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Author Topic: Info Tree Variance Overview  (Read 935 times)

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Tree Variance Overview
« on: May 09, 2016, 03:07:12 AM »
Trees Overview

Trees on Pern are a hardy bunch. Both native and introduced species have survived Threadfall over generations via the symbiotic relationship with spore-eating insects. While it’s true that some of the more delicate species were lost during the last Pass, most of Pern’s forests were vast enough to recover. The Southern Continent is home to some of the biggest and sturdiest specimens, however anywhere with even a partially warm climate can host large forests. 

Fellis Tree     
This is one of the most important of Pernese trees. Widespread on both continents, the Fellis tree is a softwood that can survive in most climates. These trees are kept for their medicinal value, for if you harvest the inner pulp from the branches and leaves it will produce a juice that acts as a numbing and sleep-inducing drug.         

Since the Catastrophe: Thankfully, this tree was found in a steady supply in the jungle.   

Klah Tree     
The Pernese would be sorely lost without their beloved Klah drink. The bark of this tree is harvested and dried, and then later ground down, to make Klah. It has little value as building material, as the wood is far too soft and the tree itself does not grow very large. The Klah tree was not native to most places on Pern, however present day it can be found nearly everywhere thanks to the humans of Pern.         

Since the Catastrophe: This tree has no problem thriving on Fort Isle, even if it can be dangerous to harvest from the jungle itself. Though the weyr does not have space to readily farm this tree on its own, they’ve been able to keep this in staple at the weyr.   

Ging Tree     
The forests around Ista are almost exclusively made of Ging trees. Native to Pern, they are a many-branched species with thick leaf cover. The fronds are often cut for use as bedding in the absence of something better, and the sap of this tree is very strong and a good adhesive, in both medicinal and craft use.         

Since the Catastrophe: The jungles of Fort Island have been suitable for even a variance of this tree to grow, though it’s primarily harvested for its medicinal use now. 

Redfruit Tree     
A very tropical tree that was discovered alongside the Southern Continent. The Redfruit tree bears delicious red fruits, as the name suggests. Efforts made to introduce the tree to the Northern continent were met with some success, but it’s likely they are extinct outside of their native land since the 9th Pass.         

Since the Catastrophe: It’s rare to stop some of these trees growing in the jungle, but they're a prize and sweet treat when they're found. Efforts to regrow them have proved futile.   

Broom Tree     
Its namesake comes from its appearance, a very tall and bristle-topped tree with prickly leaves and interwoven branches. The Broom tree is valued for its strong and dense wood, making it a valuable building material. It’s found only in the far west of the Northern Continent and can be difficult to work with for all but very skilled craftmen.         

Since the Catastrophe: Thankfully, some of this tree has been spotted growing along the northern most part of the island. Unfortunately, the Riders have a hard time harvesting it and have required dragging crafters out to do so. That being said, no farms have been set up to grow it as it's not in huge demand as of yet. 

Fort Isle Tree     
Unique from the other species of Pern, Fort Isle has its own type of tree. It’s a dark colored wood, very strong, and flourishes in the jungles. The leaves are wide and heavy and make a good thatching material, and the wood can be stripped of its thin bark and easily used for building. The bark itself is much like that of a birch tree, flimsy and pliable and may make a good, albeit temporary, source of paper. 

Ash Tree     
One of the few trees brought by colonists to Pern that has adapted and survived is the Ash tree It’s common in the North, found mainly in the hills and mountains. Like the Fellis tree, the Ash tree has a few medicinal uses. The bark can be harvest and steeped as a tea and will reduce fevers and flush the body of toxins.         

Since the Catastrophe: Unfortunately, this was one of the species lost to Thread.   

Coconut Tree     
Another Terran plant, this tree was brought chiefly as a source of growing food. The Coconut tree populates the Southern continent and all areas that have warm, beachy coastlines. The coconut, while chiefly meant for eating, is also a good source of oil and tinder, and the fibers can be woven together to make rope or mats, or even a rough and pliable board.         

Since the Catastrophe: This tree flourishes along the beaches and coastline, the shade it provides along the coast also draws the attention of beach snakes. It can be a danger to harvest.           

Credited to Drewliet for use on SWW; edits and additions made by SanctifiedSavage
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