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Author Topic: Info Dragon Voice Colors and Lengths  (Read 6038 times)

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Dragon Voice Colors and Lengths
« on: January 21, 2014, 07:23:46 PM »
Here on SWW, each dragon has an individual and unique voice code to denote their dialogue in posts. For player-made dragons, it will need to be filled out for profile approval in the application. For staff-made dragons, it will likewise be included in the dragon's profile when it's posted. Colors need to correspond to your dragon's color, and need to be in Hex code format. We need both your desired text color and the desired text background color in order to make a shiny new custom BBCode. Once completed, the code will simply be your dragon's name. For example, [*polanth]content[/*polanth] becomes this when the * are removed.

There's even a handy resource you can use to preview what it will look like.

The following codes are defaults for each color, and can be used for NPCs:
[*goldd][/*goldd] = Looks like this
[*bronzed][/*bronzed] = Looks like this
[*blackd][/*blackd] = Looks like this
[*brownd][/*brownd] = Looks like this
[*blued][/*blued] = Looks like this
[*greend][/*greend] = Looks like this
[*redd][/*redd] = Looks like this

You can click a dragon's name in the following list to view their profile.

Imyth, Kalestath, Minath, Oriath

Adakhanyth, Aitorith, Astaroth, Azaeth, Balomuth, Bayorth, Brynioth, Cosilanth, Dekkath, Fyenoruth, Goranth, Hakurath, Illoth, Indulth, Jabyth, Jairynth, Jenrath, Kadoreth, Kaluth, Leremith, Liorith, Morriganth, Nerenith, Nynath, Polanth, Rayrth, Redrenth, Shemeth, Skeleeth, Sullyeoth, Syrilth, Theulth, Thianorth, Usidoth, Xnyeth, Zadrialth, Zaerath, Zolth

Baleth, Corvath, Dakrith, Findaeth, Izelith, Karrimuth, Lesserath, Neisoth, Rintoth, Salnoth, Sinestath

Aduskoth, Aelsanth, Amsmith, Atath, Berynth, Beyuth, Chaleth, Chulerth, Dallarth, Denoth, Dwalath, Iaoth, Junosabeth, Jyndith, Kaldrath, Kelsameth, Kesulaith, Leoth, Lycaonth, Maelboroth, Niskyleth, Nyradoth, Otoloth, Rakanth, Rhymoth, Saibrasoth, Sath, Sereth, Sicharth, Tarlith, Tasuroth, Tocath, Tyrriath, Uramaeth, Ultonth, Wiranth, Xenrith

Aeleroth, Belzyth, Bravosith, Brizth, Carezth, Caryth, Darath, Daraneth, Daylieth, Ewonth, Forrikenth, Gyoth, Harloth, Hinoth, Hiraeth, Ibaneth, Irrakith, Iskelaith, Jaxieth, Kadynoth, Kimisuth, Klendath, Liramyth, Moskelath, Nattonth, Obith, Oskith, Perrikoth, Pyth, Quaith, Reesskith, Rilraneth, Rodeth, Rohbarth, Saebrith, Sydilenth, Tadriath, Temerenth, Thraybaneth, Tralith, Vicith, Voyith, Woath, Yedeth, Zeketh, Zuraneth

Allieth, Ariyath, Aryth, Ashineth, Atissyth, Bahkylith, Bellarith, Caelith, Catrth, Cealith, Creath, Cremath, Damerinth, Deliorath, Deltiath, Deyith, Eldereth, Elmieth, Esaeth, Faelith, Faromith, Gwinth, Hiakimth, Iseth, Jazzerith, Kelith, Kitath, Korinth, Kylath, Lelath, Lyrisiveth, Meonaith, Mialeyth, Miravith, Misath, Nehath, Niazyth, Nicynth, Nikolyth, Okiath, Olaryth, Ollinneeth, Parath, Queriluth, Rallekath, Rantasyth, Saissith, Salith, Seriath, Sharurith, Shyuth, Taith, Tanilith, Tasunth, Taylith, Tesayonth, Tilioth, Tinth, Uereth, Utaith, Vasalyth, Vorloruth, Weskath, Xasheyth, Ykalth, Yumiath, Zephreth

Aellath, Akoth, Anedaith, Astereth, Ceryth, Derraseth, Heppath, Hisketh, Masath, Ooromoth, Oraenth, Quaoth, Sayimith, Vesith, Weyteleth, Ysolth, Zhouth

