.2590 / 09PM - Three's Company - Colvin // Erieen Ghael
-||The three older Candidates have a good ol'fashioned bitch session about the fact none of them have Impressed yet. - Incomplete
13.02.2590 / 05AM - Aftermath - Colvin // SOLO
14.02.2590 / 12PM - The Start of a Beautiful Rivalry - Colvin // A'tor
15.02.2590 / 12PM – Volunteers for a Particular ErrandR'sin Marika Colvin //EVENT
17.02.2590 / 08PM - There's Nothing to Be Scare Of - Karou // Nealros
19.02.2590 / 06PM - I said no... - Colvin // Keron
22.02.2590 / 05PM - Playing With Fire - Colvin // K'mar
26.02.2590 / 11AM - Making Too Much Noise - R'sin //EVENT
27.02.2590 / 09AM - Wing Support - R'sin // N'syn
27.02.2590 / 08PM - One and a Half Visitors - R'sin // Cassipiora
27.02.2590 / 08PM - Let's Do It Till We Get It Right - Colvin // Keron
29.02.2590 / 05PM - The Blue Rider Wakes - Karou // L'gudu
33.02.2590 / 09AM - Was There Any Warning - R'sin // Esclamonde Cassipiora
01.03.2590 / 06AM - It's Come to This - R'sin //EVENT
01.03.2590 / 07AM - Well Earned Praise - R'sin // M'kale L'ale
01.03.2590 / 07AM - Expectations - Marika //EVENT
01.03.2590 / 08PM - Let Me Help - R'sin // Callista
02.03.2590 / 08PM - A Healer Exclusive with Jungle Wing - R'sin // Loressa
05.03.2590 / 05AM - By Dawn's Light - Marika // Iayla Ianathe
06.03.2590 / 08PM - Driving Shafts - Marika // A'tas
08.03.2590 / 09PM - Flit Training - Karou // Oarlen R'kan
12.03.2590 / 12PM - No More Shenanigans - Marika // T'nax
12.03.2590 / 01PM – Oriath RisesR'sin // Vanelwynne FLIGHT
12.03.2590 / 01PM - Everyone Can Learn Something - Karou // Finnmaghaine MATURE
12.03.2590 / 03PM - Do We Have a Problem? - Marika // U'thar
13.03.2590 / 12PM - Sun and Sarcasm - R'sin // B'lye
15.03.2590 / 04AM - Good Morning! - Marika // C'dus
19.03.2590 / 08PM - This isn't Blackmail, This is War - R'sin //EVENT
29.03.2590 / 04PM - Let's Get This Over With - R'sin // J'hal Haithen
-|| R'sin continues to train J'hal one on one and this time the black Weyrling brings Haithen along.
33.03.2590 / 08PM - The Fruits of Cooperation - R'sin Colvin Marika Karou // EVENT
-||The Fisher Hall reveals it's new boat project. Marika and Colvin run into different kinds of trouble during the event.
33.03.2590 / 09PM - On Our Best Behavior - Marika // S'ric
-|| Searic takes Marika into the tunnels to patch her up when Slade accidentally tears her shoulder open. Both are frustrated by Marika's Weyrling restrictions.
34.03.2590 / 07AM - We Need To Talk - Colvin // Daysepona
02.04.2590 / 12PM - Let's Start a Riot - R'sin Colvin Marika // EVENT
-|| A riot breaks out in the Weyr Hall during lunch when a group of Crafters and Holders approach Jungle Wing, angry about the Weyr lockdown.
02.04.2590 / 01PM - Today Is A Mess - Colvin
-|| The Candidates deal with the aftermath of the riot
02.04.2590 / 01PM - The Best Cure Is a Good Fight or Rough Sex - R'sin // L'ale L'nal
-||R'sin checks on his Wingseconds after the riot and after Imyth's attack of Illoth
02.04.2590 / 02PM - Managing Messes - Colvin // Saviavi C'bryn Sionann
02.04.2590 / 08PM - Getting The Ducks Back In A Row - Marika
-|| The Weyrlings deal with the aftermath of the riot
07.04.2590 / 05AM - Like Pinwheels of Your Mind - R'sin // Eimerra FLIGHT
07.04.2590 / 08PM - Welcome to the Club - R'sin
20.04.2590 / 09PM - Always An Impressive Clutch - R'sin Colvin Karou // EVENT
07.05.2590 / 04PM - Heat From the Sands - Karou // Calladren
13.05.2590 / 08AM - We're Planting What? - R'sin Marika Colvin Karou // EVENT
22.05.2590 / 04PM - You'll Do, Come With Me - Karou // Berlya
34.05.2590 / 05PM - Weaver Hall Press Gang - Karou Colvin // EVENT
35.05.2590 / 01PM - Lunch With Mum - Karou // B'lye Berlya
01.06.2590 / 02PM - How To Train A Dragon - R'sin // Nalise Nishi
02.06.2590 / 06PM – Gotta Do What You Gotta DoR'sin // Arlais FLIGHT
15.06.2590 / 08PM - Checking In - R'sin // B'ryn
19.06.2590 / 09PM - All the Pretties Shine - Colvin // Laimora K'zaya Inanna
22.06.2590 / 05AM - This Is Our Sky Now - Marika // FLIGHT
22.06.2590 / 01PM - The Cradle of the Future - Colvin Karou // EVENT
22.06.2590 / 04PM - End of a Drought - Marika // S'ric MATURE
22.06.2590 / 08PM - An Evening's Drinks and Betting - R'sin // EVENT
34.06.2590 / 10PM - Déjà Vu - Colvin Karou R'sin // EVENT
35.06.2590 / 04AM - Who Needs Sleep? - Y'vis // Halirina
02.07.2590 / 07PM - So...Is It True?! - Karou // Q'ellan
02.07.2590 / 07PM - Who The Hell Thinks I Care? - Colvin // C'bryn
08.07.2590 / 12PM - A Matter of Inconvenience - R'sin Y'vis // Nalise FLIGHT
10.07.2590 / 09PM - Storming Brainstorming - Karou // W'lleni
13.07.2590 / 07PM - As The World Turns - Colvin // OPEN
20.07.2590 / 04AM - A Little Bit of Drama - R'sin // Iralye FLIGHT
22.07.2590 / 01PM - Within Limits - R'sin Y'vis // Pythia FLIGHT

