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Author Topic: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale  (Read 1956 times)

Offline Nalata

Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« on: April 27, 2015, 10:04:14 PM »
A quick glance at the chore chart after breakfast informed Nalata that she was on barracks & weyr duty. She supposed it wasn't one of the worse assignments; after all, there was a chance she could get assigned to help out a rider instead of doing something boring like folding laundry. So when O'sit had told her to straighten up the Candidate Hall then meet L'ale out on the training field an hour before lunch, she gladly took up the broom and pan to sweep. First, it wasn't folding laundry, and second, she could meet a bronze rider! She hummed as she cleaned, making beds and sweeping up the general mess she and her fellow Candidates caused.

The time passed quickly with the promise of helping a rider in her future, so Nalata replaced her cleaning materials and left the Candidate Hall to head to the weyrbowl. Blinking as she left the caves, she pivoted and made her way over to the training field. There, a wing drilled, one she recognized as Jungle due to the sheer number of bronzes in its ranks.

Now which one is L'ale...? she mused, trying to remember who O'sir had described. Finally she saw a man with a bronze dragon beside him standing off to the side opposite the direction she walked from. Skirting the field so as not to disrupt the drills, she approached him, realizing he was who she sought as she got closer.

"Wingsecond," she greeted, bowing her head slightly with the title. "I'm Nalata, the Candidate O'sir assigned to you for today." She couldn't help but steal a look at the magnificent bronze beside him, awe planted firmly in her expression. It was one thing to live in a weyr and see the dragons on ledges or to help out with greens and blues, but a bronze dragon was a completely different category in itself. She couldn't imagine riding a dragon that large. Greens and blues were much more Nalata-sized. But, the girl was never one to back down from a challenge, and today she would help a bronzerider, a wingsecond of Jungle bronzerider, and his dragon, and not be phased. So Nalata promied herself, and waited to see what instruction L'ale would give her.
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Offline L'ale

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2015, 10:31:53 PM »
Contrary to what many might believe of the man, L’ale was a studiously good patient. All they had to rely on when they were hunting were their own skills, which meant taking care of their bodies. Since becoming injured in the last hunt, L’ale was doing everything he’d been told he was allowed to do. And what he was not allowed to do. While a proud Bronzer in his own right, L’ale knew the wisdom in accepting Candidate help to ensure proper care of Illoth as well.

His left arm and shoulder were freshly wrapped, having been tended by a Healer before the drills earlier on, and he’d been authorized by his Wingleader to watch his Wing practice. His injury left him shirtless now, since maneuvering the sling and bandaged appendage in a riding jacket was a pain in the ass. He did have his leather pants and boots on though. L’ale’s twin was in the air, calling out orders and correcting those that faltered. Few and far between that was. Thread drills were still necessary and Jungle was expected to retain all the necessary patterns and formations in the event Thread fell tomorrow.

After lunch, they would be dismissed to hunt. It was that very action that had landed L’ale his injury. One he bore with a silent sense of pride. Better that it was only he that had been injured while his dragon had escaped the Hunter ambush unscathed.

As close as that had been.

Illoth rumbled his discontent at the recollection of that event. L’ale simply smirked at the Bronze before he turned his attention back to the drills. When he noted a Rider dragging in formation, the information was relayed to Illoth, who passed it to Skeleeth. This was natural for the twins. They were almost always in contact.

Your candidate is here, the Bronze informed. He turned to regard Nalata with the full weight of his green gaze, looking down at her from his considerable height.

L’ale turned away from his Wing, pleased to see she addressed him with the proper respect. “Nalata.” He repeated for clarification, giving her a similar once over as his dragon had, though with a bit more interest in the fact she was a female of the human variety. His attention didn’t linger anywhere particular, rather, took all of her in a quick, analytical sweep. “I regret to inform you that you’ll be doing the bulk of the difficult work today, Nalata. I hope you don’t shy away from difficult time.” He gestured to his bandaged shoulder and arm in a sling in explanation of his injury. “I won’t be doing Illoth’s back or neck today. You will.”

The large bonze made no move to lower himself from his fully upright position. He even flared his wings a little as he watched the small Candidate. You think she will be able to climb up without help?

//If she can’t do it, I’ll send her back to O’sir and he’ll send me someone else.// L’ale replied easily. He gestured to the large oiling pot that two of his Wingmates had brought and set off to the side. “I’ll have you start on his back first.” With that decided, L’ale glanced at his Bronze who shifted to lay on his belly. “You’re bound to get rather oily. I hope you’re not partial to the clothes you’re wearing.” L’ale’s comment was almost off handed save for the lingering smirk as leaned over to grab a rag so he could start on his dragon’s lowered wing with his good hand.

