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Author Topic: Approved T'nax - 22.04.2514 - Brown Rider  (Read 3443 times)

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T'nax - 22.04.2514 - Brown Rider
« on: April 19, 2016, 08:22:36 PM »

Play By:
Jeremy Irons


First Name:
Date of Birth:
22.04.2514 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Assistant Weyrling Instructor

Your Reflection...

T'nax is a rigid man, thanks to the rigors and stresses of flying Thread for the entirety of his adult life. He walks with the authority of someone that possesses experience earned in the flames of Threadfall, in spite of, yet because of, the wooden cane that T'nax uses to walk about. There are few people left alive that could testify to the horrors of those flights. Under his normal attire of a leather gambeson, his chest bears a large pockmarked scar he received from a blast of dragonfire over Fort Hold, which is accented by his right leg, which is marred by a large threadscore that lines his leg from hip to foot.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
T'nax has grown bitter as a result of the Catastrophe. He lost his weyrmate and his four children to the onslaught of Thread. He believes that if the Abomination that was AIVAS was never found, his family would still be living, and so would the majority of people who had died during the 9th Pass.

Response to dragon color mutations:
Initially, T'nax was cautious of the two new color mutations. They reminded him of the white dragon, Ruth, that he heard so much about, and who was responsible for a lot of the mishaps with AIVAS. However, the two colors have started to prove their worth to the aging man and he believes that perhaps they can make up for the problems caused by the white runt from before the Catastrophe.

Who are you...

Flying Drills - Drills, drills, drills. They remind T'nax of the better times, where it was just him and Xenrith versus the lethal spores as they fell from the heavens. The way that the wings of dragons would work in concert with each other is replicated during drills. It brings a little-known peace to the brown rider.

Children - As much as the loss of his four children pains him, T'nax can not help but be a softy when it comes to children. His eyes reflect a happiness that has been long forgotten and he can be found frequently helping the weyrfolk in the creche during the time that he has free.

Harpers - The only people who spin stories better than an old man are Harpers. T'nax enjoys listening to their tales of past times and humming along to their chanties and songs.

Teaching - T'nax believes that the young riders and their mounts are the future of the world of Pern. But, they need to be taught how to perform well in the air. He figures, with his vast experience, he is perfect to help instruct the Weyrlings in their duties.

Disruptions in Class - T'nax is a soft-spoken man that takes his time in teaching his lessons. He doesn't like repeating himself, so he finds disruptions in class to be disappointing. He knows that each and everyone of his weyrlings are respectable people who are good students; some just don't want to admit it.

Fish - T'nax can not stand the smell, taste, or texture of fish. Unfortunately, its one of the staples of the cuisine in Southern Winds Weyr. He forced, on almost a daily basis, to come into contact or, even worse, eat fish.

Indolent People - Everyone is expected to do their part in the recovery of Pern. T'nax will not tolerate people who are unable to do their job. Whether it be due to inability or unwillingness, indolent people frustrate T'nax. This may be due in fact that he feels guilty for quitting on his duty during the 9th Pass.

Pushy Women - Flirting is one thing, but when a woman throws herself at T'nax, it turns him off. He doesn't get too much attention from the ladies anymore, but several of the old Aunties in the Lower Caverns won't leave him alone.

Experience - T'nax has some of the most experience than anyone else alive. He was born before AIVAS was even discovered and lived in High Reaches Weyr for 10 years before AIVAS and Landing was discovered. He lived through the Abomination's reign over the hearts of Pern. He was devastated when the Abomination failed the people of the planet and brought endless Thread down on its lush fields and forests. He fought through the Catastrophe and lived, though not unscathed.

Self-Control - Being so wise and experienced, T'nax knows the value of self-discipline. He does not speak out of turn, does not let his emotions get the better of him, and makes every, physical, movement with the most precise energy at the most precise time.

Respect - He has learned through his long life to respect his superiors, as well those around him. As a brown, even some of the younger bronzes could end up as a Weyrleader or Wingleader some point. He knows not to make enemies unnecessarily.