14.03.2592 / 07PM - I Knew It Could Happen - R'sin // Cassipiora NON CANON
-|| A "what if" thread on seeing what the fall out might be if Dekkath wins another Gold Flight
14.04.2592 / 04AM -So This Is Home - R'sin // Nalata NON CANON
-|| A "what if" thread on seeing what the fall out might be if Dekkath wins another Gold Flight - Incomplete

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2014, 04:19:51 PM »
I am making a note here that I need to throw Lycoris at Karou more because I think they could have a really fun and conflicted friendship/rivalry/thing.

They have a load of adorable similarities like repeating lullabies to themselves in private and they were both hit hard by the loss of their families. They do at least share a good work ethic, which is nice. At the same time though, they have loads of differences I can see them scrapping over and with them both being overly stubborn and not great at thinking before speaking, lots of room for fun.

As for specifics outside obvious stuff like chore shenanigans...
Disagreements over how amazing Neisoth and black dragons in general are.
Potentially jealous Lyco times if Karou is spending a lot of time around A'tor.
I can see betting each other to do things could get all the out of hand.
Possibly also teaming up if they end up with a mutual dislike of someone.
And I'm sure a lot, lot more. =D

Offline Kit

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2014, 09:39:24 PM »
Yes. Yes. Yes. (Get out of my head) I was absolutely thinking they would make fantastic rivalry friends. Like they antagonize each other, and egg each other on, and are like the friendly version of archenemies (A little Lex Luthor/Clark Kent, Peter Parker/Harry Osbourn type thing. Most of the time friends, occasionally butting heads.) While they aggravate each other they still secretly respect the other too because they do have so much in common.

For specifics. 1000x's yes on all of them.

Disagreements over how amazing Neisoth and black dragons in general are.
--Karou would be all like eh...let's just see what these mutations are all about. No hatred but definitely no insta-fangirl love.
Potentially jealous Lyco times if Karou is spending a lot of time around A'tor
--Jealousy plot lines are always fun.
I can see betting each other to do things could get all the out of hand.
Possibly also teaming up if they end up with a mutual dislike of someone.
--Faranth help whoever manages to get on both their bad sides. These two could be a nightmare for mutual enemies.

Let me know if you wanna start a board somewhere, or if you want me to throw one up.

Spoiler for Hidden:
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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2014, 01:01:36 PM »
If you do a candidate kegger, can my candidateAmalandrea show up?

This sounds like so much fun, I'm really hoping you do it.

In fact, if you don't want to do it, with your permission, I wouldn't mind handling setting it up.

Offline Kit

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2014, 01:04:37 PM »
Oh my god yes, all the candidates will be invited but you better believe I want Amalandrea there.

It'll happen, eventually, we're hoping that Lycoris will dare her to do it in the Meal Time Thread with S'ren and then with a little help from Alahn I'll post with her sneaking into O'sir's weyr and even if she gets caught we're gonna have someone come up with booze some other way (maybe that's where you can come in, or my Candidate in progress Cole would be a good one to help plan a kegger if Karou fails.)
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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2015, 06:30:16 PM »
All yours for Kelith if you like. :3

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #6 on: April 19, 2015, 08:06:08 AM »
Trackers and Plotters are now updated for all 3 characters.

