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Author Topic: Approved Daysepona [ 25.06.2572 ] Weyrfolk  (Read 3205 times)

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Daysepona [ 25.06.2572 ] Weyrfolk
« on: May 19, 2015, 09:01:11 AM »

Play By:
Victoria Justice

First Name:
Daysa, for those she's intimate with.
Date of Birth:
25.06.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
M'kale as of 15.1.2590

Your Reflection...

Daysepona is a weyrfolk woman shaped by a rough Pass. She has calloused hands, wiry muscle from unending work, and frequently ties her hair back so it's out of the way. She's short, a simple 5'2" so you won't see her reaching anything high up in the store room but she's still a sturdy girl and strong - not to be underestimated. She prefers simple gowns of brown or earth tones.

If asked, Daysepona will say her finest feature is her smile, which lights up her face, or her hair. When it's not pulled back while she's working, she has a fall of dark brown hair that reaches midback. She tries to take care of herself, and remain clean and presentable, but the life of a busy weyrfolk can make that difficult. She's not particularly curvy, though she's a bit of a handful in her chest and full hips from the several children she's had.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Daysepona was born to a drudge and lived in the squalor of the Hold. She struggled with every other drudge for food and water, to live, and work. So it was shit. That was her life until the Weyr, which seemed a huge blessing and change of pace.

Response to dragon color mutations:She's rather ignorant to the politics of the new dragons. She's just as enthralled with the beasts as she is with all the other dragons. They're amazing, and if she could impress one of them, she'd be just as happy with them as any other. Anything to escape being just an weyrfolk, anything to escape being invisible.

Who are you...

Likes: Music; because it's not often a drudge/weyrfolk gets an opportunity to just sit and enjoy it. Not to mention, she grew up listening to Colvin play for her in secret. To Daysepona, music represents hope, freedom, secret wonders, and all that is and has been just out of reach for her.

Real beds/bedfurs; she grew up hunkered down in an alley in Fort. Getting to actually sleep in a bed, next to someone? That's bliss to her. It's the simple things, like that, which make her happy.

Uninterrupted bath; Daysepona just wants to get clean and to enjoy that moment. While growing up, a bath was nigh unheard of unless. So she'll often forgo sleep just so she can visit the bathing springs when it's nice, abandoned, and quiet. 

Having someone pay attention to her; not just off-handed attention, but the sort of all consuming, 'you're the center of their world' attention. It's happened to her a couple of times, and those riders are dead now, but she's treasured their memory. She's never really been made to feel special in her life and those that can make her feel that way draw her like a moth to flame.

Gifts; Because they're rare, and wonderful, and unexpected. Who would dream to give a lowly weyrfolk a gift? Be it a song, a trinket, a flower, it doesn't matter. To Daysepona, the thought truly does count. That someone would go out of their way for her is mind boggling and wonderful.

Cruelty; Be it to her or another. She's been a drudge, she's live that life and experienced that first hand. Now that she's in with the 'weyrfolk' crowd, she doesn't feel like she has to tolerate it, and will not.

Being invisible; She's been this way for almost her entire life. Moving to the weyr was an eye opener but still she feels like, sometimes, no one sees her. That she's quite literally invisible because she doesn't have a dragon, because she's not a crafter, because she's not a key player. She wants to be heard, to be important, even if it's only to someone.

Colvin's Dalliances; She could no more ask the rain not to be wet, the tide not to come in, or the sun not to set. Some things are the way they are, and she loves him for who he is no matter what. But there is a quiet place that aches every time she hears about his latest conquest. The little girl she used to be had fantasized that, maybe, they could've been together and "lived happily ever after" like all those stories she'd heard. But she's a realist, and understands and accepts that's not the case, and loves him for who he is.

Pessimists; If you're alive, then you've nothing to complain about. Life is hard, but it's meant to be that way so that those moments that it's beautiful, you can truly appreciate it for all that it's worth.

Tradition; Because that kept her from being a Crafter. Because her parents couldn't or wouldn't vouch for her, because they wouldn't accept her on her own merits, her own determination, she was refused an education and was destined for drudgery. She wanted more for her life and was denied it because of other people. She wanted to be able to choose  for herself.

* HARD WORKER : Work has defined Daysa's life for as long as she can remember. It's an accepted fact of life. While she did not enjoy her time as a drudge, she's embraced her term as a weyrfolk. She actually enjoys life at the weyr and is more than eager to pull her weight out in the weyrbowl to help the crops in whatever way she might.

* SNEAKY : She's spent her entire life creeping in places she shouldn't be, snatching food to feed herself, and ensuring her own survival when no one else would or could. She can get places that she probably shouldn't be and is incredibly quiet. She knows how to be a prop in the background - that's what a drudge is meant to be, after all. While a weyrfolk now, it's still a skill she's rather good at. Being inconspicuous and quiet.

