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Author Topic: Approved V'len [23.05.2566] Rider of Bronze Redrenth  (Read 3405 times)

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V'len [23.05.2566] Rider of Bronze Redrenth
« on: April 06, 2015, 05:39:21 PM »

Play By:
Jonas Armstrong


First Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider/Prairie Wing

Your Reflection...

Appearance: V'len rarely shaves, seeing it as a waste of valuable time that could be spent training. However, this is juxtaposed with his incessant desire to be clean: his clothes are always washed and pressed, his nails are never dirty, and he is always accompanied by the aroma of the baths. Along his left bicep, V'len bears a scar that matches perfectly to a hatchling's forepaw's claw; a token from his impression of his life-partner.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: V'len knows that the past few years have been horrible for the peoples of Pern. He lost a father and his older brother to the relentless rain of Thread. But, it is a challenge that they have to rise above. The founding of Southern Winds Weyr is the first step in the right direction. He believes that all people need to work to make Pern livable again.

Response to dragon color mutations: V'len does not mind the color mutations that are starting to appear in the clutches of Golds. As long as they dragons and riders are fit to fight and fly, and they are hard working, he welcomes them in the sky. The Black dragons seem just as fit, if not better suited, for the new, hard life that they face, while the Red dragons are a point of interest for him, as they accept anyone as their riders and they are both male and female.

Who are you...

Bathing - V'len likes to be clean. Period. The first thing he does after flying, other than scrubbing Redrenth clean, is head to the baths to clean himself.
Fishing - Having spent the first few years of his turbulent life in Tillek Hold, and being the son of a Journeyman in the Fishercraft, V'len appreciates fishing and enjoys it.
Pipe music - Related to the two above, V'len holds pipe music as the cleanest and purest sounding music. It also reminds him of the Harper that would accompany his father on fishing trips.

Dirty Hands - Just as much as he likes to bathe, V'len loathes being dirty. Especially his hands. The sticky feeling of sweat or a dried liquid on his hands is overbearing and it has to be removed. Like, yesterday.
Wherry Meat - V'len finds wherry meat to be too game and lacks a good flavor. He passes the plate by at dinner.
Slackers - He feels that all people should work towards the betterment and the restructuring of Pern. Those that fail to do so willingly, should be put in the mines or forest to work under an overseer's lash.

Hardworking - V'len believes that the only way for humanity to survive is through hard work. Everyone has something that they were chosen to do, be it fishing or riding, and everyone has something that they are passionate about doing. They should strive to do their assignments and their passions to the best of their abilities.

Clean - Any potential weyrmates or visitors to V'len weyr does not have to worry about a mess. He keeps everything well cleaned, including his dragon and himself. He always says, "For one to live stress-free, they must live dirt-free," and he means it.

Organized - His organization goes almost hand in hand with his cleanliness. Because he has the obsessive need to clean himself and his living and work environments, all the leafs of parchment or paper that he works with are always neatly filed away.

Sociable - Being holdborn and craftraised, many people would assume that V'len would feel out of place within the structure and society of dragonriders. Those assumptions couldn't be farther from the truth. V'len is well-liked by most people that meet him and he strives to become that way to the few people who don't initially see him in a positive light.

Thinker - V'len would rather work smarter than harder. He is always looking for a way to modify and improve what ever he is doing, be it fishing or flying drills. If one rider and dragon can accomplish the feats of a wing by making an adjustment in a technique, V'len would find a way of doing so.

Young - V'len was just recently promoted up from a weyrling to a full-fledged rider. He has not been on any official duties as a rider, save for training, nor has he defended against attacks from Hunters. His inexperience forces his confidence to be slightly shaky and he tries not to get in the way.

Traditionalist - Being a holdborn, craftraised Rider, tends to force one to not think the same way as a person who was limited to one of the types of citizenry. Many of such Riders are in the group of thinkers that believe the old ways are not going to solve anything. Not V'len. He believes that the new way of thinking is what got Pern into these dire straits and that only going back to the "traditions" of the past will correct the situation at hand. This does cause some issues with some of the holders though, as they believe that they shouldn't have to support the riders like they used to. V'len is of the belief that the riders are what saved the people of Pern, and holders and craftsmen alike, owe the rider's their lives.

Harsh Disciplinarian - V'len does not tolerate troublemakers. While this is common amongst humankind, his reaction to troublemakers is severe. He believes that anyone who does not work with society and willing disrupts life for riders, holders, and crafters alike, should be clasped in irons and sent to work in the mines until their debt to society has been paid.

Obsessive Cleanliness - Though cleanliness is also one of V'len's strengths, it can also pose a problem. When he is done with a duty that results in appearance being sullied, his mood sours until he can be clean once more.

