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Author Topic: Rinokan [ 18.08.2573 / Candidate ]  (Read 2011 times)

Offline SirAlahn

Rinokan [ 18.08.2573 / Candidate ]
« on: April 09, 2015, 11:49:21 PM »

Play By:
Xavier Samuel

First Name:
He's never really been close enough with anyone to get a nickname. His brothers occasionally call him "Rin", but he fucking hates it and will probably take an immediate dislike to anyone else who calls him that.
Date of Birth:
18.08.2573 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Job Before Search:
Jr. Apprentice Miner
Color Preference:
Black || Rinokan's natural competitive nature, comfort with violence, and aggression would make him well-suited for a Black dragon. If he Impressed such a creature, it would grant an outlet for his energy that would prove constructive for the people of Pern rather than destructive in the form of his trouble-making. Though he's unsure what to think of the new color, he'd be bound and determined to prove that they're not the burden everyone seems to think they are.
Blue || He'd need a Blue as intense as he is, who won't mind his bad mood and will temper him with a bit of a calming presence. Rinokan could be taught to let things go more if he rode a Blue, since a dragon of that type would be more likely to show him that holding onto grudges and spite will only waste his own energy.
Green || A strong-willed dragon with a mothering instinct would be good for Rinokan, keeping him in line and enforcing some manners upon him. This might not be what he hopes to Impress, but Rinokan would probably do much better with a female dragon than he thinks he would.
Red || Probably the best dragon for Rinokan is  a Red -- because there's potential for he or she to both keep him in line and share in his intensity, granting him the same outlet for his energy a Black might while also being a partner in crime. I'm most partial to this color for him, since riding one of the smallest dragons in the weyr, while being as much of a braggart as Rinokan is, would be an interesting experience for him and make him grow in a lot of ways.
Future Rider Name:
None. Like Rinokan is ever going to settle for one person. The closest thing he'll ever have to a monogamous relationship will be his bond with his dragon -- if he Impresses at all. A fact which most people seem to be in doubt of.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Compared to the rest of the men in his family, Rinokan seems to have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to height and bulk. He's much shorter than his brothers, not even nearing their over-six-foot frames with his own 5'6" one. It's always been something of a sore spot for him, particularly since puberty doesn't seem to be doing much to change that or his rather compact body. (He used to argue that it made him a better Miner, since he could fit in smaller places, but now that he's a Candidate he's rather disgruntled about it again.) He keeps his dark blond hair fairly short, though it seems to have a mind of its own and sticks up somewhat rakishly. Inheriting his brown eyes from his mother, Rinokan looks much more like her than his father, and even less like his brothers owing to the traits they shared with their mother's first husband. He's not a boy much prone to smiles, unless it's a shit-eating grin or a rather crazed one or a decidedly not-nice one. The few people he may ever get close to will know he cares in other ways -- that he inserts himself obnoxiously into their company, that he "borrows" their belongings, and that he loses any concept of physical space, likely stealing food from them or draping his legs over them when they're nearby. Rinokan does pride himself on his rather predatory coordination and quick reflexes, since he's taken up sparring with bigger Miner apprentices (and now Candidates) to help keep himself fit. He's undeniably fast, and carries himself with the kind of confidence that will most likely get him in trouble sooner or later with someone bigger than he is. After all, he's used to working with explosives. He isn't afraid of you.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Since he's so young, Rinokan hasn't experienced as much of the 9th Pass as others in the weyr. Most of his perspective on it has come from within the Miner's Crafthall, in terms of how much firestone was needed and the shortages of resources the Miners need to supply to the weyr. As a result, he's still somewhat ignorant about how bad things actually were. He remembers how often the dragons keened their death cries, but since he didn't know the riders personally that tragedy is somewhat distant to him. He'll become more aware and understanding the longer he's a Candidate.
Response to dragon color mutations: Rinokan is wary and distrustful of the new dragons, since change has usually brought about bad results in his limited experience of the world. First, the 9th Pass changed the face of Pern. Then the survivors had to move to a new island which is proving inhospitable and full of monsters. Surely the appearance of new types of dragons represents further risk. The fact that he identifies better with the chaotic impulses of the Reds and Blacks does nothing to assuage his fears -- after all, the structure and predictability of the weyrs was what saved Pern in the first place.

Who are you...

