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Author Topic: Private Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale  (Read 3070 times)

Offline Callista

Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« on: May 10, 2015, 09:36:06 PM »
She was becoming restless.

It was even getting to the point where she could no longer just lay out in the sun, more like under the clouds, and enjoy herself anymore. She needed to do something. To accomplish something that proved her worthiness. The longer she sat around doing nothing, the further behind her Wing she would fall. Perhaps she could attend drill today. Even if R’sin and the twins refused to let her participate, she could watch and even learn from following her wingmates to see how they react to the situation they are presented with.

Training her mind to think of different alternatives and actions could be beneficial in the long run. There wasn’t much time to think if there was a Hunter involved, however. That required immediate action and almost muscle memory to keep yourself safe, as she had to considering she and Ariyath were absolutely no match for even a single Hunter. They knew their place and their responsibilities, and they would not further endanger the Wing by trying to do anything more than that.

She was tempted to continue training on her own with Ariyath. Perhaps not as dangerous as she would typically train with tight, fast aerial maneuvers. Nothing that would put herself or the child at risk. But there still must be something they could do to keep them from falling behind. Yet when she had tried broaching the subject with Ariyath, the green had blatantly refused. She could swear the green seemed more loyal to Illoth and Skeleeth than her since she became pregnant. Perhaps it was the special attentions they’d been giving her since then that made her more eager than usual to please them.

//Traitor.// It is your safety I worry about first, mine. You are always first. Callista smiled. She could never be mad at Ari. Though, if it weren’t for the green they would be flying right now. Instead, she picked her way through the near-endless tunnels that wound their way deep into the mountain where an underground lake resided. It was the perfect spot for her to get some safe exercise. Swimming had great benefits, not to mention swimming naked felt so good.

Callista smiled at the thought as her hand leaned against the rock wall and she ducked down to avoid some pointy rocks from the ceiling. The wall shifted beneath her weight suddenly and she barely had any time to react. Her other hand flew to protect her stomach as she fell off-balance towards the ground. She tried to twist her body to protect her stomach, but only managed to get to her side before she hit the hard ground and darkness surrounded her.

Callista is hurt! She won’t respond, but I feel her pain! It hurts!

//Ari? What happened?// I just called Illoth and Skeleeth. I couldn’t reach you, mine! //I’m right here.// Callista opened her eyes to pitch black. Her hands felt around for the glows she’d had and instead only found rocks and more rocks. That one rock must have caused a cascade of other rocks to tumble out and then ended up covering her glow basket. She moaned as she tried to shift, and then panicked as she remembered her stomach. Her hands flew to her stomach, feeling everything until she felt satisfied that there wasn’t so much as a scratch on it that she could feel.

She would have to check in the light for a bruise, but some poking and prodding told her that she was alright. She tested each of her limbs, which each worked fine as well. The only thing that seemed to hurt was the throbbing of her head. Her fingers touched the side of her forehead where it was originating from and she felt slickness to it. Perhaps just dampness from the cave? Or she was bleeding. //How long was I out for?// Only a few seconds. //And you called the twins that fast? I’m fine, Ari. The last thing I want is for them to think I’m weak and can’t take care of myself while they are away.//

Callista sighed and sat up to lean against the other side of the cave wall where she prayed was a bit safer than sitting under the wall with loose rocks. They wouldn’t come. She would just have Ariyath tell them that she was fine and they could focus back on guard duty. There was no way she would be responsible for them being distracted from the Wing when every split second counted if a pack of Hunters appeared. But first, she would just lean back, close her eyes, and rest until the throbbing in her head receded.

@SanctifiedSavage || @L'ale
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Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'ale

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2015, 10:00:09 PM »
The morning was dreary. As most were late in winter. While not particularly cold, L'ale was still not pleased to be guarding the construction site. Preferable, always, was a long boring shift to an attack. But that didn't mean he didn't glare occasionally at the Holders either. It was their fault Jungle Wing had to cut into their already busy and strict schedule to stand around and wait for an attack.

He sighed atop Illoth. L'ale had taken the ground position while trading off the aerial portion of the guard duty with L'nal for the second half of their watch. It was almost over, if he could accurately judge time during the overcast day. The Holders who were responsible for keeping track of the time during such had been regularly reporting though and they'd already, recently, passed the eleventh mark. Soon he'd recall them all for a break for lunch, which meant gathering up all the Holders and Crafters, carting them back to the weyr, so that Beach could bring them all back down for their turn at this waste of time duty.