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Offline Nalata

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2015, 08:56:00 AM »
Nalata bowed under the great dragon's gaze and the wingsecond's repetition of her name. "It's an honor to meet you, Illoth," she acknowledged. It'd be stupid to not greet the dragon like his rider, and now that she knew his name, her greeting could actually carry some weight. However much a Candidate deserved, really. She was used to being the bottom of the totem pole; being the child of two Healers had given her little weight, but her time as apprentice gave her slightly more. Now she was back down at the bottom again as a Candidate, but she couldn't complain. It was a new opportunity, a new challenge, and here she had a large bronze to add to her list of experiences.

L'ale's gaze made her flush slightly, but she didn't show her discomfort other than the pink in her cheeks. Her eyes grew concerned when he referenced his arm and shoulder. She stepped forward to get a closer look at the bandages. "You just had these reapplied?" she murmured, peering at them as best she could from how far away she was. At Healer Hall, she could poke and prod and invade personal space as she liked, but here she was a Candidate talking to a wingsecond. She would move closer if he allowed her.

"I was an apprentice Healer before I was Searched," Nalata offered by way of explanation for her remark. "I admit I take far too much of an interest in the healing of others." A sheepish smile accompanied her remorse for being so forward. As L'ale continued with telling her she'd be oiling his dragon, specifically the neck and back, she couldn't help the grin that spread across her face. "I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, sir. And if I was partial to these clothes, I'm sure I won't be when the job is done."

No way she would have time to run back and change, anyway. The clothes she wore would just have to become an oiling outfit for whenever she was sent to help a rider. Grabbing a rag from next to the vat and dipping it in gently, she walked over to Illoth.

"May I?" she asked, waiting for him to shift slightly. It seemed her only did so to accommodate his rider, but Nalata was used to dealing with stubborn and difficult patients. She placed the rag on the closest forelimb and climbed, moving the rag up to his neck and scrambling to settle herself somewhere between his ridges. She figured she would start with his neck, as it was the highest part and the most difficult thing to reach. Rising to her feet, she steadied herself by leaning against the lowest part of his neck and reached high, rubbing the oil over the ridges and hide she could reach. "Do let me know if I miss a spot, please."

It was a comment directed at Illoth, but she was sure that he would pass any information through his rider. Some dragons didn't like speaking to people directly, and she could tell he was one of them. She worked quietly, reaching what parts she could before the oil on the rag had run out. Nalata could tell she would be doing a lot of climbing today, but hopefully she wouldn't irritate the bronze too much. That'd be a disaster.
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Offline L'ale

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2015, 10:38:57 PM »
The Bronze regarded her a moment more when she addressed him appropriately, but he was pleased by the acknowledgement. Which impressed L’ale all the more. Good. So it would seem O’sir had sent him a well behaved Candidate. He preferred those. The Wingsecond wouldn’t hesitate to send away a useless one, or have one lashed for disrespect. Frankly, L’ale didn’t have time to deal with such things. Especially not while he was injured.

He didn’t mind the attention to his bandages either. A wound was a wound. He simply nodded at her question. L’ale knew that infection would ruin him for life, and he would not become an invalid. That meant keeping the wound clean. That she was a former healer wasn’t a big surprise either. Candidates came from everywhere. Hopefully that meant she had a good head on her shoulders.

L’ale idly kept an eye on the girl as she moved over to his dragon. Illoth was usually well mannered, and did move to accommodate her as much as he could. No matter what he did, however, the Bronze was still a big beast There was only so much he could do before she’d just have to climb all over him. L’ale smirked a little when she asked to be told if she missed a spot. “Unless you want me climbing up after you, I won’t be able to tell until his hide becomes itchy tomorrow or so. Then, I will be tracking you down.” He didn’t say it as a threat, but it was an implied promise.

The Bronzer glanced up to judge her positioning and work, to see if she was reaching as she should. “Don’t be afraid to lean against him, even if it means leaning into his oiled hide. You’re going to get your pretty self dirty today. Might as well get in to it now.” L’ale returned to the pot to get more oil for himself.