Likes: Explosives, fire, & firestone : Rinokan feels as though he was born into these things. As a product of a mining family during the 9th Pass, he's been familiar with all from a young age. Even before he was an official apprentice, his parents taught him how to sort good firestone from bad. Fire has always held a particular fascination for Rinokan, and his original goal in life was to become one of the mining experts who deals in blackpowder explosions. Ash smeared on his face or in his blond hair is a common fixture for Rinokan.
Knives : He only has one, but Rinokan has grand ideas of getting into and winning duels -- if only they weren't forbidden. As such, he spars with others as often as he can for practice, and has developed a good eye for throwing his knife accurately as well. The weight of it in his hand is comforting, and he'll often twirl it over his fingers when he's bored. Those who might think he's all talk with it will soon find out he's not.
Dirty songs and jokes : Partly because people are always so scandalized about them. He especially appreciates Harpers who don't take themselves too seriously enough to share them. And he often sings or hums them under his breath when he's concentrating on something.
Leather : The texture of it fascinates and soothes him more than he would ever admit. He also thinks that riding leathers would make him look damn attractive, and he'd snatch up hand-me-down pieces of leather clothing just for the look of it if he ever got the chance.
Competition : There's a place of deep calm that Rinokan only has access to when he's doing something competitive, or dangerous, or otherwise requiring adrenaline. It gives him a focus, and he likes testing his skills against other people.
Dislikes: Being asked personal questions : Rinokan doesn't like talking about himself, and he's naturally suspicious of those who ask him things he would consider private -- which is pretty much everything. He'll never offer anything other than sarcasm and blatant lies to those who directly ask, but those he eventually gets close to will be rewarded with some of his inner details.
Being cooped up : He gets antsy and restless when he can't do something about built up energy. Often times, this results in him being combative and unreasonable, particularly in picking fights with his older brothers.
Indecisive people : Just make a fucking decision! Even if it's a bad one, Rinokan would much rather that someone actually buckled down and made a choice rather than bitching and moaning about it. And he has no problems saying so.
His height : More specifically, how much people seem to think he can be written off. Rinokan has never been as large as his brothers and many other men of the weyr, meaning that he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder because of it. Steadily, this attitude is turning into a determination to prove everyone wrong.
His brothers : To say that Rinokan hates his brothers is inaccurate, but they have never had a great relationship. He's never been very close with any of them, seeing them as rivals rather than a support structure -- and the disparities in their ages has widened that gap even further. While their different fathers aren't an issue, Rinokan has always felt like he has something to prove:  and he absolutely hates being subject to their orders in the Crafthall. He's always longed to distinguish himself somehow from the rest of his family; he doesn't want to just fall in line and be like everyone else.
* FAST : Rinokan has always been quick on his feet, and with a knife too. His mind works quickly and so does his body, giving him an advantage both in sparring and making quick decisions. It's served him well both to get away from older, larger children he pissed off as well as the fitness and combat training he's put himself through as a Candidate.
* AGILE : Rinokan is a slippery fucker to get ahold of, owing to his natural deft grace. Even if someone he's sparring with manages to catch him, it's difficult to hang onto him. Especially since he doesn't fight fair, and will liberally claw, bite, and use other tactics most don’t approve of.
* HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE : It takes a lot to put Rinokan down, and even more to keep him down. As such, he doesn't see much point in bringing up discomfort he feels (whether given via injury or illness) and will stay on his feet far past when he should probably be in bed recuperating. It's nearly killed him before, and might yet again.
* MILITARY MINDED : Despite his other faults, Rinokan really does thrive on the hierarchy the weyr imposes upon him. Without rules to tell him where the line is, (and to buck against), he'd likely descend into a violent, self-destructive haze of alienating people and acting past the point of no return. With rules and authority and hierarchy, Rinokan might grumble about things, but he's a good enough soldier to know where to stop. Most of the time.
