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Author Topic: Tracker Kyya's multipurpose thread for tracking and other things  (Read 5699 times)

Offline Kyya

Kyya's multipurpose thread for tracking and other things
« on: June 03, 2015, 06:31:59 PM »
Spoiler for Hidden:

Play By:
James Crabtree

First Name:
Date of Birth:
13.10.2554 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: D’mir tends to wear his hair slightly longer, generally because he forgets to cut it rather than out of any true sense of style. If it’s not tangled around his face in a ruggedly attractive mess it means he’s bothered to pull it back with a tie at the back of his neck. Sharp features which could leave him slightly imposing tend to be softened by the smile which is most usually gracing his expression. If it’s not a smile it’s a smirk.
If he’s not in his flight gear he’s wearing something useful. Like his hair he doesn’t make a point to show off, generally because his personality speaks for him more than his appearance, though his appearance certainly doesn’t hurt.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: If D’mir could turn back the clock and un-write the past, he would. Watching his world shatter, watching people he loved and cared for fall day in and day out to thread left him just as hurt as everyone else. He hides it with smiles and laughter and optimism because all those lives had to be for something.

Response to dragon color mutations: Generally he thinks the mutations are interesting. He’s curious as to how they happened, wonders if it was in response to Pern’s collapse and if this means there are going to be other colors in the future. As far as S’bok goes he treats the young man with the same respect he treats everyone, no more no less. Admittedly the kid could probably have used a few more turns under his belt before he took over, but at least they’re all still alive.

Who are you...

High places- Obviously flying but this includes climbing up to spots he probably shouldn’t be climbing to and sitting there, knowing he’s part of the sky.
The cold- High Reaches was amazing just for that reason. They had real seasons. He’d like that again, not that Fort isn’t beautiful and everything but would a little cool weather hurt?
Exploring- With the creation of the new Weyr there are plenty of unexplored tunnels and caverns. D’mir likes getting lost in them and finding his way out again.
Teaching- He could spend a whole day happily watching the weyrlings learning to fly. He loves helping new riders learn what it means to have a dragon, to care for one, and to truly become its partner.
His family- His father and sister are incredibly important to him. He’s honestly not sure what he’d do if he lost them.
Generally everyone- He can’t actually lay a finger on anyone he pointedly dislikes.

Klah- He just doesn’t get the appeal. But apparently everyone else on Pern does. More for them he supposes.
Humidity- Of course he’d find an /island/ where humidity is part of their day to day existence. If he’s ever sent out to search again he’s not stopping till he can find some place he doesn’t have to swim through the air.
Fighting-If he can diffuse a situation with words he will. Actual combat just makes him want to remind people how many already lost their lives to thread.
Beach Snakes- After he found his two flits thanks to a demolished clutch he’s had his own personal sort of grudge against the creatures.
Healers- This isn’t to say that he dislikes the person themselves, or even their craft… more to say that he hates being hurt and he’d really rather not have to visit one. No offence of course, he’s just a terrible patient.


* DRIVEN : From a very young age D’mir has been both driven and focused. He is capable of stepping back to see the larger picture and setting goals as well as working hard to get to that place. If it is important to him, someone he cares about, or the weyr in general, he is willing to go to most lengths to see that it is accomplished.

* PATIENT : Both with other people and in his own endeavors, D’mir executes his life with the kind of patience that makes him a very good teacher. He is kind and calm and more than willing to joke, taking into account that not everyone reaches a conclusion in the same manner. He is not easily bored and can wait out a situation with the best of them.

* EMPATHETIC : Perhaps one of the reasons he is so widely admired, D’mir is capable of putting himself in another person’s shoes as it were and looking at the world from their point of view. They live in a very difficult day and age and he believes it is important to incorporate the requirements and dreams  of everyone, not just riders, into their new home.

* COMPOSED : It takes quite a bit to throw the Bronzer off his game. Part of his composure comes from his patience and empathy when working with other people. In crisis situations he is capable of remaining calm and level headed making him a valuable asset to any wing. Not many have actually seen D’mir lose his temper, nor does it happen often.

* STICKTOITIVENESS : Like drive this particular strength relates to his ability to set a task for himself or goal and work towards it. However, there is something of his stubborn personality that differentiates it from simple drive. He will not only strive to accomplish a goal, but he will continue to work towards it until it has been completed to the best of his ability. The best example of this is his search for the new island, and his refusal to return home until he found something.


* ABRUPT : D’mir often tends to say what’s on his mind and it’s been known to cause waves. While he is capable of being coy and charming his outgoing disposition comes across as a little abrupt to some people. Often he will hide it with a joke or off handed comment but in serious situations he generally adopts a no-holds-barred sort of approach.

* IDEALISTIC : He wants a perfect world where everyone gets along and works together, though he is intelligent enough to know this will never happen. He is often frustrated, however, by those not willing to work out their differences or see another’s point of view.

* PROCRASTINATOR : Just because he has the drive to do something doesn’t always mean he wants to do it right that moment. D’mir has a slightly lazy streak that, while not generally hazardous, has been known to cause him issues in the past.

* ARROGANT : Like most Bronze riders he has come to display a certain amount of arrogance. Part of this comes from his confidence in himself and his drive to be the best possible him. Part of it too comes from his accomplishments. He’d like to point out after all that finding the perfect island for Pern was no easy task and you’re welcome.

* STUBBORN : D’mir tends to hold to his values strongly enough that he may come across as a little unswayable. If he thinks something is wrong he won’t give up till it’s right. This tends to go for people too. If he wants you to like him he’ll generally keep trying until you do. No if ands or buts.

Describe Yourself:

* PACIFIST: In a world marked by a war against the Red Star the end of threadfall could not have made him happier. D’mir want’s nothing to do with fighting. Friendly competition is all well and good, but he simply doesn’t see the point of butting heads. His pacifism ceases to apply if someone he cares for is in danger or has been harmed.

* LIGHTHEARTED: Everyone loves a good laugh and he loves more than anything to see those around him smile. As an optimist he strives for a happier world and prefers to look to what is good and the potential of something, than what could fail. He’s generally willing to joke and tends to use humor or wit to defuse tense situations.

* TRUSTWORTHY: His competence and candor lend to a very honest sort of demeanor. D’mir is not one to spread rumors and has a particular distaste for harmful lies. Anything told to him in confidence stays in confidence and anyone expecting something from him can generally be assured to get is sooner or later.

* OPEN-MINDED: The world is always changing, and it’s going to keep changing. Their best hope of survival is to change with it. D’mir would ideally like to incorporate any number of different ideas to a single circumstance. Logically he knows it’s not likely to work and so has become rather adept at considering all his options and choosing which best fits the situation.

* STEADFAST: He prides himself on being the sort of person others can rely on. From threadfall to river snakes he’s there. It takes a lot to overbalance D’mir, and not many manage it. He is true to his word and sincere..

The Magic Touch:


Mother: Iranin  Journeywoman Miner 03.14.2539 (Deceased)
Father: Dathir,Journeyman Miner 09.22.2537

Siblings: Iradin (Ira) and Brown Leoth (Impressed 2571). (Deceased).

Dashanire  B 2590 to Eimerra (Son)

Prior to Dashanire, D'mir had counted a possible 5 children that may be his, though he had never felt the need to keep track if them since their mothers all kept them in the creche.
The oldest would probably be around 14, but so far as he's heard none of them have impressed or else he would remember their names, which he doesn't. He's certainly not opposed to meeting them however, should anyone chose to make claims towards his paternity.


Tell us a story...

* 2554, 0 Demirin is born to Iranin and Dathir, both Miners in Tillek Hold. While his father is quite happy with his life as a miner, Demirin’s mother always dreamed of impressing, though never once regrets the family she built with Dathir.

* 2557, 3 The small family welcomes Iradin, his younger sister, to the family. Demirin is immediately enamored with the little girl and pledges to keep her safe as every big brother should.

* 2561, 7 Tragedy strikes when Demirin and Ira’s mother dies in childbirth. Even at such a young age Demirin is struck by the finality of death and how important it is to protect the ones you love to the best of your ability.

* 2566, 12 Demirin is Searched in one of the last sweeps done by the High Reaches Weyr before the Hatching Day. His father allows him to go with a mixture of disappointment, that should he impress he will not join in the family craft, and pride that he has been chosen to participate at all. Like his mother before him, it was always Demirin’s dream to impress a dragon, however, the confident press of another mind against his at the very first egg to crack takes him entirely by surprise. Morale bolstered by the good omen of a Bronze hatching first, the Weyr gladly welcomes the young rider and his dragon Thianorth.

*2568,14 Newly graduated from the Weyrling wing but still too young to join a fighting wing, D’mir is assigned to assorted fighting wings as a messenger, riding the edge of threadfall and helping to coordinate ground crews, the wings, and bring important information back to the weyr. Thianorth’s stamina even at only two turns proves invaluable. He and D’mir quickly find themselves posted for an entire threadfall when shifts prove unnecessary for the next two turns.

*2570.16 D’mir and Thianorth experience their first successful flight, catching a young green who’s rider, Sethe, is several turns older than D’mir. Her kindness and belief in him do much to boost his confidence and teach him that there is more to being a Bronze rider than simply flying one and catching a gold. In many ways she becomes something of a mentor to the younger rider as well as a close friend. He is devastated when she and her dragon lose their lives later that year.

* 2571, 17 Despite his best efforts of his wing to protect the surrounding areas, Tillek Hold and the nearby Fisher Hall fall to thread. High Reaches Weyr prepares to evacuate, abandoning the now far too dangerous mountain landscape for the safer region of Fort. Amidst the tragedy of the pass however, D’mir is overjoyed to welcome his sister into the fold as a dragon rider. Not only that, but as one of the few women to impress a Brown.

*2578,24 D’mir’s general easy going but competent manner earns him a solid respect throughout the Weyr. By the end of the turn he is named Wingsecond in one of the Fort Wings and takes up the position with pride. He earns a particularly bad threadscore along his shoulder that same year.

*2584,30 The loss of his Wingleader in a particularly overwhelming fall leaves D’mir in charge. He takes to the responsibility like a fish to water but is well aware that his promotion came at the cost of another’s life. He vows to earn his next title.

* 2587, 33 With the end of the 9th pass D’mir is disheartened by the devastation of the world around him, though he makes sure not to show it. When the call comes for a rider to set out looking for another home for what remains of Pern he volunteers without hesitation, determined to bring hope back to Pern no matter the cost. Gone for a little over a week without contact much of the Weyr assumes that he lost his life during the search. However, D’mir and Thianorth come back victorious having found an island chain west of the Northern Continent that seems more than capable of becoming their home. Exhausted but giddy he accepts the congratulations of the weyr and jumps right in to prepare for relocation. During his search he came across what was left of a flit’s clutch on what would one day be Fort, a River Snake having devoured the majority of it. Saving the last two eggs he ended up returning home with a little Blue and Green.

*2588, 34 In 88 Thianorth beats our M'rek’s Polanth during Imyth’s flight earning his rider the rank of Weyrsecond. The promotion from wingrider to doesn’t so much come as a shock, but he is aware of the great responsibility and works hard to keep the Weyr happy and healthy.

*2589, 35 Thianorth catches Imyth a second time and D'mir is wingsecond for another turn. Eimerra becomes pregnant, and despite the various highs and lows, the start of the turn goes quite well.

Unfortunately, he finds himself falling in love with Keassa, a journeyman Herder who specialised in runners. By the end of the turn, he has committed himself to her entirely and finds himself demoted to Mountain Wingrider by Halirina herself. He feels guilty about what he had done to Eimerra, but stands by his decision to be with Keassa instead. It wasn't an easy chpive, but he didn't feel as though cintinuing the charade with Eimerra was fair to the junior weyrwoman, and so told her of his infidelity himself after much deliberation. As part of his demotion,  he is grounded from any and all Gold Flights, including Kalestath's herself. Never again will he be able to hold the rank of weyrsecond (or weyrleader), though this is met with relief that he would not be forced into such a position again now that he has finally found where his heart belongs. The demotion allows him to ask Keassa to marry him at the Turns End Celebrations, a question that results in them moving into a lower weyr than his own, so as to allow Disucsk access without needing to be flown up by Thianorth whenever Keassa needs him. There may have been a slight disappointment in not being quite so high up, but Keassa is worth the change.

* 2590, 36 The day after Turns End there is a horrific beachsnake attack at the cleanup site. His sister, Iradin is one of many casualties. The knowledge breaks his heart, and it is not long before he is finding comfort in the arms of his weyrmate. It is not something he will easily bounce back from though with time his grief should diminish. The knocks keep coming when Imyth's clutch hatches the day after, four of the twelve dragonets going between for various reasons and a rumour that he had cursed the clutch causing him to forget, momentarily the good that had happened.

Between Thianorth and Keassa, D'mir finds reason to enjoy himself somewhat, so while the grief will not leave so quickly, he at least has something to focus on to continue towards the future.

When another hunter attack occurs at the minehall, Thianorth and D'mir return from their survey of Cove Hold to assist wherever they can (D'mir, moreso than Thianorth). While he is working, he stumbles upon Keassa, minorly injured while Disucsk lies nearby having protected her and their unborn child from one of the beasts. Though relived to see her alive and (mostly) well, the bandage-covered wher is disheartening. AS it happens, Keassa has somewhat good news to deliver, telling him she's pregnant, though explaining that the child would not be going into the creche as was the case with many weyrborn kids. Elated by the news, D'mir hesitates only briefly before agreeing to statement, a life he had never even considered before all of a sudden there in the near future.

Keassa's decission to stay at the weyr ends up working out for the both of them when Halirina calls for the weyr to be on lockdown. Cut off from the minehall, tensions build, and D'mir finds himself in an odd position. On one hand he sympathises with the hold and craft folk, particularly as his own weyrmate is affected by the lockdown. On the other, he understands the weyrwoman's reasoning, and knows it will give them time to regroup. He was away from the weyr when the riot happened, though his first action on returning was to ensure Keassa was safe. He has yet to come to terms with the rising tension between the factions under one roof, even after the ban was lifted.

D'mir makes himself scarce prior to Imyth's flight, and when he returns to find that X'kis of Brown Maelboroth had caught her, he finds himself relieved that Eimerra had herself a worthy weyrmate once more. Some of his guilt is dispersed, and it is hoped that the rumours still flitting about regarding his demotion will die down in light of the unanticipated feat. There is a noticeable change in his demenour, the weight of his decision lifted even further now that he knew she would have the company she had lacked since the end of the previous turn.

His attitude towards the mutations hasn't changed since Kalestath's clutch hatched, in fact, with eleven reds in the weyr and nine blacks including Neisoth, he finds himself enthralled by the little quirks that have manifested, particularly apparent as they were in the latest clutch. From the reds exuberance and tendancy to hatch as male and female, to the aggression of the blacks and their tendancy towards fighting their bronze brothers.

While he may not be at the weyr often, any time not assigned to other things by W'sar (or B'lye) will find him spending time with Keassa, either assisting her with her own work, or just enjoying her company and preparing himself for the birth of their child. Despite his increased excitement for the birth of their child, he acknowledges the birth of his son by Eimerra with little enthusiasm. As with his previous children, should the time come for Dashanire to want to know him further, he is perfectly willing to get to know him, but for the meantime sees nothing wrong with leaving his care to the creche and Eimerra herself.

"You mean..." D'mir hesitated, trying to process Keassa's words. It was a lot of information to take in. He'd never had to question the weyr way so far as child rearing went. Had four... maybe five children of his own in the creche, he was sure. Fuck. Eimerra was just about ready to burst with his next one and he'd not even thought to question what her plans were for it. Weyrfolk took their kids to the creche.

Yet here she was. So beautiful. So... vulnerable. Telling him that it would be different for their child. That they would be raising it themselves, not relying on others. It could be done.
Of that there was no doubt. But he was away so often... she was OK with that. Would they stay at the weyr... wait for him to return from whatever assignment W'sar tasked him with?
Or would she choose to stay at the Miners Hall... leaving it up to him to come and visit for as long as she deigned to stay there.

He had been prepared for that. For her insistance that they stay at the hall. That she stay at the hall. To help. To give crafters and holders alike some autonomy. She had never been shy about wanting to assist. Never kept him in the dark as to her intentions. And he knew. Knew how much he loved her.

Knew that he would give her all of Pern if she asked for it.

So while he hesitated, ever so slightly, it was not to argue. He understood how much family meant to her. Understood that this was important. And to dismiss it was to dismiss everything they had achieved together thus far.

"At the weyr?" he asked softly, breaking the silence as the excitement, the love welled up inside him. "Riders have done it before. We made room for Disucsk didn't we? There is room for another cot. He can have his own chest for clothes and other things. We can get playthings so he doesn't get bored. Thianorth won't mine. And Bren could use the distraction... he may have already forgotten Iradin, but he's not quite the same flit as he once was." Pain coloured his voice through the excitement with which he was speaking. Once for the wher so covered in bandages he was white, and again as he mentioned his sister.

"What is important to you, my love. Will always be important to me" He managed, a myriad of emotions welling up inside him.

He wanted to grab Keassa. Spin her around the room. Laughter bubbled up, unwanted in his chest but it was as serious a moment as it was exciting. She was concerned. Worried. Did she think he would leave her for such a small request? She had opened his heart to an entirely new realm of possibility. He may have embraced the weyr way so far as his previous children were concerned, but so too had their mothers. Not once had they asked him to stay. To be present while they raised them. The creche wasn't a bad place for children.

But Keassa didn't want that, and D'mir understood. At least in part. She may still ask to stay at the hall... at least temporarily. He was prepared for that still. As prepared as he could be considering the news. Surely she would return to the weyr when her pregnancy progressed further? Once Disucsk healed he would be there as well... he'd done wonderfully already, despite the injuries he had incurred. And Braveheart too. She would not be alone. No matter where she stayed. Though truth be told he would rather she stayed at the weyr... away from the threat of hunters. In any case, so far as her wanting them to raise their child together... there was no doubt in his mind that it would be so.

Member Info...

Created By:
Concept by SirAlahn and SanctifiedSavage; Original profile by Hart
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Look here for the different options!
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Templates I'm using
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2015, 07:09:45 AM »
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Character Rellies
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2015, 06:30:41 PM »
Spoiler for Hidden:

Character Relatives

Candidate Oarlen

Joarna, Journeyman Healer, Mother
Jenla, Apprentice Harper, Sister (Adoptable)


Tyxana, Rider of Casseth, Mother
G'fri, Rider of Bofth, Father
Aeylah, Rider of Raynth, Sister (Eldest)
Teeahn, Weyrling of Xrenith, Sister (Adoptable)
C'sooli, rider of Ciciadeth, Brother
Tasik, Weyrbrat, Son
D'ion, rider of Yunth, Father of Tasik

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« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2015, 07:00:12 PM »

Current WIPs

- Dolphin Genetics

Finished WIP's

Sokon, Creath and Float
Nycolus and Bronze Nycolussk
K'zaya & Fyenoruth
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Inbred Dolphins?
« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2015, 07:03:02 PM »
So only 25 dolphins were settled on Pern

This means AT BEST They had a 35% Chance to survive past the first 100 years.


OR at least. It Will be a chart.

Will pull up some statistics on dolphin's life-spans, gestation periods and a rough guide for how closely related any pair can be before theoretic mutations would cause too many health problems for that dolphin line to end. Then start working on the lines.

To make it a little easier, I'mma assume none of the dolphins are related in any way.

If we're lucky. WE may still have dolphins on Pern.


Bottlenose Dolphins:

Gestation Period 12 months
Lifespan - 40+ years (Max 60 in rare cases)
Sexual maturity - 5 -13 years (Females) 9-14 (Males)
Reproduce every 2-6 years
Breast fed 18months - 8 years
Stop reproducing at, say 35 - 40 years?

Will base everything on minimum values for most things, but will give them the max lifespan based on technological advances and the metasynth information. Gives them the best case scenario for reproduction.

Spoiler for The Method to my Madness:
The Parameters for Optimal Survivability
  • All Dolphins will need to be 5 years old to reproduce
  • Females will have a baby every 2nd year
  • Babies are born the year after the fertile period. SO in four years, you have mum getting pregnant twice, and babies born twice.
  • Viable Reproduction age will be between 5 and 55
  • 20 babies in a lifespan
  • Lifespan will be 80
  • Out of 102 births, three will produce twins. 100 = Male twins, 101 = Female twins, 102 = Male/Female Twins
  • Viable Offspring can only be the result of breeding where relatives are three steps apart. Will try to explain that as I go. Ultimately no immediate cousins, parents with children, or grandparents with grandchildren or anything in between.

Rayne, Inki, Spiffy, Lace, Drew & Sanctified have so far assisted in this madness
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Unnamed Gold Fire Lizard for Oarlen - From Q'nys's gold Hag's clutch
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Code: [Select]
[img]https://s24.postimg.org/431v44mkl/Dull_Gold.png[/img]Lineart by: Vagabond Sentinel
Coloured by: Inki
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Posts I owe people
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2015, 01:13:33 AM »
Tavianna & Nycolus When he comes back from the Miner Hall
Oarlen - Response to the Candidate Thread that I'm too lazy to link right now
Sokon & Sethunya - Still have to figure out how to start this one ><
Oarlen & Erieen - Oarlen stalking Escort and getting the courage to thank Erieen for his part in getting him Canopy
Oarlen & Q'nys - Another thread where Oarlen stalks a firelizard but this time he manages to get himself a fire lizard egg 'cause Winning! Also gets to meet Q'nys. Which is nice.
Sokon & Lunielle - Lunielle checks in on Creath after Creath injured her wing in the weyrling barracks. Friendship (hopefully) ensues
Sokon, Jaklyn & C'dus (& possibly other weyrlings) - Post impression group party thing - Up in the air at the moment
K'zaya I want to pop into the flight thread - Followed by him bumping into Inanna after Fyenorth fails.
K'zaya & Inanna - Post Flight love~
Oarlen Response to Lunielle
Oarlen & S'ric (I think?) Nightmare Candidate
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Don't look
« Reply #7 on: January 26, 2017, 12:29:26 AM »
Spoiler for Character:
• Current Weyrsecond:
  X'kis (Xydrakis) of Maelboroth

Requirements: Cannot be 1st character. Can only adopt/make one other ranked character. Active participation in events and possible admin guidance.
X’kis is a man that’s never held a rank, but probably should have. He’s calm, cool-headed, reasonable, and doesn’t know the meaning of the words panic or worry. He’s a man that’s served dutifully his entire life since he impressed during the Catastrophe at the tender age of 13, and he’s persevered through being meticulous in the care of his dragon and gear, and his kindness and compassion when it comes to others. Not an ambitious man, he’s never sought rank for the sheer sake of it and so was never granted Wingsecond or Wingleader because he always believed there were better men suited for it – even if that wasn’t always the case. His dragon Maelboroth is the largest a Brown can be, with wide wings that made him perfect for Mountain Wing and invariably carried him into history as the first Brown Weyrsecond. It was their experience and stamina in long flights, and the willful withdraw of so many Bronzers, that allowed him to navigate and win Eimerra’s Flight. He has one working flit, a sensible Blue by the name of Lesiff, that he received during his candidacy. [X'kis is 41; Maelboroth is 28. Preferred PB is Kris Holden-Ried.]

Play By:

First Name:
Whatever you like.
Date of Birth:
07.04.2549 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Ista Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Currently Eimerra

Your Reflection...

Appearance: X’kis is every inch of him a soldier. He stands tall and straight backed, with blue eyes that exude a comforting warmth when he looks at you. He’s soft spoken, with expressive features and the more-often-than-not appearance of a makeshift beard soften a sharp jawline. His hair, cut to a medium length, curls at the end, a lovely honey brown that turns a burnished Gold in the sunshine and an inner strength emanating in his motions.

Wearing nothing but simple clothes, be they riding leathers or casual attire, and adorning himself with neither trinket nor accolade, this man is the perfect embodiment of a duty-bound brown rider. He’s unobtrusive, calm and always seems as though he’s listening to you. He looks like the sort of man you want fighting by your side or standing behind you as you do your duty.

He has suffered some, in the past, and a burn covers his left side, starting just below his pectorals and brushing his hip. The largest by far of the scars that decorate his body in ways trinkets do not. Over twenty turns fighting thread has left him with minor threadscoring on his extremities, a particularly nasty one decorating his face. A thin line almost circling his left eye and sliding down his cheek to be lost beyond his collar bone. He does not hide these, however, though doesn’t wear clothes that will bring unnecessary attention to his battlescars.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: X’kis was practically born a refugee, owing his life to those who had risked theirs to save him. Impressing so young meant he was assisting in the war against the sporadic threadfall that devastated Pern for a quarter of a century, and with the losses faced throughout much of his formative years, X’kis found himself bound by duty to the weyr and the people he defended. While it was never an easy task, he met each day with a steady determination, and would mete out the catastrophe by internalising as much of his emotional turmoil as necessary. Despite the constant threadfall not having returned since the 9th pass, there will always be a part of him hardened to the possibility that one day, before he’s able to take that final leap between with Maelboroth, he will find himself wing-to-wing with other dragons facing off with the menacing silver threat once more.

Response to dragon color mutations: So Fort Island held more surprises then new predators and the unexpected deaths of a child or two, but what’s the point in stressing over a few new colours? X’kis has never been the sort to judge a dragon by their appearance. It is what they do with themselves that matters. So apart from the oddity of the mutated colours, this brown rider sees only more dragons to help protect the future of Pern.

Who are you...


Weyrlings/Candidates : Candidates, and moreso the weyrlings that are produced from them are the future of the weyr. They’re the ones that will replace the old, the sick, or the dead one day. During the catastrophe, it was the weyrlings working hard to graduate that ensured fighting wings stayed in the air. They gave the riders hope. Candidates did their duty despite the losses they would oftentimes incur on the sands themselves, despite their own backgrounds. They gave the dragonets the freedom to choose their bonded and kept dragonet losses down. He thouroughly enjoys the chance to see both candidates and weyrlings and will often try and catch up with their own lessons if given the chance. He will try to time his returns to the weyr around hatchings for this very reason, eager to see the impression of the next generation of riders.

Search Dragons : His uncle being a searchrider was definitely a critical part of his love of the empathetic blues and their equally empathetic riders, however even beyond them, these partners who have this innate ability that no-one quite understands are worthy of recognition. Sure the hatchings could rely purely on the crechlings turned weyrbrats that are often the first identified to stand, but these riders will find gemstones among the Pern populace, caring not for someone’s background. Without them, X’kis did not see a way for them to ensure such a high impression rate for newly hatched dragonets. And every time he is not required to grieve for the loss of one so young, he finds himself mentally thanking the searchrider responsible.

Drills : X’kis sometimes feels as though his entire life has been made up of drills, and then carrying out those drills in real life scenarios. Instead of resenting the oftentimes repetitive instruction, X’kis revels in the chance to participate, often taking a few hours out of his return to the weyr to join one of the wings in drill training (often, Prairie Wing since they focus so heavily on them) if and when he finds himself time to do so.

Prairie Wing : Prairie Wing and it’s Wingleader, Z’tai are regarded highly by X’kis. Their dedication to assisting in the continued development of riders who are not quite ready to be completely independent is commendable, and those riders that choose to stay once their shortcomings have been fixed are met with the highest regard from X’kis. A wing such as Prairie would save so many lives in the future, and help to minimize the sometimes deadly fuck ups that weyrlings can and have gone through in the past on graduation. If it weren’t for his belief that he would be more use for the weyr as part of Mountain Wing, Prairie Wing would be his first choice.


Substance Abuse :  While he understands many people look to drugs and alcohol to wash away their past, X'kis feels that remembering the past is important for the future. He's not going to have time for substance abusers, though can tolerate people like O'sir, who can manage their addiction(s) without affecting their duty.

Liars : The people of Pern have gone through too much for dishonesty to be sewn amongst them. Lying and manipulating to twist things your way are horrible things to do when your very survival is dependent on your peers. All lying achieves is mistrust amongst potential friends, and second guessing someone’s motives every time they put their hand up to volunteer for something. X’kis doesn’t have time for those sorts of people.

Classists : There are ranks for a reason, however X’kis sees value in dragons and their pair as a whole. Just because his dragon’s hide is brown does not disqualify him from a leadership role. Just because your dragon is bronze does not mean you get every weyr leadership role. Dragons are the way they are for a reason, and those that abuse their position over others need to be brought to heel.

Runners :X’kis always wanted to do what he could to help out, and he tried a few times to assist in the safe relocation of runnerbeasts, both before and after becoming a rider. Unfortunately, every time he managed to end up on the wrong side of the stupid beasts, either kicked, bitten or, on one occasion almost crushed when the runner fell sideways. Added to the fact they weren’t to be used as a food source when their food stores ran low and he just doesn’t have time for the beasts, nor anyone valuing them above all others.


* KIND : X’kis has never had cause to hate others, and despite the catastrophic life he has led, he sees no reason to be cruel to others. Even when encountering the more… unsavoury characters in weyr and hold, X’kis found he was always able to show some sort of kindness. Perhaps sharing food or offering to repair a hold in their shirt. There was enough pain, and general unrest in the world he grew up in without adding one’s own, possibly warped world view to things.

* CALM : X’kis isn’t going to lose his head over many things, able to assess situations as they come and react in a rational manner. He’ll get about excited as anyone over good news, and will mourn losses like the rest of the world, though you’ll never find him throwing himself into a frenzy based on circumstances arising that are out of his control. If something happens, and he can deal with it, he will step up to the mark without hesitation. If it’s not something he feels as though he’s capable of dealing with, he’ll find someone who can. He’s not going to lose his head just because something is beyond his abilities.

* REASONABLE : There is never one side to an  argument and X’kis is willing to hear any and all retellings before deciding on a course of action. He manages to remain impartial regardless of his involvement, and will search for a suitable compromise should one need to be reached. He never concludes things lightly, trying to make sure all parties come out of it feeling satisfied that they were heard and the result suited them. Even if the end result isn’t quite what expected, X’kis rarely encounters complaint after he has given his two marks.

* DUTIFUL : Despite being raised in a hold, impressing so young in his life instilled in X’kis a firm believe that duty to the weyr and the people they swore to protect was the be all and end all of life itself. He will never shirk in his duty or try and excuse himself from fulfilling the requirements of those superior to himself, regardless of the personal benefits doing so may get him. Everything he is he owes in some part to those who came before him, and it is his job now to pay that debt, no matter the cost to himself.

* ACCEPTING : Relatively easy going and able to forgive easily, X’kis sees no point in dwelling on the negative aspects of life and is willing to make the best of whatever is thrown his way. He takes pride in his personal lot in life and while he has no over-the-top ambitions of his own, he is more than happy (not to mention capable) to step up to the mark when it is required.

* METICULOUS : In the care of his dragon and the care of his gear, X’kis is second to none. He has a fixed routine both at the weyr and away in which every aspect of dragon care and gear maintenance is maintained. It is one of the reasons he doesn’t require many items of clothing. He works hard to ensure one item will last him as long as possible.


* UNAMBITIOUS : Happy with his lot in life, X’kis has never pushed for positions of rank, despite whether or not he would be suited to it. Fact of the matter is that he’s always seen others as having better qualities than he to lead. There are many qualities of a good leader, and while he himself has these, he firmly believes that there is always someone better suited than he.

* SOLITARY : There was a time in his life where teamwork was everything and being surrounded by people was the norm, however with the heartache of the past few years he has found himself drawing away from others and holing himself in his weyr with just his flitter and dragon for company when not doing his duty for Mountain Wing. His self-imposed solitary confinement means that while he may hear whispers of the goings on in the weyr, while he was part of Mountain Wing, X’kis remains quite oblivious to the weyr and whatever politics affect the people. His first and foremost duty in life is to the weyr. He doesn’t need to be social to do his duty.

* GUARDED : X’kis has lost a lot over the decades. With no family and friendships ruined by the cruelty of threadfall, this man has a hard time letting anyone past the walls he sets up to protect himself. He will do what is required of him, and holds respect for many a person. He’s just not quite capable of letting himself relax socially. He’s doesn’t want to set himself up to fail as he feels like there’s been enough of that in his past. He’s better able to protect the future of the weyr if he’s not socially invested in it.

* GUILELESS : X’kis always thinks the best of people which leaves him blind to the political and manipulative maneuverings of others. He is unable to identify ulterior motives, and is willing to trust a person at face value. Since he himself would never even think to consider a hidden agenda in regards to climbing the social or political ladder, he cannot see this in others unless they slip up, and even then, a seemingly sincere apology is usually accepted. He’s not one to dwell on your past mistakes.

* RIGID : Duty to the weyr is valued above all things and X’kis will not tolerate being unable to fulfil what is required of him whenever it is required. Everything he does is to better the weyr, and there is no time for slacking. He’ll often push himself to the point of exhaustion if he feels it is required that he does so. Fortunately, all riders must eventually return to their weyr, and it gives him a brief period where he can try and unwind, if only to relax long enough to get some rest before starting all over again the next day. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and can often be a difficult person to deal with once he’s found some downtime.
Describe Yourself:

* HUMBLE: ----- X’kis sees who he is and what he can do for a weyr. He does not expect praise for doing what needs to be done, and does not think himself better than his peers. He is a brownrider. He does not need to be congratulated for doing his duty.

* RELIABLE: ----- If you ask X’kis to do something, Faranth knows he will do it, and do it well. He was the sort of person you wanted in your wing during a threadfall, more than capable of supporting you mid-flight should something happen. If you need him, X’kis will be there, regardless of the cost.

* TRUSTWORTHY: ----- X’kis can be trusted with your secrets. Even if he was that little bit more social than he is, he understands the value of keeping one’s mouth closed, if only because your secrets are not his to tell. He may not be very approachable during his downtime, but when he isn’t off doing his duty for Mountain Wing, he can and will be approached by associates (He’s not quite confident enough in himself to call them friends) who are more than willing to fill him in on all their going-ons since he last left.

* MINIMALISTIC: ----- Both personally and in his weyr X’kis is not one to surround himself with superfluous items. His weyr contains a cot, a few old furs and a chest that contains only a few items of clothing, all of which show the unmistakable signs of being meticulously repaired whenever required. Even when he finds himself needing a newer item, he’ll often keep his old stuff to assist with maintaining said item if possible. He has no heirloom items that he rescued in one of his moves through childhood, nor the formal gather wear others may have squirrelled away. He functions with only what he needs and no more.

* FAIR: ----- There is no point taking sides in an argument, and X’kis will often remain impartial to whatever parties are having issues. He tries to take in all points, dismiss those items that are redundant or simply non-issues blown out of proportion by the underlying problems and do what he can to come to a fair agreement. He has never had someone say he was unfair, and he prides himself in that. He will do what he can to hear you out, but if you’re wrong, he will not hesitate to tell you so.

The Magic Touch:/apprefl]

Mother: Xydra, Holder, b.2536 d. 2551
Father: Kiston, Holder, b. 2532 d, 2549

Siblings: None.

Cydra, Female, 2566
Xynta, Female, 2566
Linaris, Male, 2568
Tadraki, Female, 2571
Intis, Male, 2573

Tell us a story...

* 2549, 0 Xydrakis is born only a few months before Ista holders are forced to evacuate the hold. He’s the first and only child of Xydra and Kiston. During the evacuation, Kiston succumbs to a thread cluster, and Xydra ends up badly scored trying to rescue him. Xydrakis’ Uncle, L’ris of Blue Teffis is one of the dragons trying to prevent the casualties during the move and finds his sister and Xydrakis. He takes them to Southern Hold, where their other sister and her family resides, hoping the grubs would minimize any further loss for the tiny family.

* 2551, 2 Fall of Telgar Hold, Smith Crafthall, Technist and Plastic-Smith Crafthalls. This is the turn his mother dies. She tries to fight it off, but the grief for her husband and the terror of the catastrophe has resulted in a chronic depression, so when illness from the infection overwhelms her early in the turn, she doesn’t have the willpower to prevent the complete failure of her body. Xydrakis is too young to comprehend what has happened, and while he cried for her loss, the truth of the matter wouldn’t be clear for a few years.

* 2555, 6 Fall of Paradise River Hold. Eastern Weyr is abandoned. The grubs his uncle thought would protect them are doing something to keep up with the constant threadfall, though it isn’t nearly the complete protection they offered when threadfall followed a regular pattern. He is still living with his aunt, and his uncle will often visit to ensure she is not put off by the forced rearing of her dead sister’s child. He does not form any lasting attachments with the family who shelter him, and learns to live off the bare minimum so as not to burden them too much. He is old enough now to understand that he is an orphan, and looks forward to his uncles visits to break the tension that seems constant in his home.

* 2558, 9 Fall of Southern Boll and Weaver/Glass-Smith Halls. Feeling the pressure of their lives his aunt pushes him to be useful, tired of having to look after her own children plus the orphan. She does not want to disrespect her sister’s wishes, but the strain of caring for an extra mouth that is not her own distances her and her husband further from Xydrakis. His cousins are all older than he, and he has no relationship with them. The visits of L’ris and Teffith are one of the few things he looks forward to. Meanwhile he tries to make himself useful, seeking out the crafters living at Southern Hold to see how he can assist. Becomes something akin to a jack of all trades and finds himself away from his aunt’s house more often then not.