* SWEET : She genuinely cares about people. Everyone. Nasty, young, old, man, or woman. It's all about caring about life itself. While she does not approve of rude behavior, and she's finding her voice to speak up for herself, she'll share her food if she thinks someone is starving, she'll help someone injured complete tasks without asking, she'll sing babies to sleep that are not her own, and help out with chores without needing to be asked. Daysa empathizes greatly with those around her.

* DETERMINED : Once she has decided something, there is not a thing on Pern that will sway her. She loves with her entire being and dedicates her life to making things better for those around her. She is, in essence, a good person determined to see good done to those around her. Regardless of the personal hardship or work involved. She will go out of her way for those she loves whether or not they are a good person, whether or not the "deserve it", because she is determined to care for them in whatever way she can. Daysa is not a woman swayed by words or how 'hard' something might be. She will see it done.

* SELF SUFFICENT: Ever since she was able, she's been taking care of herself. The life of a drudge was not kind. It was either fend for herself, or starve. Learn to clean herself or risk illness. Find food or starve. If she needs something, Daysa will find a way to obtain it. On the rare times she needs to spoil herself, she's been known to steal, though it is few and far between. One such occasion was when she was denied entrance to the crafthalls - she stole a dress she'd cleaned. But only for a little while. She cleaned it after she'd worn it and returned it to the owner.

* SOCIALLY AWKWARD : Only within the last two turns, since the move to Southern Winds, has she been able to really be social. This means she's actually quite terrible at it. She doesn't understand most social cues. She spends a lot of her time working, sleeping, or… watching people. She doesn't know how to interact with them, what to say, or if it's even ok to just walk up and say hello. She's frequently nervous or anxious around people she doesn't know and, in extreme circumstances, will abruptly end conversations by simply walking away.

* UNEDUCATED : She cannot read or write, at all. She was never schooled by a harper. She doesn't even know basic history or has even seen a map. So she has no idea where anything is located or what any of the politics are that people talk about. This further makes conversation embarrassing and awkward for her.

* NAĎVE : She wouldn't know whether or not someone was lying to her. She doesn't understand the intricacies of those social mannerisms and can easily be taken advantage of.

* DEFENSELESS: With no training, no education, and being a short girl, she has absolutely no way to defend herself, both in witty conversation or physically. She's often outmaneuvered in socially and left nervous and anxious, where she's more apt to retreat than try and engage in any manner of confrontation.

* IGNORANT: To the ways of the weyr. She has a very vague understanding that colors are important, but she's spent the jist of the last two turns with her head down, working, so she's likely to accidentally insult anyone that places a huge importance on hierarchy or expects her to just… know things. Because she just doesn't. 

Describe Yourself:

* FULL OF HOPE: This girl was born with it. No matter what comes her way, there's always something better. Always something to look forward to. If she's alive, Daysa tries to find the brighter side of life, something to hope for, to look forward to. After all, life can't get any worse than what she's been through unless she's dead. Then she doesn't really have anything to worry about.

* ROMANTIC: She grew up on harper stories of romance from a certain Harper and they stuck with her. Though she doesn't really think that they could possibly be true, she desperately wants them to be. That someone might love her, that they would take her away from a rough life and care for her, and that things would be 'happily ever after'. That her babies would grow up with a father and she could be a real mother to them rather than the absentee one because of the work she must do. Ideally, the Holder's way of life. That she could be a 'stay at home' mom with a husband who pledged themselves only to her.

* INNOCENT: Despite everything that she's been through, Daysa has maintained an innocence about her. A naďve and romantic, unshakable core that is bolstered by her ignorance about the world around her. It certainly helps that she holds onto these innocent ideals as something to aspire to, secretly, though she'd never mention them aloud for fear that someone would come along and shatter this carefully protected innocence.

* LONER: For all that she cares about people, for all that she wants to do good, Daysa is alone. Her social awkwardness and impossible to fulfill romantic notions keep people rather far from her. She has, as of yet, no real friends outside of Colvin… and since he's become a Candidate and busy with his own life, she spends much of her own working and observing those around her, often too afraid to engage other people in conversation. The couple of Riders who entered her life in the past have died, leaving a quiet void behind.

* ADRIFT: She has hopeful plans for the future, but no way to achieve them. She can no more force a dragon to search her than she could stop Thread from falling. So she's pretty much just… hoping… for something that could never happen with no real plan for her own future besides the romanticized future she won't tell anyone about.

The Magic Touch: She chews on her lip when she's thinking or when she's nervous.


Mother: Mattullena.  b. 2537. Drudge, died 2586.

Father: Dayren. b. 2546. Drudge, died 2587. 

Siblings: She has a handful of siblings that she was never involved with, or kept in touch with.

Yathe. B. 2585. Died 2586.
Arciliden. B. 23.10.2587.
Lhunus  B. 15.1.2589


Tell us a story...

