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Author Topic: Approved Neriherem [2569 9th Pass / Journeyman Brewer]  (Read 2134 times)

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Neriherem [2569 9th Pass / Journeyman Brewer]
« on: May 05, 2016, 07:38:14 PM »

Play By:
Mike Coulter

First Name:
Neriherem (Nair-ee-heh-em)(said fast so the syllables aren’t distinct)
Neri (Nair-ee), Em, Ner (Nair), Herem (hair-em) (ln order of most to least common usage, also all said fast)
 Date of Birth:
28.06.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Wife: Mariiniia (Mar[like March]-in-ee-ah) (deceased)
Kids: Pnerih (Peh-nair-ee), Neriniia (Nair-ee-nee-ah), Liiniia (Lee-nee-ah)

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Neri doesn’t like the cold. Even with the lovely climate of Fort Island he likes to wear long sleeves and heavy lined leather jackets. At one point there were three jackets (all made by his wonderful wife) but now he has only one left, which he does take very good care of. The other two are unfit to wear but still hang in his closet at home, still smelling of very strong alcohol.
He likes bright colours and garish rings (he was given three rings by his mother, the only token of affection she ever showed him, and he keeps them on a necklace that he often wears but may soon give one to each of his children). The only problem with his bright colours is that if he spills alcohol on them (almost always) they end up a little bleached in areas.
Tall and well bodied, he’s handsome and uses it to his advantage, his signature two looks being a disgustingly cute eyebrow wobble and a crooked, close lipped smile. He likes full on facial hair, would love a proper beard, but his wife always preferred him clean shaven so they settled on a close shave goatee, now that she’s passed he has decided to keep it (which is probably for the best because it would constantly smell of alcohol if he had a full beard).
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Neri is, to say the least, an idealist. Although laid back and calm in nature, he not only looks for the best in every situation, but whole heartedly believes there is always good and will always be good in everything. He also believes that we have a responsibility to bring out that good in ourselves and others, which is why he loves dishing out AND imbibing alcohol, because it brings out peoples inner selves and causes cheer and happiness. When it doesn’t, he HAS to fix it. The 9th Pass catastrophe was hard on Pern, but he looks at the beauty of Fort Island, the new dragon colours and the extent to which the people of Pern all helped each other to get through it and sees good. He sees new life and new opportunities and honestly believes that if they make the most of it, the people who lost their lives will not have died in vain. He also (in future) will support any effort to reclaim the northern and southern continents and expand Pern once again, because all new opportunities have the potential to be good, if handled by the right people.
Response to dragon color mutations: Neri loves the idea that the dragons are expanding and growing without the forced human engineering, kind of like they are reclaiming their natural place on Pern. He thinks the colours are a good sign that Pern will continue and prosper even through the greatest pain Pern has experienced and, more importantly, he thinks anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot. There are few times that someone can get Neri riled up, but anyone who speaks ill of the new dragons will probably do it. That kind of thinking was best left in the Pern that burnt to the ground, he thinks people should accept the new dragons, born of their new hope and home or fuck off.

Who are you...

