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Author Topic: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata  (Read 982 times)

Offline R'sin

So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« on: April 12, 2016, 08:13:48 AM »
R’sin hadn’t gone back to the gold weyr immediately after dropping Cassi off at his old weyr. He should have gone back immediately but a quick check with Dekkath told him Minath was still relatively settled, Dekkath doting on her with all the undivided attention a Queen demanded and Nalata was still sleeping. This couldn’t have been easy on her either, what a way to end her first flight.

He wasn’t ready to deal with her yet though so he wandered the Weyr, taking solace in the quiet calm of the night. He disposed of Cassipiora’s bloodied shirt and returned the spare supplies to the Healer Hall. He spent some time in the storage rooms in the training areas going over the gear and riding straps. Mindless work to keep his hands busy. He went down to the crèche to see his children sleeping in their beds, the older ones sharing cots with the younger ones, close by keeping watch over them and ready to comfort each other in case of bad dreams.

Finally though, as the dark of night was just barely beginning to give way into morning R’sin made his way back to Nalata’s weyr. His weyr. Their weyr.

You are troubled.

R’sin snorted at the bronze’s obvious statement as he walked into the weyr and sat at the table, glancing at the young girl in the bedfurs.

/That obvious?/

R’sin felt a question hanging in Dekkath’s mind that the bronze did not or could not ask. There was a long quiet between them. /They’re both fine./ R’sin said, answering Dekkath’s unspoken question about Cassi and Tesayonth. Fine being a relative term. He rubbed at the stubble on his chin, still eyeing Nalata in the bed. At least one of them was getting some sleep after yesterday’s madness. Shards he was tired. He’d had several more mugs of klah and that caffeine driven buzz was probably the only thing keeping him up at the moment.

Hopefully through this turn he and Nalata could learn to work together. Hopefully she’d be open to listening to his experience and knowledge and hopefully he could color her thoughts on the proper way to handle the Holders and their demands as well as these black and red dragons, she had a lot to learn about leading a Weyr. This was new territory for him, this young gold rider. When Dekkath had caught Kiberith for the first time the gold had already been thirteen turns old, Ihemair was a seasoned junior Weyrwoman at the time.

R’sin’s chest tightened at the memory of his former weyrmate. He’d been with her a long time and they’d had a child together. A child he had lost along with his weyrmate and her dragon. So much loss. If Dekkath kept winning Minath’s flights it’d only be a matter of time before he’d likely have a child with Nalata. The idea of having a child with someone who wasn’t Cassi after their five seemed so foreign. Absently he fingered the necklace around his neck, a reminder of another love lost. Was that all he was destined for? Loss?

Instantly annoyed at this melancholy, woe-is-me mindset, he grunted and stood, moving to start preparing water, klah, and some light food for when Nalata woke up. She’d probably be hungry. He wasn’t sure how much she’d eaten last night at the feast.

Offline Nalata

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2016, 08:46:15 AM »
Shards, she was tired. And everything hurt. Her thighs, her arms, her insides... Sleep hadn't fixed any of that. Nalata knew that her first time in two turns was going to be the Flight, but she didn't really understand the scope of that until it actually happened. And it was painful.

The feast was fine. Some klah and a small bit of wine had kept her significantly subdued enough that she didn't feel like she did now. But after the feast? Faranth, she needed to learn to buffer. So many things to learn. Minath!

Her eyes snapped open and she gently prodded her dragon, only to feel her comfortable with Dekkah. She released a breath she didn't know she was holding. Her dragon was fine. That was important. Nalata? She'd be alright.

Stirring slightly and sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and stretched luxuriously, feeling some stiffness in her back pop into a more comfortable position. She glanced around her weyr to see R'sin by the table. The sight of the bronzer led her to blush and she kept quiet, choosing not to disturb the quiet silence of the morning.

She acted like a child last night. She was justified, but still like a child. And a child she was no longer. That greenrider could've been killed. Regardless of her past history with R'sin, the dragons had chosen. Nalata could respect the children and what they meant to each other, but one of the things she took away from her lessons as a goldrider was the sense of duty. Her duty was to the weyr. To be their leader, to be just, and to provide an answer to the problems they faced. If she was honest, Halirina was a wonderful example of that.

She would go seek the senior weyrwoman out after things had calmed down to apologize for the poor way she handled things. It was important to her. But there was another person she needed to talk to, and he was in the weyr with her now.

"R'sin," Nalata started, her voice too loud in the quiet of the weyr. She opened her mouth to continue but couldn't bring herself to speak again. Taking another breath to steady herself, she tried again. "R'sin, I'm sorry for my...irrational behavior last night. It's not how I wanted to start this turn."

