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Author Topic: Info Deep Ones  (Read 1138 times)

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Deep Ones
« on: April 29, 2016, 01:51:57 AM »

Art by Stef-mad of Deviantart, used by permission on SWW.

Living in the deep ocean near the Tillek coast, the Deep Ones can go to depths beyond that of a trawling net but can also rise to the oceans surface to breathe and to spurt water when they exhale, similar to the Dolphins despite being much larger.

Their physiology is much like every other Pernese animal. While there are several species, they all have three sets of fins that propel them through the waters. Deep Ones are air-breathing, but they possess the ability to remain underwater for hours at a time. This, on top of their natural camouflage, make them very difficult to track.

The smallest of the Deep Ones, when full grown, can reach sizes comparable to an average Green dragon or a small Blue. These animals prefer to live in large family groups, and will often form super pods during their mating and calving seasons. When calving, they prefer warm and shallow waters so their young can adjust and adapt to its new lifestyle with ease. Mating occurs in open ocean, however, with males rounding up a group of females and guarding them from other competitors. Often this is a chaotic event and the weak, or very young, can be left behind or drowned in the melee.

Some sailors will swear to have seen Deep Ones bigger than the biggest Golds. This may be an exaggeration, but certainly there are large enough specimens to rival a Gold. They are seldom seen in groups aside from mother and calf. Their mating habits are very similar to a dragon’s, however, with the females leading a group of males on deep and longlasting dives. The male with the most stamina is allowed to reproduce, and then all involved parties go back to their solitary lives.

Their diets all mostly consist of fishes and migratory patterns seem to reflect when and where their prey will spawn. The pod living Deep Ones do seem to possess an intelligence that grants them an evolved hunting strategy, allowing them to take on more difficult prey than an average fish. They may even attack the more docile species if given the opportunity. And certainly, giant beach snakes are probably on the menu.

In the depths of Pern’s deepest oceans there resides great leviathans. Deep Ones are native to the planet, but are perhaps one of the most elusive creatures. There is little publicly known about them, with the only stories coming from hardened sailors that have spent too many days at sea.

Rumor has it that Deep Ones carry similar traits to the mentasynth’d dolphin. This manifests in close family bonds and the ability to cover vast empty spaces with only instinct to guide them to food and safety.

However, since arriving at Fort Island and Southern Winds Weyr, sightings have been nigh nonexistent. Whether it’s the island’s location or the terrible luck of the Pernese people, they’ve thus far been unable to locate the elusive Deep Ones. As such, they are just as much a rumor and fairy tale as the ship fish.
Credited to Inki for use on SWW, Credited to Drewliet for use on SWW, Credited to SanctifiedSavage for use on SWW.
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