•   Alcohol – who doesn’t? Well, there are some that don’t but he doesn’t really understand that. It brings out happiness and cheer and a little embarrassment, and embarrassment is good for the soul no matter what it feels like at the time. However if he ever truly hurt someone in his drunken interference, Neri would have to help them until it was fixed.
•   Fruit – Neri will sneak out of the weyr to look for wild fruits whenever he can, or he’ll just bribe the dragon riders to do it for him. He also uses them in his brews (eating the merchandise is always a problem with Neri).
•   Pranking – it’s all in fun and games and the kids love joining in
•   Sex – Again, who doesn’t? And again there are some that don’t but he doesn’t really understand that. He prefers bossy women and cheeky men and probably wouldn’t mind a romp with those who didn’t fit into either but he hasn’t had the opportunity just yet.
•   Wherries – He loves the giant buzzards (I know they aren’t technically buzzards but it is super fun to say). If he hadn’t found his love in alcohol he would think about setting up a giant bird aviary for the damn things. His flit is a little jealous.
•   Boring meetings – He’s a journeyman and one of very few brewers left on Pern so whenever they talk about the future of the craft he has to be there, but unless they’re talking about new setups or recipes, it’s all boring. Hall planning and lesson talks were never his thing, although he does make a good teacher to enthusiastic students.
•   People who don’t like the new dragons or think that Fort Island is a downgrade compared to the main continents – honestly, we have a new start and your already being negative about life? You survived, suck it up and do better.
•   People who are overly negative – just don’t be such a drag? The sun is shining, kids are playing tag, if you can’t say anything nice just shut the fuck up. Whenever his friends get this way he either gets them drunk or tells them to piss of until they can cheer up.
•   Rules or dragonriders who are sticklers for enforcing them – sometimes for the love of his craft, Neri has to bend the rules in order to bring sunshine and happiness in the form of very strong moonshine. He sometimes has to bribe people to get this to happen and that is A-Okay with him, they’re out for a little piece and there is nothing wrong with that. But when people refuse to help (or just not hinder) because of ‘rules’ he isn’t too happy about it.
•   Water – which is terrible because his best friend K’eeda is 100% a fish-woman-dragonrider. He’s fine to sit on the beach and soak up the sun, but honestly, a swim everyday? He thinks she’s bloody mad.

•   Tastebuds – Neri can cook and can cook well, he can brew and brew well, and by the red star he can eat well too, as will anyone around him as long as they say please with a smile.
•   Strong – Heaving barrels of ingredients and equipment over to the secret hideout has made him strong of body, bringing up three children relatively on his own and putting up with all manner of people for his work has made him strong of mind and living through the 9th Pass and seeing the hope on the other side has made him strong of character.
•   Charming – Neri can talk himself out of trouble (almost) every time, and when he can’t he’s not above bribery.
•   Easy-going – with the exception of a few things, Neri is just a very laid back guy. Most of the time he just rolls with the punches and does what he can to protect those he cares about. Life is hard and he knows it but you only make it harder with stress and worry and fear.
•   Memory – Neri has a mind like a steel trap. He knows everyone by name and face, he knows their favourite food, how their mother used to make it and the punishments they got from trying to sneak a bite as a child. But most shouldn’t tell him secrets because he isn’t above bringing them out to serve his goals.

•   Gullible – Neri does like to believe the best in people and this does mean he can be left out in the cold
•   He cries at the drop of a hat – He doesn’t really care that he cries a lot, he’s used to it. But not all people think that it’s okay for a man of his age and status. He cries when he is angry, cries when he is sad, cries when he is happy and has cried at every dragon hatching he has ever attended because it is just no sweet that they’re all so happy.
•   Gets drunk very quickly – For a man who spends his life making alcohol he can’t handle his liquor very well. Maybe it’s because he’s always around the alcohol fumes so he’s always half-drunk anyway and it only takes a little to send him over, that’s what he’s sticking to at least.
•   His children – He’s tried his hardest to raise them properly without shipping them off to the crčche,  but with his (sort of illegal) work and his constant dangerous situations (almost all of his pranks and work is flammable after all) he wants to spend more time with them. Now that they’re getting a little older and that the new weyr has more hidden places closer to home it should be easier to spend time with them and work, but while his secret hideout has to be kept secret, he can't risk it.
•   Swimming – I may have mentioned that he doesn’t like water, but have I also mentioned he can’t swim? Well, he can’t and it would be all too easy to prank him into a bad situation. Especially given the constant struggle of getting any big supplies to the secret hideout.