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Offline Nalata

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2015, 11:10:25 PM »
Nalata grunted as she stretched to reach the highest part of the giants bronze's neck she could. "I didn't mean for you to climb up here yourself, sir!" she called down apologetically. "I don't mean to presume, either, but I was wondering if Illoth could tell you to tell me if I missed a spot. I'm afraid I simply don't have the reach of a bronze rider to reach parts of his neck as you could." If that was even possible. She didn't want to assume anything of the pair, yet alone that Illoth would deem to talk to her.

Hmm. She was still missing a large portion. Perhaps if he bent his neck back around towards her? It would enable her to reach the hide she was too short to oil from his neck, and she didn't trust herself to climb up his neck and not fall off (especially after she had oiled him). It'd be a request she'd make in a moment. For now, she needed more oil.

Sliding off of Illoth's back onto his leg and from there to the ground, she waited for L'ale to get oil for himself before dipping her own rag in the vat again. She repeated the process of climbing back up to the bronze's back. Rag on leg, climb. Rag on back, climb. Carefully stand and stretch to rub oil into his shining hide.

"You really are a handsome dragon," Nalata murmured as she rubbed circles into the lower part of his neck. She couldn't help herself. She had never been in the presence of such a majestic beast before. At this rate it'd take her through lunch to oil Illoth, but she knew the wings followed a strict schedule and didn't want to impose on rider and dragon.
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Offline L'ale

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #5 on: May 01, 2015, 01:06:36 AM »
L’ale actually found her response to him quite amusing. Her apology prompted a small smirk as he paused to watch her yet again. It was quite amusing to watch a pretty girl scamper over his dragon and stretch to reach parts of the big bronze. That O’sir had sent the poor girl to assist must mean the Candidate Master had a sadistic streak the Bronzer wasn’t aware of. He heartily approved. Besides, it was a rather pleasing view too. Perhaps he could find some manner of entertainment this way.

Illoth rumbled his own amusement as his Rider’s thoughts. He intentionally moved so that the poor Candidate would have to reach as much as she could, stretching along his neck and providing a more pleasing view for his Rider. When she slid off of him, the Bronze actually lowered his head. Showing that he could, in fact, make the task infinitely easier by lowering his head. If he chose. But once she had new oil, he lifted his head and forced her to climb back up. This time, however, he encouraged her with a rumbling thrum and regarded her with bright green eyes of amusement.

Even L’ale had to smile. Oh yes. He could watch this spritely girl climb all over his dragon all afternoon. When she further complimented Illoth, his eyes darkened a shade. She can stay, he decided, echoing his Rider’s decision.

“Illoth has decided you can remain to oil him this afternoon if you continue doing this well,” L’ale remarked, rubbing his dragon’s wing. “Since you’ll be missing lunch, you’ll have to take a late one with me.” He paused to glance up at her. “In my weyr, if you want.” His expression was almost neutral save his telling smirk. Nalata had every right to say no, of course. L’ale had no interest in women who weren’t willing.

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Offline Nalata

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #6 on: May 01, 2015, 11:32:48 AM »
Nalata beamed under their compliments, grinning down at the wingsecond. "Thank you, sir. Thank you, Illoth." She patted the bronze's neck, carefully settling herself further down on his back so she could work her way down to his tail. At L'ale's second offer, she looked down and met his gaze accidentally. Brown eyes seemed to appraise her as his smirk brought another pink flush to her cheeks.

He really enjoys that, doesn't he? she thought, sighing. The second time he had made her blush today. It wasn't that Nalata hadn't had anyone show interest in her before. It was that...well, L'ale was a wingsecond of the weyr's elite wing. She was a Candidate without even the promise of Impressing a dragon. And spending time with him (or any rider, for that matter), was something that hadn't even crossed her mind as a possibility. That he would offer her a private lunch was something she had never considered a possibility.

"I-I would be honored,” she stammered, taken aback. This was a day for many firsts. It was obvious that she didn't get the hidden meaning behind his invitation. Nalata didn't have time for those kinds of activities as a Healer apprentice. It was only by pure luck (in her eyes) that a boy had even slept with her in the first place, and now that mean she could actually be a Candidate and Stand.

Nalata slid from the bronze, coating her pants in oil as she crossed a portion she'd already touched. Dipping her rag in the vat again, she paused as she passed by L'ale to resume her spot. “It’s a generous offer. Thank you.” She bowed before climbing back onto Illoth’s back. At this point her clothes were oiled and her arms shining from the rubbing and dipping them in the pot of oil on the ground. It was messy work, and she was glad she had the sense to pull her hair up before her appointment with L'ale began.