That was better. Not perfect. But better. She had nothing but respect for the rider, truly. He led Jungle Wing during some difficult times and obviously kept the wing the most put-together wing of the four. Nalata hoped she hadn't disappointed him, either. She was still young, but now she was young with responsibility. "I don't want that to be indicative of the kind of relationship we will have."

Sighing, Nalata ran a hand through her hair. What a wonderful way to come into her own as a rider.
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Offline R'sin

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2016, 10:02:53 AM »
R’sin had expected Nalata to be uncomfortable when she woke up. Flight sex wasn’t exactly gentle and she’d been bruised yesterday after their night together. Now she was likely stiff on top of sore. He didn’t start when Nalata said his name, he knew she was awake. Even though she hadn’t spoken until then he was hyper aware of his surroundings, partly because he wasn’t comfortable in this new weyr yet, partly because he was so jittery on the caffeine in his system. He’d heard the unconscious exhalation when she’d woken up, likely disoriented and her dragon had come to mind. He’d been a rider long enough to know that was what always came to mind first especially after events like yesterday.

“Err…hi.” The air between them was heavy and uncomfortable. His brows rose as she spoke. He wasn’t sure what he had been expecting but this calm, mature response after the tumultuous emotions of last night was not it. R’sin had expected some gradual anger from Minath and even from Nalata herself.

He didn’t move, didn’t interrupt as she spoke. Though his jaw tightened slightly at the word “relationship” from her. “You were not in the wrong last night. Cassipiora should not have come here, she knew better than that. An angry Gold is not something to take lightly.” Nalata was far, far too young. She had not been alive when the stresses of the constant threadfall had led to more than one gold Queen’s death from fights and despair. She did not know of a time when Pern only had one Queen, one last hope. The younger riders took for granted how precious their Queens were. They thought they had enough with four healthy Queen’s but there had been a time when Pern had so much more.

“But it would do for you to practice controlling your thoughts and emotions over your dragon’s. And also remembering that not every punishment doled out need be or should be public.” He said sitting at the table. “Come eat.” His tone was the same tone he used with Cassi, commanding and one not to be argued with and just because he was used to Cassi, and his wingriders obeying without question did not mean Nalata would. She was a gold rider after all.

Offline Nalata

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2016, 08:44:16 PM »
Nalata groaned softly as she swung her legs over the edge of bed. "If you have some klah, that would be lovely," she responded, carefully standing up. Her knees felt weak and she could feel muscles in her body screaming in protest. All she wanted was to crawl back into bed and sleep. But of course, that couldn't happen.

Walking slightly funny, Nalata stopped at her trunk to pull out a light jacket to combat the chill in the weyr. She joined R'sin at the table and sat down carefully, wincing as her rear touched the seat. Everything was probably bruised. She had noticed some coloring last night, but truth be told, she didn't remember much.

The silence hung between them uncomfortably. She didn't want things to be this way, but such had the evening turned out, so she would deal with whatever came next. //Are you well?// she asked of Minath.

I am, came the sleepy reply. The gold dragon was happy. She had a good Flight, a fine mate, and the length was excellent for her first Flight. Nalata was happy. She couldn't wait to see the clutch her precious would lay.

Sipping at the warm cup of klah that appeared in front of her hands, Nalata eyed the food he had in front of him. "It looks delicious. Thank you," she said sincerely, reaching for a small meatroll. Shards, she was awful at small talk.
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Minath is eight months old. She is 20 meters long, 4.5 meters tall, and has a wingspan of 33.5 meters.

Offline R'sin

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #4 on: April 18, 2016, 03:46:44 PM »
R’sin nodded shortly and busied himself with preparing the klah for Nalata not wanting to watch the poor thing hobble out of bed. Dekkath rumbled happily next to Minath. R’sin set the mug down on the table as the girl was sitting down. He saw her wince and frowned. “If the soreness doesn’t go away by tomorrow or if it gets worse have a Healer take a look at you.” He advised as he sat across from her and cupped his hands around his own mug of klah.

The bronze rider stared out the open ledge at their two dragons curled together. It settled his mind to see things how they were supposed to be, bronze and gold. No ugly black hide in sight.

Her voice brought him back into the moment and he turned his head to look at her as she timidly took a meatroll. “I didn’t cook it.” Neither of them seemed particularly adept at this small talk thing. He’d taken for granted how easy Cassi was to talk too. There was a level of comfort there born from turns and turns together getting to know each other.

“You’re welcome,” he tried again. He, himself didn’t seem interested in the food at all. Sipping from his mug, he seemed determine to survive on klah alone.
“How are you fee—er, how are you?” He didn’t particularly care to talk about her feelings, or anyone’s feelings for that matter. But it had been a rough couple of days for everyone. Best to feel out now whether she was still holding on to any of Minath’s earlier anger.

