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Author Topic: Approved Seng [ 02.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]  (Read 2736 times)

Offline SirAlahn

Seng [ 02.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« on: May 19, 2015, 01:43:43 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Seng, Nengka
Date of Birth:
02.07.2566 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Southern Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wingrider in Prairie Wing
Currently none

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Seng has always been tall and lanky, towering over most of the other Crechlings as they grew up. They doesn't have much by way of a shape to their body -- narrow and without any curves, they was seen as a rather poor-figured girl by others who were not aware of their intersex status early in their life. They have always been leggy, and simply skinny rather than willowy like some. While they're still much taller than most other Pernese, they never bulked up like a dyadic male, nor developed curves as a dyadic woman. Like their dragon, the rider can be fast and strong but only in short bursts. They scar and bruise easily, but heal fast. Seng has sharp angles on their body around their bones -- hips, fingers, collarbone, ribs, and shoulder blades, in addition to narrow thighs. But they do have an androgynously pretty/handsome face and a dazzling smile with the fortune of good teeth. Seng prizes their long, dark hair, which has natural waves to it and grows in thick and full. Their eyes are hazel, a blend of tawny copper and agate green.

Seng typically dresses in non-descript clothing like loose shirts and trim pants. They default to trousers because they're better for dragon riding, but Seng has one nice, albeit plain, cotton dress that they wear on special occasions when they are feeling particularly feminine.

Officially, Seng's honorific is S'eng. However, they use the apostrophe simply because it's easier than explaining the lack of it to others who aren't familiar with the fact they're intersex. Forrikenth has referred to them as Seng since he first hatched, and doesn't make much distinction as to how it's spelled. Seng goes by Nengka only to their adoptive mother and -- maybe someday -- they'll let their weyrmate use that diminutive as well.

Seng is used to being called pretty much every pronoun under Rukbat. Raised initially as a girl, the first portion of their life belonged almost exclusively to feminine pronouns. As they grew older, however, and began to come to terms with their identity, Seng began to purposefully dress and act more androgynously since it felt in keeping with their perception of themselves. As such, nowadays, most others will likely call them 'he' since they appears (most of the time) more toward the masculine side of androgyny. That being said, Seng doesn't care if they're called by feminine pronouns either. They prefer gender-neutral ones, (they/them/their), but since in Pernese that's a plural pronoun, they don't really make that preference known save to close friends. Between Seng and their adoptive mother Essora, they simply go by Nengka.

Suffice to say, Seng has ambiguous genitalia. They're not ashamed of or uncomfortable in their body, but can be somewhat skin shy around people they aren't close to because revealing the lower half of their body often prompts rude questions, intentional or not. Lacking breast tissue, Seng's torso appears typically masculine, albeit narrow, and they aren't afraid to wander around without a shirt when it's hot.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Seng lost their parents when they were very young, and were not particularly close with them to begin with. For another Crechling, this might have spared them some of the grief and heartache that went hand in hand with the Pass. Not so with Seng. Essora lost her weyrmate, and though Seng didn't know the man personally and has only heard stories, his capacity for empathy meant that he shared in her grief along with her. Being surrounded by so much unhappiness had a distinct effect on him as he grew up, turning the young child into a deeply empathetic person who will put himself out of his own comfort zone to soothe someone in need of comfort, even if he doesn't know them personally. He's deeply dedicated to doing his part for the weyr, and trying to make sure that as few people as possible have to experience more grief than they already have.

Response to dragon color mutations: Considering his own history, Seng doesn't have a particularly bad opinion of the new colors of dragon. He feels for them, knowing what others in the weyr say about them and how difficult it can be to have something... different. Even so, he usually keeps his mouth shut when other riders are discussing them, since he doesn't see it as his place to express an opinion about it one way or the other. Privately, however, Seng doesn't especially like S'bok, and it has nothing to do with the color of his dragon. Rather, he thinks someone so young shouldn't have been entrusted with the title of Weyrleader. Far better that someone with more experience steward for him until he was truly old enough to claim the title responsibly. Seng thinks that someone with the good of the weyr truly in mind would have relinquished the rank to another with experience in command.

Who are you...

