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Author Topic: Approved Nieve [21.06.2577] Drudge.  (Read 2469 times)

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Nieve [21.06.2577] Drudge.
« on: April 09, 2015, 11:35:42 PM »

Play By:
Jodelle Ferland

First Name:
None yet.
Date of Birth:
21.06.2577 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Raised poorly and with few to impress, Nieve is a bit of a filthy creature. She is most comfortable with a layer of grime hiding her expression and well-worn rags that know her every step and twitch. Rarely she bathes and when she does she makes no effort to brush out the tangles that riddle her long hair. Her senior drudges threaten her with the shears every week or so, but she's thus far avoided a scalping. A strict schedule keeps her out of the sun most days and her skin has adopted a ghostly pallor due to this, though you'd only know when she's freshly washed. In one of these instances, you'd be able to see various paler scars crisscrossing over her torso. Most notable are the moon-shaped punctures decorating the entirety of her shoulders and collar area.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: For an uneducated girl with very few friends in the world, the 9th Pass was a terrifying time. The drudges she lived among had little faith in their masters and less in the dragons that had failed so harshly at protecting Pern. She knew nothing of AIVAS or its implications, but whispered rumors suggested the Threadfall was the result a dragonrider gone mad.

Response to dragon color mutations: Nieve is largely indifferent. She lacks the traditional ideals of the older weyrfolk and their prejudice, but she does not welcome the new colors with open arms, either. The weyrleader has, unfortunately, become a focal point for her anger and jealousy for lack of anywhere else to direct it.

Who are you...

Likes: Food and the warmth of furs and fires, the stillness of night and the open sky above.

Dislikes: Sleeping alone and the coldness that accompanies it, speaking to superiors and feeling inferior because of it. Firelizards and their incessant ability to be anywhere and everywhere.


* Courageous : The plight of Pern separated the population into two very distinct categories- the strong and the weak. Nieve likes to think herself the former. What fears she may have are beaten back with mental sticks and, given reason, she will put her life before that of another if she deems it appropriate.

* Obedient : The life of a drudge can be very hard if one does not do as they are commanded. Though she may at times resent it, Nieve is for the most part compliant. Indeed, she's even a bit submissive in.. certain situations.

* Observant : Often overlooked due to her status and appearance, Nieve spends much of her time watching, and listening, and learning. Were she more of a gossip, the weyr might not have any secrets left.

* Protective : Mostly of herself, but also of the small number of allies and friends she has acquired. If something she cares for is in danger she will leap to defend it in any way necessary. This has frequently backfired, as noted by the number of wounds she's acquired over her short time alive.

* Passionate : When Nieve does anything, she does it with great purpose. The end result may not be perfect but she will have devoted herself entirely to it.


* Jealous : When one is born into little privilege and has even less to distract them from sulking over this, they can become preoccupied with everything they don't have. Her equals rarely see the ugliness stew in her, but when interacting with anyone of a higher rank it becomes quickly evident.

* Hot headed : Nieve is terribly quick to anger. Her triggers number many and can be quite trivial. In these fits she can get very loud and sometimes physically violent, though her small stature limits her here. Most cases, time is the only thing that will bring Nieve back to a calm state of mind.

* Compulsive : She has little foresight in her actions and seemingly no understanding of consequences. If she has an urge to do something, Nieve will do it as soon as she's able.

* Brooding : With little to occupy her time with beyond monotonous chores she does spend quite a bit of time reflecting on her past. Sadly, she's yet to begin learning from her past as well.

* Selfish : Deprived of many luxuries, Nieve tends to hoard what she gets and is very reluctant to share. She's mostly selfish in the physical sense of objects, and less the mental sense although that can creep up into situations when she's feeling pressed.

Describe Yourself:

* Private: ----- Nieve is never quick to share her personal thoughts or experiences. She is a good secret keeper and prides herself on all the things she knows that others do not. This does not extend to a physical need for privacy, though, as she craves company in all forms.

