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Author Topic: Info Impression & Weyrlings  (Read 3486 times)

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Impression & Weyrlings
« on: January 23, 2014, 11:27:11 AM »
In Pernese terms, the word "Impress" means a joining of minds. This happens when a dragon is hatched from its egg. On the moment of hatching, it seeks out and finds the human with whom it wants to bond.

For a Pernese dragon, this is not only a choice but a necessity. Impression goes far deeper for a dragon. It has been said that a dragon is incomplete without its lifemate, and cannot survive if it does not find one. There have even been cases when a newly-hatched dragon cannot find a suitable match and goes between. Watchwhers and fire lizards also Impress to their human companions, but this is to a lesser degree and not necessary for their survival.

The emotions, thoughts, desires, wants and needs of both dragon and human are known to each other. The dragon knows his or her name, and so tells it to the human counterpart, and would be surprised to learn the human did not know its name at birth. For a dragon and a human, Impression is more than merely the melding of two minds together. They literally become one being with two bodies, their souls intertwined to the extent that there is no way for them to tell where dragon begins and human ends. Thus, it surpasses the familiar concept of telepathy.

Though a human can live, shattered and incomplete, with the loss of his or her dragon, if the human partner dies the dragon will instantly go between as it cannot comprehend or fathom life without its human counterpart. In the case of Gold dragons with unhatched eggs the maternal instinct can prevent the dragon from committing suicide until her eggs have safely hatched and the hatchlings have themselves impressed.

Anyone can hear a dragon if the dragon wishes them to.

Weyrlings are young, immature dragons and their riders. Young dragons generally fly for the first time at about one turn (year) and train with the Weyrlingmasters until mature enough to join a Fighting Wing when they mature at the end of two turns. Weyrlings do not have adult level rank/status until they have been accepted into a Fighting Wing.

During the Weyrling period, the bond between the dragon and human is still developing and can be rather fragile. For this reason, Weyrlings are not allowed to have sexual relations, and are discouraged from having romantic relationships, as any kind of intense emotional attachment to another person can confuse the dragon and increase that particular pair's chance of having a potentially fatal training accident. The ban on sexual encounters cannot be broken under any circumstances, and romantic inclinations cannot be acted upon until a Weyrling's dragon reaches maturity.

Southern Winds Weyrlings have had it rather rough. They're coming out of a lethal 9th Pass that devastated Pern, battled hardened Riders scarred with Thread, and having lost friends and family. They're lucky not to have to rise to fight Thread, but are now a vital part of the future - the very survival of the people on Pern.
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