Likes: Traditional courtship : This is not to say that Seng is a traditionalist -- he holds no bigoted or close-minded opinions toward relationships and sex. Whatever works is great! But he's in love with the idea of being in love, and having someone go through the process of courting him. Romance is one of his favorite things, and he'll get animated and excited when talking about someone else's relationship. He's just shy about finding one of his own.
Deep cavern sections of the weyr : Seng has never suffered from claustrophobia. Though they're no longer living in the Fort caverns that he grew up in, the ones at Southern Winds are just as comforting. They are home to him:  comfortable, warm, secure. If he's upset about something, odds are he'll retreat to Essora's small living cavern to lie low for a while.
Birdsong : A recent addition, since it's not something he'd ever known back at Fort since the Northern continent is essentially dead. But moving to Southern Winds opened up a whole new experience of living in a place where things grew and sang in the morning or called out eerily at night. Though Seng knows the jungle is dangerous, he can't help but think of it as beautiful if only because it's a sign of life on Pern. Were he to ever get a flit for some reason, he'd probably try to teach it to imitate those sounds.
Having their hair touched : Since Seng has always been proud of his hair, it became a bonding point for him and Essora. Many turns of her brushing and braiding it have left it with a comforting effect on him, and he's not above retreating to her small living space for such a thing even now when something has him upset.
His Wing : Seng actually wants to stay in Prairie Wing. He enjoys seeing the recently-graduated weyrlings figure out what they want their role to be in the weyr, and he enjoys the company of the wingmates who do decide to stay. He knows that the Wing isn't just full of "failures", and people insulting Prairie is one of the few things that will just roll off his back. The people who matter -- like Z'tai and K'rez -- know it's not true. And who cares what everyone else says?

Dislikes: Fog : It's downright creepy in Seng's opinion, and can potentially make going Between more difficult since it obscures landmarks. He also dislikes it because it makes it easier for the Snakes and Hunters to move about unseen.
Breaking Rank : Seng will never be one to question the judgment of riders that rank more highly than him. But though he typically keeps to his own business, seeing a Blue or a Green challenge someone of a higher rank makes him distinctly uncomfortable. He'd be critical of such a person even if he might never say it out loud. After all, they Impressed the color they did for a reason. In that sense, he harbors some mildly colorist attitudes -- not that the lesser colors are any less capable, but simply that they aren't meant to be the leaders of the Weyr.
Classists : Though he is a tad colorist about dragon riders, Seng is very much not a classist. Raised in the accepting and supportive atmosphere of fellow weyrfolk, he never developed the mentality many have that certain members of society are more valuable or capable than others. It upsets him when anyone -- whether dragonriders or Holders -- think they're above someone else. The only thing that separates them from the drudges and others of the weyr are their dragons, or the virtue of their birth.
Shallowness : The type of people who are fickle, shallow, and petty drive Seng up a wall. Because he's naturally sensitive and thoughtful, those who cause or participate in petty dramas are the kind that he typically avoids. He simply doesn't have the emotional energy to ride that roller coaster with someone.
Confrontation : Seng is much more likely to simply suffer in silence than confront someone about how they're upsetting him. If it gets too severe, he'll do what he can to distance himself from them without actually having to fight it out. People who are constantly arguing or bickering intimidate him, and any lover who tried to do such a thing would lose Seng pretty quickly.


* RESPECTFUL : Above all else, Seng practices a healthy adherence to the rules of the weyr. They know very well where their place in the hierarchy is, so in all things they endeavor to be humble and soft-spoken. Nevertheless, Seng isn't a shrinking violet. But they won't be one to complain about something to a superior. They'd be very uncomfortable being asked to criticize anyone or hearing others complain about a ranked rider or said rider's decisions. Seng is very gracious in that they're polite, well-mannered, and courteous to everyone.

* SELF-SUFFICIENT : Seng is perfectly capable of tending to his own responsibilities and needs, and his private nature tends to mean that he doesn't mind doing things by himself. He'll self-motivate to complete or take on tasks he feels are his responsibility or appropriate for him to do, so in that regard he's a good person to be riding a lowly ranked dragon. He's not deliberately distant from people, but knows it's better for the weyr if he just does his job and doesn't need anyone holding his hand the whole time. Not much of one for being social when there's work to be done. The chit-chat can come later.

* THOUGHTFUL : They might not always tell people what they're thinking (and typically don't), but they always have something on their mind and remember small details that others might dismiss as trivial or simply forget. Being very observant, they pick up and retain a lot of information, and slowly mull it over until it becomes just part of their innate knowledge base. They'll often have worked most of their way through a problem before anyone bothers to ask them what they think.

* FORGIVING : Seng doesn't hold grudges, and is very free with his forgiveness. If someone is genuinely sincere, then it'll make him happy to receive an apology. And even if they aren't, he'll accept it because he'd prefer to just move on from it. But anyone he's close to will find he easily lets go of mistakes or broken promises, and though the more major ones will wound him deeply, Seng will try not to let it affect his perception of those people. Even if there's some amount of conflict between himself and another person, and that other person makes no attempt to mend it, Seng will eventually forgive them because he thinks it's a waste of energy holding onto that kind of negativity.