Calm Instructor - T'nax, through his years of fighting and flying, knows that drills and proper training are the crux for safety in the air. He knows that weyrlings should be allowed to mess up in training, because to mess up in the fight means that someone will surely die. He always keeps his cool and calm, and firmly, yet kindly, corrects any issues he sees in training.

Generous - T'nax does not refuse others of their needs. He will gladly share food or drink with the needy, and will encourage them to stand up on their own feet. On top of that, he tries to give people what they want, if it is not too outrageous.

Constant Pain - The aging brown rider is in constant pain; his joints ache, his muscles are stiff, and a variety of old injuries throb throughout his body. He is prescribed low-doses of nettle sap, that he takes daily in his morning klah, just to ease his discomfort.

Depression - T'nax has spiraled down the deep vortex of depression and no one came blame him. He lost his weyrmate, he lost all four of his kids, and lived through the greatest catastrophe in the history of mankind, and lived. He witnessed the whole world collapse around him and he couldn't do anything to stop it or slow it down. The little light he has, each day, is when he works with the young ones in their weyrling duties.

Physical Impediment - In addition to the normal wear and tear pain that he faces daily, T'nax suffers from a long-term injury on his right leg; Threadscore. In his last flight against the Thread, he and his faithful companion were struck on the right side by a cluster of Thread. Before Xenrith was able to jump between, the Thread had already eaten away of part of his rider's right leg. Though both man and beast lived, T'nax will forever be forced to walk with a cane, and will not be as agile as he was in his youth.

Insomnia - T'nax is the stereotypical old person, when it comes to sleep. He can fall asleep when he wants, staying up late at night before finally going to bed, only to wake up early, getting barely any sleep. This may have been brought to an extreme level in the 9th Pass due to the constant threat of Thread and the fact that he had to wake up at the slightest disturbance.

Singing - T'nax can't sing. Period. Though, that doesn't stop him. He willingly belts out songs that the Harpers play, knowingly flat and out of key. When he finally relents, T'nax resorts to thumping the table or his leg loudly in beat with the music. At least his sense of timing is right.

Describe Yourself:
Patient - T'nax understands that people make mistakes and that mistakes are the best lessons in life. He quietly waits while others try and solve their own issues, or waits for them to realize that they need his help. He also knows that nothing good comes of those who rush, so he is very deliberate with his actions.

Witty - Around the right people, T'nax is quite funny. He prefers wordplay and puns, and making silly jokes at the expense of others. However, it takes a lot to get him in that mood and if there is someone around that he's not totally comfortable with, he'll stop joking, almost, immediately.

Kind - The brown rider is extremely kind. He rarely speaks negative of anyone, including those he doesn't like. He tries to help people whenever he can and always offers a shoulder to cry on or an ear to speak to.

Narrow-minded - There is one way to do things and to do anything differently means that you will die. T'nax has learned this through years and years of trial and error, and almost facing the eternal between himself. T'nax doesn't sway too much from the ways that has kept him alive.

Quiet - The brown rider tends to keep his voice down and rarely speaks. He's a quiet individual and private person, preferring to keep his personal life to himself and the few closet friends of his. He tends to fit the stereotypical "quiet person" mold, unless it comes to singing. Then, you'll see the aging brownrider belt out songs, off-key, at high volume.

The Magic Touch: T'nax always walks with his cane as he is unable to walk without it. Also, he almost always has a cup of klah with him, laced with nettle sap to ease his pain.


Mother: Vina, Weyfolk, Born: 15.1.2498 Deceased: 28.3.2534 - Flu
Father: J'pax of Pazarth, Born: 7.7.2493 Deceased 16.5.2431, Threadfall
Siblings: Vinaria, Sister, Born: 22.4.2417 Deceased: 1.4.2534 - Flu
P'vinar, Brother, Born: 16.6.2420, Impressed to Sepath,Deceased: 21.7.2537 - Threadfall

Weyrmate: Latri, Weyrfolk, Born: 24.10.2517 Deceased: 32.9.2549 - Illness
Children: Litae, Daughter, Born: 1.6.2531, Impressed to Tanviarth Deceased: 13.2.2547 - Threadfall
L'nax, Son, Born: 6.3.2533, Impressed to Heparth Deceased: 4.7.2564 - Threadfall
Taevri, Daughter, Born: 16.9.2540 Deceased: 5.8.2569 - Accident
L'van, Son, Born: 17.7.2545, Impressed to Trigath Deceased: 2.6.2579 - Threadfall

Tell us a story...

