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Author Topic: C'ace [ 18.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]  (Read 2926 times)

Offline SanctifiedSavage

C'ace [ 18.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« on: February 22, 2014, 09:55:57 PM »

Play By:
Harry Lloyd

First Name:
Ce’ace, Bed-Warmer.
Date of Birth:
18.7.2566 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider/Search Rider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: C’ace has always been a wild child, and his appearance reflects that. If he’s wearing a shirt, it’s a torn, worn-down black leather one that reveals nearly more than it covers. He flatly refuses to get a new one. It’s form-fitting and allows other people to see the wealth of “temporary tattoos” he has; while actual tattoos are relatively rare on Pern, C’ace enjoys allowing other people to draw or write on him with ink even if they’ll smudge or wash away later in the bath. He hardly ever wears the shirt unless required so his tattooed self is always evident. To add to his already odd look, he occasionally steals dyes to use in his hair, which is usually a shocking blue to match his beautiful dragon. It stands in obvious blue spikes atop his head. C’ace is hard to find without a smile, and his own sky blue eyes equally match his bright hair.

To match his typically torn shirt is a pair of low set pants that are made of the same leather. Tears from his rough housing have resulted in tan patches of his legs being exposed through the leather. He has a pair that is nicer, but for C’ace, he’ll take the comfort of holey pants over the appearance of the tighter, well cared for any day. Completing this eccentric rider’s attire is a pair of calf thigh black boots that tie all the way up the front. They’re the most well-cared for article of clothing he has, though mostly because he likes comfortable footwear.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: C’ace doesn’t really think about the 9th Pass anymore. While it was happening, he did what he could – fought Thread, participated in virtually every Green flight imaginable, and spent his nights in the throes of passion with other riders and weyrfolk. He’s much more carefree now than he was back then, seeing the two turns since the end of a Pass as a much longer span of time than most others would consider it.

Response to dragon color mutations: He is idly curious about what role the Black dragon will take, but is not particularly concerned about it. C’ace has never been much of a traditionalist anyway. If it gets brought up in conversation, he’s likely to simply shrug and let the subject go without comment.

Who are you...

Likes: Sex : C’ace is basically a professional Green flyer – he participates in all he can, and wins a fair few. He rarely sleeps in his own bed, and when he does it’s rarely alone. Attention : The best way to get C’ace’s attention is to give him some. He likes being praised, fawned, over, and touched by just about anyone. He’s not really particular. Pretty Boys : Are his favorite. Drinking : Because the best way to have a good time is to have a good dose of alcohol. Dance and drink go hand in hand, and C’ace is fond of the Harpers as a result. Parties : C’ace is a party unto himself.

Dislikes: Serious Business : C’ace is a happy guy, and he doesn’t need anybody being grumpy about him having a good time when they could be too. Uptight People : They’re boring. C’ace has no interest in them. He can be rather dismissive towards people he perceives this way. If you’re not here to party, then what are you doing here? Buzzkills : There’s no need to ruin his good time just because you’re not having one. Being Alone : He doesn’t like the quiet, and he functions much better around other people. If he is alone, he will find someone to be not-alone with. If he’s forced to be alone, he’ll go to sleep. But he prefers a cuddle-buddy. Clothes : C’ace is a very physical person, and clothes get in the way. He’d run around naked if society allowed… and if it didn’t hurt to fly on Reesskith that way.


* OPTIMISTIC : It’s difficult to get this Blue rider down. After all, the sun is coming up tomorrow, and there’s still time for more sex, another drink, or a party.

* STAMINA : C’ace has quite a bit of energy:  for life, sex, and partying alike. He’s not easily worn down, and if he is it’s never for very long.

* DARING : He will take on a lot of tasks that other people see as too difficult or intimidating. C’ace sees them as an opportunity to further prove how awesome he is.

* SOCIAL : C’ace is good at reading people and getting along with just about anyone. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept of being angry. He’s almost impossible to insult.

* OUTGOING : C’ace volunteers for things and participates in activities he doesn’t necessarily have to. He’s always doing something.


* FLIGHTY : C’ace doesn’t stay anywhere, or with anyone, for very long. He’s easily distracted from one person and thing to the next. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that such could be upsetting to someone – and doesn’t understand when people are upset over things like that. 

* SHALLOW : He is one to judge a book by its cover. He can usually find something he likes about everyone, but he’s particularly likely to take an interest in people he sees as especially attractive. He’s easy to manipulate in that regard, but C’ace would never see it as manipulation. He’s just a “giving” kind of guy.