Offline Nalata

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2016, 11:07:02 PM »
Nalata looked up at him as she sipped her klah. "I know how to take care of myself. I used to be a healer," she replied. "I certainly expected to be sore, but not like this. All the talk about a Gold Flight doesn't prepare you for it." How little did he actually know about her? Or vice versa? She knew he was Jungle's wingleader, but that was basically it. She watched him curiously,  knowing where his gaze rested.

Minath was practically glowing, she had noted as she got out of bed. It was impossible to miss the radiant hide of a freshly-flown dragon, and a gold at that. With Dekkath next to her, the bronze and gold pair exuded magnificence. She had never seen her lifeparter look so content.

R'sin didn't seem well-versed in small talk, either. It's supposed to be something you're good at, a small voice whispered in the back of her mind, but Nalata dismissed it. From what she could gather, the greenrider -- Cassipioria, R'sin had said -- had been his weyrmate for turns upon turns. They even had five children together, and Nalata couldn't help but respect that. Yet, still, here they were, sharing a weyr because his dragon had caught hers and that was the natural way of things.

Reaching for another meatroll, Nalata stalled for time as she tried to think of what to say. "I'm doing fine, thanks," she finally responded. "Sore, as you can tell, and still slightly overwhelmed from all the emotions of yesterday." It made her just want to sleep it all off. "It'll take me some time to feel comfortable not being a weyrling anymore, but I guess Minath thought it was time to let the weyr know she's a gold."

Minath thrummed from the ledge, curling her tail around her bronze partner. It was a fine Flight, she declared. Of course we were ready. Nalata chuckled and leaned back in her chair, settling awkwardly until the brief pain subsided. This whole thing might be rough between them for the next couple of days (months?), but hopefully they would be more comfortable around each other soon.
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Minath is eight months old. She is 20 meters long, 4.5 meters tall, and has a wingspan of 33.5 meters.

Offline R'sin

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #6 on: April 19, 2016, 01:20:57 PM »
R’sin’s lips pursed and annoyance flashed in his eyes but he stopped just short of actually rolling his eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the what, two?, three?, turns you spent in the Healer Hall before getting Searched made you a Master Healer.” He remarked dryly. Faranth, this was what was wrong with Pern these days. All these kids coming out of Weyrlinghood though they knew it all. That they had it all figured out. Faranth forbid you try to help them or give advice.

Take it easy on her, the bronze rumbled from the ledge. This isn’t wouldn’t be easy on anyone and it would be good for you to get to know Minath’s rider.

R’sin let out a resigned sigh. He really didn’t know much about Nalata. She’d only come on his peripheral radar when she’d Impressed a Queen and really any girl that Impressed a Gold was bound to attract attention from all the riders. He had known each of the junior Weyrwomen at least by name and sight. Their pasts didn’t really interest him all that much. It was their futures that mattered to R’sin because their futures were the lifeline of the Weyr.

“I don’t think a gold dragon has ever had a problem letting the Weyr know she was a gold.” R’sin stated with amusement. “You learned that last night. You’ll have to learn to control your feelings even when your dragon is upset. You’ll never make clear headed and rational decisions if you don’t.”

Dekkath nuzzled into Minath as her tail curled with his. It was a different feeling, curled up on this ledge with her rather than Tesayonth. The golden queen was so much larger than Cassi’s tiny, dainty green.

“People will be watching your decisions very closely. Not just the Weyr, but the Crafters and the Holders too. You’re the first Gold rider since the mutations appeared,” he said, trailing off to take another sip of his klah. It was an opening, to see what her thoughts her red and black clutch mates were.

Offline Nalata

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #7 on: April 19, 2016, 07:46:30 PM »
Nalata glared at the older man across from her. "You're right, it doesn't, but I know myself well enough to know when I need a healer or not," she retorted sourly. She recognized that and regretted leaving her craft sometimes, but she wouldn't give Minath up for the world. Dragonhealing would be the next best thing, a combination of her two worlds, and Nalata was determined to learn everything she could to prove herself as a newly minted junior weyrwoman.

"I understand," she said with less venom, sighing herself. Last night had been awful. She had only seen in red, the same as Minath, and hell hath no fury like a gold dragon scorned. As R'sin continued to talk about how she would be watched, she couldn't help but snort.

"Then I'm sure they have plenty to say about yesterday. I won't be living that down anytime soon, which means I probably need to double my effort at..this." She trailed off at the end, waving a hand around in a vague notion to encompass her thoughts. Dragonhealing would be a good start. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to start meeting with the healers to make sure that they had the supplies they needed or figure out a way to get what they were missing. She had a position to do a lot of good, she knew.

