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Author Topic: Approved Esclamonde [05.02.2562, 9th Pass] Greenrider  (Read 3059 times)

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Esclamonde [05.02.2562, 9th Pass] Greenrider
« on: May 05, 2015, 10:41:56 PM »

Play By:
Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen

First Name:
Escla, Essie to family
Date of Birth:
05.02.2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches
Impression Age:
2576, 14
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingrider
Whatever Jungle bronzer allows her to grace his bed

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Esclamonde has always had darker skin. Even growing up in High Reaches, her skin kept a tanned tone and it’s one that she prides herself in. She’s a small girl, skinny, fit, and the perfect size for Vasalyth. Standing at about one and a half meters (5’2”), she loves the fact that she has to look up at the majority of her wingmates and prides herself in her image. Her hair, long and curly, is a beast she fights to tame. During drills, wing maneuvers, and shifts, it’s usually braided, but otherwise she lets it fall about her shoulders in generous waves. She has a shapely figure, namely in the curve of her hips. Her breasts aren’t prominent but she likes that way since she can generally get away with wearing a breast band.

She’s in riding leathers for most of the day since she believes she needs to be ready for anything. But once the weyr’s social hour begins, she’s more than likely to strip that off and change back into her sleeveless shirt and shorts. Esclamonde doesn’t like clothes and doesn’t wear a lot, since it’d just be a hindrance if someone were to request her presence at night.

She’s worked her body back into shape since having her children, her firm and fit muscles being another source of pride. She has great stamina, whether in flight or in bed, and it’s one of the many things that Esclamonde loves about herself. She has a large Threadscore down her midsection where she and Vasalyth were caught in a particularly nasty fall. With the passing of Turns, it’s faded into an ugly, jagged pink scar running across her stomach, but she wears it with pride: I faced Thread, and I survived.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Esclamonde powered through the Castastrophe in the only way she knew how: get stronger, get faster, and beat Thread. It was only natural that she would stand for a dragon because a dragon was the best way to fight. Looking back on things, she’s grateful that her father took a part in her life to remind her of her place as a Greenrider, because without that foundation Esclamonde might have lost herself to the panic of the Turns.

Response to dragon color mutations: Esclamonde is appalled by the strange dragons that entered their world in the wake of their relocation. They don’t have a place in the world. They shoved themselves into the weyr’s ranks and forced their way into an otherwise normal society. She was raised a traditional rider in every sense of the word and isn’t interested in changing her mind any time soon. In fact, she thinks something is wrong with Kalestath for birthing a black in the first place and even allowing a black to catch her.

Who are you...

Bronzers: Anyone who doesn’t like bronzers must clearly have eggs for brains. They’re strong, brave, powerful, and always in control. Esclamonde loves the bronze riders, bronze dragons, and everything they stand for.

Flights: Vasalyth obviously needs her Flights, and Esclamonde has only come to love them. The thrill of flying through the air with her dragon, of receiving such attentions from all of the males in the weyr… Of course, the pair has the sense to pick only the most worthy bronze. Esclamonda loves the rough, wild abandon of Flightlust and how utterly satisfying it is when she wakes up. She wishes Vasalyth would rise more than three times a year.

Hunting: Ever since the weyr relocated to Southern Winds, Esclamonde has found that hunting is her favorite activity. She and Vasalyth dart through the jungle’s trees, searching for beasts to feed the weyr with and acting as Hunter bait whenever needed.

Sleep: With the demanding schedule of a Jungle wingrider, sleep has become far more important in Esclamonde’s life than she ever thought possible. It’s to the point where she prefers a warm body to cuddle with at night rather than to pleasure at night. Of course, she’ll do what her bronzer partners ask, but she’d be content to fall asleep wrapped up in bedfurs and strong arms.

People who know their place: Growing up in the weyr raised Esclamonde with a sharp appreciation for her position in life. Disrespecting that place, whether you’re a Candidate or a Wingleader, is something she truly despises.

Wings other than Jungle: The other wings just don’t… do anything. Mountain’s job is actually kinda useful but Prairie and Beach Wings are just jokes. She doesn’t think much of the other wings at all.

Competition: Esclamonde likes being the best at everything. She doesn’t like it when other people encroach on the name and reputation she’s made for herself, whether it be in the bedroom or in the wing. It pushes her to be the best, so it is a bit of a good thing, but she still hates people who think they can best her.

Black dragons: They’re abominations. Wanna be bronzes, really, who think they have a place in the weyr because of that stupid dragon who won weyrleader. They’re too brash, too crazy, and not worthy of being in the same caliber as a bronze dragon.