2514, 0 - Taevenax was born in the caverns of High Reaches Weyr to one of weyrfolk, Vina, nine months after a mating flight occured. Vina was unsure of who the father was, due to the heat of the moment, so she named Taevenax after her father. A brown rider, by the name of J'pax, took responsibility and claimed Taevenax as his own.

2417, 3 - Vina gets pregnant by the brown rider after a night of merriment. Nine months later she gives birth to a girl that she names Vinaria.

2520, 6 - Pavinar is born. He is the offspring of the same brown rider that sired Vinaria. Vina and this brown rider, J'pax, start living together as weyrmates. T'nax admires the brown rider and enjoys playing with the brown Pazarth.

2525, 11 - AIVAS is discovered. Taevenax begins to hear rumors about the wondrous inventions and discoveries that the machine reveals to those down on the Southern Continent. He begs his foster mother for a chance to head to Landing to learn from the machine, but is turned down. He is disappointed and jealous as he sees dragonriders traveling to and fro the Southern Continent.

2526, 12 - Taevenax stands on the hot sands of High Reaches Weyr for the chance to Impress. Failing to do so, he blames himself for being too withdrawn and quiet.

2527, 13 - Taevenax does everything he can to Impress on this next hatching. Every chance he got to be near the newest clutch of eggs, he took. When the dragons started to hum, he was rushed out onto the sands to stand before the shaking eggs. When the hatching began, he was one of the first to Impress a dragonet, a little brown named Xenrith. Xenrith became his comfort in the world, everything seemed right when the brown dragon was with him. He has hope that he'll be able to do good in the world.

2529, 15 - T'nax and Xenrith are a fully-capable, fighting pair. They spent the last two years in and around the High Reaches Weyr, while the rumors that dragonriders had turned their attention and plans to the Southern Continent grew. They spoke of the future and dragonholds, all nonsense to T'nax. AIVAS's plan came to climax with the final detonation on the Red Star. However, things fail to go as planned and the abomination that is AIVAS brought endless Thread on the planet below. Though terrified, T'nax reasoned that this was the chance he had to make a difference. He'd defend the planet and the people of Pern to the best of his ability.

2530, 16 - Xenrith fails to catch a Flying green. Sexually frustrated, T'nax finds himself a weyr girl from the kitchens, Latri, to satisfy his needs. He keeps in contact with her after their escapade and develops a relationship with her. T'nax finds out that Latri is pregnant; T'nax is ecstatic with the chance at a child. He begins to take more interest in Latri and the babe when he can; T'nax and Xenrith begin flying ever lengthening, and ever more frequent flights again the Thread.

2531, 17 - T'nax and Latri have their first child, a girl that they name Litae. The beautiful little girl was a gem in the brown rider's eyes. She was the reason that he was able to keep fighting Thread on an almost daily basis. Keeping true to tradition, Litae is placed in the creche as soon as she is weaned. However, both T'nax and Latri choose to take a very involved role in her life and Latri chooses to raise Litae without fostering her.

A few months later, J'pax is killed during Threadfall. T'nax is crushed; J'pax, his father and mentor, was an icon in his mind. To T'nax, J'pax was the quintessential dragonrider.

2533, 19 - T'nax and Latri have their second child, a boy named Latraenax. Though he adored his first born, having a son with Latri brought his pride to a whole new level. Though it wasn't typically a Weyr tradition, T'nax felt that he had an heir. It bolstered his confidence and made him stand taller and prouder. The interaction he and Latri had with their son follows in suit with their involvement with Litae. Their reasoning is that they shouldn't keep siblings apart. Litae is too young at this point to understand that Latri gave birth to another child.

2534, 20 - Just after Turn's End, Vinaria falls ill with some strand of the flu. She is unable to fight it off and she quickly passes. However, before she dies, Vinaria spreads the illness to their mother. Vina is able to fight off the illness for a couple of months before her body finally gives up. Between their two deaths and the death of J'pax a few years earlier, T'nax starts to feel a little depressed. He turns to Latri for deeper comfort and solace.

