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Author Topic: Approved B'nyn [ 09.01.2571 9th Pass ] Brown Rider  (Read 3204 times)

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B'nyn [ 09.01.2571 9th Pass ] Brown Rider
« on: June 02, 2015, 07:07:15 PM »

Play By:
Jamie Bell
Date of Birth:
09.01.2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
2587 / 16
Wing Rank:
Prairie Wingrider

Your Reflection

Brehnyn stands roughly six foot and possesses a slim but strong and very wiry physique. He tends to wear earthy colors that don’t draw attention. His face is nearly always serious and a smile is rare from him. He always has a small, razor sharp knife at his hip.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
The way Brehnyn sees it, such a drastic measure as to alter the Red Planet’s orbit should have been better thought through and reserved for only the most dire straights. But, rather than being bitter against his ancestors, he sees it as pointless to do anything but learn from their mistakes. Lamenting them won’t change anything.

Response to dragon color mutations:
He doesn't see anything particularly wrong with them, and neither does he really care about them. They're here, and they are already making their mark on the weyr. He's more concerned about marking their progression, and watching them grow, then he cares about what ifs and what will be.

Who Are You

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Silence. Few things are more calming to him than being able to close his eyes, lean back in a chair, and hear absolutely nothing.

+ Being alone. When alone he doesn’t feel the pressure of those around him. He can focus on what he wants do do without distraction. Being alone also tends to lead to silence, which is a plus.

+ One of the few things he likes to do for fun, is exploring the deeper parts of the caves. They are a labyrinth of new places and long forgotten tunnels. It feels… old, down there. Besides, going deep into the caves he often winds up alone, in silence. What could be better?

+ He enjoys learning new skills of any kind. The value of being able to do new things cannot overestimated in his mind. The wider your skill set, the greater your ability to survive anything that comes your way.

+ Syrena’s smile. It means she’s happy, and that makes him happy. It also has a tendency to light up even the most dismal of rooms.

- Crowds bother him. He values his personal bubble and when people crowd together they tend to stand too close. Aside from that, they’re obnoxiously noisy.

- Frivolous people, not to be confused with happy people, irk him. Living life day by day with no care but for unimportant matters and your own pleasure, what kind of life is that? He’d rather they just left him alone so he could forget people like that even existed.

- In his eyes anyone who uses their strength to subjugate rather than aid those weaker than them is a low tyrant, not worthy of any respect.

- Injustice. When an innocent cannot get justice due to corruption, blindness or dishonesty. He and his dragon will be quick to stand up for anyone they feel are being wronged, even if he doesn't know the whole situation. In that, he will make it his business to know what's going on.

- Proud people who are always going on about how great they are but never give an action to show it.

- Any man that tries to get close to Syrena who doesn’t meet his high standards of approval. As of yet none have.

*  His Strength : Deceptively slim he is actually very strong due to his work as a Smith before being Searched. He would make a formidable foe in any fight and though he’s seldom if ever had occasion to get in a fight, he trains semi-regularly for the possible eventuality.

* Quick Learner : Brehnyn seems to be a naturally gifted learner. He has the ability to pick up most things instinctively, becoming proficient at a rapid clip compared to most. His ability to learn quickly also makes him very good with directions and he seldom gets lost.

* Objective : No mater how convoluted a situation becomes, he will always maintain an overview and will not have his point of view shaken by those who would attempt to do so by introducing emotions.

* Fearless : Brehnyn acts as he needs to without fear for his life. He knows he has to die sometime and, though too pragmatic to be reckless, will not let timidity dissuade him.

* Problem Solver : He possesses a quick mind that works quickly through puzzles or challenges. Nothing is impossible when you give it enough thought.

* Blunt : He tells it like it is, even to those that don’t want to hear it. If he sees someone being a jerk, he’s going to tell them, to their face, right away. This earns him many more enemies than it does friends.

* Unpopular : Brehnyn’s quiet and serious ways tend to present an unhappy and distrusting appearance. He looks hardly approachable to most, therefore he doesn’t have many friends.