* EASY TO DECEIVE : He takes everything at face value, and doesn’t question people when they tell him something. C’ace’s own memory is faulty too; if he’s told something is wrong or incorrect, he assumes the other person is correct and he is wrong. It doesn’t bother him – he simply rolls with it.

* KINDA CRAZY : C’ace puts himself in life-threatening positions and thinks it’s funny. He doesn’t take such things (or anything, really) seriously.

* UNATTACHED : C’ace doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a relationship when there are so many people he could be sleeping with. He seems almost incapable of being especially close with anyone, partially because he’s close with everyone.

Describe Yourself:

* ENERGETIC: He seems full of boundless energy.

* HAPPY: C’ace sees that because of thefact that the people that are alive are alive, the weyr is doing well. Thus, it’s hard to be upset when the weyr is in good shape. By the same token, C’ace is willfully misinformed about the status of the weyr.

* SEXUAL: He sleeps around a lot. A LOT. He tries to bed every Green rider he comes in contact with – and bonus points if it’s a boy.

* FRIENDLY: C’ace talks to anyone and everyone, and doesn’t judge based on class or occupation. He’s a chatterbox. It’s getting him to shut up that is the trick.

* HONEST: C’ace wouldn’t know how to tell a lie even if he had one to tell. He thinks they’re too complicated and hard to keep track of, so he doesn’t bother. He’d probably fuck it up anyway.

The Magic Touch: C’ace is a happy-go-lucky guy who likes to dye his hair and stick out in a crowd – for better or worse. It’s incredibly hard to insult or bother him, because everything tends to roll off his back. He does, however, have the bad habit of sleeping with people he’s supposed to be Searching:  provided they’re not a child. He’ll try anything twice, in case the first time was a fluke. As far as sex is concerned, C’ace doesn’t care which gender his partners are – but if a pretty girl and a pretty boy are standing next to each other, he tends to gravitate toward the boy.


Mother: Flinaice. Green Rider, 2550.
Father: C’ian. Blue Rider, 2541. Deceased.

Siblings: C’ace is the result of one of Flinaice’s flights – as such, his parents were never together. Having little time to raise their son during the Pass, his parents put him in the Crèche. While he knows who they are, he has little to no idea who else among the Crèche brats might be his siblings. This fact doesn’t particularly bother C’ace, because he was affectionate with everyone else in the Crèche anyway.

Tell us a story...

* 2566, 0 Ceiace is born. He was the result of a Green Rider who was flown by a Blue Rider. His mother did not particularly desire children, but she did use the fact that she was pregnant to avoid having to fight Thread. Once she gave birth, Ceiace was placed in the Crèche. 

* 2568, 2 Fall of High Reaches Hold. Since he was so young, Ceiace wasn’t really aware of the implications of this event. All he really notices is that there are more people in the weyr, which he finds exciting since he likes people.

* 2571, 5 Fall of Tillek Hold and the abandonment of High Reaches Weyr. Like the fall of High Reaches Hold, Ceiace doesn’t really understand what this event implies. The danger of Threadfall doesn’t really register to him. While his father also dies this turn, Ceiace never really knew the man. His death doesn’t register to any degree greater than what he feels about anyone dying – it’s unfortunate simply because Ceiace likes people.

* 2578, 12 Ceiace is taken in by the Miner Crafthall, on account of the fact that he likes monotonous physical labor. He offered to enter the Crafthall and was readily taken in since they need more people. However, Ceiace is Searched later on that turn. Ceiace was excited for the opportunity to become a dragon rider, and readily accepted.

* 2578, 12 During the course of his Candidate training, Ceiace loses his virginity to a female Green Rider. This begins his life-long appreciation for sex.

* 2579, 13 Ceiace is lucky in that he Impresses in the clutch he was actually Searched for. Impressing Blue Reesskith, Ceiace takes the honorific C’ace and begins his training as a weyrling. He is absolutely thrilled that he Impressed to a Blue, but would have been happy with any dragon. It was only after the Impression that he realized he was so happy because of who his dragon is and how well they mesh together.

* 2580, 14 The first time that Reesskith flies a Green dragon and wins, the rider happens to be a male. This leads C’ace to the realization that gender matters little to him, and he’s perfectly happy having sex with men or women.

