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Author Topic: Approved [ DECEASED ] R'sin [08.05.2539] Jungle Wingleader  (Read 2919 times)

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[ DECEASED ] R'sin [08.05.2539] Jungle Wingleader
« on: May 09, 2015, 08:02:10 PM »

Play By:
Billy Burke

First Name:
Date of Birth:
08.05.2539 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingleader

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Rísin is average looking, standing at 6í1Ē and approximately 170 pounds Rísin is meticulous about keeping in excellent shape. No one would ever be able to accuse him of being physically unfit for duty. His skin is tanned from plenty of time spent outdoors and lined from years of stress and work. Heís perpetually got a five oíclock shadow and isnít all that concerned about keeping clean shaven. His shaggy brown hair is kept fairly short; itís longer around his ears and down the nape of his neck. His clothing is of the practical sort, usually consisting of riding or training gear. He has several Threadscore scars, one down the back of his left shoulder, across the left side of his ribs and on his upper right thigh. The shoulder one especially pains him, most often when it is about to storm outside.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Fight. The 9th Pass Catastrophe was a constant state of battle for Rísin. There was no end to the Threadfall and in some ways Rísin excelled in constantly having a purpose, an enemy to fight. This post Thread world with its sneaky Hunter attacks, constant defensive action and very little proactive offense is hard for him. 

Response to dragon color mutations: Honestly, itís less that Síbok is a black rider that bothers him than that he is an unproven, short tempered, upstart kid. The guy hasnít done anything to prove heís a capable leader and his constant ďwoe is me, Iím so different and alone and no one likes meĒ attitude is infuriating. Everyoneís life is hard, get over it and do your job. The black and red dragons are not right, theyíre a wild card and theyíre messing with the order and hierarchy that has kept Pern safe for so many Turns. The Weyr would be better off without them.

Who are you...

Likes: Rísin likes being a leader. He likes the power of it. But more than that he actually likes seeing those serving under him transform into the best that they can be. Heíd never be considered warm or fuzzy and his way of showing affection are less than obvious as he is gruff and bristly but he takes no greater pride than watching his Wing work seamlessly together. It is a beautiful sight.

Fort Island. Rísin often misses his home at High Reaches; he felt that the Weyr with its seven rising spires and deep history was one of the best places on Pern. However heís found that he rather likes the little island theyíve come to inhabit. The weather is more temperate that the northern mountains of High Reaches and heís found he is actually rather fond of the beaches and the jungle, even the Hunters. He likes having something to focus his anger and frustrations on and itís better to focus his battle desires on the Hunters rather than the whelp of a child that is his Weyrleader.

The bachelor life. He hasnít settled down, outside of winning Gold flights, in his many turns and itís unlikely he ever will. The Weyr life just isnít made for that. Too many people died in the catastrophe, the thought of trying to start a family, a real proper family is not at all appealing to him. No, much better to keep his bed open for whoever may catch his fancy or fit his mood or for Cassipiora since sheíll likely fill the empty furs on her own accord anyways.

Overly emotional people make Rísin very uncomfortable. If he is around a crying woman heíll be ill at ease and donít expect any meaningful comfort other than maybe an extremely awkward pat on the back. If youíre of the male persuasion and crying expect a slap across the back of the head and a growled ďget your shit together asshole.Ē

Small children are also pretty high on his dislike list. Heís awkward and unsure around them and theyíre just tiny, useless little people and heís so very content to drop his own progeny into the crŤche until theyíre old enough to be self-sufficient.

Rísinís dislike of the mutations comes from the fact that the Black dragons seem to be unpredictable and brutal and the Reds seem useless thus far. What exactly can the Reds do that a properly trained and skilled Green Rider canít?

Another of Rísinís pet peeves is haughtiness. Thereís nothing wrong with pride, confidence, even a little arrogant swagger but it has to be backed up. This trend of young people with their ĎI am better than youí attitudes without having done anything to back that mindset up is infuriating. If youíre going to talk the talk you better be ready to walk the walk because heís liable to punch you in the face, or at the very least have you lashed simply for being a general douche bag.

* Experience: Rísin has been around, heís been there, done that. Thereís not much that fazes him anymore. In a time when many of the older riders have been lost to Threadfall or the diseases that swept the Weyrs or to Hunters on the island having an experienced leader and rider is a rarity and a gift as far as heís concerned. Oh, you have some grand idea on how to fix things? Iím here to tell you thatíll never work, itís been tried before, or hereís something you didnít think of and how about you shut up and let the people who know what theyíre doing handle it.