* GENUINE : They don't say things they don't mean, with the rare exception of trying to downplay their emotions. Seng might be uncomfortable to be asked their opinion, but they won't shy away from saying what they really think, even though it will likely be accompanied simultaneously with an apology or a "yes, sir" or whatever else is appropriate given the situation. They genuinely care about people, and though it takes them a while to get close to others, they aren't one to hide behind a mask.


* HOPELESS ROMANTIC : A lot of Seng's daydreams dwell on the possibility of falling in love, having a weyrmate, having children... He's afraid it's never going to happen, and it doesn't help him any that he's very shy about romantic relationship. Seng has no problem with sex that happens during Flight Lust, and neither is he a prude -- but he doesn't seek it out much beyond that. He's afraid of judgment should a bed partner discover the reality of his body and be aware enough to remember it. Above all, Seng fears having his heart broken. He develops attachments easily, and will turn into a blushing and self-conscious mess if he ends up with feelings for someone. But he would likely not admit them unless under particularly unique circumstances, so in that sense he sabotages himself.

* HESITANT : They're a very cautious individual, conscientious about most things and reluctant to voice opinions that could give offense. S'eng isn't a coward, but they don't want to cause trouble or inconvenience for anyone, even people they don't like. As a result, they're reluctant to push for what they want, stand up for themselves, or take a leap like confessing their feelings to someone, since Seng feels like there's always a possibility that they will make the other person uncomfortable. After all, they have a difficult time admitting strong emotions to other people. It really just seems like it would be best avoided.

* PREDICTABLE : Part of the reason for this hesitation is because Seng likes patterns and routines. To do anything that threatens that structure seems like a bad idea to him, so he will never be one to rock the boat or the first to embrace a new way of doing things. That's not to say that he is bad at adapting once he's accepted that he needs to or the newer way is the best way; however, he's unlikely to try out new methods on his own. It will take the advice of someone he trusts or a direct order from a superior to make him stray from the norm.

* SENSITIVE : Seng is not emotionally immature, nor unstable enough to get upset over every petty thing that doesn't go their way. But they're the kind of person that will cry at a wedding or weep out of happiness because they feel everything, even joy, very deeply. They get a bit overwhelmed by their emotions at times, though Seng doesn't pointlessly languish in negative emotions or dwell on any unhappiness with the air of melodrama. The biggest drawback to this sensitivity is that they are more likely to make decisions based on emotion than logic.

* DAYDREAMER : The flipside of Seng's thoughtfulness is that he gets lost in his own mind very easily. Any idle moments for him are usually spent staring off into space as he thinks about something, regardless of whether that might be what could happen the next day or the next turn. One of his favorite subjects is dreaming of having the kind of romance with someone that the Harpers sing ballads about. If he develops feelings for someone, it's safe to say that most of S'eng's daydreams will be about that person.

Describe Yourself:

* GENTLE: They're not someone given to aloofness or cruelty. Seng wants to believe the best of other people, and has a very strong parental instinct for anyone who seems to need guidance or a shoulder to lean on. Even if they can't offer advice, they'll always be willing to listen to the concerns of other people. Seng is soft-spoken, kind, and gentle in both personality in bearing. They'd never lift their hand in violence nor be deliberately cruel.

* UNAMBITIOUS: Seng is completely content with his lot in life, and has no desire to be anything more. He doesn't see being in Prairie as a punishment like so many do -- nor does he think of himself as a bad dragon rider. He knows he's not, and the opinions of the other Wings don't matter to him. S'eng is glad he doesn't have to take on the responsibility of command, and is proud to be a Blue rider. He likes where it puts him in the hierarchy of the weyr, and being in Prairie lets him help encourage the new generations of riders.

* SUBMISSIVE: He's not the sort to demand anything from anyone. Seng's personality naturally lends itself to being the one taking the orders, and he sees his Impression to Forrikenth as a confirmation of that fact. Not that he's interested in it anyway! Seng is somewhat passive, and prefers to have others take the lead. This might potentially get him in trouble if someone tries to press him into doing something reckless. He's also more likely to be the pursued rather than the pursuer in relationships, and his submission comes into play in the bedroom too. He likes to be dominated by someone firm but gentle.

* TIDY: Along with his adherence to rules and patterns, Seng keeps his belongings and space well-kept. He doesn't like it when things aren't in their proper place. He's not nosy enough to tidy up other people's things unless they ask him to, but he does enjoy chores and tasks that involve some kind of organization. He'd not be bored doing repetitive or even mundane tasks, since he likes seeing the results of his effort at the end.

* SILENT STRENGTH: Seng is a dragon rider, after all. He wouldn't have Impressed if he didn't have the mental and emotional strength to deal with all that entails. While he might not have the physical strength of some bulkier riders, he doesn't let himself lag behind either. He can toss bags of firestone with the rest of them, and Seng is no coward. He isn't in Prairie because of a lack of skill, simply a lack of ambition.