When Illoth tensed beneath L'ale, the Rider immediately straightened in his saddle and looked around for the threat. Hunters? The whers stationed around hadn't begun to panic…

No, it is Callista. She's been injured. She's not responding to Ariyath.

For a brief, half a second, L'ale couldn't even comprehend what scenario his Callista could be in that she'd become injured. She was safe, back in the weyr. He was sure of it.

//Tell R'sin we're heading back. This guard duty is almost over anyways. Have M'kale ensure the Holders are beginning to pack up for lunch. I want them leaving on time.// L'ale didn't need to convey anything to his twin, L'nal would be of the same mind as he was. If Callista was injured, he would need to go back. To see to her. To ensure she was fine. //Where is she?// He demanded.

Illoth took off immediately, passing along the orders before he asked his Green where Callista was and what had happened. She's still in the tunnels. came the Bronze's somber response.

L'ale could imagine all manner of terrible things that had happened if that was the case. Had she fallen? Had rocks crushed her? Were there broken bones? The cold of between as they rushed back to the weyr served to ground L'ale as his Bronze made a hard and fast landing near Ariyath, sacrificing finesse for speed. 

"How far down did she go?" he asked the Green even as he was walking away from her. L'ale wanted to find her. Wanted to ensure she was safe, first.

The bronze stood next to Ariyath, a comforting presence but he did not settle yet. They might need to rush off once L'ale found Callista and he was made anxious by his own Rider's concern. Direct L'ale, Ariyath. He needs to know the path Callista took, he cooed to his beautiful little Green.

//Is she ok? How badly hurt is she?// He asked, intending for Illoth to pass the questions along to Ariyath as L'ale took off at a quick jog down the tunnels. Not running flat out, because the twists would not allow, but moving as quickly as the pressing rock and uneven surfaces would allow.

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Offline Callista

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2015, 11:27:56 AM »
Illoth and L’ale jumped to her side from the cold between before she could update them that Callista had become conscious. Her rider had told her she was fine, but she still felt hurt and knew that her rider was alone in the dark. She may not be able to go find out for sure, but L’ale could and also help her leave without hurting herself again. And while she knew her rider was strong, she was also carrying a little one that must be protected at all costs. So it was still good that Illoth and his rider had arrived.

Ariyath watched as L’ale hurried in after Callista. But she wouldn’t feel relief until he said she was fine. Her rider was proud and refused to admit weaknesses even if she could feel them. I’m not sure, the green responded to both Illoth and L’ale. She almost never spoke to other humans, but this was urgent. Besides, he was practically one of Callista’s mates. Unfortunately, she and Callista hadn’t been communicating how far in she had gone while she walked.

So she shared all that she could. She was heading towards the underground lake for a swim. Must be close to that. And she woke just before you arrived and said she was fine, but I still hurt. The green’s mind voice tried to remain calm, but there remained an edge of panic. She was not used to being unable to assist Callista. At least out in the open she could have taken her straight to the Healer Hall to be looked at. But she was helpless to do anything but wait. L’ale is coming for you, the green conveyed to her rider.

//I told you I’m fine, Ari! I just need a little bit of time to rest and I’ll head back out. Is he here?// The green noted her rider’s annoyance and ignored it. He’s already gone in after you. Callista was quiet for a moment and she almost reached out again to make sure she hadn’t passed out again. //Shells, I guess I’ll wait here then.// Can you not meet him? //No, I think it would be worse if I tried. It’s pitch black and there could be more loose rocks…// There seemed to be something left out or unspoken, so she pushed for more. Thankfully, that was all it took to get the honest response. //And the last time I tried standing I was really light headed and had to sit back down. If I could just close my eyes for a little bit, I would have been okay enough to walk back on my own,”// she hurriedly added. Ariyath communicated back to Illoth that Callista was definitely towards the end of the tunnels leading towards the underground lake and that she was sitting and light headed in the dark.

Spoiler for OOC:
This post is from Ariyath's point of view.

