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Author Topic: Approved C'dus [02.05.2575 / Green Weyrling]  (Read 2163 times)

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C'dus [02.05.2575 / Green Weyrling]
« on: May 02, 2016, 09:08:41 AM »

Play By:
Colin Ford

First Name:
Con, Coco [koh-koh] (family)
Date of Birth:
02.05.2575 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

C'dus is taller than most of his siblings at six feet. He has shed the last of his baby fat but hasn't quite started to put on muscle, so he is pretty much an awkward skinny beanpole.

He is fair skinned, prone to burning (thanks dad), with a few errant freckles dotting his nose and cheeks. His eyes are dark green and his hair is dirty blonde, though the sun brings out a bit of strawberry. His hair is kept at a bit of a shaggy length and has a mind of its own. He often braids (or finds someone to do it for him) a few strands with beads and pieces of coloured string.

At first C'dus seems almost utilitarian when it comes to clothing that serve to cover his nakedness and keep him cool: loose shirts (with cutoff sleeves), knee length breeches, and a pair of low hugging boots. On closer look however, there are a few details that suggest he might care a little more: like the edges of his shirt stitched with a bright accent color, or the drawstrings of his pants tipped with little crystal beads. He is also prone to wear bracelets usually fashioned from scraps of leather cord, or dyed twine.

C'dus is missing the tip of his left ring finger.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
C'dus has lived the better part of his young life under the threat of Thread and he is extremely skeptical of the current reprieve. He is saddened by the loss of friends and family, but he is also grateful, knowing he and his family made it through the Pass better than some.

Response to dragon color mutations:
The idea of black and red dragons is curiously exciting to C'dus. He is intrigued by the thought that if reds and blacks can exist, then maybe one day men can impress golds?

Who are you...


* PEOPLE  : Raised in the creche and surrounded by a large family, C'dus could have gone one of two ways: shy away from the constant press of people, or embrace it. C'dus falls into the later camp; he likes people and will talk to just about anybody about anything.

* JEWELRY : From beads in his hair, to braided cord around his wrist, C'dus is always wearing some little accoutrement. He makes most of his make-shift jewelry from scraps because the real thing is not as easy to find as it used to be, and he often gives his creations away. He doesn't mind receiving gifts either, or little bits of this and that to make them.

* SEX : C'dus is weyr born and raised. He has a very liberal view on sex, and since he first discovered what two (or more) people can do between the bed furs... he has been pretty eager to fool around whenever he can. He doesn't discriminate between the sexes. It is a bit surprising he hasn't fathered at least one child by now.


* SLEEPING ALONE : From the creche at Fort Weyr to the barracks of Southern Winds, C'dus has never slept alone before. In fact, the idea of his own weyr terrifies him. He knows he has Tilioth and this helps, but the beautiful green dragon doesn't breath like a dozen kids sleeping, or snore something fierce, or giggle and whispers well past bedtime. Conandus doesn't know what he is going to do when he has to leave the weyrling barracks.

* FIRELIZARDS : C'dus lost the tip of his left ring finger to an overly zeolous flit hatchling when he was a child. He has grown out of any fear he might have had of firelizards since then, but he still doesn't like them much.

* BRAGGARTS : C'dus isn't a fan of shameless self-promoters. Add a touch of arrogance and the green rider will not be impressed at all.


* CONFIDENT : C'dus possesses a mixture of shameless humility and resilient faith in himself that makes him unafraid to try new things and quite willing to make mistakes (he is also not afraid to admit to his mistakes).

* PERCEPTIVE : C'dus is observant and quite adept at reading the state of the environment around him.

* ENDURANCE : C'dus isn't a sprinter, he's a marathon runner. He is going to make some boy or girl very happy one day (or exhaust them).

* MEMORY : C'dus has a near perfect memory. If he hadn't impressed it was very likely he would have apprenticed as a harper.

* LOYAL : C'dus has many acquaintances in his life, but few that he would consider close friends. When someone does get close to him however, C'dus is pretty much all in, and will remain loyal to them through thick and thin. He is also extremely loyal to his family and even if he doesn't always agree with them, he will always have their back. This loyalty was probably instilled in him (or beaten into him) by his mother.


* EASILY DISTRACTED : It would figure that C'dus would impress a green because he can sometimes lose focus (or interest) and flit from one task to the other without finishing - very much like the flighty verdant dragons.

* SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED : C'dus is a teenager raging with hormones who likes to play between the sheets and now he has to wait -how long- before he can have sex again? Some days sex is all he can think about now. For a kid that is easily distracted this can be disastrous as he often finds his mind wandering and his eyes straying at the worst times. For flirts, this is an easy time to manipulate C'dus.