The Magic Touch: S'eng is pansexual and panromantic, but favors men a little more than women. His daydreams about romance usually involve someone sweeping him off his feet -- literally. Someone taller and stronger than him practically makes him melt.


Biological Mother: Nariningka, rider of Urnauth. B. 2545. / I. 2558. / D. 2570.
Biological Father: S'ett, rider of Shyoth. B. 2537. / I. 2552. / D. 2570.
Adoptive Mother: Essora, weyrfolk/creche worker. B. 2543. [ Adoptable! ]

Siblings: Settang. Older brother. Apprentice Farmer. B. 2561. [ Adoptable! ]
Nettanya. Younger sister. Apprentice Herder. B. 2569.

S'ett had other children prior to becoming Nariningka's weyrmate, but never bothered to keep track of them. Seng doesn't even know they exist, and wouldn't have the first clue he's related to them if they ever met.

As weyrfolk, Essora never married. Though she'd been weyrmated to a dragon rider and been pregnant with his child, she lost both of them the same turn. She's casually been with others since then (usually during Flights when the riders are so inclined), but has always had someone take her Between if she suspects she's pregnant. She does this because with the state of how many orphans there are in the Creche, she doesn't want to bring more children into the world when they're already having trouble feeding the ones they have.

Children: Because Seng is intersex, they are unable to physically have children. Their ambiguous genitalia never developed fully one way or the other, leaving them both barren and infertile. While it's not something they talk about very often, and might only admit to a long-term weyrmate, Seng feels jilted that they cannot have children of their own. Maybe, someday, if encouraged by their weyrmate, they might follow in their adoptive mother's footsteps and adopt a child from the Creche.

Tell us a story...

* 2566, 0 Sennengka is born to the weyrmated pair Nariningka and S'ett. Though both had children previously to becoming weyrmates, neither had kept track of them in the chaos of the 9th Pass. Prior to Sennengka, they had a son, Settang. They're surprised to find that their second child is intersex, and the Healers tending to Nariningka advise them to raise the child as a particular gender in order to avoid having them ostracized by their peers. Somewhat reluctantly, they decide to raise Sennengka as a girl.  The stresses of the Pass mean that they place Sennengka in the Creche like Settang, though they visit both as often as they can.

* 2567, 1 The Southern Continent falls when Sennengka is barely a turn old. Originally stationed at Southern Weyr, S'ett and Nariningka move to Fort Weyr with their family. Now crammed into the overpopulated Creche, Sennengka is more or less lost among the other young children who must be tended by the Creche workers. His parents are able to visit less and less often, and Settang doesn't really express an interest in sticking around an infant.

* 2568, 2 A Creche worker named Essora miscarries her unborn child a few scant months after she lost her dragonrider weyrmate. She's largely been entrusted with Sennengka since the move to Fort, mostly on account of her weyrmate's friendship with Sennengka's parents. Since they're able to visit less and less, the three of them agree that Essora will adopt Sennengka to prevent the child from suffering because of their intersex state by being left to the anonymity of the Creche.

* 2569, 3 A turn later, S'ett and Nariningka have a little girl they name Nettanya. Sennengka is sort of aware of her, but since she's raised as a Crechling he doesn't really remember her well. She's more a name and a vague concept, though Settang does take a bit more interest now that he's somewhat older. The two of them end up having a much closer relationship than Sennengka has with either.

* 2570, 4 S'ett and then Nariningka are both lost to Thread this turn, a few months apart. Sennengka grieves for them in their own way, but since they visited so rarely he's not nearly as affected as Settang is. Essora makes sure that he doesn't forget his parents and understands the sacrifice they made to keep the weyr safe. She checks in on Settang and Nettanya as often as she can, but her particular duties in the Creche often keep her too busy.

* 2571, 5 In 2571, Tillek Hold and High Reaches Weyr are abandoned. This causes the last great influx of children into the Creche, which is scarcely big enough to handle the numbers of children, both orphaned and unable to be raised by their dragonriding parents. Just as Sennengka really becomes old enough to understand she has siblings, they're lost to her among the press of people. Instead, she settles into the rhythms of living with Essora and playing with the children in the Creche. Though she's aware that Essora isn't her biological mother, she loves her all the same and grows up thinking of her as her parent.

* 2575, 9 As Sennengka ages, she begins to grow uncomfortable with the restrictive feeling of being confined to only one gender. Essora has never tried to conceal from her that she's unique -- but never framed that fact in a light that would make Sennengka feel ashamed. It's after long talks with her adoptive mother that Sennengka finally admits that she thinks of herself as both male and female and simultaneously something in between. Essora had always called her Nengka as a pet name, so the two of them agree to use that and minimize pronoun use. Publicly, Nengka begins to dress and present more androgynously. Those who do not already know them begin to increasingly mistake them for one gender or the other, and Sennengka learns to be more comfortable with who they are. Since they are weyrfolk, this is largely taken in stride:  which contributes to Nengka's comfort with themselves.