Describe Yourself:
Loveable: ----- Neri is just a really good guy (if you’re polite and not a negative-nancy) and he enjoys making other people happy, because it, in turn, makes him happy.
Romantic: ----- He’s a hot blooded man with a healthy sexual apatite but he loves all of the cute things before and after, like candles and holding hands and sharing stories and kissing and spooning, that make it a happy experience rather than just an exciting one.
Passionate: ----- Both in relationships and his work and his drinking, Neri is a passionate person who loves what he does.
Cheeky: ----- Neri loves a good prank and laugh, he is also a big fan of dad jokes, bad and good puns, innuendos and a snide comment as long as it’s witty.
Idealist: ----- Not only does he see the good in people, but he sees the good in every situation and tries to show it to others.
The Magic Touch:Neri swears quite a bit and loves to have a bit of a natter while he cooks. He is also very happy walking around in the nude as long as there’s a fire going, and people who come to his quarters should probably knock first.
He’s a heavy sleeper, had to be growing up with K’eeda’s insomnia and the rest of the kids in the creche, there have been literal pan banging incidents since he was shipped off to the hold too.
Very stable even in his fun, people always know where to find him if they need him (unless he’s at his secret brewer station or purposely hiding). This can also be a bad thing because he always gets caught.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Nerieetha (Nair-eye-ee-th-ah), Rider of Green Pirath, Impressed 2567 in Rayneth’s clutch, born 2553.
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Probably many but he doesn’t really know who

Pnerih (Peh-near-ee) 5 turns, female (so far)
Neriniia (Nair-ee-nee-ah) and Liiniia (Lee-nee-ah) (twins), 4 turns, female (so far)

Craft: Brewer

Rank: Jr Journeyman
Date Apprenticed: 2581/12
Date Tapped: 2588/19
Specialty: He is officially a wine brewer but on the side he makes top notch moonshine
Education Details: He was a little under average as a young student, far preferring to hang out in the kitchens and cause trouble, but he is very good at his craft, not through any natural talent, but through love and hard work.

Tell us a story...

*    2569BR-2578BR, Childhood
Growing up in the crčche is always set to leave an impression on a child, Neri thoroughly enjoyed it. The organised chaos, the bonding of a minifamily that wasn’t family at all, the bossy women who took care of them, the shenanigans, the pranks, the comradery that when one got into trouble they all did, that kind of stuff is really what made Neri, Neri. He met his best friend there and they still get into trouble to this day, but the most important thing he found was his love of food. Neri worked as a kitchen hand when he was getting older and he was very good, if he’d stuck around he might have ended up with a head position in the kitchen, but something else drew him too, something darker.

*   2577BR-2581BR, The darkness takes hold
Alcohol. It was the alcohol that drew him. It causes joy and happiness and occasionally sex and he always felt a little braver when he was drinking (yes he was sneaking drinks at age 8, don’t tell anyone). And he felt that he had to have a part in it. At the time alcohol wasn’t great. Without the fresh ingredients, any new alcohol being made wasn’t much better than the straight ethanol they were using in the infirmary, Neri dreamed of something more. His first attempts were not great, because he had NO idea what he was doing, all he knew was that you had to ferment stuff, so he started stealing from the kitchen and bringing it down into the hiddern caverns and then just letting it rot. It was bad. It was smelly. It was eventually found by some dragon riders. He managed to talk them into taking pity on his wild dream and fetching some forgotten plans for him and his love for the art grew (now that he could actually do it). But, alas, his dream had to take an unfortunate turn.

*   2581BR, 12, Apprenticeship and Fort Hold
He was apprenticed to the brewer hall, though there was no hall in itself to speak of, which seems like a positive thing, and it was, but it meant he had to leave the weyr and his ‘family that really wasn’t family.’ He was shipped off to Fort Hold where the remaining few brewers had a setup for wine, beer and a bit of the stronger stuff. It hit him hard for a little while, holdfolk are a little more uptight and his family couldn’t really contact him as it stood. But he did make friends eventually, not all the people here were hold bred and he was good at making friends. It also helped that on the day first day of his apprenticeship he was given a firelizard, in true crafter tradition. Not that this firelizard was any help with any work or even good company most of the time, but he was Neri's and the first in a long family to come.
Neri found his specialty in the hall a little while into his apprenticeship, wine, but wine is a little too fancy to throw away on weekly parties, he needed something cheap and easy to brew on his own so that the hall would allow him to waste it as often as he wished. There was just one problem.

*   2584BR, 15 Marriage
It was simply what was done in the holds, get married, pop out a bunch of kids and move on with your craft. They weren’t in love, but they were happy. Mariiniia was soft spoken and sweet, a weaver by trade and a woman born to be a mother. It wasn’t long before they’d settled in nicely and were expecting their first child.