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'ale

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2015, 11:44:39 AM »
L'ale was already headed in the direction of the underground lake, but there were a myriad of directions she could've went. He'd taken a glow basket from one of the well lit areas on his way. It would've made the most sense that she'd have gone straight there. L'ale hoped that was the case. In her condition, it'd not have made much more sense for her to go exploring side tunnels.

He listened to what Ariyath had to say without much comment. It did not faze him that the Green spoke to him. As Wingsecond, he oftentimes got updates about a Rider's condition from panicked or worried dragons. That this was Callista, at the moment, didn't register. Of course, that's why he'd initially left the Construction Site early. Holders be damned if his Callista was injured. But now, L'ale was focused on finding her and ensuring she was safe.

However, when Ariyath told him that Callista was light headed in the dark, he made sure to tell the Green, //Keep her awake, understand? She's not allowed to go to sleep.// The last thing he needed was her to die because she had a concussion and she'd succumbed before he could get to her.

Illoth continued to thrum comfort to the Green even as he alerted the Healer Hall that they would be receiving an injured Rider shortly. As soon as his Rider was able to find her.

L'ale, being able to traverse more distance faster than Callista, found the 'cave in' in short order. Or what he hoped was it. There were several main tunnels to the underground lake and she could be in any of them. Cursing softly, he then told Ariyath, //I need you to encourage her to move away from the rocks if she can.// If he started moving anything and it made it worse…

From the looks of it, though, it should be fine. But L'ale was no miner.

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Offline Callista

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #4 on: May 11, 2015, 04:17:08 PM »
Mine. Callista sighed. She’d been so close to falling asleep. Her body was ready and willing. It was nice, dark, and staying still seemed to keep the pain in her head a bit more at bay than when she actually shifted. //Yes, dearheart.// I just wanted to make sure you were awake. The green rider frowned. Well that wasn’t very nice considering sleep tended to cure most headaches. Did she still want her to be in pain?

//Don’t be mean. You know I just want a little bit of sleep.// Illoth’s rider instructed me to keep you from sleeping. That made Callista hesitate. If L’ale was ordering her not to sleep, then there must be something wrong with her sleeping. He would never steer her wrong. It was hard, trying to wake herself up a bit more. Her body was suddenly tired and her eyes just wanted to close. But she fought it, never one to disobey her Wingsecond.

Callista opened her eyes. Even if it was to darkness, it was an added effort at keeping herself up. Her eyelids may drift down now and again, but she would start before it was too late or when Ariyath made a comment and snap her eyes back open. You need to move away from the rocks. She could tell that command also came from L’ale. Be careful, the green added.

While she instantly wanted to please her Wingsecond, she also didn’t like the thought of moving. The last time she’d tried standing she was woozy and had to sit back down. Perhaps…crawling might work better? Callista felt along the wall and floor around her, trying to get a picture of her surroundings. The rocks were all around her, but less so by where she sat. She focused on imagining the tunnel where she came from. The wall that crumbled around her had been to her right. And she was now leaning on the opposite wall, which would have been on her left. Which meant she needed to crawl to the right to head back in towards the bathing springs.

Callista grit her teeth and began to crawl, slowly, as her hands and knees scraped the uneven floor that was invisible before her. //This would be so much easier if there was some light.// She stumbled a couple of times over fallen rocks, but always caught herself before she fell. She wiped the back of her dirty hand across her forehead to clear the hair from her face before she began to move again. At last, there was a light up ahead. Was someone else there? L’ale? She continued towards the small light.

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Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'ale

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2015, 03:03:34 PM »
Trying to figure out what to do about a cave in was, well, what was he going to do? L'ale had already started moving some of the larger rocks out of the way, but the possible further collapse of this particular tunnel had already occurred to him. Which was the entire reason that he'd prompted Callista to move farther away. The last thing he needed was the shifting of the pile to shift on top of her if she was sitting on the other side of it.

He was about to have Illoth send for some of the blasted Miners when he caught sight of movement down one of the side passages. While L'ale was never one to truly thank Faranth for anything, he about did then. What he initially thought to be a tunnel snake turned out to be Callista actually crawling toward him. With panicked relief, he dropped the large rock he'd been about to move and rushed over to her. "You silly, foolish Rider," he murmured as he set his own glows next to her so he could look her over. Of all the places for her to go alone… Not that L'ale was actually angry at her. There was no reason to be. Not truthfully. He was just… worried.

