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Author Topic: Approved Virilise [25.01.2572, 9th Pass] Holder  (Read 1955 times)

Offline Rezerai

Virilise [25.01.2572, 9th Pass] Holder
« on: December 26, 2014, 12:02:36 PM »

Play By:
Felicity Jones

First Name:
Vi, Viri, Iri.
Date of Birth:
25.01.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Husband: N/A

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Virilise is the picture of a lord holder's daughter, pretty, pampered, not having had to work hard for a day in her life. She is soft featured, always dressed in the finest garments remaining on Pern and very meticulous when it comes to her appearance. She's a willowy young woman, with dark hair and soft, green eyes. The only thing to mar her appearance is a long scar that runs from her left brow around to the side of her head, of which she is very self conscious. Her hair is cut to try to cover it as best she can, but the mark is hard to hide fully.

While she does her best to present herself well to others around the weyr, both in looks and in her movements, her reliance on her firelizard for sight means she's often slower and more careful with her motions. This can lead to her coming off as awkward, especially in situations where she has to react quickly to something.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Although she was born to Fort, and not her father's hold, the sense of loss that he carried around was impossible to escape. They weren't in their home, they never would be again most likely and while Virilise was content with what they had, it was clear their father wasn't. Thankfully, she never took her father's distrust of dragon riders to heart, though she is wary of the events that caused the elongated pass, she would rather worry about building a better future than holding on to past grudges, even if their family still suffers from stigma due to her father's views.

Response to dragon color mutations: Having come from a very traditional holder upbringing, she isn't very keen of what she's heard about the new dragons so far. Though she'd certainly not voice her dislike without good reason, she is worried the seeming aggression in the blacks may strain relations between those left alive. Clear heads would be better suited to leadership than those ruled by their emotions. 

Who are you...

Children: Viri is very fond of children and is looking forward to having some of her own one day. She has a very mothering nature and is more than happy to look out for the younger members of the Weyr, especially Colvin's children, despite how little her brother cares for them himself.

Company: Being alone is painful, so Virilise tends to avoid it when she can. While Terra is almost always at her side, she treasures the time she can spend around other people and will do her best to be social. She's happy to talk with almost anyone that will take the time to talk back.

Fire lizards: Especially Terra, though she is fond of most flits that are not that over bearing. She will happily lavish any of the creatures with attention when she isn't busy, so long as they play nice with her flit.

Food: Virilise enjoys making food, doing her best with what little they have access to make something more appealing than the standard faire. While she's usually successful, she is fond of testing some of her more wild creations on her brother.

Music: After losing her sight, Virilise took a great interest in listening to music once she recovered from her accident. Even though she has regained some semblance of sight through her firelizard, she enjoys just getting to listen to lovely melodies despite having no ability to play of her own.

Bathing: At least in deeper, crowded pools. Dealing with water is tricky for her at the best of times and she still isn't completely comfortable  if it is deep, even with Terra's vision. She'll try to bathe when it's more quiet or to use a more private pool when she can.

Helplessness: She absolutely hates not being fully independent, or even only dependant on Terra. While she'll often lean on her brother, his sometimes overbearing protectiveness only serves to make her try harder to prove that she finally doesn't need to be mollycoddled.

Politics: Of the scheming and deplorable kind, she isn't fond of playing games with others. They have one weyr and a hold being built, people should be focused on building a better world, not who they can get in their pocket next.

Silence: Having grown very used to the constant companionship of Terra, she finds it very unnerving to be somewhere truly silent, even the sounds of the weyr in motion are preferable to the thought that she might have lost another sense, so she's prone to tapping if things are too quiet.

The Unfamiliar: Any new situation tends to pose difficulties for Virilise as it takes a while for her to get used to new motions and activities. If she can work at her own pace, in private she's usually okay, but in fast paced or public situations she tends to get very anxious, which only makes it harder to get through.


* Eloquent : Virilise learned to develop her skill with words at a young age. She can be very persuasive with her words and always tries to speak from a position of knowledge when she can.

* Ethereal : In an ideal situation, Virilise is able to present herself as a graceful, lovely and almost too perfect daughter of a Lord Holder. She takes great care to cultivate that image, as much for herself as for her father.

* Inoffensive : Compared to her father and brothers, Virilise is like a cute baby kitten. Her desire to be helpful and kind can be especially disarming to those more used to dealing with the rest of her family and she is quick to try and leave a better impression.

* Organised : Primarily to help ease her day to day issues, Virilise started to keep a clean and orderly room at a young age. She always knows where to find things and makes sure to plan out how to approach a situation to make sure she will have as few issues as possible.

* Patient : Having had to get used to seeing in a completely different way, Virilise has a great deal of patience in most matters. Whether dealing with people or a new task, she'll take her time and rarely gets stressed out.

* Delicate : Since the injury that blinded her, Virilise has been prone to getting sick easily. She tends to worry over any more physical injuries she takes more than she should, preferring to get things treated quickly than risk having to spend another long stint in the healer hall.

