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Author Topic: Approved Cassipiora [ 6.3.2569, 9th Pass ] Green Rider  (Read 2765 times)

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Cassipiora [ 6.3.2569, 9th Pass ] Green Rider
« on: May 09, 2015, 09:49:29 PM »

Play By:
Emily Ratajkowski

First Name:
Cassi. Iora.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
2581 / 12
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingrider
She considers R'sin her weyrmate, even if he does not agree.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Cassipiora is not a tall girl, but she’s fit in her own right. But through the daily rigors of training befit any Rider from Jungle, she’s toned with muscle and fairly tanned. She stands roughly 5’5”, with a fall of dark brown hair that reaches the curve of her ass. Cassipiora often prefers to wear her hair up, often tied back, but will leave it down when she’s not training or out and about in the Jungle.

Cassipiora is very proud of her appearance, and takes very good care of her Riding gear. One could say she’s high maintenance in a time of Pern where good clothes are hard to come by. She keeps herself regularly scrubbed, clean, and will insist on new clothes if her own become too threadbare or worn. That’s not to say she won’t suffer through ratty clothes if she must. But she’d prefer no clothes, honestly, to tattered ones. If she can get away with it, of course.

When not in Riding leathers, Cassipiora isn’t wearing much that doesn’t flatter. She’s fit, with a trim body and curved hips that have made bearing the children she’s had as “easy” affair. The Green Rider has been described as a handful, and not just because of her stunning personality. What isn’t made slender and hard from muscle has been softened with femininity. Wider hips, a chest to match, and thicker thighs.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Cassipiora survived as many in the weyr, but putting her head down and doing as she was told. While the thought of Thread scared her, she always looked up to her sister. So when her dear sister was taken into Candidacy and stood for a dragon, it only seemed natural that Cassipiora would do the same. She would never leave Escla to face Thread alone. She also saw first hand that it was the Dragons and their riders that saved people, protected them, and knew that it was through Unity, and order, that they would survive. She believes in that, strongly, to present day.

Response to dragon color mutations:
Cassipiora wasn’t sure what to think, and learned much of what she should think from her fellow Wingmates. It didn’t take her long to learn that these beasts were a threat to the unity of the weyr, and thus the future of the Weyr itself. This makes them dangerous and for that, she absolutely wants nothing to do with them or their ilk.

Who are you...

Order: She like life to make sense. There is comfort in order, in rules, and understanding her place in how everything is to function. Not to be confused with her ability to be spontaneous, Cassipiora simply understands and prefers the traditional weyr lifestyle. That there is a place for everyone, and that everyone should know their place. She’s not lesser because she’s a Green Rider, but that she serves a specific function. Bucking those rules and expectations just serves to destroy that order for chaos’ sake and displays a selfishness she thinks is useless and wasteful.

Activity: Her entire life has been ‘go go go’. Whether it was work, chores, classes, or Threadfall. And she’s been willing and eager to meet these challenges head on. As such, she’s developed a craving for action. Cassipiora doesn’t want to stand still, and in fact, will often sway in place if she’s made to wait. She wants to be doing things, whether it’s caring for her dragon, her gear, her Wingleader… Whatever it is, give her something to do. Sleep is for the exhausted or the injured, inaction is for the incapable, and she’s always trying to prove to her sister and her superiors that she’s neither exhausted ( even if she’s tired ) or unable.

Wingleader: Cassipiora is drawn to the power, courage, command, and confidence of her Wingleader. She wants to be the epitome of whatever he could want – obedient to his every whim, fulfill his every need, whether it’s expressed or perceived, and care for him in a way a woman of Pern should care for a man. She’s almost too overzealous and can be rather possessive and expressive in this desire. She will claim to be closer to him than any other woman and, in her bolder moments, will say she’s his weyrmate.

Flights: Cassipiora celebrates the time her and her dragon are truly one, and that they are flown by whomever is the fastest, strongest male to claim them. Tesayonth is a force catch, and challenges all males to prove themselves worthy of her and her Cassipiora. She will try and antagonize the Wingleader into chasing.

