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Author Topic: Atricis: Awakening  (Read 46 times)


Atricis: Awakening
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:48:58 PM »

..::||Home.:|:.History Archive.:|:.Information Library.:|:.Character Creation & Availability.:|:.Site Rules & Guidelines||::..
In the beginning of the 9th Pass, things were normal, Weyrs were growing, but Atricis Weyr struggled and began to crumble. Then the Southern Continent and its possibilities were delivered to this crumbling Weyr. Despite what the people of the North had always believed, the Southern Continent was a lush and vibrant place with riches to be had. However, people were already found to live there, long since cut off from the North and now with their own culture so different from what anyone in the North has known. Atricis Weyr has left its crumbling Weyr and built a new Weyr in the South, New Atricis Weyr. Pern is changing, and Atricis has led the charge into the unknown.

..:: Originally founded in 2008, Atricis Resurrection has been around for Nine Years ::..
..:: We are an uncanon alternate timeline 9th Pass Pern with a tactful canon aftertaste ::..
..:: We currently sport four officially uncanon dragons: Garnets, Zultanites, Pewters, and Opal and Pyrite twins ::..
..:: A larger, more intelligent variety of wher known as Isilian Whers are featured on Atricis ::..
..:: We also sport four officially uncanon whers: Prisms, Andalusites, Agates, and Electrums ::..
..:: Atricis also has an Atricis original bondable dragonkin: Day Whers ::..
..:: We have introduced a brand new aquatic bondable dragonkin: Pearls ::..
..:: The Southern Continent harbors a unique culture of people different from the North ::..
..:: “Locked Flights,” a Flight option for riders who wish to safely opt out of Mating Flight traditions ::..
..:: Site wide plots with member involvement, site games and contests, and Monthly Marks Prizes ::..
..:: Ranks available based on action, not just hide color ::..
..:: No sexuality based Impressions ::..

..::|| Events as of December 2017 ||::..
  • Weyrwoman Eavan has stepped down and moved to Evanoria Weyrhold. Gold Soquilith Rose shortly after, naming Goldrider Safryn the new Weyrwoman!
  • An ongoing plot for Wherhandlers is underway, with handlers banding together to gain information on their new but mysterious enemy.
  • At the Pearl hatching on the coast, the Pearl hatchlings Impressed to a number of people on the beach! New Atricis is still figuring out the potential uses for the Pearls and their bondeds, but in the meantime the new Pearlriders are getting to know their new positions in life.
  • A permanent living arrangement is being built for the Pearlriders on the coast of Atricis' territory.
  • Rumors of unrest within Walled continue to trickle into New Atricis Weyr, but without more solid information, there isn't much the Weyr can do. For now, the Leaders are keeping an eye on Walled.
  • Atricis is looking for candidates for all its Major Dragonkin!
  • We also have many dragons, whers, day whers, and pearls available for creation and adoption
  • A Wher Run and Hatching are in the near future, so get your candidates for Whers ready to go!
  • With a full lineup of future site plots, there will be lots of plotting opportunity for all players to come!


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