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Author Topic: Approved Droissa, 12.10.2575, Blue Weyrling  (Read 4376 times)

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Droissa, 12.10.2575, Blue Weyrling
« on: February 23, 2015, 06:16:59 PM »

Play By:
Celeste Buckingham

First Name:
Date of Birth:
12.10.2575 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Job Before Search:
Largely Dro assisted with the weyrbrats in the creche, under the watchful eye of her elder sister. However, children have never been her forte and often she'd skirt those duties to help out in the kitchens. Whenever she had any free time it would be spent with her mother, who gave Dro lessons on everything she could remember of Dolphineering. It was her mother's hope that one day, when Pern stabilized and the weyr was again thriving, her lost craft might be reignited with her child at the forefront.
Color Preference:
Dro does not feel any sort of preference when it comes to color. She knows they each serve their own purpose and in the absence of any color the weyr would suffer. There is a draw, however, to blue dragons if only because that is the first dragon she's known and that their hide is reminiscent of the ocean she loves so dearly. The child is possibly too humble to realize that her soul, terribly calm and ever unwavering, has more in common with the blue dragon than any other.

She is less knowledgeable about the new morphs, the blacks and the reds. A red might do very well under her guidance, although the job of a scout is one thing that does frighten her. Still, the challenge of both the drake and the jungle might be the perfect combination to make her into a fine and confident dragonrider.
Future Rider Name:
No change.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Her skin is just barely sun-kissed and her hair kept wild. Often she's too occupied with work to think much of personal appearances. Smudges of flour or dirt or other things mar her cheeks and her hands are forever covered in some mess. Her clothing is therefore very easy to wash and loose fitting, nothing fancy, and tends to look more like rags than proper attire. She does keep one or two outfits, probably at her mother's will, that are reserved for special occasions but they've yet to see the light of day.

Dro is a short girl, just under five feet in height and may gain another inch or two before she's completely stunted. Her arms are well defined though, probably from long evenings kneading bread dough or carrying around unhappy infants. Often she looks pensive and smiles are rare, but there is a kindness to her person nonetheless.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: It was a fortunate thing, Dro's birth. She never got to see the destruction of her mother's birthplace, nor the deaths of her many siblings. Her father never got to meet her, either, but her mother always told her she gained his reserve. For Dro, moving to Fort Island was a new adventure and she appreciated how it seemed to give life to her family that had suffered far harder than she'd ever know.

Of course, with the population spread so thin there was little time for anything but work. For a relatively young girl, she does feel a bit robbed of her childhood. Often she tested the patience of her sister and brother when it came to her responsibilities. Dro would rather spend time down at the cove than wash dirtied laundry, or sneak sweet rolls out of the kitchen than slave over the pits getting hot and sweaty.

However she's matured, at least some, since first arriving.

Response to dragon color mutations: Pern's history is something that Droissa holds near her heart. Knowledge of their world is priceless, especially now that it is so changed. Her mother made sure to raise her last child with great respect for the Pern she knew. Therein, Dro knows that dragons are the soul of their planet and when it is in great need, the dragons adapt. The blacks and reds are merely dragonkin adjusting to the dangers of this new home.

As to her opinion of the young weyrleader, she doesn't feel she can judge him just yet. He is largely untried as no great catastrophes have happened yet. If anything, Dro is inspired by him. Someone so young able to lead an entire population is obviously going to be admired by an impressionable child.

Who are you...

Dro heard tales of the ocean growing up, but stuck within Fort Weyr she never got to glimpse it until the relocation. Now Dro spends as much time as she's able on the beaches, though she doesn't go far with the threat of beach snakes.

Dolphins are something she's never been able to see with her own eyes. But she knows they're out there, and she hopes they'll find the humans they'd learned to trust. Often she'll scour the ocean's horizon with the intent of seeing some far-off pod dancing in the waves.

But back to dry land, there's not a whole lot that holds her affections. Baking is one escape, and her favorite pastry, sweet rolls, will one day be her undoing. Dro finds comfort in the repetition of kneading massive rolls of dough. The quiet murmur and crackle of the cooking fires is far more welcoming than the screaming children in the creche.

And she'd be nowhere without her family. Despite their nagging, their lectures, their constant reminders that she should be grateful for the life she has, at the end of the day her love for them is ever stronger.

Droissa is, in some form, a bit prude. She especially dislikes kissing. It is too private, too intimate of an act for her to do superfluously. Perhaps it's some form of rebellion against her brother's various lovers, or maybe it's in tribute to her mother's lack of them following her husband's death. In any case, affection is something she does try to avoid.