*  STRENGTH : C'dus isn't the strongest person. He isn't a weakling exactly, but he is more likely than not to lose any feats of strength (e.g he isn't going to winning an arm wrestling contest any time soon).

* MESSY : C'dus is not very neat when it comes to his little corner of the barracks - much like his older brother J'dan. Clothes and personal effects are unevenly distributed in disorganized piles and good luck to anyone trying to find something. C'dus does however know exactly where everything is within his own personal slice of chaos thanks to his near perfect memory.

* FEARLESS : C'dus is sometimes described as reckless. He never endangers others, however he doesn't have any issues taking risks with his own safety (being stupid as his mom would say). It remains to be seen how Tilioth will influence his decision making when it comes to taking chances.

Describe Yourself:

* TOUCHY FEELY: ----- C'dus is a very touchy feely person. He seems oblivious to personal space and gives out shoulder pats, half-hearted punches, and hugs freely to all that let him. He is also a cuddler.

* OUTGOING: ----- Extremely friendly and socially confident, C'dus is an outgoing young man. He likes to have fun, and encourages others enjoyment.

* FLIRT: ----- C'dus enjoys the chase as much as the reward and he is known to be a bit of a flirt. He also responds well to flirtation, although since his weyrling-enforced celibacy he may just explode at some point.

* MASKED: ----- C'dus is outwardly jovial, calm, composed, or any number of happy states especially in difficult situations, and this is what most people see. While not emotionally distant, he doesn't often open up and share his true feelings.

* ADVENTUROUS: ----- C'dus is open to new things and new experiences. He is the first kid to accept a dare, and the last person over the hill. This extends to many aspects of his life be it food, games, dares, or sex.

The Magic Touch: C'dus is ambidextrous, nifty!


Mother: Isotarïne of Blue Hiraeth, born 2539. Assistant Weyrling Master
Father: T'lor of Green Olaryth, born 2548. Beach Wingrider.

* A'lin, brother b. 2552. Impressed Brown Nevithin 2569. d. 2572 in Threadfall.
* Albree, sister, b. 2554. Creche worker.
* Semunda, sister, b. 2558. Impressed Bronze Semusk in 2578. Currently a fisherwoman.
* Tallorine, sister, b. 2565. Impressed Green Shyuth in 2578. Jungle Wingrider.
* J'dan, brother, b. 2567. Impressed Bronze Brynioth in 2583. Jungle Wingrider.
* M'dak, brother, b. 2572. Impressed Brown Dallarth in 2587. Beach Wingrider.
* Terric, brother, b. 2579. In the Creche.

Children: None.

Tell us a story...

* 2575-81, 0-6 Conandus is born to baby-factory Isotarine and her weyrmate T'lor at Fort Weyr. Conandus joins his older brothers and sister in the creche and his younger brother Terric is not far behind.

Terric, unable to say Conandus' name when he starts taking, calls him Coco instead. This doesn't amuse Conandus, but the nickname sticks (and is still used today by his family).

* 2582, 7 On a dare, Conandus attempts to scale the weyr bowl and falls. He breaks his arm and for the first time in his young life Conandus receives 'the dragon's ire' ... a harsh lecture from his mother on being stupid. If he had to choose between his mother's tongue lashing and a broken bone, he'd choose a fracture in a heartbeat.

* 2583-2586, 8-11 Conandus settles into the creche as one of the older weyrbrats. When he is eight he loses the tip of his left ring finger to a nasty little bronze flitling he was trying to impress. Since then he hasn't been overly fond of firelizards.

When he is eleven he kisses both a boy and a girl, because well everyone was talking about it; he isn't too sure which he likes better.

* 2587-89, 12-14 Conandus moves to Fort Island along with the rest of the Weyr. The relocation also coincides with the tween's departure from the creche. In a way, Conandus associates Fort Weyr with the creche and being a boy, while Southern Winds marks the start of his life as a man.

Conandus always wanted to be a dragon rider. It isn't surprising given the number of riders in his family really. Despite his pedigree he never really felt pressured or anxious during his candidacy because in his head there was no doubt: he -would- impress.

When asked what color dragon he hoped to impress, Conandus always responded bronze (like his brother J'dan). However, to himself Conandus fantasized about impressing a gold. He knew that would never happen - only girls were impressed by the queens - but that didn't stop him from thinking about the idea, and how unfair it was that boys couldn't impress the auric beauries.

As a candidate Conandus was mediocre; he stayed out of trouble, he did his chores adequately, he didn't really stand out. There were even some whispers that he probably wouldn't impress a dragon, though if Conandus heard them, he certainly didn't let them bother him.

