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Author Topic: IC Rumors and Gossip  (Read 4109 times)

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IC Rumors and Gossip
« on: February 20, 2014, 10:35:29 PM »
The weyr is full of gossip and conjecture at the worst of times. But now that things are mellowing out and people have more time for socialization, this means that new and inventive rumors are bound to happen. This is the running list of current rumors, in the event you'd like to include them in your posts or play off of them.

Want to submit a rumor?
We encourage you to spread the word too. Simply PM this account with the rumor you want added. Note : The rumor doesn't have to be true, most aren't. They can be wild stories blown out of proportion with no grounds or they can be hard facts that no one wants to admit to. The source of said rumors will remain anonymous.

The Latest Gossip

[ 20.06.2589 ]
So the Former Lord Holder is stewing a rebellion against the Weyr. Wants to take everyone out and leave the dragon riders with nothing. And some dragon Riders are even all for it! Turning their back on the Weyr!

[ 05.07.2589 ]
Looks like Weyrling Razilia couldn't stick to D'zel's rules -- and had sex with S'bel in the Bathing Springs.

[ 18.07.2589 ]
Could it be that Jr Weyrwoman Eimerra is sleeping around with Holder-Sympathetic Wingleader M'rek?

[ 12.07.2589 ]
Looks like old time Bronzer T'nan has his eye on much younger Gold - the recently impressed Nalata.

 [ 14.08.2589 ]
M'rek and D'mir seem to be spending a lot of time naked together.

[ 18.08.2589 ]
M'rek and D'mir are in a secret relationship after sharing a drunken night in M'rek's weyr.

[ 36.08.2589]
Kayden has been seen with S'bel a great deal in Healer Hall... They are probably secret Weyrmates.

[ 35.09.2589 ]
The holders have started rubbing off on Beach Wing Riders. Iradin proposed to S'lar at Fisher Tircin and Ysmersa's wedding.  Is this going to turn out to be one of the first rider weddings?

[ 03.10.2589 ]
Wild ungrounded rumours about flesh eating healers ( Junipher ) run rampant in the Creche.

[ 08.10.2589 ]
There seems to be whispers amidst children of the creche of an elite group of very grown up admirers of brown dragons. They have a secret hideout, passwords, and exclusive membership. Speaking of the 'Big Kids Love Brown Dragons' club is forbidden among members.

[ 12.10.2589 ]
That Bronze rider, you know, the new one to Beach Wing, hung Colvin by his toes from the dragon ledges for not doing his chores!

[ 2.1.2590 ]
It should come as no surprise this clutch is cursed, considering the actions of former-Weyrsecond D'mir -- whatever it was that got him demoted... Perhaps Faranth herself is punishing him, and the rest of the weyr for allowing his transgressions.
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