Jungle Wing: There is no tighter knit Wing, and she would do anything for them. To Cassipiora, this is the family she grew up never having. She’s subservient to the ‘superior’ colors to a fault, loyal to the letter, and defends their good name to the rest of the Weyr. Though Cassipiora feels their actions speak far louder than she would ever have to. She does not feel like a ‘lesser’ member because she rides a Green, but rather, that she belongs, that she has a very specific place, and has a purpose that no other color could fulfill but her and her Green Sisters. Jungle Wing gives her life a sense of fulfillment that fighting Thread did.

Holders: The Holders of High Reaches were bad enough. But to have those at Southern Winds now –demanding- of the Riders their lives while they dig around in the Mountain is just insulting. That they’re made to bow down to this request infuriates her beyond measure, but she will do what she is told. If asked, she will openly voice her opinion to Jungle Riders. But like the good Greenie she is, she ignores Holders if confronted directly unless pressed. She does not want to give the Wingleader a reason to be upset with her.

Beach Wing: Their liberal life style smacks the Rider’s very orderly life in the face. She’s flabbergasted at their lack of decorum and confused that they’re –ok- with all the demeaning work they’re doing. If anything, she’s more insulted on their behalf and believes they’re too stupid to realize they should be upset.

Disobedience: Anyone who can’t understand their place and do as they’re told is a waste of time. While she is not the one to put them in their place, she will immediately be lookin’ around for the nearest bronzer to do so. This can make her seem like a sort of ‘tattle tale’.

Being Denied: It frustrates her terribly the times that the Wingleader opts to toss her out and do whatever else, or whomever else, he wants. While she believes, in her head, that it is within his right to take whomever he wants to bed, it still upsets her that he would –want- anyone else. This is the extreme example of her being told no. She generally just doesn’t like it. While she will obey, most times, she will often then go pout to her sister Escla.

Neisoth: He started it all. This whole trend of being different and ruining the carefully crafted caste of the weyr. That he was then allowed to remain Weyrleader really confuses her, and she’s still trying to figure out how she feels about the entire mess. Because he does confuse her, Cassipiora had decided she doesn’t like him.


* OBEDIENT : Obedience is ingrained in Cassipiora. You won’t find this Green Rider doing anything against the wishes and whims of her Superiors, which makes her a very good Wing Rider. She pushes herself to excel and exceed their expectations, to surprise them, but never disobey them. If a direct order is given, you can bet that Cassipiora will obey it. Even if she might pout along the way.

* UNITED : Contrary to what the Holders might think of Jungle Wing, Cassipiora has nothing but the whole of the Weyr’s livelihood at heart. She wants them to survive, to thrive. It’s why she believes in the strength of her wing, why she pushes herself so hard, and why she wants to have hale and healthy babies for her Wingleader. It is her duty, her joy, and her goal in life to be a successful and contributing member of society in all the ways she can possibly be, and she will encourage whomever seeks her help to be so as well. Candidates that express a desire to be as united in this cause as she is will find an easy, even eager, friend. Those that rebel against the unity of the weyr and seek to inflict chaos in this order will find her a fast enemy.

* QUICK : Cassipiora is a healthy, energetic woman with quick reflexes. Since she was a little girl, she’s been on the move and this had fed into her being physically keen and fast. Whether it’s to carve up a wherry, run laps in the weyr bowl, or oil her gear, she does things quickly and efficiently. She does not sacrifice quality, but she is a very quick study and completes tasks swiftly.

* INTELLIGENT : Just because she is a submissive Green Rider does not mean there is not intelligence in Cassipiora. She’s subtle, coy, and quick to pick up social and nonverbal cues. She doesn’t need to be told anything twice and can infer a great many things without having to be bluntly told anything. Cassipiora can clean a kill with ease, understands the fundamentals of cooking and child care, and can pick up new tasks without being told multiple times. She’s a smart girl and a very eager student in just about anything – she wants to be taught so she will not disappoint those over her.

* SELF-ASSURED : Cassipiora was never conflicted or confused about her place in life. She has an unshakable confidence in her place, in her wing, and where she belongs. It’s reinforced by those that she surrounds herself with and her dragon. To Cassipiora, confidence and self-assurance is essential to being a productive member of society. She doesn’t have time to have an existential crisis of identity. She wanted to be like her sister, to Impress, and to fight Thread. When that was no longer a thread, and the Riders were called to Hunt, that became her new purpose. She faces these decisions head on and, once her mind is made up, she’s unflinching in her dedication to this cause.