All her life she has been surrounded by a hurried need to do something. Being still is not her forte. Even when she's taking a break she has to have some task to complete, be it collecting seashells or organizing anything she can get her hands on. Because of this, Dro detests her need for sleep. She's developed circles under her eyes as of late, but you'll never catch her yawning or slowing down- at least not yet.

Dro hates things in excess. The too loud, the too whiny, the ones that try too hard and, perhaps even more, those who try too little. She thinks everything in life has its own unique balance and hers in particular is very easily thrown off when outside forces are in chaos. She's become more of a loner because of this particular quirk.

Her greatest fear rests with the jungles of their new island home. Though she has never been close to them, it is the darkness and the unknown that pull and claw at her edge of thought. Dro has a great respect for those dragonriders who delve into the thick foliage to weed out potential threats, but it's something she can never see herself doing.

Driven : For Dro, there is no time like the present to get something done. She willingly sacrifices her own time and energy to make sure a project is done thoroughly and correct.
Honest : In a world full of telepathic, empathetic beasts, Dro has no desire to attempt to lie when it might immediately backfire. She is very open and forthright in her intentions and opinions.
Curious : There is much of Pern that Dro wistfully would love to explore and to know. Her mother's tales gave her an insatiable appetite for knowledge
Studious : With books so far and few in between, Dro's made a point to read as many as she's able. Sadly, the records keepers haven't been so keen to allow a fumbling girl access to some of the more valuable pieces.
Humble : Dro will never put herself above others. End of story.

Rivalrous : While it is true she's humble, when she truly cares about an activity (say, perhaps baking the most delicious sweet roll), she will tirelessly compete until she is satisfied that her product is the best that she can produce.
Blunt : And, of course, with honesty there comes her very frank outlook on life. You ask her a question? Be prepared for the brutal truth.
Distant : It's more of a survival tactic, really. Certainly Dro is kind and generally polite and almost always correct in her behavior, but it comes without any true warmth or feeling. She is unwilling to attach herself to something emotionally and struggles with friendships because of it.
Humorless : She's also terribly bad at understanding jokes. Sarcasm is lost on her, and often met with a very confused or upset Dro.
Impatient : When made to wait she can become very unpleasant to be around very quickly. It's probably a good thing she doesn't have high hopes for herself Impressing, or she might end up killing someone.

Describe Yourself:

* Poised: ----- You'll nearly always find her cool and collected. Dro detests feeling out of sorts and thus learned to embrace the calm.

* Prudent: ----- Dro keeps one eye trained to her future at all times. With Pern still churning and her fate unclear, she's always trying to work toward a better tomorrow.

* Realistic: ----- She doesn't invest too much time or effort or emotion into anything that is looking like a lost cause. It may be borderline pessimistic, but she's okay with it.

* Killjoy: ----- You know that firelizard clutch you just stumbled across and took? You probably ruined the mother's day. Dro looks at situations from all angles and does not glaze over the less fun points, and she'll let you know about them, too.

* Solitary: ----- Her friends are few. Those she trusts implicitly number only three: her living relations. She is fine with the quiet and with the loneliness, she knows that it isn't a permanent situation. Dro is simply more choosy about who she spends time with.

The Magic Touch: Despite all of her efforts to exclude strange persons, the one thing that she admires most (and the secret to her kinship) is persistence. Persistence kept the Pernese alive against all odds.
And she also has a faint snore, almost feline-like in sound.


 Aleera: Dolphineer, presently Creche worker, 2540.
Indrois: Dolphineer, 2535. died 2574
Indra, 2555. Creche worker.
Alina, 2557. died 2567
Dalis, 2560. died 2567
Androis, 2564. Kitchens worker.
Odlas, 2567. died 2574
 Presently none.

Tell us a story...

* 2567 Dolphineers Aleera and Indrois have just met their fifth child when word comes that the south is too depleted to hold any longer against the Thread. They were among the few that realized this time would come, but the majority of the Hold residents were in a deluded panic. Evacuations to Fort Hold and Weyr by dragonback begin, but the chaos of the situation led to many lives lost. Two of Aleera's children, aged ten and eleven, as well as the inexperienced dragon and rider transporting them, are lost to Between.