*   2585BR/2586BR, 15-16 Birth of his children and his wher impression
Pnerih, Neriniia and Liiniia were beautiful children, and he adored them from the moment he set eyes on them. Though he hardly changed from his rapscallion ways, he did attempt to live a little less dangerously and spend time with them. Mariiniia raised them at home rather than move them to the crčche and he was happy to raise his children with her. All three of them look just like her.
His bronze wher doesn’t look like Mariiniia at all, but he was born the same year as his eldest daughter and he considers the wher one of his children. Mariiniia proclaimed the wher their first son and he slept by their bed every night. It wasn’t the traditional training of a wher, more of a nurturing, teaching sort of method, but it suited the giant bronze baby and their family has been bigger and safer for it since.

*   2587BR, 17 Evacuation to Southern Winds Weyr and the death of Mariiniia
When Fort Island was found there was much rejoicing in Neri’s family, a place with green that was free of thread was heaven sent for Neri and Mariiniia longed to raise their children in the open air, not cowering inside from thread all the time. But Mariiniia hadn’t really recovered from the birth of the twins, she was still weak and when the time came for the flight between, she couldn’t stay awake. Neri was sad for her loss, but it didn’t hit him as hard as he thought it would, by this point she’d been ill for months and at least her last few moments were full of happiness and hope for her family. She’d always wanted to ride dragonback. He decided that once they got to Fort Island, he wouldn’t leave his children to grow up in the crčche, by this point they could start their first lessons and he did a lot of work in the new weyr so he was never far if they needed. The only problem is when he has to go to his secret hideout but that is usually at night when they’re safely tucked away in bed. Being back in the weyr itself is like coming home for Neri, seeing dragons again and helping out in the kitchens when he isn’t at work is always where he feels he fits in.

*   2588BR, 19 Journeyman
It was actually a bit of a surprise when Neri was tapped, he got into so much trouble from his hall and for his craft that he was expecting them to make him wait until he matured (as if that would ever happen). But they did and he’s honoured to be a Journeyman of the brewer craft. Although he isn’t a fan of the long meetings about the future of the craft, considering everyone knows that it will be a long time before they get a hall of their own and that they’ll still spend most of their time in the weyr getting drunk anyway.

Boots in hand, Neri walked as quietly as possible from the room. The girls did have a room of their own adjoining his and he had checked that it was relatively sound proof before he put them in there but they always had a habit of finding him when he was doing something illegal. By sneaking off he was actually being a good parent, because he was hiding his bad behaviour so they didn’t copy him. That’s how it works right?

Dressed in warm clothes, as per usual, Neri quietly closed the door and put on his boots. Nerihesk was waiting outside already and Pettrei was on guard for the girls. By which I mean, he was sleeping on top of one of them so they wouldn’t be able to follow Neri without waking the blue flit up. Taking exaggerated tiptoeing steps, Neri wound his way through the weyr to where his Bronze wher was waiting outside with the goods.

Standing tall and on guard, Nerihesk puffed out his chest proudly when he saw his handler arrive. Clearly he thought that guarding the boxes of fruit and grain from absolutely no one in the middle of a clear calm night was an achievement, but no one was going to dissuade the giant bronze of this notion, not when he was radiating waves of happiness of his job well done to anyone who came near. Catching the bronzes giant head in a head lock and rubbing his closed fist over his eye ridges, Neri pushed a feeling of pride towards his wher before grabbing one of the crates and motioning for them to set off. Tonight was a good night for a bit of petty crime.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
NPC, adoptable, or have them fade away
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on! (But please leave his flit and his children intact. He and his wher can take the heat.)
 Anything Else:
Love interest or a mortal enemy is welcomed

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by Inki
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
06.09.2585 9th Pass (has first child in the same turn so he affectionately calls Nerihesk his least attractive child and only son)
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Possibly the ugliest egg imaginable. Nerihesk’s egg was base-brown and wrinkled beyond belief, Neri wouldn’t have been surprised if Nerihesk had emerged 80 turns old, but he didn’t he was a beautiful babby, if very fat.
Mature Length: 4.5 m
Mature Height: 1.5 m

General Appearance...