* Meticulous: ----- The drudge is very thorough in her actions. She will pick at grime until it gives and place every blanket or fur or pillow in a way that compliments the environment the best. If Pern had a need for an interior designer, she'd be a running candidate. The downside is that Nieve is often caught in her duties longer than necessary.

* Grudge-holding: ----- Wrong this fiery girl and she won't soon let you forget it. She will go out of her way to avoid, ignore, and entirely shun you if you've prodded her too much. Perhaps even worse is the quiet plotting behind the facade of smiles. She'll play friendly until the time is just right to exact revenge.

* Sneaky: ----- Fleet-footed and slight, Nieve is a practiced sneak. She knows the shadows like each is her own and has made a point to find every possible route within her familiar stomping grounds. Certainly there is still territory left undiscovered, but one day it's likely she'll have the entire Weyr mapped in her head.

* Sassy: ----- She may not be educated but she is no less street wise. A silver tongue lies tucked behind her pert lips and she is not afraid to use it. More often than not, this lands her in trouble and the less desirable chore list becomes her responsibility. But if you're of good humor and the material is provided, Nieve will never cease to entertain.

The Magic Touch: Nieve is young and still developing in personality. Her moral compass is skewed, currently, but with experience and knowledge it may straighten. Though, if the nature of that knowledge and experience proves negative, it may lead her on a perilous path. She is terribly malleable, proceed with caution.

As well, the majority of her negative traits apply to the vast population of the Weyr. However, the very few she's become fond of (whether or not they return the affection) will find themselves immune to her fits as they simply won't happen without some very determined pushing.


Mother: Vanisary. Drudge, born 2557.
Father: Unknown Holder.

Siblings: Most unknown, but likely a vast many half siblings. She does claim relation to three other drudges born to her mother.
Joluna. Drudge, born 2571
Abrinahan. Drudge, born 2573
Vikarin. Drudge, born 2580

Children: None.

Tell us a story...

* 2564, Vanisary age 7 A young drudge girl is evacuated from her home hold of Ruatha. She is one of few servants to be saved, but one of the women belonging to the Lord Holder's house had taken a liking to the charming, dark haired child. The favoritism is lost at Fort Hold as titles mean little but nearly free labor is too good to be left alone. Vanisary's life becomes a difficult toil of work and abuse at the hands of angry lords and ladies that have lost their lands.

* 2570, Vanisary age 13 Our tireless drudge births her first child and makes an effort to care for it, a girl she names Joluna. The babe is fair-haired and soft-skinned and the father makes no attempt to take part in raising her. Between drudge work and motherhood, she barely finds the time to live herself but she does manage.

* 2571-73, Vanisary age 14-16 A second child is born the following turn, but lost shortly after birth. The Hold is flooded with new faces as Pern condenses between the single remaining Hold and Weyr. Vanisary begins to turn her charms onto any successful male that might return her attention. Shortly, her third child is born and named Abrinahan, a son.

* 2577, 0 Various relationships later, Vanisary has learned something about sexual reproduction. She manages three turns of not conceiving before her next mistake is made, baby Nieve. Three surviving children is too much for the overwhelmed drudge to juggle and she passes her youngest into the Hold's creche.

* 2580, 3 An overcrowded creche provides little more than social comforts. Vanisary checks in on her youngest when she is able, but Nieve is often neglected of one-on-one attention. Her mother's visits briefly spike in frequency when she delivers her fourth child, Vikarin, and places him alongside Nieve to be raised without love.

* 2582, 5 Deemed mostly mobile and able to complete remedial tasks, Nieve is cast out of the creche and ushered into the drudge halls to live and work. Vanisary is indifferent and mostly unresponsive following a traumatic miscarriage. When she is done sweeping the hearths and removing filth from the rooms of the Hold she spends time looking after her mother. Nieve's older brother and sister have all but abandoned Vanisary. She makes a point to cut them out of her life.

