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Author Topic: Death by Boredom [32.10.2589 11:30 AM]  (Read 2054 times)

Offline Callista

Death by Boredom [32.10.2589 11:30 AM]
« on: April 12, 2015, 05:34:54 PM »
Don’t get too close.

//Don’t be such a brown noser. I thought you were a green dragon.// The green snorted her annoyance. Her rider stretched on the sand, trying to soak in any heat that may have been absorbed by the bursts of sun throughout the day. This was the worst time of year for anyone who enjoyed the sun’s heat. She could hardly feel it with the cold wind that blew throughout the day. Then there was the layer of fog that would creep in low while the clouds blanketed the sky.

It was dark, cold, and made things seem dreary. To top it off, she was unable to participate in guarding the hold and certain drills. Since learning she was pregnant, the twins had made sure to enforce that she not put herself at any such risk. While she would never think to argue with them, all of the adventure and excitement of her days dwindled down to these periods of doing nothing. She would much rather this than any sort of chores, but she was a woman who lived on that adrenaline rush. She needed to do something dangerous or she was going to lose her mind.

We will, dearheart. But in many months. Callista rolled her eyes. It had already been four months and she was itching for just a taste of that danger. So while she would never go against L’ale or L’nal, she didn’t see why it would be a problem for her to relax at the Cove. Yes, there were beach snakes, which was why she wasn’t in the water. Just up the shore a bit. It gave her a small thrill, considering she was alone with her green, but didn’t put her directly in danger where there would be no time to react.

Ariyath would alert her the second she saw anything stir in the water and they would be out of here. But she could pretend she was taking a bit of a risk. And it wouldn’t be for much longer considering it was almost lunch time and Jungle Wing would be done babysitting those annoying hold folk. Then she could hunt down one, or preferably both, of the twins and see if they could spare some time in their bedfurs before they had to hunt, another thing she was unable to participate in. The Candidate Master gave you a candidate to mentor in your time. You should be with her.

Ah, yes. Her punishment for being unable to participate in all of Jungle Wing’s schedule. And they’d given her a girl no less. At least a boy would have been fun to play with. She didn’t get along well with girls. //Yeah, yeah. I’ll go find her after lunch.// It was a clear lie, but one that Ariyath didn’t care to argue. The green would rather spend her energy on keeping Callista from endangering herself. Illoth and Skeleeth would be so proud of her keeping an eye on Callista for the twins. The green rider lifted up her riding jacket so her lower back could press against the sand and gave a soft sigh.

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Offline S'ric

Re: Death by Boredom [32.10.2589 11:30 AM]
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2015, 08:44:01 PM »
He was done early. It happened often, though not often enough to draw added attention to himself. The last thing he was going to do was go back to O’sir and ask for more work. While Searic was a dutiful Candidate, and did everything assigned to him to the best of his abilities, he wasn’t a glutton for punishment. Often, being stuck with more of those blathering idiots was torture in and of itself.

Sooo. Now that he was done early, the Candidate took the rare opportunity to slink away and be, blessedly, alone. Save for Scraps, of course, who settled on his shoulder and tried to sleep. She was an uncomfortable thing, but he tolerated her presence.

Given how dangerous the beach was, and how chill it could get, and the lack of real sun, Searic was actually surprised to see someone splayed out as though it were summer. He actually paused midstep. Confused, though his expression was blank, while he tried to figure out if he should just turn on his heel and leave. Maybe she didn’t know he was there. He certainly didn’t recognize who the woman was, though she was attractive.

Scraps ruined his silent scrutiny as she chirped her curiosity, waking up and looking around, trying to discern what he’d been so focused on.

Searic actually scowled, though it was for Scraps. //Bitch,// he thought as he straightened. Caught now, since there was no way the woman wouldn’t notice him unless she were deaf and dumb, he glanced toward the ocean as though half hoping a Beach Snake would slink up and eat her. Thus solving his problem of being caught to begin with.


“Good afternoon,” he said instead. Hopefully she wouldn’t know he was a Candidate and wonder why he was out and about.

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Offline Callista

Re: Death by Boredom [32.10.2589 11:30 AM]
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2015, 09:21:17 PM »
Callista was daydreaming and musing of her time back with Jungle and the thrill of hunting when the chirp interrupted her thoughts. The sound was familiar enough that she wasn’t concerned enough to start. Instead, her eyes drifted open as she searched for the source. She found the man and his flit just as he spoke. //Great warning, Ari.// The green’s annoyance fed through to her rider. I was busy watching the water.

Perhaps the green wasn’t so great at keeping an eye out for danger as she thought. “Good afternoon,” she replied back softly. Her mind was too busy trying to figure out if she knew him from anywhere. Obviously not Jungle Wing or she would have known in an instant. All of the other Wings should still be out, but perhaps she’d been here longer than she thought and it was lunch time? Or a Wing may have finished early, which was doubtful unless Mountain or Prairie. Of course, there was always the chance he wasn’t a rider, which set her slightly on guard. A crafter or holder perhaps?