* 2561, 12 Fall of Southern Boll and Weaver/Glass-Smith Halls. Telgar Weyr is abandoned. Again, while not physically affected – since survivors seemed to be moving to the holds on the northern continent, Xydrakis is more than aware of the pressure their world is under. The Grubs are steadily failing to maintain the protection of the lush jungle and any hope of having something after the pass ends is fading fast. His uncle, still visiting regularly decides that the Southern Continent will no longer be feasible for his relatives and so moves to evacuate them before the official call to do so. On arriving, Teffis comments that Xydrakis may be suited for candidacy, and so while he offers to take them with him, his sister and her family ask to be left at High Reaches Hold. There is no teary farewell from Xydrakis, both parties being relived to no longer be burdened by the other. The prospect of being eligible for a dragon like Tessiff brings with it a resolve for Xydrakis to do whatever it takes to assist in the survival of their planet, and he throws himself into weyr duties as if he were born to it.
L’ris gifts him with a fire lizard egg, trusting his dragons assessment of the child and deciding that a fire lizard would help prepare him for what he felt would be the inevitable impression of a dragon. The moment the little blue hatches, Xydrakis names him “Lesiff”, after his uncle and his dragon, a tribute to the security the bluerider had offered unwaveringly. He does not dally in teaching the eager flit some basic commands, and while finding the prospect of a larger version of the bond for the future a little daunting, he resolves to do his duty and present himself as soon as he is able.

* 2562, 13 It took longer than anticipated, but Xydrakis hits puberty and loses his virginity in the same month. Able to finally stand for a clutch, he is one of many hopefuls to present themselves to the eggs produced from Rayneth and Blyth’s flight.  It was his first official hatching, and he didn’t quite believe the soft voice in his head telling him their name was Maelboroth. He questioned it for a moment, before realizing that the rainbow eyed brown dragonet was, indeed, bonded to him, and, delighted, he fed the starving creature. Taking the honorific “X’kis”, he threw himself into his weyrling duties with the same eagerness as he had as a candidate, adhering to a rigorous schedule he set himself around his day to day duties to further ensure he was able to fulfill the duties required of him. He had little to no downtime from that point on, dedicating everything he and Maelboroth were to the weyr and the dragons that protected them.

* 2563, 14 Fall of Nabol Hold. The riots and the accusations thrown towards High Reaches Weyr angered X’kis, and he was quick to quiet anyone who thought that Nabol may have had a point. He knew the riders would do their best to protect every person on Pern, and was able to better understand just what that meant now that he lived at the weyr. He had already lost some of his peers to accidents, and despite his young age was aware of the burden he carried as a brownrider.

* 2564, 15 The year Maelboroth and X’kis graduate weyrlinghood. X’kis perseverance pays off and he is placed in a fighting wing straight away, he repeated performance in the weyrling drills and the death of a small bronze dragon opening a slot that needed to be filled. He works hard trying to ensure none of his wingmates are burdened by his appearance among them, and sustains only a few threadscores during the turn, mostly the result of changing fall patterns as opposed to incompetence. Nothing serious however, and he and Maelboroth don’t go more than a day or two without being fighting fit. Ruatha Hold Falls and more refugees swarm the holds, making their job a little easier as holds and cotholds are no longer sustainable.

Partway through the turn Rakaith, Maelboroth’s golden clutchmate rises for the first time and Maelboroth goes to chase, eager to push test his clutchmates in their attempt to catch her. He figured speed wouldn’t be required, and so was lagging behind when Rakaith found herself in the middle of threadfall, the deadly tendrils consuming her and her closest suitors before the group of them just disappeared between. The suddenness of it caused both dragon and rider to reel, though thankfully Maelboroth had returned to the weyr before the storm caught up with him. Rakaith’s rider took her life a heartbeat after, and both dragon and rider swore to do what they could to prevent it happening again. Maelboroth has since taken a look-before-you-leap attitude to chasing queen flights, and developed enough discipline to ignore the call for as long as needed to ensure he didn’t chase when his life could be in danger.

* 2565, 16 The first flight Melboroth wins is with a large green dragon called Seltith, X’kis finding himself completely at home with her rider Cinta. While the woman is slightly older, X’kis ends up moving them to his weyr late in the turn, Cinta becoming pregnant not long after. While he does not shirk in his duty, X’kis finds happiness in the bright, bubbly woman and her equally bubbly dragon, and Maelboroth is content refusing the call of queen flights with a lifemate of his own.

* 2566, 17 After a hard pregnancy and a harder labour, Cinta gives birth to twins. Two beautiful baby girls, Cydra and Xynta who are the picture of health. Cinta stays out of the sky for longer than what she would have to with just one child, however recuperates well by the start of the following turn she is healed up and able to return to the wings. X’kis is delighted at the birth of his first two children, and is glad they won’t have to grow up alone as he did. They go to the crèche as soon as possible, and X’kis and his weyrmate leave their upbringing to the capable hands of the weyrfolk.

* 2567, 18 Cinta falls pregnant early in the turn and is on light duties for most of it. Southern, Delta and Dorado Hold, Ierne Island, and the Dolphineer craft hall all fall this turn, followed by the abandonment of Southern Weyr. Fort Weyr are fortified by the influx of new riders, and his uncle expresses concern with finding suitable candidates for clutches, the tension in the holds from the overcrowding causing even the best searchdragons grief so far as finding suitable minds. A wing change causes X’kis to be in the same wing as his uncle, and their first they develop a deeper connection with one another through their shared experiences. X’kis found himself in the same wing as his uncle. During the early hours before rukbat rose, near the end of a shift, a clump of thread heads towards Maelboroth, unnoticed as they dive for another clump further away. The first they knew of it was when flames seared down X’kis’s side, scorching the dragon hide beneath as L’ris and Teffith swoop down to save them from what would have been a life-threatening threadscore. Uncle dies protecting X’kis and Maelboroth from a nasty clump that had swung in on his blindside. Maelboroth reacted quickly, darting between and offering them swift relief from the burn, reappearing a few coughs later and swinging to seek medical attention for X’kis. MAelboroth was keening as he landed, his eyes whirling with his heartache. At first it seemed as though it was because X’kis was dying, but the burns were painful, but superficial. It was for Lessith that the brown cried, for the blue and his rider had gone between at the same time as Maelboroth and X’kis, they just hadn’t reappeared. The reprieve caused by the burn gave X’kis time to recover mentally, and by the time he was cleared for duty again he was not mourning his uncle’s loss as much as he was previously. He did get some time to spend with his weyrmate, heavily pregnant at the time, and was fighting fit, though a little more wary of the danger he faced.

* 2568, 19 High Reaches Hold falls on the eve of the birth of X’kis third child, a boy he names Linaris after his uncle. He is happy to pass on his uncle’s name, and Cinta allows him to do so, leaving the boy at the crèche and joining the ranks of fighters once more.

* 2570, 21 Maelboroth’s clutchmother, Rayneth is lost to threadfall, and Cinta proves pregnant once more. X’kis is glad that his dragon does not have the same attachments to his brethren as he does, and they continue their duty as per normal, though saddened by the loss of yet another queen. It simply furthers their resolve to keep hatchings safe for future weyrlings.

* 2571, 22 X’kis fourth child is born, another girl they name Tadraki. As with the other children, she is moved to the crèche as soon as Cinta is well enough to rejoin the fighting wings. X;’kis is part of the fighting wings that attempt to save Tillek Hold and the Fisher Crafthall, however they are unsuccessful. He is annoyed at his inability to save the smaller holds and supports the decision to move everyone to Fort Weyr. The chaos of the move results in neither he nor Cinta knowing what becomes of their children,and he finds himself assuming the worse. They are but children afterall, unable to help themselves yet.

* 2573, 24 Intis, their fifth and final child is born, a healthy boy who is taken into the crèche as per Cinta and X’kis usual decision. This is the last time Cinta allows herself to carry a child to term, for though he was born health, Cinta had suffered during the labour, and was unable to return to the fighting wings for the better part of the turn. During one of their brief respites, they discussed this, and while they had no idea what had become of their children, they decided they had done enough to help with keeping the Pern population up thus far and they threw themselves into their duty as they had always done before.

* 2574 – 2580, 25 – 31 These turns blurred together, broken up by Seltith’s flights and the occasional wing changes for both Cinta and X’kis. If their children had survived this long, they did not know it, and while having been on a break during a few hatchings, neither one was in any mind to watch and see if perhaps one of theirs were attending. Any downtime that they manage to spend together is spent preparing themselves and eachother for their next duty.

* 2581, 32 So many dragons in one spot has disasterous results, with six queens rising at once. Seltith, whos own rising usually clashed with a gold ended up attempting to fly at the same time, though the chaos of so many queens in the air at once left her trapped as she had never been before. She tried to fly away from the warring golds, though managed to be inadvertently swept up in the scuffle and disappearing between when she found herself on the receiving end of a gold’s claws. Maelboroth couldn’t do a thing to save her, and the shock brought X’kis to his senses long enough to watch as his weyrmate stepped off her ledge to join her dragon in death.

* 2582 - 2586, 33 - 37 With the death of his weyrmate, X’kis withdrew from those around him completely, committing himself to weyr and duty above all things. He participated in each flight that occurred out of duty, and nothing more, sating his lust as needed before returning to his weyr. He had managed to swap with another brown rider, and no longer held onto the trinkets and adornments that Cinta had insisted on using to personalise their home. Every item was of necessity. His weyr was for recuperating between shifts. Nothing more. If he managed to father more children after this point, he did not know. His focus only on ensuring he was fit and ready for each and every threadfall he was required to fight.

*2587 - 2589, 38 - 40 with threadfall finally finished, Maelboroth and X’kis are sent out to help in the search for somewhere viable for a new home. He’s mortified at the damage he sees, having flown east as per his orders. When he returns, disheartened to have found nothing, he finds that D’bir and Thianorth had found themselves an island for them. As Maelboroth appears capable, X’kis volunteers to be one of the dragons flying straight, taking those that are pregnant or otherwise unable to go between to their new home the long way. It is a long trip, but it provides him with the first semblance of peacefulness since he first realized what was happening with their world. When he is asked to join Mountain Wing to assist with the surveying of their ravished lands, he accepts without hesitation, and together with Maelboroth and Lesiff, upholds his wingleaders orders whatever they may be, returning infrequently to their new home.

He misses the hatching of Black Neisoth, and while irritated by the black dragon’s mannerisms as a weyrling, participates in Kalestath’s flight when the black dragon was mature and concedes defeat to him and his rider. Though there may be temperament issues with the black dragons, X’kis is no stranger to taking on responsibility early in life, and deigns to give S’bok the benefit of the doubt. Either way Neisoth had won the senior gold’s flight, making S’bok his superior.

Curiosity brings him back to the weyr in time for the next hatching, and apart from the exuberance of the little reds, X’kis sees no harm in the tiny creatures. Maelboroth expresses irritation at the black dragonets, and despite their misdemeanor during training X’kis decides to wait to see what the riders themselves become once they hit adulthood.

*2590, 41 Called back in time for Imyth’s flight, Maelboroth and X’kis participate as per their usual duty since the death of Seltith and Cinta. The mass exodus of the larger bronzes, inexperience of the ones still in play and Imyth’s smaller stature all come together so that Maelboroth ends up being the one to catch the pale gold dragon, much to the surprise of the weyr, let alone the rider himself. Maelboroth is uncharacteristically smug about the matter and while stunned, X’kis swears to uphold his duties as weyrsecond with the same unwavering loyalty he has met every other task. It’s the least he could do for the weyr.

They need a bit more competition, X’kismine. We can’t allow Imyth to be easily caught. The soft voice of his dragon hummed through his head with only the faintest hint of flightlust, a feeling neither of them was unfamiliar with. He stood at the entry to their weyr, eyes to the sky as he heard the pale gold bugle her challenge to her would be suitors, little attention given to the sudden appearance and disappearance of so many bronzes that should be participating.

X’kis had been ready for this moment. He’d known the queen was due to fly soon and knew it was their duty as always to provide some competition for the more cocky bronzes. He could outlast many of the smaller and inexperienced ones in the air, and in doing so they wheedled out the ones less suited to father a clutch. It was the least they could do for the weyr, plus it was at least a little fun, particularly when there was no longer the risk of a queen dying from threadfall mid-flight.

So it was with little delay that Maelboroth took him to Junior Weyrwoman Eimarra’s weyr, the slight pause as out of habit, the massive brown checked the sky ahead of the queen for any threats. There wasn’t much he could do if she were in danger, but he could at least minimize the risks to himself.

X’kis, disciplined as ever stood back from the ledge, face darkening as he glimpsed the young woman so precariously perched. But there would be no moving her. No until the winner was found. As his vision started to overlap with his dragons, the brown deciding the sky was clear enough for him to join, he found himself noting those dragonriders who stepped forward, trying to match their faces to the glistening hides he was approaching. He took a deep breath, looking out towards the weyrbowl and the myriad of dragons he sotted in the distance, releasing the final barrier to fully meld with his bonded’s mind and give the queen a proper chase.

Maelboroth was in fine form, keeping an eye on Imyth’s twists and turns while pacing himself for the long flight ahead. He may not have had the same agility as smaller browns, but he was a match for most bronzes, and the pale queen was larger again, giving him plenty of opportunity to anticipate her erratic pattern. He had chased greens in his past, and while queens may fly for longer, they had nothing on the sporadic pattern of their comparatively tiny brethren.

X’kis found himself relaxing into the familiar rhythm of a queen flight, swaying slightly on his feet as he mirrored his dragons actions in the air, the odd, double overlay of his vision swimming with that of Maelboroth’s.

The Brown dragon glance to either side, disappointed to see so many dropping out as the first mark passed. Where were the suiters to match such a beauty. A dragon worthy of fathering a clutch for the pale gold. Do not let their pretty words fool you. You are worth far more than they would have you believe. he whispered, the voice soft in Imyth’s mind, even as it would jeer at the others giving chase. He would not tolerate an easy win. There were only so many worthy of flying a queen and he would not tolerate any less.

He remained mostly silent, almost smug as his superior stamina started wheedling out the younger bronzes. The bronzes who were not suited to this queen. Let them try with the weyrling who would rise in a turn or two. Imyth was not for them.

X’kis stepped closer as the current failures began to step out of the weyr, a leaden motion that was but a parody of Maelboroth’s own distance from the queen. This flight was different to normal. Maelboroth had a determined edge that he did not usually have. X’kis had trouble separating his thoughts, finding himself sneering at the thought of another winning. There were too many whelps in this flight. Too many participants that hadn’t been tested. Imyth deserved better.

He cruised behind her, wings burning with a familiarity that drove him forward with more determination than before, following her movements, pulling away from the less agile of his own bretheren, his stamina pushing him forward as she bellowed her challenge to the sun.

X’kis and Maelboroth moved at the same time, the brown pushing past his competitors to latch onto the larger dragon as his rider grabbed the woman from behind, twirling her away from the ledge and laying her on her bedfurs in one fell swoop, his dragon pressing his body against hers as they mimicked eachother, mind and body one as they claimed their mate.

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No One Lives Forever
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Spoiler for Dragon:

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
03.10.2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 35m
Mature Height: 8m
Mature Wingspan: 61m

General Appearance...

When Maelboroth first hatched he was a light golden brown creature, an almost pinkish hint to his underbelly but otherwise solid in colour. He was in no way a large dragonet, barely meeting the Maximum size for a blue hatchling but it was only a few months before it was clear that wouldn’t always be the case. For the first two turns of his life Maelboroth grew in leaps and bounds, his colouring growing darker with each growth spurt and producing a rather starking patterning on top of a zinnwaldite brown base. His underbelly remained that soft pinkish brown, and his wingsails the golden brown of his hatching, seeping to the underside via the edge before turning as dark as the rest of his hide. An almost feathery patchwork made itself known as he reached adulthood, around his neck, the arms of his wings, hind legs and along his tail.

By the time he was an adult, Maelboroth rivaled small bronzes for size, and was able to keep up with them as easily as if he were that rank himself. He never quite got the memo that he was large, though, and often forgets that he is imposing without deciding to hold himself fully upright, a fact that he is often being remined of by his bonded whenever X’kis believes he may be scaring someone not wholly accustomed to seeing a full grown dragon.


Mind Voice: Soft and kind, with only a hint of authority to it. Maelboroth primarily sounds as though he’s merely suggesting or guiding you when he speaks, though It can get a harsher tone to it when he feels like he needs to reprimand some upstart dragon.


Encouraging Others: Maelboroth is the sort of dragon who enjoys pushing other dragons (and some people) to their limits forcing them to reach their full potential. During the pass this habit could keep a dragon pair motivated enough to continue an extra leg of threadfall without causing themselves or others injury. Since the pass ended, it comes across on both his duties to his wing and whenever he’s home for a gold flight. He understands the need for strong, solid bloodlines and will often push the lazier dragons to work that little bit harder, or test his wingmates on their ability to recall areas they’ve been.

Relaxing : He’s as bound to duty as his bonded, however Maelboroth is much quicker to unwind when returning to the weyr and is more than happy to take the time to bask in the sunlight or spend that teeny bit longer picking out the perfect herbeast for a meal. On occasion he’ll find himself in the weyrbowl just watching the world go by, enjoying the busy atmosphere of the weyr they so frequently leave.

Socialising : Despite their duties pulling them away from the weyr time and time again, this brown dragon thoroughly enjoys conversations with his peers. Be they weyrlings or dragons older than he, where his rider is guarded and solitary, Maelboroth prefers the company of others.

Solitude : Sure he’s gonna be fine doing what is required of him, and assisting in the remapping of the devastated planet is a huge deal that needs to be undertaken. He understands he’s the perfect sort of dragon for the job, but so much time away from other dragons gets to him. He does his best to follow X’kis wherever he may go, and when that’s not possible with go so far as to order Lesiff to stay and keep him company. Thankfully he doesn’t fond himself in thise situations often, though it doesn’t make him dread the possibility any less. A mental link isn’t quite enough for him.

Arrogance : If you’re born a higher rank than him, that’s fine. Browns are the middle dragon, Bronzes and golds are higher, and on occasion you may find yourself having to obey orders from a lower ranked dragon because their position is higher than you. Maelboroth understands all this. X’kis has drilled the idea into him since he was first hatched. Unfortunately not all dragons seem to have gotten that memo and Maelboroth despises both dragons and humans who insist on rubbing their higher ranking into the faces of himself, his rider, or those he calls friend. He sees no point in flaunting your status when it is always clear what that is. This goes the same for someone of lower rank feeling the need to treat others like they’re higher than the gold dragons who are practically the lifeforce of the weyr. He just will not stand for that sort of tom-foolery, and is willing to put a stop to it wherever he can. Unfortunately this puts the current lot of black weyrlings smack bang in his line of fire, the little devils not seeming to have the usual inherent respect for their superiors that most dragons are born with. He’s been reassured that they’ll turn out fine, but he’s just a little peeved by the prospect.

Laziness : There’s no place for it. There’s a marked difference in taking a break because you’ve earned it and taking a break because you feel like it, and Maelboroth will do his best to put a stop to anyone who crosses that line.

* PATIENT : Maelboroth isn’t the kind of dragon who rushes into anything. He knows that most things take time to achieve and never feels the need to speed the end result along. This gives him the opportunity to assess situations better, good or bad, and has saved his hide many a time, particularly when one accounts for the suddenness of threadfall at the worst possible moments. Chasing a gold without first waiting to make sure it would be a safe flight could get you killed, and he quickly learnt the art of suppressing the urge to rise until he was certain he should.

* STAMINA : Maelboroth is naturally built for long distance flying, and from the moment he was first able to support him and his rider in the air, he has been utilizing this natural gift. He was able to manage an entire shift of threadfall within the first year after graduating weyrlinghood, finding himself less tired the older, and more practiced he became. Since moving to Fort Island, and joining Mountain Wing, his stamina has continued to be incredibly high, with long journey’s of straight flying assisting in further strengthening this aspect.


* AGILITY : So he’s brilliant at keeping up with most dragons, but that makes him less able to maneuver in the sky. This puts him at a distinct disadvantage for green flights that are a force catch, as often the more agile dragons are capable of keeping up with the quick, agile green dragons. Since the loss of his weyrmate, he has been mostly unsuccessful in green flights because of this disadvantage, and while capable of sustaining longer flights than most browns and the smaller bronzes, has little chance of keeping up with the larger, stronger bronzes that are usually the sort to win a queen flight. Without the patience to assess situations before making drastic moves, Maelboroth would most likely have succumbed to the all consuming thread during the first years of actually flying a fall.

* STEALTH: Maelboroth wasn’t always in the “Largest Brown” category, and despite having decades to get used to his size, there are times where he thinks he’s a little smaller than he actually is. He can’t sneak up on someone, get into every section of the weyr or zip in and out of places unnoticed, and it causes him some grief. Particularly in exploring the ruins of the old continent, there have been quite a few times where his lack of an understanding for the space he takes up gets him and X’kis in literal tight spots.

Dragon Speech Code:
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Spoiler for Flit:
[*img]Waiting ‘til accepted[/*img]

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
07.04.2561 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr

General Appearance...

A pale blue fit who’s appearance is opposite of Maelboroth’s own. Where Maelboroth is a large, primarily dark dragon, Lesiff is a pale, tiny flit. A Diamond Blue covers his entire body, broken by midnight blue markings, like he’s dipped himself in paint. He is fast, able bodied flit, with some minor threadscoring from his time assisting Maelboroth in the air (as much as a firelizard can actually assist a dragon that is.)


Mind Voice: Crisp and Clear. He doesn’t say much but when he sends an image he gets his point across with minimal issues. He’s also learned to parrot a few key words regarding his duties, making for a better level of communication.

Challenges : The harder the task, the more determined Lesiff is to achieve it. He’s been known to hassle X’kis for something to do when he is bored, and is nice and quick when he ends up being given something.

Straight Flying : Lesiff may not be able to fly the distance himself, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the trips away from the weyr. With both Maelboroth and X’kis as a reference point, he’s able to wander off to do his own thing before jumping between whenever he needs to catchup. When not going off to explore on his own, he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to feel as though he’s the one flying at such speed and distance, attaching himself to Maelboroth as much as possible, sometimes along his tail, and sometimes closer to his snout. He’s as small as blue Firelizards get, so he’s never too much of a problem for Maelboroth.

Failing : It doesn’t happen often, and lesso when one considers how long he’s been around for, but Lesiff despises failing in a task. It doesn’t matter if it was his fault or not, failing to locate food, or being unable to find a previous landmark because the landscape had changed can cause him to mope, sometimes for days depending on how badly he feels he failed. You can usually build his confidence back up fairly quickly, however it can be annoying initially.

Disobedient Flits : Lesiff loathes these freeloaders. The older the freeloader, the more he dislikes them, since only the most recently hatched have the excuse of not having been born mid catastrophe. They were only small, but they don’t have many things that they need to do. You listen to your bonded and you pull your weight as much as you can. It’s not hard. To have so many flitters in one space, essentially wasting theirs sand everyone else’s time is deplorable.

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Spoiler for Hidden:

Play By:

As it’s spelt
Tay, Tavle
Date of Birth:
32.09.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Tayvelle is fair haired with hazel eyes. She’s short, only brushing the 1.5 metre mark on her tiptoes. She is equally petite, making her wher that is oftentimes standing beside her all the more imposing. Despite her small size, Tayvelle holds herself as if she were a larger woman, and will not hesitate to stand toe to toe with someone regardless of whether she can see eye to eye.

Her clothing choices are practical, no need for embellishments and layers of skirts, preferring the simpler dress of tunic and britches regardless of the occasion. Her left ear does house two small steel rings through the cartilage near the top, often on display as she keeps her hair pulled back so it does not fall in front of her eyes while she works. She keeps herself tidy outside of working hours, and will not shirk a bath for “better uses” of her time, though isn’t concerned about accumulating a layer of grime throu8ghout the day.

She holds herself as if she is someone of importance, incredibly sure of herself and ever so slightly intimidating with a slightly beakish nose and a serious set to her face. Given reason enough she may stray from her normal appearance, though it needs to be a good reason. Appearance only counts for so much in the world and she’s not going to dress up for just anything.

In private she shows a more relaxed façade, though not many people are graced with this aspect of her.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She had her own problems to deal with. She wasn’t exactly fond of finding other peoples issues. While she experienced loss, she hardened her heart to it and instead focussed on her craft.

Response to dragon color mutations: Nothing but a curiosity. What’s the fuss about? Willing to get in a fight abou tthem if you really want.

Who are you...

Skycoursers – Since the beastcraft has been decimated during the catastrophe, Tayvelle was taught about all aspects of the craft, including the long dead specialty of Coursers. The records regarding the giant predatory wherries drew her in from the very beginning, and she continued to pursue information about them long after the initial coverage of the Skycoursers of old.

Teaching an old wher new tricks – Tavlesk is a clever wher, and when the opportunity arises, Tayvelle revels in teaching him new commands. It can be frustrating at times, particularly as she works to try and communicate in a way the wher can understand, and with the constant chatter he presses onto her, it can become downright confusing. But there is very few things she likes more than the where carrying out the instruction correctly for the first time, let alone when he learns the verbal cue to do it without hesitation.

Gold flights – Since moving to the weyr, Tayvelle has experienced her fair share of gold flights, and the overpowering lust has always led to an irresistible urge to fuck. Fortunately, the queen flights seem to affect everyone the same way, and with the more traditionally minded holders holed up in their homes, the remaining denisens floating about are always up for a romp or two in the bedfurs. No commitment. No attachment. And only the occasional complication arising from a poorly selected bedpartner.
Pushovers -  Tayvelle loves a good fight, so someone that isn’t willing to spar with her, verbally or otherwise is met with instant distaste. Let alone the sort that are willing to agree with her just to get her off their back. Rolling over and agreeing to stop a fight is utter runnershit. Fight for what you believe in, don't just agree because you think you should.

Traditionalists – Traditional views have no place in the current world. It got people killed during the catastrophe (or so she heard) and it caused unnecessary tension in their new home. A new home was the chance for a new start, not the place to thrust your old-world views on everything and everyone around you. Not to mention that traditionalists just remind her of her parents. A memory she would rather keep as far behind her as possible.

 Mending clothes - She's not a weaver for a reason. She’d rather let a hole remain until such point as she can no longer get away with wearing the garment than fix it herself. She can sew. Her mother was a stickler for showing her how. She just thinks there are people who are perfectly happy doing it for her, and would rather palm it off on the weaver hall if she is able to get away with it. Sewing herself is strictly a last resort.

* STRONG :  Despite her tiny size Tayvelle is both mentally and physically strong. She can quite literally carry her own weight and has only the teeniest issue man-handling her wher when he’s getting a little too exuberant for her liking. This has come in particular handy in transporting feed to the woolbeast, as well as physically moving them into a position better suited for sheering, since a poorly held woolbeast could result in unnecessary blood being spilt.

* SCRAPPY : Tayvelle never shies away from a fight, perfectly capable of trading blows with the best of them. She has loose morals as far as fisticuffs go, however, and will not hesitate to fight dirty to win. She does not care about getting a little bruised and battered, and has only occasionally failed to show up for her beastcraft classes and/or shifts because she’d ended up on the losing end of a fight.
* PROTECTIVE : A trait she and her wher both share, though one that does not get seen very often, Tayvelle will fight tooth and nail for those she holds deer. At the moment, that’s primarily her wher, and the woolbeast she specialises in, though if someone can get in past that tough exterior, they may find she will be just as protective over them as she is over her wher and the woolbeast.

* BOLD : Tayvelle has no qualms about approaching someone if she wants to. If she wants to say something, Faranth knows she will. If it leads to a fight, even better. It does lend itself to an adventurous spirit, a refusal to let the world knock her down. She’s going to face any issues she may have head on, and will not go beating around the bush if she has a point to make.

* INDEPENDENT : Tayvelle hasn’t relied on others since the day she left home. She may have been using the Beastcraft as a security blanket, a buffer to stop her being dragged away by the family she had abandoned, but ultimately she would have managed without the craft. Not as well, surely, but she would have found a way. She understands she is fully capable of relying on herself, and has no misgivings about whether she should be relying more on others. She’ll do what she needs to do, and does not need someone else holding her hand for anything.


* CONTRARY : It doesn’t matter how much Tayvelle may agree to you, chances are she’s going to go the opposite direction. She enjoys a good fight, and even if she has to go against her actual thought processes, she’ll do it. Just so she can argue with you. This can be counterproductive, and if she let people close enough, they’d see it for what it is. In the meantime, she may be pro Black dragons one day, and then against them the very next. It just depends on who’s asking and whether she can get a rise out of them.

* TACTLESS : Tayvelle isn’t going to care about hurting feelings, especially when something needs to be said. She doesn’t mince words and she doesn’t necessarily care about whether what she says is going to cause offense... To be honest, if she thinks she’s going to offend someone by saying something, she’s more likely to seek them out so she can say it.

* UNTRADITIONAL : Outside of the requirements specified to her regarding her role as an apprentice within the beastcraft, Tayvell refuses to adhere to hold or Weyr tradition. She is wary of punishment, and doesn’t want to lose her position, but beyond that she is unwilling to conform to most standards and is willing to breach protocol if she feels as though there is a better way to achieve something. Particularly if she think sshe’ll either get away with it, or escape with only a firm warning for being a shit.
* HOLDS GRUDGES : Tayvelle only offers one chance. If you fuck that up. If you screw her over, breach her trust or otherwise cross a line she’ll warn you. She’ll tell you that you’ve fucked up. That she’s not impressed. She’ll leave it alone though. One mistake is fine. Two. Two and you’re done. There will be very little you can do to come back from that. She would throw her life on the line for people she trusts, and if you betray that even after being warned. You don’t deserve to be a part in her life anymore. 

* INVASIVE : Tayvelle has no concept of personal space. As far as she’s concerned, it’s all her space, so she’s gonna be up in your face whether you like it or not. It’s not [i[]necessarily[/i] an aggressive thing. It’s more a claim on her space... And you happen to be in it. She just happens to get uncomfortably close really quickly. It helps when she decides she wants to punch you. 

Describe Yourself:

* AGGRESSIVE: ----- She’s not... Subtle in any way shape or form, and will call you out as she sees fit. She’s bristling for a fight at all times and quick to start swinging for the fences. You may not think you deserve it, but Faranth knows she’s got a perfectly good reason for punching you in the face. You might not think it’s a good reason. But she does.

* ARROGANT: ----- Aside from the barrier arrogance puts up between herself and others, Tayvelle truly thinks she is worthy of respect. Her contrary nature and penchant for fights all add to this personality trait, and the extra confidence she exudes both protects her inner self from being hurt by others, and minimises the chances of her being questioned.  She’s come a long way since Fort Hold, and she will not discolour that past by humbling herself around others.

* AFFECTIONATE: ----- She’s not the most approachable of people, even if you manage to find yourself in bed with her, however Tayvelle is an affectionate, tender person deep down. Like, deep. Deep down. And many of her more dominant traits are there to protect herself from potential abuse. She craves affection herself, and while she really only gets it from her wher, at the moment, someone stubborn enough to befriend her, either platonically or in a romantic sense, will find themselves shown a much softer side of the big bad woolbeast crafter.

* DRAMATIC: ----- Blame it on her trying to protect her soft, gooey centre but Tayvelle is prone to theatrics. She’s going to make a big deal out of most things and any event is likely to become the “biggest deal ever” as far as she’s concerned. A trait that developed later in life, and seems to be growing the more she finds herself settling into the somewhat calmer life at Southern Winds.

* LOST: ----- Since she’s worked so hard to develop walls between her and the general populace of those remaining on Pern, Tayvelle gives little thought to where she’s been and where she wants to go now. While she will never seek out her parents, she can’t help the underlying sense of loss at having left everything behind, and at times where she allows herself to be truly vulnerable, the beastcrafter can oft find herself overwhelmed by both her past, and the uncertainty of the future. With few ties beyond her wher and the woolbeast she tends to, Tayvelle doesn’t really have an anchor point in the world. A fact that she works very, very hard to hide from herself.

The Magic Touch: She’s bristly, but she’s quite friendly when you get past that guard she’s put up. Homosexual with no affection at all towards the opposite gender. Has developed a series of whistles and hand gestures to assist with Wher Communication. Wants a few flits to see if they can be taught… And a Terry Wherry Sky Courser.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Holder Evelthra 2550
Father: Taygrohle Peacekeeper, 2548

Siblings: All adoptable. They can be what you want:
2563: 27 Turns
2565: 25 Turns
2567: 23 Turns
2571: 19 Turns
2573: 17 Turns
2576: 14 Turns
2578: 12 Turns
2580: 10 Turns

Children: None

Craft: Beastcraft

Rank: Sr Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2582/12.

Specialty: WoolBeast, Sheering and Healing. Though has taken a keen interest in Skycoursers and is eager to re-introduce the specialisation if given the opportunity.

Education Details: Tayvelle threw herself whole heartedly into her studies in an attempt to cement her place within the craft, knowing that failure would mean having to succumb to her parent’s own aspirations for her and ending up a holderwife for a man she could not, and did not wish to love. As such, she absorbed as much of her lessons as she could, taking a particular interest on the theory behind Skycoursers and aspiring to be one of the people involved in the revitalisation of that craft. While she showed reasonable talent with the remaining beasts of Fort Hold, and now Fort Island, she had a particular talent with the woolbeasts, able to keep them calmer than normal in most situations and having a particular knack for one on one interaction, particularly in Healing and Sheering. When she managed to obtain herself a wher, she raised the creature amongst the woolbeast themselves, so that the wher was as familiar with them as possible, and has not, as of yet, encountered any problems with the wher’s interaction with the woolbeast.

Tell us a story...

* 2570, 0 Tayvelle is born. She’s the fourth child of Evelthra and Taygrohle, traditional holders native to Fort. There were no complications, and for all her parents were concerned, Tayvelle would turn out to be a proper holder as per the expectations for her three siblings.

* 2571-2576, 1-5 Tillek Hold falls and Fort ends up with the remaining Pern Refugees. Tayvelle’s family is that little bit better off than most, though she does not understand why. As her personality has developed, it’s becoming apparent that she’ll be a contrary child, latching onto the word “No” and using it whenever her parents ask her anything. Being so young has its benefits, however, and both her mother and father assume she will grow out of it. A penchant for adventure rears its head the moment she is mobile, with entrances needing to be guarded regularly, more often than not by an older sibling to ensure she doesn’t escape and go wandering around the hold willy nilly.

During this time, Tayvelle is graced with three more siblings, making their family that of nine people. She doesn’t mind the additional persons, though was not pleased at having to share sleeping quarters with them. If they weren’t keeping her up all night, they were invading her bed. The fact she did the same to her older siblings did not occur to her. Nor did the fact that they were all mere babes yet, and despite the additional mouths to feed, the extra company would offer comfort in the turns to come.

* 2577 - 2580, 6 - 10 The last of her siblings are welcomed into the world, and she is given a larger role in caring for them. She’s old enough now, to understand the implications of growing up, with heated discussions between her parents and strangers regarding the marriage possibility of first her siblings, and then, as she got closer to reaching maturity, herself. The older she became, the more she found her parents’ habits upset her. They were inclined to correct her on the smallest things.

“Don’t put your elbows on the table.”

“A lady only speaks when spoken to.”

“Fighting is not a woman’s place.”

And no matter how she defended herself it always came back to the same justification. “You need to act like a proper hold-lady.”

She reacted rebelliously to the limitations set by her parents, sneaking out of their quarters whenever possible, ditching harper lessons and wandering through the hold as often as possible. She couldn’t stand the restrictions imposed on her, and desperately wanted an escape. At first she thought perhaps this would be provided by the boys that would occasionally visit, prospective partners based on her parent’s thoughts on how they would better their standing in the hold that was practically falling apart around them. As innocent as a child was, while she felt no affection for these boys apart from that of a playmate, she was eager to endear herself in the hopes that the turns would pass and she’d be able to go home with one of them, leaving her parents and siblings behind for the rest of her days.

It was by Faranth’s grace that the jaunts around the hold, particularly as the inhabitants became more desperate for their own survival, did not result in something unseemly occurring in her first ten turns. While this could be attributed to the fact that she tended to stick to areas patrolled by her uncles, understanding at least somewhat that there was security in family in high places, it was also in part because though eager to get involved in a brawl, she was smart enough to stay away from battles where she would be unable to win, and maintaining a reputation for fighting dirty when she did end up in a brawl.

* 2581, 11 Early in the turn, Tayvelle bled for the first time, and understanding that this is what they had been waiting for, she eagerly told her parents, smug in the knowledge that in a few sevendays she should be rid of them forever. She was done with being dictated at. Told how she should behave and what not, and if she had to get married to be rid of them, then so be it. At least a husband would mean she would have a 50/50 chance of getting her own way. More if her parents went with one of the boys that were easily cowed by a threat.