* 2581, 15 C’ace’s first child, a daughter named Tianaice, is born. He loves this little girl something fierce. C’ace proves himself capable of being an extremely good father even when his children are in the Crèche. He cares for all of his children, but Tianaice holds a special place in his heart.  Born to Tannye, a green rider.

* 2583, 17 Having already been adopted into a Wing in order to fight Thread, C’ace is given the title of Search Rider when his Blue Reesskith proves Search sensitive. C’ace was excited at the prospect of finding new prospective dragon riders and getting to meet them… and potentially have sex with them if they’re old enough.

* 2583, 17 C’ace’s second child, a son named Cilosen, is born. He’s just as excited about Cilosen’s birth as he was about Tianice’s. He tries to spend as much free time as he can in the Crèche in order to bond with his children.

* 2585, 19 C’ace’s third child, a son named Kalecace, is born. His response is much the same as he was with his other children. C’ace spends as much time with his children (and all the children in the Crèche) as much as he can.

* 2586, 20 C’ace’s fourth child, a son named Rhanaice, is born. C’ace continues to dote on his children and try to spend as much time with them as possible.

* 2587, 21 End of the 9th Pass. His opinion on the end of the 9th Pass is that it’s “about fucking time”. He really hates fighting Thread, to the point that he would rather do almost anything else. It’s not that he shirks his duties or is a coward – he’s simply not a violent person. Even fighting Thread is too much for him; he likes the challenge of it, but not the life-or-death urgency of Threadfall.

* 2587, 21 Founding of Southern Winds Weyr. C’ace did a lot more helping to move to the new weyr than most people probably expected of him. He doesn’t mind work and has no problem with physical labor, so he readily volunteered. He was all for moving to a new place, and likes the tropical climate of the new weyr:  especially since this means that he has to wear less clothes in the heat.

* 2587, 21 Hatching of Neisoth. As for this event, C’ace doesn’t particularly care. He sees the Black simply as another dragon, and concerns himself with its unique coloration far less than other people in the weyr.

* 2588, 22 C’ace’s most recent child (a son named Cealest) is born, and the first one he’s had at Southern Winds. He’s excited about the event even though he considers all of the children in the Crèche to be his in an affectionate way.

* 2589, 23 S’bok becomes Weyrleader. C’ace honestly doesn’t take much notice of who is Weyrleader in a given turn. He defers to Bronzers by default, but doesn’t try to keep track since the person in the rank “changes so often”. 

It was not uncommon to see Dragon Riders running in the Weyr. It was, however, rather strange to see C’ace dashing through the weyr for any reason other than the occasional celebration. But! He’d just received the oh so fantastic news that Tannye, a Green Rider whose flight he’d won some time ago, was giving birth. It wasn’t that she was particularly important, but the fact that the child she was giving birth to was his.


C’ace dashed around the drudges, earning grumbles of annoyance, but he carried on with Reesskith’s excitement trilling in his mind. A baby! They were going to have a baby! The fact he’d been told the news at all had been somewhat surprising, but Reesskith had heard for a Blue, who was cozied up with Tannye’s Green, that the Rider had gone into labor. He absolutely must see!

He heard her cries of distress long before he pushed his way into the healer hall. Apprentices insisted he remain away, that this was no place for him, but he pushed through with the exultant declaration, “I’m the father!” It eventually granted him access, but not until he heard the sweet, telltale cry of a newborn.

His world narrowed down to that moment. Reesskith even quieted in his mind, attention blanketed over C’ace’s thoughts as they both saw from across the room just what his Flight with Tannye had resulted in. The babe was a squalling mess of afterbirth and… Faranth only knew what else, but she was the most beautiful, precious thing that C’ace had ever laid eyes on. He wiped at his eyes when, distantly, he realized the Healer was offering him the baby.

To hold his daughter.

An apprentice supplied him with a towel that was hastily wrapped around his daughter. He was guided by touch to a small area where he actually got to help clean her up. She cried, and cried. It was the only sound he could hear as he wiped off his baby girl. The most precious gift Pern had given him, second only to Reesskith. And only because the dragon was a part of who he was. Both Rider and Dragon looked at her with a sense of wonder, awe, and a love so intense it was only explainable through their bond.

C’ace had a little girl.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Halirina, Sethunya, Keassa, L'ale, Sevastjan
Inactivity Preference:
NPC Adoptable. Don’t kill please.
Anything Else:
Yay nympho Blue rider! 8D

Sweet little Tianaice has been claimed by SirAlahn and [{Tannye}] has been claimed by Vasonim.

