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Author Topic: Info Dolphin / Shipfish  (Read 2663 times)

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Dolphin / Shipfish
« on: April 29, 2016, 01:54:27 AM »
The dolphins of Pern, previously known as Shipfish, were brought across in the original landing and recruited to map the shores of Pern and given metasynth abilities to do so. This enabled the dolphins to speak to the Pernese. They follow boats and help guide fisherman to shoals of fish and lead them away from storms.

The original settlers of Pern brought a variety of Terran animals with them as a means for food, labor, and assistance. One of the most prominent additions was that of the dolphin, and additionally they “mentasynthed” these mammals. This enabled the dolphins to communicate with humans via telepathy much like dragons do. In addition, it increased their intelligence and empathy and the dolphins of Pern quickly crafted their own society and spread across the ocean through generations.

Dolphineering was first done before the First Pass. Human and dolphin worked side by side in many ways, but most notable they vastly increased a fisherman’s catch by herding schools into nets. Their unique ability to use echolocation also made them a valuable source of medical information. A dolphin could find a tumor or detect a pregnancy with higher success than any other resource on Pern. However, all of this knowledge was lost with the first threadfall. The crafthall crumbled with the lives and buildings lost and it wouldn’t be discovered again until the 9th Pass.

But where the Pernese forgot about them, dolphins continued to rescue shipwrecked sailors. They passed on their knowledge of people through oral tradition, and even coined the term “The Tillek” as a title given to a female leader of the pod. This was to honor James Tillek, a captain who had worked closely with dolphins in his lifetime.

Despite the vast amount of time until dolphins were rediscovered, it was very easy for the dolphineers to fall back into traditions used before the First Pass. The dolphins “remembered” everything, and were simply happy to have something new and different to do. They’re a fun loving species, and if something can be made into a game for them, they will readily do it.

In the weeks and then days before the Southern Continent was evacuated, the dolphineers desperately tried to give the resident dolphins direction in where to go after everyone was gone. However, with Fort Weyr being land locked and no dragons able to be spared to transport people out for the lucrative task of talking to dolphins, it’s likely the pods remain near the South. The threadfall was less of a threat to them, but enough that they weren’t as carefree in their existence.

Dolphin and Southern Winds:
The Dolphineer Crafthall was forced to be abandoned in 2567 with the rest of the Southern Continent.

While they have not been forgotten by the Fisher Craft hall, it's presumed the dolphin have been lost to the oceans. The catastrophic 9th Pass saw the destruction of much structure and records regarding the Fisher Craft Hall, to include the whereabouts and even much of the training that might go into finding the shipfish. They're now considered a blissful rumor and something to hope for, but not to depend on or really expect to find. After all, the oceans are vast and the Pernese people have been widely displaced from their original homes. Those Fishers that are more pragmatic will say it's a fool's dream to even think the shipfish will remember them, despite the supposed grand memory of the mammals, while the young and hopeful still keep a trained eye on the horizon in the hopes of seeing the leaping shapes out of the water.

Credited to Inki for use on SWW, credited to Drewliet for use on SWW, credited to SanctifiedSavage for use on SWW
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