Her parents paired her off with the oldest son of a peacekeeper, the decision throwing Tayvelle off as it was not one of the young lads that she had befriended previously.

When she was left alone with him so they could “get to know eachother” he got angry at a comment she made about kids and sex and raped her.

Instead of submitting entirely, Tayvelle fought, and when she had the chance, she packed her things and left. She didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to her siblings, and she wasn’t sure of where to go next, so she aimed only to go as far from her family home as possible.

She found herself amongst beastcrafters come evening, and sought out the first person with a journeyman knot. She finds herself asking Journeyman Elrost permission to join the meagre ranks of the beastcraft, and with a simple acknowledgement that they “need as many hands as they can get” He seeks out the current Woolbeast specialist, since that particular journeyman had yet to locate an apprentice to lend a hand with the skittish beasts. She is given bed and board, and happy with the idea that her parents should not be able to seek her out in time to remove her from the craft, she throws herself into her studies so that she can ensure her face among the crafters.

* 2582, 12 She’s managed well so far within the craft, using her dedication to her studies to deter most people from getting too close. After her 12th name-day, she admits to the journeyman who took her on board that she was not yet 11 when apprenticed, and while scolded for the lie, she was allowed to continue with her lessons, if only because they really did need the extra hands. This is the year that her studies “officially” began, and the previous turn is mostly classed as volunteer work for the “official” apprenticeship once her age is properly known. She’s content with this, and pays little mind to the other apprentices that found their way to the craft as well, happy enough in her isolation.

* 2583, 13 She sought out a wher egg, finding the other crafters who had them were able to complete tasks more efficiently when they were trained right and feeling as though it would assist her in developing a use within the craft. She trades a percentage of her rations for the next turn for the chance at a wher egg, the golden queen allowing her close enough to steal away with a small, blue-tinged egg. When it hatched, she was surprised to find it had housed a bronze, though was quite surprised. Tavlesk proved to be a quick learner, and did not take much time before he recognised friend or foe as far as the woolbeast were concerned. Even as a hatchling he proved to have a high protective streak, both towards Tayvelle and the beasts to which she committed her time.

* 2584 - 2585, 14-15 Her anger at the way she was treated by Torinset has faded, though she will never completely forget., and she is not pursing any relationships outside of the platonic one between herself and her supervising journeyman, though she finds herself paying more attention than normal to a few females within the craft. When a resident gold wher goes for a run, Tavlesk chases and Tayvelle finds herself in bed with her bonded. It was as much a surprise for her as it was for the gold’s bonded, but she couldn’t help wanting to repeat the experience, keeping an eye on future wher runs for any open runs with a female handler. Run-fuelled sex eased some of Tayvelle’s insecurities with herself, and while she doesn’t go out of her way to pursue a romantic relationship, she gains a confidence in herself that allows her to understand her sexuality that little bit more.

Meanwhile, she has managed to teach Tavlesk some basic signals that assist in the separation of the woolbeast from eachother, making a perfectly good herder out of himself. He’s strong enough to protect the flock at night, and gentle enough that the woolbeast seem calm around him, much to Tayvelle’s delight. With his assistance, one on one interaction with the woolbeast becomes easier, and Tayvelle proves quick as well as useful, able to sheer a majority of the beasts on her own, freeing up extra hands for other work with the beasts.

* 2586 - Present 16-20 Tayvelle has pursued a few more flings, becoming bolder and seeking women out outside of wher runs. She has not been able to bring herself to care for men at all, though had she been given the opportunity to discover herself in her own time, she would have found this to be the case regardless of the brutal rape at the hands of Torinset. When thread ends in 2587, Tayvelle is pleased, though uncertain as to where she goes from there. It gives them the opportunity to expand the herds a little, and while she may have only chosen the beastcraft as a way to separate herself entirely from her family, the beasts had grown on her, and it was more than a professional interest that had her looking forward to letting them expand their numbers.

 Still an apprentice, she worked closely with the other beastcrafters in moving the woolbeast (and the rest of the creatures) to their new home on Fort Island, Tavlesk supporting them every step of the way, and even travelling between via dragon a few times to ensure the calm delivery of his flock. So long as there was space on the transporting dragons.

She's settled in nicely at their new home, her continued work with the rest of the beastcrafters keeping her far enough away from the general hold population that she doesn't worry too much about bumping into her parents - or Torinset and his for that matter. Just in case, however, she does not leave her quarters without the Wher by her side, taking comfort in the creatures size alone, Tavlesk's shoulders level with her breasts.

She keeps away from the general holdfolk, finding weyrlife to be much more accomodating than what a holderslife held for her, and their loose opinions as far as sexuality further cements her loyalty to the weyr instead of the more traditional hold.

Despite the chaos that came with the move to fort island, and the massive casualties they still encountered, amongst the hall-less beastcrafters and her woolbeast, Tayvelle has found some semblance of security.  She may not have been tapped yet, but she is confident in her place as part of the craft, knowing that one day, her chance will come.

Perhaps the best thing about the move, however, was the sight of high-flying avians that she suspected, somewhat hopefully, were the just-about-fabled Skycoursers past beastcrafters had tamed to help in the care of their herds. Eager to reignite that particular craft, Tayvelle waits for the opportunity to locate a nest of the birds, and hopes to be one of the first Coursers in their new home.


“Tayvelle, this is Torinset. You should get to know him a little. If things go well, you and he could be wed by the end of the turn.” Her father, voice gentle despite the implied command. In front of him was a man, almost as tall as he was dark hair yet eyes bright, a blue that she imagined would match the colour of the ocean. He looked kind, smiling at her as he moved into the room, sitting himself down on one of the chairs, his eyes, such a brilliant colour, entrancing him.

The ghost of a smile played on her fathers lips as he pulled the door closed – a luxury considering the turmoil their world was in. She heard his voice disappear down the hall, away from them. The scrape of chairs as others, presumably the parents of this potential partner. He was older, much older than she was, almost twenty by the looks of him. But she did not ask. This was her chance to get out. To get away from her parent’s stifling rules. She would not screw it up.

She brushed down her skirts as she sat down opposite him, assessing him with a scrutiny not often seen in a person barely in their eleventh turn. She started the conversation. Simple things. Getting to know the man opposite her. His father was a peacekeeper. That made sense. She had relatives enough on the force, it would be a good way for her parents to cement ties with that crowd. Keep food on the table and such. He was born in fort, also expected, since they would not tolerate outside blood. He was amicable. He didn’t mind finding out that she explored the hold. That she was looking for an out, a way to get away from her family.

He showed sympathy, patting her hand gently. Assuring her that he understood. That he would take her away and they wouldn’t have to come back unless she wanted to. Hi sparents already had a spot reserved for them. A home, all their own.

He mentioned children. She shrugged, shaking her head and pulling his hand away from him. Kids were a big deal. She wasn’t sure she was ready. She didn’t want to deal with a horde of children as her mother had. One or two would be enough, surely.

His face darkened at that, scooting slightly closer as he pushed the conversation further. They’d have to consummate their marriage afterall. And kids were a product of that. Was he denying her his right as a husband? The duty of a woman was to their husband.

She hesitated, tried to explain that she had only just bled. That sex was an unfamiliar thing. That she would need to get used to it. To ease into it.

That’s when she found herself pinned beneath him on the floor. A motion too quick for her to react. Herhead hit the ground with a thump, causing her to feel dizzy instantly. He leant on her, pressing against her torso as he lifted his lower body off her for a moment, one hand keeping her still while the other tugged violently at her skirts. His weight was crushing her. She could hardly breath. Her head hurt and the only thing she could see was his face, eyes still that beautiful blue as the rest of his features contorted in determined rage, twisting the features so that they rivalled that of a wher.

“Learn your place, little girl.” He growled as he pressed against her, all kindness to his words gone, legs forced apart by his own.  He lifted himself off her ever so slightly, positioning himself momentarily before forcing himself into her.

She tried to scream as her groin burned with the forced entry, his hand covering her mouth quickly, having anticipated the reaction before she’d even thought to do it.

There was no way to fight. Though she tried, he was a solid guy, and no amount of struggling could shift him. It was only a minute or so, but it stretched on forever for Tayvelle, tears in her eyes as she fought helplessly to dislodge him, trying to ignore the pain as he thrust into her without remorse.

He finished quickly, grinning smugly as he pulled himself off her. Standing up slowly and glaring down at her, britches around his ankle and cock glistening wetly in the glowlight, shrinking slowly as he towered over her. “That. Is your place, little girl.” He sneered, smirking at the tears that were falling feely down Tayvelle’s cheeks as she lay there, unmoving except for the hitching of her chest as she tried to catch her breath.

Tayvelle gathered herself slowly, the tears that the man viewed as weakness fuelled by her rage. She was tiny, and with the upper hand he had the advantage, surely. So she continued to play the timid part, to pretend as though his aggression had cowed her. Forced her into submission. Not daring to look at those kind, blue eyes for fear of letting him in on her secret.

He had hurt her.

He had forced himself onto her.

She would not let it happen again.

She kept her head bowed, shuffling closer, as if seeking reassurance. An embrace, perhaps. Something to indicate that she was forgiven. That she would be willing to accept his affection now that she knew her place.
He laughed through his nose as he opened his arms to her, nasty smirk not leaving his features as she shuffled closer.

Then it was his turn to deal with unexpected pain. The girl’s shin coming up to crush his balls against his pelvis and forcing him to hunch forward, a delayed attempt to protect his unprotected manhood. His nose met with her tiny fist , face exploding in pain and blood gushing instantly down his face. He stood up again, hands coming to protect his nose.

Tayvelle used his momentum to push him backward, stepping on his foot to stop him from catching himself. He windmilled his arms as he tried to keep his balance, but she bore down on his foot, keeping him as anchored as possible before his teeter took on a critical lean before she stepped off, features stoic as she watched him fall with a heavy thud. She went to storm past him, pausing a moment to bury her foot into his belly, a sneer to match the one he had used earlier coming over her face as he rolled over and curled in on himself, groaning at the pain he was suffering.

She flung open the door to the room she was in, pausing momentarily at her own quarters to retrieve a small bag. She’d packed it so that when they gave the word, she would be ready to move out.

To embrace her freedom.

Well at least that part hadn’t changed.

She paused as she entered the room where their family ate together. Her parents at the table with two strangers. All four of them glanced at her, a frown from her mother at her disarray. Barely hidden rage from her father as he identified the rucksack. The strange woman. Her eyes accused her of something.

And for a moment, Tayvelle hesitated.

Until he looked at her.

Torinset’s father had the exact same eyes as his son.

Tayvelle was done.

“I’m leaving. Keep your sharding betrothal to yerselves.” She growled, spitting at the floor before moving to leave her home, daring one of them to stop her. Knowing she wouldn’t hesitate to thump any one of them if they dared drag her back. She was walking away now. She would find somewhere else to go.

This was no longer home, for her.


Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring. It. On
Anything Else: So long as it meets SWW canon, I'd like Tayvelle to play a part in the reintroduction of Skycoursers. I would like her to remain an apprentice until such a time as this is a possibility, and if it works, would like her to be tapped only after she has aided in the rekindling of that specialty. (If she deserves to be tapped at all. Also, all family members are currently adoptable. She has links to Notkerric and her siblings are as of yet unnamed, ungendered and unranked.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Coloured by IIIVIE
Wher Details

Rhymes with Tablet
Date of Birth:
18.05.2583 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Odd blue tinge but otherwise stock standard. No larger or smaller than the average wher egg though Tayvelle was moderately surprised that it produced a Bronze.
Mature Length: 4.5m
Mature Height: 1.35m

General Appearance...

Small at birth, Tavlesk grew rapidly, meeting the maximum measurements of a bronze Wher. Despite his massive proportions, Tavlesk is a bouncy, happy sort of wher in private, and acts every bit as if he forgets he’s no longer a tiny, muscly hatchling. He is mainly an almost golden bronze, with splashes of duller bronze covering sections of hide, as if someone threw a bucket of dye over him that never washed out. His wings are definitely useless, smaller than what they would be for your average wher, and he’s leaner than normal, slightly longer in the body and shorter in his tail, giving him a knack for turning quickly. He can appear intimidating to those who do not know him, or when he feels as though you are  athreat to his flock, but privately is a very relaxed, laidback sort of creature.


Empathetic: Despite an outward appearance of stoic nonchalance, his mental chatter while mostly unintelligible is constant. There is constant emotional feedback being pushed along the bond he shares with Tayvelle, usually centred around the task at hand and while never pushy, it can get a little frustrating never having a true moment of peace. It does make it easier to tap into the bond to aid with understanding commands, however, so Tayvelle doesn’t discourage it.

 Likes: Woolbeast – He was raised among the flock, and so they’re like family to him. It is just himself and Tayvelle at home if you don’t count Tayvelle’s sporadic lady friends, so the woolbeast provide a nice social escape for him. He enjoys working with them, and has no qualms about remaining in their company whenever necessary. While he understands that others are capable of watching them as well, he much prefers the opportunity to wander amongst the beasts day or night.

Music – They say music sooths the beast, and for Tavlesk this is certainly true. He doesn’t even require it to be good music. A blessing, really, since Tayvelle can’t sing on key if her life depended on her. It’s more about the rhythm of the tune that makes Tavlesk happy, and he can be calmed easily simply by playing a tune.

Dislikes: Strangers – It was drilled into him from the day he first hatched. Strangers meant possible danger to his flock. Tayvelle never explained that strangers could also cause her problems, though it wasn’t really required. Any new person to try and approach the flock needs to be introduced to him personally to prevent grievous bodily harm, particularly at night when Tayvelle is not necessarily awake enough to prevent him from doing so. The years spent protecting the flock from hungry holders has made him overly cautious in this regard, and it’s only through strict training that he hasn’t hurt someone.

Dragons – Having mainly been protecting the fort hold flock, Tavlesk’s duties primarily revolved around stopping greedy humans from stealing away with a woolbeast in the night. Since moving to their new home, however, Tavlesk has come to the understanding that dragons are responsible for those members of his flock that just go missing on occasion. He’s not going to outright challenge the giant cousins, though if one tries to approach the main part of his flock, he’s going to be vocal about keeping them away. Tayvelle has to keep him occupied whenever a woolbeast is needed to be moved to the feeding pens.


* HERDING : Despite being as large as a Bronze Where can get, Tavlesk can move with surprising speed. he's built with that little bit of extra finesse that allows him to herd the woolbeast efficiently, able to adjust for any sudden movements they make with minimal effort. Growing up around the creatures has made him receptive to their odd quirks, and he's easily able to carry out the relevant work with them as required.

* PROTECTIVE : As with many wher, Tavlesk is as protective as they come, loyal to his bonded to a fault and ready and willing to give his life for Tayvelle and anything/anyone he is charged to protect. He is perfectly willing to ignore the nocturnal instinct of his kind to better be able to care for his flock, and relies heavily on Tayvelle’s verbal commands during daylight hours to be able to serve them dutifully without being incapacitated by that blasted Rukbat.


* SENSE OF SMELL : Woolbeast can be a very overpowering scent at the best of times, and in tending to his herd, Tavlesk has had to rely heavily on what he can hear, as scents don’t give him enough insight to be able to maintain control over the flock. Tayvelle has developed a series of sounds, mainly whistles and the occasional word that gives Tavlesk instruction on where to go and how to approach, however since he’s worked on this aspect of his sensory input for so many years, his sense of smell is not nearly as great as most wher, making tracking by smell almost impossible. This makes him heavily reliant on Tayvelle being able to provide insight on incoming threats during the day, though his vision during the cooler nights more than makes up for Tayvelle’s lack there-of.

* SIZE : Tavlesk forgets he’s large. He probably think she should have been born a green. That is, if wher’s had a capability to think that way. It’s more that he never correlated the fact that he eventually towered over the woolbeast he tended to with the idea that he’d gotten larger. Combined with his overly enthusiastic motions when not on duty, and Tavlesk has broken more than his fair share of furnishings. He’s gotten stuck in holes much too small for him, done his best to crush his bonded by trying to scramble into her lap – never mind being almost as tall as she is and has a teeny habit of trying to get a little too friendly with the newborn woolbeasts when he feels like getting “up close and personal” with the new flock members.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Updating Thread Tracker
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Spoiler for Colour Key:
Not Started

|| 20/02/2587 ~ 14:00 || Moving to Fort Island || Nycolus
|| 10/10/2587 ~ 18:00 || Firelizard Training || Sokon
|| 28/10/2587 ~ 18:30 || The Perfect Excuse to Skip Evening Chores || K'zaya


|| 13/01/2589 ~ 13:00 || How am I going to be an Optimist About This? || Oarlen
|| 16/04/2589 ~ 08:00 || Wasting Everybody's Time || Oarlen


Month 1
|| 03/01/2590 ~ 20:30 || Fields of Green and Skies of Blue || Sokon
|| 04/01/2590 ~ 16:00 || Thread for Sokon and Nishi
|| 12/01/2590 ~ 20:00 || Nothing in this Wicked World is Free || Oarlen
|| 16/01/2590 ~ 08:43 || A Fair Affair || Sokon
|| 17/01/2590 ~ 20:00 || Don't Count Your Flits Before They Hatch || Oarlen
|| 20/01/2590 ~ 08:00 || Not Sure if Punishment or Big Brother Abuse || Oarlen
|| 20/01/2590 ~ 20:00 || A Good Place to Hide || Oarlen
|| 21/01/2590 ~ 20:00 || Chasing Candidate Colvin || Oarlen
Month 2
|| 04/02/2590 ~ 16:00 || A Little bit of Mentoring || Sokon
|| 21/02/2590 ~ 20:00 || A Debt Owed || Oarlen
Month 3
|| 02/03/2590 ~ 09:00 || Painted Wings and Other Things || Sokon
|| 08/03/2590 ~ 20:30 || Flit Training || Oarlen
|| 31/03/2590 ~ 16:00 || Proportions Smortions || Sokon
|| 36/03/2590 ~ 16:00 || Some Mental Exercises || Sokon
Month 4
|| 02/04/2590 ~ 08:23 || Weeds and Firelizard Sneeze || Oarlen
|| 02/04/2590 ~ 12:00 || Let’s Start a Riot || OarlenSokon
|| 02/04/2590 ~ 13:00 || Today is a Mess || Oarlen
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|| 06/04/2590 ~ 06:45 || A Bittersweet Homecoming || Nycolus
|| 05/04/2590 ~ 21:00 || Stalking = More Firelizards! || Oarlen
|| 07/04/2590 ~ 04:30 || Like the Pinwheels of Your Mind || K'zayaX'kis
|| 07/04/2590 ~ 05:30 || Tired of Waiting || K'zaya
|| 07/04/2590 ~ 18:00 || Another Gold's Flight Winner || X'kis
|| 08/04/2590 ~ 20:30 || Watching the herdbeast || Sokon
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Betting scoring~
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Spoiler for Points:
General Bet:
1 Point for every correct colour

Specialty Bets:
2 Points:
Correct Egg Colour; or
Correct Hatching Order; or
Correct Impression Order

4 Points:
Correct Egg Colour & Correct Hatching Order; or
Correct Egg Colour & Correct Impression Order; or
Correct Hatching Order & Correct Impression Order

6 Points:
Correct Egg Colour & Correct Hatching Order & Correct Impression Order

Dud Egg: 10 Points
Mutation: 10 Points +10 Points if you pick the colour too
Hatchling Betweens: 10 Points
Spoiler for Examples:
Sample Clutch
Egg Colours:
001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009 | 010
Hatching Order:
007 | 002 | 008 | 009 | 005 | 003 | 006 | 004 | 001 | 010
Impression Order:
007 | 008 | 003 | 001 | 006 | 009 | 004 | 005 | 002 | 010

Example 1:
General Bet 1
1 Bronze, 2 Black, 3 Brown, 2 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Red
1 Bronze [+0], 2 Black [+2], 3 Brown [+2], 2 Blue [+1], 1 Green [+1], 1 Red [+1]
Score = 7
Spoiler for Explanation:
1 Bronze - Sample Clutch has 0 Bronzes [+0]
2 Black - Sample Clutch has 2 Blacks [+2]
3 Brown - Sample Clutch has 2 Browns [+2]
2 Blue - Sample Clutch has 1 Blue [+1]
1 Green - Sample Clutch has 2 Greens [+1]
1 Red - Sample Clutch has 3 Reds [+1]
Total score for General bet is 7 out of a possible 10
Spoiler for Egg Prize Suggestions::
"Colour-tastic" - For being able to guess all of the colours in a clutch (General Bet)
"So close" - Guessing 90% of the colours
"Perfect Round" - For guessing all egg colours, all hatching orders or all impression orders correctly
"Inconceivable" - Guessing all Egg Colour & Hatching Order or Egg Colour & Impression Order or Hatching Order & Impression Order Correctly
"Hacker!" - Guessing every single thing correctly which means you must be Alahn or Sanctified using a guest account >_>
"Long Shot" - Guessing a dud, mutation or betweening hatchling correctly
"You Monster!" - Betting on a hatchling betweening
"Fail-Whale" - Attempting one or more of the "Specialty Bets" and not getting any of them right.
Spoiler for Sample WIPs:
Code: (General Bet) [Select]
[Script]Player Name [/script]
[bronzed]Bronze:[/bronzed] ##
[blackd]Black:[/blackd] ##
[Brownd]Brown:[/brownd] ##
[Blued]Blue:[/blued] ##
[Greend]Green:[/Greend] ##
[Redd]Red:[/redd] ##
[B]Dud:[/b] ##
[B]Mutation:[/b] ##
[B]Mutation Colour:[/B] Colour
[B]Hatchling [i]Betweens[/i]:[/b] ##
Spoiler for General Bet:
Player Name
Bronze: 3
Black: 1
Brown: 5
Blue: 5
Green: 6
Red: 3
Dud: 1
Mutation: 1
Mutation Colour: Purple
Hatchling Betweens: 4

Code: (Scoring) [Select]
[bronzed]Bronze:[/bronzed] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Score][+Bonus]
[blackd]Black:[/blackd] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Score][+Bonus]
[Brownd]Brown:[/brownd] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Score][+Bonus]
[Blued]Blue:[/blued] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Score][+Bonus]
[Greend]Green:[/Greend] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Score][+Bonus]
[Redd]Red:[/redd] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Score][+Bonus]
[B]Dud:[/b] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Bonus]
[B]Mutation:[/b] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Bonus]
[B]Mutation Colour:[/B] | [i]Guessed [i] | Correct | [+Bonus]
[B]Hatchling [i]Betweens[/i]:[/b] | [i]Guessed ##[/i] | Correct ## | [+Bonus]
Spoiler for Sample General Scoring:
Player Name
Bronze: | Guessed 3 | Correct 3 | [+3][+2]
Black: | Guessed 1 | Correct 2 | [+1][+0]
Brown: | Guessed 5 | Correct 3 | [+3][+0]
Blue: | Guessed 5 | Correct 4 | [+4][+0]
Green: | Guessed 6 | Correct 6 | [+6][+2]
Red: | Guessed 3 | Correct 2 | [+3][+0]
Dud: | Guessed 1 | Correct 1 | [+10]
Mutation: | Guessed 1 | Correct 0 | [+0]
Mutation Colour: | Guessed Purple | Incorrect | [+0]
Hatchling Betweens: | Guessed 4 | Correct 1 | [+10]

Points Tally: 20
Bonus Tally: 24

Total Score: 44

Code: (Specialty Bet) [Select]
[b]Egg ###[/b] | Hatch#th/Dud | [colord]Colour[/colord]/Mutation(Colour) | Impress/Between
[b]Egg ###[/b] | Hatch#th/Dud | [colord]Colour[/colord]/Mutation(Colour) | Impress/Between [b]Egg ###[/b] | Hatch#th/Dud | [colord]Colour[/colord]/Mutation(Colour) | Impress/Between
Spoiler for Sample Specialty Bet:
Egg 001 | Dud
Egg 002 | Hatch 1st | Bronze | Impress 2nd
Egg 003 | Hatch 21st | Mutation (Purple) | Impress 21st
Egg 004 | Hatch 10th | Blue | Between
Egg 005 | Hatch 2nd | Bronze | Impress 7th
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Grandma Berlya
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Spoiler for Hidden:

Play By:
Maggie Smith

First Name:
Berry or Grandma Lya (Not to be confused with the other Lyas, her children or her grandchild)
Date of Birth:
12.10.2527 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Benden Weyr
Nerek, Journeyman Weaver deceased

Your Reflection...

Hair always in the same knotted bun, a twisted silver ring from a long time ago always on her finger, usually holding a number of threads for her, and skirts billowing over her ever present gnarled chair, Grandma Lya hasn’t changed much from her younger years, other than to become more pruned than the fishers who spend all their days under the sea. She doesn’t mind though, such comes from the ever present passage of time, and anyone who is rude enough to mention it gets cuffed around the ear for basic lack of manners.

Grandma Lya always wears full skirts in base colours and long, loose sleeved shirts that taper to cuffed wrists. She doesn’t need bright colours for her clothes. The cuffs are the perfect place to store needles, the loose sleeves allow her not to prick her age worn skin, her full skirts provide protection for her knees, a place for her flitters and grandchildren to grab and some small cushioning in her old age for her chair.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Get over it. People died, homes were lost, it was bad. But you know what else happened? People fell in love, had children, new dragons were born, new dresses made, sweetrolls were just as sweet. If you’re here at Southern Winds Weyr, you survived. You disgrace those who didn’t (her children, husband and grandchildren among them) if you keep wining about it instead of doing something valuable with it.

Response to dragon color mutations:
Dragons are dragons, they need saddles and food and to be oiled just like their more common counterparts. She knows her son is more hesitant, and he does know more about dragons than she does, but he also doesn’t have to know that she knows that. She’ll treat them like all the rest.

Who are you...

Sweet Rolls: Who doesn’t like sweet rolls? It’s a good way to curry good favour with a master weaver.
Listening to harpers: Basically, she loves music, but she vastly prefers listening to a trained harper than those few relatives of hers who think they have musical talent. She’s not very good at hiding her true feelings about their talent.
Dragons: She mightn’t admit it aloud to anyone, but she always wanted to be a rider. She loves her weaving, but the thought of flying on dragon back has been an unspoken love for her. That was why she specialised in dragon saddles, so that she could at least be close to them.

Strong Smells: They offend her delicate sensibilities, she despises work in the dye room because of it.
Fish: She understands it is the easiest meat to produce for a weyr. She understands that the weyr needs meat. She understands that she needs to eat it. But that doesn’t stop her from complaining after every sharding bite.
Facial Hair: It ruins a perfectly good face. But it does make for a good reason to nag her only surviving son.


* Focus : Grandma Lya can concentrate on any garment, no matter how boring or tedious, for any length of time that’s required.

* Iron Will : Not only can she concentrate for great lengths of time, but she refuses to give up on anything she deems necessary. This extends to projects, people, ideals, traditions, all of the above really. Some people call it stubbornness… just not to her face.

* Commanding : If you want something done, you have to do it yourself, and if you can’t do it yourself, you have to tell everyone else how it’s done. It makes her a very good teacher, and helps for when she’s measuring saddle sizes for the younger dragons.

*  Love : Grandma Lya is everyone’s grandma, unless you break the two strikes rule. She has an abundance of love and caring for those who need it.

* Gratitude : She gives thanks and compliments wherever they are deserved, even if she isn’t particularly a fan of the person in question.


* Memory : She could lie and say it’s just something that happens with old age but she’s never really had a good short term memory. Her long term is fine, but short term isn’t great.

* Strength : Grandma Lya has always been wiry and thin, strength has simply never been her strong suit. Thankfully she’s never really needed it, and has always been happy to order someone bigger than her to do said job.

* Low pain tolerance : It doesn’t really come into play much, except she swears a lot when pricking her fingers while weaving, but she makes no bones about warning her children, grandchildren, and anyone who will listen about the pain of giving birth. It took her a long time for every one of her children and she was never happy about it.

* Unforgiving : Anyone above the age of 12 is held to a 2 strike standard. Piss her off twice and she’ll pretty much never talk to you again.

* Tactless : As giving and loving as she is, she’s a real straight talker. And if she does manage to keep her mouth shut about her feelings, her face usually says it all.

Describe Yourself:

* EFFICIENT: ----- “I’m not bossy, I’m efficient.”
Grandma Lya doesn’t believe in waste; don’t waste thread, don’t waste time and don’t waste your life. Focus on what you need to do, however you need to do it and get it done. She’ll be happy to give you a few pointers (or take over the entire thing for you just to make sure it is done right) and call it efficiency.

* WARM: ----- “Like spending an evening in front of the fire with a belly full of klah.”
Loving and comforting, and always happy to listen to your woes (and offer ‘advise’) while she sews, she embodies the warm feeling of home. She may also be having a hot flush, it happens at her age.

* INTENSE: ----- “Honestly, after growing up with Lya, I’m not that scared of threadfall.”
Given her drive, straight talk and leadership, Grandma Lya can be intense for the uninitiated. She’s an inspiration just as much as she’s a threat.

* COMPOSED: ----- “Calm in the face of danger, and a dozen new apprentices.”
Regardless of circumstance or situation, Grandma Lya is steady and ready to work and serves as a rock for those around her.

* HONOURABLE: ----- “Pride has a time and place, and it isn’t here.”
It may have been due to the harsh circumstance of threadfall that left little room for her pride to grow, but whatever the reason, Grandma Lya doesn’t let her personal woes or perceptions stop her from doing what is right.

The Magic Touch: Grandma Lya clicks her tongue a lot. Different clicks mean different things, they’re the equivalent of a second language to her. We think she learnt them from her flitters but one cannot be sure.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Berrikka
Greenrider, 2512. Impressed 2524 to Green Innsth
Father: Lyannann
Journeyman Weaver, 2510.

Siblings: Yes, but given her birth was just before the AIVAS disaster she never really knew them in the chaos, she didn’t know her mother either really, which is what spurred her to keep very close relations to her own children. 

B'lye – Born 2539 – Uereth, Mountain Wingsecond – Impressed 2551
Berlyrek – Born 2540 – Male Brownrider (deceased - thread) – Impressed 2553
Nererlya – Born 2541 – Female Apprentice Healer (deceased – injured dragon accident)
Nerlya – Born 2543 – Female Greenrider (deceased - thread) – Impressed 2558
Berek – Born 2546 – Male Bluerider (deceased - thread) – Impressed 2558
Nerelye – Born 2547 – Male Bluerider (deceased - thread) – Impressed 2563
Reklya – Born 2549 – Female Journeywoman Weaver (deceased - childbirth)
Lyarek – Born 2552 – Female Journeywoman Healer (deceased - childbirth)
Lyaner – Born 2555 – Female Journeywoman Harper

Craft: Weaver

Rank: Master

Date Apprenticed: 2539/12

Date Tapped: 2547/20

Mastership: 2556/29.

Specialty: Dragon Saddles

Education Details: Lya wasn’t a great student in any of her studies bar that of her profession. If she doesn’t have an interest to her, she won’t put in any effort and that lead to her having plenty of time to excel in her weavercraft, but nothing much else.

Given that she really only knew her father, her mother being a dragon rider in the first panicked waves after the AIVAS disaster and not knowing any of her other siblings, he was the only person she felt she needed to impress, hence her desire to enter the weavercraft after him and her intense effort to do him proud in the craft.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* (2530/3) The loss of Bitra/Broken Family
Although Lya was born in Benden Weyr, she never felt much like family to dragonfolk. Her father, who’s home would always be Bitra Hold to him, was a born and bred Holder and raised the only child he could claim in traditional holder fashion. The loss of his childhood home affected him deeply, enough that, as soon as he was able to get safe passage, he took Lya to the Weaver Hall and raised her there. This effectively cut off Lya from her mother and other siblings, but did allow for her to focus almost solely on her weaver skills, even from crècheling age.

(2535/8) Sleeping Beauty.
With less sleeping and more screaming. Perfect bedtime story for her future children about the dangers of sewing machines.

As inquisitive as 8 year olds are, and as much of a desire as Lya had to be a weaver from a young age, it was inevitable that she was going to have a run in with a spinning wheel at some point. Her father just didn’t expect it to be this… bloody.

As a clumsy 8 year old does with seats too high for them to properly get to, they climb. And as spinning wheels do when they are climbed on the wrong way, they fall. And as happens when spinning wheels fall on small children they occasionally IMPALE SAID SMALL CHILDREN THROUGH THE ARM WHILST CRUSHING THEM SO THEY CAN’T MOVE TO GET HELP.

Thankfully, 8 year old Lya was in possession of a good set of lungs and her screams of terror did round up help within good time. But she does have a scar on her right arm from it.

* (2539/12) Childbirth and Candidacy
The birth of her first, and now only living son, was NOT easy. There was pain, and blood, and screaming, mainly from her. It was a very long process, but in the end it gave her a bouncing baby boy, a good looking one at that, that would give her much pride and joy in the years to come. It was a painful glimpse into what was yet to come, and many times at that.

The father just so happened to be the son of one of the boys who helped her after the sewing machine incident. He was a weaver, not a great one, but he worked hard and long through his apprenticeship, which he’d started three years before her. Her father was not impressed that they’d had a child out of wedlock, but it didn’t bother either of them much, Nerek was a good father to B’lye (Bekelye at the time, named in traditional Pernese fashion), as he was to their many children to come.

And in the end, all the pain was worth it because a couple of days after she gave birth, she was apprenticed (finally) to the Weavercraft. Not that anyone was really worried she wouldn’t.

* (2543/16) Marriage? Marriage.
After two more children out of wedlock and one very close to birth with Nerek, her father was growing impatient for marriage. So, one day, when she and Nerek were alone, she promptly told him that they would be married soon, before this one popped out. She’d already made them proper wedding clothes so there wasn’t any need to wait.

He laughed, said that he knew this was going to happen, and told her he had also been making them wedding clothes, given he couldn’t afford rings or torques for them. And they were married in three days time, about a week before their forth child was born, he in the outfit she had made, and she in his.
* (2547/20) Ista Weyr and Journeywoman
Only one year after a perfect score, both she and Nerek were tapped to journeyman rank and shipped off, with their living children (6 at this point), to Ista Weyr, to provide their expertise to the weyrs themselves, her specialty being dragon saddles and Nerek’s being bandages and sheeting.

Being back in the weyr was a drastic change from the Weaver Hall, and work for the two of them began in earnest, giving them little time to attend to their children as they had been, although they still tried as hard as they could to keep them feeling loved and the family together.

* (2549/22) Eastern Weyr
Ista Falls and the family is moved to Eastern Weyr. The uprooting of the family is hard, given the stresses of so many children in the crèche and trying to make sure they all are moved to the same weyr, only made harder by having to reorganise themselves with new weavers and new leaders, carving out their own place in a new home.

* (2551/24) High Reaches Weyr
B’lye, their eldest, was simply taken out of his classes just shy of a 7 day after his 12th turn and was whisked away, on dragonback to High Reaches, impressing in the first clutch he stood for a few days later. The first of their children to impress, but definitely not the last, they were immensely proud, and Lya was more than a little jealous.

Not that she ever told him.

As he went though his weyrling training he tired to maintain contact but with the disasters of thread and new refugees arriving every day, their connection with him was tenuous at best.

* (2555/28) Fort Weyr and her last child
Before Lyaner, Lya had a few miscarriages, she figured it was her body telling her not to have any more children. Not that she considered herself old at this point, but given how hard all of her births had been, she figured there was just too much strain on her body to have any more. Not that she minded, she’d had 8 beautiful children that were all making her proud and her work as a journeyman had increased while she tried to gain her Master rank. Then, late in the turn of 2554, she found out she was pregnant with Lyaner.
She was partially right about the strain on her body though, and when Eastern Weyr fell in 2555, they were forced to evacuate through Between, which lead to a hasty and slightly premature birth upon landing at Fort Weyr. This child would be her last, and one of only two survivors to make it to Southern Winds Weyr.

* (2559/32) Death of a life long love
Shortly after the dawn of the new turn, Nerek took ill. He’d had boughs of illness in the past, but they’d never been this bad. It didn’t take long for him to succumb, thankfully it was quietly and peacefully in his sleep, but the lack of time to say a proper goodbye still stings to this day. And for the next full turn Lya had problems falling to sleep alone, occasionally when it gets very cold, she still does.

After his death she never considered remarrying. She’d had enough children to satisfy her responsibility to Pern, she wouldn’t have any more with another.

* (2561/31) Lost children
Three of her children, two dragonmen and a healer are lost within a matter of months from one another. Two to thread, and one whilst trying to treat an injured dragon in a tragic accident. It hit hard, to think she had so many strong children, so many of them competent riders or candidates, and that they could all just be taken in one foul sweep. Especially so soon after the loss of their father.