* Fair: Heís a hard man, not easy to please or impress and he pushes his wing hard. He tough, but fair. He doesnít shy away from commending a job well done when it truly deserves it and heís not cruel for the sake of being cruel. He is ruthless when it calls for it or when someone he cares about is threatened but he doesnít see a need to be brutal.

* Fighter: One of the very few things Rísin disagrees with Halirina on is her policy of no dueling and her low tolerance for fighting. He loves a good brawl and is excellent in hand to hand combat and well as knife fighting. There are plenty of people heíd like to just punch in the face simply for their existence or the stupid shit that comes out of their mouths but he tries to refrain in deference to his Weyrwomanís wishes. This fighter mentality makes it hard for him to turn off the constant offensive mindset. Heís one of those people that always need an opponent, whether itís Thread, or Hunters, or whatever. Heís the type that wouldnít do well in idle retirement. There will always be a battlefield. Somewhere.

* Morality: Rísin has a strong sense of morality, though sometimes what he thinks is the right thing isnít what everyone else agrees is the right thing. But fuck those people. Rísin is also the type to believe in doing what he believes is the right thing despite the means necessary to get there. This mindset can often clash with his belief in the ranking system and culture of the Weyr as sometimes he has to go against what he believes is right in order to follow the orders of younger, upstart, idiotic child leaders who ride abominations.

* Patient: Rísin is patient in a manner of speaking. Heís intolerant of stupidity in people and has little patience in that respect. His patience comes from being able to sit back and wait for the perfect moment to strike. His temper can be terrible but he wonít snap, he wonít fly off the handle as easily as some of the younger riders, especially the volatile black riders. Heís one of those people that always seemsangry and irritated even when heís not but heís got a cool, detached control of his outward appearance. He may look simply mildly irked but really be seething inside and already plotting revenge at a more appropriate time and place, like in a dark deserted tunnel.


* Conservative: Rísin is a traditionalist, but his desire to cling to the Pern he knows and the customs he knows means that he has a hard time accepting change. Living with Holders, dealing with Hunters instead of Thread, those damn Blacks and Reds, these are all changes heís finding himself having to deal with and itís not easy.

* Blunt: Rísin doesnít mince words. If youíre being an asshole heís going to call you an asshole. Luckily most of the Weyr his beneath him not only in age but in rank so he can generally get away with being caustic and terse with people. After so many years of dealing with constant Threadfall and fighting to keep everyone alive, playing nice and being politically correct and worrying whether people like him or not just isnít high on his list of priorities.

* Temper: Rísin is angry with the world. Pern for falling to the Thread. The Holderís for their lack of appreciation and for needing so much without giving anything back in return. Síbok and his beast of a dragon. Hunters and the lives theyíve taken. This shifting in the Weyr away from traditional respect and hierarchy. Everythingís falling into chaos and tensions are building. Itís like two storm head clouds on a head to head collision course. Heís angry that after so many turns of fighting Thread that all their hard work hasnít really done much to improve their lives or keep enough people alive.

* Strict: Rísin doesnít have much in the way of leniency. Shit is going to happen, Hunters and snakes are going to attack. People are going to die. Take a moment to mourn if you need it but then move on, thereís work to be done. Some of the other wings and even some within Jungle Wing muttered at the mere day the Wing was given to mourn when Sítas and then Líandis died. He tends to be hard on the riders in his group when theyíre pregnant as well; it irks him to have his riders sidelined. He knows itís for their good and he doesnít begrudge those wanting children but it does rankle him, even when itís Cassi, even when itís Cassi carrying his child. Faranth help you if you miss training or drills for anything short of pregnancy or serious maiming though unless youíre dead, really youíd better at least make an effort to show. Make the Healers drag your cot to the Weyrbowl.