* 2578, 12 A few scant turns later, Nengka is Searched out of the Creche on one of the Search Riders' regular sweeps through the newly matured crechelings. This comes as a complete surprise to him, as he'd always thought he would end up working as a weyrfolk like his mother. Perhaps even learning to care for children in the Creche as she did. But to Essora, this Search comes as no surprise; after all, Nengka came from a family of riders. Any worry that he might have had about his mother's reaction is quickly dispelled when she tells him that to become a rider would be a very high honor that respected his parents' memories as well. Of course, Essora doesn't want to lose her baby to Thread, but she understands that everyone in the weyr is at risk every day. And if Nengka's role is to help fight Thread, then she can no more stop that than make the sun rise from a different direction. Excited but also sad to be moving out of Essora's cavern, Nengka moves into the Candidate barracks and begins training.

* 2579, 13 The fact that Nengka hasn't had any sexual encounters yet prevents them from standing for most of their first two turns as a Candidate. They've been nervous up until this point to engage in sexual activity because they aren't sure how a potential partner will respond to the fact that they're intersex. After growing more comfortable with their classmates, however, they finally make the decision to overcome that final barrier to their Impression. A Gold Flight presents the perfect opportunity a short while later, and Nengka ends up in bed with another, more experienced Candidate that has already been vouched for. The experience overall is not quite what Nengka had expected. It's an awkward fumble that seems to be over as soon as it starts, though at least the effects of the Flight Lust mean that their partner didn't seem to notice the discrepancies of their body. Either way, Nengka is underwhelmed and still shy, confidence diminished a bit which makes them further withdrawn.

* 2580, 14 It takes him another turn to mature enough to Impress. The previous months of Standing to no avail had not worn on Sennengka as much as they might have, since he knows he's still young and it often takes younger Candidates a while before they end up with a dragon. Even so, he's impatient and eager for a dragon of his own. Puberty is a rocky time at best, and even more confusing for Seng -- which leads him to believe that passing much of it during weyrlinghood would be best for him. Either way, he's grown enough mentally that on the next clutch, a stocky and awkwardly-proportioned Blue claims him, calling him Seng and apparently completely unconcerned that he doesn't fit the standard definition of male or female. It's love at first sight, and Seng and Forrikenth become inseparable best friends.

* 2582, 16 The two turns of weyrlinghood are less difficult for Seng and Forrikenth than many of the other weyrlings since Seng isn't overly interested in sex. That's not to say that he's uncomfortable with such things; rather, he doesn't seem to have the same high sex drive that other adolescents do, which is perfectly fine by Seng. Instead, he focuses all of his energy on training with Forrikenth and becoming the best rider that he can be. He and Forrikenth make frequent visits to Essora's cavern while the Blue is still small enough to fit there, and regularly have meals together when he's not. Two turns later, Seng has filled out to much of his adult shape, pleased that he's kept his androgynous looks without being skewed too far in one direction or another. Weyrling graduation for he and Forrikenth is more about joining a fighting Wing than being able to have sex again.

* 2585, 19 This turn, Forrikenth wins his first Green Flight. Of course, he's risen for other Greens before, but his disproportionate body has prevented him from winning previously. (And he does not very often.) Seng has had other sexual experiences because of Flight Lust since their graduation, but they were hasty fumblings with partners that either didn't see or didn't comment on his disparate physiology. It's the first time that Seng has woken up next to someone after a Flight and directly had to address it with someone. It's an awkward situation all around, and Sennengka doesn't handle it very well. He ends up way too flustered to be articulate, and essentially throws on his clothes and excuses himself. After all, his sex drive is rather low so it doesn't seem to matter much if he abstains more often than not.

* 2587, 21 The end of the Pass comes as a surprise to everyone, including Seng and Forrikenth. They had never thought they would live to see the end of Thread, but are very glad to see it go. Even if it does mean that everyone has to pack up and leave Fort Weyr in order to survive. Seng actually falls in love with the island when they finally make their way their, loving the fact that there are animals in the jungle that make noise at night. It might be a dangerous place, but he's hard pressed to dislike it just because of that. All of Pern was dangerous once. They just traded one danger for another. The birth of Neisoth, however, does catch him somewhat off guard, but Seng is less opposed to the Black than many of the other riders.

