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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: Mature Anything for You [2.1.2590 // 8 PM] || L'ale  (Read 6143 times)

Offline L'ale

Re: Anything for You [2.1.2590 // 8 PM] || L'ale
« Reply #25 on: February 01, 2017, 06:02:53 PM »
While L’ale could be picky in who he brought back to his weyr, there was a reason for having a favorite. He knew Callista. Her body, how to touch her. There was a wicked pleasure in the familiar, especially in the pleasingly familiar. Callista was beautiful. How she panted against him, tense and clenching, needy and wet. L’ale wasn’t so self-depreciating to say he was lucky, but rather, he was deserving of someone like her. A Bronzer of his caliber deserved a Green Rider who obeyed, who was ready, who ached to have him as much as she did.

Faranth, did she. When Callista came for L’ale and gripped his shoulder, he grunted in response but not in a terrible way. He liked the pressure, the way she twitched around his cock buried in her. A wicked, pleased smile etched across his lips before he bit and kiss at her neck. Carefully, his hands slid to her hip and side so he could shift them back. Laying her beneath him but not crushing her. He had to pull himself out of her – it was just too much – but he didn’t pull away. L’ale continued to bite, kiss, and suck along her neck, collarbone, and shoulder. Just to enjoy the taste of her sweat on her skin before he finally, after leaving several more telling marks, lay next to her.

With a soft, almost rumbled laugh, he remarked, “I hope you know my brother will be here shortly.” L’ale enjoyed watching almost as much as he enjoyed fucking her. He lazily regarded Callista with a smirk. There were only a handful of Green Riders that could keep up with both of them.

Length: 38M || Height: 8M || Wingspan: 65M
Any power play by L'nal is acceptable.

Offline L'nal

Re: Anything for You [2.1.2590 // 8 PM] || L'ale
« Reply #26 on: February 02, 2017, 04:19:49 PM »
The entire day had made him want to punch a Holder right in the jaw. He and the entirety of Jungle Wing could have been putting their talents to so much better use hunting in the very forest from which they took their name, and yet… there they were. Guarding the Holders who begged and wheedled and generally manipulated their way into getting what they wanted. Faranth, they barely even respected the hierarchy of the weyr in doing so.

Maeron was an upstart. L’nal idly wished that a Hunter would go ahead and eat him. He suspected the trouble would diminish significantly if the ex-Lord Holder was dead.

So it was with both his own anger and Skeleeth’s reverberating around in his skull that L’nal decided to go to the Bathing Springs before returning to his and L’ale’s weyr. The hot water would help to work some of the tension out of his muscles, and the day had been unnaturally hot for winter besides. L’nal didn’t want to linger with the sweat of the day on his body. Getting to wash it off would be something further distancing him from the annoying task of babysitting the dragonless.

And true enough, once he’d pulled off his leathers and clothes and sunk into an unoccupied pool, his mood had begun to lighten. Or mellow, anyway. Neither L’nal nor his brother were lazy by any means, but that didn’t prevent him from enjoying the occasional quiet moment of idleness. Especially after a long, difficult, annoying day.

Not even a half a candlemark had passed before Skeleeth, from his position waiting outside the entrance to the weyr proper, commented, L’ale wants to know how long you will be. Callista and Ariyath are in our weyr.

Oh, but wouldn’t that be a wonderful way for the evening to progress? Already, at the thought of the Green rider, a bolt of pleasure sang through him. //Is he taking her already?//

A pause. He is about to.

Smirking, L’nal straightened where he’d been leaning against the smoothed stone edge of the pool and reached for some soapsand. //Tell him he doesn’t have to wait. I’ll be back soon.// He wasn’t about to make his twin delay his own pleasure just because he hadn’t finished bathing. But this was more than ample motivation to be quick.

Even so, Skeleeth was shifting impatiently on his claws by the time L’nal emerged back into the Weyr Bowl and swung up onto his back. The Bronze was just as eager to see Ariyath as L’nal was to see Callista. The sweet little Green might not be carrying a clutch of his and Illoth’s eggs, but his rider’s possessiveness bled into him just as L’ale’s did with Illoth.

The trip was short, a few scant pumps of Skeleeth’s broad wings bearing them up to the wide stone ledge where Illoth had already wrapped himself around Ariyath. And once L’nal had slid off down his shoulder, Skeleeth pressed himself up against the side of Ariyath Illoth wasn’t currently occupying. They could no doubt both feel the contented thrum rumbling deep out of his chest and belly. Nice of you to join us. Even his mindvoice had become a low purr.

Stepping into the chamber of their weyr, L’nal hung his riding leathers on one of the hooks by the entrance and regarded the scene laid out before him. Quite an impressive display, and one that had him regarding Callista even more fondly than he already did. Crossing to the table, L’nal poured himself a glass of wine from the skin laid on the table and picked up a bite of the dried meat that had clearly been abandoned for other pleasures.

And, with a wicked smile, he regarded his brother and Callista where they lay on the bedfurs. Obviously just having finished a bout of sex. The sight of it had him hard almost immediately, but L’nal would put off his own satisfaction just to observe them for a moment. How good Callista looked in their bed, how right, especially with her belly swelling around their child. “Well. It looks like you two are enjoying yourselves.”

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.