Weaklings: Southern Winds has no room in its ranks for lazy, weak, slow people. Esclamonde doesn’t have any sympathy for someone who says “I can’t” or refuses to do hard work. It’s just the nature of their new home.

Attachment: Esclamonde is a free spirit. She likes to sleep with whoever she wants, do whatever she wants, and not be held back by petty emotions. There are a few bronzers who hold a special place in her heart, but she wouldn’t dare hold them back or let them hold her back. She respects people who chose that kind of life for themselves, but it’s just not for her.


* CONFIDENT : Esclamonde is confident in everything she does. There simply isn’t room for self-doubt because of how dangerous her role in the weyr is. As such, she is perfectly comfortable with her place as a green rider in Jungle. She has a steady supply of bronzers, she hunts for the Weyr, acts as bait, gets to fly fast… It’s the perfect place for her and she doesn’t want to be anywhere else.

* OBEDIENT : Part of knowing her place in the weyr is understanding the people she has to listen to. Esclamonde obeys her weyrwoman, the current weyrleader reluctantly, and her wing leaders and seconds without question. It’s simply her part as a green rider.

* NIMBLE : The greenrider prides herself in being nimble of body and thought. She and Vasalyth dart through the Jungle with ease, contortions and body control being of utmost importance in their mind. She’ll adapt to any order she’s given and is regards herself as the best flier in Jungle because of how quick and controlled she and her dragon are (not that it’s an opinion she’d voice before someone else).

* COMMUNITY-MINDED : Nearly everything Esclamonde does is with Jungle Wing in mind. She looks to her wing as the last refuge of sane people on Pern and will do anything to better them, especially if it benefits all the members of the wing. Secondly she supports her weyr, but it is more out of obligation than true desire (thanks to current leadership). Jungle’s babysitting is the bane of her existence right now because it doesn’t even help the weyr -- just those sharding holders. In fact, it hurts the weyr because Jungle can’t hunt as much now, thus diminishing food supplies.

* RESPECTFUL : From a young age she was raised to be respectful of authority, particularly authority backed by dragon color. Esclamonde respects a lot of things in her life: another woman’s claim to a rider, a bronzerider, the wing leadership, and even the weyr leadership (though this is respect of office and not of rider). If she can make a claim on something herself, she will, but once you get her to recognize she’s been beaten or has no hold, Esclamonde will back off and allow you your space. But only if you’ve earned it.


* DISMISSIVE : If you don’t meet Esclamonde’s high standards, there’s a good chance she won’t spare you a second thought. It’s not to be seen as an insult, really, it’s just that your lot in life doesn’t align with the ideals she has in place for her own. The riders of Prairie simply can’t help themselves for sucking so bad, so she doesn’t think about them. If they can work and improve their skills, sure, she’d give them the time of day, but otherwise they’re nothing more than a leaf passing her by in a breeze.

* MEAN : There’s a fine line between being dismissive and being mean, and it’s not difficult to push Esclamonde over the edge. If you disrespect her position, her dragon, her wing, or any other number of authority figures she will snap. Insulting someone is really the only way that she'll ever talk to someone outside of Jungle.

* SNOOTY : Even as Esclamonde is dismissive of those lesser than her, she also is snooty and almost preppy towards them, too. She’s part of the best wing in Southern Winds. Any rider who isn’t in their wing obviously isn’t worthy of any attentions Jungle could give them.

* HOT KLAH : A fresh cup of klah in the morning is the best way to put Esclamonde in a good mood. Especially if it’s hand-delivered. It’s just an essential part of her day, and to miss the cup of klah throws her entire routine out of whack.

* VASALYTH : Her life partner is her biggest weakness. Esclamonde would do absolutely anything for her green. Sometimes this means breaking down her own high standards (bedding someone less than bronze, for example, if Vasalyth was particularly pleased) or even sacrificing a few marks of sleep or relaxation to train or to fly. Thankfully their needs are aligned most of the time, but if you can convince Vasalyth of something, Esclamonde’s going to join her, too.

Describe Yourself:

* Team Player: ----- Of course, that team’s name is Jungle, but Esclamonde works well with her wing and enjoys her work. The actual shifts in the Jungle are her favorite part, but drills are fun because they allow her to “play” with her wingmates in a serious-yet-not environment. She’s all about her wing and the riding pairs in it.

