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Author Topic: Info Fish  (Read 1451 times)

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« on: April 28, 2016, 07:23:52 PM »

Fishing is an integral part of existence at Southern Winds Weyr. As an island weyr, with little farmland available, the ocean is a valuable resource that is still teeming with activity. Fort Island is situated near the equator, giving the surrounding waters the warmth necessary to bring a multitude of sea life.

There are many types of fish, with many new species still unidentified. The ocean has always been a natural defense to Thread and so life here has thrived and evolved more than what land animals ever were able to. Indeed, the spores are rendered into edible foods upon hitting water for surface-living species, propelling the ocean’s population especially during the last long Fall.

- This is a deep sea dwelling fish, and more rare than the whitefish or fingerfish. The exterior is slimy, a protective measure for both the depth at which it lives and those other creatures living with it. The slime has no current medicinal value, however it is poisonous if exposed to open wounds. Packtails have a high oil content, making them a sought-after resource of fuel for the weyr. They are edible once you get past the many spines.

- The most common fish found in the waters nearest Southern Winds. Whitefish is light and tasty and very easy to preserve. They hold their taste well and are very useful when foraging can’t be done. Like its namesake, the flesh is pale. A mature whitefish is usually the length of a grown man’s forearm, though sometimes they can be larger. Whitefish spawn in sheltered coves around the island in the fall, but inhabit the waters year round.

- These are the baitfish of Pern. They swarm in the thousands and are easily netted in great number. They are boney and have little meat on them, but are a good source of food for domesticated wherries and firelizards. If ever a fish stew is being made in the kitchens, you can bet it’s full of fingerfish. They are found year round, but spring and summer bring them closer to the island.

- A fisher will have a good week if he’s caught even one redfin. These are the speedsters of the ocean. They are large and strong and very swift, making it difficult to catch with a line unless you’re prepared for an hours long struggle. Possessing bright red scales, they’re reminiscent of the new Red dragons in both their size and color. A single redfin can feed a good sized family for a month. They’re found further off the coast, closer to open ocean, but remain near the island year round.

- Named for its bespeckled scales, the speckler is a large and edible fish. They are found in the open ocean year round, but are rare except in the winter months. They aren’t extremely tasty, but they do provide a lot of needed protein for the colder weather. An average speckler will be larger than a whitefish, but not by much.

- Another open-ocean fish, the yellowtail most closely resembles a Terran tuna. They are large and fast and travel in sizeable schools. Like the redfin, you’ll be out of luck trying to hook a yellowtail, expansive nets are required to tow these behemoths in. They can be found year-round, but the effort it takes to set your line, wait, and bring them in means a long trip away from land.

- Spiderclaws evoke memories of Terran crabs. They possess a hard outer shell and many multi-jointed legs. These armored critters inhabit the beaches of Fort Island, but are more common in the Fall season when they amass in great numbers to spawn. Generally smaller, the effort of catching, cooking, and extracting meat is a task that make them a rare treat.

Credited to Drewliet for use on SWW
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