* 2589, 23 However, his opinion on S'bok and Neisoth changes with the results of Kalestath's Flight. He fully believes that S'bok should have relinquished the position of Weyrleader to someone with more experience, regardless of which dragon had caught the senior Queen. Yet he keeps this opinion mostly to himself, not wanting to rock the boat or unintentionally offend the Weyrleadership. The hatching of more Blacks and Reds make him uncomfortable, but the new colors of dragon bother him less than having such a young and untested Weyrleader.

*2590, c.23 The start of the turn is a rocky one, leaving Seng worried about the future. Losing so many riders and weyrfolk has left the weyr in an even worse state, and the shortages of food have him hoping that the weyr's leaders will come up with some kind of more sustainable plan. That Neisoth wins Kalestath's Flight again makes him feel that perhaps S'bok isn't completely unfit for the role of Weyrleader; but he still defers most of his judgment until it's easier to tell if S'bok did so simply out of pride.


You ready for this?

//As ready as I’m going to be.// Seng tightened his grip on Forrikenth’s riding straps. Reminding himself that he’d checked them meticulously time and time again. He was strapped into them securely, fastened as tightly to his dragon as he could want for the kinds of aerial maneuvers they were about to be doing. Nearing the end of their weyrling training, they were now expected to demonstrate for the Weyrlingmaster.

It was part of their final comprehensive tests, and despite himself Seng felt nervous. What if the man found some fault with their ability and held them back for another turn? It wouldn’t be the end of the world, of course, but the disappointment would be keen and painful.

We’re going to do fine, his Blue reassured him, tilting his wings so that he could circle back over the Weyrbowl. It was a rare moment without Thread in the sky, but they could not linger long if they expected to complete the trial before it started again. Something that both of them wanted to avoid since their focus would be on responding to the Weyrlingmaster’s commands and demonstrating their agility in the air. Besides, Forrikenth continued, you’ve got me. I won’t let you fail. Or fall off.

Seng thumped his dragon with one knee, though the teasing chuckle from Forrikenth prompted a laugh of his own. //That wasn’t very nice,// he accused, but the Blue made no reply as the Weyrlingmaster signaled for them to begin.

The pit of his stomach fell away as Forrikenth swooped through the drill they had been practicing. Seng was no stranger to flight at this point, but having his dragon do a wide loop in the air that momentarily put him upside down was always something that made his body sing with adrenaline. He would have let out a whoop of joy if not for his breathlessness, hands almost achingly tight on the riding straps.

I told you, his companion teased before levelling out and doing another spiral that made Seng swallow his laughter. Now let’s show them how fast we can go.

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Anything Else:

I'd also kinda like him and Forrikenth to be Search Riders, since the dragonpair's capacity for empathy would probably make them fairly good at it.

And as a side note, most other riders would probably use male pronouns for him. He won't bother to correct them.

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Re: Seng [ 02.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2015, 01:43:57 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ FOUR-ih-kenth ]
Date of Birth:
2580 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 26.2 M
Mature Height: 4.86 M
Mature Wingspan: 50.16 M

General Appearance...

This Blue is... oddly proportioned, to say the least. Not very long for a dragon of his type, he's also fairly short in terms of height. Overall, Forrikenth is big boned -- stocky -- chunky -- naturally fluffy. He was a big dragonet with a lot of babyfat that he simply never grew out of. Some of his bulk has become muscle, but how would you even tell? He looks downright pudgy despite the lack of reliable food sources, since his body is simply built that way. However, he has an absolutely huge set of wings that he never grew into either. They're several meters wider than they should be, and refuse to fold smoothly along his side.

He's not regarded as a particularly pretty dragon -- not that this matters to his rider, of course. Some meaner riders or dragons in the weyr might give him the nickname "Watchwher", arguing that he looks like or even is one, an oversized egg that somehow ended up on the wrong Sands. His personality certainly corroborates that opinion, since he's as tunnel-visioned and stubborn as a wher.

Because of his stature, this Blue is built for burst power. His naturally thick body and strong muscles mean that his large wings aren't the disadvantage they were when he was a weyrling and constantly tripping over them or unable to keep himself aloft for very long. While he might not have the endurance of a larger or more proportionate dragon, Forrikenth does very well in aerial 'sprints' and using his strength in short, intense bursts.

Forrikenth's hide is steel blue in color, nearly more grey than blue. Along his spine and wingbones, a darker grayish hue gradually fades to a much lighter blue along his belly, almost like a smooth river stone. The underside of him is the brightest area on his body, since it becomes a very pale sky blue on the underside of his abdomen. The outer side of his wings are just as drab and subtly patterned as the rest of him, much the same color as the majority of his body. The undersides of his wingsails, on the other hand, are much more obviously blue:  like stonewashed denim. Their trailing edges are dusted with a dull navy.