* Opportunist: ----- She certainly isn’t one to shirk from opportunities. Chance to sneak in a bronzer’s bed? Done. What about snagging an extra wherry while on patrol? Got it. If something ever rises that would benefit her, Cassi, or her wing, she will gladly take the opportunity and roll with it.

* Protective: ----- Esclamonde is protective of everything: her belongings, Cassi, Vasalyth, whatever man happens to be “hers” at the moment… She doesn’t like her stuff to be messed with and can even be fluffed up at the slightest perceived insult.

* Passionate: ----- Her passion for life flows into everything she does, whether it be sex or flying or protecting or complaining. Esclamonde just wants to live, and that means that every emotion she feels reflects back on her face in an exuberant way.

* Intimidating: ----- Esclamonde is imposing in her own way. Short, yes. Green rider? Damn straight. But you better believe that with her mouth, will, and distinct way of letting others outside of Jungle that they don’t even exist in her world makes people look at her differently. And she doesn’t care.

The Magic Touch: Addictions: klah. And bronzers.


Mother: Athelesia, b. 2539. Impressed green Maylanth in 2554. D. 2584 from disease at Fort Weyr.
Father: B’ger, b. 2534. Impressed bronze Jielith in 2547. D. 2571 from Threadfall.

Cassipioria, b. 2569. Impressed green Tesayonth in 2581.
She’s sure she has plenty of half-siblings on each side because of the fact that her parents are riders, but Cassipioria is the only one she’s ever cared about.

Androuet, B. 2578 after her first Flight. Died from disease in Fort in 2585.
Escorin, B. 2589. In the creche.
Esclamonde has aborted several times by betweening when she felt that carrying a child would hinder her desires for the time. Escorin is currently her only living child.

Tell us a story...

* 2562, 0 Born to a greenrider and bronzerider pair, Esclamonde is raised in the creche. Her parents spend time with her as she ages, telling her tales of their fights, Flights, and accomplishments.

* 2566, 4 Esclamonde expresses her desire to become a dragonrider “just like mommy and daddy”. Athelesia is ecstatic, and does her best to spend more time with Essie, as they’ve nicknamed her.

* 2569, 7 Athelesia and B’ger tell Esclamonde that she’s going to be a big sister. Later that turn, Athelesia gives birth to baby Cassipioria. Escla is immediately in love with her sister and follows the creche workers around to try and help them take care of the baby.

* 2571, 9 B’ger dies in Threadfall, one of the most devastating falls to hit High Reaches. In the wake of the destruction, the weyr falls and the survivors flee to the safety of Fort. Esclamonde is asked to help what’s left of the creche to move, but she instead gathers up Cassipioria, their few things, and finds their mother. Athelesia carefully packs their things up in Maylanth’s saddlebags and they travel to Fort to find safety in the last remaining weyr.

* 2572, 10 Esclamonde continues to spend more time with Cassi, as she’s nicknamed her sister, and talks to her about all the things their parents taught her. It’s half to keep B’ger’s memory alive and half to keep herself sane after moving into a strange place. She sees her mother around the creche a few times over the turns, and realizes then that she has other brothers and sisters that she never even knew about. She finds that she doesn’t care, though, and that Cassi is enough in her life.

* 2574, 12 The young girl is Searched, a very convenient way to leave the creche. She hates to leave Cassi behind and promises to visit as often as her chore schedule allows, but Esclamonde is thrilled to finally have a chance to be a rider. Well. She knows she’ll be a rider. She acclimates to Candidate lessons easily, having grown up in the Weyr. She’s also quick to lose her virginity and learn her way about the bedfurs, knowing that it was what good greenriders do. She would ride no other color, of course.

* 2576, 14 Esclamonde stands at her sixth Hatching and Impresses green Vasalyth, a haughty dragon she falls in love with quicker than she did with Cassi. She’s sad that her romps have to end, but understands the necessity and wouldn’t do anything to hinder or harm her dragon. She likes the days her chores send her to the creche so she can spend time with Cassi and tell her all about what riding a dragon is like.

* 2577, 15 Esclamonde takes Cassi out into the weyrbowl to meet her halfway grown Vasalyth. Dragon is fascinated with child just as much as child is fascinated by dragon. She’s trying to share as much of her life as she can with her sister, but it’s so difficult because of the age difference and their places in the weyr. Seeing how delighted her sister is, Esclamonde makes a promise to let her play with Vasalyth at least once a month. If anything, it’s to get her sister more comfortable around dragons, but she misses how close they were in their childhood.