* PROTECTIVE : Rinokan doesn't care about most people, which makes him something of a loner. But when he does decide that someone is "his territory" or someone that he cares about, he'll go to hell and back or gladly give his life to protect them. This might sometimes manifest as him yelling if they've done something stupid or reckless, but his heart really is in the right place. Sort of.
* DOESN'T KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP : Though he'll not mouth off to a superior (at least past the point he knows they can tolerate), when it comes to people not of rank, Rinokan doesn't know when to shut up. It's gotten him into fights before, and probably will again. He also has no concept of when he should avoid angering someone much bigger and stronger than he is. He's earned both scars and lashes for it before, but isn't likely to learn to stop anytime soon. It's just so easy to rile him up.
* COMBATIVE : Rinokan hates being told he's wrong. To the point that he'll argue till he's blue in the face just to convince the other person they're wrong even when they're right. His competitive streak is a dragonlength wide, and he'll express it in sparring, racing, or other feats of reckless abandon. Rinokan's favorite people are those he can pull into such a competition without them getting too stupid about it.
* CONTRARY : When Rinokan is told to zig, his first impulse is to zag. Though orders from ranked individuals are different matter entirely, he has difficulty taking commands or even suggestions from people who are his peers. Even if the advice is meant in the friendliest of terms, he's reluctant to take it. Because he knows what he's doing, dammit.
* BAD IMPULSE CONTROL : When Rinokan wants something, he typically tries to get it. Even if he would be more rewarded by waiting it out or keeping his hands to himself. This can lead to belongings of his friends' wandering off because Rinokan has "borrowed" them. If he considers you "his", then obviously whatever belongs to you belongs to him too. He won't get combative about it unless the other person makes an issue of it first, in which case they'll probably never see the object in contention ever again.
* BRAGGART : Rinokan is full of himself, and being Searched only made him moreso. He thinks he's Faranth's gift to Pern, and has no qualms about bragging in regards to his achievements and dreams. Even if most would say he's too undisciplined to ever make it that far.
Describe Yourself:
* FOUL-MOUTHED: Rinokan swears. A lot. He doesn't much care who hears him, and since swearing isn't a whipping offense in the weyr, he doesn't give a fuck if you like it or not. In fact, telling him it bothers you is really only more encouragement for him to do it. And his favorite things in the world are dirty songs. Especially since the Harpers are usually so reluctant to share them.
* FREE-SPIRITED: Rinokan doesn't much want to be tied down, either to one person or place. When (and if) he Impresses, he'll escape with his dragon whenever he needs to think or cool his temper. He knows that his love of free will can get him in trouble in the weyr, and he really does try to bite his tongue when his superiors tell him to do something. Even if he ends up sulking about it silently to avoid saying something stupid.
* WILD: Rinokan wants to experience all the good things life has to offer, including but not limited to:  alcohol, adrenaline, adventure, and eventually sex. Being a weyrling is going to drive him batshit crazy. Fortunately, having a dragon to focus on will help him get through their training years in one piece, and temper some of Rinokan's impulses. At least until his dragon is full grown.
* WILY: He's possessed of a keen, cunning intellect that makes him a formidable tactical opponent. Rinokan is especially good at smoke-screening with cursing and mocking little insults to distract people from whatever deeper issue they want him to tackle. All the while he'll be laughing and making good his escape.
* HIDDEN DEPTHS: No one would guess it of him, but Rinokan is as good at reading people as he is situations. He knows just when he's pushing someone too far, or their feelings have been hurt, or they need a certain thing to comfort them. Most of the time he just doesn't care. But he will occasionally surprise people with a haymaker of a statement or action that cuts right to what they or that situation requires.
The Magic Touch: Rinokan is still a virgin, which has prevented him from actually Standing for a clutch so far. Not that he'd ever admit to such a thing, but part of the reason is that he's nervous. Even though he grew up in the relaxed atmosphere of the weyr, his family's more traditional outlook has kept him a little sheltered from such things in actual personal experience. He knows how sex works, of course, (don't be stupid), but he's afraid that he'll end up disappointing whoever he's with, and Rinokan hates being vulnerable in front of anyone anyway. Before being Searched, he hadn't concerned himself much with such things regardless -- blowing things up and working as part of his Crafthall had always seemed more interesting than sex.