Sexual Inexperience - Though not a virgin, V'len is not a conqueror of women. He has only laid with a woman one time before Candidacy. It is not as if he does not like women, but rather, he does not like the women that have presented themselves to him. This has caused him to have a strange, yet mysterious, reputation with the women in the Weyr.

Describe Yourself:
Motivated: V'len is always ready to get to work, whether it be training, fishing, or helping out holders. When its time to work, its time to work.

Optimistic: He is always looking towards the future. Now that Thread has finally stopped falling, he can think of nothing better than for mankind to repopulate and forge their ways back onto the main continents.

Determined: When V'len is set on a task, nothing distracts him until the task is complete, save for meals and rest. The focus his has for tasks in commendable.

Honorable: He always holds himself to his promises and seeks to help out others when they need it. V'len does his best to remain in the good graces of all those who are around him, so long as they, too, are people of their word.

Chivalric: V'len's mother taught him to respect the 'fairer' race and to assist them whenever he can. As a boy, women doted on him because of his good manners, though their own sons made fun of him because of it.

The Magic Touch: V'len is frequently seen with his belt knife in hand, cleaning under his fingernails. He also is irritated by the affections between blue and green riders and dragons, if the two are not in a committed relationship.


Mother: Leena, Holder, 10.10.2540 (Deceased - 12.04.2584 to fever)
Father: Valrek, Journeyman Fisher, 04.02.2539 (Deceased - 08.06.2570 to Thread)

Siblings: Brother: Lenek, Apprentice Fisher, 13.07.2557 (Deceased - 08.06.2570 to Thread)

Tell us a story...

* 2566, 0 Vallen is born to Valrek the Fisher and his wife, Leena, in Tillek Hold. He had an older brother, Lenek, who was hoping to become a Fisher like his father. Vallen was the result of eight years of attempt childbearing. Leena was thought to have become barren after Lenek's birth.

* 2570, 4 Vallen's father, Valrek, and older brother, Lenek, are killed on a fishing trip during Threadfall. The fall was erratic and caught the fishermen unawares. Their small sloop was out at sea, just off the coast of Tillek, when the Fall hit their vessel. There were no survivors, despite the riders timing it to their place and time to fight the Thread.

* 2571, 5 Leena and Vallen fled Tillek Hold after it fell to Thread. They became refugees within the walls of Fort Hold. Leena took up cooking in the kitchens while Vallen was put in the creche. Here, he was exposed to weyrfolk for the first time and was smitten with the idea of riding a dragon.

* 2574, 8 Vallen befriended a young weyrling, Berlyn, age 12. Berlyn's mother and father were both riders who were killed by Thread the turn prior. The two connected because of their traumatized childhood and become friends.

* 2577, 11 Berlyn and Vallen sneaked onto the Hatching Grounds of Orianth's clutch. Scared of getting caught, Vallen did not touch any of the eggs. Berlyn, however, was not as meek. He boldly caressed a particularly large egg. He later goes on to Impress the brown dragonet that hatched from that very egg.

* 2580, 14 Vallen's only friend in the Weyr, B'lyn was killed while fighting in a Fall. A tight cluster of Thread caught both the dragon, Deribeneth, and his rider from the side. Both were terribly wounded and Deribeneth went between in an attempt kill the tendrils on them. However, their wounds were severe and they do not reemerge. Vallen was grief stricken at the loss of his friend and turned into a brooding and solitary individual.

* 2584, 18 Vallen's mother fell ill suddenly, and passed from a fever that would not break. Vallen was devastated and was now the only person left in his family. His brooding persona dropped deeper and he became depressed. Vallen attempted suicide by starving himself. The Headwoman discovered the attempt and force fed him for weeks until Vallen recovered. The care of the Headwoman helped pull him from his depression.

* 2585, 19 Vallen was discovered as a potential dragonrider and was selected as a Candidate. The thought of having his own dragon excited the young man. He forced himself to be sociable when he was around other people, having realized that those he was in Candidacy might one day be his teammates in the sky.

* 2587, 21 Vallen left with the rest of the inhabitants of Fort Hold and Fort Weyr to Fort Island and into Southern Winds Weyr. He found himself on the sands during Kalestath's first hatching on the island. He Impressed Redrenth and was the second weyrling to Impress. His name was shortened to V'len. Redrenth helped lighten V'len's personality.

* 2589, 23 V'len and Redrenth are promoted from weyrlings to full-fledged riders. They join the Beach Wing and begin training immediately. He had achieved his childhood goal and is ecstatic about what the future held.

Journal Excerpt

V'len sat in the weyrling barracks while Redrenth was out near the lake, sunning. V'len had a leather bound book in hand and was scribbling in it with a quill:


Tomorrow is the day. Redrenth and I finally become full-fledged riders. We've trained so hard and done so much as weyrlings, they just have to promote us. My little Redrenth (well, I guess he's not so little anymore) is perfect. I still can't believe that he is all mine and will never leave me. I remember when I Impressed him; its a memory that will always be fresh in my mind. I remember the love, and hunger (that greedy thing), in his eyes, and I remember hearing him saying my name.
V'len! I wasn't alone. Never again would I be alone.