* 2574 Indrois is escorting his sick and youngest daughter, Odlas, to the Weyr to see if they have supplies that are lacking in the hold's healer quarters when disaster strikes. The Threadfall, normally controlled heavily this close to the human settlements, was particularly vicious and a violent shower of the spore claims the life of father and daughter. Aleera is at a loss and petitions to have the remains of her family moved into the Weyr to do whatever work is available to them. It is precious months later when Aleera learns she is pregnant with Indrois's last child.

* 2575, 0 Droissa is born. It is a bittersweet event, and her mother is heartbroken to realize the eyes of her last child mirror her dead father's.

* 2575-79, 0-4 Dro's mother is successful in moving to the Weyr. With her breasts still heavy with milk, she's quickly made into a wetnurse for the creche. The child finds comfort in the crowded nursery and doesn't yet begin to stray from Aleera's side. She develops into a healthy child.

* 2580, 5 Aleera begins teaching her young daughter all she knows of the ocean in hopes they might prevent the extinction of dolphineering. It is difficult, given the mountain location, but the sandy floors of the Weyr's many caves prove to be a good drawing canvas. Droissa is visibly fascinated with the ideas and spends much of her free time babbling about dolphins to her peers.

* 2582, 7 Two turns have passed. Dro's patience for babies begins to wane as the population continues to rise. She is prone to outbursts when the toddlers tug on her clothing for attention. At the advise of the workers, including her mother and sister, Dro begins spending time in the kitchens under her brother's supervision. She meets a boy named Yerol shortly after.

* 2583-85, 8-10 Yerol and Droissa are close friends, albeit they have little time together. The creche, ever busy, needs her more than the kitchens and only spares her when tempers are too high. When she's able to retreat to the kitchens, Yerol becomes her shoulder to lean on and ear to complain to. He's a few turns older but seems to tolerate her much like a brother would. Androis appears bothered by their relationship, but he is happy his young sister has a friend finally.

* 2586, 11 To celebrate Dro's 11th Turn, and perhaps the end to her stay in the creche if Searched, Yerol plans a surprise. He prepared a picnic of filched goods and a few of his own cooked creations. Topped off with klah (lukewarm from the journey) and a basketful of glows, he escorts her through the lesser used tunnels and weyrs until they are sufficiently lost. After a brief meal he announces that she's been a tease for far too long. He forces himself onto her. Later, after he's departed and left her, Androis finds Dro. A fortnight barely passes when the drudge that was Yerol goes missing.

* 2586-early 87, 11 Following the incident with Yerol, Droissa seems to shrink in person. But this is a brief time period, for the new Turn brings wonderful news as Threadfall stops and Fort Island is discovered. Her spirits are renewed and she greets each passing day with vigorous purpose. Androis, Aleera, Dro and her older sister, Indra settle into the new Weyr with the same responsibilities as before. She does not qualify for the first Search, being not quite twelve.

* 2587-early 89, 12-13 Increasingly Dro spends her free time down in the Weyr's cove. Mindful of snakes, she never goes far. She's become a bright and friendly girl, but most that try to befriend her find a brick wall. Baking gives her less joy than before and she's insufferable most days in the creche. Dro feels a pang of guilt about this, but nothing is remedied regardless.

* 2589, 14 The seemingly inevitable happens and Dro is "searched". While she was expecting it to happen, she's still not entirely sure how to feel about it. But watching her agemates swept away, by either dragon or crafthall, she knew her time would come.

It had been an easy day in the creche. The weather proved ideal to bring the children out into the open for some playtime and the sunshine quickly ate  all of their energy. With naps underway, Dro slipped off for a bit of a break before evening meals had to be made and served.

Her fifteenth Turn was looming, and she'd been brooding over her future. A week ago one of the younger girls had announced that she had been Searched. That announcement had had a ripple effect, and soon those of the appropriate age were trying to make a point to "bump" into the Searchriders. Out of respect for her mother and sister, Dro chastised the younger weyrfolk. The crechework was just as important as dragonriding.

Yet she felt only envy as she watched the Searched girl gather her meager belongings. Dro wanted to know how she felt, for the Searched girl certainly looked elated. As soon as she was able, Droissa departed for the cove in the hopes that it would improve her day.

The good weather was not just for the children, though. Dragonriders were out in full force, their bondeds flexing wings and playfully challenging each other, sun bathing or soaking in the shallows. The girl did her best to ignore them but it was near impossible. She resolved to go further down the coast. It wasn't much quieter but at least she didn't have to fear being trampled or squashed.