* Bitter: When the remaining population of Pern moved to Fort Island and the number of Wings needed dropped drastically Rísin was one of the ones left out. Heíd enjoyed a Wingleader position at Fort Weyr and in the move lost the position to Sítas. There was no open Wingleader position and because he and Sítas regularly butted heads he was passed over for Wingsecond positions in favor of the twins Líale and Línal. Rísin was regulated to an unranked position within the wing and really he didnít take this all too badly considering. It meant he clashed even more with Sítas though as he tried to get out of the habit of giving orders and leading and struggled with being respectful to the hierarchy he subscribes too. It helped that even though he and Sítas didnít get along that Sítas was an older, experienced rider. He could defer to the manís authority without too much irritation. It was after Sítasí death when he was again overlooked in a popular vote that instated the younger bronzer, Líandis, into the position that really got under Rísinís skin. Now finally in the position he always felt should have been his to begin with heís got a bit of a chip on his shoulder and a need to prove that he was the right choice all along. Oh, also a need to prove that the Jungle Wingleader position isnít cursed and heís not going to fall to Hunters or so Faranth help him.

Describe Yourself:

* Militaristic: Rísin is a man who likes order and consistency. He strongly believes in the ranking system of the Weyr and so despite his dislike for the young Weyrleader he wonít openly disrespect his authority. The traditions of the Weyr and the honor of the riders are paramount to him. This also makes him very short tempered when it comes to people who buck the system. He does not react well to disrespect or people going above their status. There is a clear chain of command and going around that command is the quickest way to get on his bad list. If youíre a Wingrider and thereís a problem you go to your Wingsecond. If thereís still a problem you go to your Wingleader. Only after that do you go to the Weyrleader or Weyrwoman. Problems should ultimately be kept in house. He will not hesitate to dole out punishment to his own Wingriders should they step out of line or embarrass their wing.

* Hedonistic: Rísin believes in the  simple pleasures in life; a perfectly cooked pie with no black chars on the crust, a beautiful woman to share his furs, an inch of alcohol in his glass, and ten to twelve hours of sleep. Unfortunately he doesnít often get the simple things in life. Duty and responsibility too often get in the way. Heís a man ready to be done with it all, itís been a hard, long life, and heíd like to enjoy the peace of no Threadfall but the dragons seem to keep Impressing to stupid, arrogant kids, filled with entitlement who canít seem to find their way out of a canvas sack without fighting each other and so the simple things in life will continue to be a farfetched dream for now.

* Picky: He is extremely choosy on who he allows into his wing. He wonít just take any rider fresh out of Weyrling training. Jungle isnít for the weak willed or the weak minded. Itís a dangerous job and he will not suffer fools or riders who canít keep up with the grueling pace. He will not accept anyone he thinks will cause trouble or go against him. Riders who still have things to learn or who are overly spoken about their opinions can be given to the wings with young bleeding hearts for leaders, like Mírek and Zítai. Rísin has no use for those riders. Over the years heís also become more and more picky about whom he brings into his bed. He doesnít sleep around like he once did but he wonít settle down with any one person either. Aside from those who win gold flights he never did understand the point of weyrmates. It seems illogical to him to try and commit to one person in a Weyr when ever-changing bed partners and flight winners are the norm.

* Protective: There is nothing he wouldnít do for the people he cares about. As much of a hard ass as he is, he considers his wingmates to be family and he would do anything for them. Protecting the people of Pern is, at the heart of it, exactly what being a dragonrider is all about and as much as he gripes about the uselessness of the Holders he knows itís his duty to protect them. Rísin also believes that he and his wing are not only protecting the people but theyíre protecting their way of live. Theyíre fighting to keep Pernís traditions alive and sometimes it seems that in order to protect the Pern they know and love theyíre going to have to fight against their own people, against the dragon riders who ride these abominations that threaten their way of life and against those who support the black and red riders.

* Guarded: Rísin is not the type to wear his heart on this sleeve. He keeps a lot of his emotions close to the chest. He prefers not to talk in detail about his personal life or history. While heís quick to tell you his opinions he keeps his thoughts about his own desires and fears to himself. Without having someone he truly feels he can confide in the stress of his worries can eat away at him, leading to sleepless nights.

The Magic Touch: Right handed. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and knife fighting. Wears an old mark coin around his neck on a leather necklace. The mark itself is nothing special and in this post-catastrophe world it's all but worthless. He keeps it because when he and Narani were Candidates they bet each other on who would Impress first. When they ended up Impressing in the same clutch they called it a tie and exchanged marks. Enjoys card games. Is also a bit of a history buff and used to read through old history scrolls in the Harper quarters of High Reaches before many were lost in the evacuation.