Later that turn, Pavinar is Searched and Stands at a Hatching. He Impresses a blue named Sepath and his name is contracted to P'vinar. T'nax is both proud and scared for his brother.

2536, 22 - T'nax and Xenrith are injured during a Fall. Thread fell erratically, and a blue, who was chasing Thread on an updraft, burned the pair. The burst of firestone flame caught Xenrith in the left foreleg and shoulder and burned T'nax across his chest. Xenrith managed to get them between to High Reaches Weyr so that they could be tended to immediately. Recover was slow and arduous and leave T'nax feeling pitiful and useless. There he was, cooped up in the Weyr, while his comrades were out fighting and dying in the line of duty.

2537, 23 - P'vinar is killed during a Fall, as well as many others in his wing. T'nax is still not cleared to fly Falls and he feels guilty at his brother's death. Two months later, T'nax is cleared to fight Thread again.

2540, 26 - T'nax and Latri have their third child, Taevri. With the birth of their third child, T'nax and Latri decide that they should live together as weyrmates and keep their family together. This starts to pull T'nax out of the shadow of depression; it provides a constant and whole peace that he had been craving.

2543, 29 - T'nax and Xenrith are injured during another Fall, though this time, it was due to Thread itself. A falling, flaming spore caught Xenrith and T'nax in the side. Before Xenrith was able to get between, the Thread ate away at a large piece of T'nax's right hamstring. When the brownpair returned to the Weyr, the healers managed to catch T'nax as he fell from the saddle. The moment that they had his leg wrapped and he was moving, T'nax, through a tear-streaked face, tended to Xenrith. He is filled with pure terror for the well-being of his lifemate and partner.

Litae, T'nax and Latri's eldest child, Impresses green Tanviarth She begins her weyrling training. Her Impression fills T'nax with excitement and reinvigorates him during his recovery.

2545, 31 - T'nax and Xenrith are finally cleared to fly again, after a long and troublesome recovery. They are not able to fly full length falls, however, and are put on a lower wing. Later that year, T'nax and Latri's fourth child is born; a little boy that they name Laevanax. Now, when T'nax looked about their chambers, he could smile with serenity at his family. This is the dream that all men dreamed of, having a family of their own, and people they could make proud.

Latraenax, their second born Impresses a blue dragon, named Heparth and is transferred to the weyrling barracks. His name is contracted to L'nax. Between Litae and L'nax, T'nax is doubly proud. He was able to contribute to another generation of dragon riders.

2547, 33 - Litrae and T'nax fought the same fall together for the first time. Due to his restrictions, T'nax and Xenrith flew on a lower wing than T'nax's daughter. At the beginning of the fall, T'nax focused his attention on his daughter. He watched, in horror, as a cluster of Thread fell from the clouds behind Litrae, to slam into her and her green. The greenpair blinked in between but never returned. Unable to deal with the grief he felt at the time, the brownrider, dutifully, finished the Fall before he returned to the Weyr. Grieved, T'nax withdraws to his quarters for a few days.

2549, 35 - Latri cuts her hand working the kitchens and it gets infected. The cut quickly goes septic and the healers are unable to stymie the infection. She slowly passes and leaves T'nax without his mate and all of the children to himself. He is lost without his weyrmate and falls deeper into depression.

2554, 40 - Xenrith rises during a flight for the first time in years. He manages to chase down and catch a green, though T'nax thinks that the green chose the lumbering oaf. After his sexual experience with the female rider of the green, T'nax is overcome with guilt and grief and breaks down mentally. He felt like he betrayed his late weyrmate and swears off women.

2559, 45 - Laevanax is Searched. A few months later, he Impresses a green Trigath and his name is shortened to L'van. T'nax is overjoyed. Now three of his children have Impressed and ride dragons of their own. He couldn't be any more proud of his children and wishes that Latri was still alive to see L'van Impress.