* Dependent : Despite her best efforts and indeed because of her attachment to Terra, Virilise is practically useless now without the aid of her firelizard. Having grown used to their shared sight over the turns, being rendered suddenly blind again makes her panic.

* Dutiful : Her holder upbringing has left Virilise with a large submissive streak, especially when it comes to family duty. She is fully expecting to be married to someone her father chooses rather than someone of her choice, but the thought doesn't really trouble her.

* Insecure : As much as she does to come off as confident and happy with herself, she still worries over her scar and how she and her family are perceived by others. The fact that she isn't married doesn't help.

* Sheltered : Even more than most holders, Virilise has lead a very sheltered and protected life thanks to being her father's only daughter. While being at the weyr has helped a lot, she still isn't allowed to stray far from her holder values.
Describe Yourself:

* Incisive: ----- While her actions and movements can be sluggish, Virilise maintains a sharp, and quick mind. Though not quick to showcase her talents, she pays a lot of attention to those around her and flits can pick up the most interesting little tidbits.

Loving Sibling: ----- Sure, he accidentally dropped her off a wall, but Colvin is the single person she would do anything for. As much as he dotes on her, she does her best to return the favour in her own ways and will never hear a bad word said about him. Virilise is absolutely determined that, despite the mess the rest of their family can be, she will always have him close. She wouldn't trade how close they've grown since her accident for her sight, even if such a thing were possible.

Noble: ----- Virilise is very much the epitome of a Lord holder's daughter, sweet and intelligent, but also submissive and steeped in values that don't mesh well with the weyr. As much as she might try to please everyone, it's hard to shake her roots fully and she wouldn't dare cause her father any undue distress, despite anything she might personally want in life.

* Plucky: ----- After working through her blindness and getting back on her feet, other difficulties don't seem quite as bad. A little optimism doesn't hurt, and she figures at the very worst she can count on Cole to help her through anything she can't handle alone.

* Tender: ----- Virilise is always worried over the welfare of her family and those around her. She knows the Pass has hit everyone hard and if she can make someone's day a little better, she will do her best to coax a smile or help with a task.

The Magic Touch: Her flit, Terra, acts as he eyes, usually staying perched on her shoulder to give her a fixed vantage of what is in front of her. Thankfully her flit tends to be very attentive to her needs after a lot of training, but like any other, he's prone to the odd burst of excitability that can make Vi's life more of a pain. She is also prone to taping her fingers or anything else she can to fill silence, a habit she picked up in the healer hall after she lost her vision.


Mother: Lenlin, Holder, born 2545
Father: Vandrae, Lord Holder of Nabol, born 2526

Verran, Half-brother, born in 2542
Hedven, Half-brother, born in 2546, deceased 2563
Verlise, Half-sister, born in 2553, deceased 2563
Colvin, brother, candidate, born 13.07.2569

Children: None as of yet.

Tell us a story...

* 2572, age 0 Virislise is Born to the ex-lord holder of Nabol, Vandrae and his new wife Lenora. Though the parents are happy, her half-sibling Verran takes her close naming to his deceased sister as the final straw in a string of upsets and declares that he'll have nothing to do with his father's new family.

* 2575, age 3 Spoiled rotten by her parents, Virilise isn't left wanting for anything despite the dire situation of the world around her. A healthy and happy child, Viri spends her time in her mother's care or following her big brother around. Thankfully, she is a lot quieter than her trouble maker of an older sibling.

* 2579, age 7 While playing on the walls of the Hold with her brother, Viri falls when the play gets too rough. She spends most of the next turn under the care of the healers and while she recovers from the head wound well, she's left permanently blind from the trauma to her optic nerves. The sudden loss of her sight leaves her distraught, though she never blames Colvin for the accident it's clear just how much trouble she has adjusting to the loss.

* 2580, age 8 The gift of a firelizard egg from her brother does wonders for her disposition and the touching story of how he traded his own belongs to get it for her makes her even more grateful. Training her brown flit, Terra, to see for her has a rocky start, but the possibility of being independent is enough to keep her pushing through. She never does find out the truth behind the egg's acquisition.

* 2583, age 11 Now more independent, Virilise does her best to make up for lost time. She is still often frustrated and upset by her loss of vision, but she learns to find other things to focus on instead. If anything, her accident makes her family even more protective of her, which is nice for a while until it begins to get overbearing.

* 2587, age 15 Despite her best efforts Viri isn't able to handle any crafts with enough skill to get apprenticed. Instead she starts to focus herself towards cooking and helping with the move to the weyr. Most of her time is spent trying to placate her father, trying to keep the weyrfolk from despising them and getting used to the new environment. The cramped conditions and closeness to dragons is a bit of a strain on her, though she manages to settle in eventually. She is happy that Colvin is searched, hoping it might help to mend the relations between her family and the weyrfolk. She works extra hard to appease their father since he takes the news far less well, devoting more of her time to more traditional holder pursuits, a little jealous perhaps that she isn't searched as well.

