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Author Topic: Approved Maerysa [35.06.2557 || Rider of Green Yumiath]  (Read 2119 times)

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Maerysa [35.06.2557 || Rider of Green Yumiath]
« on: May 14, 2015, 08:05:40 AM »

Play By:
Rachele Brooke Smith

First Name:
Rysa, Mae, Mouse
Date of Birth:
35.06.2557 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider, Jungle Wing
None as of Yet

Your Reflection...

Appearance: When she is drilling, she often keeps her hair tied back in a braid to keep it out of her face, but outside of that, she enjoys letting it loose, feeling the wind blowing through it. She does have a small scar where Thread had caught her off guard for only a moment. It is on her right shoulder, though usually she forgets that it is there. She dresses simply, and can seem invisible at times as she focuses more on observing than participating in group gatherings.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Being Searched, Impressing, and feeling rushed through her Weyrling training so they could fight Thread had been a little terrifying. She had understood the necessity, but it did not take much for Thread to take out many dragonpairs that she had known, including her own father when she was very small, and her mother after she finally was able to join a Wing. It was very sad to have lost so many people and homes, but she hopes that she can play her part in bringing some of their population back. There are some fears right now if that will be possible though since she lost 3 pregnancies during the Pass as they went between during Threadfall. Has she ruined her system with so many miscarriages and can’t have any more children? This would be one of the few things that may make her really upset with her own lot in life.

Response to dragon color mutations: The new dragons make Rysa nervous. She won’t say she hates them, since they really haven’t done anything wrong yet, but the fact that they just happened to show up after the worst Pass ever recorded does not seem to bode well. The tension of the Weyr due to the new colors also seems to point to trouble due to their existence. She does believe they would be better off without them. The fact that an arrogant Black who is bonded to a boy is with their Queen does not sit well with her either.

Who are you...

Likes: List of 3-5 likes here
~Sewing – When she was growing up in the crčche, this was what she learned to do to help out as she got older. Children are always tearing their clothes, so she started out just fixing garments. Now she does that with her free time since there is no Threadfall as a way to relax.
~Children – As one who lost a few pregnancies during the threadfall, she is praying she is not done with having them. She had enjoyed her life in the crčche for the most part, and had spent many of her chore times helping out. They are their future, and she does believe that – as a multiple generation Rider – she should continue producing to try and help repopulate the Riders and help them rise back to their original glory.
~The Beach – She is saddened by the fact that there are those horrible beach snakes to ruin its beauty, but it doesn’t stop her from enjoying watching the crashing waves – especially during the sunsets or rises. It’s one of the few things that is constant while the Weyr seems to always be changing.
~Wing Activities – Any good team knows how to work together in unison and strengthen each other. When she was at Fort Weyr, she had been a part of an amazing Wing, and so far, she has felt Jungle has a similar feel as her older Wing. May have to do with the fact that she has the same Wing Leader to help lead their practices. She also thinks it is really cool to see a group of dragons and riders move together as though they were one being.

~Spinners – They have WAY too many legs. What could they possibly need so many for? Not to mention their poisons and where you find one you almost always find a herd… pack?..,gaggle?... too many should cover it.
~Large Crowds – As a quieter person, the noise and commotion that can come from a large crowd can throw her off balance. There is a beauty to even organized chaos, but there is none of that in a crowd.
~Wasteful Anger – Or too much of any emotion really. After growing up with Thread and needing to be ready at a moment’s notice and the constant loss and stress they had to endure, she learned to put her emotions on a shelf to deal with later, or just ignore all together. These newer Riders who missed the majority of the Pass are naďve and their selfishness (from her mind) can drive her crazy.
~Holders – Ungrateful people who consistently diss Riders, but then expect them to protect them and help them at their beck and call – Not okay people!

Strengths: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Patient : Growing up in the crčche, she had to learn about dealing with all kinds of kids. She has been tugged on, pooped on, peed on, scratched and pummeled by wailing fists and can take that step back and wait out the tantrum before continuing with whatever needed to be done.

* Reliable : With her strong passion for being one of the best Riders to live up to her parent’s image, Rysa has always made sure she follows through with anything she says she can or will do.