Mind Voice: Forrikenth's voice is a brassy, deep baritone with rich and rumbling vibrations. He couldn't whisper to save his life, and any attempts to speak softly telepathically will likely just sound ridiculous. He's prone to outbursts of loud and raucous laughter. He really only has one volume setting, and that's turned up to 11. Forrikenth isn't yelling... he's just loud.

Likes: Putting things in his mouth : Forrikenth is a very tactile dragon, and since he lacks opposable thumbs, he experiences much of the world through his mouth. If it's something tasty, it's fair to say that he chewed on it while he was a weyrling -- and might even still. He grooms himself with his tongue fairly regularly, and licking or biting an unfamiliar material is often his way of testing to see what it is.
His size : Though others might tease him about his disproportionate body, Forrikenth likes his shape. It's never been something that he's self-conscious about. And the fact that it makes him unique is a further bonus. Burst power is where he shines, and he's distinguished himself as an accomplished aerial sprinter. If anyone were to call him "Watchwher" to his face, he'd gladly claim the nickname as his own.
Watchwhers : Partly because of the teasing and partly because of his size, Forrikenth feels a particular kinship with the watchwhers. Were Seng to ever befriend someone who has bonded to a weyr, Forrikenth would be very excited to try to become friends with that wher and spend time with them. Even though they might not be able to speak as dragons do, he finds their visual and emotional projections to be just as informative.

Dislikes: Silence : Since he's naturally talkative, Forrikenth dislikes silences. Awkward ones in particular. He'll ramble and try to draw others into a conversation if the quiet persists for too long. The only exception is when Seng is feeling withdrawn and wants some peace. Then he'll sit quietly with his rider and often nap so he doesn't have the impulse to talk when Seng isn't in the mood for it.
Rulebreakers : Forrikenth might be a Blue, but he's a more rule-bound one than most. Just as his rider dislikes it when Greens and Blues get uppity, Forrikenth will outright laugh at any dragon who tries to aim higher than their caste allows. It's just silly to waste the energy, in his opinion, since even if they were capable the Bronzes and Browns will be unlikely to ever allow such a thing. It's far better to have less responsibility and less stress, in his opinion.
Blowhards : By the same token, he likes useless leaders even less. Those who are truly capable and meant to lead do not need to constantly remind others of their achievements or immaturely demand respect. Even though he is a lower ranked color, respect is still something that must be earned. He will defer to any higher ranking dragon, but he will not respect them unless they have proven themselves to be a fair and thoughtful leader.


* GENEROUS : Forrikenth is generous in all things -- space, food, time, forgiveness, friendship. As hard as the Pass has been, being miserly would only make the current situation all the more difficult. Along with that, Forrikenth is a naturally friendly Blue who will give up whatever he has to help a friend, all without a second thought. He's not a covetous dragon, nor particularly territorial. What's his can also be yours, provided that you aren't an ass or just asking for handouts so you can be lazy.

* CONFIDENT : This Blue is completely secure in his color, his role, and his lack of proper proportions. There's virtually nothing that anyone could say to him that would shake this confidence. But rather than falling into the trap of arrogance, Forrikenth is also appropriately modest. He won't ever brag about the things he's done, and the occasional recognition of his Wingleader and 'Seconds are enough for him. He knows when he's done a good job or needs to improve his performance.


* PIG-HEADED : Unfortunately, Forrikenth's confidence in himself translates into stubbornness as well. Even-keeled and objective, his ability to analyze himself for his own weaknesses, and his trust of his own judgment, means that he can be hard to sway to another opinion once he thinks he knows which one is right. That's not to say that he's rigid and unable to adapt. Rather, Forrikenth has never been the sort to flip flop from one view to another. In that, he's rather static.

* BRASH : Forrikenth can be rather oblivious as to the boundaries of other people. He's pretty much always teasing someone about something, and he can unintentionally insult someone or take something too far and not realize it until someone directly tells him he's being an asshole. He's not good at subtlety or picking up on hints.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #41586A; Text: #92B2C1

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He's not particularly affected by Flight Lust, mostly because Sennengka isn't either. It won't be particularly difficult for him to deny the call if he ever wished.

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Re: Seng [ 02.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2015, 01:38:26 PM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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Re: Seng [ 02.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2016, 05:27:51 PM »

Image Credit:
Lineart link.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Like the bird.
Date of Birth:
20.01.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Sparrow is a mid-sized Green, not built or distinguished particularly remarkably. For the vibrancy and uniqueness that her body might lack, though, she makes up for in her charming personality. Much of her dusky emerald coloring is overlaid with darker forest hues, especially along her upper wings, head, and spine. The trailing edge of her wing membranes is a few shades lighter than her base coloring.