Mother: Channa, 20.04.2522. CrŤche worker
Father: Aílarre, 02.01.2521. Impressed 2535 Bronze Umeth 

Brother: Bílan, 19.06.2532 Impressed 2545 Bronze Deiormith Deceased 2563, fighting Thread over Nabol Hold

Brother: Alarrenan 07.02.2542 Sr. Journeyman Mine Crafter.

Sister in law: Aileen 09.09.2545 Journeywoman Glass Crafter.

Son: Tordan Born 11.07.2552 to Rísin and Narani Journeyman Miner Deceased 2583 in mining accident.

Son: Riordan (Rídan) Born 02.04.2559 to Rísin and Narani (age 31) Impressed 2576 to Lorenmenth from Kiberith and Dekkathís clutch

Daughter: Raela Born 09.10.2573 to Rísin and Ihemair Deceased from illness 2579

Daughter: Karassassi Born 16.02.2584 to Rísin and Cassipiora (Age 6)

Son: Cassidethen Born 22.07.2586 to Rísin and Cassipiora (Age 4)

Son: Rikiness Born 06.08.2589 to Rísin and Cassipiora (Age 3 months)

Other Family:
Niece: Chaera Born 28.10.2569 to Alarrenan and Aileen (Age 21)
Nephew: Danal Born 01.01.2572 to Alarrenan and Aileen (Age 18)

Tell us a story...

* 2539, age 0 Roisin is the second son born to bronze rider Aílarre and Channa, a crŤche worker. The two were not mated but Channa was usually the one Aílarre would go to satisfy his needs whenever he lost a flight. Roisin and his brothers were all conceived in this manner. 

* 2542, age 3 Roisinís younger brother Alarrenan is born. Because of their motherís position in the crŤche she is a big influence in their lives and Roisin and Alarrenan grow up close. Bílan is around but his age difference means he is not as close to the other two boys.

* 2545, age 6 Bílan Impresses Deiormith. Both Roisin and Alarrenan look up to their older brother and Roisin begins to dream of becoming a dragon rider like his father, like his brother. Alarrenan is less enthused about the riders and spends more of his time exploring deep into the extensive tunnels of High Reaches.

* 2546-2550, age 7-11 Much of Roisinís formative years find him obsessively following the terrible news of the casualties from the catastrophe. Which Hold has fallen today? Which Weyr? How many people were lost? He takes every opportunity he can to watch the riders, offering to help the exhausted ones who return from their shift at fighting Thread. He cleans their gear, oils their dragons, whatever he can do to help. He listens to their talk, the strategies, the mistakes and lessons theyíve learned.

* 2551-2554, age 12-15 In turn 2551 when he hears how Telgarís Lord Holder ignores the warning to preemptively evacuate his people, causing massive casualties that he truly begins to feel a hatred for the Holders. After all the riders have done, fighting nonstop to save as many people as they can, the Lord Holders and their stubborn egos still have the nerve to resist orders. It is in 2551 that Roisin also celebrates his twelfth name day and to no oneís surprise, the little weyrbrat whoís been a shadow to many of the riders and dragons is immediately searched. Never before has his determination to Impress and to protect Pern been so strong. He focuses entirely on his lessons and training, determined to be the best in his class. He pushes himself to the limit, showing a single-minded determination for his goal. Any skill he can pick up that he thinks will help him he does. He learns to fight, hand to hand and knives; he learns the ins and outs of riding gear and flight tactics, Roisin lives and breathes nothing but dragons during these turns.

During his time as a Candidate Roisin enters a semi-serious relationship with a fellow Candidate girl named Narani. They have a child together, a boy named Tordan. Unable to care for the child because of the Candidate duties, he is placed in the Weyr crŤche with Roisinís mother. 

* 2555-2557, age 16-18 High Reaches last gold Queen, Kimemeth dies of complications while laying her clutch. The father, Jasseneth, takes over in caring for the eggs until they hatch. Roisin Impresses to Dekkath during this clutch. There is no queen egg, leaving High Reaches Weyr without a gold dragon. Roisin throws himself headlong into his Weyrling classes and training with the same obsessive fervor that he had in his Candidate lessons. Narani also Impresses to a green in the same clutch.