* Work Obsessed : He has trouble taking a break from work and having a good time. There is always more work to be done and more things to learn. He can’t justify the waste of time that having fun entails.

* Headstrong : Brehnyn has trouble taking orders at times and is just generally independently minded. He tries his best not to let it effect the way he relates to those above him, but struggles sometimes.

* Quick Temper : Quick to stir, he doesn’t let his anger show. Tending to simply get even more quiet and to attempt to end the conversation. If he ever gets angry enough to let it show, watch out.

Describe Yourself:
* QUIET: Brehnyn sees talking as an unfortunate necessity and only really enjoys doing so on occasion with Syrena. When he does talk, it’s generally done quietly and earnestly.

* SERIOUS: Born with a very serious demeanor, he doesn’t joke often and sees constant gibing between friends as immaturity. Words should be chosen with care rather than carelessness.

* PRAGMATIC: He tends toward an simple, no nonsense view of life and doesn’t let the little things bother him overly much. He also never cries over spilled milk, it’s a completely useless activity.

* JUST: He absolutely hates injustice of any kind and will stand up for what’s right even if he stands alone. Neither might nor numbers make right in his economy.

* COMPETITIVE: Brehnyn is intensely driven to succeed and excel. Under his quiet demeanor is an extremely aggressive and competitive young man. Despite this he would never dream of cheating at anything.

The Magic Touch:
Brehnyn hides how he feels from everyone but Syrena, and even then he doesn’t tell her everything because he doesn’t want to burden her.

He does not sleep around and does not like women that do.


Mother: Breena, Harper, 2556. Deceased 2575.
Father: Lehnse, Miner, 2549. Deceased 2570 prior to birth.

Siblings: Syrena. Candidate. B 16.3.2572. Adopted sister.

Children: May have a child or two floating in the creche but none that any woman has come forward and said was his.

Tell Us a Story

* 2570, Prior to birth Miner Lehnse from Tillec Hold dies from exposure to poisonous gas in a small cave underneath Fort Hold.

* 2571, Newborn Lehnse’s wife, a Harper named Breena gives birth to their only child, a son. She names him Brehnyn.

* 2575, 4 Battling severe depression, Breena takes Brehnyn to visit her sister Henna for, “A little while” and leaves. She never returns, having committed suicide by leaving the Hold and running off into the Thread ridden wastes.

* 2576, 5 Being a selfish and uncaring woman, Henna waits until Brehnyn’s fifth birthday and abandons him to survive on his own. Not wanting any extra burden.

* 2578, 7 Having survived 2 years off of ingenuity and acts of kindness by many strangers, Brehnyn encounters a fellow orphan named Syrena and by her persistence and patience, they become fast friends. Deciding to adopt each other as brother and sister, they help each other survive for several moths before Brehnyn finds a kindly older man named Prain and his wife Kelien who are unable to have children that are willing to take them in.

* 2583, 12 Brehnyn joins the Smith Crafthall. He enjoys working with metal and loves the hard work, even if it means not seeing Syrena quite as much. A new worry presents itself as the topic of marriage is brought up. Brehnyn dislikes the idea, he has his whole life ahead of him and sees the prospect of a wife as something that would simply hold him back and tie him down. He’s already chosen the family he wants, he’ll have time for marriage later. Besides, he’s pressed for time to do the important things as it is. Brehnyn having strongly voicing his dislike of the idea, Prain decides to wait to press the matter.

* 2584, 13 Syrena joins the Healers and Brehnyn couldn’t be prouder. Prain decides that perhaps now that Syrena is working as well and isn’t around as much, it is time to broach the subject of marriage to Brehnyn once more. Waiting for a time when Syrena is out, he and Kelien sit Brehnyn down and attempt to convince him it’s the best choice for him. After resisting and attempting to dissuade them from pushing the matter for a time, he finally losses his temper. Yelling at them he tells them they are not his parents and he refuses to get married, going so far as to threaten to leave should they press the matter any more. Going pale, they quietly dismiss him and the matter is dropped. Syrena never learns of the exchange.