Unfortunately, there were many more deaths left to come, and the only way she knew how to function was to keep a watchful eye or ear on her other children, given how far they had spread now, and hope. The few kids her lost children had would always have a place with her if they needed, she made sure her other children found them and told them that.

* (2564/37) One and only
It was supposed to be a present for progressing to her Master rank, if a few turns late. One of her children, or perhaps an upstart apprentice, no one ever claimed responsibility, snuck into her chambers during dinner and left a flitter egg in a rough pot of sand. It happened during these times, flitters flying around everywhere with very few people with the rations to spare for them and even less time to train them to be useful.

But Lya wasn’t one to waste. This flitter was her responsibility now and she never shirked her responsibilities now.

She named the little green Dreamer, knowing she would be the closest Lya ever got to her dream of being a dragon rider.

* (2568/41)
This year came more death, a daughter in childbirth and a daughter to thread. The deaths hurt, as deaths always do, but in this case the healers, one of which being another daughter, managed to save the babe. Although Lya mourned, her pain was mostly offset by the pride in her Healer daughter, who decided to raise her sisters babe when she could not, honouring both Holder tradition and her flaws of not being able to save her sister. Even though she had lost so many children, those who remained do her proud every day.

* (2571/44)
After B’lye’s injury from threadfall and the subsequent loss of his leg, flying was difficult for him. Thankfully his mother was a saddle specialist, and he wasn’t the first dragonrider to lose a leg, so it was quick enough to work with the smiths and make a saddle to support him. He likes to tell people she made it specially for him, round the clock, and she secretly enjoys it, but disabled riders are not new, and she couldn’t treat her son any different from the others in truth. It wouldn’t have been right.

* (16.08.2575/48)
Seven years after the death of her daughter Reklya, and the subsequent adoption of the babe by her other daughter Lyarek, her brave and honourable healer daughter succumbed to her own death during childbirth. This time, the babe could not be saved, and it hurt all the worse. After so many years of having children independent from her, she made herself grow closer to her grandchildren, although it was difficult to know just how many there were. Holders know family needs to stick together, and with so many of her children passing, someone needed to hold the rest of the family together.

* (02.01.2580/53)
In an unfortunate accident, Lya sliced her palm open and had to be sent to the healers. The scar had to be stitched, which of coarse meant Lya couldn’t work, given that it was her right hand. Lya hates standing still, her inability to work, even if only for a short time, was painful. She spent most of her time taking out her anger on unsuspecting apprentices. They learnt a lot in that time, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience for anyone involved. 

* (2583/56)
One more. One more child lost to the never ending rain of thread. A green rider daughter, one who fought so bravely alongside her brother, one who lasted days after her initial threadscore, only to end her own life after her bonded went between.

Lya could not think of a worse way to go out, and it shook her deep. She knew riders sometimes couldn’t stand the loss of their dragons, she knew they sometimes would take their own life for it. But she didn’t know it. Not really. Not until now.

* (2587/61) Southern Winds Weyr
Green, that was the most shocking thing. There was actual green around them. Not barren twisted blackness, but trees, and grass, and flowers, and moss and… green. It had been a long time since she’d seen any green other than the dulled and diluted dyes they could only sometimes make. Since a long ago time in her childhood.

This would be a good place, it had to be, there honestly wasn’t much left for them to go back to so they would have to make the most of this. Lya was good at making the most of things, and if she had to drag people, kicking and screaming, by the ears, she would.

Berlya pursed her lips as Dreamer returned with two colour swatches, the scraps of cloth placed delicately in her lap with all the reverence of a gold displaying her eggs. The tiny flitter scrambled onto the older woman’s shoulder when she was done, wrapping her tail over her legs and chest puffed out as she waited for her bonded’s acknowledgement of a job well done.

“You sure about these ones, Dreamer, dear?” She asked slowly, hiding her dismay at the colour choice with practiced ease, and instead exuding only a polite curiosity, carefully laced with approval for the green firelizard’s swift return.

A simple trill. The only response Berlya had expected, if she were honest. Dreamer was always satisfied with her colour picks, and she had already started working out how she would utilise them in the saddle she had planned. Removing a small piece of paper from her stash, she wrote a quick note in a graceful hand, rolling it up and holding it out for Dreamer to grab. “If you could take this to that man B’lye keeps telling me abandoned their wing because he won a gold flight, I would appreciate it.” She said, speaking softly as Dreamer obediently clutched the small item in her claws, hesitating only slightly before she was airborn and between.

She returned a heartbeat later with a trill to say the deed was done, landing on Berlya’s shoulder once more but this time scrambling down to stand on the desk in front of them, scampering over to the bed that had been made for her so she could rest in an area close to where her boned worked. Berlya did not press for details, instead she made room for the colour swatches, spreading them out on the desk and tapping her finger lightly against the surface, lips still pursed as her mind ticked over the possibilities.

A firm nod of her head and she was standing, striding over to her cache of colour swaths and furrowing through until she found the shades she was after, returning to her desk and fiddling with the five pieces until she was happy with the arrangement. She would need to take a trip to the sewing caves soon to see what materials were readily available, never quite able to recall what they were in abundance of and what was rare. She may also need to track down a few dye, fur and leather specialists though that would not be too difficult a task. She had a few in mind already, and would track them down soon enough. A Brownrider as wingsecond was a rare feat, and he was deserving of a gift. She just needed to make sure the new saddle would not eat away at precious resources.

“Come along then, Dreamer. There’s work to be done.” She said, holding her hand out to the flit who had been watching her the entire time, knowing she would much rather climb than fly to reach her shoulder. The sudden appearance of a blue firelizard with a note of its own stopped her, briefly, and she again nodded her head as she read the response.

“After dinner, then. Thank you, dear.” She said to the flitter, aware as she was that mountain fire lizards were trained to deliver messages regardless of what the medium was before returning once more to proffering her hand to her own.

Dreamer was quick to scamper on up to her usual perch, detouring slightly to collect the five pieces of cloth before she did so. “Very good.” Berlya complimented before she began the slow shuffle out of her room, following the various sounds of merriment as she headed towards the Sewing Cave, small smile gracing her lips at the almost prettily merging voices of her fellow crafters.

Member Info...

Originally Created By:
Adopted By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring. It. On.
Anything Else:
Thank you Rayne for this marvelous introduction. (I hope I do her justice)

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Dream - er
Date of Birth:
20.11.2564 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Under average size for a green, but not anywhere close to being the smallest. She’s the perfect size for transporting pincushions and thread reams. As she has aged her hide developed more spots, just like her bonded, so she’s happy.


Mind Voice: Dreamer is not a very communicative flit. She’s not very vocal unless there is music, at which time she might softly croon, and she doesn’t use images to talk to her bonded. She’ll occasionally push through emotions but only rarely.
It doesn’t bother Lya too much, mainly because Dreamer is very rarely in a different room from her. Usually Lya just points to something she wants brought to her that she knows the flit can carry and the green will do it. On the rare occasion that Dreamer has to carry a message, she Betweens to her destination and back so that she isn’t separate from her bonded for too long.

Music: Preferably without singing, she prefers listening to a solo lute or pipe.
Colours: Lya occasionally asks Dreamer her opinion on what colours she should use, and it gives Dreamer great happiness. Dreamer doesn’t always pick colours that complement each other, but Lya never hesitates to use them, she’ll find a way to make them look good.

High places: Yes… it is sad… but we try not to judge her
Fish: Something both her and her bonded have in common

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She will fly on the 23.06 and it will be a force catch. I would prefer her to fly only once every two years (but I get that’s too hard for the calendar), I’ll just roleplay it as if she’s always REALLY cranky about flying.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Spoiler for Searchrider/Assistant Weyrling Master Wa’by:

Play By:

Wazza, Wabz, Koby, Kobba
Date of Birth:
05.01.2553 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Ex Mountain Rider - Now Assistant Weyrling Master
Yeah, Nah

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Tall, muscular, brown haired and hazel eyed, even if he’s not your cup of klah, there’s no denying Wa’by is an attractive fella. His tendency towards sandals, shorts and shirts, daggy though the clothing choice may be, does not detract from his appearance at all, instead it seems to embody the laid-back approach he has to many things, while managing to still fit in nicely when he’s all business. He cleans up nicely, don’t you worry about that, and isn’t enough of an idiot to stick to his minimalistic clothing approach whenever trips between are involved – no wherries running loose in the top paddock, after all.

He does happen to look like the sort of person who always has a clever quip on his tongue, the tease of a smile ever present on a square-jawed, ever-so-slightly grizzled face, eyes crinkling up in the corners in the most delightful way when it manages to escape. His mood is ever-written in the way he holds himself, the way he speaks to you, and the way he speaks to others, though he does, quite often, become somewhat less intelligible when he wants to irk someone for the sake of it. Gotta love finding someone so eager to take the bait he throws out.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: He survived. Doesn’t know much about his oldies beyond names and rank, never expected to get more than what people could afford and didn’t take for granted the good things that got tossed his way. He was searched. He impressed. And when Vicith’s ability to pick up on potential candidates was identified, he spent much of his spare time flitting between hold and weyr trying to see as many potential candidates as possible to try and keep weyr numbers up. He had flits to keep him company and the not-so-occasional root to keep him warm on nights when things turned to shit, not to mention Vicith throughout the worst bits of it.

Response to dragon color mutations:Wa’by’d be lying if he said the mutations don’t make him a little nervous. And who can blame him after the last clutch? But instead of dwelling on omens and actin’ like a dipstick, he’ll wait and see what comes of them. Might as well give ‘em a fair go, eh? One adult black dragon does not give enough of a range to see what the rest of his offspring will do with themselves.

Who are you...

Grog: Not the firelizard, dimglow, but good old fashioned booze of old. Be it wine, spirits or whatever passes as beer nowadays Wa’by is all over any and every event where the liquor is plentiful. He does happen to have his own tricks of the trade to try and ensure that the alcohol continues to flow somewhat steadily despite rations and the minimal brewers still practicing the trade.
Inconsequential Bets: Gambling something specific is all fine and dandy, but it’s those little bets that happen on the spur of the moment with no winner or loser apart from one of you being right and the other being wrong that Wa’by enjoys most. It’s the little things in life, after all.
Nicknames: Look. Sometimes names need to be shortened and sometimes they just need a little sprucing up. Wa’by takes this very seriously and will often stick you with his own personal nickname if he doesn’t like the one(s) you have already. No-one is safe.
Taking the piss: Teasing you is how Wa’by shows he cares. The more he rips into ya, the more likely it is that he genuinely cares. Admittedly his tone also helps this one a fair bit, and chances are if you done fucked up, you’re gonna know about it, but for the most part, if you’re getting insulted and you didn’t do anything wrong – you’re in his good books.

Cold: Mainly Winter, because summer storms may get cold but the humidity seems to trap the heat in the most delightful way – best time for a swim in the somewhat sheltered cove when it rains – but when the weather gets cold enough that he has to wear fur-lined clothes outside of required trips between he gets realtively pissy.. It may not be a big deal while he attends to his day to day duties but come social time, if he can’t wear his standard attire of shirt, shorts and sandals, Wa’by’s gonna be in a right mood. It’s all about comfort, mate.
People with no funny bone: He ain’t gonna outright ostracise ‘em, but when he comes across someone who can’t even crack a smile at a good joke, Wa’by gets a little down. Life sucks, but get over it and find the little things that make ya smile. It’s not that hard. Really.
Pissing competitions :You know those moments when you have this mind-blowing story to share with your wingmates and there’s that one tosser who just can’t let you have the limelight? Don’t be that tosser. Pissing comps should stay in the dunny and involve actual pee. No need to play the one-up game just because you’ve got a small prick.


* OPPORTUNIST : So long as it doesn’t cause harm to others, Wa’by will take any and every good thing that is thrown his way. He’s not going to ever look a gift runner in the mouth, taking each opportunity as it presents itself to move forward in life. He doesn’t really have an end goal in mind, but without this particular trait, there’s a very high chance he would have remained Journeyman Brewer Waikoby. And then where would we be? As a searchrider Wa’by has done wonderful things in his short time on Pern. You’d miss him if he were anything less.

* CONFIDENT : Not to be mistaken for arrogance, Wa’by knows who he is and what he is in the world. He knows there are things he can change and things he can’t, and instead of letting the weight of those things that he can’t do phase him, he embraces the things he can. It gives him a certainty to his actions that others may lack, as well as providing the drive he needs not to dwell on the negative aspects of life. Bluerider he may be, but he’s no-body’s doormat.

* ADVENTUROUS : Wa’by is always willing to try new things. Food. Drink. Lovers. Drills. The what isn’t nearly as important as the thought that he could be missing out if he chickens out. It was his adventurous spirit that leant courage to his major decisions in life. The move to Fort Hold, and then to Fort Weyr. Allowing himself to be trialled for Mountain Wing – just so he could have the opportunity to explore the barren wasteland that was so much more barely a generation ago. You haven’t lived until you’ve had to wrestle an overgrown tunnelsnake for rights to your rationpack in the ruins of Southern Hold.

* PERCEPTIVE : For all he speaks loudly and often confusingly, he is quick to pick up on the feelings of those around him. It isn’t always noticed by others, bu he has a way of picking you like a runny nose and adjusting his conversation to suit. Wa’by is no guidance councillor, but his natural perception, given a bit of a nudge by Vicith’s own talents in more… delicate situations, works closely with his innate desire to truly help people to make him the sort of person you want to talk to, though he also isn’t going to say shit just for the sake of comforting you.

* BLASÉ : Wa’by is relatively easy going, particularly when an argument is brewing. He’ll do what he can to roll with the punches so long as it doesn’t interfere with doing his job. He’s not scared to just tell you that his opinion will not be swayed and the conversation needs to move on if it’s required, if only to spare you the frustration of talking to the brick wall he can become in such a situation.


* LOUD : And sometimes unintelligible. There isn’t really a volume switch when Wa’by speaks – a trait that’s perfectly fine when you’re out woop woop way with nothing within cooee distance beyond a few scaveging critters but doesn’t do quite so well in the confines of a weyr… or hold for that matter. When you combine his volume with his odd phrases, you can imagine how some holder families in particular were a bit hesitant to let him take their babies to the weyr during the pass, regardles sof how much better off they may be for having done so. Fortunately, threadfall trumps holder sensibilities, so it didn’t have too drastic an affect on the potential candidates so long as the future candidate in question agreed to come with him.

* GAMBLER : If Wa’by had been gifted with… well… anything, or been born in a more prosperous time, there is a very, very high chance that everything would have been lost in some wager or another. Even when he tries to behave, his head is constantly trying to make connections with day to day conversation and what sort of a bet can be made from it. Riders bets are the best things that could have happened to him in his 37 years of living. An excuse to drink and gamble because tradition dictates it to be so?! Count him in. As it stands, prior to leaving Mountain Wing, most of his “shore leave” was spent fulfilling debts owed for wager’s lost. Fair’s fair and whatnot.

* SOFTY : You always know how Wa’by is feeling. He doesn’t try to hide it. Doesn’t want to hide it really. There’s no shame in expressing yourself emotionally. Fuck holding that shit in. Feelings need to be expressed. Joy, anger, sadness, exhiliration. What’s the point of feeling when you can’t show it.

* DICHOTOMOUS : It can be disconcerting to be having a relaxed conversation with Wa’by one second, only to have him barely excuse himself in light of some task that needs doing. There is no middle ground between work and play. It is either time to work. Or time to relax. He might still keep up with his laidback speech patterns when the switch flicks over, but any bludging will be met with a firm, and sometimes unreasonable hand. They run on schedules for a reason.

* HANGOVERS : It’s been a long time since Wa’by was young enough to spend a night on the piss and still wake up bright eyed and oily tailed come the morning. Unfortunately barring flights, the day after a binge drinking session would nearly always be days where he is required to report for day to day duties, and being the genuine old fellow he is, he’s going to rock up and try and work through it. It wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t try and get himself involved in any and all grog guzzling that may be happening at the weyr. The fuzzy head only makes him more confusing to be around, which was peachy when he was out and about on mountain duty, but anyone subjected to him, particularly in the first few hours following his initial awakening are going to be privy to fully fledged nonsense until he gets his head wrapped around the general blah that is a hangover. 

Describe Yourself:

* OPEN BOOK: ----- Unfortunately he’s not very good at keeping secrets. Even when he tries to keep his lips sealed he has no poker face to speak of and it’s easy enough to get information out of him just by what he doesn’t say. Doesn’t help that that ever-present hint of a smile becomes downright obvious when he’s keeping one of those good secrets.

* STRAIGHT-SHOOTER: ----- Wa’by doesn’t mince words. He’ll tell it like it is and expects the same from you. He’ll make sure you know when you’re doing a good job, just as quickly as he’ll say something when you’re not performing to the best of your ability. If he likes you, you’ll know, and if he doesn’t. Well… he’s polite about it, at least.

* DAG: ----- A little goofy, highly amusing and a dress preference just this end of downright indecent. He works on “Comfort first, practicality later” attitude to most things and isn’t shy about it. Anticipating trips between tends to put a dampner on things, since he really isn’t game to try that without a shirt, but should it ever end up being hot in that nothing-space, faranth knows he’ll be the first to stop wearing riding leathers… Maybe… Depending on how comfortable the saddle is. Bare skin and dragon hide is a little… scratchy at times.

* QUIRKY: ----- Linquistically, Wa’by has some very odd turns of phrase. Most of them have some grounding in his childhood… He’s inclined to compare some speedy work to the speed with which a firelizard can drink beer, and refer to dragonets as anklebiters simply because it’s what Vicith did (gently) whenever he needed to get Wa’by’s attention in their early days, but some of them can be downright confusing, particularly when he’s as mad as a cut tunnlesnake. The most common thing he does, apart from nicknaming everyone and everyone, is the simple act of shortening words, which can become downright annoying if you’re not used to it.

* GENEROUS: ----- If you needed it, Wa’by would give you the shirt off his back. He is selfless in his respect for others and will always do what he can to help whenever and wherever needed. This was perhaps the reason he fell so easily into the role of searchrider. Their future aside, the difference between holderfolk and weyrfolk as far as lifestyle goes was gobsmacking. He was over the moon every single time Vicith identified a holder who had the potential for impression, doing his best to encourage them to take up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and join the riders at the weyr if only to escape the oftimes harsh lifestyle that occupied the hold’s less-prosperous areas.

The Magic Touch: Wa’by’s penchant for odd turns of phrase becomes flat out unintelligible when he’s angry. If he gets to that point you’d be hard pressed to make much sense of all out of whatever he’s saying. Those that have known him a long time may have better luck interpreting his words, but for the most part he just goes full on bogan until he calms himself down again.
Should probably also note that he call’s Vicith “Red” for kicks. A confusing turn of phrase now that red dragons exist, and he is anything but.


Mother: KOby b. 2540 d. 2553
Father: Z'phe of Blue Dalooth b. 2535 imp. 2550 d. 2560

Half Siblings from Koby:
Since she died in his first year of his life and most of the childhood Wa’by can remember he was on his own, while he probably has older half-siblings on his mother’s side. He doesn’t actually know them. Or doesn’t know he knows them.

Half Siblings from Z’phe:
Lirynae b. 2548
Zira b. 2557
Nerihep b. 2558
Z'ryr of Brown Rhymoth b. 2559

As it stands, Wa’by only really knows Z’ryr. Though it’s possible that if they’ve survived thus far he’s met the others at least once in his life.

Waiyan b. 2567
Ookoby b. 2569
Koory b. 2570
Anaiko b. 2572
Ryabyna b. 2573

Any and all relatives can be hashed out if you feel the need. Keeping them vague so you can do what you will with them.

Tell us a story...

* 2553-2556, 0 – 3 turns Z’phe arrives at Tillek hold to check for prospective candidates in 2552. A pretty young drudge called Koby catches his eye and they end up rolling around in the bedfurs prior to his leaving for his next assignment. 9 Months later, not soon after turns end, Waikoby is born. His mother earns herself an infection as a result, and while she manages to stay strong for the first six months, she finally succumbs to the illness caused late in month 7. Waikoby is fostered by his mother’s sister, but when he looks back on his younger years, he does not actually remember the woman. There’s some trace of warmth… some family that he almost knows. But nothing concrete enough to solidify his familial ties in those early years.

* 2557, 4 The first time Waikoby consciously remembers something about his childhood. He’d toddled his way into the kitchens, but too young to understand that Tillek Hold was burdened with the care of all those remaining, he found his way to the storage cavern and helped himself. There wasn’t any method to what he took, simply grabbing what was easiest and stuffing his face with it. It wasn’t the tastiest of meals but it was the first one he remembers finding for himself. He was promptly discovered with his hand buried in a sack of precious flour, white handprints over the rags that he called clothes and the residue of his previous handful covering his mouth. Whatever joy he had found at “foraging” was short lived as he was quite literally booted out of the storeroom and advised of further punishment should he return without adult supervision in future.

As far as first memories go it was pretty disappointing.

Despite the fogginess of it, there was still that bit of warmth that suggested he still had a family to speak of, despite not being able to pinpoint it. Perhaps he had just been taken in by some other urchins, but he’s inclined to tell you his mother’s family were fair, and they were the reasons he survived to impress Vicith.

* 2559, 6 What would seem like a world away, Waikoby’s half-brother, Z’ryr is born. It would be a couple of years before Waikoby would inadvertedly meet him, but for now, in the tunnels that made up Tillek Hold, Waikoby was revelling in the responsibility that came from being halfway to adulthood. Despite the incident when he was younger, the kitchen cavern could always use the extra pair of hands provided by a youngster, and when given the opportunity, proved to be a useful addition. While he was not allowed to actually prepare the food, he was always rewarded with a not-so-stale breadroll and whatever broth had remained after mealtimes for his effort. The food was plain, but that didn’t phase the boy, as he spent the time he wasn’t helping the kitchen drudges (though perhaps he was a drudge as well now) seeking out possible food items that would add that bit of pizazz to whatever foodstuffs they could provide for him. He’s not leading the perfect hold life, particularly in light of the ever-increasing residents brought about by the constant threadfall, but he’s not one of those kids that have become snowed in by their lifestyle. He has food, and shelter, and sometimes, when they need him, he even gets to sleep by the hearth for warmth.

* 2560, 7 He may not have known his parents personally, but he knew their names, and Waikoby was saddened to find out about his father’s death, the death of the blue-rider Z’phe being mentioned in passing during the usual chatter that goes on in a kitchen. Up until that point, while he hadn’t actually met the man, he’d been aware he existed and there was always that little niggling bit of hope that he’d be scooped up should the man find his way to the Tillek Kitchens in future. It wasn’t so much the death of a dream as it was an alteration to his perception of the world. He may not have thought himself one prior, despite having no parents to go home to at night, but with this news came the fact that he was, officially an orphan. He accepted this as fact. Just another aspect to who he was, and continued his work in the kitchens with the same enthusiasm as before. He saw no point in dwelling on those things he could not change.

* 2561-2562, 8-9 It took him a while, to be fair, but Waikoby eventually figured out that harpers held regular lessons for hold kids. It didn’t matter if you had parents or not, just so long as you showed up for lessons. It helped that a resident Journeyman actually approached him to explain that he could go to lessons during the day, and continue working with the drudges at night if he so wished. Nice old fella, that one. Thus he started properly learning about Pern, the teaching songs, and the current state of the world. He was eager to earn as much as he could, excited for the opportunity to learn to read and write. To start thinking about what sort of craft he wanted to head into. Things he’d never even considered a possibility before. He could be more than a drudge, that much he knew for certain.

This also happens to be the first time he’s made friends purely for the sake of making friends and not because doing so could get you a better piece of bread at night. With the fall of the Minecraft hall, Tillek’s numbers swell, and he finds himself talking regularly with a boy of similar age in a large family of fishers. It may not be the craft he wants to get into, but the boy’s family is incredibly friendly, and Waikoby learns something of what being part of a proper family would have been like had he been a little luckier. He wasn’t phased by this knowledge, rather fuelled by the knowledge that there was still good things happening around him, and so long as he applied himself to his studies and kept pulling his weight in the kitchens, he’d be able to move forward. His situation was what it was, but that didn’t mean it was all it could be.

* 2563-2565, 10-12 He’s thoroughly enjoying his lessons, working hard to make sure he doesn’t give them a reason to ask him to leave. The resident crafters attend a fair bit to give basic guidance in their own trade, and Waikoby does his best to retain the information that could prove useful in future. With no mother to mend his clothes, or attend to his injuries he is thrilled when they are given basic instruction on how to bandage a cut or use clothing scraps to fill holes in their current items. Hold life was hard, but Waikoby was surrounded by people perfectly willing to make it easier, a fact he will always be greatful for. He may be hungry, but he had some food. He had an education, and he was not the sort to just lie back and see what comes his way. Whenever someone asked for more, he was there to provide it. Making himself as indispensable as possible within his world, small though it was.

He's still close to the fisher boy, though when he steps away to start his apprenticeship at twelve, Waikoby finds himself in an odd state of indecision. He could do many things, but he hadn’t shown an affinity to much besides cooking. A fact that did not bode well for apprenticeship prospects. Nearly everyone he knew could cook… It was a standard talent, albeit a useful one. His talent for sprucing up his simple meals has expanded to experimenting with drinks, eager for something a little more tasteful than water. He’s not exactly graceful about it, but when he’s not hanging out with his mate, attending lessons or helping in the kitchens, he’s trying to figure out what sort of ingredients work and which don’t. Needless to say there were quite a few mistakes made over the years… And there may or may not have been a night or two spent running to the dunny and/or curled up on the floor nursing bad belly cramps. He didn’t die at least… So there’s that.

* 2566, 13 After a year of trying to find his niche, Waikoby is stopped in the kitchens during his downtime, as he attempts to put some odd looking weed he’d found closer to the surface tunnels in with some klah bark to see what that would taste like. A journeyman brewer, on his way to Fort Hold with a prospective brewers apprentice by his side had been frequenting the kitchens during his stay, and finally decided to see if Waikoby would be interested in joining them when they headed to Fort. It wasn’t quite the same as, say, the healercraft, but the Brewercraft was higherup there than kitchen hand. He has friends, but between their own apprenticeships and the beginning of their adult life, Waikoby’s status is becoming more of a hinderance. As it stood, staying where he was would gain him nothing more than what he already had, but a Brewer’s apprenticeship? That was an idea he could get behind.

He did not have much to do before they were due to leave, and so spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to those he knew. He took his time offering his thanks to the headwoman who had allowed him to remain in the kitchens for so much of his childhood, a tearful farewell on his end for sure, and gave names of fellow stragglers who he felt might be able to fill his place, should she need them. It wasn’t much, but it was the best he could do on such short notice. A younger boy was given what worldly possessions he had accrued over the turns, unable to justify taking them with him when he left but knowing it would help in some small way.

By the time the dragon they were to travel on arrived, Waikoby was ready to go. But far from being upset by what he was leaving behind, he was eager for the chance to progress further than what illek allowed him. In that moment it did not matter that the world was falling apart outside of the holds, or that he was leaving behind everything and everyone he knew. No. Onwards and upwards.

Plus. He got to ride a fricken dragon! Bloody ripper.

Not long after starting his apprenticeship he meets Ooryana. She was nothing special. Pretty, polite, well-dressed… not the full mark, he’d have to admit but he was interested in her. It wasn’t love so much as it was an appreciation for her, and when they finally did the naughty, Waikoby figured that’d be the end of it. For some people it would have been. A quick root doesn’t always end in kids, and even then you didn’t have to actually look after them. When you’re dealing with traditionalists, however, sometimes you get roped into things you’d otherwise rather avoid.

* 2567, 14 Waikoby’s marriage to Ooryana happened early on in the second year of his apprenticeship. It was not a big affair, just a small, traditional ceremony that was mostly her family glaring at him for forcing the situation on them. He would learn, one day, that marriages were as much a bargaining chip as anything else, and by impregnating Ooryana, he had sullied that chance for her parents. Waikoby wasn’t a horrible guy, however, and while there may not have been true love there at first, it definitely blossomed into it by the time their first child, Waiyan was born. Rocky start aside, Ooryana was a good mother, and as their relationship with eachother grew, so too did Waikoby’s contentment with his lot in life. He wanted to be able to provide for them. As much as an apprentice could, and made sure he was as present as possiblein his kids life.

He was doing well thus far in his apprenticeship, helping the few brewers in residence with their own concoctions and finding himself drawn to the somewhat complex art of beer-making. With threadfall so unrelenting, it was harder to grow the proper plants to make a brew that would meet with the standards of the older generation, but for Waikoby, it was the sort of challenge he lived for.

* 2569, 16 Early in the year his second child was born, and Waikoby couldn’t believe how much room was in his heart for the little blighter. Ooryana was a real trooper throughout the labour, and his affection for her increased tenfold whenever he saw her with their kids. Traditions be damned, this was what he wanted in life. If pressed, he’d tell you it was the exact reason Ooryana ended up pregnant a third time near turns end. HE may also tell you that he’s just a perfect example of a male, but that’s just ego getting in the way of the facts. He was enjoying his apprenticeship, and the increased responsibility that came with it, about as much as he was enjoying his first real experiences of family.

* 2570, 17 With the birth of Koory, Waikoby’s third child, came eight more additions to the family. You see, many a crafter have themselves a wher to assist with their day to day duties. For most, this happens once they are tapped but some are lucky enough to end up with one right at the beginning of their apprenticeship. Some people were just better off like that. Waikoby, however, didn’t have those connections… Even with Ooryana’s family to assist, there just wasn’t the pull to get him a wher egg from one of the gold’s that lived in the hold.

So. instead of whining about it, Waikoby rounded up his oldest child and enticed him to go exploring the halls with him when he should have been in bed. Ooryana knew of it… It was hard to keep anything from his wife. But she tolerated it, so long as they were never out too long.

One of these jaunts resulted in the finding of a somewhat full firelizard clutch… With a golden egg sitting smack bang in the middle and not a gold, protective clutchmother in sight. Now he wasn’t a selfish bloke, not by far, and he figured, based on the crushed remnents of some of the eggs that someone had already managed to trod on the clutch… So, warning his three year old to be careful and hold out his shirt like a basket, he crouched on down and gathered up the ones that were still whole, ending up with eight to their name.
Barely a month later, as he’s checking his latest home concoction, the eggs start rocking and he summons the rest of the family over. Pretty decent of them to hatch at night when they’re all home, don’t ya think? Scraps of food were ready and the children, young and not-quite sure of what was going on gathered around, ready to help. The firelizard’s weren’t shy, and four of them burst open with in a flurry of shell, Firelizards and fluid. His wife managed to scoop up three of them, but the fourth somehow ended up in Waiyan’s arms. Quickly, the four flitters were fed, three to his missus, and one to the kid.

The next four were slower, but not by much, the gold cracking delicately and the little beauty stepping right on out like she was walking down red carpet. Her grace didn’t last long, and she managed to fall… Right into the mug of beer that Waikoby had poured to test. Cursing, he tipped the entire thing out and snatched at the scraps the old lady had moved closer to him in anticipation, stuffing the gold’s maw as quickly as he could and trying not to laugh at the wobble that couldn’t quite be related to how young she was.

The other three hatched soon after, two bronzes, followed closely by the tiniest little green… All of which promptly impressed to Waikoby. It was the whole point of finding eggs, after all… He couldn’t get a wher, but these little beasty’s were just as useful. Once they were trained, of course.

* 2572, 19 Anaiko is born this year, another wonderful addition to the family, and another testament to the hidden strength of his wife. He’s got only one more turn before he’d qualify to be tapped, but he doesn’t stress over it. So far he was proving to be a reasonable brewer, developing his own twist to the craft that is purely Waikoby’s. His Firelizards have already proven to be the useful twits he’d hoped they would be, if not entirely in the fashion he’d thought. They responded well to training, and worked well as a unit, with Grog herself pulling rank if and when needed. All in all he’s living the good life, if a very domestic, somewhat boring one. There’s enough food on the table that they don’t starve, though he’s not gonna tell you they’re well off. They’re better than some and worse off than others. That’s all there is to it.

* 2573, 20 True to his boasts Ooryana is pregnant again and gives birth to Ryabyna in the same turn. Waikoby is immensely proud of her and what they have achieved together, even if it wasn’t quite what she would have had should he not have met her in the first place. Knowing better this time round, Waiyan attends lessons daily, Ookoby excited to follow in their footsteps once the new turn approaches. There household is loud, warm, and more than what Waikoby could have ever imagined considering a good day for him was a sweetroll, some soup, and a night by the hearth when he was young. Catastrophe aside, he is a happy man.

* 2574, 21 With beer as his specialty, Waikoby is tapped midway through the year, a fact that in better times would have resulted in a fancy feast for his wife and kids. As it was, the children got to try a small amount of his latest batch, despite Ooryana’s protests, and in lieu of extra food, they got to stay up a little later than normal. It wasn’t much, but it was different. And enough to mark that day as something different to others. His celebration in the bedfurs, was much more appropriate to the revelry he felt at his achievement.

* 2575, 22 He hadn’t even made it through one year as a journeyman when he’s approached by a searchrider. He’s older than anticipated, but apparently the blue saw something in him that previous dragons had not. He wasn’t given long to decide. He wasn’t stupid. He knew what being a dragonrider would mean. Fuck. Knew what being a candidate would mean. Holders… They hid in the trenches as far as the thread threat was concerned. The riders, the weyrfolk… they defended them. He had no choice but to accept… He wouldn’t be the man he thought he was if he hadn’t. They needed candidates on the sands and who was he to say that he was not worthy of it. He’d not find out a dragonet went between because his current lifestyle was more important than theirs.

His wife didn’t see it that way… and for the first time in nine years they fought. She didn’t want to come with him. Didn’t want to end up a weyrwhore just because he had a chance at being a rider. She wouldn’t listen to reason. Couldn’t believe that it wouldn’t be that way. That she’d still be his wife, regardless of what happened.

She refused.

He did not take much. His Firelizards and a change of clothes.

He had to say goodbye to his kids. Explain that they were safer with their mother. He would not paint her as the bad guy. No. That was on him, and he accepted that fact. If she would not let them leave with him that was her choice. Mother knows best. He would always be a flitter-message away.

It hurt. It hurt more than it was possible to explain. But all wounds heal, in time, and while he did eventually lose all contact with his now-ex wife and kids, meeting Vicith would work towards healing the hole they left… And showing him a whole different hole that had always waited to be filled.

2576, 23 Candidacy was a whole different paddock to what he had expected. His entire viewpoint was flipped on its head and while it was terrifying in many ways. But, well. There was only so many times you could have your heart break when the dragons sounded a mourning bugle before you hardened your heart to it. Waikoby paid attention and did what was asked of him without complaint. He didn’t have many chances to stand so fucking up and getting excluded from a clutch wasn’t on the cards at all. The entire situation was a bit of a blur, to be honest. Weyrlife was completly different to that in the hold. Dragons, of course, were part and parcel but the whole atmosphere was so chaotic without actually being chaotic. It was eye opening, for sure.

As it turned out, however, 2576 was the year Vicith found him, nipping at his ankle when he didn’t immediately respond to being addressed. It was breathtaking. The moment Vicith’s mind touched his Waikoby, now Wa’by, was stunned, and for one of the few moments in his life, he couldn’t speak. He’d accepted candidacy without fully expecting to bond with a dragon, anticipating a return to the hold once his time was up, seeing if things could be patched up with Ooryana and settling back into the life of a crafter as he had intended in the first place.

But no. This tiny, icy-coloured little blue had decided that he was worthy of his attentions, and he’d be damned if he ever did something to make Vicith second guess that choice. It didn’t matter that the world had turned to shit. That impression would result in a lifestyle more gruelling than he could have ever anticipated. But he’d handle it. He and Vicith and the four flitters who stuck by him. It was a whole new kettle;e of fish now tht he was Wa’by of Blue Vicith, and while he’s not one to big-note himself, there was no denying that Wa’by fell into the change of role in life grinning like a shot fox.

 2577 – 2578, 24-25 Needless to say, Wa’by went flat out like a flitter drinking so far as weyrlinghood went. Vicith was as eager as he was to learn new things and explore their somewhat tiny world whenever possible, and while the celibacy and sobriety made things trying at times, things were busy enough that he never really had the opportunity to worry about it... and any time he started Vicith was there to bring him back into the present. Remind him what they were there for. Sometimes with words... sometimes with a little nudge. With his mouth when he was small, but his tail became a useful tool once he’d gotten too big to nip Wa’by out of a mood.

Weyrlinghood was for the most part uneventful, if not tiring, though as Vicith matured his capabilities as a search dragon began to be apparent. By the time they graduated, he had managed to pass the initial examination after suggesting a weyrbrat was elligible, and the senior gold accepting the choice based on Vicith’s conversation with her. Because of this, Wa’by and Vicith were tasked with flitting between Fort Hold and Fort Weyr regularly to keep up candidate numbers. Dragonriders were dying every day, and not everyone was happy about their children standing when their lives could end so quickly. It wasn’t the most pleasant of tasks but Wa’by was glad for the chance to help. He wasn’t fighting thread with the wings but he was doing something important. Every candidate Vicith identified could mean one more rider in the sky.