Dragon Lengths
Kalestath 42M
Oriath 41M
Minath 40M
Imyth 38.1M
Adakhanyth 38M
Balomuth 38M
Dakrith 38M
Goranth 38M
Hakurath 38M
Illoth 38M
Jabyth 38M
Kaluth 38M
Leremith 38M
Neisoth 38M
Rayrth 38M
Shemeth 38M
Skeleeth 38M
Sullyeoth 38M
Syrilth 38M
Zadrialth 38M
Liorith 37.9M
Cosilanth 37.8M
Izelith 37.8M
Nerenith 37.7M
Astaroth 37.5M
Dekkath 37.5M
Jenrath 37.5M
Jairynth 37.4M
Lesserath 37.3M
Morriganth 37.2M
Bayorth 37.1M
Corvath 37M
Polanth 37M
Redrenth 37M
Thianorth 37M
Usidoth 37M
Xnyeth 37M
Nynath 36.8M
Salnoth 36.7M
Fyenoruth 36.6M
Kadoreth 36.6M
Theulth 36.3M
Findaeth 36.2M
Azaeth 36M
Baleth 36M
Indulth 36M
Zaerath 36M
Karrimuth 35.8M
Rintoth 35.7M
Zolth 35.5M
Sinestath 35.4M
Aitorith 35.2M
Brynioth 35M
Aelsanth 35M
Amsmith 35M
Berynth 35M
Chulerth 35M
Dallarth 35M
Denoth 35M
Leoth 35M
Lycaonth 35M
Maelboroth 35M
Saibrasoth 35M
Sicharth 35M
Tarlith 35M
Iaoth 34.8M
Tyrriath 34.8M
Niskyleth 34.7M
Nyradoth 34.6M
Rhymoth 34M
Sath 33.8M
Uramaeth 33.6M
Junosabeth 33.4M
Kaldrath 33M
Rakanth 33M
Ultonth 33M
Wiranth 33M
Tasuroth 32.6M
Sereth 32.5M
Jyndith 32.3M
Chaleth 32M
Kelsameth 31.6M
Atath 31.4M
Aduskoth 31.2M
Beyuth 31M
Tocath 31M
Kesulaith 30.6M
Otoloth 30.2M
Dwalath 30M
Xenrith 30M
Aeleroth 30M
Belzyth 30M
Carezth 30M
Iskelaith 30M
Obith 30M
Rodeth 30M
Temerenth 30M
Vicith 29.9M
Pyth 29.5M
Quaith 29.5M
Daylieth 29.3M
Hinoth 29.2M
Hiraeth 29M
Perrikoth 29M
Rohbarth 29M
Thraybaneth 28.8M
Tralith 28.7M
Liramyth 28.5M
Saebrith 28.3M
Tadriath 28.2M
Bravosith 28M
Brizth 28M
Daraneth 28M
Kimisuth 28M
Reesskith 28M
Sydilenth 28M
Zeketh 28M
Kadynoth 27.8M
Irrakith 27.6M
Darath 27.2M
Jaxieth 27M
Woath 27M
Nattonth 26.8M
Oskith 26.8M
Yedeth 26.5M
Ewonth 26.3M
Forrikenth 26.2M
Rilraneth 26M
Moskelath 25.8M
Zuraneth 25.6M
Gyoth 25.4M
Caryth 25.1M
Harloth 25M
Ibaneth 25M
Klendath 25M
Voyith 25M
Atissyth 25M
Creath 25M
Cremath 25M
Kitath 25M
Lelath 25M
Olaryth 25M
Uereth 25M
Tanilith 24.9M
Tilioth 24.8M
Lyrisiveth 24.7M
Eldereth 24.5M
Kelith 24.5M
Korinth 24.5M
Weskath 24.2M
Deyith 24M
Iseth 24M
Mialeyth 24M
Tasunth 24M
Zephreth 24M
Deltiath 23.9M
Okiath 23.7M
Utaith 23.6M
Ykalth 23.5M
Bellarith 23.2M
Aryth 23M
Esaeth 23M
Ollinneeth 23M
Seriath 23M
Taith 23M
Kylath 22.9M
Xasheyth 22.8M
Niazyth 22.3M
Faelith 22M
Hiakimth 22M
Sharurith 22M
Bahkylith 21.8M
Salith 21.5M
Ariyath 21M
Cealith 21M
Deliorath 21M
Miravith 21M
Nehath 21M
Nikolyth 21M
Parath 21M
Queriluth 21M
Taylith 21M
Elmieth 20.9M
Damerinth 20.8M
Shyuth 20.7M
Nicynth 20.6M
Tinth 20.5M
Faromith 20.4M
Jazzerith 20.3M
Allieth 20.2M
Saissith 20.2M
Rallekath 20.1M
Rantasyth 20.1M
Ashineth 20M
Caelith 20M
Catrth 20M
Gwinth 20M
Meonaith 20M
Misath 20M
Tesayonth 20M
Vasalyth 20M
Vorloruth 20M
Yumiath 20M
Akoth 20M
Vesith 20M
Ysolth 20M
Hisketh 19M
Ceryth 18.2M
Quaoth 17.4M
Derraseth 16.7M
Heppath 16M
Astereth 15.6M
Aellath 15.1M
Zhouth 14.5M
Ooromoth 14.1M
Oraenth 14M
Masath 13.2M
Anedaith 13M
Weyteleth 13M
Sayimith 12.1M
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