Like most whers, Nerihesk was wrinkled at birth, but not exceedingly so as his egg suggested. He was large even at birth and has continued to be massive in both muscle and appetite since then. He started off very shiny as a hatchling but lost most of his sheen as he grew. Now the only places where any sheen is left are over his head and down his tail, as well as at his wingtips. Nerihesk has a blunted snout even for a wher and his wings are a little on the short side for his length, which is probably why he hasn’t run as much as one would expect. He will always be beautiful in Neri’s eyes and his three daughters adore their wher brother.


Empathetic: Nerihesk doesn’t like using images very much, but has a few drilled into him for safety and training reasons. He has locations that he can send pictures of, like the secret hideout, the wine cellar and Neri’s bedroom, but he usually isn’t sent there by himself anyway. The only other pictures he is trained to send are images of Hunters, so Neri will know when danger lurks. Most of the time he shares his emotions like other whers and they are always very strong for Neri, mainly because both of them are very emotional males. The only time Nerihesk has sent a picture of his own volition outside of his training was an image of the three girls playing at the beach while Neri was inside the infirmary nursing a broken arm.
*   Playing in the water with K’eeda’s blue dragon – just because his rider doesn’t like to swim doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy it.
*   Carrying heavy objects – Nerihesk feels important when he helps Neri work and lifting big objects shows off how big and strong he is.
*   Food – it is usual that whers and dragons stop eating as much as when they’re hatchlings as they grow to maturity but this never happened for Nerihesk. He likes it when the brewer men try to beat him in eating contests because he always wins.
*   Playing with flits – he likes flitters but they’re always too fast and when they play around his feet he feels like he’ll squash them and it makes him feel big and mean.
*   Taking off his day goggles – because of the secret hideout Nerihesk has to go outside during the day quite a bit and he feels very important because of it. Most whers don’t spend lots of time outside during the day because of their heat sensitive vision but he gets to and that makes him feel important.

* Size: He is a big strong bronze who is very good for working and who actually enjoys it
* He gets on very well with humans: He’s a working wher but he can quite independently work without Neri and with others if necessary   
* Short Wings: It isn’t a drastic hindrance, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t mate as much as he would like to.
* Always Hungry: Even while working Nerihesk is always looking for food, he has gotten drunk on a variety of occasions and sometimes gets a stomach ache because he ate something he shouldn’t. The healers have seen his mournful looking eyes and hanging head a few times after he’s thrown up all over Neri.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
04.07.2581 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

When people think of a blue flitter, they probably think of Pettrei. The most unusual thing about him is that he is so thoroughly normal. He’s average size, pure blue in colour, no marks or mars of any kind on his hide. He’s absolutely the perfect blue. Except that he’s a bit of an asshole.


Mind Voice: As a flitter, Pettrei is what Neri affectionately calls a massive piece of shit. Pettrei ignores all his training, is incredibly lazy, spends most of his time sleeping or mooning after Goldie (and pretty much any female flit who will pay attention to him) and just in general wasting everyone’s time. He spends most of his time ‘complaining’ to Neri through emotion or asking for food, also via emotion, but very little else. Honestly who thought giving this perfect flit a job was a good idea?
* Sleeping in – Sleeping in means less work and he can enjoy whatever things a blue flitter enjoys dreaming about
* Female flitters – Really the only time Pettrei is ever animated or happy is when he’s wooing a female flit. Not that it works all that often but bless his little heart he does try.

* Working – honestly sleep is so much better than work, he doesn’t understand why Neri doesn’t try simply NOT working and he definitely doesn’t understand why Nerihesk actually enjoys it.
* Bronzes – honestly, bronzes are big and slow, why should they get to chase the golden queens if he can’t?

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Pettrei is perfect size to curl up on Neri’s shoulders and sleep, so that’s where he spends almost all day, everyday.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Neriherem [2569 9th Pass / Journeyman Brewer]
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Re: Neriherem [2569 9th Pass / Journeyman Brewer]
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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