* 2579, 26 During one of his stints checking for potential candidates at Fort Weyr itself, Wa’by catches wind of a brownrider asking about his father. Tracking down Z’ryr was easy enough, and finding out that he was related to the fisher kid that Wa’by had spent the better part of his childhood was nothing compared to finding out that they were half-brothers. For a little orphan boy who had barely an inkling of family, finding out he had a sibling, even if only by their father far outweighed the disappointment he felt at having to explain that Z’phe had passed away when he was quite young. Z’ryr didn’t mourns the loss, and truth be told neither did he. Knowing a halfbrother existed and was doing well gave him something else to focus on, and while it was difficult, considering Z’ryr was part of a fighting wing, he tried to catch up with him whenever their downtime overlapped. It made time go quicker, and helped detract from the fact that his ex wife would have nothing to do with him whenever he visited the hold, nor would she allow him near their children for fear his riderblood had been inherited.

* 2580-2586, 27-33 Being a searchrider wasn’t the same as being in the fighting wings. He never flew high enough to actually be affected by the waves of threadfall, though they never left their weyr without a bag of firestone prepped just in case a cluster made it through the fighting dragons above, a habit that saved their arses enough times to make sure that it stuck. It was gruelling, but for different reasons. Finding candidates among the weyrfolk was easy enough, he could just tell them Vicith had searched them and their upbringing did the rest of the work for ya. Very few youngsters denied the call in the weyr itself, and any that did usually had a good enough reason for it.

The hold, however. Faranth. They took a great deal more effort. If it wasn’t explaining it to the kids themselves, it was trying to explain it to the parents or the family. The orphans, the ones that were like him? They were usually easy enough. He could connect with them. He knew what their life was like… Mostly. So many had it worse than he did, to be fair. But he had an inkling. And the promise of a space in the weyr regardless of impression could sway them easily enough. The adults? The ones who couldn’t impress themselves and who often held the future of their children in their hands? Those guys were the issues. He couldn’t always make them understand, and the resulting hissy fit usually ended one of two ways. They caved, and stayed put, or they did what he did and left without a word. Some would sneak out, others would ask him to wait, give them one last chance to try and turn the tables. Those were the hardest. The ones who accepted the call but couldn’t up and leave without their rellies approval. He would always wait. Give them as long as he possibly could. But sometimes it wasn’t enough.

Vicith, fortunately, was always nearby. Always ready and willing to step in when Wa’by was having a hard time. Those candidates that said no outright, only to come up to him on his next visit and say they changed their mind? Vicith usually dealt with them directly, knowing too well that Wa’by would bend the rules “just this once” to let them come to the weyr. Knowing too, that his own position as searchdragon would be compromised if he did so, and those candidates that denied the call from the get go? They weren’t worth any more time. There were no second chances. You deny the search, you don’t get to be searched again. Wa’by knew that, but Vicith enforced it. It wasn’t the easiest duty in the world. But it was undeniably safer than threadfighting. And they were good at this one.

* 2587-2589, 34-36 Thread ends and Wa’by celebrates. He and Vicith may not have been a fighting pair but that didn’t mean they felt the relief any less than those on the frontline. Volunteers are sought to explore Pern and seek out a new place for them to call home, Fort itself made barren by the constant threadfall. The riders could only protect comfortably a small area, and the rest of the landscape was nothing but wasteland now.

Vicith’s endurance despite his smaller sizing made he and Wa’by the perfect volunteers to join one of the scouting wings, and while they weren’t in the wing that eventually located their new home, both dragon and rider found a love for the flight despite the effort required of both of them (though, perhaps a teeny bit more effort on Vicith’s part than Wa’by’s…He just had to make sure he didn’t fall off after all), so that when the new wings were formed at their new home, Wa’by stepped forward to be tested by W’sar for his wing. One that would result in him working on his own to help map out the new, altered landscape that was the rest of the planet, try and uncover supplies that hadn’t been ravished by thread and see if perhaps there may be hope for one day re-populating the rest of the planet.

He was absolutely stoked to be given the chance to be a part of Mountain wing, and for the first two turns he thrived in his duties. He wasn’t at the weyr when Neissoth hatched, though on his return to their new home, he was filled in rather quickly. Needless to say a few bets may have been made as to the life expectancy of the dragonet, though Wa’by was perhaps one of those few who gave him the benefit of the doubt. What little he saw of the weyrlings was showing that Neisoth grew at the same rate as the rest of the dragonets, easily challenging other bronzes in his clutch in size. A fact that proved true when he caught Kalestath and produce a clutch on par with that had she been caught by Leremith once again. For that clutch, Wa’by made sure he was present, slightly mortified to see the tiny little reds running around along with three more of the black dragons themselves. Neisoth, then, was no fluke, and as they grew, it was easy to see that the reds, tiny though they were, were no less of a dragon than Vicith or Kalestath herself. Nervewracking... Maybe but who was he to judge?

When he was at the weyr, he and Vicith were conducting searches the same as they had during the pass… Dragons didn’t stop hatching just because thread ended, and while it may have gotten easier to convince parents to let their kids go, it was still a difficult task with the more traditional of folk – particularly those who held a lot of anger towards the mood – though who in their right mind thought they were better off in Fort hold couldn’t be the full quid. Shit happened that he was actually around for, and he did not waver despite the horror that the island produced in lieu of the threat of thread. Vicith, ever the sensible one was always there to pull his head in when needed, and Wa’by was able to settle into something of a routine, both when at the weyr, and on assignment for Mountain Wing. It suited him. It suited them. And there was a comfort in being able to do a bit of everything.

* 2590, 37 2590 seems to be a turn filled with surprises… and not always the good kind. Beachsnakes ravaged the turns end celebrations, followed by the disaster that was Imyth’s clutch hatching, with only nine of the 13 dragonets hatched, surviving to impress to theirs. Hunters wipe out the workforce stationed at the minehall and the weyr goes on lockdown. To be fair Wa’by wasn’t much affected by it since he never stayed long enough at the weyr to go stir crazy like so many of the others, and the subsequent riot he also managed to be away for. Lucky bugger, right? IT didn’t make his job any easier, and he’ll always have this niggly feeling that they may have missed potential candidates for the duration of the lockdown… But voicing his concerns does nothing to change them. He keeps his head down and continues with his duty, as is his want.

Things change for him, however, when X’kis and Maelboroth end up catching Imyth. A Mountain Rider, stepping down to take up the position of weyrsecond, if only for a weyr. The change surprises him, and despite B’lye’s teasing cries of traitor, Wa’by is proud of his wingmate, and wonders if perhaps his own time with Mountain Wing should be brought to an end. When the notice goes up for riders to step forward to take up the position of weyrlingmaster assistant, Wa’by decides it is time, and he requests permission to resign from the wing to take up the needed post.

Weyrlings were an important part of the weyr, and being more present would give Vicith more of an opportunity to search potential candidates. It meant giving up the exploration of Pern, and was not exactly the sort of job he ever intended to do, but it was a change... and the thought of staying homefor longer than a sevenday struck a chord in him. He wasn’t B’lye, a genius with paperwork and organisation skills, but he was a searchrider. He was good at that. As was Vicith. And working with the new generation of riders would be an exciting experience for him, if a little bit tamer than wrestling hunters with Jungle Wing or crawling through partially collapsed tunnels in the hopes of finding a cavern full of silkworms for the weavers. He had plenty of years to look forward to, and three other wings to choose from if W’sar decided never to take him back once he stepped down. Being the assistant weyrlingmaster would be an adventure in itself, nevermind that Vicith’s opinion on the matter was decidedly different.

”Come’on now Red, ain’t no time to be getting’ clucky over the little blighters. You’re a blue, not a bronze. We got a job to do, remember?” Wa’by drawled as he collected one of the larger oil buckets and a rag, glancing at the new pairings to find out who was finished eating, who already had someone “helping” and who had not as of yet, received oil to sort out their dragons hide.

I am not clucky. I am simply trying to decide who in this mob I’m gonna show the ropes to. It’s a complicated process, you know? Do I want the one that trampled the young girl or one of the ones that almost killed it’s clutchbrothers? Maybe the little brown one that managed to end a fight through sheer refusal to let up when the black tried to have a go? Vicith responded with a huff, eyes whirling slightly with agitation as he, too, looked over the new weyrlings. Their bonding would stabilise them, surely, but he couldn’t help making a little jab at the oddly coloured dragonets that caused so much havoc from the get go. Wa’by knew the opinion wouldn’t stick for long. Vicith wasn’t one to dwell on a point longer than necessary, and the curiosity in their bond was easily apparent… Once you cut through he background noise.

“Ahh, she’ll be right. Not much to do about it now, eh. Come’on. That one over there has had a couple of visitors, but Big D looked to be scolding more than allocating a room.” Wa’by tutted with a wave of his hand, jutting his chin in the direction of P’run and Salnoth. Most of the other helpers were occupied, and it was an easy enough task to mosie on over to see whether he needed any help. The speed with which the green weyrling had departed suggested she probably had as much time to give him some detailed information as D’zel himself. That is to say, not much at all.

“Good night for it, eh mate? Betcha stoked.” He said as he got within hearing range, stopping a respectful distance away and holding out a hand. “Wa’by of blue Vicith,at your service. But me mates call me anything from Wabz to Kobba, dependin’ on their preference, and I tend to call ‘im Red or Vicky depending on what sorta mood he’s in.” He added in a low voice, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder as Vicith moved closer, the glowlight reflecting pleasantly off his hide and making it appear even lighter than normal. Vicith was a large blue, and taller than both Liramyth and Rohbarth, so even in the relatively dull lighting he was hard to miss, dipping his head in a polite greeting though not addressing them directly yet.

“’bout ready to call it a day? Did Big D tell you where you’re bunking?”

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Whatever works best for you guys. He can be killed. *waves hand*
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Bring. It. On.
Anything Else:
Search Rider - Also. Mountain Traitor. He and X'kis have a club.

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Spoiler for The rare SWW White Blue:

Image Credit:
Coloured by SanctifiedSavage
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ VISS-ith ]
Date of Birth:
2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 29.9M
Mature Height: 6.3M
Mature Wingspan: 52.95M

General Appearance...

There's no doubt about it, Vicith is striking to look at. Some might compare him to a glacier, if Pern had such things, with most of his hide a pale, arctic blue so wan it almost looks white save for the faintest hints of lighter turquoise on the underside of his body and along his cheek frills. His feet and the end of his tail are speckled with a slightly darker steel color, which is the base color on the underside of his wingsails -- though those are speckled to an even darker hue with navy. The outer sides of his wings are just a few shades darker than his body, in a more noticeable iteration of the turquoise on his underbelly.

When he hatched, Vicith was a tiny, narrow thing that didn't ever look like he'd amount to much. But as he grew, he quickly sped past his fellow Blues in size and ended up just ever so shy of 30 meters long. He's robust without looking bulky, filled with powerful muscle but sleek and proportional. He's rather tall even for a dragon of his size, which makes his absolutely gargantuan wingspan (for a Blue) an asset rather than a hindrance. He's always been built for endurance and long gliding, which made him and Wa'by suited to Mountain Wing while they were part of it, as well as flying full Threadfall shifts during the Pass.


Mind Voice: Vicith's voice is particularly suited to being dry and sarcastic, which makes his delivery of such all the more potent. It's pleasingly mellow unless he's actively telling someone off, but he does tend to pick up some of Wa'by's odd turns of phrase, especially when he's upset about something.

Exploring : Vicith likes going places he's never been to before, so he'll be sad that he and Wa'by aren't part of Mountain Wing anymore. (And will side teasingly with B'lye in saying Wa'by is a traitor for leaving the Wing.) He'll be a bother to his rider when he gets the itch to go somewhere, and his favorite part of their new position will be helping to teach the weyrlings to go Between, since it means they get to go somewhere different.

Hurricanes : He wouldn't want to fly in one, but he thinks they're neat as fuck. Any natural disaster, really -- Vicith even has a certain begrudging respect for Thread. Really, anything that's a force of nature with the potential to be so destructive. But hurricanes are something he never experienced until the move to Fort Island, and he thinks they're beautiful in a distinctly dangerous way.

Bitching : If something bad has happened to you, you get one short session of talking about how much it sucks. After that, Vicith doesn't want to hear it. Whining doesn't solve a damn thing, and he'll tell you that straight out. It doesn't make him angry per se, but he has no interest in listening to excuses or you feeling sorry for yourself.

Bludgers : Pull your weight. Very few things make Vicith angry, and he's not really the sort of dragon to actively chew someone out for something they've done or failed to do. But if you slack off, or try to pawn your duties off on someone else, he has no problems putting you in your place. And he'll lose respect for anyone 'superior' to him who does those things.


* RECEPTIVE : This Blue has no difficulty picking up on emotions, desires, and motivations. He's uniquely suited to being a Search Dragon because of it, as he's empathetic enough to detect the seed of Impressionability in potential Candidates. While he might not always agree with how someone feels, and why, or the decisions they make, he'll understand what has led them to that place and may put two and two together about more subtle interactions before his rider does.

* PRUDENT : Vicith is not a fanciful dragon, and doesn't waste time wishing for things to be different. If there's a problem he can fix, he'll do it. If others would be better suited to it, he'll outsource it. But you'll never catch him bemoaning the state of things or thinking about 'what-if'. All you've got is the present, and you'd better make the most of it however possible. All the wishing in the world won't change things unless you put in the effort toward those ends.


* SARCASTIC : Vicith has just as much of a sense of humor as his rider, but he's a sharp, dry, and sarcastic creature by nature. He lives and breathes it, and it's a safe bet that when he's saying something, it's usually at least one of those three things. As such, he can come across as mocking, cruel, or even irreverent. He'll never talk back to a superior, but he keeps up a running commentary in Wa'by's head that could potentially drive him to distraction or irk him when he's recovering from a hangover.

* DIRECT : For all his ability to empathize with other people, Vicith is not a very sympathetic dragon. Did you make a stupid decision? Good job. Now deal with the repercussions of it and quit whining. He'll do what he can to help you out of it if you ask him for assistance, but he'll probably make fun of you for getting yourself into trouble in the first place. This Blue thinks it's better to just move past mistakes rather than dwell on them. And if you did it to yourself, well… you deserve what's coming to you at least a little. As such, this may discourage others from telling him when they do misstep, because while he's not mean about it, he isn't necessarily nice either.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #ddebf3; Text: #496675

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Anything Else:
I hope you like him, Kyya. And that he suits. :para:

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Spoiler for Grog:

Image Credit:
Coloured by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
dd.mm.yyyy 9th Pass or 9th Interval. (Need to figure this one out)
Place of Birth:
To be decided

General Appearance...

Grog hatched as a very dark gold, bordering on bronze in colour that would practically glow when hit by direct sunlight, giving some testament to the colouring she would one day have. As she grew, brighter patches began to appear, and by the time she reached her full size, a perfectly proportioned 2 metres long, 40 centimetres tall and with a whopping 3.32metre wingspan, her hide was decorated as though someone had taken a vial of golden powder and sprinkled it all over her, decorating her back with patches of the brightest gold and crating slightly orange undertones along the wingsails. Her belly remained for the most part, the same dark gold of her infancy, and the shimmering gold became patchy around her hips and shoulders, leaving her claws the same dark colour, as if she’d been floating around in a barrel of water and washed away at most of the gold dusting.


Mind Voice: Grog is royalty and she knows it. Her mind voice is proud and regal, and she ensures any communication between her, her bonded, or the flits in her fair are clear and precise. She’s a no-nonsense gold mentally, though others may find her hard to listen to when she speaks to them directly because she can be a little forceful to minds that are not Wa’by’s own. She rarely if ever deigns to speak to outsiders


Servants: What is a queen without her attendants. Regardless of their colour, size or species, any creature that is not Grog should be providing her with whatever she needs whenever she needs it before she even tells them she needs it. Thankfully this usually falls to Razorback and Roo, though the latter is usually disinclined unless Grog’s near to her flight date.

Clutches: There is no better time to introduce yourself to Grog than when she has a clutch waiting at her designated nesting area. People do not steal her eggs or her hatchlings. No. They meet her. They talk to her. They tell her exactly why they are worthy of an egg and if she deems it so, she will allow them to take the egg she chooses for them. Offerings bribes may also be accepted. Because of her protectiveness, she also ends up taking care of Sheila’s eggs, treating them no differently than if she’d laid them herself. They may hatch a little later than hers, and not all of them are viable, but she doesn’t mind. Wa’by will usually warn you if you’re grabbing one of the green’s eggs anyway, in case it ends up being a dud.

Praise: She knows she’s practically perfect in every way but she wants to hear it whenever and wherever possible. Sure it might be something simple like waking up in the morning, but that’s no reason to shirk on the sheer delight that just being in the room with her causes. So praise her for it. She deserves it. Or you know. Say hello. Whatever floats your boat.


Ferals: Children. Adults. Dragonkin. It doesn’t matter. You get your attitude in check and start acting like a civilised person/creature or you’re gonna find yourself on the receiving end of Grog’s chiding. Learn your place, or go act like a feral flitter on your own time.

Water: When it comes to beverage choices, Grog is quite specific. If Wa’by doesn’t happen to have a cleanskin lying around and easy to access, she’s inclined to go and track down someone who has some sort of alcoholic concoction for her to guzzle. In lieu of booze, what with rations and all, Klah has made for a worthy substitute. Water… Tasteless and grotty (they bathe in water) can go in the cove where it belongs.

Insubordination: She is a Gold damnit. You must listen when she commands you to do something. Surely it doesn’t matter if she’s just a firelizard, right? Thankfully most of her subordinates are lesser colours… And Firelizards themselves. So she doesn’t encounter this often. She just gets a little pissy when she tries to boss Vicith around and he’s not in the mood.

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Anything Else:
Force Catch – Flies Around 02/01 – Always a day or two after Turns End Celebrations. Never Before.

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Spoiler for Roo:

Image Credit:
Coloured by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
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Re: Kyya's multipurpose thread for tracking and other things
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Kyya... I hope you like him. <_<

Spoiler for Vicith <3:

Image Credit:
Coloured by SanctifiedSavage
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ VISS-ith ]
Date of Birth:
2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 29.9M
Mature Height: 6.3M
Mature Wingspan: 52.95M

General Appearance...

There's no doubt about it, Vicith is striking to look at. Some might compare him to a glacier, if Pern had such things, with most of his hide a pale, arctic blue so wan it almost looks white save for the faintest hints of lighter turquoise on the underside of his body and along his cheek frills. His feet and the end of his tail are speckled with a slightly darker steel color, which is the base color on the underside of his wingsails -- though those are speckled to an even darker hue with navy. The outer sides of his wings are just a few shades darker than his body, in a more noticeable iteration of the turquoise on his underbelly.

When he hatched, Vicith was a tiny, narrow thing that didn't ever look like he'd amount to much. But as he grew, he quickly sped past his fellow Blues in size and ended up just ever so shy of 30 meters long. He's robust without looking bulky, filled with powerful muscle but sleek and proportional. He's rather tall even for a dragon of his size, which makes his absolutely gargantuan wingspan (for a Blue) an asset rather than a hindrance. He's always been built for endurance and long gliding, which made him and Wa'by suited to Mountain Wing while they were part of it, as well as flying full Threadfall shifts during the Pass.


Mind Voice: Vicith's voice is particularly suited to being dry and sarcastic, which makes his delivery of such all the more potent. It's pleasingly mellow unless he's actively telling someone off, but he does tend to pick up some of Wa'by's odd turns of phrase, especially when he's upset about something.

Exploring : Vicith likes going places he's never been to before, so he'll be sad that he and Wa'by aren't part of Mountain Wing anymore. (And will side teasingly with B'lye in saying Wa'by is a traitor for leaving the Wing.) He'll be a bother to his rider when he gets the itch to go somewhere, and his favorite part of their new position will be helping to teach the weyrlings to go Between, since it means they get to go somewhere different.

Hurricanes : He wouldn't want to fly in one, but he thinks they're neat as fuck. Any natural disaster, really -- Vicith even has a certain begrudging respect for Thread. Really, anything that's a force of nature with the potential to be so destructive. But hurricanes are something he never experienced until the move to Fort Island, and he thinks they're beautiful in a distinctly dangerous way.

Bitching : If something bad has happened to you, you get one short session of talking about how much it sucks. After that, Vicith doesn't want to hear it. Whining doesn't solve a damn thing, and he'll tell you that straight out. It doesn't make him angry per se, but he has no interest in listening to excuses or you feeling sorry for yourself.

Bludgers : Pull your weight. Very few things make Vicith angry, and he's not really the sort of dragon to actively chew someone out for something they've done or failed to do. But if you slack off, or try to pawn your duties off on someone else, he has no problems putting you in your place. And he'll lose respect for anyone 'superior' to him who does those things.


* RECEPTIVE : This Blue has no difficulty picking up on emotions, desires, and motivations. He's uniquely suited to being a Search Dragon because of it, as he's empathetic enough to detect the seed of Impressionability in potential Candidates. While he might not always agree with how someone feels, and why, or the decisions they make, he'll understand what has led them to that place and may put two and two together about more subtle interactions before his rider does.

* PRUDENT : Vicith is not a fanciful dragon, and doesn't waste time wishing for things to be different. If there's a problem he can fix, he'll do it. If others would be better suited to it, he'll outsource it. But you'll never catch him bemoaning the state of things or thinking about 'what-if'. All you've got is the present, and you'd better make the most of it however possible. All the wishing in the world won't change things unless you put in the effort toward those ends.


* SARCASTIC : Vicith has just as much of a sense of humor as his rider, but he's a sharp, dry, and sarcastic creature by nature. He lives and breathes it, and it's a safe bet that when he's saying something, it's usually at least one of those three things. As such, he can come across as mocking, cruel, or even irreverent. He'll never talk back to a superior, but he keeps up a running commentary in Wa'by's head that could potentially drive him to distraction or irk him when he's recovering from a hangover.

* DIRECT : For all his ability to empathize with other people, Vicith is not a very sympathetic dragon. Did you make a stupid decision? Good job. Now deal with the repercussions of it and quit whining. He'll do what he can to help you out of it if you ask him for assistance, but he'll probably make fun of you for getting yourself into trouble in the first place. This Blue thinks it's better to just move past mistakes rather than dwell on them. And if you did it to yourself, well… you deserve what's coming to you at least a little. As such, this may discourage others from telling him when they do misstep, because while he's not mean about it, he isn't necessarily nice either.

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I hope you like him, Kyya. And that he suits. :para:

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Code: [Select]
[center][b]Image Credit:[/b]
[b]Coloured by [uid]SanctifiedSavage[/uid][/b]
[url=http://senaru.deviantart.com/art/Remade-Pernese-Dragon-COLOR-ME-661625168]Link to line art.[/url][/center]
[apptitle]Dragon Details[/apptitle]
[ VISS-ith ]
[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
2576 9th Pass
[b]Place of Birth:[/b]
Fort Weyr
[b]Clutch Mother:[/b]
[b]Clutch Father:[/b]
Mature [i]Length[/i]: 29.9M
Mature [i]Height[/i]: 6.3M
Mature [i]Wingspan[/i]: 52.95M[/appbio]
[apptitle]General Appearance...[/apptitle]
[apprefl]There's no doubt about it, Vicith is striking to look at. Some might compare him to a glacier, if Pern had such things, with most of his hide a pale, arctic blue so wan it almost looks white save for the faintest hints of lighter turquoise on the underside of his body and along his cheek frills. His feet and the end of his tail are speckled with a slightly darker steel color, which is the base color on the underside of his wingsails -- though those are speckled to an even darker hue with navy. The outer sides of his wings are just a few shades darker than his body, in a more noticeable iteration of the turquoise on his underbelly.

When he hatched, Vicith was a tiny, narrow thing that didn't ever look like he'd amount to much. But as he grew, he quickly sped past his fellow Blues in size and ended up just ever so shy of 30 meters long. He's robust without looking bulky, filled with powerful muscle but sleek and proportional. He's rather tall even for a dragon of his size, which makes his absolutely gargantuan wingspan (for a Blue) an asset rather than a hindrance. He's always been built for endurance and long gliding, which made him and Wa'by suited to Mountain Wing while they were part of it, as well as flying full Threadfall shifts during the Pass. [/apprefl]
[apprefl][b]Mind Voice:[/b] Vicith's voice is particularly suited to being dry and sarcastic, which makes his delivery of such all the more potent. It's pleasingly mellow unless he's actively telling someone off, but he does tend to pick up some of Wa'by's odd turns of phrase, especially when he's upset about something.

Exploring : Vicith likes going places he's never been to before, so he'll be sad that he and Wa'by aren't part of Mountain Wing anymore. (And will side teasingly with B'lye in saying Wa'by is a traitor for leaving the Wing.) He'll be a bother to his rider when he gets the itch to go somewhere, and his favorite part of their new position will be helping to teach the weyrlings to go [i]Between[/i], since it means they get to go somewhere different.

Hurricanes : He wouldn't want to fly in one, but he thinks they're neat as fuck. Any natural disaster, really -- Vicith even has a certain begrudging respect for Thread. Really, anything that's a force of nature with the potential to be so destructive. But hurricanes are something he never experienced until the move to Fort Island, and he thinks they're beautiful in a distinctly dangerous way.

Bitching : If something bad has happened to you, you get one short session of talking about how much it sucks. After that, Vicith doesn't want to hear it. Whining doesn't solve a damn thing, and he'll tell you that straight out. It doesn't make him [i]angry[/i] per se, but he has no interest in listening to excuses or you feeling sorry for yourself.

Bludgers : Pull your weight. Very few things make Vicith angry, and he's not really the sort of dragon to actively chew someone out for something they've done or failed to do. But if you slack off, or try to pawn your duties off on someone else, he has no problems putting you in your place. And he'll lose respect for anyone 'superior' to him who does those things.


* RECEPTIVE : This Blue has no difficulty picking up on emotions, desires, and motivations. He's uniquely suited to being a Search Dragon because of it, as he's empathetic enough to detect the seed of Impressionability in potential Candidates. While he might not always [i]agree[/i] with how someone feels, and why, or the decisions they make, he'll understand what has led them to that place and may put two and two together about more subtle interactions before his rider does.

* PRUDENT : Vicith is not a fanciful dragon, and doesn't waste time wishing for things to be different. If there's a problem he can fix, he'll do it. If others would be better suited to it, he'll outsource it. But you'll never catch him bemoaning the state of things or thinking about 'what-if'. All you've got is the present, and you'd better make the most of it however possible. All the wishing in the world won't change things unless you put in the effort toward those ends.


* SARCASTIC : Vicith has just as much of a sense of humor as his rider, but he's a sharp, dry, and sarcastic creature by nature. He lives and breathes it, and it's a safe bet that when he's saying something, it's usually at least one of those three things. As such, he can come across as mocking, cruel, or even irreverent. He'll never talk back to a superior, but he keeps up a running commentary in Wa'by's head that could potentially drive him to distraction or irk him when he's recovering from a hangover.

* DIRECT : For all his ability to [i]empathize[/i] with other people, Vicith is not a very [i]sympathetic[/i] dragon. Did you make a stupid decision? Good job. Now deal with the repercussions of it and quit whining. He'll do what he can to help you out of it if you ask him for assistance, but he'll probably make fun of you for getting yourself into trouble in the first place. This Blue thinks it's better to just move past mistakes rather than dwell on them. And if you did it to yourself, well… you deserve what's coming to you at least a little. As such, this may discourage others from telling him when they do misstep, because while he's not [i]mean[/i] about it, he isn't necessarily nice either.

[b]Dragon Speech Code:[/b] [color=#496675][bgcolor=#ddebf3]This is what your dragon's voice will look like.[/bgcolor][/color] Background: #ddebf3; Text: #496675[/apprefl]

[apptitle]Member Info...[/apptitle]
[appbio][b]Anything Else:[/b]
I hope you like him, Kyya. And that he suits. :para:[/appbio]
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Re: Kyya's multipurpose thread for tracking and other things
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Spoiler for Bronze Weyrling:
Character Link: Link to the character the request is for.
Impression Age: 2590/14
Clutch: Kalestath
Color Preference: Bronze, please. I’m happy with a brand new one or a creature bank baby though ^^ Bronze 003 if that is possible.
Impression Thread: Nah, thanks :D

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
8.10.2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Leave this blank. Staff will edit.
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: All sharp angles and hard lines. It takes effort to be perfect and T’vye works hard to make sure his appearance reflects just how fantastic he is. He isn’t broad, but he is tall and well-muscled, wearing clothes that are rarely anything but clean and crisp, made to accentuate the body beneath. He walks with a confidence unmarred by insecurities. He doesn’t brush aside easily, and he expects you to move out of his way when he walks. He is every inch the young, confident weyrling, though there is a serious note to the set of his face that discourages frivolity when dealing with him.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The 9th Pass Catastrophe had little to do with shaping the way T’vye developed. Being weyrborn meant growing up in the creche was the norm, and with so many other kids in the exact same situation, it was hard to begrudge the few that had permanent weyrmate parents. The Dragonriders of Pern fought thread, and while he may have heard about all the weyrs and holds that were lost, being born in Fort meant his home, at least was not. He grew up with rationed food, and the almost constant mourning of dragons. Death happened, but the only affect was the realization that it happened… and his determination not to be counted when he finally had the chance to join the riders in the sky. The end of the pass did nothing to mar these feelings, though he does act quite thwarted that he was not old enough to be searched while they faced the constant threat of thread. It would have been easy to show everyone how great he was during threadfall... a teeny bit harder when they were barely even allowed to leave the weyr without an escort nowadays.

Response to dragon color mutations: Fuck ‘em. His opinion of the mutations in the same clutch as his own bonded is slightly higher, but so far as Neisoth and his first offspring are concerned, T’vye wants little to do with them. He may not want them killed… But he does not like the idea of blacks being able to throw their weight around as much as the bronzes themselves. While cautious about the reds, he at least doesn’t hold as much disdain for them as he does the black mutations. The reds aren’t his competition the way the blacks are.

Who are you...


*Boasting:- He talks big about where he’s going to get in life, but absolutely loves sharing his past accomplishments to any that wishes to hear. This is a young man who will most definitely have a better story to tell than the one you just told, and to make it even better – he won’t even be lying. If he can’t relate to the story directly, he’ll oft start his own with “That reminds me of the time I” before telling you how his event was so much better than yours.

*Followers:- Groupies. Fangirls. Devotees. Doesn’t really matter what age or what genre they are, if you’re hanging off his everyword and practically throwing yourself at him, he’s bound to enjoy having you around. He revels in having as many adoring fans as he can gather, and will often seek to help out someone flagged as “less fortunate” because he knows there is a high chance that person will feel indebted and thus become a constant supporter in everything he does.

*Confirmation:- Verbal praise is wonderful, but what really gets his blood boiling is when something he says is going to happen, happens. It doesn’t matter how small the statement may be, if it is confirmed, he is thrilled. It just helps justify how right he is… and gives him things to gloat about.

*Firelizards:- Well Dragonkin in general. But who the fuck thinks wher’s are anything like dragons? Firelizards however. Every second person seems to have one following them around acting all high and mighty because they’ve got ”Tiny dragons” accompanying them, Like anything could compare to dragons themselves. Inferior little beasts. inferior to dragons.

*Insubordination:- He gets that his superiors are his superiors – one day, he’ll be the superior and the only person he’d have to answer to will be Halirina herself; but for now, he has a certain understandiong of his rank so far as the greater weyr is concerned and he expects to be treated as one would anyone else in this rank. It isn’t necessarily to do with dragons, but knowledge as well, and if he says he knows better, you’d better listen to him. He doesn’t care if you have questions or don’t understand. AS far as he’s concerned. What he says goes, and any second guessing of his decision is just plain rude.

*Frivolity:- T’vye doesn’t care much for senseless “fun”. He understands there are some skills that can be learnt from engaging in various activities, but when there is no rhyme or reason to what you’re doing, he doesn’t want any part of it. This goes for those people that are just. Well. Nonsense. He won’t stand for it, and he won’t participate in it. In fact, so long as it doesn’t result in him getting into trouble, he’ll just walk away whenever pointless shenanigans are involved.


* CONFIDENT : He knows who he is, what he wants, and what he’s meant to be. And won’t care whether you see it different. He doesn’t second guess himself, and only ever asks questions that he deems important to the ultimate decision he has to make. He doesn’t need to know what you think, nor be praised for what he has done well. He’s not going to say no to you, but he’s not looking for constant validation of how good he is at something. He already knows it.

* COMMITTED : Once he sets his mind to achieving something, he will not dally from the path he needs to take to get there.  He knows what path he wants to take and it’s just a matter of his life catching up to where his head already is. He would have waited until he was no longer eligible to stand on the hatching sands before he even considered he wasn’t meant to be a dragonrider – and even then it would have taken a whole lotta convincing for him to actually take up a craft. While he prefers for his self-imposed goals to be achieved sooner rather than later, he is patient enough to wait out periods between, and focusses instead on what he needs to do to accelerate that.

* LUCKY : Some people just are, and T’vye is one of them. There’s definitely some sort of talent in there, but ultimately, he’s just one of the lucky ones. So far he’s yet to be disillusioned by delays in what he deems his path in life, and every achievement is further justification of such. It doesn’t help that he ends up being correct even when it comes to trivial things. He may end up with the last bubbly pie of the night, or end up on the crappy chore the same day a gold flies, to be replaced by someone else the next day. It really is just dumb luck half the time. His natural talents aside.

* GIFTED : Intelligent, healthy, athletic and blessed with (what he thinks are) flawless features, it’s easy to resent the natural potential this kid shows to most things he applies himself to. He could have had his pick of crafting apprenticeships but as it was, he was to be a dragonrider. Cream of the crop, really. 

* TRUSTWORTHY : For all his idiocy, He’s someone you can rely on. He might want to claim all the glory in everything he does, but he’s not about to let someone call him less because he fails in his duty. A dickhead he may be, but untrustworthy he is not. He doesn’t feel the need to lie about his actions – because everything he does is on purpose, but he also feels no need to throw someone else under the bus to get out of trouble.


* CALLOUS : In achieving his goals, T’vye does happen to step on others. It’s unintentional, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it happens. If you’re not going to help him achieve his goals, he is perfectly happy to brush you aside. While he isn’t the sort to climb the social ladder through lies and political friendships, he will definitely bulldoze through relationships when they no longer benefit his long-term goals. In this, he can be quite cruel.

* SELFISH : T’vye doesn’t quite realise how his actions affect those around him. Instead, he sees only positive results of his presence and uses that to reinforce his sense of self. He’s not one to share, comfort or assist anyone else though expects other people to do just that for him. What’s yours is mine; what’s mine is also mine.

* IMPOSING : With his easy dismissal of others, decent height with much more room to grow and nonchalance when it comes to other people’s space, T’vye comes across as threatening, particularly when he feels as though someone isn’t giving him the respect he feels he is due. Even if he wasn’t so self-centered as to pay no mind to other people’s thoughts, feelings or opinions, his bulldozer mentality and easy confidence makes him almost unapproachable even with a valid reason.

* RECKLESS : With such a solid grasp on what he wants and how he wants to get there, T’vye is often reckless in his actions. Not to be mistaken with being bold, or brave, he rarely thinks beyond the present so far as the next step in the grand scheme of his life as he wants it to play out, and only really considers what would be counterintuitive to his goals before acting on an idea.

* BOSSY : T’vye has a solid grasp on… well… everything important as far as he’s concerned, and he never hesitates to step forward and take charge, directing people this way and that to achieve whatever goals they set out to do. While the underlying leadership capability may be a sound base, the lengths in which he pushes his authority rarely comes across as just “good leadership skills”. He will be more than happy to drag you where he thinks you should go and won’t hear a word of why he isn’t able to do that.

Describe Yourself:

* ARROGANT: There’s no doubt T’vye has an image in his head of who he will one day become, and he’s not shy of acting as though that’s exactly who he is at any moment in life. He’s adamant that his dragon will fly Kalestath in three years’ time, and the weyr will be better off than it ever had been. It’s not even wishful thinking. T’vye believes each and every word he says and it just further reinforces how far his head is up his own arse.

* COCKY: Anything you can do T’vye can do better. Don’t believe him? He’ll prove it to you. He doesn’t just boast. He acts on those boasts. You might be able to outdo him there and then, but give him a bit of time and he’ll surpass you. You can count on it. In all things, T’vye will be better. … Eventually.

* JUDGEMENTAL: T’vye is quick to have an opinion on anything. It might not necessarily be the same opinion as yours, but it’s the only opinion that matter. He doesn’t waste time assuming things will change. He judges based on the then and there and that’s that.

* UNFORGIVING: Sorry doesn’t cut it. If you wrong him, there is little chance he will ever forget it. He’s not going to care how much you’ve changed since that moment, or what reasoning you provide for why you did what you did. It doesn’t matter. One strike. That’s it. One strike and then you’re done.