Mother:  Fleeta. Senior Journeywoman Miner. Born 2550. Bonded to Bronze Fleesk.
Father: Roshyrn. Junior Journeyman Miner. Born 2556. Bonded to Blue Roshysk.
Siblings: Nazat. Half-Brother. Junior Journeyman Miner. Born 2564. Bonded to Brown Nazask.
Imastryn. Half-Brother. Senior Apprentice Miner. Born 2568.
Attior. Half-Brother. Junior Apprentice Miner. Born 2571.

Tell us a story...

* 2573, 0 Rinokan is born to Fleeta and her second husband, Roshyrn. He's the first (and so far only) children the two have had, though he has three older half-brothers by another father. Said brothers greet his entrance to the world good-naturedly, since they have a good relationship with their step-father.
* 2576, 3 Rinokan's oldest brother, Nazat, follows in his parents footsteps and joins the Miner Crafthall. While Rinokan isn't old enough to really understand what that means, some of his earliest memories are of playing with the flit his parents gifted Nazat upon his acceptance as an apprentice. Though the little beast was intended to be a working flit in the mines, Rinokan gets to play with him while his brother isn't working.
* 2578, 5 Even this early in his childhood, Rinokan begins to see his brothers as competition -- a sentiment which they don't exactly share. Much of this initial competitive streak is directed at Attior, who at seven turns of age is allowed to do things that his little brother is not. As a result, Rinokan's reckless and showoff streaks first begin to emerge as he tries to prove that he can do all the same things his siblings do.
* 2580, 7 This sense of needing to prove himself only increases when Imastryn joins the Crafthall as well. After many appeals to his parents, Rinokan is given work to do with the Miners even though he isn't an apprentice. It isn't anything glamorous, just the tasks that general untrained laborers undertake, but at the time it was enough to satisfy him. He throws himself into doing what he can, learning how to distinguish between different qualities of firestone and other minerals. Much of his responsibilities include carrying things and filling bags of firestone.

* 2583, 10 However, those three years of hard work and fulfillment dissolve as soon as Attior becomes an apprentice and gets his own firelizard. Rinokan begins to act out even more, pushing for greater and more specialized amounts of work in the Hall. Despite his protests, the higher ranked members do not make an exception to let him become an apprentice early. He settles back into the routine he had doing general labor, but it no longer satisfies him. Restless and bored, Rinokan begins to explore the world around him a little more. He mingles with the rest of the weyr rather than just staying in the mines all day, and learns the first of the many scandalous songs he has managed to wring out of the Harpers. In Rinokan's mind, the next two turns can't pass fast enough.

* 2585, 12 At long last (at least in his mind), Rinokan is accepted into the Miner Crafthall as an apprentice. As is traditional with his family, his parents gift him with a firelizard egg to congratulate him on this new chapter of his life. The egg hatches a tiny Brown Rinokan names Scoria after the dark, pumice-like igneous rock commonly round in the mines under the weyr. He dutifully trains the flit to be a working pet, teaching him to sense potential dangers in the mines like pockets of fumes or unstable ground. Finally feeling like he can really start his life, Rinokan nevertheless longs to somehow distinguish himself from his brothers. To that end, he decides to indulge his fascination with the more volatile materials the miners deal with, and manages to get involved with the older Miners that work with explosives.

* 2586, 13 When the next turn brings Nazat's promotion to Journeyman, Rinokan can't help but feel like his achievements are being overshadowed yet again. This feeling is exacerbated when Nazat receives a watchwher egg as a gift -- both for his promotion and for his announcement that he's engaged to a Smith. He marries later in the turn, and though Rinokan attends with the rest of his family he's sullen and silent the entire time.

* 2587, 14 The end of the Pass leaves everyone stunned, including Rinokan. Thread has been falling for as literally as long as he can remember, and he doesn't trust the initial reports that it's over. The subsequent announcement that everyone is relocating to an island to the south doesn't sit well with him either; after all, Fort was the only region that hadn't ultimately fallen to Thread. How smart could abandoning it possibly be? But he's forced to begrudgingly accept that it's necessary, as the mines below Fort are beginning to run dry. Once they arrive on the island, he's much happier about it. With new places to explore and new ground to break (literally), Rinokan throws himself into the efforts of the Miners to helping everyone settle into their new home. Even so, the revelation of the Hunters and Neisoth's hatching make him uneasy.

* 2588, 15 Rinokan proves to have a natural talent for working with the more dangerous aspects of the Miner's Hall. Though he's not yet trusted with the more advanced explosives, his lack of reckless behavior in the mines earns him the respect of the older Crafters. Indeed, doing his job is one of the few things that seems to satisfy Rinokan, since the ever present danger fulfills his need for adrenaline. He and Scoria make a good pair, and are proud of their work in helping to establish operations at Southern Winds.

* 2589, 16 Neisoth's catching of Kalestath brings back the uneasy feelings he'd had when the Black beast first hatched. Even moreso when the resulting clutch yields more Blacks and Reds of all things. But he gets caught up in the efforts at building First Hold, since the Miners are among the first at the construction site. Much to his family's surprise, Rinokan is Searched late in the turn. After years of wanting to distinguish himself from his brothers, Rinokan jumps at the chance without a second thought. He might have loved working with explosives, but there will always be more miners, and Impressing a dragon is an adventure too good to pass up. His brothers may think that he's too volatile to Impress, but Rinokan is determined to prove them all wrong:  he's utterly confident that he will end up with a dragon of his own.  While he becomes a Candidate in time for him to stand for Imyth's clutch, his status as a virgin prevents him from being able to participate. This leaves him somewhat moody, since that particular territory is one of the few things that still intimidates him. He doesn't want to make a fool of himself, and so is caught putting off the experience and only exacerbating his frustration.
The days that he got assigned to the Miner Crafthall were the best ones. Rinokan knew he could never return there truly, not unless he failed to Impress (which he had no intention of doing), but getting the opportunity to fall back into such familiar rhythms soothed his restlessness. Something about being down in the dark shafts, with only a few glows and Scoria to help him see satisfied a deep yearning in him to be doing something active. Maybe even something potentially dangerous. After all, there was always the possibility that they'd strike a pocket of dangerous gases, or find a cave, or get caught in a cave-in.