* 0-2578, 0-6 Daysepona is born to desperate drudges who don't really have anything in common with one another. She's taken care of until she's old enough to be pawned off for work to trade for food - little chores like laundry or basic cleaning. She shadows her mother like a little helper, getting scraps of food as tips for the little bit of help she's doing. She's not allowed to do work on her own until she's 5, when her Mother no longer has anything more to do with her.

* 2579, 7 A dirty little drudge child, Daysa isn't expected to do anything but clean. In one such bout of chores, a "worldly" boy older than her encourages the little girl to play with him instead. Daysa gives in and has a wonderful time - it's the first time she's invited to play by anyone. Though she's scolded for it later, she's eager and willing to get in trouble for Colvin again.

* 2581, 9 Daysa is beyond excited when Colvin is taken into the Harper Hall. She adores music more than she has the vocabulary to express. She want to hear about all the new, exciting things that he's learning and uses all the excuses she can to be the drudge to care for his and his family's rooms. This often means she's under the heavy hand of his father, but she bears his father's orders and overbearing nature eagerly if it means she can sneak into Colvin's rooms at night so he can share things with her.

* 2584, 12 Daysa wants, desperately, to join a craft hall. But with no one of note to speak out for her, no Craft hall takes her out. In fact, it's pretty much determined that she's needed as a drudge to do labor to keep the Hold running. She's passed over by consideration since she's had no manner of education - she has nothing to offer any craft hall. So she's sent back to drudge work. While it isn't expressly stated, it's heavily implied that this is her lot in life by other, older drudges, the Holders… So she goes back to her cleaning but farming is added to her chores now that she's an 'adult'. An older drudge recommends she gets herself a child so she doesn't have to work "under Thread". Terrified to do just that, her hopes of a crafthall shredded, she finds herself coming onto Colvin during one of the nights she's snuck into see him.

* 2585, 13 Daysa becomes pregnant after sleeping with her dear friend Colvin for the first time. She's surprised, actually, and she's unsure what to do about the pregnancy, but she has no choice but to carry it to term. Being a drudge means she has to work through her pregnancy and she tries very hard to take extra care of herself during this time - which is a damn near impossible task. Those that she works for are unhappy about her situation, she's pulled from her farming chores, but the lack of real nutrition, and she's always exhausted and frequently ill. She eventually gives birth to a small, premature baby boy she names Yathe.

* 2586, 14 Yathe doesn't make it to be a turn old. He dies early in 2586 of an illness and she's heartbroken. She doesn't know what to do and older drudges, in a surprising callous display, tell Daysa to grow up, get well, then find herself another child. She's hesitant to have sex again but invariably finds herself succumbing to Colvin for comfort. Daysa's mother dies later that same turn, but Daysa's already distanced herself from the cold woman.

* 2587, 15 The Pass Ends and Daysa never thought it'd really happen. She's thrilled. Renewed with a huge sense of hope. She's thrilled to help people move, encouraged by the end of Thread. She's shocked when Colvin is Searched however and this empowers her to shake off the drudge lifestyle. She blends in with the weyrfolk, who seem a stronger sort of people, who embrace her and seem more about taking care of each other than the drudges. She seeks to work hard and hopes she might get searched too, that she might have some other purpose to her life beyond what it's had thus far. The riders are amazing to her and she fully embraces the Rider's attentions. She actually finds them quite fascinating and thrilling. A Blue Rider takes a keen interest in her and topples her into bed. She becomes pregnant from the attentions and she's actually, really happy because he seems interested in her growing belly. The sweet Blue Rider A'cil dies in one of the first confrontations with the Hunters, however. The baby is born healthy, however, since the weyrfolk aren't about to let her go without food or care, and Daysa gives birth to a healthy boy she names after the Rider Arciliden. Her father dies before the Pass ends, but she's unaware, never having kept in touch.

* 2588-2589, 16-17 Daysa has flourished since shaking off her Drudge lifestyle and settling into being a weyrfolk. She prefers to work in the weyrbowl, outside, along with the farmers and help out in whatever manner she can. She still hopes to be selected as a Candidate and watches the dragons around the weyr wing longing. She's always there for Colvin, of course, but the Riders are fascinating. She's especially susceptible to sweet Riders who are rather attentive to her. Another sweet Brown Rider sweeps her off her feet during a Flight, which she finds a heady rush and she's happy to find he wants to see her more than just that. L'hun seems to actually court her for a time but he too falls to the island the beach snakes in the jungle while foraging for medicinal herbs. She's pregnant from their time together and gives birth to a baby boy at the beginning of 2589 she calls Lhunus in his memory.