* STUBBORN: In many things T’vye is unwavering, though perhaps the most trying for his instructors will be his refusal to admit if he had done wrong. He’s unlikely to apologise (with any meaning) in the event that he fucked up and put someone else in danger, he rarely backs down in a fight and when he’s decided to do something one way, it will be a warm day between before he’ll say he was wrong for doing so. His saving grace would be his tendancy to just walk away when and if he can. What’s the point in arguing when he’s right?

The Magic Touch: He’s ticklish. Not “Oh. Haha. That tickled” ticklish but full blown, breath air on him and he’ll giggle for a good minute… possibly squeal. He’s alright once he’s gotten used to the touch, but can’t seem to master the art of not laughing at anything but the most in your face skin-on-skin touches. (Totally doesn’t make sense. Fix this shit)


Mother: Thevemmon of Izythath B. 2560 I. 2573
Father: Y'tol of Bronze Bayorth. B. 2554 I. 2569
Father’s side:
2572 – Yolata of Green Zephreth
2575 – Nishi rider of Green Xasheyth
2578 - Tiranatol - 12 - Apprenticed to the healer hall
2579 - Yolinadae - Weyrbrat
2581 - Yonila - Weyrbrat
2585 – Minatol - Weyrbrat - Crafter mother
Mother’s side (That he knows of):
2572 - Vemornae
2588 - Qremmon
2 at least that he knows of, born in 2589, though until they’re old enough to make a name for themselves, he doesn’t really care for knowing them. 

Tell us a story...

* 2576-2581, 0-5 Born from a celebratory fuck between Y’tol and Thevemmon, he was given to the creche as soon as possible to allow Thevemmon to join the fighting wings as per her duty to the weyr. He does have siblings, but as is the nature of the creche, does not necessarily know them by name. Even as a babe, T’vye was a demanding little shit, caring little for the needs of his carers, nor the other crechelings. Born so late in the pass, the constant threat of thread, rations and possibility that anyone he meets may not be there the next day are all the norm. T’vye doesn’t know any different, nor does he care to. Stories of “better times” are pointless and have no standing in what he himself wishes to do with his life. Young, he may be, but determined to forge his own path despite the chaos that is Pern.

* 2582 - 2586, 6-10 When you find out your dad is a Bronzerider and your mother a Bluerider, it’s hard not to imagine yourself following in their footsteps, particularly when it means defending Pern from the constant threat of threadfall. Not one to care much about his past so much as his future he focusses his attention on the inevitable day a blue dragon searches him, filling the rest of his time by making sure he was better than his peers. One has to stand out to get ahead in life, afterall.

It was during this period that he realised he had half-siblings right there in the creche with him, and a little bit of digging identified Nishi as one of them. Only a turn older than he was, T’vye latched onto the idea that she was to be her primary rival. She gave him something to focus on to fill the turns between crechling and candidate, and while he wouldn’t admit it openly, he holds a lot of respect for the girl.

* 2587, 11 A turn away still from being searchable thread ceases its relentless barrage. The relief in the weyr is palpable, but T’vye is somewhat unphased by it. Ultimately, it had little affect on him. He hadn’t lost anyone to threadfall to be pleased by its absence, and there may have even been a niggling sense of annoyance that it had ceased before he was even able to join the fighting wings. Images of him atop a Bronze saving his wing from imminent death were shattered with news that it had ended, to be replaced without pause with ideas for how to impress the weyr with his feats now that a new home was being sought.

As a crechling, he wasn’t exactly the first person to move from Fort Weyr to Fort Island, and while disappointed that he couldn’t be one of the first, he figured it was only a matter of time before he’d join the weyr population – and by then the early arrivers would have properly prepared for his (And the other crechlings’) arrival. Reaching the island at the beginning of Month seven meant that he didn’t have long to wait to watch his first hatching, the lack of a fall meaning there was no longer any danger to those who wished to sit in the stands to watch.

It was all going fine and dandy until the black beast hatched, and T’vye found himself looking for the Bronze father, appalled. He’d long ago developed an idea that it was the males who dictated what would be in a clutch, boosted somewhat by the Gold, but ultimately colour dispersion was primarily the Bronze’s job... And this one. This one had gone and managed to produce a completely new beast. Finding out that it was Leremith, the winner of all of Kalestath’s flights for as long as T’vye had been born made it so much worse. This is the first time he considers his future Bronze flying Kalestath – showing the rest of the weyr what a proper dragon pairing could produce now that Leremith had failed them.

Comparatively, his reaction to the Hunter monstrosities were mild. As with threadfall, they were just one more thing to add to the list of things he would get rid of once he became a rider. Fuck. The weyr needed him to be searched so bad.

Meanwhile Nishi leaves the Creche to start a fisher apprenticeship, earning T’vye’s scorn. For someone adamant that they were going to be riding a Queen, entering the fishercraft was a stupid way to go about it. Along with the other milestones he sets, Nishi’s absence, and subsequent lack of being searched solidifies his intent to stay in the creche where searchriders can find him easily enough.

* 2588, 12 His nameday isn’t until the end of the year, so while he’s not technically eligible to be searched until the 10th month, he still gets sour when he finds out that Nishi, despite running off to do a Fisher Apprenticeship, had been searched. When she impresses almost a month prior to his 12th nameday he is furious. He wasn’t even capable of participating in that clutch, and it was extremely unfair that she had that advantage over him. The single saving grace was that she hadn’t managed a Gold. He’d at least have his proper dragon by the time he impressed. Just a matter of waiting it out before he had something to tease her for properly. As it was she had a dragon and he wasn’t even a candidate.

* 2589, 13 Neisoth outflies every fucking Bronze in the weyr and claims Kalestath as his. The resulting clutch is large, and possibly better than any of those she had laid after Leremith caught her, but the resulting hatchlings are once again marred by the precence of not only three more blacks, but three new colours again. Smaller than greens, the red dragonets cause chaos on the sands, and he scoffs at the idea that the mighty Bronzes have been usurped by this mutation bearing black. The fact that Neisoth had grown as quickly as the rest of the bronzes he hatched with does not go unnoticed, but does little to alleviate T’vye’s disdain for him, and his offspring. 

In his twelth turn, T’vye makes a note to be present whenever a bluerider visits the creche, making sure they know how old he is, and that they should let him know if their dragons identified the potential in him. He tried to coax a few searches himself. “I’m gonna be a dragonrider. Trust me.” But to no avail. It’s frustrating, but he knows it will happen eventually, and while perhaps a bit snippy when asked about it, is relatively patient so far as waiting for the inevitable moment he gets asked to stand.

In preparation for candidacy, he has been entering into flings with other young women in the weyr, finding casual sex a worthy engagement of his time. Two such trysts result in children, but apart from knowing that the kids will probably end up in the creche, he has no drive to know them. Not until they were worthy of note, anyway. Perhaps if he was older he may have had some care for them beyond the acknowledgement that they exist, but as it was it was mere coincidence that he found out about the two in the creche, let alone however many others he may have sired in his time.

His perseverance pays off. Late in the turn, just before Imyth clutches, a searchrider identifies him as a potential rider. He’s not so much excited as he is pleased in himself for being correct, once again, about his future. While he applies himself to the lessons and chores he was assigned as a candidate, he takes it all with a grain of salt. It is simply a necessary stepping stone for where he will be once his Bronze comes to him, and while he isn’t stupid enough to do anything that would get him banned from standing, he doesn’t exactly go out of his way to benefit anyone except himself. In his spare time he tends to wander on down to the crèche and boast about his latest achievement, though he does give a little extra attention to the youngsters he took under his wing prior to the search to encourage them to do the same thing he did. They don’t necessarily listen to everything he tells them, but he at least manages to encourage them to bulldoze their way forward to achieve their own goals, just as he had done. Just wait until he gets a Bronze to show them!

When Imyth clutched, T’vye was disappointed in the size of it, not to mention her history in regards to what colours hatched. It was a pathetic sized thing, and paled in comparison to Kalestath’s clutches. Not even mating with a mutant had sullied her numbers, yet Imyth couldn’t produce a decent clutch with a magnificent Bronze mate. He did present at her touching, as was required, because there was always the possibility that his future partner would hatch out of the sorry excuse for a clutch to prove how special he, and T’vye truly were. Not only would they be noteworthy for being in such an elite “club”, but the entire clutch would be better for him having hatched. So of course, while his overall impression of Imyth’s clutch was horrible, he did make sure to pay plenty of attention to the largest egg in the group. Just in case.

* 2590, 14 The Morning After Turns End ends in disaster, with several folk killed by Beachsnakes during the morning chores. T’vye had been assigned to the weyr that day, and so was not present for the attacks, though, if asked, he’d tell you just how stupid those that got killed must have been not to see a dragon-sized tunnelsnake coming at them from the water. He barely offered his condolences to those who had lost people, and even then, it was usually just a way to explain how he would have saved everyone had he been there. especially if he had his Bronze dragon.

Imyth’s clutch hatches soon after, and the results are as expected. The ones that do successfully hatch are “lesser” colours, though he is pleased that the larger egg produced a brown, at least, that managed to impress instead of fumble on into one of its clutchmates and drag the two of them, creeling between. If he wasn’t worried about being asked not to stand for the next clutch – Kalestath’s, if she rises as she usually does, he would have walked out after the first death. His Bronze wouldn’t be hatching among siblings too stupid to know how to step around eggs or eachother.

It would seem as though the first day of the turn really set the bar for what sort of turn was to come. The weyr’s Bronzes are once again bested by Neisoth, his spawn continues to grow at the same rate as the other dragonets, more deaths as the minehall is attacked by Hunters and a lockdown that resulted in a riot because people were too stupid to know it was for their own good. Faranth knew he wasn’t anywhere near the hall when the first punch was thrown. Oriath, at least, is caught by Leremith, though T’vye didn’t hold much hope for the clutch. He’d disappointed him the day he sired Neisoth, and his respect for the Bronze continued to waver as the mutant continued to best him.

He couldn’t help his annoyance when he heard that a Brown had caught Imyth, no matter the justifications provided by the supporters in the weyr of why it was possible and how it happened. Bronzes caught Golds. Not Blacks. And certainly not Browns. Imyth barely managed nine successful impressions from her previous clutch of only thirteen eggs. A Brown was only going to increase the chances of the small gold producing duds. He was aware that many Bronze riders had opted out of Imyth’s flight, but he knew that plenty of seasoned riders had flown against that Brown. To still be unsuccessful despite their experience? Pah. Useless. The lot of them.

There is a glowlight at the end of the tunnel, however, with Kalestath producing what T’vye would bet was her largest clutch yet. At least while he’d been alive. Despite himself, he has the faintest glimmer of respect for Neisoth, who continued to sire a clutch filled with large, healthy looking eggs, any one of which could easily contain the bronze destined to bond with him. Imyth’s clutch barely counted as one, so Kalestath’s would be his first proper clutch to stand for… As such, it was only right that it was the last clutch he would have to stand for… And he said as much to anyone that asked.

The 36 eggs became a focal point for T’vye for the following months, all other news paling in comparison. He cared little for the bamboo, though at least took in stride the need to care for the fields. News that Wherhandlers could impress two of the beasts meant nothing, since he’d never be interested in the hideous creatures, and the Southern Boll Discovery meant nothing more than just a bit of extra work in the Weaver Hall.

When the opportunity to touch the eggs came, he was one of the first on the sands, having spent the weeks prior trying to find out which eggs were possibly larger than the others, and thus denoting that perhaps a Bronze would be inside. He paid no mind to the shell colour, and instead beelined for a few of his designated “Biggest”. Offering them each as much attention as the other to tell them that he was there, ready for his bonded. There was no way to tell which one would contain his Bronze, so he just tried them all.

He did not rush to the sands the day that Saibrasoth told them that Kalestath’s eggs were hatching, particularly when he explained that it was reds on the sands. He made sure instead, that he was perfectly appropriate for the event. Angering Kalestath was not on the cards, and anything less than perfection could mean being kicked off the sands. He arrived to the chaos that were the first of the red hatchlings, followed swiftly by five more in a burst of eggshells and goo. He did not panic. Did not stop to help anyone else there, instead finding a place to stand away from the reds, not even paying them mind. They were not to be his bonded, and they weren’t worth looking at. His relaxation aided him when one of the little shits beelined for him, allowing him to move out of the way as it brushed against his mind, his fury alone at being tested for his worthiness for the little thing enough to deter the creature from enquiring further. His was to be a Bronze

He knew when his Bronze hatched. There had been two already amid the filthy blacks, chaotic reds, blues, greens, browns and the deaths of candidates and a flit too stupid to know how to behave on the hatching sands, but this one. He was different. He valiantly held his own when he was accosted by his black brother, his brown clutchmate assisting him to the best of his ability. It didn’t matter that there had been a fight. It didn’t matter that the brown had ended it where the Bronze had not, but this Bronze. After marks of standing on those hot sands watching the slinking shape of the multitude of black hatchlings slither their way to their bondeds and only two of the proper kings themselves hatching, that the Bronze would be his.

There was triumph when he heard the Bronze’s name, mixed with the dragonet’s hunger pains and his own joy at impressing, but a sense of rightness set in on him as he walked off the sands with that dragonet of his. A sense of rightness and deep down, easily dismissed by his more dominant traits, a teeny bit of relief that he was correct. There had always been a Bronze for him. He just had to grow up first

It was with mixed feelings that Theatoyve stood with the rest of the candidates in front of Imyth’s clutch. He had dressed appropriately, and arrived promptly- there would be no reason to think he was disrespectful enough to warrant sitting in the stands with the ineligible candidates, but the clutch was pathetic. It was small, and there was only one real standout among the eggs as far as he was concerned. It was the largest, but that didn’t mean much so far as eggs went.

Imyth could produce Bronzes. He knew she could.

He just didn’t have much faith when there were 13 eggs rocking eagerly on the sands with little more than the tiniest of cacks suggesting they were anywhere close to hatching.

His Bronze would not make so subtle an entrance… Though perhaps he was waiting for some of the other colours to hatch. To be able to build the tension before presenting himself to the world.

Ha. Yeah. That’s what his Bronze would do.

He would give his siblings at least a little bit of the glowlight before showing himself.

Despite the mental reassurances, it was hard to stay focused when the marks crept on by with nothing more than rocking happening. But he stayed, and watched, and mentally bet on which ones were going to hatch first.

A smirk as the one he’d been looking at burst open, spilling forth a… Well.. It wasn’t a green at least. But it didn’t bode very well for the clutch. Particularly when the blue bumped into not one, but two of the other eggs, spilling forth two green siblings in turn, one of which was just a creeling mess in her shards and the other getting herself tangled with the blue.

They separated though… And the Blue impressed. The first green righting herself as Imyth crooned to them. Then the green betweened, and Theatovye barely kept his face from showing the disdain he felt. They would argue that her bonded was lost in the beachsnake attack, but he knew the truth.

She wouldn’t have survived beyond impression. Pathetic little thing that she was.

One of the larger eggs was hatching. Not the largest. Not the one he had picked, but it produced a brown. Strong and healthy and a testament to the idiotic colours before it. That boded well. He kept his attention on the egg he’d selected now. The other colours had shown. This was when his Bronze would hatch, if this was truly his clutch.

The egg at least, shared the same thoughts he did as the time stretched on, cracking after what felt like years to produce a Brown.


That was upsetting.

That was the one. If any of the eggs were Bronze that one was it. But it wasn’t. It was a Brown. A healthy Brown, sure, but it wasn’t a Bronze.

He sighed, trying not to let O’sir see his disappointment as he tried not to turn away from the clutch there and then. The hatching of another sorry excuse for a green made that a little harder. There was no wy his Bronze would show up among stumbling dragonets and hatchlings too week to keep their head off the sands.

Had he known for certain that the Pale Queen would not show aggression to a candidate walking away from the sands before all her eggs would hatch, or that O’sir himself would be content to let him leave he would have. Imyth’s clutch wasn’t worth hanging around for. Not now that his egg had hatched. He wouldn’t risk being pulled from standing at the next one.

Kalestath’s clutches never failed to impress…

That’s the one he would have to wait for.

Setting his features into a polite mask of attention, and shifting only so much as to ease the heat from the sands every so often, he watched the rest of the hatching with a blank disinterest, not even bothering to feign sadness as the next two dragonets were lost.

Luckily, his disinterest could be interpreted as a coping mechanism for the loss of four hatchlings, so at least he wasn’t pulled up on it.

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34.10.2580 9th Pass
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Appearance: Childish features seem out of place on Tess, her posture and clothing choice all working to make her appear older than she is. She doesn’t enjoy being treated like a child, and works very hard to try and portray herself as an adult. She dresses neatly, and practically, taking care to ensure that any wear and tear is well mended with small, neat stitches. Her hair is always well kept, braided when it needs to be out of the way though otherwise kept long.

Unfortunately she is still rather small, with large eyes and skinned unmarred by time, and a voice that still lacks the deeper undertones one develops during puberty. So while she may act like an adult, as it stands, she is very much just a child.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Tythinaden did his best to keep Testhinia in the dark so far as the worst aspects of the catastrophe were concerned. That, combined with her age meant that she did, in fact, remain somewhat oblivious. Sure there were times when her father was missing far longer than anticipated, but Sunset was always with her during those hours, and her own focus was making sure he had a clear path to whatever he would need when he did manage to get home, be it Food, bed, or, when practical, a bath, among other things.

Response to dragon color mutations: So far, even with the bloodshed she inevitably witnessed at Kalestath's 2590 hatching, Tess remains nonchalant about the mutated colors as well as their weyrleader. She does enjoy hearing other people's opinions though, and doesn’t mind when conversations turn to the mutations good or bad. 

Who are you...

Quiet:- Without any siblings of her own, and a household that only involved herself, her father and his firelizard, Testhinia relishes her time when there is little to no noise. The crèche will make for a harsh adjustment, and she will find herself seeking out a quiet nook to just be alone with her thoughts more frequently while she is a part of it.
Fresh Bread:- Tess will do her best to wake up early enough to get to the weyrhall in time to get a breadroll while it’s still warm. She’s not going to stick her nose up at baked goods when she’s unable to get it fresh, but everything about a still steaming bun makes her very happy.
Music:- She’s not inclined to join in, but Testhinia adores listening to the harpers when they perform. Particularly when it comes to the softer, sweeter ballads, she will often put aside her task at hand just to stop and listen without the distractions brought about by picking things up or what have you.

Heat:- Much like her father, the heat – particularly this sticky, horrible heat that has plagued them since moving to their new home is unpleasant at the best of time and almost unbearable at the worst.
Lessons:- With a natural intelligence, Testhinia can find lessons tedious and boring, much preferring to just find out what she wants when she finds she needs it. While she’s not so rude as to disrupt her classes, she will leap at the chance to be doing something more practical than listening to someone drone on about places that no longer existed.
Reading:- Testhinaden has a habit of reading to her whenever they have the opportunity, a lovely bonding opportunity but one that has left her with a distaste of actually doing any reading on her own. If she’s interested in a topic, she’ll usually bring it to Ty’s attention and ask that he read to her, so at least there’s that.
Being talked down to:- Inevitable considering her age, but particularly infuriating as she gets older, Testhinia wants to feel as though she is an equal. She doesn’t mind if something needs to be explained to her, but do you have to be so damn condescending about it?

* CONFIDENT : As an only child and raised by a single parent, Testhinia was given as much of her father’s attention as she could want, a fact that meant she was very quickly able to get an understanding of her own limits. From this grew a sense of confidence. While not hindered by the things she cannot do, having a better understanding allows her to act without hesitation in most things, a fact that she takes much pride in. 

* SUPPORTIVE : In always having someone to tell you to live your dreams, Testhinia takes a “pay it forward” attitude when it comes to others. There may be a few queries made to fully understand what it is you are attempting, but Tess will always endeavour to support your efforts (so long as it will not result in harm to you and others). Perhaps the most regular application of this trait is in regards to her father. Even as a young child, it didn’t matter what reasons her father had for being away – and there were a lot of them, an emergency medic was a tasking position – she was there to cheer him on, to reassure if she though he was doubting himself and encourage him to keep going – even when it meant less time for them.

* LOVED : There is nothing more empowering than knowing that no matter how much you fuck up, or how long it takes you to do something, you are loved unconditionally. She may not have ever known her mother, but Tythinaden more than makes up for this shortcoming. If it’s not Ty, it’s Sunset. When her father is around he is present which is more than could be said of some parents, who might be with you twenty-four seven and yet leave you feeling as though you are more a burden to them than you should be.

* KIND : Testhinia genuinely cares about others, regardless of whether they're human or otherwise. She has a big heart and is willing to give anyone a chance. This means she can also forgive easily, and tends to give people the benefit of the doubt. There are times when her kindness can border on weakness, were it not for the practical aspect to her personality, a facet that aids her in preventing somewhat her kindness being taken advantage of.

* PRACTICAL : Testhinia doesn’t easily believe tall tales. With enough booksmarts to at least have a base knowledge in most things, she does not easily believe stories that cannot be proven. In her apparel and mannerism’s, one finds Tess to also be very practical. Wearing things that suit her environment with little need for ornamentation. It also manifests in something of a blunt way of speaking when people moan about their problems. If you can fix it, she’ll help you as much as she can, but she sees no point bemoaning what cannot be changed, and will be perfectly happy to do so.


* SHELTERED : There is a fine line between being protected for your own safety and being smothered, and regardless of his opinion on the matter, Tythinaden did a little too much protecting to prevent Testhinia from tipping over the edge. While she does not resent it, there are many times since the move to Southern Winds and now with her father’s acceptance into candidacy where she is finding herself blindsided, a fact that creates a level of vulnerability as her understanding of things changes.

* WISDOM : She may be intelligent, but Testhinia has had little chance to actually apply her knowledge in the real world. She is only a child, and lacks the tenure to be able to react to things based on past experiences. This does leave her at a disadvantage, particularly now that she is part of the crèche, and lacks some of the real world experiences other crechlings have dealt with, meaning she quite regularly comes across as all talk but no action.

* ISOLATED: In herself, she has a no nonsense attitude, and will often scoff at others who seem occupied only with having fun and messing about. She rather enjoys her ability to come across as more “adult” than she actually is, and becomes quite embarrassed when she allows her more childish side to come through. This has manifested itself in her keeping away from kids her age, in an effort to not be lumped by them (an easy enough task since she was able to justify leaving any after-lesson-activities by saying she had chores to do before her father returned home – regardless of the truth of it) and a gravity that further distances her socially from children her age. Unfortunately it has resulted in her being physically too young for many of the older crowds, and too stoic to be able to relax and enjoy herself among her same aged peers – something that was not an issue until she had to be handed to the crèche in light of Testhinaden’s candidacy.

* IMPRESSIONABLE : Testhinia is quite susceptible to the opinions of adults, her efforts to try and be counted as one of them instead of the child she actually is combined with her sheltered world view making it quite easy for her to be influenced one way or another on a topic. She will often try and find out what way you lean regarding important things around the weyr (like the mutations) before joining in, in an effort to be better listened to, and where it had been discussed.

* SMALL : While there is many parallels between Testhinia and her father, height is not one of them. She will always be small in height and build, and will probably be mistaken for a child well into her adult years, something that will frustrate her to no end. While she is showing the budding signs of puberty, her chest will never be large and her hips will only fill out slightly. Childbirth may change this, however she has a few turns to go before that’s even a consideration, and so will simply remain the forever child until things change. Irritating though it may be, this means for a long time yet she’s likely to be overlooked, ignored and perhaps humoured by any who do not know her well enough to care for what she has to say, or when older, understand that she is not the kid she seems to be.

Describe Yourself:

* TACTILE: It will not be unusual to see Testhinia running her hands along the wall as she walks, or for her to reach out to hold onto you when you’re heading somewhere together. Touch is Testhinia way of showing affection, or understanding things, and keeping herself centred. On the flip side, it is also the best way to show her you care, better than gifts or words, as she values the physical sensation more than others.

* NEAT: Neat surroundings. Neat Dress. Neat actions. There is unrivalled serenity in cleanliness, and Testhinia is very good at ensuring a neatness to all things she has direct control over. She isn’t as fussed about whether you keep yourself neat and tidy, and is not the sort to judge you just because you don’t hold yourself to the same standard as she does, but that doesn’t mean she will let her own standards drop to try and fit in with others

* PUNCTUAL: Having taken it upon herself to ensure her father had a comfortable home life considering he was out there doing such important work for the weyr and otherwise, Testhinia isn’t one to dilly dally. She will always arrive to classes on time, and sometimes earlier. Excepting times when she has been up later than anticipated, or when she has nothing on the following day, Testhinia will be awake around the same time each day, be ready for meals in plenty of time and be in bed at roughly the same hour each night. She will never leave you waiting for her, regardless of whether it puts her own needs aside to do so. You want her to assist with weed pulling at 5am, she’ll be there.

* SELF-SUFFICIENT: Testhinaden worked hard to make sure he was as present as possible for Testhinia, however with his apprenticeship and journeyman responsibilities, along with his new candidate position, it wasn’t always the case where he was there to tuck her in at night or make sure she had dinner on the table. Because of this, Testhinia did what she could to minimise the work her father needed to do around the house, and make sure that she, at least, had what she needed. While Testhinaden did well taking on the role of both mother and father, Tess herself worked to try and alleviate the pressure wherever possible, being her own mother as much as her father was as well. This did sometimes result in her looking after him though admittedly it was rarely that it got to a point where he was unable to look after himself. She just made it easier for him to be able to do what he needed to do without worrying about what he needed to do for her.

* SMART: Both her parents were intelligent, so it was no surprise that Testhinia herself has her fair share of intellect. She is quick on the uptake, can work things out off her own back and despite a dislike of reading, is able to keep up with her studies with relative ease. Though she hasn’t offered it much thought, short of being searched like her father was, Tess could easily apply herself to any apprenticeship she sets her mind to, and at the very least maintaining a high standard when applying herself to those studies..

The Magic Touch: While she tries hard to maintain an air of adultness, her father has a nasty habit of pranking her, and this usually ends up in a rather childish fit of giggles and halfhearted scolding on her part – it’s a very quick way to turn a bad day into a good one.


Mother: Destiana, Apprentice Healer 2568  (b.), 2580 (d.)
Father: Tythinaden Candidate,  2567 (b.)

Siblings: None

Children: None

Tell us a story...

* 2580 - 2581, 0-1 After a complicated labour, Testhinia is born. Her mother doesn’t even get the chance to name her, death taking her soon after she got her first – and last – hold of her baby girl. Tythinaden names her Testhinia, taking care to pronounce it in such a way so that she wouldn’t be branded with the same horrendous nickname he had “Thin”. She doesn’t make his trial by fire easy for him, making him work for every milestone she achieves in her first year, though she is undeniably happy and healthy. What more could a father want of their baby girl?

* 2582, 2 Toddling about the place and well cared for by Sunset whenever Tythinaden isn’t home, Testhinia is left wanting little in life. When he comes home bloody and bruised, Tess doesn’t quite have the capacity to understand the implications, wandering over to him the moment he walks in and begging to be carried around their room. His tears are met with puzzlement, and while she’s far too young to actively sooth him, she does reach out and pat him, babbling away pleasantly until he pulls himself together enough to pay her more attention. She may not understand the implications of such an action, but there is no denying how her happiness increases alongside his own.

* 2583-2585, 3-5 With Tythinaden studying hard and otherwise occupied with his healer duties, Testhinia is often home on her own. While Sunset provides for her general care whenever her father isn’t present, as she grows, she picks up on what is needed in their little home and tends to do what she can to keep their rooms clean and minimise her own mess. It’s a small world for Tess, revolving mainly around their quarters, Ty and Sunset, with very few interruptions beyond that. She does start lessons with a group of other children, but finds them tedious, particularly since it meant she had to actively socialise with kids her age. This is the first time she encounters people who are not willing to talk to her on the same level as other children and further strengthens her distaste of the lessons. Tythinaden says she has to attend, however, and so she does, relishing even more the opportunity to return home and get the place ready for whenever Tythinaden returned from his own studies.

* 2586, 6 Tess has the pleasure of seeing Tythinaden tapped to journeyman this turn, and is absolutely delighted for him. While still comparatively little, there is no mistaking how proud she is of her father, and when he explains that they have to move to the weyr, where his specialty would be more useful, she does everything she can to make sure that the transition is easy for the both of them, being sure to tell him all the good things she saw in their new home. He may have felt as though she was humouring him, however having made no lasting ties to people at the hold itself, and feeling no need to be anything more than she was, the move was very much the same for her as if she had remained at the hold. Sunset still tended to her whenever she wasn’t with Tythinaden, and apart from going to the crèche for lessons instead of a holder’s room, there was not much change to her routine. There was something to be said about living that much closer to dragons, and while she had some inkling as to what was happening whenever they would keen the loss of a fellow, she was still too young, and a little too hidden away by Tythinaden to really be affected more than perhaps feeling a little sadder whenever the cry went up.

* 2587, 7 The weyr was abuzz with the news, but it wasn’t until Tythinden came home that Testhinia understood the proper meaning behind the talk. For the first time in years’ thread has stopped falling, and the news results in her father being an emotional mess. Well… so far as she was concerned anyway. She doesn’t quite understand how relieved he was at that moment, wondering if perhaps he was worried that he would no longer be useful as a healer since his special was emergency care and there wouldn’t be so much cause for emergencies with thread gone. She tries to tell him he’ll be fine, that he had skills elsewhere, and while he does cease his tears, it wasn’t really for anything Tess had said. Excepting the general relief that seemed to exude from every corner of the weyr, things remained much the same for Tess – until Ty announced they’d be moving again.

She reacted much the same she had in the past, overly enthusiastic in her support… until they actually got there. It was hard to enjoy the cloying, sticky heat and the abysmal weather, but there was something to be said about new starts, and she found herself exploring just a little more than what she had while they were at Fort Weyr.

* 2588-2589, 8-9 Fort Island proves to be more dangerous than previously anticipated, Testhinia finds her father to be busy still in his profession, not that she minds too much. Despite this, there is a little more freedom to be found at Southern Winds, and Testhinia no longer keeps to their room in her downtime, though sunset remains a constant companion to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble. Unfortunately, the greater freedom means that Ty’s protection of her is starting to slip, and she is no longer completely oblivious to how badly things can get. Since she wasn’t privy to the hardships of the pass, this causes her some strain, as she tries to come to terms with her new world view. With the bad comes good, however, and she is able to attend hatchings as a spectator, an exciting enough event that she rarely misses.

* 2590, 10 Up until Imyth’s 2590 hatching, Tythinaden had managed to mostly keep Testhinia in the dark as to just how bad things could still get on the island. The proverbial floodgates opened after this however, Testhinia finding herself present for more than she had bargained for. She wasn’t at the minehall when they were cut off from the weyr, though she went to lessons with many a person complaining about the unfairness of it. The subsequent riot happened while she was peacefully eating her meals and while she managed to get out before Jungle Wing had rounded up and meted out punishment to the participants, others she knew were not quite as lucky. Kalestath’s hatching was perhaps the most eye opening event thus far, however, with the deaths caused weighing on her in such a way as to be almost stifling. Ty tried to minimise the impact these events had on her, but there was only so much he could do. Now, with him being searched and her being sent to the crèche in lieu of remaining in their house on her own for however long until h impressed or aged out, Testhinia finds herself well out of her depth, and uncertain, for the first time in her life, about what she is to do forthwith.

It couldn’t have been an easy decision… her father had to give up his journeyman status to accept the opportunity and leave her to the crèche to be overseen by the crechemothers instead of on her own in their cavern. He had explained it. Weighed up the pros and cons of candidacy.

”It’s only for a couple of years.” he’d said. He’d either return to the healer hall, or become a dragon rider.

There was no in between.

Not really.

Not unless he dropped out.

But that wasn’t like him.

That wasn’t her dad.

He would see it through to the end, win or lose.

It was only a couple of years after all.

By the time he was done she’d have a dragon in the family or be old enough to join a craft.

Win win, really.

Well. She’d supported him unwaveringly thus far, why should his decision to accept candidacy be any different. The crèche wouldn’t be so bad. She already had lessons with them…. It would just mean doing everything else with them too. She could deal with that. She’d deal with a lot worse to make Tythinaden happy. This way, too, he wouldn’t have to worry about her being alone too… And the weyr was pretty liberal so far as visiting rights went. Theoretically she’d be able to see him more as a candidate than she had as a journeyman…


Member Info...

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One girl down… four more for even stevens!

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Spoiler for Vickmarra:

Play By:

Vi v-eye, Vee, Marra
Date of Birth:
32.07.2540 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Paradise River Hold
All of them.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Vickmarra is a woman just bursting with an affection towards life. She wears whatever she pulls from her drawers, doesn’t mind getting dirty, and is always doing. She wants to be able to move, to jump, to run. Skirts are just as useful as pants, and her tops may or may not show off her curves. It is all inconsequential. It is her personality that people remember above all else. She walks into a room like a whirlwind. She knows everyone, greets everyone, gets what she needs and whirls on out, leaving the entire room brighter for having hosted her for even such a brief period.

Dark  hair, bright eyes and weathered skin do little to assist in identifying her age, her sheer energy sheering years off her. Sure she may have slown down slightly from when she was a little more bouncy and a little less... Well. Old. But there is no mistaking who she is when one sees her. Truth be told she can be a little full on if you're not expecting her. A minor fault, at best.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Vickmarra was never going to be the person to dwell on the problems around her. In many respects, she had a rather centralised view on the world around her, and those in her inner circles were encouraged to live in the moment with her instead of dwelling on what could go wrong. In light of this, the catastrophe wasn'treally an issue. Not for her, in any case. She made do with her lot in life, nevermind that she seemed to have a better hand than most. If anything, her main reaction was to do more to make the most of everything, and encourage others to do the same.
Response to dragon color mutations: She adores life among the weyrfolk, but that doesn't mean she shares all their traditions, and sees no reason to have an opinion about the mutations or the age and or experience of the current weyrleader. It is what it is and there isn't anything that can be done to change it. She's more than happy to listen to your opinions on the matter though - just don't be surprised if she finds your argument moot.

Who are you...


Swimming - one of the few recreational activities one could participate in outside during the catastrophe, and producing warm fuzzies thanks to not-quite memories of a childhood spent as much in the ocean as out, and warm voices that weren't quite her parents but that usually held the same weight as they cautioned her away from dangerous currents; there was never any reason not to enjoy going for a swim. And while it may be tempered slightly by the beachsnakes that lurk off the shore of Southern Winds, Vickmarra can still often be found wet, whenever possible.

Spicy Food - She can't tell you which of her parents were to blame, but some heat in her food was almost always a thing. Rather than shy away from the constant use, Vickmarra developed quite a taste for it, and will much prefer meals with a bit of a kick than just your usual seasoning. The hotter, the better. A taste that she managed to pass down to her son as well, which basically meant she didn't have to temper her own tastebuds tl make meals suitable for the boy. Win win

Shipfish - She was a little too young to properly remember her father's companion, but she did manage to experience them first hand prior to their evacuation of Southern Boll. What she knows if them is mainly the stories her father used to tell, of kind ocean creatures who would lead fishers out of storms, herd fish into their nets and could communicate in their heads like dragons. Their voices could be used to determine pregnancies and if you were lucky enough to partner with one the oceans opened up to you in ways beyond imagining. Stories that she passed onto Vicymus with her own embellishments. There was certainly truth to them, and a subconcious recollection of her time toddling in the water with a couple watching over her, but nothing concrete. Just... stories.


Spinners - They just. They move funny, OK? Some of them can make you sick they hide in corners and just creep up to you when you're trying to sit down and repair a net. There's not much to love about the creepy little critters, and there is some small part of Vickmarra that wishes she could still rely on her various bed-partners to rescue her when one decides to make it's home nearby. But no. Vicymus managed to develop an intense fear of them, and she had to be the adult. Actually killing them whenever they invaded her home because otherwise her dear, sweet boy would practically cease to function... Maybe. So she might overdramatise it a little bit, but long story short is crawlers are a nope. If it weren't for wanting to protect her son from them, while he was growing up she wouldn't deal with them at all.

Solitude - Since she hailed from a large family, and the only time she was ever possibly on her own the brief period she was married (and even then, she tended to find company elsewhere instead of staying at home like your "standard" wife). It makes things... Difficult when she finds herself on her own, particularly since she'd spent almost two decades with a youngster sharing the house with her.

Silence - Tying into her dislike of solitude but giving her an entirely different set of heeby jeebies. Silence meant something was wrong, as far as she was concerned, and even when she knows there's little chance of something bad happening, she needs noise to calm her nerves. She's nt afraid to be the one to break the silence either in whatever way she can. Singing, laughter, or just idle chatter about whatever takes her fancy. So long as there is no silence there is no need to worry.

