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Author Topic: Approved Erieen [ 24.1.2568 / Red Weyrling ]  (Read 4167 times)

Offline SirAlahn

Erieen [ 24.1.2568 / Red Weyrling ]
« on: February 19, 2014, 09:04:40 PM »

Play By:
Harry Shum, Jr.

First Name:
Erieen [ EAR-rye-een ]
Eri, Reen
Date of Birth:
24.1.2568 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold.
Job Before Search:
Not particularly talented at any of the Crafts, Erieen has been earning his keep as a whore.
Color Preference:
Blue, Green or Red. Erieen is certainly petty and spiteful enough for a Green, but I feel his off-kilter personality and unique experiences make him more suited for the eccentric role of Red Rider. He might do well with the right Blue, but I don't feel the personality mesh is quite as good as the Green or Red.
Future Rider Name:
Erieen -- no eliding. 8D
Erieen is wedded to his occupation – that is to say, he couldn’t afford to be choosy about who he slept with so long as they were capable of feeding, housing, or clothing him.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Erieen is lithe and narrow bodied but possessed of a dancer's flexibility and grace. What he may lack in size -- he's only 5'8" -- he makes up for in fluid, agile motions and a complete comfort with his own body. Since, for many years, Erieen has been earning his keep with his body, he keeps himself looking fit and attractive for prospective clients. In addition to his seductive grace, Erieen possesses cunning and skill with a knife -- both of which have kept him alive and safe during the hardships of the 9th Pass. He usually dresses in a sleeveless shirt, and favors high collars that make him stand out a little more than the common whore. His pants, usually brown or black, are so tight they might as well be painted on, and clearly show off his toned legs and ass. Rather uniquely for a man on Pern, Erieen has his ears pierced -- both in his earlobes and the arch of cartilage atop his ears. He wears brass earrings, polished so t they are eye-catchingly shiny, but not expensive enough to warrant stealing or foul play. Though his chances to get ahold of such things are increasingly slim these days, Erieen prefers to wear dark, artful smudges of kohl around his eyes to enhance his deep, smoky gaze. Beyond that, one of Erieen's trademark features is the faint, attractive pout to his lips -- though whether it is natural or affected, no one but he can say.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The 9th Pass was awful. Erieen knows first hand just how violent, greedy, and desperate the extended Threadfall made people. After all, he made his living moving from one "lover" to another within Fort Hold, selling his body and affections in exchange for food, clothing, and shelter. He's glad to see that the terror is over, but now that he's living in a weyr, he's a little resentful of its end and the position it puts him in -- after all, what dragon rider is going to pay or barter for sex? As such, he's been largely reduced to earning his keep by doing drudge work in the kitchens. But at least there are still a few lonely Holders who will trade various goods for the pleasure of his company. Erieen sees his Candidacy as the one chance he has for something better... provided that he Impresses at all.

Response to dragon color mutations: Erieen will hold whatever opinion on the matter his current customer wants him to. Personally, his superstitious side makes him worry that the mutations are a bad sign for the future of the settlement on Fort Island. As though the Hunters, Beach Snakes, and River Snakes weren't enough.

Who are you...

Likes: Gifts : If you want to make a lasting impression on Erieen, give him something. He may think you have an ulterior motive, but its still a nice gesture.
Peace and Quiet : If he could largely avoid the hustle and bustle of the weyr, he would. Most people irk him with their judgmental and self-righteous behavior.
C'ace : Erieen has a bit of a crush on the Blue rider that Searched him, and he realizes it's stupid. C'ace is possibly the only person Erieen would have sex with just for the hell of it, and not with a goal in mind.
Pampering : Praise him, give him things, treat him like a prince. Erieen likes nice attention.

Dislikes: Doing things for free : There had better be something in it for him if it's not a chore or duty that really needs done.
Naivete : The worlds is a cruel place. Erieen has little patience for people who are still deluding themselves into thinking it's not.
Clingy people : Be your own person, not a parasite. Seriously.
Self-righteousness : You might be more highly ranked, but that does not make you inherently better than him.


* Scrappy : Erieen is not only capable but willing to defend what is his. He's tough and difficult to keep down, as his internal drive for survival pushes him to endure. Spirited and outspoken, Erieen does not allow anyone to push him around.

* Resourceful : No matter what situation he has been put into, Erieen will make what he can of it. Maybe not the best of it, but it certainly won't go to waste. He's good at coming up with unique solutions to problems -- and also at salvaging items or situations for continued use.