I just wished that Mother had been alive to see it, or to see any of this. She would have liked Fort Island. She always complained about how cold Fort Hold was. Southern Winds Weyr would have been perfect for her.

He could feel Redrenth wake up. The bronze was hungry and was quite vocal about it. Writing again? Why don't you come out here and scratch me behind my eyeridge. It itches. And I'm hungry.

V'len shook his head. "You're always hungry." He sat his journal in a lockbox and closed the lid. He heard the mechanism clasp shut before grabbing his riding jacket and headed for the Weyrbowl. He could see Redrenth's elongated form sprawled out, on his back, on the beach of the lake. "You're gonna dry yourself out like that, Redrenth."

He could hear Redrenth's mental rumble and watched as the bronze mountain rolled over to lay on his stomach. V'len reached his partner and answered his request for an eyeridge scratch. The two watched as a green took flight, with three blues, five browns, and a bronze took off after her. Redrenth's eyes swirled amber with disgust. You'll never see me chasing down a green dragon. They're barely better than those pesky fire-lizards. He emphasized his though with a huff of breath, to which V'len responded with laughter.

"We'll have our chance at a gold one day, my friend. And I'll follow your lead on that one." He winked and patted Redrenth on the snout as he walked around the hulking brute. "Now, let's see if we can't get some food in you." V'len leaped to Redrenth's back and grasped hold of a ridge spike. The two took flight and headed of the ledge of the Weyrbowl...

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC. After three months of inactivity, make V'len adoptable.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!

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Re: V'len [23.05.2566] Rider of Bronze Redrenth
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2015, 05:40:18 PM »

Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37 meters
Mature Height: 7 meters
Mature Wingspan: 62 meters

General Appearance...

Redrenth hatched from the egg slightly longer than normal with wings to match. Though the abnormality was extremely slight, it became apparent as the dragonet grew. Redrenth has the appearance that his height is not tall enough for his length or wingspan, though it is only apparent if one is looking for the difference. The eyeridges on his wedge-like head start at the tip of his nose and run the length of his head, growing more pronounced over his eyes and ended in two distinct head knobs. The ridges that cover his back are just a shade darker than the rest of his brilliant bronze hide, which is unmarred of scars and is almost always clean, thanks to his rider's tending and care.


Mind Voice: Redrenth's voice is gruff, as if he had been at sea for the majority of his life and salt had damaged his voice. It is grumbled and growls out in V'len's mind, which the rider finds humorous, for Redrenth's voice matches his grumpy demeanor.

Fish - Redrenth loves everything about fish. From the way they look, to the way they swim, and especially the way they taste. He takes it upon himself to troll the waters with a net to catch fish, just so he can eat the majority of them. He occasionally shares with his rider.

Gold Dragons - Not only does Redrenth hope to one day mate with a Gold dragon, but he also enjoys looking at them. The way their hide catches the light is mesmerizing to the Bronze. Their size is also something that amazes him, for he is a large Bronze, yet they are even longer than he.

Fire-lizards - Redrenth finds the flits annoying. He can tolerate some well behaved fire-lizards but the majority of them simply zip around and irritate the Bronze. He doesn't care if dragons came from fire-lizards, he will not tolerate them.

Wherries - The avian beasts are another thing that irritates Redrenth. They are loud and cowardly, only fighting when they have superior numbers. He would roast them all, if his rider would only eat them too.

Flame Length: Redrenth is a particularly strong fire-breather. The length of flame that bursts from his maw is a time and a half longer than normal, reaching out to score his target from a distance further than expected.

Flight Speed: Redrenth, having longer wings and a more aerodynamic form, is fast in the air. His longer wings allow for him to push more air from underneath him and his shorter height allows less wind resistance in flight.

Turning: Due to his elongated body and longer wings, Redrenth is slower to turn. Though during Threadfall training it did not prove to be an issue, the problem arises when there is intelligent or semi-intelligent enemies, such as Hunter. Redrenth and his rider just need to stay a step ahead of their opponents to keep his hide unmarred.

Grouchy - Redrenth can be a grouch. Though his rider tends to keep him from being overly moody, it only takes a little for the Bronze to be cranky. He shows this through huffing and growling, and the occasional showing of teeth.

Dragon Speech Code: Are you going to eat those fish? Background: #D4A85D; Text: #FFE180

Member Info...

Anything Else:
"C'mon, cranky, let's get that salt off your hide." - V'len

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Re: V'len [23.05.2566] Rider of Bronze Redrenth
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2015, 07:13:10 PM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

The SWW Staff Team
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Re: V'len [23.05.2566] Rider of Bronze Redrenth
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2015, 06:36:05 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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