There was blood on her head, he could see, but since she'd managed to make it to him, he didn't want to waste any more time in the tunnels. L'ale passed Callista the glow basket, that she only had to hold on to a moment, before he scooped her up in his arms. Her weight was negligable to the Bronzer as he made his way toward the entrance. "We're going to go to the Healer Hall," he said, for both of them. Because he wanted to make sure she was responsive.

//Tell L'nal I found her. She seems…. Ok.// He was being hopeful. //And tell the Healers I'm on my way.//

Spoiler for OOC:
Did you want to play him taking her to the Healer Hall, or have her waking up after treatment? >_> Because I'm no doctor. 8D But I can look it all up if you want to play that part out.

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Offline Callista

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2016, 10:23:16 AM »
A dull throb slowly beat into her head, pushing her from the depths of a dreamless, weightless sleep until slowly she gained consciousness. It happened slowly, where first there was just awareness of the darkness in her mind and then came the reminder of the physical weight of her body as it was pressed against something solid and warm. Her foot twitched in an effort to regain balance of her body and where she was, only to feel the soft texture of bedfurs around her. Bedfurs. So she was in bed.

Callista worked to open her eyes and was grateful for the lack of light that would blinded her. Only the soft light from candles and glows lit the room, but it didn’t take long for her to recognize where she was. Even as she still worked to clear away the fog of sleep from her mind, she knew. The only problem with that was that she had no memory of coming here.

Everything was a blur from the moment she was scooped up in L’ale’s arms. It may have been the comfort of knowing that he would ensure she was safe that her mind didn’t need to process the series of images that happened afterwards. Or her body was just too tired to hold onto the memory of what followed. It seemed that within the blink of an eye, she went from collapsing against L’ale to now waking up in the twins’ weyr.

There was no way for her to tell what time it was. It could be anywhere from early in the night to early morning. Her eyes searched the room and stopped when they found L’ale. Her heart dropped into her stomach as realization hit that he must be furious with her. She’d endangered the twins’ child. She was always proving herself as a strong, independent green rider who could take care of herself, but here she got hurt while in the Weyr of all places. And he must have left guard duty early because of her. What if they’d been attacked in that time he was gone? Had they? She didn’t see L’nal.

Callista slowly lifted herself from bed, cringing slightly from the pounding in her head. “L’ale?” Her eyes were downcast, not wanting to look him in the eye. She didn’t deserve it right now. “I’m sorry for the trouble I caused.”

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Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'ale

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #7 on: January 28, 2017, 04:47:23 PM »
The Healers had been very thorough in cleaning her up. Bandaging her head. They assured that L’ale, several times, that she’d passed out from exhaustion. There was some bruises and scratches, but nothing that required stitches. All in all, the experience seemed to have laid her low more than any real, physical injury. They warned him she might have a mild concussion and to treat her gently when she woke, but beyond that, she was cleared to leave.

So L’ale took Callista where she belonged. His weyr.  Their weyr.

It was quite late in the night but neither he nor L’nal were about to sleep. They’d spent some of the time she was resting trading off dinner shifts, watching over her, and now L’nal was off oiling her dragon on the ledge while L’ale took his time with her. Next to her. Always making sure she was comfortable, breathing…

When she did finally wake up, L’ale nearly pulled her into his lap. Instead, he gently pushed her back. “Healers suggested rest,” he remarked gently before he leaned over her, kissing her briefly. Then, murmuring against her mouth with a faint grin, “Next time you want to go wandering in the tunnels, take one of us hm?” He returned to sitting on the edge of the bedfurs. “When you feel you’re able, we brought you back some food. You’ve been resting for awhile now.”

Spoiler for OOC:
I hope this is ok. Lemme know if you want me to change things.

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Offline Callista

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #8 on: January 28, 2017, 08:13:03 PM »
Her body didn’t resist when she was gently pushed back to the bed. If L’ale was telling her to lay back down, then she wasn’t going to argue. Besides, her head appreciated her remaining horizontal for the time being. Her hands gripped the bedfurs as she waited to hear disappointment in L’ale’s voice. She’d promised to take care of the baby and herself. They wouldn’t have to worry about her. She was a Jungle rider, after all.