At least Nalata could reach Illoth's back easier than the top his neck. She moved carefully, settling herself between ridges and leaning to each side to coat his back. The sections she missed were ones she could stand on ground and forelimbs to cover. It almost seemed as though dragon and rider enjoyed this, making her stretch and bend and squirm. She was a small figure on the back of the bronze, that she knew. She had half a mind to gently scold the dragon but knew it probably wouldn't go over well.

So Nalata kept her mouth shut and set to her work, rubbing circles of oil into Illoth's hide and burning under the scrutiny of L'ale's gaze.
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Offline L'ale

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #7 on: May 01, 2015, 12:36:06 PM »
Candidates were so easy to be made to blush. It was one of the rare charms they had. While L’ale would take a capable and talented Green Rider nearly any day, he occasionally partook of the lesser experienced Candidates when they proved to be respectful and hardworking. And attractive.

Or if the mood struck and they were available.

L’ale was working toward his dragon’s wingtip when she answered. He actually paused to glance at her, his smirk remained when it was quite apparent she did not understand the intentions behind the invitation. That was quite alright too. Perhaps that would give him a better opportunity to tease her and, if all went well, he'd have her on top of him. With his injury, there was no way he'd be doing much else. L'ale eyed her as she as she was slick with oil and decided that wouldn't be such a bad direction for his afternoon.

Illoth continued to thrum his amusement and, indeed, made her twist and reach to get everything. She had to work to oil him though never to the point she was ever in danger.  Whenever it was just too much, he shifted so she could reach. Considerate just on this side of potentially frustrating, though he watched her with vibrant green eyes.

"A generous offer for a hard working Candidate," he said eventually as he paused to get more oil. "I certainly appreciate watching you climb all over my dragon, covered in oil." Said innocently enough though that smirk was still there.
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Offline Nalata

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #8 on: May 15, 2015, 07:59:48 PM »
"Thank you, sir," she replied, once again wondering why this bronzer had taken a sudden interest in her. Was it just because she was doing a good job of oiling his dragon? The first time Nalata had oiled a dragon was less than a month ago, and that was only a green. Here she was now, oiling the sharding Jungle Wingsecond's dragon.

She tried to ignore the "covered in oil" part of L'ale's comment, but a sidelong glance at him revealed a telling smirk that would be hard for even her to miss. Wait. What had he offered her again? Nalata's hands stopped moving for a moment as she thought back over his words. A private lunch...in his weyr.

She'd have to ride Illoth to get up there. And then she'd be stuck unless he let her down. And hadn't he smirked when he offered that to her, as well? What in Faranth's name did she agree to? Realizing she had been rubbing oil in one spot for far too long, Nalata quickly shifted to a new location on his hide and resumed her circles.

She finally decided that it didn't matter what she agreed to. She had accepted, and now she'd have to just deal with whatever came her way. Candidacy was a whole new beast to tackle, and she'd just have to grab the straps and hold on. Finally finished with Illoth's back, she slid down to the ground again to get more oil.

Nalata then moved to his sides and limbs, stretching on her toes until it seemed she could stretch no more. Somehow, though, she was able to meet the areas she had gotten from her back, and so she worked her way down his side slowly. She stretched to reach towards his back and crouched to reach for his belly. Thankfully she was in good shape, but still she had to pause every so often to catch her breath.

Bronzers were bigger than she thought they were.
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Offline L'ale

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #9 on: April 10, 2016, 11:12:20 PM »
Having to only work with half of his body made his good shoulder ache and his injury sting. Not that L’ale was about to complain, but he knew better than to push himself lest he somehow injure himself further. The last thing he wanted to do was end up back in the healer hall with complications and have to explain to his Wingleader that he’d be out even longer because he didn’t pace himself as he was told.

So, after he was done with the section he was one, L’ale took to watching the Candidate. Not entirely a bad time, after all. She was pretty, trim, and hard working. Things he could appreciate, especially when he had nothing better to do. It was either that or watch the drills. Frankly, the oiled up Candidate was far more appealing. He needed the distraction, especially since he did want to be in the air with his Wing. No matter who might be oiled up and waiting for him, L’ale wasn’t in the habit of shirking responsibilities unless he had to.

When he deemed Illoth shiny and clean, and his dragon pleased with her work, L’ale gestured to the riding straps piled off to the side. “Have you had a class on gearing up a dragon?” It’d be a lot easier on him if she had, but if not, he could direct her.

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Offline Nalata

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #10 on: April 20, 2016, 08:00:23 PM »
Nalata set down her rag next to the vat of oil and attempted to find a clean(ish) patch of clothing to wipe her hands on. Settling for the front of her pants, she gingerly wiped her fingers and then pushed a few lose strands of hair out of her face that had been bugging her.