Mind Voice: Her voice is pleasant, both mentally and physically. Sparrow is a particularly good-natured and talkative flit, very rarely silent. She’s always chirping, trilling, purring, or some other variation – even to herself if no one else is listening. Noise seems to calm her, though sudden and cacophonous sounds can still startle her.

Likes: Bread : Despite the fact that flits are more meat eaters than anything else, Sparrow has a particular taste for bread of any sort. She enjoys the texture as well as the taste.
People talking to her : Since she’s naturally talkative herself, this Green enjoys it when she’s not just making sounds to herself and others actually respond to her. She’ll have a soft spot for other flits and even people who don’t get annoyed at her bothering them with a variety of noises.
Smooth pebbles : Especially ones in interesting colors. Suffice to say Seng is going to find them all over among his belongings since she’ll be hoarding them.

Dislikes: Things that require finesse : Sparrow is naturally clumsy, and she will quickly get frustrated with tasks she can’t complete or locations she can’t reach because of her clumsiness.
Mean people : If anyone is needlessly unpleasant to her or any other member of her little family, she won’t hesitate to hover near them and scold them loudly.
Big tunnelsnakes : Since she’s not a large flit, Sparrow is terrified of the creatures and will flee from them if she ever encounters them.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flit concept by Amethyst. <3
Original description was “Cheerful, Talkative, Clumsy”.

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Re: Seng [ 02.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« Reply #4 on: April 08, 2016, 05:28:13 PM »

Image Credit:
Lineart link.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Like the bird.
Date of Birth:
20.01.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Heron is a lithe and sinuous Bronze, more akin to a tunnelsnake in build than a proper firelizard. Even for his disparate build, he’s got a lanky strength and speed that might make up for his lack of brawn. His hide is a light bronze, almost like a rosy gold or dulled brass. While he doesn’t have much variance in his coloring, he does have subtle striping of a more orange bronze over his lighter wing membranes. The most notable of his features are the halo of lighter hide around his eyes and four vaguely crescent shape markings on his lower spine.


Mind Voice: Heron’s mindvoice is very firm – not arrogant or blustery, but steely even for its modest volume. He rarely touches the minds of those other than Seng, Sparrow, and Forrikenth, but when he does it’s a short and purposeful message.

Likes: Peace and quiet : His favorite moments are the relaxing, quiet ones when he can relax his guard and be content that his family is safe and cared for.
Caring for Sparrow : Her clumsiness and easily trusting nature make him even more overprotective of her than the rest of his little family. He’d willingly fight anyone or anything to protect Seng, Forrikenth, or Sparrow, but she holds a special place in his heart.
Cool weather : The heat and humidity is just too much for him. He vastly prefers the cooler seasons, especially when it’s a bit drier on the island. Odds are he’ll stick to the cooler areas of the weyr whenever possible, and he’ll be the last flit to be found sunbathing.

Dislikes: Loud noises : They irk him and hurt his delicate hearing. While he won’t throw a fit about it, this Bronze will vacate the area where things are too loud for his tastes.
Others getting in his family’s personal space : Heron has no qualms about making it clear that boundaries have been crossed – even if it’s just his own estimation of what his little family’s boundaries are. He dislikes others getting too close.
Mushrooms : He tried eating one once, and how much he hated it left a mark on him. If he recognizes them as part of Seng’s food, he might try to remove the offending items or try to prevent Seng from eating them in the belief they are harmful because of their taste.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flit concept by Amethyst. <3
Original description was “Overprotective, Quiet, Chivalrous”.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Seng [ 02.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2017, 01:04:41 AM »

Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

[Also often shortened to 'Sky' or 'Courser']
As written
Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

As much as Heron is lithe, this bronze is brawny. He’s all muscle and strength. A dark bronze, lightly patterned with tinges of the tell tale bronze sheen on the edge of his wings. On the larger side of the bronzes, this man will stop his growth at 1.75m.


Mind Voice: His voice is loud and abrasive, not being concerned about cutting in and talking over others, he feels like he deserves to be heard. An all rounder, he will communicate with words, images and emotions, although his native firelizard language would be his most commonly used speech habits.

*TALKING - He likes the sound of his own voice, and he thinks that everyone else should as well.
*GOLDS – But only when he wins, when they think they’re too good for him, he’ll get mightly huffy and upset, but if he wins, he strut about pretending like there was no other possibility.
*HIS FAMILY – Not that Seng or Sparrow need any more protectors, but this bronze is mightily proud of the little family they have created and won’t let anyone put that in jeopardy.

*DISRESPECT – To his family or to himself, he’s arrogant enough to believe that many things are a form of disrespect. He’s quiet easily offended.
*EASILY OFFENDED PEOPLE - He's a hypocrite, whilst he can get offended about every little thing, if someone else does, he’s thinks they’re absolutely ridiculous.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

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