* 2578, 16 Vasalyth rises for her first Flight and Esclamonde is so ready to have sex again she can’t wait. Her dragon picks bronze, a decision that forever stood. She wakes up the night after and goes again, since her two turn abstinence finally ended. She almost felt sorry for the bronzer who landed in her furs, but she didn’t think he would complain too much. Esclamonde realizes later that she is pregnant and gives birth at the end of the turn. She names her son Androuet.

* 2579, 17 Now in her own weyr, Esclamonde begins sneaking Cassi out of the creche to sleep with her at night, tangled in the bedfurs or curled up in Vasalyth’s warm embrace. She tries not to do it often, but it becomes a near weekly habit for the sisters, a night of family and dragons.

* 2581, 20 Esclamonde is proud when Cassi is Searched and prouder still when she Impresses green Tesayonth in her first year of Standing. She and Vasalyth greet the newly bonded pair warmly, so happy for their sisters. She takes a grand interest in Cassi’s training, teaching the pair little tricks that she simply couldn’t learn in weyrling class.

* 2583, 22 With Cassi now a graduated rider, Esclamonde shares her weyr gladly. Dragon sisters share the ledge and human sisters share a bed, and she is happier with her life than she’s ever been. However, while flying against Thread, the pair catch a particularly bad Threadscore. Vasalyth manages to kill it by flashing between, but Escla is injured across her stomach. She worries it will keep her from having children, but after the Healers worked their magic and she has recuperated, a Flight shows that she is still as fertile as ever. She gets her dragon to go between because she’s not ready to be pregnant again, but the reassurance does wonders for her.

* 2584, 23 Athelesia dies from the diseases rampant among the weyr. Esclamonde is sad for her passing and does her best to comfort Cassi. She recognizes that death is a part of life now, after watching so many dragons and riders die in their fight against Thread. Her mother’s death doesn’t affect her as much as she thought it would.

* 2585, 24 Androuet passes away like his grandmother, taken by disease. Esclamonde feels more for his passing because she brought him into the world, training him and raising him to be a strong bronzer like her father and his sire. She feels cheated and is depressed for a while, but finds that with the constant Threadfall she can’t afford any instinct except survival.

* 2587, 25 With the last of the Thread, Esclamonde and Cassi move to Southern Winds Weyr with the rest of the survivors. She feels lost without something to fight, but finds drive once again when she is assigned to Jungle Wing. That her sister is with her in weyr and in wing makes things even better. She is absolutely appalled at the black monster Kalestath clutches and refuses to help with weyrling training in protest of him.

* 2589, 27 Gives birth to Escorin, son of her wingseconds, L'ale and L'nal. Once he begins walking and talking, Esclamonde will spend some time with him and introduce him to his fathers to train him in the proper way the weyr should be run. She is disgusted by the monster that catches Kalestath and begins to secretly think something is wrong with the old queen.

* 2590, 28 Something is definitely wrong with the weyr’s current leadership, in Esclamonde’s eyes. Black and red monsters, beastlings, who only try to worm their way into a clearly established hierarchy that worked. She thinks something needs to change. Now.

Yawning luxuriously, Esclamonde stirred after a particularly restful night. A great arm draped around her, she sighed contentedly and pushed against the body at her back, pressing into the great form with need. He took charge but gave her exactly what she needed: something quick, fulfilling, and then a night of body heat and cuddles to help her unwind from yesterday’s debacle.

Disaster might have been a better word.

Jungle had been babysitting the holders (a topic she did not even want to broach for fear of kicking the joke of a weyrleader out herself) when a holder had tried to strike up a conversation with her. She ignored him, of course, because he wasn’t worth a sigh, but he wouldn’t give up. It had been nearly a mark of his constant blathering before he left. She had thought she was fine, but then the idiot thought it a good idea to bring a friend and try talking to Vasalyth instead.

That went over well. Esclamonde was forced to acknowledge them in order to make them leave, something the first imbecile should have clued in on during his first ten seconds of speech. After a few choice words from her and hisses from Vasalyth, she had been left alone. As alone as she could get at the construction site, anyways.

It was a welcome relief to go back to their drills and hunting afterwards, and then she could collapse into the arms of a bronze, giving her mind and body over to his whims and desires and leaving her own concerns behind. She took whatever he gave, grateful for the company of a good, strong man.

Esclamonde opened her eyes to see Cassi’s bed empty, so she assumed R’sin had tolerated the younger girl for a night. Faranth forbid she have another child with him. Escla would feel bad enough to almost side with R’sin over her sister if that happened. Her internal clock interrupted her musings as she realized it was soon time for breakfast. She rolled over carefully to wake her wingmate up with a kiss before sliding out of bed and dressing for the day. Another day of babysitting.