* Calm : There is not much that can rile this greenie up. The Thread made sure of that as they were given very little food/sleep between bouts of attacks. With her green being a little more excitable, Rysa found herself having to keep them both calm as they worked with the formation to destroy the Thread as it was falling the best they could.

* Listener : As a fairly quiet person herself, Rysa has listened to a wide variety of tall tales, drama, and secrets. Thanks to her smaller stature and young appearance, most do not see her as a threat, which makes it seem easier to open up around her.

* Hardworking : They had a rough start when Yumiath was born. With her extra wing length, she could barely control them so they were behind in their class. During that time, Maerysa worked on her personal training as well so she would be prepared for the actual flying that she was sure to come. Once Yumiath grew into her wings and had enough control to take them both to the air, they worked during most of their free time to catch up and become better than their classmates. It also taught them how important hard work and dedication were so they continue some of their practices even now.

Weaknesses: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Trusting : She was brought up to believe that Riders were fairly infallible. With that kind of mindset, she tries to always give them the benefit of the doubt when they tell her stories. Granted, if they were foolish enough to allow a Mutant to Impress them, she is not so inclined as their judgment is clearly compromised.

* Pushover : Maerysa wants to try and please or help anyone she meets. She has even been known to help those she was not a fan of, like holders, out of a sense of duty. Unfortunately, it does give someone a chance to take advantage of her if they should want to try.

* Children : They are the life blood of the Weyr in this green’s opinion. Without Children, there is no future. She also believes these children should have respect though, so don’t be surprised if she tends to “mother” children she runs into, whether they are hers or not.

* In the Box : There is a reason she prefers others to lead. She tends to do what she knows, so isn’t too creative when it comes to needing to figure out a new way to handle a situation. She pulls from her turns of experience these days in order to try and help her team be successful. Her “in the box” thinking is always part of why she is not sure about these new dragon colors.

* Quiet : Many do not really know her because she is not one who really tends to share a lot about herself. She spends more time listening then speaking, but unfortunately, people can mistake her quiet for being too timid to pipe up.

Describe Yourself:

* Loyal: ----- Once Maerysa has made a commitment to someone, she does keep it. She shows this as she follows her Wingleader to their new home and continues to stay with him in the newly formed Wings, even though he is not officially Wingleader right away.

* Submissive: ----- She knows her place as a Green Rider. Whether it is following orders to complete a task, or letting her lover take control in the bedroom. She enjoys letting someone else have the control since she keeps herself in such a tight line most of the time.

* Articulate: ----- Rysa is not one to talk much – so when she does talk, listen to what she has to say since she usually means it. There are a few that she has known long enough to give the occasional tease, but usually her verbal communication is just what she means.

* Brave: ----- Yumiath and her have never failed to follow the orders on their Leader. They will go on any number of dangerous mission. Yumiath – as an adventure seeker – gets a huge thrill which is contagious for her Rider. The adrenaline pumping for the pair keeps any fears at bay.

* Fair: ----- As an active listener… maybe a bit of a spy at times… Maerysa hears a lot of the dirty little secrets that are around the Weyr. She tries to decipher as much truth as she can before making a call of what to do that is in the majority’s best interest. She doesn’t always have the time to put in that much research, and in those instances, she tries to go with what her gut says is the most fair choice (though she does have her biases).

The Magic Touch:Since she is not one to do a lot of talking, everything can be read in her body language once someone gets to know her. If she is irritated, you will find her pushing her hair behind one of her ears. When she is tired and trying to hide it, she will rub her index finger in circles on her thumb nail to try and keep her awake and focused. She has a few more idiosyncrasies, but you’ll have to play with her to find out.


Mother:Picalla Green Rider, 2543. Impressed Green Jolieth 2559. Deceased 2582
Father:G’zan Brown Rider, 2538. Impressed Brown Bulmieth 2554. Deceased 2570

Maglia, 2559, Sister – Healer Apprentice
Jenon, 2560, Brother – Impressed Blue Flirath 2575 Deceased 2582
Homalai, 2564 Sister – Impressed Green Maureeth
Genkia, 2568 Sister – Weaver Apprentice

Kimaek, 2577 son
Jezaleen, 2580 daughter with M'kale
Narorea, 2583 daughter

Tell us a story...

* 2559, 2 Maerysa is placed in the crčche as her mother is Searched and then Impresses. This is where she learns all about how important the Dragon Riders are.