* LOYAL : Just as she is fully devoted to her decisions and choices she’d made in her life, Cassipiora does not second guess her allegiances. Her heart, body, and soul belongs to those that are her Superiors. She would give everything for her Wingseconds, her Wingleader, and her Weyrwoman because she truly believes they have her best interest at heart. If they ask her to do something life threatening, it’s because they have the Weyr’s best interest at heart. She can’t comprehend that they would even begin to use her in any manner that would be detrimental to be cruel. Her loyalty is complete. The same can be said of the loyalty and devotion she has for her sister.


* DELUSIONAL : Because of the huge amount of loyalty and trust she places in those of Leadership, she can be easily manipulated. She has absolutely –no- mind for politics and believes in the very word of those that speak in positions of authority. Cassipiora has an altruistic belief of her immediate superiors in that they could do no wrong and it is her duty and goal in life to serve them to her complete capacity. It doesn’t even occur to her that they could use her, or lie to her.

* OBSESSED : Cassipiora gets stuck on ideas, people, or ideals that may or may not be true. Her ‘love’ for the Wingleader, for example. Even if it’s never reciprocated or healthy for her, by some other people’s standards. Or how she was so attached to her sister that it was difficult for her to really let her go when she Impressed – Cassipiora just didn’t have a choice since she was still stuck in the crèche.

* POUTY : Cassipiora still exhibits a rather immature side when she does not get what she wants, and she can actually be rather pouty. Full out stamp her foot, cross her arms, whine. While she does not scream and cry, it can be quite disquieting to see a full grown adult actually pout. She’s dissolved to this manner of behavior when she doesn’t know how else to handle being told no, or being denied something she wants but knows that there’s simply nothing to be done about it. This is usually a step just before her losing her temper, if she’s pushed to that point.

* TEMPER : Very rarely, Cassipiora can be pushed to an explosive temper. While she is not generally a violent person, if her attempts to ignore and pout do not serve to solve a problem, she can become explosively angry and physically violent, often with no forethought to what that might mean for herself. This sort of response has usually only been seen by Holders who want to profess that all this mess is the Rider’s fault.

* INSULTING : Insults come remarkably to Cassipiora, who almost believes it is her job to ensure that Beach Wing know that they’re stupid for being so sympathetic to Holders, that the Holders are so stupid for being so insistent on the Construction Site, and that the mutations are broken beasts that should be dead. These very traditional opinions of hers tumble out of her mouth for little care or concern for other’s opinions and she will drive them home, often to the point of being very insulting, because to her these are undeniable truths and to be so ignorant is, well, insulting.

Describe Yourself:

* Passionate: Cassipiora doesn’t do anything by half measures. Neither does she feel anything by half. She commits herself, wholly, to a cause, a person, an ideal, a moment… Name it, Cassipiora feels it with her entire being. She lives life to its fullest, in the moment. While she does so with aspirations and concerns with the future, it’s always with deep emotions and driven with extreme passion.

* Driven: Be it Thread, Hunters, or the Wingleader shunning her from his bedfurs, there is not a thing on Pern that will keep Cassipiora from getting what she wants or striving to be the best Green Rider she can be. Until she is dead, this woman will be working to improve herself, to please her Wingleader, and to be a contributing member of the Weyr.

* Submissive: Sexually, and in most situations, Cassipiora will defer to the Bronzers and Brown Riders of the Weyr. And always those of Jungle Wing. Even Blue Riders have her deference. The moments that one perceives her to be ‘dominate’ or in control, it’s usually with the permission of whomever she’s ‘controlling’. Cassipiora is at her most comfortable under command.

* All About the Weyr: Cassipiora believes that the Weyr functions best with order, and that order follows a strict Hierarchy. In her mind, Jungle Wing best represents that Hierarchy. The rest of the weyr is a mess of confusion and liberal practices that have been influenced by the mutations and crazy talk. She wants to fix them and will preach this to any eager audience.

* Close Minded: It has never entered her pretty little head that she could be wrong, that Jungle Wing could be wrong, or that her Wingleader could be an asshole. This is the way it’s always been, and the way it should always be. Change is disastrous.

The Magic Touch: If hard pressed, she will say she’s the weyrmate of the Wingleader of Jungle.