* 2558-2562, age 19-23 Narani is grounded after a particularly bad Threadscore and once released from the Healer Hall with strict orders to rest she decides that rest can best be done in Rísinís bed. This results in their second child, Riordan being born in 2559. Rísin is appointed Wingleader in 2562. R'sin takes the appointment very seriously and sees this as an opportunity to do good for the Weyr and for Pern. His zealous methods and the same fervor that he had in his Candidacy and Weyrling training are brought to his position as Wingleader, quickly earning him a reputation as a hard but fair leader despite his relatively young age. He makes mistakes early on, pushing too hard or focusing on the wrong things and has to learn from these errors.

* 2563, age 24 Tensions rise between the High Reaches riders and the Lord Holder of Nabol. The Lord Holder denounces the riders, blaming them for the destruction of Pern. Riots break out in the Hold with fatal consequences. The riders continue to protect Nabol from Threadfall but between the Thread and the riots it isnít long before the Hold falls. Rísin is infuriated with the Lord Holder for his behavior and he is devastated when Narani and Bílan both die fighting Thread over Nabol.

* 2564-2570, age 25-31 Fall of High Reaches Hold. The fall of the main Hold directly under his Weyrís protection hits Rísin hard. Itís a low point in the manís life and a realization that there really is no beating the Thread. All they can do now is hope to survive and manage. Pern is never going to be the same.

During the turn of 2564, Rísinís oldest son Tordan turns twelve and enters the Miner Crafthall as an apprentice. Rísin is disappointed that his son choose a craft and did not get Searched. He hold out hope that Tordan will be Searched later and will leave the crafthall to become a Candidate.

* 2571, age 32 Evacuates High Reaches Weyr to Fort Weyr. Leaving the only home heís ever known has Rísin in mixed feelings. The idea that Pern has been whittled down to just a single surviving Weyr rubs him all kinds of wrong ways.

* 2572-2579, age 33-40 During these seven turns Dekkath flies and catches Kiberith with the exception of one turn, 2577, in which Dekkath was recovering from Threadscore to his wing membrane and was unable to fly. Severe injury to the membrane of his wing keeps the pair grounded for nearly the entire turn. R'sin goes stir crazy being stuck in the Weyr when there is Thread to be fought. He volunteers with the ground crews and acts as ground support for the tired wings, hauling firestone and other menial tasks. Anything to keep busy and to keep his mind from worrying about Dekkath and whether or not his time as Weyrsecond is over for good.

During this time frame, Rísinís son, Riordan Impresses to a bronze from one of Dekkath and Kiberithís clutches.

Rísin and Kiberthís rider, Ihemair become weyrmates and they have one child together, a daughter named Raela. Raela becomes ill and dies in 2579, only 6 turns old. The loss of Ihemairís last child is too much for her to bear. Rísin is unable to comfort her and the woman has a breakdown, her grief driving her and Kiberith Between. Heartbroken at the loss and guilty over being unable to save his weyrmate and her Gold he refuses to let Dekkath fly for any Gold flights for the next several turns.

Rísinís son Tordan becomes a Journeyman within the Miner Crafthall and Rísin comes to grudging terms than his oldest will not be a rider.

* 2580-2582, age 41-43 No longer a Weyrsecond, Rísin is reinstated as a Wingleader after one of Fortís many wingís loses its leader.

* 2583-2584, age 44-45 Dekkath flies and catches green Tesayonth. Tesayonthís young rider, Cassipiora ends up pregnant and despite Threadfall manages not to go Between and their first child together, a girl named Karassassi, is born. Cassi shows increased interest in him after this flight and he often finds her in his weyr looking to keep him company in the evenings.

In 2583, Rísinís oldest son Tordan is killed in a mining accident. Though he has lost children and family before this death hits him fairly hard because Tordan was his first child. Rísin keeps the news close to his chest though and grieves stoically.

* 2585-2586, age 46-47 Cassipiora loses a nephew to the diseases that continue to wrack and plague the over populated Weyr. When she shows up distraught at his weyr, he comforts her in the only way he knows how. Eight months later, their second child, a son named Cassidethen is born.