* 2583, 6 Vanisary's life ends during a harsh winter. Meager food supplies and the cold further drained her poor health and she slipped into a coma that she never woke from. A holder takes pity on Nieve and convinces her husband that they house her. The wife is kind and generous. The husband treats Nieve as his personal punching bag, but only when his spouse's back is turned. She continues drudge duties, but her pace slows as bruises and sprains restrict her physically.

* 2585, 8 Two turns of beatings is enough for Nieve. She runs away in the night and disappears into the dark depths of the drudge quarters. An attempt is made to find her, but much like a wounded animal she is an expert of evasion. Trusting few and hating many, she begins to adapt to a more private life. Her single light in the dark is young Vikarin, who toddles into the life of a drudge in the same fashion she had.

* 2587, 10 News of the island continent is met with mixed emotion. Dodging recognition from the weyrfolk the last few turns had been exhausting and Nieve knew that she'd likely be forgotten in the move. However, the loss of the familiar stone passageways proved a more difficult loss than the death of her mother. She puts on a confident face, nonetheless, for the sake of Vikarin.

Their arrival at Southern Winds is not eventful. Work is endless and she does not often get to see the sky. Once, shortly after they had settled in, the drudge had gone against her orders and snuck outside one evening. She wanted a break and had even snatched a roasted fish out of the kitchens. Creeping through the outskirts of the Hatching sands, she was caught by a patrolling dragonrider. He is furious and tells her she was lucky to not have been caught by the golden Queen keeping watch over her brood inside. Nieve is subjected to lashes. This is her first encounter with a rider beyond the one that had brought her over to the island. Decidedly, she grows resentful toward them.

* 2588, 11 While cleaning out a weyr, Nieve is startled to come across a sleeping firelizard. Lumping them into the vein of dragons and their bondeds, she tried to shove it off of the table she was meant to dust. The flit was furious and attacked her, gripping her shoulders with its front claws and kicking into her back like a feline would. She spends two weeks recovering in the healer hall.

Her stay led to her meeting a senior journeyman, hall-less now, who was nursing a broken ankle. His charm and wit coaxes her out of her shell and Nieve finds she's developed her first crush. With the man not suited for anything in the way of hard labor he spends much of his time chasing after the dark haired girl. She'd been scrubbed clean by the healers for fear of infection rotting away her skin and what lay beneath was a doe-eyed, nubile creature full of shy smiles and clever quips.

The next few months Nieve learns to love and be loved. She's enveloped in a warmth she never experienced and settles into the rhythm of life. But the journeyman's ankle mends and he returns to his duties in aiding the building on the island Hold. With less time spent with him, Nieve grows jealous. She begins to follow him when she is able and is loathe to find his affection for her was not exclusive. Betrayed and hurt, the drudge again closes herself off to the world.

*2590, 13 Current day finds a bitter girl. She has flings as she feels the urge but more often than not it is for the satisfaction of kicking her lover out the next morning. She cares little for her health and appearance and even less for the company she keeps.

Nieve stood in the doorway of the weyr. Her eyes were narrow, her back very straight. She hauled over one rigid shoulder a bag bulging with oils and rags and scented liquids. This room belonged to someone wealthy, she observed, and it brought the taste of bile to the back of her throat. Her fingers twitched and she nearly lost her grip on the broom held in her left hand. It was just her luck, really, to be stuck cleaning this extravagant space.

Maintaining her look of disgust she entered. Clothing and furs lay scattered on the rough floor and food crumbs accompanied dust balls clumped in corners. She began to pick up the articles, one by one, and placed them in a pile to be taken down to laundry. When the clutter was more manageable, Nieve set about sweeping the bits up in a flurry that was doing more harm than good. If she was being honest she knew that dirt would resettle as soon as she left, whether or not she took care of what was currently there. As if to affirm this point, she spat on the floor.