Callista raised herself up to her elbows so she could get a better look at him. “Taking a stroll by the beach on your own?” She looked at the green fire lizard and smiled. While most were annoying or did nothing of use, Hunter had proved to her that some were more than worthwhile to have around. It kept her from judging too quickly, although that didn’t change her mind if the flit ended up being useless. “I’m Callista, by the way. And you are?”

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Offline S'ric

Re: Death by Boredom [32.10.2589 11:30 AM]
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2015, 10:00:15 PM »
Searic weighed, briefly, the merits of just walking away. Probably not the best option there. He mentally cursed his tiny beast who hissed at him. The hostility lasted only a moment before the flit turned to haughtily regard the woman laying so carelessly on the beach. Or near it, anyways. Searic glanced once more toward the ocean. Riders did have the luxury of being a little safer near it than he did. But they were far enough that the Beach Snakes shouldn’t risk coming after them.

Should be.

“Laying out here all by yourself?” he responded in kind. Not challenging, but levelling. Merely responding to her question with a question, because he didn’t want to answer her any other way.

He also didn’t want to give her his name, not unless he absolutely had to. If she asked around and found out he was a Candidate, and then told O’sir, that would probably not end well for him. So Searic steered the conversation where he would prefer it to go. “I had not thought to find someone… sun… bathing… out here.” To emphasize his point, Searic glanced up at the clouds currently blotting out the sun. Though, given a couple moments, perhaps she’d be blessed with a parting in the clouds. Though that’d only last a few breaths.

When Searic looked back at her, his bland expression was clearly to emphasize the question of why she was laying out in the sand on a cloudy day.

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Offline Callista

Re: Death by Boredom [32.10.2589 11:30 AM]
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2015, 07:33:26 PM »
Callista noted how he deflected the question and decided to ignore it. She hadn’t cared all that much anyway and if it mattered to him so much to remain a secret, who was she to question him? She cared little about many others’ business so long as it didn’t involve her. So she let the conversation be steered elsewhere, though she did study him further for it. She was interested enough that he had something to hide, but not enough for a full confrontation. Had he been a rider, she would have shown more interest.

But then, if he were a holder then she would have cause for suspicion. A holder had no business being out here and defenseless by the water. The last thing they needed was to hear a holder died by a beach snake and now guards had to be set on all the beaches. She mentally rolled her eyes at the thought. Useless, really. The lot of them. So far all they had done was dishonor dragon riders and then come crawling back to them out of desperation.

She followed his gaze up to the clouds and then looked back to him and gave him a small shrug. “Getting what I can,” she responded nonchalantly. She was thankfully allowed a short reprieve from the cold as the sun peeked out, and she closed her eyes to bask for that moment until it was hidden away as quickly as it had come. And then her attention centered back on the man with his flit. She needed to determine who he was before she could properly respond. Someone of rank? Holder? Crafter?

“When a rider offers their name, it is proper to reciprocate.” Seeing as he had no manners since she automatically outranked him—in her mind—if he had no dragon, he must be a holder or crafter, she decided. She waved her hand dismissively. “I could care less why you’re really here if that’s what you’re worried about. I’d just like to put a name to your face.” She bent on knee up so she could lean closer in his direction. “I won’t tattle, I promise.” She smiled. It was true…so long as he wasn’t a holder.

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Offline S'ric

Re: Death by Boredom [32.10.2589 11:30 AM]
« Reply #5 on: May 13, 2015, 04:17:23 AM »
Searic supposed if she had nothing better to do than lay about, then she couldn't be in any more trouble than he was for being out here early. It made sense to him. All Riders should be doing something more productive with their time than lounging in the … lack… of sun.

He was about to turn away, to leave the woman to her lack-of-sun bathing, but her remark about his name made his pause. Her promise to not tattle he did not believe, but he also didn't wish to displease a Rider and somehow have that get him in trouble either. Searic's attention wandered over Callista's body as me mused over his choices, cursory interested, before he answered, "My name is Searic."  He didn't offer what he was because that wasn't important… and she hadn't asked.

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Offline Callista

Re: Death by Boredom [32.10.2589 11:30 AM]
« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2016, 09:54:24 AM »
Callista couldn’t understand why he was being so difficult. She was a green rider lounging on the beach on a cloudy day rather than doing anything productive. Did any of that appear threatening? The fact that she nearly had to drag the name out of him almost made her lose interest. Some things were not work the struggle, especially when she was far more interested in trying to have some fun to kill the boredom that she felt. But this was the first person she’d really been able to talk to today and since he didn’t seem to be in any sort of position to tell her to do something productive in the Weyr, she might as well see what she could get out of it.

Finally he revealed his name. Searic. The name wasn’t familiar and certainly not a rider name. She had no interest in getting him in trouble, but she did hope he would at least be able to provide some sort of entertainment at least until Jungle returned from lunch. “So, Searic. Were you looking for anything particular out here? Or just looking to kill time like I am?” She glanced up towards the sky and then back at him with a smirk. “I’m not really here for the sun, as I’m sure you’ve guessed.”

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