Mother: Athelesia, b. 2539. Impressed green Maylanth in 2554. D. 2584 from disease at Fort Weyr.
Father: B’ger, b. 2534. Impressed bronze Jielith in 2547. D. 2571 from Threadfall.

Siblings: Esclamonde. Borne 05.02.2562 at High Reaches Weyr. Impressed 2576 to Vesalyth.
She’s bound to have a crap-ton more siblings but they were never made known to her and she never cared to know. Escla was her world from the day she could remember things.

Karassassi. Born 16.02.2584 to R'sin.
Cassidethen. Born 22.07.2586 to R'sin.
Rikiness. Born 06.08.2589 to R'sin.

Tell us a story...

* 2569, 0 Born to a Green Rider and a Bronzer who were not mated. She was given to the crèche but was ‘claimed’ as a member of Escla’s family even if her parents never really did.

* 2571, 2 She’s just a little girl trailing her biggest sister around when she’s told that her honored father, a big big Bronzer by the name of B’ger dies to the nemesis Thread. While the real significance of Thread is impressed upon the little girl, and she cries at the loss of her daddy, he wasn’t really apart of her life. This just encourages Cassipiora to cling all the more to Escla, who ensures her safe passage to Fort. While it’s clearly a dangerous time, the little girl is beside herself with wonder at riding a dragon despite it all.

* 2572, 3 Cassi, as she has been nicknamed by her biggest sister, has little care for the other children of the crèche who are largely strange to her since she’s been forced to mingle with the strangers who were previously at Fort. She’s enamored at the tales of B’ger and considers him a hero fallen to Thread. Their mother is a vague concept and more a stranger – it’s Escla who really means anything to Cassi and it’s to the older girl that she really forms a nearly desperate attachment to.

* 2574, 5 Escla is Searched and is no longer able to spend time with Cassi. The little girl is devastated and, for a short period of time, turns into a tiny terror in the crèche. She throws temper tantrums, anywhere from miserable pouting fits to fighting with the other children. It takes one of the crèche workers threatening the little girl that she’ll never be a Candidate like her biggest sister if her behavior keeps up. Cassi straightens up, but she cries herself to sleep given how lonely she is now that she’s not spending her days with her sister. It takes months for her to develop any manner of independence, but when she does, she grows into her own rapidly.

* 2576, 7 Cassi has grown much in the two turns and has taken on a bit of responsibility in the crèche. Though she attends every one of her sister’s failed Standings, she’s unshakable in her faith that her biggest sister will impress. Cassi also takes a liking to little babies and tries to spend her time in the crèche learning what she can, helping out where she can to give her something to do during this time. Though she does play often as well. When her sister finally impresses, Cassi is the first to stand up and cheer aloud. She’s instantly enamored with Vasalyth and swears to both that she will have a Green Sister too, just like her sister, and does whatever she can to both help her sister and learn from her and her dragonet.

* 2577, 8 Cassi has been around for Vasalyth’s growth and it’s been a wonder to Cassi. Though it’s been difficult, she tries to sneak out and see her sister as much as possible. Even if it means watching her sister during her training time during ‘breaks’ in her chores or ‘time outs’ while she’s playing. Cassi frequently requests chores outside just so she can watch the weyrlings while she helps the farmers. Getting to help her sister at least once a month goes a long way in making Cassi rather comfortable around the dragon-pair and she promises, every time, that she will have a Green Sister for Vasalyth when she’s older.

* 2578, 9 Cassi’s biggest sister has her first flight that results in a baby, Androuet. Cassi is thrilled that her sister becomes pregnant and uses that as an excuse to spend more time with her, fretting over Escla through the duration and eventually overseeing Androuet’s care in the crèche much as Escla had overseen her own as he was growing.

* 2579, 10 With Escla now an adult and claiming her own weyr, she begins sneaking Cassi into her bedfurs so they can spend more time together. This enables the sisters to become closer again, and Cassi can share little updates on Androuet’s growth. Not only that, but Cassi feels reconnected to her sister from where she felt she’d lost her all those turns ago, when she’d just been a little girl left in the crèche. She still vows, quietly at night and more to herself than the other dragonpair, that she will have a sister green for Vasalyth.