And yet here she was, needing to be rescued like some dimglow rider just out of weyrlinghood. The shame burned far deeper than the throbbing of her head. The kiss was a warm surprise, and when no reprimand came, she felt the guilt twist in her gut. She didn’t deserve them after the stunt she’d pulled. Not that she had been intentionally doing anything that would get her in trouble. She wanted to swim in the lake where there were no Beach Snakes but she could still safely get some exercise for herself and the child.

Panic settled in when she realized she hadn’t heard Ariyath. Ari?! I’m here, mine. L’nal is oiling my hide. She breathed out in relief. Not only had L’ale left his duty to get her and bring her to Healer Hall, but he and L’nal were looking after her and Ariyath, oiling her dragon and bringing her food. The feelings were overwhelming. Even if they weren’t disciplining her for her irresponsible actions, she was disappointed in herself.

The best way for her to make it up to them would be to remain on her best behavior for them from here on out. Callista turned her head so she could at least look at the amazing bronzer sitting beside her and smiled. She was past the point of making excuses for herself to explain why she’d been there in the first place. “Yes, I will.” She wasn’t going to bother them in their busy lives with something like that though. She didn’t really need to go there anyway. The last few months she would keep to more open, populated areas to avoid a repeat of this incident.

“Food sounds wonderful.” She was starving. How long had she been out? It felt like she’d missed an entire day of meals. But, would he let her get up to eat? She was hesitant to try and get up again when he’d pressed her back to the bed just a moment earlier. 

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Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'ale

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #9 on: February 01, 2017, 06:13:07 PM »
There were a lot of things the Twins had wanted to say to her, and had said amongst themselves. Initially there had been some anger. Why she had been wandering around on her own, L’ale nor L’nal could guess. Perhaps she’d been restless given her current condition. Whatever the reason, the anger hadn’t lasted very long. Anger had given way to confusion, because they couldn’t figure out why she’d been so far from anyone. And then, ultimately, mild amusement.

Whatever the cause, whatever the reason, she was safe. It’d cost them some time they could’ve been doing something else and L’ale would ask, once she was fed and well enough. When she agreed that food sounded good, he shifted to pull the tray onto the bedfurs so she could eat. Nothing great, but having to take extra food from the hall had resulted in dried fruit and a hard roll. There was a cup of water nearby should she need that too.

He waited, allowing her some time to eat, before he finally did ask, in a rather gentle tone all things considering, “So why were you wandering around all by yourself?”

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Offline L'nal

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #10 on: February 02, 2017, 04:46:47 PM »
When Skeleeth had first tensed beneath him, L’nal had thought the worst. It’d been the only natural assumption, given their assignment of guarding the Holders. And he’d already half started telling Skeleeth to turn around, to return to the Hold site, when his dragon interrupted the rapid planning L’nal had already started. Because if there were Hunters, he wanted the rest of the Wing to be as prepared as possible.

It’s not Hunters Even so, the Bronze hesitated in his sweep, a rare moment of hesitation. Ariyath has called us. Callista is hurt and won’t respond to her.

//We’re going back.// L’nal was never one to panic. But right now, at least in his mind, this was more important than the damn Holders. Not more than their duty, per se, but they’d be finishing their shift soon anyway. He was not about to let the mother of one of their children come to more harm if he could help it. Surely L’ale would feel the same.

Skeleeth confirmed that as he turned on his wings. Illoth says he’s already informed R’sin. M’kale will be making sure the Holders finish on time.

The rest was all a rush. L’ale got to the weyr first, with L’nal being briefly delayed by finishing up with the delegation of remaining duties and explaining in more detail what little he knew to R’sin. So by the time he and Skeleeth touched down in the Weyr Bowl, Callista had already been retrieved and treated by the Healers.

L’nal didn’t quite understand the circumstances around her injury—why had she been there? And why by herself?—but he wasn’t angry with her. Just worried. And restless because of those worries. It had been that restlessness, while she slept in their bedfurs, that led him to having Skeleeth call Ariyath to the widest point of the weyr ledge. At the very least he could spend the waiting time doing something useful, like oiling the Green. Especially when he didn’t know if Callista would be in any condition to soon. The Healers hadn’t seemed to think, according to L’ale, that she was in any real danger. Yet his possessive protectiveness was a fierce thing inside him.