Life was rough. She’d grown up knowing that. But Daysepona had still held on to some hope that, invariably, she would be able to go into a crafthall. That she would be able to contribute to something greater than cleaning. Than scrubbing floors, beating spinners out of flat linens, fixing torn clothes… Dreams of maybe being a healer, or a harper even?! Daysepona would’ve even taken to one of the dwindling crafts that other drudges whispered about. The farmers struggling to maintain their dying records, who taught the finer art of growing and caring for plants rather than the back breaking work of toiling in fields that could be overrun with Thread.

She was terrified of that particular future. Being assigned to the dusty fields with dwindling crops and scraggly beasts beneath constant Threadfall.
Today she’d been doomed to that. No parent to vouch for her. Her demure mother, bleak and broken, didn’t care to find voice for Daysepona. Her father didn’t even any merits to have pull… She had no base education to offer them. They’d have to teach her life she were a 5 turn old. She’d missed out on so much… Daysepona hadn’t realized, all the time she was but a little girl scrubbing pots and dirty clothes, that she should’ve been learning from a Harper. Working on the foundation for the rest of her life.  Now that she couldn’t read, couldn’t do basic math, no crafthall wanted her. In fact, the Holder she’d been working for earlier had told her, in no uncertain terms, that she was better served cleaning and that he’d see to it she started work on the fields soon.

This was her life.

Daysepona crept down the hall long after the Holder family was asleep. She knew their schedule as though it were her own by now. She’d been serving this family for… her entire life. Or as much of her life she could remember. Daysepona had scrubbed herself clean and changed into a dress she’d stolen from the laundry. There was a partial sense of entitlement she felt to the clean cloth. She had cleaned it. She could wear it, if only for a little while. Just to make herself feel a little better. Daysepona would clean it again before delivering it to the real owner. Creeping down this hall was a common thing for her too… She didn’t like sleeping alone and, hopefully, Colvin would be in his bed.

Daysepona pushed his door open, carefully and quietly, before shutting his door. She pattered across his room, barefoot, before simply climbing into his bed. As familiar as breathing, Daysepona wiggled beneath the covers until she was pressed against him. She needed to be near him tonight more than any other night. If the rest of her life was going to be drudgery, at least she’d still have him.

Member Info...

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She's adorable.

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Re: Daysepona [ 25.06.2572 ] Weyrfolk
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2015, 12:12:35 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Daysepona [ 25.06.2572 ] Weyrfolk
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2015, 10:46:53 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth: 
19.01.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth: 
Southern Winds Weyr.

General Appearance...

Moss is a tiny green, delicate at first appearance though she's quite a sturdy flit. She's got splotches of color along her head, neck, and tops of her wings that replicate along her tail. The rest of her runs a more traditional green along her body and jist of her wings. 


Mind Voice: Moss is a very flighty green and reacts heavily to Daysa's emotions, often battering the girl by mirroring Daysa's mental state.

Music: She likes songs almost as much as Daysa and can easily be swayed by such things.

Attention: She likes to be doted on and spoiled.

Rough handling : Though she is not as delicate as first appearance or as her size might suggest, she will chirp, squeal, and cry like she's being broken if someone so much as lays a rough hand on her. She wants to be handled with care. This also means that if someone is holding her carefully but they have ill thoughts or are angry while doing so, she'll cry and act as though she's being hurt because she doesn't want to be around someone like that.

Daysa's Busy Schedule: She believes that the woman's time should be spent taking care of her. Not taking care of other people. Or things. Or doing stuff that isn't around her.

Member Info...

Anything Else: 
Moss hatches from the egg Colvin gets her. :3

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

How it sounds. :3
Date of Birth: 
19.01.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth: 
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

He's a big bronze, and will grow to be as big as any bronze flit in the weyr. A massive little beast with a fierce protective temper. He bonded hard and fast to Daysa. He's long, and beautifully proportioned, with a fine metallic sheen to his handsome brown cast to his bronze hide. All in all, Guard is a handsome little monster.


Mind Voice: Guard impresses his desires on her strongly, without fear, and will often show her exactly what he wants with clear, precise mental pictures.

Territory: He likes to stake claims to things. Daysa, Moss, food, whatever. He will claim it, defend it, fight over it. Even as a baby flit, Guard is always trying to prove his size, strength, and prowess.

Quiet: He doesn't like Daysa or Moss around other people, as this usually makes him puff up and get all protective. So he really enjoys it when it's quiet, when they're alone. When he can relax and he doesn't feel like he has to be on guard all the time.

Male flits : Hates them. Since he's a big territorial brat, he will puff up and insist they leave the immediate area or he will try to fight them away. He's not worried about dragons though he will snap at male riders that wander too close to his Daysa ( cept M'kale and Colvin ) since they are both near and dear to his bonded.  He especially hates male flits that try to get near Moss.

Children: Because they don't understand the concept of "get off my tail" and "that's not your wing to play with".

Member Info...

Anything Else: 
Hatched from the egg M'kale got her. ^_^

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


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