* 2589, age 17 Still unmarried, despite her father's best efforts, Viri still does her best to keep what family she has together, even going as far as to tend to Colvin's neglected children in the creche when she can.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Too quiet. It was too quiet and he was late. It wasn't his fault, they were probably just running behind on their after dinner chores. That still amused her, the thought of her brother actually doing chores, even if he'd been doing them for a couple turns now, she doubted he was any happier about it.

Tap. Tap. Tap. 

As happy as she was that he'd been searched, she missed being able to spend quite so much time with him. Sure she wasn't going to go and stalk him trough his classes or anything, but even eating dinner together as a family was something she hoped they might get to do again some day. Probably not though, which was a shame but well, he'd have all his rider friends and she'd have a husband someday to cook for so, no, they probably wouldn't.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Her vision panned around the room as Terra settled on her shoulder and flicked his head about. The quick motions had been disorientating turns ago when she'd first started to work with the flit to see again, now they weren't much of an annoyance. She did lean over though, rubbing her head against the brown's side, her subtle way of asking him to change shoulders for a while. He wasn't the lightest flit, so she didn't like keeping him perched on one shoulder too long if she could help it.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Terra carefully hopped over to her other shoulder, curling back around her and looking in the direction she was. It had taken a lot of training, but when the large flit was focused, he would follow her head and impress what he was seeing to her. It wasn't perfect, not by far, but it let her manage a fairly normal life. She impressed on the lovely, calm flit that she wanted him to look at her face, a request that was obliged in short order.

Tap. Tap.

Yes, it was still there. That ugly reminder. She raised her right hand to gingerly brush her hair out of the way, to trail her fingertips their against the marred flesh hidden underneath, half expecting to flinch back in pain as she had done for so long after the injury. It didn't hurt now, that was about the only thing positive thing she could say about it. Even with it hidden under her hair, she always felt like it was the most prominent thing in the world, the one thing everyone noticed or worried about first.

'Oh look, it's that damaged little holder girl from Nabol.'

She hadn't even stepped foot in Nabol, she probably wouldn't ever step foot in Nabol. It was just a stupid apparition that conjured hate whenever it was brought up, which it often was, by her father no less. It was stupid and she hated the association more than she'd ever admit, because it was unlikely to be one she'd ever escape. Unlike her brother, her lovely, wonderful brother who was now a candidate. He'd impress a nice dragon, prove himself to everyone and throw off the stigma. On the other hand, she'd just be married off, if she was lucky, and perhaps the stigma would die before her children had to deal with it.

Tap. Tap.

She needed to find her smile though, she was worrying about silly things again. It didn't matter what she wanted after all, not really. She'd find her smile, enjoy her evening with Colvin and be the prim and proper little lady again tomorrow. Her father and mother would be so very upset if she did anything else.


It was a shame she doubted dragons had any interest in in a silly, damaged, blind, holder girl.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Lycoris, Valenarin
Inactivity Preference:
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Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: Virilise [25.01.2572, 9th Pass] Holder
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2014, 12:03:43 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
13.08.2580 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Terra has grown to be on the larger end a brown can reach, a big and proud flit. His colouration is a mishmash of earthen tones, with reddy tipped wings and a darker brown body. He lightens towards the end of his tail and the tip of his snout, but everywhere else is a smattering of all shades. 


Mind Voice: Terra has a particularity calm voice for a flit, though he rarely talks and even then will only talk to Virilise or Colvin.
Helping: Terra gets a lot of satisfaction from being helpful and is perfectly content helping his bonded navigate her life. He's the first to accept any praise the pair is given for how well they manage.

Sand: The brown flit just loves the feeling of sand against his skin, though he doesn't get a lot of opportunities to indulge himself in it. He likes to burrow into it and bury himself in the warmth, which is fine except it's a pain to clea him afters.

Tasty Food: As he's regularly perched on Viri's shoulder, he regularly has access to the food she cooks. The girl is half convinced that his eating along as she makes food is half the reason he's grown so big. While he's not a picky eater, he shows much more disdain for offerings that aren't up to his standards.

Unruly Flits: As protective of Virilise as he is, Terra tries to drive away any flits that are intent on pestering or confusing her. He is more tolerable of Vic, but won't hesitate to put the blue in his place either.

The Dark: Terra can't stand being in total darkness unless he's curled up with Virilise, having picked up on a lot of the negative associations that the holder girl has with pitch darkness.

Bossy dragons: Having grown up in the hold, Terra wasn't used to being around dragons, nor how bossy they could be to flits. He Is very defiant when he is helping Virilise and won't let a dragon tell him what he's supposed to be doing.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flitter flits.

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Re: Virilise [25.01.2572, 9th Pass] Holder
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Re: Virilise [25.01.2572, 9th Pass] Holder
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2015, 04:32:43 PM »
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