* Late 2584, 13The strain on the relationship between Brehnyn and his adopted parents becomes too great and he talks to them individually, apologizing for his outburst, though not his refusal to marry. They both forgive him and things begin to heal. Brehnyn witnesses Syrena’s aversion to marriage, and notes the occasional uneasy glance between Prain and Kelien. Throughout this time Brehnyn himself endures more and more disapproving glances at the Crafthall and throughout the Hold. He ignores them, his life is his own to live, not theirs to dictate.

* 2585, 14 Prain has a heart attack and dies. His wife Kelien can no longer support them, and knows with a heavy heart that she will have to send them away. Brehnyn takes the loss very hard, instantly feeling the lack of a father figure once more. In the midst of his hurt, a badly placed comment by Kelien on marriage brings up the old anger afresh and Brehnyn leaves home. Deciding to carry out his threat and care for himself. He is very distressed at the news of Syrena’s marriage. He feels she’s too young and loathes the idea of her marrying a man he hardly knows. Brehnyn also feels she is above becoming the wife of anyone less than a Rider, let alone a Beastcrafter. Looking out for Syrena, Brehnyn privately takes Wendin aside and makes it clear in a tone so serious it can’t be ignored even coming from a fourteen turn old, that if Wendin mistreats Syrena, Brehnyn will slit the man’s throat. Wendin promises that he will treat her properly and the two are married. Brehnyn lives on his own, but visits often. Over time he warms slightly to Wendin, and Wendin to him. Though Brehnyn does catch the occasional nervous glance at the knife he perpetually wears on his hip.

* Late 2585, 14 Due to urging from Syrena, Brehnyn reconciles once more with Kelien. Unbeknownst to him, it is something she dearly needs and gives her the will to keep going.

* 2586, 15 Wendin is killed by falling Thread. Brehnyn, who has begun to grow slightly distant as time has passed, returns to Syrena and takes up even more strongly the role of older brother. He grieves the loss of Wendin in his own way, he had been a good man. At the same time he is glad to have Syrena in his care once more, this way he can be sure she is safe.

* 2587, 16 Amid much excitement, Fort Island is discovered and over the course of a year the entire population of Fort Hold and Weyr have migrated to their new home. Brehnyn finds the new habitation pleasant. But worries about the fact that humanity is forced to flee and can no longer hold back the Thread on its own. He's searched at the beginning of the move and decides to accept, since they're all going to the island anyways. He's surprised to impress in the same "cursed" clutch that hatched Neisoth. He and S'bok form an unlikely friendship during their brief candidacy and weyrlingship.

* 2588, 17 B'nyn takes to weyrlinghood like a fish to water and adores his dragon like the part of himself he'd been looking for. Though he largely hates crowds and people, he finds himself supporting S'bok, looking after Syrena, and finding a quiet satisfaction in life. His dragon's brought a steady support for himself that he's needed and a brighter future than he's ever had. Weyrling training even gives him focus and drive. Becoming a Rider is the future he's always wanted and needed, even if it's an every day struggle. But his Brown is there for him.

* 2590, 19 B'nyn is proud to be in Prairie Wing and feels like he is in a unique position to care for his adopted sister. He's looking forward to seeing how S'bok continues to progress as he's won yet another Gold Flight. So he's slowly becoming a hopeful, if still reclusive, man. Might even start a family someday.

No weyrling liked flights. That was obvious. But Gold flights were the worst. B'nyn sighed softly and rolled on his side. The loose weave pants he slept in, a far cry nicer than anything he'd had growing up, were still too tight. If he hadn't shared an alcove with another, he might've kicked off the pants and been done with the barrier all together. He hated the tightness.

S'bok is awake. That was all the warning he got before a pillow hit the back of his head.

B'nyn wanted to sleep through the Flight. He'd be able to pretend he didn't want to find some fair, soft skinned crafter to woo and then fuck.

You're thinking about it again. Niskyleth chided, shifting uncomfortably with the direction of his Rider's thoughts.

B'nyn sighed and sat up, adjusting both his blanket and his pants. "I'm a fair amount of miserable. Can't you just sleep it off?" That's what he'd wanted to do. Just sleep through it. But now that he was awake, with the lust rushing through him, they were going to have to do something.