* 2587, age 48 Finally, finally Threadfall ends and instead of relief Rísin is restless and angsty about what the future holds. Eager to get out and have a purpose he volunteers as one of the riders sent out to look for a new home for the survivors. After D'mir finds the island that would be christened Fort Island, he helps in coordinating the massive move to their new home. Rísin allows Dekkath to fly when Kalestath rises but they do not win the flight. He is shocked and appalled when the last egg in Kalestath and Leremithís clutch hatches to reveal a dragon that is black as night. The beast is disgusting and every nerve in Rísin prickles, telling him that this is a monster, that this is wrong. Even worse, the beast doesnít go Between but Impresses to a young hot headed kid named S'bok

On top of this unexpected horror during the Hatching, Rísin finds himself the odd man out when the Weyr reforms the wings from Fort. Without Threadfall there isnít a need for as many wings. He ends up under the command of another bronze rider Sítas with whom he previously had problems with. Sítas, intentionally or not, overlooks Rísin to install the twins, L'ale and L'nal as his Weyrseconds. Itís Rísin begrudging respect for Sítasí abilities as a rider and his liking of the twins; he has a long standing friendship with their father and had kept an eye on the two since their Impression, which keeps him from causing too much trouble in the wing. He finds it hard to get out of the leadership roll though and he and Sítas clash on many occasions though Rísin generally falls back on obeying his leader.

* 2589, age 50 Síbok and Neisoth win Kalestathís flight, shocking the Weyr. Rísin is furious that the child of a rider is allowed to take leadership but knows thatís the tradition of the Weyr. He convinces himself that like Neisothís hatching, his winning the flight is a fluke. When Neisoth and Kalestath produce a clutch that not only hatch more blacks but now red dragons as well the tension among the riders spikes to an all time high. Rísin is mistrusting of these new dragons and is among the group that do not think the small reds will make it to maturation.

On 29.07.2589 Sítas responds to a distress call from four of Jungle Wings riders. None of the five returns and are assumed lost to Hunters. Rísin may not have been close with the man but the loss does affect him. He mourns with his wing, for a day, and then is one of the oneís urging them back to work. The Weyr is liable to fall apart if they leave Jungle Wing duties in the hands of M'rekís soft crew and Z'taiís Wing of useless misfits. Rísin is positively furious when a young rider name L'andis is chosen to replace Sítas. The next couple months lead to a very brooding and moody Rísin and poor Cassipiora is usually on the wrong end of this bad mood. He regularly kicks her out of his weyr during this time though sheís already carrying his child.

06.08.2589 Rísin and Cassi have their third child, another son they name Rikiness. The birth of another son helps soothe some of Rísinís anger over L'andisís promotion.

Beginning of 09.2589 L'andis is killed by Hunters and rumors start around the Weyr that the Jungle Wingleader position is cursed. Rísin is promoted to the position, and he accepts because his Weyrwoman asks him too and because he has a chip on his shoulder and in his mind something to prove.

ĒGet out.Ē Rísin demanded coldly and when Cassipiora lingered and tried to convince him to let her stay he glared in her direction. ďDo. Not. Make me ask twice.Ē He said softly, dangerously. To her credit, the young rider knew when not to push him. He watched her head towards the ledge to Tesayonth, her rounded stomach a sign of the baby she carried within her. Their baby. He couldnít have her here tonight. Not when he was in this foul mood. He worried what he might do and he certainly didnít want his anger to rile her up into a frenzied state, that wouldnít be good for the baby, not this far along in the pregnancy. Faranth forbid she go into early labor.

Maybe it would be good if she stayed. His dragonís voice rumbled in his head. Dekkath did not like the black mood of his rider. He worried about the manís temper.

//You shut up too.// Rísin snapped.

He waited until Cassi and Tesayonth were far gone from his weyr ledge. He paced the room like a caged feline, all restless energy and anger. How could they do this to him? Again. It was bad enough that he had been relegated to an unranked wing position in the move to Fort Island. But now Sítas was dead. Fallen to the Hunters like so many had been since theyíd arrived here. Those beasts were proving to be quite the challenge. Heíd never seen anything like it, the way they stalked their prey, the way they worked together in packs. Even the Wings, even Jungle Wing, wasnít that cohesive.

Impulsively he snatched the clay jug of water from the small table in the room and hurled it against the wall. The shattering of the clay was perversely satisfying. Rísin dropped into the chair, running his hands roughly through his hair. ďHow could they put that child in charge of Jungle?Ē He hissed. Sítas had been one thing; heíd been an experienced capable rider. ďLíandis. Faranth, itís like Jungle Wing is falling apart around me.Ē

He is a Jungle rider, perhaps he will do well. Dekkath said amicably. Líandis would not be in Jungle if he wasnít capable.