* 2581, 12 It’s a short time after her name day – almost too long in Cassi’s opinion – that she’s Searched. Cassi had almost been desperate enough to march up to a search rider, though she’d been intentionally marching around the dragons more and more in the hopes she’d be noticed. When she’s finally selected, it’s not even the Candidate Master she tells first, but Escla. She throws herself into the classes and woe to the poor boy after the first sexuality class she took that she pounced on, near demanding to be taught everything once she knew it was a requirement for standing. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could stop her from standing for the clutch hardening on the sands waiting for her. Cassi was anxious and ready the first clutch she stood for. One of the smallest eggs, a dud so many bet on, hatched to a tiny Green that impressed to her. Tesayonth might’ve been tiny, but to Cassi she was the perfect dragon.

* 2583, 14 Tesayonth rises for her first Flight, much to Cassi’s excitement, and she’s flown by none other than a prestigious Wingleader R'sin. Not only is Cassi thrilled that Tesayonth is caught by a Bronze, but a Wingleader none the less. Given that Tesayonth rose during the 4th month, Cassi is actually lucky during her Threadfall never to have gone between… only to find that she’s pregnant. This effectively removes her from fighting thread so she can have the baby at the beginning of the next turn. Cassi sees this as a token of good luck that this baby, and her dragon, were blessed and she’s rather keen on catching R'sins eye again.

* 2584, 15 Athelesia dies from disease rampant among the weyr. Though this distresses Cassi, it’s not because she necessarily misses her Mother… but rather, she worries for her unborn child. On 16.02.2584, sweet Karassassi is born into the world a healthy, screaming little girl. Cassipiora is thrilled to have a tiny girl and is quick make sure R'sin knows he has a healthy daughter in the crèche.

* 2585, 16 Androuet passes away due to disease. Cassipiora takes this especially hard given that she has her own baby and is distraught. She spends a near week mourning the passing of the child curled up with her sister at night, crying. Though she flies thread dutifully and shows no other outward sign that something is wrong, she takes this very hard and spends all of her extra time making sure that her sweet Karassassi is well cared for and healthy. Toward the end of the turn, around the time that her dragon is proddy, Cassi is made brave enough ( and is emotional from the loss of Androuet ) to seek out comfort from R'sin. This results in another pregnancy.

* 2586, 17 Cassipiora spends most of the turn pregnant and unable to participate in fighting Thread. However, being pregnant with R'sin’s baby ( yet again ) gives her the time to really grieve for Androuet and celebrate the life that’s growing inside of her. This also gives her time to spend in the crèche and with her daughter, Karassassi, that she thoroughly enjoys. It’s like a minivacation that both Cassipiora and Tesayonth need to rekindle their passion and drive in life.

* 2587, 18 She never thought Thread would stop. Ever. And once it did, she was almost uncertain what to do with herself. She saw to the transport of her babies and seemed as listless as her sister once they arrived, until it became rapidly apparent that they needed food. With the formation of Jungle Wing, she jumped at the opportunity to provide for her babies. Even though it was under S’tas, that didn’t phase her. Cassi is shocked and stunned by the Black that hatches and follows Jungle’s lead in shunning the creature. She doesn’t believe it will grow to maturity…

* 2588, 19 At the end the turn, R'sin catches Cassipiora for her Flight yet again and she is careful not to go between afterwards. Sure enough, and unsurprising to her, she winds up pregnant. She is quite thrilled at his continued attention, even though she’s pretty much been seeking him out, and is eager to have his child yet again.

* 2589, 20 Cassi is floored, along with the rest, when the Black not only reached maturity… but that he actually catches Kalestath. She’s conflicted for the first time in her loyalties and clings more so to R'sin for direction. Her third baby to the man is born 06.08 and she calls him Rikiness. While she is saddened by the loss of S’tas, she wasn’t particularly attached to him. She honors the man for giving his life for his fellow riders, but she’s more than thrilled when R'sin becomes Wingleader.

* 2590, 21 Though the turn is only just beginning, Cassi is beginning to feel more and more that Jungle Wing is the only thing going right with the Weyr and that maybe… maybe the Weyr is going to collapse in on itself in some odd civil war. She’s intent on sticking close to R'sin… and she’d not mind another baby.