* Cunning : Erieen is smart, even if he's never been much good at applying himself to a Craft or serious study. But he's sharp and perceptive, and it makes him good at getting what he wants and manipulating people.

* Seductive : After all, Erieen has been making his living having sex. He knows how to play up his most attractive features in order to tantalize someone. He's good at playing easing little games.

* Capable : Erieen, despite his misgivings about being useless, is quite capable -- a jack of all trades. He picks up skills fairly easily when he actually applies himself; according to Erieen, his most valuable skill is his speed and his charm. He will not hesitate to defend himself and his belongings, though he's far better at talking his way out of a situation than fighting.


* Negative : This Candidate has a wide pessimistic streak. He has difficulty believing the best of anyone or any situation -- including about himself. He is vain and proud, but believes himself to be completely untalented and useless save for sex.

* Vindictive : If Erieen feels that someone has wronged him, he will hold a grudge. He is spiteful, petty, and sometimes even cruel when provoked.

* Aggressive : Erieen is combative when in a mood, and goes after what he wants. He will go toe to toe with anyone who challenges him. And even take a fight to them first if he feels it's necessary.

* Suspicious : His occupation during the 9th Pass has made Erieen a bit paranoid. He expects people to cheat him, or hurt him, or only desire his presence for ulterior motives. Those who are honest and upfront about desiring him sexually seem more earnest and trustworthy.

* Insecure : Erieen, despite his vanity, is woefully insecure about everything save his body. He has believed his whole life that he's stupid and untalented -- which has kept him out of the Crafthalls where he and his intelligence might have flourished.

Describe Yourself:

* Promiscuous: At least, to the outside observer. Erieen usually doesn't sleep with anyone "for free" (unless their name is Ce'ace), but he does enjoy what he does... at least most of the time. Granted, in the weyr his promiscuity would not be much remarked upon, but he has something of a reputation among the Holder and Crafthall populations.

* Dry: Not in terms of alcohol, but humor. Erieen's humor is fairly sarcastic, if not downright mean to people he doesn't like. His wit is sharp and potentially fatal.

* Survivor: Erieen is tough. He's survived the 9th Pass despite the challenges that have faced him. He'll do just about anything to stay alive, fed, and sheltered, and he sees no reason not to be proud of that.

* Material: Pern's economy might not have a place for marks anymore, but material goods will always be valuable. It's what makes the world go 'round for everyone, not just Erieen. And sentimentality only gets in the way of what needs to be done. Nothing personal.

* Flexible: Mentally, emotionally, physically. Erieen is highly adaptable and skilled at hanging onto survival. Furthermore, his body is extremely lithe and bendy. He's a good dancer.

The Magic Touch: Most of Erieen's clients tend to be widowed, lonely Holder women who cannot publicly take a new lover or husband. However, there is a handful of men who routinely hire him secretly despite the typical intolerance of homosexuality within the Holder community. Being a little more toward the homosexual side of the bisexual spectrum himself, Erieen enjoys the relaxed restrictions of the weyr. At the same time, the easy access to sex has cut into his clientele base somewhat.


Mother: Erindi. Drudge, 2551. Deceased.
Father: Navreen. Drudge, 2549. Deceased.

Siblings: Erieen's mother was pregnant five or six times, but all of these children were stillbirths or miscarriages save for Erieen.

Children: As far as he knows, he's never fathered any children. Most of his female clients were of the sort that wouldn't want to carry a whore's child to term -- so if they ever did, it was under the guise of a more respectable father, and didn't inform him, or terminated the pregnancy.

Tell us a story...

* 2568, 0 Erieen is born to Erindi and Navreen, a couple of minor workers and drudges at Fort Hold. He is the only one of their children who survives, as Erindi is prone to stillborn and miscarriages -- and increasingly so as a result of Navreen's abuse. Even among the ravages of the 9th Pass, the family is pretty badly off. They have always been poor and lowly ranked, and Navreen's naturally abusive tendencies only complicate this.

* 2571, 3 Fall of Tillek Hold and the abandonment of High Reaches Weyr. Erieen doesn't truly remember this event; his entire life as he knows it is that Pern has been reduced to Fort Hold and Fort Weyr. He regards the stories of other, once-prosperous places as something akin to fairytales.