Rísin snorted. ďItís bad enough I have to grit my teeth and take orders from the child Weyrleader but now I have to report to his scorching  brother as my Wingleader. Iím too old to be dealing with these fools.Ē He shook his head. ďIíd make a better Wingleader and you know it.Ē

You were always a good Wingleader, and a Weyrsecond. The boy will need guidance and support if he is to succeed. If Jungle is to succeed.

ďFuck the twins and their refusal to split up. Iíd have taken either of them as Sítasí replacement.Ē

Regardless of his thoughts on the matter, Rísin knew heíd have to support his newóWingleaderóeven the title seemed wretched when attached to Líandisí name. The man let out a heavy sigh, rubbing his eyes. ďIf the idiot screws up the wing, I will beat the shit out of him myself, Halirinaís rules be damned.Ē

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Re: [ DECEASED ] R'sin [08.05.2539] Jungle Wingleader
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
15.06.2555 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37.5m
Mature Height: 7.5m
Mature Wingspan: 63m

General Appearance...

Dekkath is towards the larger spectrum of bronzes with large wings that help him eat up lengths of air while flying. He can cover a great amount of distance with very good stamina but his size makes him less agile than smaller bronzes and much less acrobatic than the nimble greens. He had to use his strength and intelligence to catch them.

His hide is a shiny, dirty brass color. He is mottled with browns, yellows and darker greens within his brass base. Heís got several Thread scars, including a particularly nasty, ropy scar along the membrane of his right wing. This was from an injury in 2577 that kept him grounded for nearly a full turn. 


Mind Voice: Dekkath has a rumbling, rolling voice that has the timbre and soft deepness like a feline hiding in a guitar. Think Benedict Cumberbatch

Winning: It doesnít matter if itís the senior Queenís flight or a green dragon just out of Weyrlinghood. Dekkath flies them all the same, with the intent to win. The pride he feels with each successful flight is no different in either case.

Weyrlings: He and Rísin both take an interest in each Weyrling class, betting with each other on who will end up in which Wing and picking out the ones they want to keep an eye on for recruitment into Jungle.


Disrespect: Dekkath holds the hierarchy of the Weyr to the highest standard. Anyone who chooses to subvert that chain of command or show disrespect to someone in a higher rank than themselves is not going to be his favorite person in the world.

Laziness: In this post Thread world with the population as thin as it is there is always some job that needs to be done. Everyone can pitch in one way or another and nothing gets under the bronzeís skin like a slacker. There is no excuse for not doing your job, or not doing it to the best of oneís ability.


* Level-Headed : Dekkath is a cool headed dragon whose even keeled personality helps to ground and balance out Rísinís temper. It takes an awful lot to upset the stalwart bronze and he isnít one to take offense easily.

* Protective : Dekkath doesnít mind guard duty as much as some of the other dragons. He likes taking care of people and other dragons. He is especially protective of the other dragons in his wing. In the same manner that Rísin likes to mold and shape the riders beneath him, Dekkath likes to help guide the young dragons and Weyrlings that he thinks will be good in Jungle.

* Intelligence : Dekkath wasnít hatched yesterday. Heís been around and heís picked up a few tricks here and there. He makes up for his lack of speed and agility and his gentle nature by being cunning and smart.


* Gentle : Dekkath is gentle and passive, which is a detriment in dealing with Hunters or in flights that require more aggressive tactics to win. Fighting mindless spores of Thread was one thing, going after intelligent, vicious beasts is another. This is not to say that Dekkath isnít brave, heíll fight with the best of them but itís not in his nature the way it seems to be with the black dragons.

* Self-Righteous: Dekkath never thinks heís wrong. About anything. Good luck trying to convince him otherwise. Luckily he and Rísin usually agree on most things so this doesnít cause too many arguments between them. The bronze is stubborn as hell though, you could flat out prove him wrong and heíd still say he was right. ďDek, that egg is going to hatch into a blue.Ē I say green *egg hatches into a blue* Thatís more of a green-blueÖ

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(8F801F); Text: #(D7995B)

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Re: [ DECEASED ] R'sin [08.05.2539] Jungle Wingleader
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Re: [ DECEASED ] R'sin [08.05.2539] Jungle Wingleader
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

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Re: [ DECEASED ] R'sin [08.05.2539] Jungle Wingleader
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Updated with the image of Dekkath.


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