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Author Topic: Info Pernese Settlements, Basic  (Read 2825 times)

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Pernese Settlements, Basic
« on: January 23, 2014, 11:40:37 AM »
Weyrs are the physical space which dragons, their riders and support staff reside. Weyrs are usually built into the cliff faces of ancient volcanic calderas. Many of the living spaces are in natural cave systems within the cliff walls.

Each Weyr has a Weyrbowl (the bottom of the caldera) which includes a holding area for fodder for the dragons, ie fattened herdbeasts (wherries, cattle, sheep, goats, etc), a lake or cove (bathing area for the dragons), Starstones to predict a coming Pass, as well as many large grassy areas and ledges for dragons to sun themselves.

An individual dragon's weyr consists of a ledge for landing and sunning, a cavern with a "couch", or raised stone bed (covered with straw or other bedding) for the dragon and sleeping and storage areas for the rider. Some weyrs include a separate alcove for a rider's living area, but smaller weyrs (usually only occupied when the Weyr is very full) have only enough space for a rider to hang a hammock near his dragon and store his gear on hooks. Most weyrs do not have access by foot, the only access being by dragonwing.

Weyrs for goldriders (and some ranking bronzeriders) are located near ground level with stairs or tunnel access to the ground or Lower Caverns so that goldriders can still access their weyrs while their dragons are on the Hatching Grounds with their eggs. The Weyrwoman's chambers in particular are extensive, connecting to her office, a large meeting room and the records room. A few have large, private baths heated by a hypocaust system.

The Lower Caverns are an extensive series of caverns with easy entrance by foot, They contain common use areas such as lounging and recreation areas for riders, kitchens and dining areas, bathing pools, storage areas for supplies, living quarters for support staff, children (Weyrbrats), crafters and more. They also contain special quarters for riders who are involved in mating flights, as their private weyrs are often inaccessible from the ground.

Major Holds are managed by a Lord or Lady Holder (the natural born heir of the previous Lord/Lady Holder). Day-to-day operations are delegated to a Steward, who is responsible for the Hold's economic health, trade with the outside, tithes to the Weyr, and dealings with its vassal Holds. In the Hold itself, food, clothing, healing, and other maintenance of the dwellings and residents are the responsibility of a Headwoman under the supervision of the spouse of the Lord/Lady Holder (the Lord or Lady Holder, depending). The Lord's female children and relatives frequently assist in these tasks.

The Lord's heir and sons (and daughters with a propensity for this area of work), along with fosterlings, nephews, and other male relatives, are given experience in Hold management. This can consist of acting as Steward (or assisting the Steward), taking charge of a particular portfolio of the Hold's activities (such as husbandry) or becoming Holder of a Minor Hold. These young lords are often referred to derisively as lordlings.

Hold children are educated by the Hold's Harper, typically trained in the Harpercrafthall at First Hold.

Each hold is responsible for the discipline of its wrongdoers. Most times the Lord Holder will make the wrongdoer pay restitution and service to the wronged party. The next severest punishment is incarceration. Death penalty can also be used in response to heinous crimes. But the greatest punishment is to be named holdless. This is where a person is stripped of all rank and status and thrown out of the hold. The reason this is the most severe punishment is because the holdless have nowhere to go but into the jungle.

Crafts are divided into separate halls. These Halls are both places of work and a social structure. A Crafthall may range from a humble Fisher's shack on a rocky coast to the great craft complexes. Generally, crafthalls are recognized as being the center of learning for their craft. Each crafthall selects a leader from among their masters, and the convocation of all Masters of a craft elect their head, their Craft's Craftmaster. The Craftmaster has the right to speak for all members of his Craft, planet-wide.
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