Quiet but thorough, he’d just finished with her dragon when voices at his back told him she’d woken. Wiping the remaining oil off his hands, L’nal gathered the supplies again to set them in their customary place just inside his and his brother’s weyr. Oiling a Green was so much less work than tending to a giant monster like Skeleeth.

Callista was eating, which was a good sign. And L’nal might not be a gentle man, but his smile for her almost was as he moved to sit by his brother. L’ale had just asked the question weighing on his own mind, so he’d wait to hear how she answered.

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Offline Callista

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
« Reply #11 on: February 03, 2017, 11:55:05 AM »
Callista shifted herself a bit upright to enable her to eat while L’ale placed the tray of food on the bedfurs. “Thank you,” she murmured softly, guilt and shame still hanging heavy on her. She selected the hard roll first and eagerly began to eat. It wasn’t until she was finally beginning to feel so substance in her stomach after the roll and some dried fruit that L’ale spoke again. She froze as panic surged through her.

She’d failed them. The one thing they’d asked her to do—take care of the baby—and she’d endangered it. And for what? Swimming? Were they really going to consider her as the mother of their future children again? She’d always had great confidence when it came to her skill as a rider and her ability to please the twins. Never had she doubted herself as much as she did in this moment. The thought of disappointing them hurt worse than any lash R’sin could give her.

His question had been simple. It should be an easy answer. But for all she knew, her answer would be the undoing of her position with them. And that thought, more than anything else, terrified her. Callista’s attention was drawn past L’ale as L’nal approached. She couldn’t stall any longer. L’nal’s smile gave her an extra burst of courage, and she latched onto it, hoping that she wasn’t stepping forward and ending up between with what happened next.

Her eyes dropped from theirs, unable to meet their undemanding gazes feeling as she was. “I wanted to get some exercise…for the baby and I. I’d heard from the healers that exercising in water was good for us both, since it lessens some of the strain. I thought of the underground lake, since there would be more room to move around and it was safe inside the Weyr. I’ve been there before on my own and never had any trouble, but…” She hadn’t considered the possibility of a mini cave in. She never had a problem when she went before. It was supposed to be something good for her and the baby to do while not getting in anyone’s way.

Callista’s hands gripped the furs. “I’m so sorry. I…I promised to protect the baby. I’ll accept any punishment now or after he’s born. Just, please forgive me!” She couldn’t look at either of them. Her eyes were glued to her hands on the furs in fear that if she looked at them, she would see their anger and disappointment.

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'ale

Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
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It took L’ale a long moment to realize that Callista thought he was upset with her. The rush of words out of her was a bit confusing and then she was apologizing. While he could accept it for the concern and initial panic she’d caused them, he was already waving it all away until she mentioned a punishment.

That made him frown.

His hand reached out to caress her jaw, then slide up into her hair to guide her into a kiss. Mostly to quiet her. Secondly to draw her eyes to his. “Callista. I’m not sure what you think of us, but we’re not angry at you.” L’ale did not need their dragons to translate anything from L’nal to speak for his twin in that matter. There was nothing for them to be angry about. “We might suggest you be more careful in the future, but beyond that…” He released her hair with a faint smirk. “You’d hardly be a Jungle Green if you sat around all the time, hm?”

His hand instead came to rest just above her knee. It was meant to be a comforting touch. L’ale truly wasn’t upset. Not really. At least, not in the way to punish her. He’d never punish anyone for an accident – at least not one that wasn’t expressly their fault. Going somewhere that so many others frequented that was relatively safe wasn’t a punishable worthy offense. Not as far as L’ale was concerned. Especially if swimming had been recommended by the Healers. She’d just been doing something to keep herself limber.

“Consider yourself forgiven, if you need it for your peace of mind,” he added softly.

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Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
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Curious though he’d been to hear Callista’s explanation, L’nal wasn’t upset with her. None of the information from the Healers or L’ale had seemed to indicate that she was at fault. As much as Jungle riders did their best to make sure accidents didn’t happen, they still did. Even all the preparation and skill in the world was sometimes useless against circumstance. Nor did the Bronzer think that Callista would do something reckless or foolish. That just wasn’t her.