* 02.01.2590, 15 Conandus impresses Tiloth [Green 004] from Imyth's clutch. The hatching is the 'happy' ending to a tragic turn of the year. C'dus lost several friends in the snake attack prior to the hatching and because of this he feels a little guilty having survived and impressed.

In his heart he knows Tilioth would never abandon him, but he still has nightmares that she will somehow change her mind and blink between without him, never to return like the hatchings that were lost the day he impressed.

C'dus moves into the weyrling barracks and begins learning how to care for -his- dragon (squee!) under the tutelage of his mom (not so squee -.-). He is nervous about it and the words of his brother M'dak offered up on the subject didn't help: "Good luck Coco... You're going to need it."


The day was warm and the weyrbowl inviting. Basking on a rock outcropping, boy and dragonling were taking advantage of a break in lessons. C’dus had brought with him a length of colorful cloth and was presently trying to weave it around his Tilioth’s neck.

This itches, why must I wear it? The green’s voice was irritated with a very subtle hint of amusement.

C’dus knew she didn’t truly dislike it, but she did like to make a show of things. “You’ll attract every Bronze in the weyr if you wear this, trust me darling.”

But I don’t want every Bronze to look at me like some fat wherry. She rolled over, forcing her bonded to scramble so the cloth wouldn’t tear or choke the little green.

“Tilioth! Come on, just for a little while. You’ll thank me one day.” C’dus’s voice was pleading but playful and Tilioth relented. She even went so far as to stretch her neck for him, and then became very still so he might easily finish.

The boy finished tying the makeshift scarf with an absurd bow. “See? We match now.” He motioned to his own multicolored tunic before settling back down on the rock. Tilioth grumbled, but nested against him all the more.

Member Info...

Created By:
Concept by lacihparg; Original Profile by jehboi
Other Characters:
Droissa Nieve
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on.
Anything Else:

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Re: C'dus [02.05.2575 / Green Weyrling]
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2016, 09:09:12 AM »

Image Credit:
Lineart credit to Chantalcloud
Coloring by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
02.01.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 24.8m
Mature Height: 4.2m
Mature Wingspan: 33.6m

General Appearance...

Tilioth is going to be a beautifully proportioned green when she matures with the exception of her tail which stretches out several meters longer that normal.

Her hide is a subtle mossy green save the underside of her wings, and a few patches on her belly. Here her coloring is much lighter and had an almost pearlescent  quality. As she matures, the splashes on her belly will no doubt grow to cover her entire underbelly.


Mind Voice:
Sultry, smokey and supple with an edge of raspiness.


* BRIGHT COLORS : Tilioth adores bright flashy colors, they grab her attention and make her happy. She sometimes 'borrows' strips of brightly colored cloth, shiny rocks, and other little things to affirm her sleeping couch. C'dus has also taken to wearing brighter colors, especially his makeshift jewelry.

* ATTENTION : This green loves to be the focus of someone's attention. At the moment this tends to be C'dus, but as she grows older she will likely demand that other people and dragons dote on her. If her flights should coincide with another dragon's... that should be interesting.

* BLACK DRAGONS : For a dragon that likes bright colors it is somewhat interesting that she would be so intrigued by black dragons. Perhaps it is the basic absence of color, or maybe it reminds her of the dark and comforting conceived of her shell.


* ENTITLEMENT : Tilioth doesn't like dragon's who believe they are entitled to her attentions (or to catch her when she rises) without putting in some effort. She wants to be courted and shown how much she is wanted (and just how deserving her chaser is).

* BOSSINESS : Tilioth doesn't like to be told what to do, especially by other dragons. She isn't obstinate, but if she isn't approached in the right way she does get irritated. Usually the best approach is simply to ask her to do something instead of telling her.

* GETTING WET : Tilioth is not the greatest fan of getting wet. This includes swimming and having to go out in the rain. Until she dries out Tilioth will be pretty grumpy.


* SPEED : Tilioth is exceptionally swift. She is definitively a sprinter, and she is able to cover a lot of sky in very little time.

* CLEVER : Tilioth is a very bright green. She is able to figure things out quite quickly, sometimes faster than C'dus, which amuses her to no end.


* STAMINA : This green may be quick, but she tires easily and won't be able to sustain long flights when she matures.

* SPITEFUL: Get on her bad side and Tilioth will not forget. She holds grudges and isn't above her taking advantage of a situation to make a person or dragon who has spurned her  miserable.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #4c6c49; Text: #dcdcdc

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Tilioth will probably rise earlier than most.
Force Catch 01.01, 06.04 and 14.07

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Re: C'dus [02.05.2575 / Green Weyrling]
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2016, 09:32:56 AM »
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If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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