But Rinokan trusted Scoria, just as the little Brown trusted him. So it was with a sense of calm rather than anxiety that he ducked into the tunnels that day. Having received his orders from his former Master, Rinokan was eager to get to work. Scoria, gliding ahead into the cool and thick subterranean air, shared that sentiment. It pleased both of them beyond measure that they were often entrusted with work that rightfully should go to someone still an actual apprentice. But Rinokan's skill with his particular facet of the craft could not be denied.

"Lemme know if anything seems fucked up," he told Scoria as they descended deeper into the earth. Just as he always did when they entered the shafts -- it was a needless reminder, but part of their ritual.

Rinokan couldn't wait to prove himself worthy and Impress a dragon. But something about him would always miss the cramped and dark, almost intimate spaces beneath the soil when he finally traded them in for the sky.

Member Info...

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Other Characters:
More than I should have.
Inactivity Preference:
NPC, but please don't kill.
Anything Else:
This is the last one I swear to god.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On, of course.

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Re: Rinokan [ 18.08.2573 / Candidate ]
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2015, 11:49:41 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

[ SCORE-ee-uh ]
Date of Birth:
2585 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Scoria looks like the rock for which he was named, all ruddy, rusty browns on the bulk of his body. There's very little variation in his patterning, save for a faint weathering look on his hide that prevents him from looking entirely matte. The most noticeable markings are on his head and upper neck, where he possesses looping patterns of a much lighter brown, almost grey or tan in color. They too echo the texture of the volcanic rock that is his namesake, mimicing the holes in the light stone. He's always been small for a Brown, but doesn't let that get in his way. He uses it to his advantage to get into tighter spaces in the mines, and he has no fear when it comes to fighting tunnel snakes much larger than him.


Mind Voice: Scoria doesn't say much, vastly preferring to communicate in pictures and sensations than words. He virtually never parrots human speech, even telepathically. Nevertheless, his mental "voice" is very distinctive, cool and smooth but unmistakable. Despite his lack of mimicked speech, he is a very "vocal" flit (at least to Rinokan), keeping him up to date with constant reports while they're working or doing chores.

Likes: The dark : Trained from birth to be comfortable in the enclosed, dimly-lit mine shafts below the weyr, Scoria considers that his natural habitat. He acts as Rinokan's eyes whenever it's too dark for his human companion to see, and the little Brown honestly feels more comfortable in a dark, cramped place than a bright open one.
Spinners : Eating them, that is. He goes out of his way to hunt them down, even if that means having to stray out of the miners' most-used tunnels. Scoria particularly seems to enjoy chowing down on them loudly and rather gratuitously near someone who's repulsed by them. It always makes Rinokan laugh.
Getting dirty : Not a prissy flit in the slightest, Scoria has something of a disdain for flits that don't work. He loves rolling around in dirt, ash, or ground up rock, enjoying the feel of it on his hide as well as the relief it can sometimes provide for his itches until Rinokan can oil him.

Dislikes: Useless flits : As mentioned above, Scoria considers himself superior to firelizards who don't have a "job". He much prefers the company of other working flits on the rare occasions he does care about being around his own kind. He even refuses to fly Golds and Greens that are just pets.
Rinokan's brothers : His owner's attitudes of competition and rivalry have rubbed off on Scoria. Though he has no problems interacting with their flits, he actively avoids Rinokan's siblings. (He does have a soft spot for Fleeta, though.)
Clingyness : Though he'll allow himself to be petted, stroked, and praised for a short period of time, Scoria will only tolerate it for so long. He's a very independent little creature, and he sees praise or attention that isn't earned as something that "pets" would want. That being said, he sleeps on top of Rinokan every night without fail.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Not sure he'd be thrilled with Rinokan ever getting another flit. He's kind of possessive and solitary for a Brown.

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Re: Rinokan [ 18.08.2573 / Candidate ]
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