Dark thoughts joined her as she went down to breakfast.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
L'ren, Nalata, Thiis
Inactivity Preference:
Make them a non-adoptable NPC whose personality doesn’t change. If after a few months I do not return, she may be adopted, used for plot purposes, or whatever else is needed.
Mauling Permissions:
Rough’em Up
Anything Else:
She’ll be signed up for Candidate Mentoring, too!

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Re: Esclamonde [05.02.2562, 9th Pass] Greenrider
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2015, 10:43:04 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 20m
Mature Height: 4m
Mature Wingspan: 33.2m

General Appearance...

Vasalyth hatched from her shell in a dignified manner, ruined only by the occasional tumble over her wings. She was a gangly hatchling, wings too long for her body and never really evening out until she reached full maturity. She is a small green, which she thinks is perfect for darting through the heavy foliage of the jungle. Her belly and wing membrane are darker than the rest of her, with the lightest part being her belly and headknobs. The rest of her hide is a mottled mixture of light, dark, and in between, creating the almost perfect camouflage in the Jungle.


Mind Voice: Pristine, Vasalyth speaks clearly and is very easily understood. She is proper with all dragons she speaks to as well as riders she chooses to grace with her voice. With Esclamonde, she is slightly more relaxed, but her collected appearance never goes away.

Bronzes: The bronze dragons are so big, so strong, and so handsome! And they’re always so very sweet to her, but in a powerful way. Vasalyth loves being in Jungle surrounded by so many attractive bronzes.

Attention: Vasalyth is a sucker for attention. She loves to be complemented and doted on, often demanding more oiling than a dragon her size should really need. If you can get on Vasalyth’s good side, you’ll likely win over Esclamonde for the moment, too.

Hunting: Once they relocated to Southern Winds Weyr, Vasalyth found that she enjoyed hunting so much more than any other assignment she and Esclamonde had in Fort. There was something in the rush and the danger of giving chase and being chased that took her in. She doesn’t want to be anywhere but in Jungle.

Red Dragons: All red dragons (even the boys) are wanna be greens in her mind. They’re smaller, stupider, and do everything a green does. There’s no point to them.

Rain: Vasalyth likes her baths, but she doesn’t like the rain. The pitter-patter on her wings or the droplets running into her eyes make everything difficult. Monsoon season brings out the worst in her, and Esclamonde has to deal with it every year.

Weyrlings: There’s something magical about the difference between a weyrling and a fully grown dragon. It’s like their first Flight changes them. Weyrlings are silly dragons (even the bronzes) who clearly have a lot to learn about the world yet think they know everything. Vasalyth has never been fond of spending time with them.


* QUICK : Because of her small size, Vasalyth is speedy in flight. She uses it to her advantage in the jungle and in the sky, whether it be dodging hunters or teasing bronzes. The fact that she can fly and fly so quickly is one of her favorite things. She’ll often take wing and fly above the weyrbowl, burning her energy and simply enjoying the feeling of flying through the air.

* FEARLESS : Vasalyth isn’t really afraid of anything. She’ll dart through the jungle trees with ease, avoiding vines, branches, and hunter jaws alike without any fear for what might come about. Esclamonde will protect her, she knows, whether commanding a flash between or keeping an eye out for things behind.


* HEADSTRONG : This green dragon almost has the temperament of a gold, being very sure of herself and confident in her own decisions. Once Vasalyth has made up her mind, it’s very, very hard to talk her back down. She’ll even protest to her rider and the bronzes she so looks to that her idea is good, and she can eventually be talked down, but it might take a while.

* BRASH : Vasalyth has a habit of speaking her mind and she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. She is especially harsh with younger dragons and those not in Jungle wing, but it’s a general fault of hers. Sometimes she’ll code her words to sound complementary and sweet even when she’s insulting, but it’s not often that she’s cunning enough to do such thoughtful wordplay.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #6bb120; Text: #9afe2e

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flight Dates: 20.03, 23.05, 26.07, 25.10. She will not be force catching.
Vasalyth flies four times a Turn because she's a haughty, proud dragon. Her beauty should be paraded around the weyr as much as possible for the others to look at and only the worthy bronze dragons to catch.

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Re: Esclamonde [05.02.2562, 9th Pass] Greenrider
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Re: Esclamonde [05.02.2562, 9th Pass] Greenrider
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2015, 10:15:09 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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