* 2573, 5 Erieen begins schooling with the Harpers. He is an enthusiastic student, but has difficulty focusing on his studies and so doesn't appear to do well. His father's disappointment and constant verbal (and occasionally physical) abuse in regards to what he sees as his son's "stupidity" lays the groundwork for Erieen's later insecurities. This eventually leads the young boy to resent school itself.

* 2576, 8 Erieen shares his first kiss with another young boy and ends up beaten by his father for the transgression. He learns that he needs to hide his preferences, and begins to truly hate his father instead of just fearing him. He takes a further turn towards unhappiness.

* 2578, 10 Erieen drops out of his classes with the Harpers, in order to become a drudge in the Hold with his parents. He feels that this will always be his lot in life, and doesn't dare aspire to be a Crafter or a Dragon Rider.

* 2580, 12 Erieen slips under the radar of the Crafthalls and, to no one's surprise, is not Searched by the weyr. This same turn, his mother dies suddenly from internal injuries suffered at Navreen's hands. His guilt, however, is not provable, and he escapes punishment. Left alone with his father for the first time, Erieen grows to hate him -- especially for what he sees as the murder of his mother. Erieen learns that he has to rely on himself and no one else to survive. He attempts to pick up some skills with a knife to defend himself from his father, but learns that he's far better at just avoiding him than trying to fight. It's just not in his skillset.

* 2581, 13 A turn later, Erieen's father is killed in a dispute over another man's wife:  Navreen slept with her, and was then confronted by her enraged husband. Despite the fact that his leaves Erieen truly alone in the world, he is vindictively glad to see the man dead. He doesn't think he would ever have been brave enough to kill the man himself, as he didn't want to be punished for the crime.

* 2583, 15 Desperate for food, clothing, and resources, Erieen begins to earn his keep as a whore. This change is prompted by a widowed Holder's wife who takes him into her bed in exchange for feeding him and giving him a few baubles. As Erieen realizes that this is a viable occupational option, he begins to increasingly avoid his work as a drudge in favor of cleaning himself up and sleeping with wealthy Holdfolk and Crafters for the things he needs.

* 2587 19 End of the 9th Pass. By this time, Erieen has remade himself into a desirable, fairly well-kept whore despite not being affiliated with any of Fort's gangs or brothels. Though he is shunned by many who live there, he continues to make a respectable living for himself -- typically with those who want to avoid any ties or debts to the Hold's rougher criminal element. With the move to Southern Winds Weyr, however, his income is somewhat cut down on account of the freer attitude toward sex. Erieen finds himself having to return to some of the duties he'd abandoned as a drudge.

* 2588, 20 Completely unexpectedly, Erieen is Searched by Blue rider C'ace. Having never aspired to be anything more than a whore, Erieen has difficulty imagining himself as a dragon rider. Nevertheless, he takes well to the Candidate lessons, and doesn't mind the chores so much knowing that if he Impresses, he will never be a drudge again.

* 2589, 21 Erieen failed to Impress the previous turn, and begins to believe that he probably never will. Still, he's not going to give up an opportunity that might yield such promising results. He continues to stand in the hopes of becoming a dragon rider. If that doesn't work out, Erieen has no idea what he will do next, as he highly doubts that the Crafthalls will be interested in taking on such an old apprentice.


Stretching in a limber motion that popped his vertebrae, Erieen slid out of bed. The Holder he left behind stirred only vaguely, clearly in such a position that he could afford to sleep in a little every morning. Erieen glared at his sleeping back for a moment in resentment of such a trivial commodity. If only he, too, could afford to lay about all day while others did work around the weyr. But he knew such a thing was not to be, and he would need to slip down to the bathing pools if he didn't want to smell noticeably of sex when he went to breakfast.

It took him a moment in the gloom to locate his clothing. The glows had faded considerably over the course of the night, and the one shielded light in the room did not do much to mitigate the darkness. Still, Erieen was no stranger to having to find his garments under such conditions. Wriggling into his pants, he padded carefully across the rich carpet and brushed his fingers through it as he stooped to pick up his shirt. Honestly, it was ridiculous that anyone had bothered to have the dragon riders bring such a thing all the way from Fort Hold.

Ah well. At least it meant that the man had been able to afford to pay him well. Relatively. Erieen didn't bother to repress a smile as he jangled the slender silver bracelets around his wrist. Some heirloom of the Holder's family, he supposed; how amusing it was that such a "wealthy" man was reduced to pawning off his pretties for the kind of sex he craved. In a weyr no less! Some traditions died hard, Erieen supposed.