Come and give me your characters and plots!  :excited:

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #7 on: May 13, 2015, 09:14:35 AM »
-hurls A'ron and Temerenth at-

I'm up for him meeting any o' ye charries :3 as for plottage I don't really know what to do with him so HERE HAVE A GROUCHY BLUE RIDER WITH INFERIORITY ISSUES

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #8 on: May 13, 2015, 09:43:40 PM »
*steals Karou* gurl gotta meet Lesserath (and by proxy J'hal). Lesserath needs some more love from people. That and I think J'hal would like her. I think she'd remind him of the kids he looked after at Fort once upon a time. And they grew up at Fort, even if not together :3

I'd also like to throw J'hal at R'sin eventually, but I think that belongs on the back-burner for now. Meeting Jungle's wingleader would be a big thing for him that I just don't think he's quite ready for yet. Just warning you that I shall be pestering you for him in time ;)

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #9 on: May 14, 2015, 03:37:44 AM »
Done and done! Any ideas for how they'd meet Karou?

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All the faces of Oarlen
« Reply #10 on: June 08, 2015, 04:16:10 AM »
Hello~ I do believe I need to thread with you ;)

So anyway.

I believe Oarlen's best bet would be Karou or Colvin. Karou because of her age, and I can see them being sociable if only due to mutual respect about their work ethic. I can see Karou forcing Oarlen to live a little, and leading him astray to some extent, but in a good kind of way. I reckon any Karou/Oarlen post would be either focused on their similarities (Learning easily/work ethics) or just general shenanigans when Oarlen's all "I have to clean the common room" and Karou's just like "No you don't... That's everyone's job. Let's do -insert insane idea here-" But he would need to have a basic relationship with Karou before he allows her to do -thins- with him. And he wouldn't treat her like a kid because technically, he is one xD

Similarly I can see Colvin leading him astray in a not-so-good way in the sense of taking advantage of Oarlen's naivety. I cannot imagine Oarlen seeking Colvin out for anything, whereas I can easily see him seeking out Karou for some reason or another. However, the flit hatching thread did open up some loopholes in potential Oarlen/Colvin madness:

- Fellis - Whether or not Oarlen can convince his mother that he could get it is beyond the point. But Colvin knows he has connections to the healers and while I don't think there's much of a chance, if you can give him reason enough, Oarlen would be willing to get some Fellis for him. Just that alone could lead into Oarlen doing more tasks for Colvin depending on how manipulative Cole feels.

- Fire Lizard Eggs - A very long shot. But Oarlen could possibly seek Colvin out to enquire about how long until the egg will hatch.

- Chores - Oarlen loves chores, Colvin hates them. If they wind up doing chores together there can be bonding over Oarlen doing Colvin's chores while Colvin gloats.

- General "favours" - Oarlen is adorable, lets admit it to ourselves. He can probably cute is way into most places in the weyr. If Colvin can pick up on this, and knowing Oarlen "Owes him one" for the flit egg, it could lead to an interesting thread.

Offline Kit

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #11 on: June 08, 2015, 06:37:36 AM »
--I also thought Oarlen and Karou have potential to be very good friends because of their age. She’s very sociable, if not prone to occasional general teenage moodiness. Plus they both love flits, maybe we can do an offshoot thread with the two of them after getting their flits in the dining hall? Feeding them and talking about them and maybe they can decide to help each other train their flits?

Edit: Nevermind just saw how that thread is going so maybe a later date of them doing some training .

--Colvin would probably not actively try to get him to get fellis for him right away, he would however start trying to get him to do other little favors maybe to build up to that eventually. I wouldn’t mind doing a thread a couple days or so after their first meeting where Oarlen comes back to ask about when the egg should hatch, basically a “Ummmm did you give me a dud?” type thing. xD haha.

If both of these work for you maybe you can start the Colvin one and I'll start the Karou one?
« Last Edit: June 08, 2015, 06:45:31 AM by Kit »

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #12 on: June 08, 2015, 06:46:31 AM »
Both of those work great. I wont be able to start the Colvin one until after work tomorrow, but Oarlen asking about a dud egg is certainly a feasible reason for him to build up the courage to speak to him again. It won't hatch IC until the 21st - early morning. But Oarlen can sweat a little about it xD

An offshoot with Karou would be perfect. And since Syrena has just brought him over to her it would tie in well. Perhaps lunch, they could meet up? Giving Oarlen time to catch up on chores before a break? I think he's up for a second egg if no-one else claims one, so lunch would give enough time for him to adjust to them both (and prevent overlap xD)

.... but long story short, double yes on that! I'll work on a Colvin post tomorrow and you can put up a Karou post whenever you feel like it. ^^

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #13 on: September 17, 2015, 01:31:16 PM »
Let's start with Karou and Colvin.