"Yes, I have," she responded, walking over the the straps and staring at them intently. Finally picking out the neck plate, she separated it from the pile and began slowly pulling out the pile the straps had been dumped into. Soon, she had them separated into neck straps, chest straps, the bridge strap, some loose tethering straps, and the straps that would make up a riding harness.

"I assume you need to put everything on?" she asked, wanting to make sure that she wouldn't put on more or less than what was needed. Nalata was so, so thankful that the class on gear had happened recently, otherwise she would have never remembered what was what or where it went.
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Offline L'ale

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #11 on: April 21, 2016, 02:57:51 PM »
L’ale nodded in response, smirking just a little to see the state the candidate was in. Truth be told, before they went up for something to eat it’d probably be best to rinse themselves off. If anything were to happen, he didn’t want oil all over his bedfurs. “Yes, it all needs put on. If you need instruction, I can direct you.” L’ale moved over to his dragon, where Illoth dipped his head so his Rider could idly scratch along his jaw.

“It doesn’t take as long as you’d think,” he promised before looking back to her. “Then, once you’re done, we’ll both get cleaned up for lunch.” He said it rather non-chalantly. Surely the Candidate wasn’t shy about bathing.

//Try to be agreeable as she does it. My shoulder is starting to get stiff,// L’ale remarked fondly to his dragon.

Illoth thrummed softly and shifted for Nalata. He’d be far easier this time than when she’d oilied him, almost like he was halfway putting on the staps himself. The Bronze knew how this worked, how to move, and what went where.

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Offline Nalata

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #12 on: February 16, 2017, 09:06:16 PM »
Nalata nodded her understanding. A bath and some food would be great after the mess she'd made of her hair. She grabbed the two neck straps from their pile and climbed onto Illoth, balancing carefully on his leg to drape them in place. Once back on the ground, she threaded the pieces through the neck plate and settled it properly against his chest.

"Is that comfortable?" she asked, looking to dragon and rider for confirmation. Once that was good, she picked up the large chest strap and carefully pulled it up to Illoth's back. It was difficult, moving the heavy leather around while balancing precariously on a living thing. With the chest strap finally draped over his back, Nalata slid to the ground again and wiped her brow with her sleeve. She moved under Illoth to buckle it before turning to the bridge straps and the toe loops left on the weyrbowl ground.

"Do you like these in a particular place?" she asked, bending over to pick up the remaining pieces. She remembered that different riders liked them in different places, depending on the size of their dragon, weight distribution, and personal preference.
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Offline L'ale

Re: Barracks & Weyr [17.02.2589 // 11am] L'ale
« Reply #13 on: February 17, 2017, 10:46:01 AM »
L’ale was close in the event the Candidate fell. There wasn’t too much he’d be able to do, but he wasn’t an invalid. Preventing a serious fall was easily within his power. Not only that, but he did want to be close enough to ensure she was doing it right. Thus far, she’d been pretty adept. Be a shame if that changed now.

Illoth was true to his Rider’s request, remaining both low to the ground and easily maneuverable. His blue eyes watched her when he could. The Bronze had done this so many times he could near wiggle into the leather himself, he just needed her hands to adjust where the straps fell.

When it was all bucked in place, around Illoth, the Bronze settled and flared his wings a little. Testing it. L’ale waved away the added pieces. He could grip what was on his bronze for the short hops he was currently doing in his state. “We’re good for now, eh? Bring those along and we’ll drop them off in my weyr.” His shoulder really was starting to get stiff. It was a nagging, aching pain in the back of his mind that was threatening to ruin his good mood.

With that said and done, L’ale simply turned to make his way toward the hotsprings. A soak was needed.

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Three Cheers to Sweet Isolation - 17.3.2590 x Penderton

The Place All Roads Lead - 17.3.2590 x Androis

Napping on a Wher - 18.3.2590 x Sarinea

Coryza - 20.3.2590 x Vanelwynne

Duty and Friends - 22.3.2590 x Brezella

Surprises in Store... - 28.3.2590 x Ar'tan

Today is a Mess - 2.4.2590 x O'sir

Getting the Ducks Back in a Row - 2.4.2590 x D'zel

The Down Low - 3.4.2590 x Callista

Now It's a Party! - 7.4.2590 x B'lye

Dragon's Dance - 8.5.2590 x Bekareni

Evening Showers - 11.5.2590 x K'ran