*2563,6 Wanting to be brave and strong like her parents (her mother did try and visit at least once per sevenday as she grew up), Rysa started trying to help with some of the younger kids.

*2565, 8 The headwoman who cared for the crčche started teaching her how to sew so Rysa could start helping with mending the laundry since they had to use the resources the best they could.

* 2569, 12 Maerysa is Searched. Most proud day as she wished to follow in both of her parent’s footprints.

*2570, 13 G’zan is hit with Thread as he and his dragon attempted to push another pair out of the way. He falls from Brown Bulmieth from the combination of pushing the other pair and being hit by the Thread himself. Thread had hit him on the face and neck and killed him before Bulmieth could even catch him in the air. The Brown blinked between with a farewell keen.

* 2571, 14 Maerysa Impresses Green Yumiath. Training is started and is crazy as Threadfall is consistent and they are in desperate need of more Riders.

* 2576, 19 During one of their battles with Thread, Yumiath is unable to get away from all of it in time and both dragon and Rider are scored on their right side.

*2577, 20 Her first child was born from a Flight. It thrilled her though she knew that with the current Rider demands, he would have to be raised by the crčche. She at least knew he was in good hands since that was where she was raised.

* 2578, 21 After going between during a fight with Thread, Maerysa has severe cramps that reveal she lost a child she hadn’t been aware she was carrying yet.

*2580, 23 Maerysa’s second child, a daughter, is born by one of the newer bronze riders M'kale. It made her feel a little bit better after the loss of her last child, though nothing can fully take the place of the loss.

*2582, 25 During a particularly bad attack, all Wings were out flying to fight the Thread. Her brother and mother were in the same wing as her, though they were in a different pattern. Their pattern was destroyed by the Thread – no survivors. The shock hits the Green pair and they falter some within their own pattern, nearly costing their own group a dragonpair.

2583, 26 Rysa’s second daughter is born. After the loss of her mother and brother, she saw this new child as a blessing. Things could be okay soon, maybe?

* 2585, 28 Rysa has a miscarriage during one of the fights with Thread. She had even avoided going between once she knew she was pregnant, but the stresses she was putting on her body didn’t allow the pregnancy to last.

*2586, 29 Another miscarriage. This time it was the child of her Wingleader R’sin, which was even more devastating to her since he would have had very strong genes to pass down for her children.Things had even started slowing down with the Threadfall, so why did this loss happen? Rysa is worried about being able to reproduce in the future.

*2587, 30 Maerysa joins some of the first waves of Riders to move to the new Weyr. She follows her previous Wingleader R’sin to joining Jungle Wing along with a few other Wingmates who had survived the Pass.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.

The green pair landed at their Weyr, bodies exhausted and strained from the recent battle. //It is starting to feel as though this will never end. Not to mention our resources are becoming  more and more restricted since we can’t grow anything and our herd beasts are being destroyed.// Maerysa barely finished removing her shirt and britches before flopping ungracefully on her bedfurs and looking up at the ceiling.

We must have faith. Faranth would not forget us and our plight. We are strong enough, we will make it through this. Though, for her comforting words, her normally light, airy voice was edged with her exhaustion. As one of the smaller dragons, she had to work extra hard to keep up with her Wingmates sometimes. She didn’t normally mind, as their training did help her endurance a bit, but when they were flying non-stop like they had been these days to help avoiding going between for the baby, it was clearly taking its toll.

//I am sorry, Yumiath. You are right. We shall try to keep things positive.// Just as she finished thinking that she was really going to try, she felt her abdomen cramp up. It came and went fairly quickly, so she tried not to panic. She took deep, steady breaths to try and relax her body. Another wave of cramping rippled through her abdomen. Her arms wrapped around her torso as she sat up on the edge of her bed. Not yet! came her mental scream. But she remembered these cramps too well. It was not something a mother forgot, especially after having a miscarriage just the year before. //It’s too soon!// she thought worriedly to her dragon.

Come here and we shall get you to the Healers. Maybe they have something to help. Rysa pushed off the bed and stumbled her way over to the ledge through another contraction where her green awaited, pressed to the ground in order to make it as easy as possible to climb on. Rysa climbed on best she could and wrapped herself around the green’s neck, grateful for her smaller size so her legs reached a little better around Yumi’s neck at least.