2563, 49 - Nabol Hold falls. T'nax flies over the Hold and witnesses as their wing strength fell short. Many riders died and many spores made their way to the ground. He, as well as all surviving dragonriders, feel responsible for the fall of the Hold. The Lord Holder accuses the Weyr of not protecting them to their fullest, which isn't the case. The mood of the Weyr is increasingly sour, but the Weyr protects the Hold until it is abandoned. T'nax feels a little aggravated with the Hold. They were too petty and quick to place blame for their own good, and now a Hold's worth of people had to be relocated.

2564, 50 - T'nax falls ill and cannot fly Threadfall. L'nax is killed during the fight; like many others, he was struck and devoured by the silvery menace. T'nax blames himself, reasoning that his son would still be living if he flew the Fall.

2568, 54 - The brown rider watches as High Reaches Hold is abandoned, though this time was not from Thread, but rather from the lack of resources. T'nax surprisingly feels proud of the fact that the Hold did not collapse from Thread.

2569, 55 - Taevri falls from one of the ledges of the Weyr and dies at the scene. As to why she was on the ledges where the dragons tan, no one can explain. T'nax and L'van are shaken to their core. Out of all the death around them, this one seems almost innocent and wrong.

2571, 57 - T'nax and L'van move with the rest of High Reaches Weyr to Fort Weyr. T'nax's old injuries start to prevent him from flying Falls any longer. He assumes the role of Assistant Weyrlingmaster and begins to train the few weyrlings that are born and paired up. Tillek Hold falls to Thread. T'nax feels sorrow and dishonor, for all of the ancestral territory of Weyr had fallen to Thread.

2579, 65 - L'van is killed during Threadfall, like his brother and sister before him. T'nax is left alone, without his family. He falls into deep depression.

2584, 70 - T'nax starts spending his free time surrounded by Harpers. He relies on their songs and ballads to relive the good times, before the Catastrophe. Slowly, he is pulled from the deep clutches of his self torment and depression.

2587, 72 - T'nax travels to Fort Island and Southern Winds Weyr with the rest of the populace of Pern and resumes his duty as Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Xenrith takes up sunning on the ledges of the Weyr and resting throughout the day. Finally, T'nax feels that he can deal with his depression and finally grieve for his wife and children. His grief is a little easier to handle now that the constant of the threat of Thread has passed.

The black dragon is laid and hatched. T'nax is unsure about the beast at first, but it quickly grows and turns into a healthy dragon

2589, 74 - Black Neisoth has caught Gold Kalestath and his rider, S'bok takes leadership as Weyrleader. Later that year, more black dragons hatch as well as another mutation; red dragons. T'nax and Xenrith begin to train the little ones, intrigued with their growth and temperaments.

Roleplay Example
"No, no, no," his voice echoed about the Weyr's bowl. "You need to fly flatter and lower to the ground. If you fly that high, the Hunters will spot you easier and you won't be able to see through the canopy of trees." There was a shuffle-thud of his steps as T'nax made his way down the stairs onto the weyrbowl's floor. His bad foot slid across the tips of the grass, making a soft, shuffling sound with every step.

Alright, little ones, everyone land down around T'nax. The aging dragon instructed. Xenrith and T'nax were complete synchronicity with each other. Their decades old bond has been refined into an almost seamless fusion of thought and feeling. T'nax smiled at his greying brown, who lazily winked in response.

The weyrling instructor didn't flinch as the wings of weyrlings fluttered to a halt on the ground nearby. He waited for the riders to dismount from their young partners and fall into a formation in front of him. T'nax smirked as the formation snapped to the position of attention when he approached. He and Xenrith trained them well. He made his way to the front of the formation and centered himself on it. He leaned hard on his cane and spoke loudly.

"If you fly too high, a Hunter can and will spot you, they will attack you, and you or your dragon will die. If you fly to slow, a Hunter can and will catch you, they will attack you, and you or your dragon will die."

He paused to let that revelation sink into the young hearts and minds gathered around him. "To survive above, below, or in the trees, is to fly low and fast. Hunter's won't be able to see you and, with increased speed, they won't be able to catch you"

Now, he made his way back to his dragon, who had just landed in the bowl. "Now," he spoke loudly, "you are all dismissed for the day." A couple of whoops rose from the group of weyrlings. "That DOES NOT MEAN that you are free to do as you wish today. There are sill plenty of the chores to do today. Now, go!" He instructed as he mounted Xenrith's shoulder and into the saddle.

