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Author Topic: Info Birds  (Read 1114 times)

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« on: May 02, 2016, 04:30:53 AM »

The birds of Pern are a mesh of smaller wherry-like species and the descendants of Terran birds brought by colonists. There are wild populations throughout the continents, however the natural environment of Pern makes it difficult for non-native land animals to establish large groups.

Since the Catastrophe:
The myriad and multitude of birds on Pern have congregated on Fort Island. The jungle and small grassland has been able to support the large population during the initial Pass, as the birds act as a food source for both wherry and snake population as well as feeding on the insects of the island. Since Thread has stopped falling on 2587 the birds have started migrating to the older Weyrs where tunnelsnakes, spinners, and other scavengers have survived. Some bird populations can also be seen thriving along the rocky beaches of certain coastlines. To be certain, the birds have survived Thread. Perhaps better than the humans.

Wild Fowl
- Refers to firelizard sized avians. They have flight capabilities, but only for short distances. Likely a descendant from a Terran Quail, these birds have only two legs and two wings with no further mutations as of yet. They populate the Northern continent shores with some success and are valued for their flesh as much as their delicate eggs. Wherry often hunt these wild fowl so they are very wary of anything approaching them and can be difficult to catch.

- The most easily kept Terran bird, chickens have not varied much since being brought to Pern. On many occasion, settlers tried to turn them loose in the wilds to see if they’d thrive in the grub-enriched soils of the Southern Continent, however the chicken has no natural instinct for avoiding thread. They’d thrive during intervals and become nearly wiped out with each pass. This was one of the few animals that the weyr and holdfolk managed to keep alive during the Catastrophe, though they are in danger of dying out due to the food shortage of the current Interval. As such, they are carefully managed by the remainder of the Beast Crafthall.

-  Facing the same problem with Thread as the chickens have, ducks were a rare commodity even before the 9th Pass. With their need to live with water access, they are easy prey to tunnel snakes and their nests are often ravaged by firelizards, too. Few Holds had the capability to raise them, opting instead for the more hardy Wherry species. Only the oldest of Holders or Crafters will remember these animals. The Farm Crafthall likely has records on these animals, but they were wiped out during the 9th Pass Catastrophe – consumed to extinction and killed by Thread.

Credited to Drewliet for use on SWW, edits made by SanctifiedSavage.
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