The green did her best to move carefully and not shake her rider too much as she glided across the ground towards the Healer Hall. She let out a cry when she reached it to get the attention of the Healers inside. Two of the two leggers ran out and assisted Rysa off her neck. The Rider shuffled, hunched over, to one of the beds within the Hall with the assistance of the two Healer apprentices. Another Healer came over shortly after they got her laying on the bed, just barely propped up. Rysa didn’t recognize her, but the woman moved with enough confidence, that she didn’t worry about her credentials. They removed her undergarments that she had left on when she collapsed on her bed and through a sheet over her legs before the woman began checking her cervix. 

“She is too far along. This baby is coming,” the woman said. Rysa looked at her in shock. “It can’t be! It is way too soon! It has only been 5 months!” The nurse looked at her pityingly and shook her head. “We don’t have a choice here. Nothing we give you will stop the process now. You are too far along.” Rysa screamed and cried as she was told she was clear to push….

After what felt like a full turn, the pain and pressure began to fade. The baby had come out stillborn. For all of her efforts to keep the baby safe while maintaining her job, she had lost him. A new son would never have the chance to Impress and ride as she did or his father. She took a deep breath to try and gain some semblance of control over herself again. It didn’t stop the steady stream of tears though, that now soaked her pillow. Even her dragon, who normally seemed to be so filled with words, was speechless. All she could do was let out a soft keen in their loss and lay outside the Hall, letting her presence be felt.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Kayden, Zelryon
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: Maerysa [35.06.2557 || Rider of Green Yumiath]
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2015, 08:07:17 AM »

[*img]Paste your image URL here. 500 is suggested for the max width, but the box will scroll if necessary.[/*img]

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Gold Meirleth
Clutch Father:
Bronze Indulth
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 20 meters
Mature Height: 4 meters
Mature Wingspan: 33.2 meters

General Appearance...

For a green egg, some would have said even the colors there were loud. It was almost a fluorescent green color with a faint darker green dusting. As a dragonet, she was a rather lightly hued green. Her color darkened over the years. Her wings were once so large compared to her body, the early solo flying days were a major challenge. She grew into her wings around the time most dragons were starting to fly with their riders, which made the green pair feel as though they were behind in their training and had to work that much harder. She also has a matching scar of her Rider on the right side of her neck, just above her wing’s base. She was very lucky it hadn’t hit her wing. After the last decade, she has started to show more forest green spots along her topside and wings, distinguishing her age.


Mind Voice: She has a light, airy voice. It could be compared to the jiggling of bells.

Likes: List of 2-3 likes here
Flights – She can be quite the flirt, and the attention during a Flight is fantastic. She enjoys watching the males chase her and finding out who the winner may be.
Adventures – Never one who is very good at sitting still, she has convinced Maerysa to go on quite a few side trips that don’t always end the best… though she would disagree!

Dislikes: List of 2-3 dislikes here
Mutant Dragons – They shouldn’t exist, and so she will often just pretend they don’t, not acknowledge their existence, unless Maerysa makes her out of respect for some silly rank.
Two-leggers who are trying to move away. It is hard enough for them to protect everyone in one location, and they want to spread their Wings even thinner? Those, in her opinion, are stupid creatures.

Strengths: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Outgoing : Rysa’s quiet nature drives the Green crazy at times. Yumiath loves to meet other dragons and people alike (so long as they are not Holders or mutants of course!).

* Agility : Thanks to her small size, the nature of their missions, and the rigorous Drilling they do, she has become quite adept at spinning, diving, flipping and other aerial maneuvers to keep herself and her rider safe.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Speed : Since she tends to be on the smaller side of the greens, her wings don’t pump as much air as the larger ones to help her catch up. She has to use her agility if it is a need to escape something faster.

* Reckless : Yumiath doesn’t always think everything through before she wants to dive in and be involved or help. It has gotten them in trouble a time or two, like the time that Maerysa was scored by the Thread.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #53C94B; Text: #0A4D09

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flight Dates: (Not Force Catch)
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: Maerysa [35.06.2557 || Rider of Green Yumiath]
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2015, 03:56:18 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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Re: Maerysa [35.06.2557 || Rider of Green Yumiath]
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2015, 05:54:28 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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