She got a good thirty minutes of alone time before the ground began to tremble with the approach of a dragon. The sun afforded her no mercy as it glared down into her eyes, blinding her vision and slowing her retreat. Dro stood unsteadily. Sand clung to her hands and her britches and she knew the mashed remains of a pie had claimed a large spot on her tunic. Nonetheless, she did her best to gather herself for the rider that was grinning at her from atop his Blue.

"I've seen you here before," he stated. His voice was light and warm and carried the casual swagger of a more attractive man. Were Dro not able to see his many scars and his weather hardened face, she might have mistook him for her brother. The rider continued, unaware of her scrutiny. "I've also seen you watching the dragons. Why aren't you a candidate? Why not help the Weyr instead of working on your tan?"

Admittedly, she wasn't expecting this sudden interrogation. And, admittedly, she missed the playful tone of his questions. Dro scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest. She wasn't sure whether to look at him or his dragon and so fixed her gaze on a spot just beyond them. "I help out with the kitchens and the children." She did not quite hide the bitterness in her response. She scrambled to sound like less of a brat. "And, that aside, I've never been Searched."

He laughed at her then. She wilted. His dragon shifted his stance and the rider straightened himself back up. "Well perhaps you've just been very good at avoiding Searchriders, then." He fell silent to measure her response and again his Blue readjusted. "Mine would like to offer that, had we run into you before, we would have gladly swept you up."

Something stirred in Dro's gut. It was comparable to the movement of grubs in freshly turned earth, or perhaps the joyful stampede of runners as they frolicked on the first good day of the season. She loosened her arms and they dropped to her sides, though now her fists clenched and unfurled to the beat of her racing heart. Her only response was a muttered, "Oh," before the rider beckoned her forward.

"Come," he said, "let us give you more purpose to your life."

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Were she to Impress a red, Adoptable of course. Anything else and she can used for whatever plots of plagues that might happen, or she can simply fade away.
Anything Else:
I'm hopeful that Dro could be used one day to get dolphineering active once more. Old Pern used dolphins alongside healer halls; their echolocation can sense tumors or broken bones and even fetuses where human technology fails. As well, I think they'd be a pretty prime defense against beach snakes to help keep the fishermen safe where dragons cannot be spared. 

&&"Understand that Candidates will not Impress on their first IC clutch, and may not on their second. If you make a candidate, it is to play a candidate. You will, of course, eventually impress."

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Re: Droissa, 12.10.2575, Blue Weyrling
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2015, 06:40:59 PM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

The SWW Staff Team
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Re: Droissa, 12.10.2575, Blue Weyrling
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2015, 09:25:55 AM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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Re: Droissa, 12.10.2575, Blue Weyrling
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2017, 06:24:27 PM »

Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

like the word.
Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

He is a strange colour, a combination of an orange-bronze undertone, with green-bronze dots on his wings and snaking down his head and the back of his next. Not many would call him attractive due to his colouring, but his figure is undeniably handsome. Well muscled and lithe, he will grow proportionately and large, topping out at 1.8m when he is fully grown.


Mind Voice: His mind voice is deep and gravelly, quite concise, he prefers not to beat around the bush but instead just answer what he has been asked. Emotions, pictures and spoken words will all work for him, and he’ll prefer spoken words, unless the message can be carried out more efficiently another way.

*DROISSA: His one and only, he won’t chase Golds if he feels like it would distress her in any way, and it would be positively easy for him to ignore the call of a green.
*WORK: This firelizard enjoys having something to do, whether it be the simple task of “look that way and tell me if anyone comes” or something more difficult. He’s intelligent, and won’t hesitate to work hard to make Droissa proud.

*INSULTS: He’s a proud creature, and won’t hesitate to shun anyone that he deems not worthy in his eyes.
*OVER SHARERS: Talkative firelizards, talkative people and all who expect him to listen to them? And respond back? They need to get over themselves and let him go back to his work.
*MOST THINGS: If it isn’t related to Droissa, or work which Droissa has asked him to do, he’ll probably be annoyed about it. Too much rain? Annoying. Too much sunshine? Annoying. Too much cloud cover? Annoying. Unless it’s Droissa, who in his eyes, can do no wrong, he probably want anything to do with it.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

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Re: Droissa, 12.10.2575, Blue Weyrling
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2017, 01:33:05 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ SAY-bryth ]
Date of Birth:
25.09.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 28.3M
Mature Height: 5.66M
Mature Wingspan: 47M

General Appearance...