Karou & Trundiffsle, I think they'd hit it off quite well. I'm seeing Truffs inserting himself into the Karou/Lycoris rival/friendship thing as a third wheel and trying to make a tricycle out of it.  Not with any romantic interest necessarily - as Truffs tends to shy away from even thinking about that - but as a friend, definitely.  On occasion he might find Karou bothersome if she's constantly teasing; he has a tendency to swing from joking to dead serious frequently.  Wherever you want to have them meet would be fine. Truffs volunteers all over the place.

Colvin & Trundiffsle, Truffs - like many in the Weyr - has heard of Colvin and seen him many times. I think at their first meeting would begin a relationship based upon mild amusement, great distaste and morbid curiosity. That's how Truffs would see it anyway. Have any ideas on how/where you'd like em to meet? As previously stated, Truffs goes pretty much everywhere.
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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #14 on: September 17, 2015, 03:23:15 PM »

Well with Candidates there's always the chore routine to get them interacting. Though maybe for Colvin, Truffs hears him playing a song in the common room and approaches him there? (Because let's be honest, he's not a huge help during chores anyways)

For Karou I've wanted to put her back in the lake practicing her swimming, she is just learning how to, so maybe that would be a way for them to interact if he'd likely be found down there ever?

Let me know what you think?

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #15 on: September 17, 2015, 04:21:12 PM »
The musical draw could be a great introduction for Colvin and Tuffs.  Truffy might wind up at the lake, he's been working extra hard for pretty much the entire month since the beach attack after turn's end, so he might treat himself to a swim. Either one will work, want to do one or both, and do I start or you?
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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #16 on: April 13, 2016, 10:57:09 PM »

Post for Cole <3 I really want to explore the two of them more. Maybe a guarded "friendship" where she actually talks to him? I dunno. It'd be fun just to play that out. Or something like it.

Offline Red

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #17 on: April 20, 2016, 04:49:44 PM »
@Hart @Kit

Soooo... I have an idea for a light-hearted thread involving Calladren, @Colvin, and @Ghael. Maybe Calladren and Colvin are tanning in the buff, having a goofy ol' time, when Ghael stumbles upon them while she's climbing. Hilariousness ensues, we laugh some, we cry some, we all go home better people. Sounds like fun, no?

Offline SanctifiedSavage

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #18 on: April 21, 2016, 02:07:29 PM »
^ Or they stumble on Ghael and S'ric hanging out, since that's one of the places they do so. Could be after Searic's messed around with her so neither of them will be motivated to leave right quick, though Searic isn't the most chatty of characters.

Offline Red

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #19 on: April 22, 2016, 11:42:04 AM »
So... what I'm hearing is Ghael and Searic are hanging out on a cliff some where, post-coitus. Cal wants to sunbath up high where he can't be seen. Cole goes with him to keep him company and to keep him safe.

Who stumbles on who? Cal could be sprawled out in the buff tanning and talking to Cole, when Ghael and Searic stumble upon them?

Or vice versa?

@kit @sanctifiedsavage @hart

Offline SirAlahn

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #20 on: May 16, 2016, 09:17:46 PM »
I'm up for a thread between R'sin and N'syn in the aftermath of the Hunter attack, if you like. Since you mentioned that he'd be checking in with all the injured Jungle Riders. :happy:
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Offline Kit

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #21 on: May 17, 2016, 03:58:40 AM »
Awesome yay! I will try to get a thread up for us today then  :love: I saw you had a post with Haithen so I will me sure it is either before or after that.

Offline SirAlahn

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #22 on: May 17, 2016, 10:20:40 AM »
^_^ Sounds awesome. I look forward to it.
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Offline Kit

Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #23 on: May 17, 2016, 10:28:46 AM »
I might just bombard you with posts and throw a Marika post up for Nsyn too if you amicable to that. How long do you think he would be in the Hall? I feel like she'd be hilarious if assigned to help for chores cause she's got no bedside manner and the Healer Hall makes her uncomfortable and Nsyn doesn't seem comfortable there either so theyd at least have that in common and she can pick his brain about the wing

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Re: Kit's Plotter and Tracker
« Reply #24 on: May 17, 2016, 10:36:19 AM »
Works for me! I think that sounds like a hilarious way for them to meet and interact, so I am totally game. xD

Edit// I just realized I didn't answer your question about how long he'd be there. 8D My quick Google research shows that broken ribs take about six weeks, and amputations take about 2 months to heal. BUT, he'd probably only be forced to stay in the Healer Hall for about two weeks at most, barring any complications.
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