She knew why he was upset. But that didn’t make it any easier to be dismissed in such a way. Cassipiora near flinched at his tone and the way R’sin looked at her. She would not be winning him over tonight. She chewed on her lower lip before finally turning away. While she did not want to leave him alone, Cassipiora also did not want him to be so upset with her that he banished her from his weyr permanently.

He would never do that to you. To us. her sweet Tesayonth reassured even as she moved farther into the weyr. Her small body enabled her to scooch in where most dragons could not. Given the swollen state of her Rider, she did not want to make Cassipiora move any more than she had to. Her small, slender tail slid around to help her Rider climb up. It was almost comical, given just how pregnant Cassipiora was. But she was not one to complain and neither did she want to bother R’sin given his dark mood.

He was upset. With good reason. She completely understood his desire to be alone.

Tesayonth thrummed comfort for her Rider as she slowly, and carefully climbed up. Her Green supported her up with her tail pressing along Cassipiora’s back the entire way. Once she was settled, Tesayonth shuffled back before turning and taking off. Where do you want to go? 

Where indeed. The last thing she wanted was to curl up and admit defeat to Escla, but that seemed in all likelihood that’s where Cassipiora would end up. Nestled against her sister while trying not to let her emotions get the best of her. R’sin had a lot on his mind. Before that, though, she supposed she should get an extra bite to eat for her restless baby and more water to drink. //The Weyrhall,// she thought, exasperated.

It was not the first time that Cassipiora was beyond grateful her delicate Green was a graceful Lady. Her landing was careful and completely smooth so as not to upset the rather pregnant Green Rider. The Healers would not approve of you moving around so much, Tesayonth reminded, yet again, for the umpteenth trillionth time that day.

//I have a particularly graceful Green to fly me around,// Cassipiora responded, patting her dragon after she was careful about climbing down. // Besides, all the exercise is good for me and the baby. I can’t just sit around like a bloated flit.// Even if that was how she felt from time to time.

Tesayonth rumbled her affection at how proud Cassipiora was of her skill and settled on her stomach near the entrance to the weyrhall. She would remain close, just in case. Cassipiora was due soon, the Healers had said. Given how large her belly had become, it was no surprise. And when that time came, Tesayonth would be there to announce it with a cry and fetch a Healer right away.   

The weyrhall seemed to be relatively abandoned given the late mark. Which was fine with her. All Cassipiora wanted was some manner of comfort food and water. She couldn’t help replaying the loss of their Wingleader S’tas… How he’d seemed to just vanish out of their lives. Not even the dragon’s cry of loss to mark his passing. Had it been because he was so far gone, out in the jungle, dying to hunters along with those he’d meant to go save? Then, for L’andis to be promoted over R’sin, her weyrmate… No wonder he was angry. But his dismissal of her when she was so far along with their child was still difficult.

“I shouldn’t dwell,” she murmured to herself as she slowly waddled through the dark hall lit only by sporadic glows. 

Member Info...

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Halirina, Sevastjan, Sethunya, Keassa, L'ale, C'ace, Niema, Loressa, W'sar, Haithen, K'eeda, Cenadae, Ysmersa, Seaphonellqua, Searic
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Re: Cassipiora [ 6.3.2581, 9th Pass ] Green Rider
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2015, 09:49:48 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2581 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 20 meters
Mature Height: 3.8 meters
Mature Wingspan: 36 meters

General Appearance...

Tesayonth came out of a tiny egg and has always been a small dragon. She's the smallest a green could be and comes up shorter than most all of her sisters. Her saving grace is her long, narrow wings that she's trained to use efficiently. She's as fast in the air as she is on the ground. Coupled with her dark, nearly speckled hide and she could be near invisible in the jungle when she's still. Tesayonth is a dainty, delicate Green not made for any manner of combat or fighting. Her sole purpose, it seems, is speed and flight. Her legs are short but slender and she's quite graceful with them. Even when she'd first hatched. Even her neck and body in streamlined and almost fragile. It was a real concern when she was growing that she'd be breakable. But her small body had made her decidedly nimble during threadfall and she finds navigating in the jungle rather easy.


Mind Voice: Tesayonth is a soft spoken Green, though she's not to be mistaken for one that whispers. When she must be forceful, her mindvoice will be accented by hisses and growls.