He didn't bother to smooth his rumpled clothes before stepping out of the Holder's chambers and slipping through the halls to the bathing pools. He'd just be taking them off soon to get in the water anyway.

Member Info...

Created By:
Sir Alahn
Other Characters:
M'rek, O'sir, Finnmaghaine, A'lori, L'nal, and Tyldas
Inactivity Preference:
Make him an NPC, but please don't kill him.
Anything Else:
He likes C'ace more than he should. >:3

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Re: Erieen [ 24.1.2568 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2014, 11:16:28 AM »
It amuses me being a whore is ruined by being in the weyr. It'll be interesting to see how he gets along now.

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Re: Erieen [ 24.1.2568 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2014, 01:02:45 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This Bronze is an elegant little fellow, a very vibrant, brassy color similar to a Gold queen but with some darker, browner tarnishing on his wingsails that serves to distinguish him from a Gold.


Mind Voice: He is capable of stringing together longer sentences than some of the other flits. His voice is melodious and very precise. Not distant, but regal.
Likes: Queens : Not just Golds, but truly regal Golden ladies. He will champion himself as the “knight” of whatever such lady will allow him to be. He enjoys having someone to dote upon.
Subjects : Just as every Queen needs a devoted knight, a knight needs his squires. This Bronze will be fair to lower-ranked colors, but is still very aware and adamant that they are his lessers.

Dislikes: Insubordination : Lower-colored flits should bow to him as they would to any other Bronze. He gets testy when they do not.
Women : He’s not overly fond of human women, though he adores Gold flits and dragons.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
When he’s lacking a Gold to dote on, Erieen is his “queen”.

Vanity’s Clutch 001
Vanity x Susurrus

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Re: Erieen [ 24.1.2568 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2017, 11:17:07 PM »

Image Credit:
Lineart link.
Flit Details

As normal.
Date of Birth:
19.1.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Lady hatched small and will always be a very delicate Green, tiny and almost toy-like in contrast with the much larger Bronze already bonded to Erieen. Her hide is a soft peacock green in color, lightest on her head, neck, and nearest the primary bones of her wings. Faintly mottled like sun dappling through leaves, her body darkens nearing the trailing end of her wingsails and her flanks.


Mind Voice: While she may learn to parrot certain words in order to make her thoughts clear, she'll never learn to string sentences together in mockery as some flits do. What she does learn to say will be said in a soft, demure, and almost gentle voice that rarely rises above a murmur.

Likes: Baths : Mostly she will learn to enjoy the warm water, as well as getting to paddle around in the bathing springs. Lady likes being clean, but this will be secondary to her love of soaking in the steamy water.
Flights : She may not be an overly flirtatious flit, nor physically affectionate with males of her species, when she's not proddy. But when she is, Lady will gladly cozy up to whomever will pay her attention and be sweet to her.

Dislikes: Being manhandled : Delicate and tiny as she is, Lady will only ever let people touch her who she trusts to be gentle with her. She enjoys being petted and stroked, but only if the touches are light and not too hard.
Crowds : Similarly, close crushes of people will never appeal to her, and in fact are likely to drive her away from a given area.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Hatched from an egg received from Colvin on 12.1 in exchange for sexual favors. :bird:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Erieen [ 24.1.2568 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #4 on: May 02, 2017, 02:31:28 PM »

Major Events:
- 28.07.2589 || Erieen manages to get his hands on three flit eggs – one for himself and two for C’ace.

- 16.09.2589 || The flit eggs hatch, and Erieen bonds to Escort.

- 02.01.2590 || Even though he’s stood for many clutches now, this one is even more depressing than previously, since four dragons would rather go Between than bond to him.

- 12.01.2590 || He manages to snag a second flit egg from Colvin in exchange for sexual favors.

- 19.01.2590 || The egg Erieen bartered for from Colvin hatches into his second flit, a tiny Green he names Lady.

New Relationships:
- C'ace || Not necessarily a new relationship, but Erieen is hopelessly enamored with him despite knowing that he shouldn’t be – after all, he’s an ex-whore and C’ace isn’t the sort of person to be in a relationship. Erieen is just grateful of the time he gets to spend with him and does his best to fight down his pangs of jealousy, clinginess, and longing.