Offline Callista

Re: Anything for You [2.1.2590 // 8 PM] || L'ale
« Reply #27 on: February 03, 2017, 12:53:09 PM »
Callista shivered with pleasure as L’ale bit and kissed her neck through the remnants of her orgasm. For the moment, she was spent, and her body easily complied with any which way the bronzer wished to move her. Her body felt like the warm, gooey syrup-like sweetness that filled bubbly pies. She reveled in the feeling, letting her body remain in control before her mind came back to. A soft moan escaped her lips when L’ale pulled himself free of her, the friction doing delicious and almost overwhelming things to her insides.

His soft laugh brought her mind back to the forefront and she angled her head to look at him beside her. Blessed Faranth, he was fine. He and L’nal were the sexiest bronzers left on this forsaken planet. And she was lucky enough to have their attentions. Their child. Her hand automatically went to her curved abdomen at the thought. Callista smiled at the mention of L’nal joining them. The two of them together was always the best, to Callista. While they were each more than amazing on their own, there was something raw and overwhelmingly hot when they were together, working in tandem to drive her crazy with pleasure.

There was nothing better.

Which was why, even after a nice long bout of sex, the thought of the two of them together already relit the fire or need in her. Her body had become used to this. It was conditioned by the twins to be able to handle multiple, frequent, long, and hard rounds of sex with one or both of them. Not only was she capable of it, but she craved it. Her body wanted anything and everything they would give her.

It was Ariyath that alerted her to L’nal and Skeleeth’s arrival. The green was practically glowing with pleasure trapped between the two large bronzes. She fed off of the elation that Callista was currently experiencing, and thrummed her own contentment. She was just as eager to please these two bronzes as Callista was to please their riders. I’ll be here anytime for your pleasure.

Callista watched L’nal move to the table with wine and food, her own gaze a mix between fuzzy contentment and hunger for more. She smiled coyly. “Won’t you join us?” Not that she had any doubt in her mind that he would.

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'nal

Re: Anything for You [2.1.2590 // 8 PM] || L'ale
« Reply #28 on: April 17, 2017, 11:58:05 PM »
Hungry for her though he was, L’nal had enough self-control not to just go to Callista immediately. He far preferred when he and his brother took her in tandem, but there was always a part of him that enjoyed watching her too. In being removed just enough from the moment to observe her pleasure whilst seeking his own. Even now, in the aftermath of her orgasm, she looked delicious stretched out on their bed.

It was with a smirk that he sipped from the wine he’d poured as he studied her. “How could I say no?” A teasing question as he stepped around the table and more toward the bed. Neither L’nal nor L’ale were freshly graduated weyrling brats completely at the mercy of their own desires. But when there was nothing more pressing demanding his attention, the Bronzer saw no reason to deny what he wanted.

Which, in this moment, was Callista touching him. Underneath him. Around him.

Tossing back the rest of the wine, he set the glass back on the table and crossed over to the bedfurs, stripping off his shirt as he went. Letting it drop to the floor, L’nal leaned down to grip Callista’s jaw, pulling her up into a rough and heated kiss.

On the ledge, with Ariyath pressed between himself and Illoth, Skeleeth hummed his approval to the Green. 

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.

Offline Callista

Re: Anything for You [2.1.2590 // 8 PM] || L'ale
« Reply #29 on: March 29, 2018, 09:58:19 AM »
Callista languidly stretched on the bed as she watched L’nal fill himself a glass of wine, a playful smile teasing at her lips. Her body was warm and fuzzy, as if the nerve endings throughout her body had gone to sleep in the aftermath of an orgasm well spent. One might think she would be done, then, with her body seemingly sated. But the numbing heat was lessening with each moment that passed, dancing with the line of feeling and not like a fickle mind.

It was at this point that she craved touch even more. To push her body to feel again to more overwhelming heights. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long. The wine he’d poured was quickly down his throat before he moved to join them. Her lips parted in appreciation as he relieved himself of his shirt, but before she could verbalize said appreciation, her face was drawn into a kiss that demanded her full attention.

Callista responded eagerly to his kiss, her tongue and mouth giving him everything his asked for. Her hands ran along his chest, stroking and then pulling her own bare skin against his. Her breasts, swelling a bit in size since pregnancy, pressed into him while her hands moved to tug at whatever grip she could attain in his hair. There was no control or demand in the tug, only a fierce show of her need of him and that she was willing to meet his roughness in kind.

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'nal

Re: Anything for You [2.1.2590 // 8 PM] || L'ale
« Reply #30 on: February 01, 2019, 09:40:51 AM »
Blessed Faranth, he loved how she responded to them. There might be a handful of Jungle Greens that he and his brother doted on, that pleased them in particular, but he could at least admit to himself that Callista was primary among them. Perhaps because she was one of those they’d been entertaining the longest, and she seemed to suit them both so wholly—whatever the reason, L’nal could never get enough of her.

As she pressed close against him, sharing her warmth and the soft touch of her skin, he growled with want against her sweetly parted mouth. And with her hands in his hair, she was rapidly whipping him up into an even headier lust. Hands shifting to grip her around the waist, he easily lifted her and moved her beneath him as he crawled onto the bed, kneeling there a moment between her legs as he nudged his boots off with the toes of the opposite foot.

Once those were off, he finished climbing up onto the mattress. Fingers sliding up her spread thighs, he smirked down at her. “Help me get my pants off.” He was far too occupied touching her, fingers rubbing over her skin and even, wickedly, at the slickness he found there while lowering his mouth to hers in another rough and demanding kiss. That, and he wanted to feel her touch him just as hungrily as he was her.

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.


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