//Take us somewhere sunny, dear heart. Xenreth nodded and waited for the weyrlings to clear and go about their ways. With a great effort, the pair leaped high enough to achieve a good glide to the sunny ledges across the way.

As soon as Xenrith, landed, T'nax made his way off of his brown hide and down to be nested down between Xenrth's front too claws. The sun was shining just right and would warm T'nax's old, weary bones. He smiled as Xenrith grumble and the two of them eased into sleep.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
V'len, Calladren, U'thar
Inactivity Preference:
Make them Adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to LineArt

Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 30 meters
Mature Height: 6 meters
Mature Wingspan: 50 meters

General Appearance...

Xenrith is a small brown, as small as some large blues, save for the fact that his wingspan is wider than what would normally suit his body, though this is slight (only 0.2 meters longer). His small size is what probably allowed him, and his rider, to survive the Catastrophe, though they are both scarred from the aerial war they waged on the Thread.

Xenrith is the color of dark chocolate, though his wings and underbelly are lighter, carrying the shade of light mahogany. Xenrith bears many scars across his hide. His left foreleg and shoulder bears the bubbled scar of a burn scar, which reflected the burnt chest of his rider. His right rear leg was lined with the scars of Threadscore.


Mind Voice: Xenrith's voice is warmly deep, though it carries a husky sound with it. Most of his words, phrases, and sentences end in a downward note, giving him a saddened sound, no matter his true mood.

Sleeping - When not flying drills or helping any little ones, Xenrith prefers to find a sunny spot and sleep the day away. He responds, sleepily and warmly to any summons or questions from his rider, but returns swiftly to his shallow, yet comfortable, rest.

Weyrlings - Xenrith likes watching the little ones find their place in the Weyr. He helps them out whenever he can, either with an encouraging word or a demonstration. He is always willing to answer their question and guide them through their development.

Mating Flights - Though he is too old to be teased into giving chase to a Green, much less a Gold, he loves watching the Flights and experiencing the warm sensations that he feels when Flightlust is in the air. He always gives a congratulatory bugle to the winners and a sympathetic chirp to all who were beaten out.

Hunters - Xenrith doesn't like these creatures. He doesn't understand them, though he isn't sure if he wants to. He thinks that they could be somehow related to dragons, like fire-lizards and whers, but he doesn't admit it to anyone, save for T'nax.

Cloudy Days - The brown likes to sunbathe in his old age and cloudy days hide the sun, preventing him from doing so. While he appreciates some of the gorgeous clouds that come with these dim days, he would rather have the brilliant sun warming his old and tired bones.

Loud Dragons - Xenrith doesn't mean that he doesn't like dragons who make loud noises. No, he doesn't like dragons who make noise constantly or speaks incessantly. There is understanding in the silence of thought and if someone is talking non-stop, they, and he, can not fathom the knowledge that can be found there.

Wisdom - Though he still has a draconic memory, Xenrith is wise. He knows when to speak, when to watch, and when to get involved in a situation. He knows that the best thing he can do is stand by his rider when T'nax is right and correct T'nax when he's wrong, which he always does in a loving tone.

Teaching - Xenrith is patient, even amongst dragons. He doesn't get flustered or get eager to move. Instead, he plods along through instruction and takes his time with weyrlings and younger dragons that don't quite grasp how to do something or the proper behavior to take.

Endurance - Xenrith, like his rider, is older. They've experienced almost the full fury of the 9th Pass' Catastrophe and are worn out. Xenrith, though still quick as ever, has the endurance of a blue or green dragon. He's unable to fly long flights, like his brown and bronze counterparts, and requires places to rest during a long journey.

Libido - Xenrith doesn't rise to mating calls anymore. He's past his prime and doesn't feel his sex drive the way that the younger males do. Instead, he sits back and watches the Flights when they come, occasionally pining to be in the air with them.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #4A1100; Text: #AB4A1A

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: T'nax - 22.04.2514 - Brown Rider
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2016, 11:00:26 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
SanctifiedSavage || SirAlahn || Weyrhandler


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