"Hopefully I will not be the last," she countered. "I do hope Minath's clutch turns out well-rounded, though. We can always use more leaders for when our wings expand." And, perhaps, if we ever move back to somewhere off the island, was the unspoken thought. Repopulating Pern was the long-term goal, of course. But they had to wait for the rest of Pern to be ready for them.
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Minath is eight months old. She is 20 meters long, 4.5 meters tall, and has a wingspan of 33.5 meters.

Offline R'sin

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #8 on: April 25, 2016, 12:29:52 PM »
R’sin gave an exasperated expression at Nalata’s retort but he let it drop. He wasn’t about to get into an argument with a child young enough to be his granddaughter. If she didn’t want the advice and help then she could muddle through the soreness and pain from flight sex all on her own. Even Cassi hadn’t dismissed his concern back then and Tesayonth had needed a healer though neither of them had wanted to admit it.

Minath does not need a healer. The bronzes smooth voice reverberated in R’sin’s mind.

//Yeah, yeah. I know, she’s not as small as Tesayonth is. That’s not the point.//

The point is you want her rider to listen to you the same way. But they are not the same.

//Thank you for stating the obvious.// R’sin hoped his dry sarcasm in that response properly translated through their mind speak. 

“Right there,” R’sin interrupted, pointing a finger at her when she said she wouldn’t live down what happened yesterday, “that right there is what I’m talking about. You will never please everyone. People will constantly question your moves, your decisions, and you can’t waver. You’ll need to stand strong behind every decision you make even if you’re not sure of yourself. It’s all in the appearance. Don’t show weakness.”

Of course there was a difference between showing weakness and losing control which was why he’d said she would need to control the bond between her dragon and herself. R’sin kept his expression neutral when she mentioned Minath having a well-rounded clutch. “I’m sure it will be a fine clutch, healthy and unmarred.” He said, his own unspoken thought in his words as he caught the unspoken thought in her words. Expanding. It was an ever looming thought. The island was still big enough to hold them for now but it wouldn’t indefinitely.

Offline Nalata

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #9 on: February 16, 2017, 09:17:32 PM »
Nalata had to bite back a sigh at R'sin's admonition. Of course there'd be eyes on her. Of course people would be scrutinizing her every move. They'd been doing that since she Impressed Minath two Turns ago. It wouldn't be anything new, and she was silly to think she'd escape that.

Maintain control, support the weyrleadership, put forth a good image, be polite... Goldriding had a whole laundry list of things that came with it. And maybe, twenty Turns from now, it'd come as naturally to her as breathing. But right now, fresh out of Flight sex and wrapped up in a robe, Nalata still felt like a child.

One moment of weakness, she told herself, deciding that even if she and R'sin could never learn to like each other, they'd need to have a strong working relationship. And good sex. Nalata had to see to that otherwise she knew she'd be miserable.

"Have you been a weyrsecond before?" she asked, almost conversationally. She was trying to figure out if he had done this before, or if this position of power was new to them both.
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Minath is eight months old. She is 20 meters long, 4.5 meters tall, and has a wingspan of 33.5 meters.

Offline R'sin

Re: So This Is Home [14.04.2592 4AM] Nalata
« Reply #10 on: February 18, 2017, 03:17:30 PM »
R’sin didn’t answer right away, taking a long sip of klah and helping himself to some of the food on the table. Had he been Weyrsecond before. He could have scoffed at the question. He’d gotten his first ranked position almost thirty turns ago. Between now and then he’d held some sort of leadership position almost constantly. He had been a rider far longer than most of the Weyrlings and newly graduated riders had been alive. Yet all these youngsters, Nalata, S’bok, Eimerra, they all seemed to think they knew better and were so quick to argue and dismiss the advice and orders from the older riders. It was beyond infuriating.

How is she supposed to know that I have won Gold flights before if she was not alive?
//Why are you so eager to defend her?//
She means well.

“Yes. Back in Fort. Dekkath flew one of the Golds there, Kiberith. I was a Weyrsecond for seven turns.” He said. “Before that I was a Wingleader for ten turns and then again for another seven after—” he hesitated. “After Kiberith and her rider went Between.” After twenty-four turns in a leadership position it had been hard to come to Southern Winds and be demoted back down to a Wingrider under S’tas and then passed over in favor of L’andis for the Wingleader position.

And now he had had Jungle Wing back under his control for around three turns again…but not anymore. Dekkath’s victory in catching Minath meant someone else would have his Wing and he’d have Weyrsecond position again. It was not a terrible trade off, he’d been grounded as it were so he wasn’t losing anything there. And Weyrsecond did put him on a little more even footing with S’bok. Also, Dekkath had made sure no black dragon could catch Minath or add to the growing population of mutated abominations in the Weyr.


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