Eye-catching and bright from the moment he hatches, Saebrith seemed almost born of the sea itself. His hide, bearing ripples of light that span from his tail along his underbelly, limbs, and his neck and nose, resembles nothing more so than the play of the sun on the tropical water around Fort Island -- the top of his spine, face, and his headknobs so like the way the water darkens where the continental shelf falls away into deep ocean. The markings almost seem to shift in the light, sparkling like light on waves. His wingsails are dark, much like the gradient on his spine, but bear subtle marks that scintillate in daylight.

In terms of measurements, Saebrith is average in every way. Neither particularly large nor particularly small for a Blue, he can be given over to either stockiness or sleekness depending on what skills he and his rider hone the most. He loses and gains muscle very easily, meaning a life of constant training would be best for him -- even outside of rider expectations -- so that he's not given over to being a little thicker of body. Fairly fast and maneuverable both, Saebrith can be a skilled jack of all trades without meaningfully sacrificing any one talent. His one downfall will be his natural tendency to gain weight if his exercise ever lapses or he and Droissa are not as disciplined as they should be.


Mind Voice: Saebrith's voice seems to ebb and flow like the tide, fading in and out of volume. He tends to either start soft and get louder if he grows more excited about a topic, or trail off in a rambling sort of way if he loses his train of thought or realizes someone isn't listening. It gives his laughter a peculiar quality as well. Overall, his voice is somewhat breathy, like water rasping on sand.

Sunrise : Particularly over the sea. Saebrith finds the slow change of colors fascinating, and all the more so with how it differs depending on the weather. He'll always enjoy being up early enough to watch the sun creep up over the horizon -- especially since it is usually a time of peace and quiet before the entirety of the Weyr is awake.

Talking : Where Droissa is more withdrawn, Saebrith enjoys striking up conversations with all and sundry. However, he doesn't always have to be an active participant in a conversation:  he's just as happy to casually eavesdrop or just lend an ear while someone rambles about something they're interested in. He just likes knowing what other people think -- about everything.

Being Ignored : Something about it just flips a switch inside him, making this normally mild-mannered Blue waspish. It's different if you just don't hear him, but being purposefully ignored genuinely makes him angry. It's even worse when someone writes him and his rider off or patronizes them at the same time.

Self-depreciation : If there's one thing he won't stand for, it's someone selling themselves short -- especially and most keenly, Droissa. Her humility may confuse him a bit at first, but in time he'll come to love it about her. That being said, if her thoughts ever stray toward a spiraling lack of confidence, he will be quick to nudge her back on the right path and prove to her just how amazing he thinks she is.


* TRANQUIL : Saebrith is not a dragon that is easily ruffled. It's not to say that he's lacking in empathy, but rather he's not prone to panic, anxiety, or cynicism. He firmly believes things will turn out for the best, so long as he and Dro are willing to put in the work to make that faith turn out true. He's as grounded and poised as she is, even during emergencies; for all that, he's also not impatient by nature, which may challenge his rider's need to always be occupied. Saebrith agrees there's a time for work, but what is life without quiet moments of calm too? It seems a thing worth protecting, to him.

* MATURE : This Blue may have his playful moments, but he embodies his color's reputation for stability and calm much more than its mischievous one. Even from the moment he hatches, Saebrith will be a remarkably put-together creature, able to understand things that would otherwise seem beyond him given his age and experience -- or lackthereof. He's not stuffy, but he inherently grasps how the world works and that everything has its causes and consequences. By the same token, he's fairly liberal and lacking in judgment because he knows what is right for one person may easily be wrong for another.


* COMPETITIVE : Much like his rider, Saebrith wants to make sure that he's putting his best efforts forward to whatever task he's assigned. But more than this, he's effortlessly swayed into rivalries -- though not malicious ones -- and any kind of assignment or game that pits his skills against another's. This drive for excellence won't make him a task master, but it's the one thing he'll be easily distracted by. If someone wants to manipulate him, all they have to prelude it with is, "I dare you."

* PROUD : This Blue is not content to let all the limelight shine on someone else. He sees it as his duty to make sure that Droissa's humility doesn't mean she isn't recognized for her achievements. If she -- and he, as they are firmly a pair -- do something that warrants accolade and they don't get it, Saebrith will go so far as to speak out of turn to make sure that they are. They might not always be the very best at every single thing, but by Faranth he'll make sure others know about the things they are good at.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #033f63; Text: #33caf4

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Less flighty and mercurial than some other Blues, Saebrith will be less inclined to chase for Flights if it is something that Droissa is not in the mood for on a given day, or she finds a particular situation objectionable. It is easier for him to deny that Flight Lust than it might be for some other dragons.

We hope you like him! :love:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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