Content with her work so far, Nieve turned her attention to the few tables scattered through the room. She eyed the metal candelabra and wondered if it wouldn't be of more use melted down and donated to the construction of the Hold. Scoffing, Nieve stalked toward one particular table. Brooding as she was, she mistook the creature napping on the surface for a pile of old leathers. Nieve realized her mistake only as she was shoving it off, to the floor, and felt the warmth of the hide and the movement of muscle as the flit awoke.

The little brown was no lazy, easy going firelizard. She watched his gemstone eyes quickly shift from a sleepy green to a violent mesh of orange and red. He shrieked and corrected his fall to land on all fours before launching himself directly into the air and at the drudge. Nieve turned at this point and made to run, but her legs (however long) weren't a match for the swift strokes of the brown's wings. His fore-claws dug through her thin clothing as he attached himself to her shoulders, talons sinking into pliable flesh and hooking there. Like a feline, he repeatedly brought his hind legs up to kick and shred and tear up her back. Nieve was screaming.

And then, all at once, it stopped. The firelizard pried himself off of her and jumped back toward his table. Nieve staggered forward from the suddenness of it. Blood ran freely from her wounds, smattering the ground beneath her and further ruining it. The drudge regained her senses after a moment and then fled from the weyr.

Member Info...

Created By:

Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:
Entirely dependant on the type of character she becomes, and the role she plays. As she is now, insignificant and untried, killing her off seems the kindest option. But if she enraptures the weyr in some scheme or plot, it'd be wonderful to have her be adoptable so she might continue on her devious path.

Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on.

Anything Else:
She is Searchable if anyone would like to invite the little monster into candidacy. However, I'm not entirely sure if a dragon would agree that she is a good fit, but certainly it'd have interesting results. I'd like her debut as a candidate to definitely be after the beach snake attack, and probably Imyth's Hatching as well as she'd not have the chance to learn the proper things.

ALSO, if anyone would like to offer characters to fill in the vague character x's of her past, feel free to PM me. I'll be putting a plotter up shortly.

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Re: Nieve [21.06.2577] Drudge.
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2015, 05:52:10 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Nieve [21.06.2577] Drudge.
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2016, 05:32:05 PM »

Image Credit: Dezzi
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
06.02.2590 9th
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This little Gold is going to be medium sized and quite delicate when she is fully grown.  She is a very pale shade of Gold, almost a faded gold rather than a bright gold.  She has very soft hide and loves to look her best.


Loves to be groomed, will spent hours preening. She is affectionate, a little unsure at times, needs a little bit of encouragement.  Totally fascinated with canines, loves them, will happily ride on one if they will let her.  Loves to hunt tunnel snakes, and isn't above playing the odd trick or two.

Mind Voice: Lovely says or projects very little. When she does strongly want something, she’ll let you know, but for the most part she is simply content to observe. In times of great stress or excitement, she will become extremely vocal with chirrups and clicks, but this happens rarely.

Herself. She is a very vain Gold and thinks she is the most important creature on Pern. While she doesn’t demand attention, Lovely likes to be at least acknowledged.
Hunting. Rather than be hand-fed scraps, Lovely prefers to catch her own prey. She’s an adept fisher and will even burrow after tunnel snakes in the dirt.
Bath time. In the same vein of her vanity, Lovely loves nothing more than a good scrub down. Sometimes she’ll even roll in puddles intentionally so Nieve will have to clean her up.

Dislikes: List of 2-3 dislikes here
Other female firelizards. Lovely is a bit of an alpha female. She won’t attack other flits, but she won’t interact with them unless they have her approval.
Darkness. Despite being a rather successful predator, Lovely doesn’t like being in the dark. She’ll often sleep by a lit hearth or under a basket of glows if she’s able.
Large crowds. Fortunately the biggest groups of weyrfolk Lovely normally has to deal with are those drudges in the sleeping quarters every night. You won’t ever find her trying to sneak into a Hatching, or hanging around an end of the turn celebration.

Member Info...
Played by Drewliet, but created by Dezzi
Anything Else:
Impressed at the A Baker’s Dozen thread.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


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