* AFFECTIONATE : Vickmarra has so much love to share with those around her, there is very little chance of escaping an interaction with her without being practically overwhelmed by just how much she cares about you. This level can vary depending on how well you know each-other, but chances are she's going to shower you with love from the second you meet, to the day you part.
* BUBBLY : This woman is endlessly happy, practically bursting with energy and with an endless stream of optimistic possibility She can be exhausting with her up and at 'em attitude, but it keeps her moving forward in an exuberant burst of activity that belies her age.
* SPONTANEOUS : With a mind that is always going, Vickmarra doesn't tend to linger on the details. Once she has something in her head, she'll act on it without delay. There's many an occasion that she stumbles on a particularly pretty shell or trinket that reminds her of someone and thus needs to be taken to them, and while it may seem a little...distracting, it keeps people on her toes, and makes her a very hard-to-predict person. In her later years, it manifested more in surprising others than just... Walking away from a chore half done, one of the many things that came together to get her  journeyman status.
* ZESTY : Vickmarra loves being involved in everything. She's loud, lively and true, and will often be the first one to participate in an event. She doesn't want to miss anything and so is always there amidst the largest crowds. But she does not get lost in them. She's brings a certain bit of spark to even the most mundane of events, without brushing aside those that may be softer spoken or less... Exuberant.

* ACTIVE : In mind and body Vickmarra needs to be occupied. She is always moving, always doing, always working things out in her head. She's physical than theoretical, and works best with a hands on approach. Disinclined to stagnate, she'll always be pushing to do more and see more, always seeming to have the energy to do everything that is needed of her and still go for a run around the weyrbowl to get rid of that excess energy. She doesn't plod along, dawdling her way through the weyr. She's walking quickly, jogging and darting from place to place with all the energy of a younger soul.
* HEARTBREAK : She is always such a happy, vibrant person that pain and grief weigh heavily on her. She is almost nonchalant in her avoidance of it, and always seems to be surprised when she feels anything negative in her heart. It would be easy to think she fears loss... but it's more complex than that. She doesn't like to hurt, nor does she like to think she has hurt others, and to be frank she doesn't cope very well when it happens.
* IMMATURE : Vicmarra is definitely a little more adult than what she once was, but there are few who would say she acts her age. Excepting the focus brought about by her decision to raise Vicymus herself, and the subsequent attentiveness to her craft, she still tends to shy away from responsibility. She is rather happy that Vicky is older and less reliant on her, enjoying the minor shift in their roles from mother and son to something a little more informal.  Still avoids responsibility though not quite so badly as when she was younger. She has a bit of focus now, so she can still complete her jobs as required, though ultimately given free reign she’s going to go and do her own thing with little care as to whether it’s appropriate or not. She is just as likely to encourage Vicymus to just do what he feels like as to try and push him to focus on his studies. It really just depends on how she feels at that point in time.
* AGE : Her body is starting to betray her, despite her best efforts to ignore it. Her eyesight isn't quite as sharp, and her memory not quite the steel trap it once was. Even an active lifestyle hasn't managed to stop the tell tale lines of age to decorate her body and while one may not realise quite how long she's been around for it's not too hard to guess she's getting a little on. She does not like these reminders, and will often push herself harder than she should to try and prove she's still perfectly capable, which works right up until a muscle gives way. An unfortunate side effect of growing up that she would rather nobody noticed.
* INTENSE : Vickmarra doesn't intend to be so in your face, but the intensity with which she does everything can be quite offputting, to the point of being downright intimidating if you're not used to it. She loves hearing other peoples opinions on things, and will throw herself entirely into a conversation just to hear what the other person has to say, which is fine if you realise that's what she's doing... It often comes across as her arguing her point because she is so there.
* FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS : She can complete tasks, but normally not in the way you would do it. She doesn't quite understand enough about other people's processes to be able to do things the way they would do them. She's going to have to do it her own way or not at all. It is a two way street, though, since she cannot seem to direct others to do what she is doing. Their best chance is to sit with her and mimic, because technical words be damned, she just does
Describe Yourself:
* WILD: She may be older, but raising Vicymus only tempered her wild nature enough so as to be able to provide for him as required. Ultimately, she still has an aggressive passion for living, and embraces all aspects of life with gusto.
* EARNEST: Vickmarra is genuine. She doesn’t lie, is very upfront about everything, and thoroughly enjoys having a conversation with other people, regardless of the topic. She’s the sort to laugh when she encounters a stubborn wall of a person, out of a respect, oddly enough, that they feel so strongly as not to budge, and will often enter into debates purely to hear the other side.
* VIBRANT: She’s the sort of person to enter a room like a sunburst, dart around like a whirlwhind doing what she feels needs to be done while still making sure to say hello to everyone she passes. Her personality is contagious and she has a way of meshing with (almost) everyone, all smiles and laughter and love
* INDULGENT: With regards to those she loves, she has a very laid back attitude. She’s going to let them do what they want, good or bad, and will be there for them if they fall. This was particularly prevalent in her upbringing of Vicky, and isn't likely to become any less of a dominant trait as the years go on. Similarily, she's willing to hear peopke out, and if someone feels stringly enough about something pertaining to herself, she's inclined to give it a go, especially if the request comes from someone she's particularly fond of, as was the case with her marriage. She had no opinion on the matter and it made her parents happy... for a time anyway. It just didn't end up being her cup of klah.
* POLYAMOROUS: Vickmarra wants to love Everybody, be it sexually or otherwise. She doesn’t feel the need to restrict herself to one lover, and while she may have favourites, she’s never going to be exclusive. This isn’t based in a fear of commitment, more that she isn’t going to say no just because she’s tied up with someone else. If she can show you all the ways she loves you she’s going to do it, never mind whether a regular lover may be slighted. It’s not a malicious thing, and it’s not something that causes guilt in her. She is very up front about it, and on the same token she doesn’t expect you to only be faithful to her. Spread the love!
The Magic Touch: Vickmarra was tempted to call it quits early, when Vicymus got sick rather badly soon after coming home with her for good. Nothing seemed to work to settle him down, and out of desperation she started retelling one of her father's favourite memories of his first time with the shipfish, way back when before thread started to fall relentlessly. From the second she mentioned the telepathic sea creatures Vicky quieted, his young, tearstained face watching hers as she sat on the floor of their shared room, rocking him and talking softly. It is one of her fondest memories, and became her go to for how to settle the boy down. To this day she will still happily sit down and share a story with her son about the shipfish, and anyone else that cares to listen.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Vadana Journeyman Fisher, b. 519.
Father: Vatarlon Ex Dolphineer now Journeyman Fisher, b.2519.

2531 - Viran
2533 - Vrubanessa
2534 - Valenes
2535 - Veduin
2537 - Vanathbarne
2538 - Viana
2540 - Vickmarra
2541 - Verres
2542 - Vrougan
2545 - Vlacan
2546 -  Vedewelleussa
2547 - Vogenus
2560 - Vertos


2557 - Vewena - Rider of Haudath - Raised by Dragonrider Father
2559 - Vehenia - Journeyman Weaver - Adopted by Mindara and Jenden
2560 - Vironethian - Journeyman Smith - Adopted by Mindara and Jenden, fathered by Brownrider N'ros of Inderath
2562 - Vormyur - Crèche Worker - Dragonrider father deceased, sent to the crèche
2563 - Vicymus - Apprentice Fisher, Son of C'ian
2565 - Valas - Stillborn

Craft: Fisher
Rank: Senior Journeyman
Date Apprenticed: 2552/12
Date Tapped: 2567/27
Specialty: Shallows Fishing
Education Details: Even after Vickmarra decided to apply herself fully to the fisher craft she struggled to find something that could keep mind and body occupied enough to maintain focus for more than a few minutes at a time. Teaching was a possibility, since she did manage to garner enough information about each specialty to cover the basics... until it was revealed that she was absolute rubbish at explaining how to do even the most simplest of things.

So too, had it been thought that diving could be a thing, what with her love of the water and fearless approach to the deeper parts of the oceans, streams and rivers that provided their food. But she was never quite settled enough to stay there.

It was the move to Tillek that actually opened her eyes to the intricacies of Shallows Fishing. Not just standing on the shore throwing a net out there were traps and spears and romps up and down the shore, always searching for possible food sources.  Then there was the maintenence of the tools used, and such  variety that should she get bored of say, repairing a net, she can get to work building a trap. Her ability to switch focus while still staying on task, and the dedication to the various aspects of Shallows Fishing, as well as her determination to succeed is what got her tapped, a little later than most but a proud moment none the less. For herself and her son.

Tell us a story...

* 2540 - 2551, 0 - 11 Vickmarra was born smack bang in the middle of the horde her parents would one day have. Child number seven of thirteen. With six older siblings and six younger ones to come, there wasn't much opportunity for some… Well. One on one time from her parents. Her mother was occupied with fisher duties when not tending to the horde, and her father the rapidly declining duties of a dolphineer. He was one of the last to have a dolphin partner at Paradise River Hold, and while her memories are few, a nice chunk of her upbringing was spent in the water with the remnants of the Paradise River Pod. There wasn't much of note happening during these early years, the constant threadfall meant that her only safe areas were the hold itself, or the ocean, but with siblings to entertain her (or the other way around, at times), suffice to say Vickmarra wasn't bored. Despite the exuberance of her youth, what parenting she had revolved around what was proper for a hold woman. Encouragement to follow either the Dolphineer or Fisher crafthalls and one day, to marry another holder or crafter of her parents choosing. With no firm notion against the ideas, and an innate desire to please her parents (and the rest of the family) Vickmarra didn't shy away from the restrictions given, few as they were, and had a comparably pleasant upbringing to what others may have suffered during the catastrophe. Surrounded by people regardless of the workload of her parents, Vickmarra was a happy, carefree child.
* 2552 - 2555, 12-15 With the dolphin's becoming scarce it was an easy enough decision for Vickmarra to enter into the Fishercraft as an apprentice. Her mother was delighted, and unbeknownst to their daughter, there were even marks exchanged as her father conceded defeat to his missus. Her love of the dolphins from the stories and the brief flashes of memory she could piece together from her younger years had had her father certain she would join his craft, if only for the opportunity to continue venturing into the water unhindered. In light of her decision, her mother also got to seek out a suitable husband for her middle child, giving some grace to her husband by selecting a young man, only a turn older than Vickmarra and an apprentice in the dolphineer craft to be their daughter's betrothed. Jurathyrn was a delightful candidate, and Vickmarra did love him. However she also had a lot of affection for… well… everyone else, and while she was committed to their relationship so far as ensuring she met some semblance of wifely standards - making sure there was food on the table of an evening and hearing him out when applicable, there was no real… curbing her enthusiasm for the rest of the people she was surrounded by.

She hadn't intended to hurt Jurathyrn, however when he found out that she was frequenting beds other than his own, he dissolved the marriage, unwilling to accept Vickmarra's unorthodox displays of affection. Her parents took it in their stride, appreciating the sincerity of the effort, and the genuine concern that she had hurt his feelings by being so open with others, and while she didn't stew on it, with the understanding that her marriage was no longer shackling her to Paradise River Hold, and with the blessings from her family, she commandeered a dragonrider to take her to Southern Weyr, where she had been told her… frivolity would be better appreciated. Not to mention the sheer exhilaration the idea of jumping in amongst the weyrfolk brought up.

She did have a miscarriage shortly after arriving, the trip between aborting the child she did not know she was carrying. It was a surprise, certainly, but one that she didn't stew over. It was what it was, and there were other things to concern herself with.
* 2556 - 2564, 16 - 24 Weyrlife turns out to be perfect for Vickmarra's exuberance, dividing her time between craft and various lovers - most of which happened to be dragonriders. With no aspirations to leave, she finds herself pregnant in 2557 to one such rider, and when he suggests he could raise the newborn Vewena himself, Vickmarra eagerly agrees. He was absolutely enthralled by her, and she couldn't imagine splitting the two apart. With such a caring an attentive parent, there is little guilt about her decision to let him raise her, and she does still end up in his bed enough times that she's at least known by the girl as she grows up - even if there's never really any point to telling her she's her own daughter.

One of her more unusual bedpartners (so far as her preferences to date had been) are a friendly crafter couple who are more than willing to share their bed with her on a regular basis. On finding out they are unable to have children themselves, but wished they could Vickmarra delights in informing them during her next pregnancy that as the father didn't wish to stake a claim like Vewena's had, that the child would be theirs to raise should they want it. When Vehenia is born in 2559, the couple do not hesitate in adopting the girl, and as with Vewena's father, Vickmarra is still welcome to share their bed.

When she becomes pregnant again late in the turn, she again asks the couple if they would like a second child, having no doubt that Vehenia was in good hands and wanting to give them something more to thank them for their hospitality in the turns since arriving at Southern Weyr. The birth of Vironethian is a joyful occasion, and he joins his sister in being adopted by the crafter couple, rounding out their family nicely and leaving Vickmarra overjoyed at how happy they were all were.

In 2562, a rider Vickmarra was extremely fond of fell to threadfall. While there were many regular bedpartners for the crafter, this one had been of particular significance, and news of his death hurt her greatly. When she found out soon after that she was pregnant with his child (for no other  partners suited the timeframe) she carried the child to term, though when Vormyur is born, she finds his features paralleled in the child, and so decides to give him to the crèche to spare herself further heartache. It is not done maliciously, and when Vicymus is born a turn later after a few nights with the Blue Rider C'ian, Vickmarra leaves him to the crèche as well, to join his half sibling and the numerous other youngsters being raised by the Weyr.
* 2565 - 2566, 25 - 26 After a prolonged labour fraught with difficulties, Vickmarra gives birth to a final child. Valas, as she named him, was stillborn, and while she is given the opportunity to bury him, the news that the tiny babe was her last chance to raise one of her own, her body too damaged now to be able to sustain any future pregnancies hits her much harder than expected.

Vicymus, having bene put in the crèche for no reason other than that his brother was already there had only been gone two turns. Too young for the knowledge of his time in the crèche to affect him (surely) and with a father who was very much still alive and well made him the perfect candidate for her last chance to raise one of her children, herself.

The decision to retrieve him from the crèche was as impulsive as nearly everything else Vickmarra had done to that point, but it was with an understanding of just what it had meant that she brought the toddler home with her. So started a period of slightly less impulsive living, where in light of the need to provide for someone other than herself, and a refusal to rely on others to do what she is perfectly capable of, Vickmarra begins to apply herself properly to her craft. An apprentice can only do so much for a family, and while hers may be small, having a young boy relying on her to make sure his life was a good one gave the woman the drive she needed to do that little bit more to further herself.
* 2567 - 2571, 27-31 Southern weyr closes in 2567, and instead of following the majority of the weyrfolk to High Reaches or Fort Weyr, Vickmarra returns to her routes and moves herself and Vicymus to the Fisher Crafthall at Tillek. She's more than old enough to be tapped, and she's determined to be a journeyman one day.

Surprising enough, this goal is achieved the very same turn, Vickmarra finding herself well suited to the varying requirements of Shallows Fishing. There was always something that needed to be done, and plenty of that which could be taken with her wherever she fancied being. While a little more restrained in light of the toddler who now accompanied her, Vickmarra still entertained a few different bedpartners, though nothing quite as near as to what it had been at the weyr. But it meant she could bring along the latest tool she was refining, be it spear, trap or net and still get stuff done while still having relative freedom, without falling quite so far behind in her craft as had been the trend in previous weyrs.

There is no mistaking her decisions had centred her, by this point, and while she was by no means acting her age, there was a certain weight of responsibility that leant itself to her features. She is good at her craft, and proves to be a good mother, if a little too indulgent by the standards of others, and finds pride in watching Vicky growing up.

When the call comes to move to Fort, Vickmarra again does not hesitate to move alongside the rest of the fishers, once more to a hold instead of a weyr. She delights in hearing of Vicky's escapades as he goes about the hold, giving him the freedom to explore however he saw fit and being sure to take him with her whenever he felt so inclined. She lets him help as she works, sometimes trying to direct him into something more structured, but more or less inclined to just let him "help" the way he feels he can… Which didn't really help anyone and was the least disruptive when Vickmarra wasn't actually trying to fish. Unbeknownst to them both, Vicymus's father dies the same turn as they moved to Fort Weyr, and by the time Vickmarra finds out, turns later, it is far too late for any-more than a sad sort of fondness for the man who helped bring Vicky into the world.
Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.

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Other Characters:
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Mauling Permissions:
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Anything Else:
I hope she suits owo

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Re: Kyya's multipurpose thread for tracking and other things
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Spoiler for Nalata:

Play By:

First Name:
None so far
Date of Birth:
22.08.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Gold Minath
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Nalata is all about comfort and efficiency. She doesn't spend time on looks and while undeniably beautiful, feels no need to accentuate her features in any way, shape or form. She is far too thin for her age, hard lines meeting softer curves as puberty starts to soften her features. Given a little more time and some care to eat properly and she will fill out somewhat, though will never be the robust, curvaceous woman she could have been had food in her formative years not been so scarce.

Long hair falls in soft curls about an oval face, providing a stark contrast to the pale skin only ever so slightly tanned in the turns since moving to Southern Winds. Her clothing choices always suit the task at hand, though she does prefer looser, thin fabrics when not engaged in drills or the like, excepting her riding gear, most everything she owns hangs loosely on her thin frame.

Since impressing Minath, she no longer appears as fragile as she once did, her head held higher, back straighter and seeming a little more capable than the comparative child she was as a candidate. She has taken to her role well, and it is only rarely that one would see her falter. She has not dispelled her fear of failure, and there are times of vulnerability still where she seems somewhat diminished, particularly without her bonded there to bolster her presence.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Having been born towards the end of the pass, Nalata found herself more affected by the cessation of threadfall than the catastrophe itself. Suddenly death was no longer a constant companion to everyone, rider or otherwise as they went about their duties, thread no longer stopped people from going outside in the sunshine and even though the population was tiny compared to what it once was, there was no reason to see anything but hope as the dragonriders went in search of somewhere more hospitable for them to start over again. It did not take long for Nalata to realise what a boon it was to have somewhere relatively safe to call home, and without a firm recollection of how things “should be” since she isn’t old enough to have such bias, she can only say with certainty that it is better than it was. While she had no doubt it would take time, the possibility that one day, they could return to the numerous holds, halls and weyrs they once had is all kinds of exciting.

Response to dragon color mutations: Neisoth's hatching was a curious event in and of itself, and without the prejudice born of age or tradition, Nalata treated it as nothing more than that. There was no doubt that his birth rubbed more than the fair share of people the wrong way, but it was an attitude she refused to share. It had to have happened for a reason, and she was in no place to judge.

When the clutch that produced Minath also produced three more blacks and three reds, her curiosity increased tenfold, and while she may have leanings towards the colours she knows, she is aware that there must have been some reason as to why the new colours appeared, and is certain that they will prove some benefit, if only because they are, still, dragons. Each and every one of them.

Who are you...


* Getting things done: She doesn’t need to have someone congratulate her each time she completes a task, just the knowledge that it’s done and dusted is enough to make her happy. The only thing better than that is having a list that she can mark off as things get completed. Each little item making up for one hell of a sense of self-fulfillment.

* Trying something new: While she’s not going to dive in to some half-cocked idea, Nalata is open minded and unconstrained by traditionalist tendencies. She’s going to want to iron out details but she’s not going to shy away from something just because it’s new. Succeed or fail, she’s all about having a go and loves having the opportunity to test out new things. At least once, anyway.

* Challenges: The harder the task, the more accomplished Nalata feels in achieving it. She’s always going to push herself to meet even unreasonably high expectations of her and thrives on knowing that so long as she applies herself wholly to arduous tasks, even being unsuccessful in completing them leaves her better off than had she decided not to try at all.

* Learning: Nalata is the last person to turn around and say she knows everything about everything, and is always eager to keep learning more. You’ll not hear her complaining about classwork, no matter how tedious it may be, it’s all just another lesson to tuck under her belt.


 * People who are closed-minded: She understands that not everyone shares the same opinion, but flat out refusing to even consider the other side to an argument or downright insulting someone with a contradictory belief is rude and uncalled for. So too do those who refuse to budge on proven archaic views frustrate her to no end. This is actually a huge pet peeve of hers that will frustrate her to no end.

* Complainers: Having a bitch because something doesn’t sit right with you is no way to fix anything. If there’s a legitimate reason behind the complaint, find out how to fix it, otherwise, suck it up and move on. Wasting your time moaning about something you can’t or won’t change accomplishes nothing, and creates tension where it isn’t needed.

* Sitting still: Nalata needs to be doing something in order to be happy. She understands the need to sit still and be silent (mostly) but feels as though it is time better spent doing something else. Something important. So she fidgets. Constantly. Perhaps it's her time as a healer when the idea that sitting idly by could mean someone loses their life, but either way she hates to just. Sit.

* Being treated like she’s incapable: There are many reasons one may feel as though they need to take up a certain role or task over Nalata, but if that reason is anything akin to “She can't do it” you're going to find yourself with a very determined young woman trying to prove you wrong. It doesn't matter how correct you were in assuming she couldn't do something, by pointing it out you make her determined to achieve it, to the detriment of her own safety in some cases. She's not one to break rules, she understands there are restrictions for everybody, but if it's purely a matter of “Nalata is unable to do this thing” she will go above and beyond to try and prove herself, regardless of the consequences.


* HARD WORKING : Nalata is not satisfied until a job is done as soon as, if not earlier than required and will push herself to ensure this happens. She will always complete tasks set out for her, and is eager to accumulate more tasks wherever possible. If you need help with something, Nalata will not hesitate to assist, and can often be found stepping forward to volunteer if and when required with little delay.

* RESPONSIBLE : Even before candidacy and her subsequent impression, Nalata took to new roles with a certain gravitas. It is quickly apparent that she is dependable once assigned a role, and despite her flaws makes for a reliable young lady,  if slightly more serious when undertaking tasks than she needs to be. 

* STRONG  CHARACTER : While quiet, Nalata is a gold rider for a reason. She will not hesitate to speak up when she feels as though something isn't right and will put someone in their place with little hesitation. She enjoys a bit of verbal sparring, and will not be inclined to show emotional weakness in public. It is only when completely overwhelmed that you will find her visibly upset, and in such cases she will attempt to retreat to the privacy of her weyr instead of blubbering in public.   

* OPEN MINDED : Regardless of the topic Nalata is willing to hear you out. She will never reject an idea based on one exchange and will seek to cover all bases before deciding whether or not it holds merit. She's the sort of person you'd want to approach when you want to try something new and need a comrade to assist without bias, and while she's by no means a “yes man”, she will try to find more reasons to agree than not. Can't experience anything unless you're willing to try.

* LOYAL : Friendship comes easily to Nalata though not without reason. Once she counts you among her friends you will find an unwavering supporter, confidante and go-to person for whatever it is you may need. While not a pushover by far, there are many things Nalata will do for you if she counts you as a friend. 


* INCAUTIOUS : While she may be able to make informed decisions in calm situations, when other people may be at risk she is likely to throw caution to the wind in an attempt to save them. It's not that she holds no value to her own life, but that she holds higher value to the life of others than herself. She's not going to concern herself with worrying about whether her actions will cause herself harm, only whether her actions could save others.

* WORKS TOO MUCH : Nalata has the opinion that there is always work to be done, and can push herself to the point of exhaustion in an attempt to do everything at once. More often then not, it is someone else who reminds her to take care of herself, with even something as simple as eating a meal takes a backseat in light of something “more important” that she wants to finish first. 

* NOT PHYSICAL : Physically, what you see is what you get with Nalata, and while she may be strong in character, she is downright pathetic as far as any sort of fighting, lifting, or endurance work that she may find herself doing. Of all the things since leaving the healer hall the physical aspect of candidacy and now weyrlinghood have hit her the hardest, and while she's no doubt better than when she first started, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would say she's ”surpassed expectations” so far as the physical side of dragonriding is concerned.

* QUIET : For those who have yet to spend any actual time with her, the fact Nalata impressed a gold seems ludicrous. She speaks only as needed and much prefers listening to conversations, particularly in a crowd. Her silence can easily be mistaken for any manner of attributes not quite pairing up with what is to be expected of a gold rider; shy, placid, doormat; but she is quite the opposite. While she feels no need to talk your ear off, she can and will speak up when required, and isn't scared to make her opinion known... She just doesn't see the point unless it is necessary.

* ATTACHMENT : Nalata isn't exactly cautious when it comes to cementing relationships, and it only takes a few positive interactions before she finds herself counting you as a friend, and she will give you even the clothes off her back if you so needed it. She does expect the same in return, regardless of if you see their relationship that way, and can be easily hurt when the feelings aren't mutual. It opens her up to a fair bit of heartache, and can easily be abused if the “friend” keeps any ulterior motives out of plain sight.

Describe Yourself:

* HONEST: A liar, Nalata is not. She will speak openly when necessary, and will only take a less tactless route when the warping of relevant information will not affect the truth itself. She's going to tell you outright if she spots your “exclusive” weyrmate bedhopping with another outside of a flight, but she isn't going to be brutally honest and say it was because the other woman was prettier. Nor will she refuse to speak her mind purely to protect the feelings of others. Perhaps soften the blow somewhat, but never lie.

* COURAGEOUS: In every sense of the word, Nalata is a couragous soul, particularly when it comes to protecting or confronting others. She fears little for herself and this particular trait had only gotten stronger since Minath bonded with her. If she needed to fend off beachsnakes or walk unarmed into the jungle to do her duty she would, be that to weyr, family or friends. On a less life threatening note, it means she can shoulder larger responsibilities without being overwhelmed, confident enough in herself and her abilities with only the fear of failure weighing her down if and when she lets it.

* EMPATHETIC: ----- Nalata feels for others, and will listen to anyone who needs to talk. She will then do anything she can to help…with or without that person’s consent or knowledge. But she will sometimes even pick up on the moods of others, which is one of the reasons she becomes so determined to help them feel happy or at least content again.

* APPROACHABLE: ----- Nalata in no way gives the air that she is above anyone. She is always open and friendly to everyone, so it is very easy to walk up to her and start a conversation. She would never brush someone off that wants to speak with her.

* STUBBORN: ----- Once she makes up her mind on something, it will take moving mountains to convince her out of it. Or kidnapping. Be prepared for a fight.

The Magic Touch: Nalata is just in awe of Impressing Minath. She never thought she would be a dragonrider and feels she is caught up in a whirlwind. She is nervous of falling behind because she knows less than those who grew up in Weyrs with dragonriders. Her one and only fear is the fear of failure.


Mother: Ketrianna, Master Healer, 03.05.2548 (deceased)
Father: Raoulen, Journeyman Smith, 20.09.2545
Siblings: N/A

Tell us a story...

* 2574, 0 Nalata is born to Ketrianna and Raoul. Her parents are thrilled at her birth since their first child was a miscarriage. She ends up being their one and only child, which made her all the more special to them. Ketrianna continued to have miscarriages for years after Nalata was born until they finally gave up on the hope for more children. Even with their almost overbearing love, they were both very busy individuals during the 9th Pass performing their duties.

* 2577, 3 She spends her childhood hearing stories of great Pern with all of its Weyrs, Holds, and Halls. She loves to hear about the hundreds of dragons and how they have always been there to protect them from Thread. This gives her a glorified image of dragonriders that she will one day grow up to expect from them, and herself.

* 2579, 5 Nalata starts shadowing her mother at the Healer’s Hall to follow in her mother’s footsteps. While her mother and father hardly have time for her (especially her mother, who is always helping those injured and hardly breaks for herself), Nalata loves them dearly and truly looks up to her mother. She dreams of being anywhere close to as caring and talented as her mother. Nalata really pushes herself to learn as much as she can from her mother while she's working.

* 2584, 10 Ketrianna dies from exhaustion. She didn’t take care of herself well enough while treating her patients that she collapsed one day and never woke again. Nalata is in shock and her studies suffer this year.

* 2587, 13 Since her mother’s death, her father has tried his best to raise her in any time that he has. Nalata recognizes his effort, but is pretty much on her own. She has thrown herself back into her studies at the Healer Hall since her mother passed away. She was accepted as an apprentice healer the previous turn. D’mir finds Fort Island and they are all relocated to Southern Winds Weyr. Nalata is intrigued by the change in location and being so close to weyrfolk, but she keeps to her studies. She seems quiet to others as she takes everything in and keeps herself busy rather than taking the time to make friends.

* 2589, 14 Nalata is Searched at the beginning of the new Turn. She doesn’t turn down the opportunity, although her heart is torn at the idea of leaving her dream of being a Master Healer. She keeps herself to the back of the Candidate classes over the next few months, keeping mostly to herself. At the Hatching she still stands towards the back, thinking there’s no way that she will Impress any dragon when there are so many candidates who clearly know so much more about them and the life of being a part of the Weyr. She still feels like somewhat of an outside since moving into the Weyr. Nalata thinks she will go through the experience, count it as an experience, and then go back to her studies. After the Gold hatched, everything changed. It was like her entire world shifted focus. She still loved the healing craft, but it was now like a hobby in a list of her priorities. This dragon was her world, and so was the Weyr. Minath gave her a sense of purpose she never felt with the healing craft before. Now she is an excited weyrling ready to take on any challenges, lessons, and chores. She is determined to keep up with or surpass the rest of her class to prove herself good enough even though there are no dragonriders in her lineage.


RP Sample goes here.

Member Info...

Created By:
Original concept by SirAlahn
Original profile by Lyndi
Edits by Wren
Secondary edits by lacihparg
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Spoiler for Minath:

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
29.6.2589 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Halirina’s Kalestath
Clutch Father:
S'bok’s Neisoth
Mature Length: 40 meters
Mature Height:  9 meters
Mature Wingspan: 67 meters

General Appearance...

Minath is a rich gold, pebbled with the lighter hues of her mother, Kalestath, and a darker, burnt gold, almost orange tone. Her wings are much darker than the rest of her body, making her wingsails a stunning contrast in comparison to the rest of her body. As an adult, she will carry herself with a severe grace, though while she remains a dragonet she is as clumsy as any other. It will take a while for her to grow into her bulk, but she will always have the personality and force of will to be intimidating no matter her age.


Mind Voice: Minath’s voice carries with it all the steel of her personality, strong but adaptable to a variety of tones. When she speaks it is clearly as a Queen addressing her subjects – save to her Nalata, with whom she adopts a slightly gentler tone.

Likes: New experiences : This Gold will push her rider outside of her comfort zone, looking to help her grow. She loves adventure, new things, and excitement. The best Bronzes (or Blacks or Browns), in her opinion, are the ones that are cunning and adventurous as well.
Responsibility : Minath knows how to play as well as work, and she will thrive best in a situation that challenges her and forces her to grow to meet new obstacles.
Dislikes: Insults : Minath will passionately, frigidly, and unmercifully respond to any insults, perceived or otherwise, against herself or her rider.
Cowards : Minath can’t stand people who are too afraid to go through with an action. She especially loathes people who are lazy and deceitful in addition to cowardly. Own up to your mistakes.


* ADAPTABLE : Despite the undeniable authority of Minath’s personality, she is not static nor stuck in her ways. If she needs to adapt to a situation, she will do so without a fuss. While not exactly humble, she will have no problems admitting when she is wrong.

* RELIABLE : That being said, Minath will be reliably make good decisions for her weyr and rider. She is not one to shirk her responsibilities nor lie about something to a superior.

* ADVENTUROUS : This pretty Gold, for all her steadfast authority and apparently icy personality, loves adventure and excitement. She is no shrinking violet, nor a coward.


* INCAUTIOUS : The unfortunate side of Minath’s adventurous aspects means that she will often look before she leaps in terms of her and Nalata’s personal life. She will carefully monitor any decisions she makes for the better good, but for herself she may get herself into tight situations.

* DEMANDING : This dragon does not know when to stop holding people to standards they cannot live up to. She will constantly demand better, and can be quite icy and disappointed when someone doesn’t live up to her expectations.

* STEELY : She is not very free with her affection, save to Nalata. This queen is more of the distant type, without the overly maternal instincts that Kalestath has developed.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like.
Background: #9D7C19; Text: #F5F97F
[*minath]Remove the * for your dragon’s speech code[/*minath]

Member Info...

Anything Else:
This was Minath’s egg.

When she is sexually mature, Minath will fly on 30.01.

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Spoiler for Hidden:
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27/02/2581 | 04:00AM | I Want That One | Tresrissa / Tavianna | Nycolus
01/03/2581 | 08:00AM | They Must Be Well Behaved | Tresrissa / Tavianna | Nycolus
10/06/2586 | 08:00AM | Nice Save | N'dicus | D'mir
20/02/2587 | 14:00PM | Moving to Fort Island | Wher Butchers | Nycolus
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Spoiler for Halirina's Aide - The Youngest - Quitrix:
Spoiler for Description:
The Youngest
Aide Three
Male or female, it doesn’t matter. Though this is the youngest of the aides, that doesn’t mean they just entered in Halirina’s service either. Having been with the weyrwoman for at least 8+ turns, they are spry and always seem to find a positive note no matter the news, which might infuriate the Weyrwoman but she keeps this Aide around for the chipper attitude and endless amount of energy. A reminder that even at the worst, there’s always something to look forward to – and that’s exactly what this Aide does. This aide plays fetch for Halirina often and, much to the annoyance of the Craftmasters, they are frequently in their business – asking seemingly inane questions, checking up on their records, but always pleasantly and never overstaying their welcome. Much like the other two, Duty to the weyr and the weyrwoman will always come first.

Play By:

Date of Birth: 
01.05.2565 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth: 
Fort Weyr
Weyrmate or Spouse: 

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Quitrix needs to be able to move quickly around the weyr. She often has multiple items to attend to on her weyrwoman's orders and dresses accordingly. She wears loose shirts and breathable trousers that do little to accentuate what femininity there is to her form, but let her move with ease through crowds of people. Her boots are soft, making it easier for her to move silently and inconspicuously through even the more deserted of places, every piece of clothing apparel meticulously chosen to suit the days tasks ahead. She keeps herself well kempt at all times so as not to alienate any of those she needs to meet with, but doesn't hesitate to get her hands dirty when and if required. Due to the wide variety of tasks given to her, she will often have multiple changes of clothes ready for the day, and a lithe, athletic build lets her manoeuvre quickly through the weyr to minimise delays that may be caused by the requirement for a wardrobe change.

Her build is hardly what one would call effeminate, aided by a masculine stride that does wonders at getting her through even the largest of gatherings, despite being on the borderline between "average" and "short" in her height. She has the presence that comes with being a rider, though that opportunity had long since passed, and while she can adjust her mannerisms to alleviate any tension your stereotypical rider type could produce in an environment with crafters and/or holders, there are few that would question her loyalties or her heritage.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The hustle and bustle of the weyr, not to mention her own extended family meant that Quitrix, while aware of the catastrophe, was never really affected by it. It helped that there was always a silver lining to any incident they may have encountered. It didn't mean she never grieved… Though she may have appeared a little… well.. Oblivious at times with her insistence to keep on keeping on regardless of what was happening around her. It kept her busy. And while she may have put aside a bit of time to properly assess the what ifs, she never bothered fretting over something she couldn't change. It was much more important to simply move on.

Response to dragon color mutations: Had Quitrix never ended up being Halirina's aide, her opinion of the mutated dragons and the current weyrleader, S'bok, may have remained neutral, but in light of the sheer pressure that she knows her weyrwoman goes through handling the leadership of the weyr, and the additional chaos the production of the blacks, and subsequent red dragonets caused has led her to being a little less… Lenient. Compared to Halirina's experience, and B'ron, who had always been a constant through the catastrophe, S'bok was inexperienced and unpredictable. She understands that it was the dragons who dictated the weyrleadership, but that didn't mean she had to be happy about it. A few more years under his belt and maybe he'd prove a better pick. But while Halirina may not be overjoyed, Quitrix wouldn't be upset if B'ron managed to claim his title back. Faranth help them if one of the soon to be mature black dragons got in there first.

Who are you...


Purpose: Quitrix enjoys having goals. Things she can work toward or improve on that gives her a defined end goal. It doesn't really help much in the short term, but if you care to ask her why she's acting a certain way, she can at least tell you what it's to facilitate. Just don't always expect the correlation to be easy to spot. She knows what she wants to achieve… everything else just… happens.

Surprises: Obviously not the bad sort of surprises - no-one likes being blindsided, but the good kind of surprises. Like when someone brings her a special little something or something delightful happens that she gets to witness - like when Halirina smiles. It's a pure bit of light that she can't help but enjoy.

Whers: It could just be remnants of her choice to step away from candidacy, tied in with the knowledge that a wher bonds to (almost) anyone, but there's something about the grotesque creatures that appeals to Quitrix. There are a few rather friendly Wher's about the weyr, and while she isn't inclined to have one of her own, she's does tend to spend just a little bit longer than necessary on a task if there's a friendly wher involved.