You could oil me. the disproportionate Brown suggested, perking up.

B'nyn sighed again and tossed the pillow back at his roommate. "I suppose an oiling of our dragons is in order, and if that doesn't cool you off, the underground lake." His tone was dry, almost dead pan, as though he were not bothered at all by the flight lust and was not sporting his own painful erection. 

Created By:
Original App by Jynx.
Edits by SanctifiedSavage
Other Characters:
All of them.
Inactivity Preference:
Make it rain.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
Anything Else:
Pile it on


Dragon Details
Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 34.7M
Mature Height: 7M
Mature Wingspan: 57M

General Appearance

He was a chunky, lumpy brown when he hatched, the second brown out of the clutch. Eager to get out of his shell, though he dawdled a bit before getting around to B'nyn. Niskyleth had short legs he grew into, a lighter hide that eventually darkened with age. In short, he looked nothing like what he did when he first hatched. Awkward, pale, chunky and odd. He's now a graceful, dark, handsome beast with proportionate wings.


Mind Voice:
He has a lighter voice, almost perpetually amused though it can become deeper when he has to become heavy handed with his Rider.

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Relaxing: As prone as his Rider is to seek solace in quiet and solitude, Niskyleth is to humor him. While he recognized the importance to try and prod B'nyn to be more social, he's not very hurried in pushing his Rider into situations that make him extremely uncomfortable. In that, Niskyleth is completely comfortable in lounging in his weyr, or near the tunnel entrances while his Rider hides away near the underground lake. Though he's more insistant that his Rider hide away in places that Niskyleth can join him.

+ Working: When his Rider isn't being an antisocial whiner, they are both motivated to work. And this is very important Niskyleth. He adores feeling important and working with the Wing. Any day he ends up sprawled and exhausted is a good day.

+ Socializing: It's a rare opportunity his Rider can tolerate to be social, so he treasures the time he can be so. Especially with Neisoth, who was like his "brother" growing up.

+ Pretty Greens: Niskyleth likes pretty greens. As simple as that. He's as flirty as his Rider is not and will try to draw their attention in the hopes his Rider will expand his horizons a bit more.

- Bullies: Neither Niskyleth nor B'nyn can tolerate those pushing others around and they will be quick to insert themselves in a situation they think is a problem.

- Colorists: All dragons are lovely and Niskyleth thinks so, strongly. He's a big fan of Neisoth in particular, thinking of the Black as a brother. This extends to most other Blacks too.

- Laziness: He will not tolerate it in his Rider any more than he will in other dragons.  He's a bit more patient with his Rider because he knows that B'nyn's aversion isn't due to laziness. He's quick to be motivational though.

- Loud Noises: He hates overly loud noises as much as his Rider and will be quick to ferry B'nyn away.

* Distance Flying : Niskyleth adores flying and he's quite good at it. He's not power house but the Brown is learning to glide and fly for longer distances. It's one of the things he excels at and what both he and B'nyn enjoy the most. It's quiet in the air, alone and secluded, and where they want to focus their efforts.

* Patient : This dragon has the patience of a mountain. He has the exact opposite temper of B'nyn in that he doesn't have one at all. While he can get protective and supportive, he doesn't ever really get angry. He's unshakable in that regard.

* Lackadaisical : Because he's so patient, and makes so many allowances for his Rider, he often doesn't understand how serious a situation is or how angry a person can be. Usually because he doesn't get angry himself. Only when it is obviously an order, spoken by a superior, can it be taken seriously.

* Nosy : He's always jutting into situations that don't involve him, or problems that aren't his own. Mostly because he wants to protect people and other dragons, especially weyrlings or the mutations. This means he's getting involved where he shouldn't and not always respecting the weyr hierarchy. But he's still young and learning.

Dragon Speech Code:
This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(2c1608); Text: #(8a795d)

Anything Else:
As laid back as his rider is not. :3

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Re: B'nyn [ 09.01.2571 9th Pass ] Brown Rider
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