R'sin's Bronze : Since Tesayonth’s first flight by this large Bronze, she has been very smitten with him. She spends a lot of her extra time either on his ledge or near it. Should Dekkath enter her Flight, she is no longer a force catch and will chose him to Fly her. This does not mean that she makes it easy on the bronze, only that she no longer has eyes for any competition. To the green, Dekkath is her mate and she will choose him above any and all others. She refers to Dekkath as her mate as she lacks the subtleties that Cassi employs with the term.

Feats of Agility :  Tesayonth is a tiny, diminutive Green. However, this has lend itself to a very supple body. She doesn’t have a big body, but rather, a small slender flame she can twist and contort to get out of Thread’s path or, in more recent turns, away from Hunters in the thick undergrowth of the Jungle. She loves showing off in whatever manner she can, to prove that though she may be far weaker than nearly every other dragon physically, she’s still a sight to behold in the air.

Running : Her short legs do not deter her from being a fast Green on the ground. Whether it’s bounding through the Jungle or racing across the open weyrbowl, Tesayonth is not to be outdone on land any more than she is in the air. Her speed is as breathtaking on the ground as it is in the air and she thoroughly enjoys stretching her muscles to the fullest in any way possible. She feels absolutely free while running.

Babies : Tesayonth adores children as much as her Rider and is very careful and gentle with young humans. She fawns over Cassi’s babies as though they were her own and, though a dragon’s memory may be flawed, she is always asking to go see “their” offspring. Tesayonth may never clutch, but Cassi’s babies are like her own.

"Dancing" : Tesayonth enjoys prancing about, twirling in the air, and in general, showing off her how agile and supple she is. It’s as close to ‘dancing’ a dragon could get, though in no way refined or to any music.


Confrontation : Whether it is another Green on Dekkath’s ledge or if she’s challenged directly, Tesayonth will be the first to back down. She has absolutely no desire to fight another dragon, or even a human, and will not stick up for herself. She would prefer to fly away then listen to an argument.

Other Greens Outside of Jungle Wing : Tesayonth won’t even be seen in their company. She prefers to settle herself amongst those of her own wing, especially next to Dekkath if he’s around. Otherwise she’ll return to her own weyr to be next to Vasalyth.

Being Dismissed : It pains her to feel she’s disappointed a superior or that Dekkath might prefer another Green’s company to her own. Though she will not argue, Tesayonth will find somewhere nearby to sulk and wait until she is wanted again.

Swimming : Her small legs and big wings make this a terrible challenge and, over all, a bad experience for her. She doesn’t have the physical strength to make swimming anything but a nightmare.

Fish : She grew up on the taste of red meat and prefers it to anything. She hates having to resort to fish and, if allowed, will stay out a little longer to hunt herself wherry then come back to the weyr where she will have to eat fish.


* AGILITY :  This is what Tesayonth was made for. Her diminutive size, slender build, and shorter legs make it easier for her to twist, flip, and spin in the air with great efficiency and accuracy. She’s fast and incredibly dexterous in the air, having survived the 9th pass with no thread scars with her ability to dodge thread so well.

* PERSISTENCE :  She is as determined and passionate about the things she does as Cassipiora. Whether it means leading a hunter away from her fellow wingmates, attending to her ‘mate’ Dekkath, or even being able to ‘remember’ her ‘babies’, there are certain things that stick with Tesayonth that matter very much to this tiny dragon.


* FRAGILE : Tesayonth has almost no real physical strength. While she is a strong flier, with the average stamina of any Green Dragon, she lacks any real physical strength to her limbs and can be quite delicate. Flights are particularly painful for her given her size and the fact she is a force catch to any but Dekkath. It’s become a routine for Cassi to have Tesayonth checked out by a Healer after a Flight to ensure she’s not sprained or bruised anything important after a Flight unless it’s with Dekkath.

* CHILDISH : Tesayonth lacks any subtlety about her. She can be quite blunt and doesn’t usually understand when someone is trying to be sarcastic. This also means she can be childish in her pouting or even immature in her understanding of human relationships.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(9cbc95); Text: #(042309)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
02.04, 03.07, 01.10. She's a force catch unless R'sin's dragon is going to fly her. Then it's pretty much a done deal. It'll be determined per Flight.

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Re: Cassipiora [ 6.3.2581, 9th Pass ] Green Rider
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Re: Cassipiora [ 6.3.2581, 9th Pass ] Green Rider
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