Silence: She can be quiet, there's no doubting that, but Quitrix doesn't like silence. It can be somewhat more tolerable when it's a thinking sort of quiet, when there's only one or two people in a room and there's maybe just the rustling of paper, but the sort of quiet that only comes when things are going south. Often it's just because a younger cousin, niece or nephew had found some way to cause havoc, and Quitrix would need to fix it before it was noticed, but it also accompanied some of the more disastrous moments of Quitrix's life, and it's the sort of thing she tries to avoid, even if it's she herself who needs to break it. She'd rather have people annoyed at her for breaching the silence than have to deal with it for longer than necessary.

Solitude: A downside to growing up with as many people as she did means Quitrix is disinclined to spend time on her own. She needs to feed off the energy of others, regardless of whether it's good or bad, and being on her own limits it. While she has her own room, she rarely spends time in It, preferring to shack up with others or, failing that, returning to Kaorra's weyr to sleep amongst family.

Bees: Perhaps her least favourite job relies on speaking to the few crafters still dealing with the small bee colonies that remain. It's all fine and dandy when the crafter she needs to speak to is attending other duties, but those rare occasions when she's ended up having a chat while they tend to the buzzing creatures unnerved her greatly. She's never been stung (thank faranth) but they always sound so... angry. If they weren't so important to the continued pollination of their farms, she'd much rather they'd not survived like other species.


* SANGUINE: Quitrix can always see the bright side to things. It doesn't matter how dire things get, she is always able to come up with the good in a situation. Bunch of Gold's killing each other in flight? That's less dragons to feed, and more room for the gold egg that's on the sands. Thread destroying everything? Brought hold and weyr closer together. To be honest it's usually not as dire as all that, but she does have a unique way of looking at things, never-mind whether or not her positive note is the politically correct one.

* SPRIGHTLY: Endless. Energy. Quitrix never seems to slow down. Ever. It never seems to matter how busy she gets, or how chaotic the weyr itself is, she's more than likely to be underfoot than hiding away in her room. Only way to know what's going on is to be a part of what's going on, after all. It's just a shame she can't be in two places at once, 'cause by the first egg she would be if she could be.

* DISCREET: For all she's an incredibly lively young woman, Quitrix is rather unobtrusive unless she needs to be. She can rather easily meld into the background until such time as she needs to step forward, something that can be off putting when you didn't realise she was there in the first place but which most people have come to accept as rather standard for the aide.

* CHARMING: Regardless of whether you're talking to her in a social or formal setting, there is little doubt that Quitrix is a charming woman. She won't hesitate to flirt if she thinks this is the best way to get information out of people though it's not a malicious trait. She has no desire to settle down with one person, and doesn't have a preference for partners, which gives her more personal freedom to actually enjoy the company of others. A genuine interest in whoever she speaks too certainly helps.

* SAGACIOUS: It takes a certain level of intuition to be able to hassle craftmasters day in and day out without getting on their nerves. Quitrix manages this… for the most part. She can usually tell when someone's starting to get annoyed with her and can make an exit, though there have been occasions where she's missed some of the more subtle clues and carries on as per normal. All in all though, she can read people relatively well, and is constantly trying to improve her ability in this regard.


* DAUNTING: A somewhat more recent trait that has come about more due to her reputation than her actual personality. She is good at what she does, and maintains an approachability so far as formal matters are concerned, but unfortunately her position as one of Halirina's aide's seem to have worked negatively for her social life. Her dedication to her role can be somewhat intimidating, and there is some standoffishness when it comes to discussing things with her in a social setting. No matter how lovely she is in all actuality, the fear that someone would overstep while talking to her should they relax in a social setting keeps many a person from wanting to see her outside of her duties. An unfortunate and unanticipated side effect of working so closely with the weyrwoman that while isolating, does little to dissuade her from her role.

* FLIGHTY : Quitrix's head is constantly whirring away trying to process the endless information at hand. What she sees, what she smells, what she hears and touches, even what she tastes is constantly being assessed and reassessed for what information it could glean. She is always working, and can seem erratic in her mannerisms, asking questions that seem pointless or doing things that make little sense. She isn't inclined to fill you in on the details, feeling as though explaining herself is a waste of time, but she makes instinctive connections between things, and it can be hard for people to get a proper fix on her. Sure, you get used to it, but it can be frustrating to be the person on the receiving end. Innocuous questions and tangents in conversation seem pointless, but her determination to get them answered can be infuriating. Halirina, and the other two aides are the lucky ones in this regard. By the time they hear about it, Quitrix already has everything in a logical sequence, and can relay exactly what her findings are in a manner quite unlike that with which she garnered the information.

* BOUNDARIES : There are a few times where Quitrix reads a situation wrong, and oversteps a line. While quick to apologise once she realise she's overstepped, it hasn't quite managed to iron itself out, and causes her a fair amount of grief, particularly if she's managed to piss someone off who she was supposed to be getting information from. She'll work hard to fix it, and will openly admit when she's in the wrong, but it does make for some awkward conversations for a little bit of time. It isn't solely her words that can get her in trouble, though, but her actions. Overestimating the level of her relationship with others, and going in for a hug, or teasing someone when the underlying relationship does not exist to allow it to happen.

* TACTLESS : Quitrix isn't always the most polite of people, not because she doesn't care, but because she has a habit of pointing out the elephant in the room, without considering whether it needed to be said. She's honest, at least, and one would be hard pressed to fault her for it, but pointing out to Halirina that at least R'sin's death proved they couldn't protect the Jungle Wingleader at the weyr any more than they could in the jungle wasn't exactly the best thing to say the mark after the unfortunate incident.

* FIESTY : She's not rebellious, but she can be a little… wordy, particularly when tasked with something she doesn't really like doing. She's not going to fudge it up, or dilly dally on the way to getting it done, but you may hear her mumble under her breath about something being "unfair" as she sets off to complete it. She just has a strong preference for who she'd rather be working with most of the time, and there are some people she'd rather… not.

Describe Yourself:

* JACK OF ALL TRADES: She's done a bit of everything… Literally. Well. Almost literally. With all her siblings branching out one way or another, Quitrix has had an unprecedented opportunity to learn bits and pieces of a variety of crafts. She never quite managed to do the same, unable to find her niche and instead hassling her siblings to show her a few tricks of their own trade to satiate her curiosity. Unfortunately since the accident with her hand, the more intricate of tasks remain elusive, but it doesn't stop her from at least being shown. She's well suited to picking up bits and bobs, even if she doesn't care to follow any craft through to proper apprenticeship, and always searches to improve her base understanding to further her ability to conduct Halirina's business throughout the weyr.

* LOYAL: To the weyr, and because of that, to Halirina first and foremost. As far as she's concerned, the weyrwoman puts aside her own needs, her own desires for the good of the weyr, and that is something she has no problem putting her faith into one hundred percent.  She has no doubt that Halirina, and the weyrleadership as a whole never act in a way that is not thought out, and so while she may be upset by certain decisions that hit a little closer to home, she carries on in the belief that the research has been done, and the reasoning is just.

* FLEXIBLE: Quitrix isn't stuck in one way and one way only of thinking. Problems can be tackled from many different directions and she's rather quickly able to draw on different experiences, her own or otherwise to come to a conclusion. This makes it easy for her to see another person's position on something, and gives her different avenues in which to attack a problem. It is much easier to solve a problem when you know both sides of an argument. For her, anyway. 

* MULTIFACETED: There is more to Quitrix than initially meets the eye, and her physical appearance and sprightly attitude belies someone with all the tenacity of a survivalist. She didn't have to claw her way up the weyr heirarchy or face numerous "bad times". She is just a fighter of both tongue and fists, able to hold her own should she ever find herself in a tricky situation. A spitfire, in many ways, there is a primal ferocity to her personality that rarely has the chance to rear its head. But it's there… somewhere.

* SHARP: Highly Intelligent, and perfectly capable of carrying out instructions with little hesitation. She has an undying curiosity, and a desire to know everything about anything, always working to improve her knowledge base. She isn't afraid to admit when she doesn't know something, but will always seek to find answers if she comes across such an occasion, regardless of who she's going to have to ask to figure it out.

* SELF-SACRIFICING: Quitrix will always put the needs of others first. She doesn't have kids, because that meant time out of commission, but will always make sure to spend time with her nieces and nephews. She'd rather help her siblings in their trades than pick one up for herself, and even her candidacy was put aside for the good of others, stepping down after her accident without needing the candidate master to instruct her as such. She would have been a sub-par rider if she had to adjust everything from the get-go, regardless of the need for fighting dragons.

The Magic Touch: Quitrix sustained a bad break in her left wrist/hand during a hatching that never quite healed right. She decided withdrawing her candidacy was better for the weyr, under the understanding that had she impressed, the weyrlingmaster would be hindered trying to adjust drills and things to make up for her lack of movement.


Mother: Q'yra (Quaimyra) of Xulaith b. 2521 i. 2537
Father: Kadorix of Sereth b. 2520  i. 2537


[2535] Myrqua - Greenrider i. 2548
[2536] Kaorra - Harper
[2550] I'xim Brownrider i.2570
[2551 (1st Month)] N'icum - Bluerider i.2565
[2551 (10th Month)] Doriimyr - Greenrider i. 2565
[2552] Kimyr - Miner
[2553] Xirodak - Healer
[2555] Kaimyra - Weaver
[2556] Q'ior - Bronze Bronzerider i. 2579
[2558] A'mai - Greenrider i. 2579
[2560] Quaiix - Healer
[2561] Ka'ri - Bluerider i. 2574
[2562] Quairi - Fisher
[2564] Yrador - Weaver

  • Crafter details have been left vague in case of adoption - all Quitrix's family would be doing something for the weyr in whatever specialty they have chosen. Quitrix's family are weyrborn and bred, and even those who weren't searched / entered into a craft would be serving the weyr in some way.
Children: None. Pregnancy can result in time out of commission, whether she was putting them in the crèche or not. While more than happy to help look after her nieces and nephews, Quitrix is rather pedantic at ensuring she does not carry a pregnancy to term. Had she less siblings, or was less vested in her position she may have been willing to sacrifice her time to procreate. As it stands, however, she has no intention of changing her view on children of her own.

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* 2565, 0 The last born child of Kadorix and Q'yra, Quitrix started life with a large family who knew exactly who she was. Instead of the crèche, she joined her older sister, Kaorra's horde, alongside the younger of her older siblings, and her nieces and nephews. While Kaorra herself was a Harper, her weyrmate was a rider, and she found it easier to fill in the days with the care of her siblings, children, and, where her siblings permitted it, her nieces and nephews. What this meant for Quitrix was that she was in a very consuming environment from the get go, and while she may not have had younger siblings, the nieces and nephews that followed would become something akin to that.

* 2566 - 2570, 1 - 5 For most people occupying Fort Weyr during the tail end of the catastrophe, life seemed to revolve around relentless threadfall shifts. Some could perhaps remember calmer times, but for Quitrix, it was just how things were. The cavern they occupied (it was too large for her to think of it as a weyr) had only three constants. There was Kaorra, ever present, the first and last say in what they could and couldn't do, and the undeniable matriarch of their family group. While her mother and father were certainly no strangers to her, Kaorra was the one who maintained a constant present. The second constant was the dragons. In particular Laremauth, the Bronze who's weyr was the cavern that housed them, but others as well. The gargantuan sized defenders of Pern who happened to have found their bonded's in Quitrix's relations. Dragons belonging to siblings, cousins and in-laws. Even her nieces and nephews. Thankfully not too many at once-Quitrix didn't think there'd be room for any of them if all the dragons decided to visit at the same time- but enough that in her formulative years Quitrix was adamant that she knew all the dragons on Pern. Finally there was noise. So much noise. It wasn't always good noise but it was always present. This above all other things helped shield her from the chaos of the greater Pern. It was a regimented chaos, however, and with the emphasis on looking after one another it didn't seem quite as haphazard from within the group as it may have from the outside.

As young as she was, Quitrix quickly developed the ability to be heard when necessary, but just as quickly learnt to accept that it wasn't the priority. A lot could be gleaned from watching and listening, and the right question could easily fill in the gaps for a greater understanding of a situation. She was excited, curious and enthusiastic, with what felt like thousands of people supporting her. It was very hard to contemplate the possible danger that waited right outside the weyr when there were so many people present Not to mention her long term planning didn't really go much further than "What do I wanna do today?"

* 2571-2575, 6-11 The constant doing that dominated her early years didn't cease as she neared that precarious point between child and adult. As she became more capable, so do did her requests to "help" become more insistent. It didn't matter what the task was, if she wasn't attending lessons in the crèche, she was hassling a relative to help with their dragon. Or hold their tools while they went about with a particular chore. She wasn't picky, and her relentless optimism served quite well as a distraction for whoever she chose to bother that day. That's not to say she wasn't told to bugger off on occasion. There were certain times where her presence caused a bit of strain to her relatives, and she was rather used to being told to occupy herself elsewhere, even the harshest of remarks rolling off her back as she simply wandered off to see if there was anyone else willing to accommodate her. Any hurt one may perceive from such dismissal just seemed sub-par when compared to the seemingly endless curiosity that acted as a constant fuel for her actions. She did get better at picking the relatives who were more inclined to humour her, contenting herself with simply sitting back and observing the ones who were a little more… touchy.

* 2576, 12 The time for her to decide what craft she wanted to enter had finally arrived, and despite having a horde of relatives with real experience in nearly all of them, Quitrix finds herself struggling to make a decision. She'd only ever really thought about the what-ifs of becoming a rider, one of the few things she couldn't quite comprehend outside of what her relatives could tell her. But she could be searched while doing a craft. It was just a matter of what craft. Truth be told she hadn't really clicked with any single one, and as the days turned to weeks after her twelfth nameday she found herself falling steadily further into what would constitute as her first known "slump". It wasn't that her optimism and enthusiasm for each day waned so much as her irritation increased. No matter how many questions she asked, or what she may have assisted in doing, she never could find a dominating reason to stick to one craft… So while her irritation at not being able to find a niche like her siblings had grew, so too did her desire to just… Do.

Living in the weyr meant she wasn't restricted by the holder views for what a young girl should do with her time, so instead she took it upon herself to find out what needed to be done, and simply, insert herself into it. Sure, she may have encountered a few hiccups here and there, particularly when a chore was asking for someone a teeny bit more qualified, but for the most part everyone was too occupied with their own commitments to worry about whether the girl underfoot was supposed to be there or not. She had enough sense at least to keep away from any obviously dangerous situations of course. It kept her busy outside of lessons at least, and so long as she felt she was achieving something she was rather content.

* 2577-2578, 13-14 Early in the turn Quitrix was asked to join the pool of candidates. Excited by the prospect, she accepted right away, never for a moment concerned for her safety as some may have been. Being a rider wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but there was no absence of dragonriders in her family, and it was as much her duty to the weyr as it was her own ambitions that made her jump at the prospect. With a little more definition to her path, even if she didn't impress, Quitrix blossomed into herself. Areas of the weyr she didn't have access to as just another weyrfolk were suddenly open to her as she committed to the various duties a candidate undertook outside lessons. With all that was happening, she didn't always encounter people willing to answer the multitude of questions she may have had, but there was plenty of opportunity to experience it for herself anyway.

She made a good candidate, and her experience with riders related to her gave her a slight leg-up from some of those searched from the hold itself. She wasn't cocky about it, and wasn't the sort to concern herself with worrying over whether she impressed or not. It was up to the dragons to decide that, and she'd simply go along for the ride and soak up whatever information she could. There was no fear at hatchings, and no sense of loss or desolation when she came out the same as she'd gone in. It was during this period that she fully explored her sexuality, never hesitating to request a quick jump between if she thought she was at risk of getting pregnant. There was too much to be done, too much that could be hindered if she had to look after a child, however briefly, and she couldn't bring herself to such a commitment. She had nieces and nephews to fill that niche, and the crèche if she felt the need. But with chores, lovers, touchings, hatchings and general weyr business to attend to, she was never really at a point where it seemed necessary. Besides, pregnancy meant time in the stands. And what if her dragon were to hatch at that point? She may not have concerned herself with the if's and when's of her candidacy ending, but she wasn't going to go out of her way to sully her chances.

* 2579, 15 It was during the clutch that produced Wearoth, one of only two queens hatched during 2579 that Quitrix saw the end of her life as a candidate. A protective queen, disorientated dragonets and a few too many people unable to recall their lessons resulted in a small stampede when "too many" dragonets hatched at once. It would have been fine, had some of the more inexperienced candidates not panicked, and had Quitrix had the hindsight to be able to stand further away from the majority. In the chaos, minor though it was, Quitrix fell, landing oddly on her wrist and not managing to right herself before her hand was quite literally underfoot. With some more severe injuries incurred by others at the same time, and no physical evidence of injury despite her almost cheerful comments that her hand hurt, the healers did not act immediately on her injury. Had it been one or two breaks, and had the healers been able to give her attention sooner, the hand may have healed without any long-lasting effects. But she hadn't been quick enough, and there were more significant injuries to attend to than a few broken bones in a hand.

When they healed, many of the smaller bones fused together, making movement difficult, and while she was told she could continue to stand, the understanding that she would need some concessions made for her should she impress, since she no longer had the full use of her left hand, made her uncomfortable. It wasn't an easy decision, but for the weyr and her own future, stepping down from candidacy seemed the most logical choice.

So she did.

It was... disappointing, but she didn't have to give up everything because of her injury. Her dabbling, however brief, in the life of a candidate had resulted in enough connections that she didn't need to just disappear into the masses once more. No. Quitrix had used her time as a candidate well, and while certainly not indispensable, proved useful enough that she could continue helping around the weyr in whatever way she could.

* 2580, 16 Quitrix continues to work well despite the constant destruction around her, and her ability to see the bright side of even the darkest moments has resulted in her being noticed by the highest of authorities, the weyrwoman herself. While she may not know the exact reasoning, Halirina appoints her as a third aide, and immediately puts her to work not unlike the messenger runners the harpers mention in their teaching songs occasionally. The variety of tasks and the ability to meet, and speak with the various crafters about the weyr gives her the sort of solid foundation that she'd been lacking in each of the crafts she attempted, and it is not long before Quitrix realises she's finally found a niche. With her position comes a realisation as to just what the weyrleadership is dealing with, and despite having grown up at Fort Weyr, she is only just starting to understand the danger their planet is in. It doesn't sully her outlook on life, though, simply makes her respect the role the weyrwoman plays in it, and she is proud to be able too serve her.

* 2581, 17 Barely a full turn had passed when something outside of the standard blood and destruction happens, and Quitrix sees how quickly things could go from bad to worse. At the start of the turn there were twelve golds. Each one a direct descendent of Kalestath herself, and each one capable of producing a reasonable sized clutch to reinforce the wings in light of the regular loss experienced through maiming and death. It wasn't the best of situations, the sands would be constantly occupied and hatchings would prove to be precarious. Search dragons were already working full tilt trying to find eligible candidates but a dragonrider was no easy job, and many a person denied the call for the somewhat more predictable hold life. Quitrix did what she could to alleviate concerns, and bring what she learned to Halirina, though the solution to the overcrowding was far worse than what she could have anticipated.

In one fell swoop half the queen population was decimated, six of the mature dragons rising at the same time and almost as quickly going between. Other dragons may have been lost at the same time, but the loss of so many Golds at once was devastating. Rumours flew around what it meant for their future, unfounded observations from those who couldn't help but talk. Quitrix was not one of them. Kalestath still lived, and had been nothing but consistent in her clutches, B'ron and Leremith continuing to catch her each time she flew. The reduced numbers meant more room on the sands, and more candidates available for the future hatchlings. A cull was sometimes a necessary evil, and while she did not condone the deaths, there was nothing to be done, and so no reason to waste energy concerning herself with them. Four golds hatched that turn, and while three died, two of which were hatchlings, there were still golds to lay eggs, and still dragons to fill the wings defending Pern, an opinion she shared freely whenever someone felt the need to moan about the end of the world being near.

* 2585, 21 Thread continued to fall and queens continued to die as the years went on,  not such a bad thing when one considered the falling candidate numbers each clutch. It was hard for Quitrix to overcome the loss of a newly hatched queen, however, when there seemed to be none worthy to bond. There'd been plenty of betweening hatchlings over the turns, though not a queen. Not in her lifetime, and there was a small, dark moment where the young aide felt that perhaps she should have continued with her candidacy, instead of just watching from the stands. Perhaps the gold dragon had been meant for her, but she had set herself aside too early.

It was a fleeting concern, however, falling apart the moment Quitrix stopped to properly consider its relevancy. She had been present, and had the hatchling queen been worth her hide, she would have found hers, had hers been present. It fell to the prospective candidates to have been present. The ones who said no for fear of threadfall - fear of defending their planet in case they injured themselves to have been present. It was one less mouth to feed, at least, and with the other queens still producing viable clutches, was not the loss it at first seemed to be. There was more at stake than a gold who could not find their bonded, and still plenty of dragonmen in the sky.

* 2587 - 2591, 23 - 27 Excepting the riders who went out to char thread that no longer fell, Quitrix liked to think of herself as one of the first to know that the neverending tide of flesh-eating spores had finally ceased - with no rain or frost to justify the lull. She didn't need to hold her breath over the next few days as they waited to confirm whether or not it was the last of the fall, certain, in the same way she was certain about any glimmer of positivity in their bleak world, that it meant the end of the disaster. The same positivity was hard to apply to the rest of Pern, as scout groups were sent to find somewhere liveable - where they could start again. The lush southern continent had indeed fallen, and the barren wasteland that had been a perfectly hospitable planet a century ago seemed to fend off any chance of re-establishing themselves.

Until D'mir returned with news of an island to the west.

Their new home was perfect… If you overlooked the beachsnakes and the hunters and the relentless, humid heat and the storms and lack of snow… It was a place… And it was their home. Now they just had to adapt. The first turn was the hardest, trying to ensure everything ran smoothly, bringing important intel to the weyrwoman whenever she would require it and then - Leremith sired a black dragon.

Oh how the weyrfolk talked after that.

It was difficult, to try and look past the superstitions and talks of omens to the boy who had been selected - and had he remained just another rider Quitrix may have let him be - but when Kalestath rose, Neisoth managed to catch her… repeatedly. And the reds that came from that pairing. A dragon was a dragon, sure, but the chaos.

At least a fourth Queen had hatched, and was proving to be as reliable as the rest of them.

Of course there were fights, though it had seemed since the minehall was allowing holders to move that things were dying down a bit… With wher proving useful in their detection of Hunters and enough of a wher community at the weyr to assist when the blasted Skycoursers shot down from on high to ravage their small beast pens.

It was a bit of an adjustment… And they'd managed to slip a gather in there which was pretty awesome… Either way, Quitrix had her work cut out for her, though she continues to do Halirina's bidding as diligently as before… Thread may not fall, but they weren't out of their rough patch quite enough to be celebrating… All the time at least. Take the good moments with the bad and just figure it out from there. At least life's not too dull.

With three mature golds in the weyr there were at least three days off in a turn. Usually for Quitrix this meant getting to know the person she'd ended up in bed with and simply fucking away the residual lust that came with it. It didn't take long before she became bored with the somewhat quiet of the weyr and ended up helping those who couldn't afford the day off that the majority of the weyr would enjoy.

The end of turn celebration, however? That was a different story indeed.

Quitrix wasn't exactly needed when it came to getting everything ready, but that didn't stop her from getting involved in whatever way she could with the preparations. This turn, once she was dismissed by Halirina, it had landed her in the kitchens helping where necessary. As a willing volunteer, once the meal prep had finished, she was once again given leave to wander about, the kitchen staff proper tending to the final touches before they would bring it up from the lower caverns to the weyrhall proper.

When it came to eating, she did so quickly, chattering along to whoever was closest about trivial nonsense. She did drink when offered, though did so sparingly, unwilling to let her mind become clouded by the cheery influence of the brewer's mixtures lest she forget what company she was keeping. It was an easy enough task, to simply water down the drinks she was poured while her conversational partners were otherwise occupied, and when the harpers began to play that little bit louder, Quitrix found the opportunity to excuse herself.

"It wouldn't be turns end without a dance, wouldn't you say?" She laughed as she stepped away, doing her best to see through the crowd for the perfect person to share the first dance with.

She found a candidate not too far from where she had been eating, and giving herself a quick brush-down, skipped on over to them. "Not going to have any fun just watching you know? Best get in on the action." She teased, reaching out to grab the hands of the person in front of her. Should they let her, she would have no issues dragging them towards the space the harpers had cleared for those who decided to dance in the new turn. Already people had done just that, so at least they wouldn't be alone in it.

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Spoiler for W'thir (Wuarthir, Brown Weyrling Imyth 2590):
Play By:


First Name:
Date of Birth:
34.06.2566 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Younger than he appears at first sight, W'thir isn't easily lost in a crowd. He's taller than average, and thickly built despite years of living off the bare minimum. He has the demeanour of an on duty bodyguard at all times, dark eyes staring intently ahead and arms regularly crossed in front of a broad chest, mouth more inclined to frown than smile, though the latter has a tendency to strip years from his face. W'thir does not speak much, and when he does his voice has a harsh crackle to it, as if it hasn't been used for an impossibly long time.
 As long as it remains permissible, W'thir will allow his facial hair to grow out, a habit he has not quite been able to break since his time at Fort. A decent amount of facial hair seemed desirable once he could grow it, making him somewhat less approachable and thus more efficient at stopping any joe blow from intruding without reason. His clothes are not quite as imposing, many of them barely short of rags, though the move to Southern Winds and subsequently the candidate hall has brought with it some equality to such things.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: W'thir did what was expected of him to aid in their family's survival. There was no opportunity to mourn what he never had, and focusing on the "what if's" of his situation wasn't going to help anybody. When he was old enough to work, he did, and any surplus he received from his errands would line the pockets of those he loved. 
Response to dragon colour mutations: It's hard to form an opinion about things you know next to nothing about. Having been searched after the first wave of red and blacks appeared, they were as close to normal as everything else about being a candidate. Apart from making sure to keep his body as much intact as possible when the second batch of reds hatched and knowing to keep out of the way of their over-aggressive siblings just in case W'thir is pretty content just accepting that they're a part of the whole... weyr thing.

Who are you...

Nothing - or well, being able to do nothing. Or anything, really. Those precious points in time where there is literally nothing that needs to be done and W'thir can just do, whatever he wants. Whatever he feels like doing. No obligations. No chance of disappointing anyone. Just. Nothing.
Storms - and boy does Southern Winds deliver. There may be an innate security that comes with knowing they were safer when rain fell during the pass, but regardless of the reasoning there's a certain beauty and power that comes with  your full on storms that really draws W'thir's attention. So long as it doesn't interfere with his duties or responsibilities, chances are if there’s a storm about, he's going to have made his way outside to witness it in the best possible way - as a part of it.

Open Spaces – There is something to be said about just how much room there seems to be in their new home, even in the weyr, in shared sleeping areas there still seems to be space. Space to stretch, to lie down, to run or jump without getting in anyone’s face. Then you go outside and there’s so much more of it. Sure there are dangers that comes with their home, but it’s a small price to pay when he can just, step outside, rain, hail or shine just to enjoy it.

Violence – Particularly when it's unnecessary, but anything where blood (or ichor) is spilled turns W’thir’s stomach. He has had his fair share of brawls, but he will certainly try to avoid them if he can. The risk of hurting someone, or being hurt and unable to do what needs to be done is high, no matter how skilled you are, and W’thir is very aware of this. If he was more gifted with words he may be able to talk his way out of situations, but as it stands, he simply tries to keep his head down and stay out of peoples way… Particularly now that the necessity of a fight when carrying out your set tasks doesn’t quite exist anymore.

The Dark – He’s not scared of it, to be fair, but he doesn’t really fancy being in the dark… particularly on his own. He wants to have glowbaskets nearby, even when he’s going to sleep, and doesn’t mind if they’re dim or not, so long as they can offer some illumination. It wasn’t too much of an issue when he was still at home. If he did manage to get in at a reasonable hour to sleep with the rest of his siblings, there was usually a glowbasket offering a dim light, and when he wasn’t… well. It wasn’t too important if he was busy.

Being Late – W’thir will often plan to be awake well before he needs to be, just in case things go wrong and he’s delayed. Sleeping in, or being held up doing one thing when he’s due to start another rubs him up the wrong way, and he’ll often feel as though he can’t catch up once he’s tardy on one matter. It is rarely the case, since he plans buffers for everything, but if he’s not on time (or early) to something he was required to attend, he’s going to be thrown off until he can reset himself. Usually it’s just taking a few minutes to re-plan the rest of the day, but even finding time to do that can be an arduous task.
* DILLIGENT :  Physically, W'thir will do whatever he needs to do to get a job done. He will work until he can't, and takes great pains to ensure that he completes every task he is provided with. With his acceptance into candidacy, and his impression to a brown weyrling, this trait has expanded to include trying to catch up to his peers so far as his education goes, and he applies himself as much as possible into studying as he does anything else.
* CONFIDANT: So far as his moral compass goes, someone's secret is not his to share. This is not to be mistaken with gossip about others or plans to do something that may or may not be good or bad, but is specific to the person speaking to him. In saying that, he doesn't spread rumours or gossip that he may have heard either, dismissing them once the conversation is over as just that, unless there is sufficient evidence to back them up, and even then only relaying the information if he deems it critical. Particularly if not doing so could cause harm for others.
* PROTECTIVE: Once you're inside his inner circle, W'thir's not going to let anything hurt you. He would give most of his worldy possessions to strangers he feels needs it more than him, but he would sacrifice his life for those he calls friend. Not that that situation has come up to date. Bordering on possessive, W'thir will work hard to make sure you don't have to, and doesn't hesitate to step in if he's concerned for your safety.
* ATTENTIVE : While W'thir gives no credit to gossip or rumours, he does not easily forget things he has been told. It doesn't matter if it was a throwaway comment about your favourite food or a particular trick for overcoming a difficult drill, any information gets filed away for reference or cross correlation.
* AFFECTIONATE : Though subtle, W'thir isn't lacking in this department. His affection manifests itself into his actions, a soft touch of his hand against yours, a squeeze of your shoulder or waking up early to make sure you up you have a fresh cup of Klah the moment you follow suit. It is as much the oddities to his behaviour - a smile where there would not otherwise be one or lingering after a conversation is done for that extra bit of time with you - as it is his increased attention.
* UNEDUCATED: It didn't matter that the harpers were willing to teach anyone who attended their lessons. W'thir was never one of the children joining in. His family may not have been tied into the gangs of Fort's underbelly but they had a firm belief that lessons were a waste of time better spent working. From the moment he could understand basic instructions, W'thir was tasked with physical labour, and outside of meal and rest times, he was expected to do nothing less.
* INTIMIDATING: Personality aside, W'thir doesn't appear to be the most approachable of people. This, alongside his penchant for watching and listening rather than speaking, as well as his cautious nature makes it difficult for people who may want to get to know him better. Gruff and surly at the best of times, it takes a bit of effort to get past his outward appearance and behaviours to understand the person beneath.
* EMBARRESSED: Despite being one of many individuals dealt a bad hand in the catastrophe, the opportunities provided to him since being searched has made it painfully aware just what he was missing out on. Between the attitude of his parents and the lack of an education, he can find himself floundering for a response or shutting down completely when questioned about his past. He'll often skirt around the issue, and isn't inclined to ask for help when he doesn't understand something since it could put a spotlight on his shortcomings, which has got him far enough for the moment, but may prove more difficult to manage in the not-so-distant future.
* FORGIVING: Once W'thir trusts you enough to let you into his inner circle, it doesn't matter how badly you fuck up, or what your fuck up was. W'thir is a firm believer of people always being given a chance. It doesn't mean he forgets the misdeed, but he does essentially wipe peoples slates clean every time, refusing to take into account previous misdeeds in light of the possibility that everyone can be better than they were yesterday. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if it didn't open him up to being easily manipulated. You could get him to do the same heinous task ten times over so long as he believed you were truly sorry, or hadn't realised how bad it would get after each and every one of them.
* DEFENSIVE : It is a very simple task to make W'thir feel inadequate. Criticism, regardless of if it is constructive or not is very difficult to keep separate from his sense of self worth. An offhand comment can have him reeling for hours, trying to figure out how to stop it happening again in future and he can often become obsessed with trying to rectify the initial problem, whatever it may be, and can become overbearing in his need for the initial critique to be reversed.
Describe Yourself:
* SOFTY: Babies, people, beasts, loved ones. The who or what doesn't matter too much, but it's hard to think of him as anything but a big softy once he lets you in past his guard. He tries to think about how other people may be feeling, and it's no hard task to get him to assist you if you're already close to him. He enjoys working with small things, and can be swayed easily enough by babies of all sorts. Had he more of a preference for female bedpartners there is no doubt he would have a horde of children to his name, as it is he tends to simply volunteer to assist the crèche whenever he can to get his kid-fix.
* RESERVED: In his affection and mannerisms W'thir is a subtle person. He doesn't make a fuss when he's helping someone out and doesn't want to be fussed over in public. He doesn't like being in the spotlight and will do what he can to remain as inconspicuous as possible… Not always an easy task when it comes to his size.
* QUIET: W'thir listens rather than talks, and pays close attention to what goes on around him. He likes knowing what's happening, and has a lot of patience for simply hearing things out. He speaks when spoken to, and can contribute to conversations without an issue… He just prefers not to speak unless it's needed.
* CAUTIOUS: While perfectly happy to give you the clothes off his back if you need it, W'thir doesn't let people into his inner circle easily. Years skirting the line between the underbelly of Fort Hold and the more honest aspects meant that he wasn't fully comfortable trusting everything and everyone at face value. If he cannot test the information himself, he is likely to dismiss it as hearsay until proven otherwise.
* ALTRUISTIC: W'thir will readily put the needs of others above his own. It may have meant going without many a time growing up but he never really minded. He'd much rather give someone else a leg up than step on them to get ahead, and holds little value over his own needs if pushing them aside could help someone less fortunate.
The Magic Touch: W'thir has two ways to separate his possessions. Items that are his and therefore available for anyone should they need it more than him, and gifts Gifts are every bit as coveted as his possessions are not, because they were given to him for a reason, and hold a priceless significance to them that his possessions do not.


Mother: Wuarrena, Labourer, 2550
Father: Thirnton, Labourer, 2547
* Wuarren, 2567 [24]
* Thirnna, 2569 [22]
* Twuarrena, 2570 [21]
* Wuarrenon, 2573 [18]
* Tharrena, 2579 [12]
Children: ??

Tell us a story...


* 2566, 0 Had circumstances been different, W'thir would have had a rather reasonable upbringing. Despite the influx of holders from other places that could not sustain their population any longer, he was born to one of the original Tillek holders. His parents weren't drudges, though with the title "labourers" anyone who knew anything about hold politics would realise they were only half a step above them in the hierarchy. They were creatures of habit, however, and ignoring of the fact that their hold numbers were swelling beyond what Tillek could feasibly support, continued their day to day goings on with little care for how it could impact on their future. Wuarenna did what she needed to make sure W'thir was well, but didn't stress over giving him much more than that.

* 2567-2570, 1-4 W'thir's parents didn't delay in having more children. One of W'thir's earliest memories is being in a small room amongst wailing babes, trying to coax some watery milk down the throat of his younger sister. He can't remember much else. Just that he was present while the adults were not, tasked with the care of his siblings while his mother and father worked to provide what they could from the rations.

* 2571, 5 With his parents joining the final exodus to Fort Hold, and not much to their name beyond basic skills,  their lives were thrust smack bang in the middle of Fort's underbelly. No name had been made for themselves in Tillek, nothing to give then even a modicum of stature in their new home, and with no craft or reputation to precede them, W'thir's small family was shoved in a shared cavern. The expectation that they would work their way to better quarters was drilled into him the moment their misfortune was realised, and any modicum of schooling he may have been able to access while at Tillek was ripped from him within hours of having arrived.
* 2572-2577, 6-11 W'thir was never given the opportunity to attend lessons at the hold, instead being pushed to handle whatever tasks he could the moment he was able to understand minor directions. It didn't matter the quality of the work he did, particularly in his younger years, but so long as he was able to move about and provide some form of labour, he was doing that. With four years between them, Wuarthir was older than his siblings, and as such responsible for them. He cared for them without resentment, knowing only that should he falter, his parents wouldn't be there to pick up the slack, and it was his siblings that would suffer. Despite sharing a cavern, the families sharing the same space were insular, each too concerned about their own survival to worry about the children of others. By the time Wuarrenon was born, W'thir was allowed to seek out additional work elsewhere in the hold, Thirnna, the oldest of his sisters in charge of looking after the younger ones.
* 2578-2583, 12-17 Old enough to be an craft apprentice had his situation been different, whatever downtime he may have been able to obtain in his earlier years is null and void. His parents expect him to be working, if not alongside them, but elsewhere. They made it perfectly clear that W'thir was to provide at least one third of all their needs, including all of his own, be it food, medicine or clothes. His oldest brother was not far behind in being forced to do the same, and as imposing as they both are, they manage to pick up some extra work in some of the more... underhanded of positions. As spotters at first, or manpower when it came from tr