If it had been a facet of her personality, she’d not have been part of their Wing much less a regular presence in the twins’ bed.

So it was with initial confusion that he glanced between her and his brother. Tilting his head some, L’nal processed the rush of information and then actually chuckled faintly when it became clear what she was saying. Upset with her? Hardly. And L’ale was quick to reassure her that they were not.

Sitting opposite his brother as he was, on the opposite edge of the bed furs, L’nal reached out to briefly cup Callista’s cheek once L’ale had settled his hand on her knee. “You didn’t do anything wrong by wanting to stay healthy, Callista.” That certainly wasn’t something he could fault her for. No Jungle rider would let themselves go, even during pregnancy, if it could be avoided at least in part. Not when their Wing relied on as many able and capable riders as possible.

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Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
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Callista waited with baited breath for what would happen next. Whatever happened, she would accept it. When L’ale’s hand reached toward her face, she neither flinched nor stiffened. Her body would be receptive to anything for them.

The gentleness of his touch surprised her, but it was the unexpected kiss that caused her eyes to widen in surprise. Her body responded instantly to the kiss, however brief it was, even while her mind raced to understand. They weren’t…upset with her? Her gaze switched from L’ale to L’nal as they each took their turn to speak.

Their words began to sink in, and as they did, her feeling of worry and disappointment in herself melted into a feeling of foolishness. She and the baby were safe, weren’t they? And that was what mattered. She repeated their words back to herself in her mind, re-iterating the fact that she’d only been trying to stay active and healthy and a mistake happened. Her hands moved to her stomach, where the small bump was beginning to push through and make more of a statement.

Sometimes, if she waited long enough, she had been able to feel the baby moving. It wasn’t a frequent occurrence, yet, but the sign of life was all that was left she needed to know that she could truly relax. She smiled at the twins. “Thank you, both. I’m alright now.” Even though there was no kick or movement now, she trusted it would come with some time.

Callista picked at more dried food on the plate, nibbling at its sweetness before she attempted to change the topic of conversation. While she was overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness at their attention to her, she was uncomfortable with how weak and fragile she had appeared today. “I hope you didn’t end up missing anything of great importance from today. Were things quiet at the construction site?”

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Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

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Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
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L’ale shook his head and settled on a chair, idly watching her now that things seemed to be fine. It didn’t occur to the bronzer that he would need to further reassure Callista. Once he said something, that was it. L’ale didn’t often like to repeat himself, especially not with someone he thought would automatically get what it was he was saying and accept it.

Callista wasn’t needy in that way.

Now that they knew she would be fine, he’d just need to make a note that someone should probably take her down to the lake. Immediately, he thought that maybe she had a mentee that might work. Wasn’t that what they were good for?

“No, the construction site was quiet today. Thankfully. Were it not, I’m not sure I’d have been able to come back as quickly.” Which was the truth of it. Duty was always first.

Then, propping his chin in a palm while he watched her, he decided to ask, “Are you mentoring a candidate now?” If not, maybe she should for something to do. Then they could go swimming and he’d not have to worry about her.

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Re: Fine On My Own [8.1.2590 // 11 AM] || L'ale
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Much like his brother, L’nal considered the matter settled and didn’t offer more by way of reassurances or coddling. As far as he was aware, there was no reason to. They’d made their thoughts known, and Callista had accepted them. Were there anything else bothering her, he trusted the Green rider to make it known. She was a dutiful rider that way, and a good woman. Anyone too significantly insecure would not have been a lengthy fixture in their bed.

For the moment, he was content to let L’ale take the lead in the conversation. There was little else he could add about the construction site; Callista already knew how they felt about the assignment to begin with, and this was about offering her a relaxed atmosphere rather than further upsetting her by dwelling on the frustrating parts of the entire Weyr-wide situation.

When L’ale asked if Callista was mentoring at the moment, though, he did tilt his head curiously. It was common knowledge that she did sometimes offer her advice and spare time to future dragon riders, but the two Bronzers rarely took note of who she was mentoring unless Callista brought it up first. Until the hopefuls actually Impressed and distinguished themselves, there was simply little point. Too many of them washed out or ended up being painfully average for the Jungle Wingseconds to bother making note of who they were.

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