- Colvin || The other Candidate annoys Erieen to the point of hatred, particularly since – as Erieen sees it, Colvin is a bit of a spoiled brat, especially since he at least has a Craft to go back to if he ages out or gets kicked out of Candidacy. The sentiment hasn’t mellowed any, but they do have flashes of getting along, such as when they exchanged sexual favors for a flit egg.

- J'hal || Erieen despise him for three reasons:  for the fact that he’s a reminder of the awfulness of Fort Hold during the Pass, because he’s homophobic and bigoted, and because he’s Impressed and Erieen hasn’t.

Important Personality Trait & Why:
- WORLD WEARY || Erieen has seen and experienced a lot during the Pass, and none of it was good. He’s tired of the world and the people in it being awful, but he knows better than to expect anything else. Everyone’s motives are suspect and probably ulterior, and the world will in all likelihood always be a terrible place.

- LOW SELF-WORTH || What might seem like arrogance, confidence, or selfishness is really just various forms of survival instinct. He doesn’t actually believe that he deserves to be treated well, despite the fact that he’ll argue with anyone else that says that to his face. Similarly, he doesn’t think that anyone – except C’ace – genuinely likes him, nor that the has value to other people beyond what they might be able to get out of him:  usually sex.

- PRIVATE || Unless something pisses him off, Erieen doesn’t volunteer a lot of information. He’s not shy nor necessarily resistant to conversation, but he doesn’t reveal things about himself that are deeply personal or actually matter.

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Re: Erieen [ 24.1.2568 / Red Weyrling ]
« Reply #5 on: May 29, 2017, 12:40:28 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 12.1M
Mature Height: 2.4M
Mature Wingspan: 18M

General Appearance...

A tiny, pale red dragon with little stumps for wings when she hatches, she's a burst of confident energy. Exploding from her egg, unaware that she's tiny and dangerous, eager and ready - completely mobile and rushing about on legs that don't seem big or strong enough to hold her up but do so remarkably well given her very tiny size. She'll always be small, with slender legs and narrow wings with a pale body that will only darken in certain places with age.


Mind Voice: She has a rolling, sweet lilt to her mind voice that carries her confidence like she's a tiny 'bronze'. Everything she says, even if she has no idea what she's talking about, she says with complete certainty. Even when she's joking, teasing, or otherwise being playful. Her voice, as melodic and beautiful as it is, might as well belong to a much larger creature. No one has ever told her she's tiny and she'd not believe it otherwise.

Likes: Being on the move : From the moment she's born, Sayimith is a creature of movement and action. She's thrilled to be alive and it shows. She's not fidgety, per say, as her actions usually have a purpose but she can be restless and has absolutely no interest in being inside.

Work : Chores, classes, drills - bring it all on. This little dragon wants to take on the world. She sees it all as a challenge to overcome and is quite willing to show ( or drag ) Erieen that this world is theirs for the taking.

Dislikes: Insults : Don't you dare talk down to her or her Erieen. She'll be the first tiny creature to put you in your place. Those that look down on them for anything are the first she wants to prove herself to.

Strangers : People barely register on her radar and it takes a lot for her to even register that other people even exist. If someone matters to Erieen - really matters - she'll make an effort to remember them but he'll have to convince her that they should.


* CONFIDENT : She has confidence to go around. To Sayimith, there's nothing that can't be done, nothing that can't be conquered, and no foe that can't be out maneuvered. Nothing phases her, nothing scares her, and no one will ever tell her that she can't do something. It's only a matter of time before she proves to the island that she is the fastest, the smartest, and the best!

* STAMINA : She can go for days! No one knows where all this energy comes from, but she wants to go go go! While she'll never be the best flier - she's a red with small wings, so she's not built for it - but she's fast and agile. What's more, she's ready to go. Always.


* REBELLIOUS :  She's going to have a problem with some authority. Especially when she's told she can't do something or she needs to wait. Sayimith doesn't want to wait! Her eagerness is going to need a lot of tempering.

* SCRAPPY : Her confidence can easily turn into aggressive overconfidence, especially if someone happens to be bullying or mean to her or Erieen. In this, Sayimith isn't afraid to literally throw herself into a confrontation. While she's not exactly violent, she has the capacity to be very insistent - borderline violent. Hissing, snapping, and growling to those that otherwise might be insulting or bullying. She's small, but she won't back down from a bully. Which might get her in trouble.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #3f3039; Text: #eda2c0

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She is a force catch when she becomes an adult. 09.09 and 19.10

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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