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Re: C'ace [ 18.7.2566 / Wingrider ]
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2014, 09:56:28 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2579 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 28 meters
Mature Height: 4 meters
Mature Wingspan: 48 meters

General Appearance...

Reesskith is a proud dragon who spends a lot of time ensuring his hide is polished and shimmering. The blue is a deep tone, rich as the sky and as ever changing as the ocean. It varies in hues depending on the lighting, and the proud dragon is usually always striking a pose for someone. Anyone. While not the biggest of the blues, Reesskith is one of the prettiest. He has a slender head that goes with his slender body, which boasts of muscle and gleaming skin.


Mind Voice: He varies between a chipper, rolling laugh of a voice to a rumbly purr like some giant feline.

Likes: Greens : What blue doesn’t? Children : He enjoys them as much as C’ase does. Activity : Whether it’s flying Greens, swimming, or running around with C’ace and the Creche children, Reesskith likes doing just about anything. He’s a very eager Blue.

Dislikes: Jealousy : It’s an ugly trait for human and dragon alike. Violence : Neither he nor C’ace are a fan of life or death situations.


* FLIGHT : Reesskith’s wings are considerably larger than is proportionate to his size, which makes him a power-house flier. He can glid rather well, hold air longer than most, and cast updrafts like a champ.

* SOCIAL : If dragons could be gossip-mongers, Reesskith is the hub of dragon talk. He likes knowing what’s going on in the Weyr, will butt into conversation when needed, and is a big informant as to the goings on for C’ace.


* FLIGHT LUST : Reesskith is the perfect example of a dragon that does not know how to say no. If it’s a flight, he’s in it. Only the anger of the Bronze dragons keep him from trying to fly the Gold.

* FEARFUL : He does not have the heart for combat or a fight. He will run away. Unashamedly.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(36C3FF); Text: #(0B1A66)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He’s the only blue Rider I’ve ever had.

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Re: C'ace [ 18.7.2566 / Wingrider ]
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2014, 09:59:58 PM »
I'm going to have so much fun with him. :3

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Re: C'ace [ 18.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2014, 12:54:03 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

How you'd say it.
Date of Birth:
2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

He’s a light, gorgeous bronze with faint, unique patterns on his body. He shimmers in the sunlight like he’s been polished, and knows how attractive he looks. His tail is particularly long for his body, and he’s prone to using it to help himself climb.


Mind Voice: He coos, trills, and purrs his words. He speaks to everyone, not just C’ace. His voice is sinuous, silky, and sounds rather sly. 
Likes: The Ladies : Gold, Green, it doesn’t matter to him. He’ll rub up against them and chase them happily even when they’re not rising to mate.
Rubbin’s : Especially with the lotion used on young dragonets. His skin tends to get dry and itchy easily, and anyone who helps to soothe that will become his new best friend.

Dislikes: Itching : It drives him  crazy, and he’ll rub his skin raw to get rid of it if necessary.
Seriousness : He gets a lot of his outlook on life from C’ace. Life should be fun, relaxing, and not taken too seriously.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He’ll be an affectionate little thing that naps on Reesskith if the Blue lets him. :3

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Re: C'ace [ 18.7.2566 / Blue Rider ]
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2014, 12:54:41 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

How you'd say it.
Date of Birth:
2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This Green is surprisingly and flexible even for her size; she's closer to the length of a Blue, which makes her a powerful flyer with a surprising amount of stamina. Her body is a deep leaf green, but her wingsails are a much lighter, grassy hue. She has some striping on her neck, back, and flanks. Some of them even extend onto her wings, adding to the lighter mottled patterning.


Mind Voice: She's a sweet, husky little thing with a deceptively seductive-sounding voice for as shy as she is.

Likes: String : If she can find some to play with or get tangled up in, she will. May become the bane of Weavers everywhere, or anyone with fraying fabric.
Praise : She'll glow with pride anytime she's complimented. It nearly makes the little thing swoon, and will earn her affections forever.

Dislikes: Being scolded : On the other hand, reprimands make her wilt. All she wants to do is please you.
Being away from Reesskith : He's her favorite thing other than C'ace. And she will perch on him or cuddle between his paws whenever he lets her.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She's going to just rub herself on C'ace whenever she gets a chance. She's very physically affectionate with those she likes.

Vanity’s Clutch 001

Vanity x Susurrus

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